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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  June 8, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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comey aired it all out today. experts weigh in. hoping for new leads. investigators are offering a reward for information leading to an arrest in this five-alarm fire at a building under construction in emeryville. it is the second time it has been plagued by fire. and the golden state warriors gearing up for game four as the fans hope for an historic sweep. we're live from cleveland with how the team is getting ready. "the four on 2" starts right now. >> former fbi director james comey testified before the senate intelligence committee for hours this morning discussing conversations he had with president trump. officials investigating whether the president is guilty of obstruction of justice. welcome to "the four on 2". i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm alyana gomez. the man everystege bureau's investigation and members of
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the president's political team sent out shock waves. critics call the move nixonian. fox news correspondent caroline shively joins us with more. good evening. >> reporter: in this testimony james comey flat-out called the president a liar. >> i remember thinking this is a very disturbing development. >> reporter: james comey told lawmakers he decided to start making written notes after each encounter he had with president trump. >> i was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting so i thought it really important to document. >> reporter: from those notes comey recalled at the present time pressing for loyalty which the fbi director read as toe the trump line or risk losing his job. he also detailed a private
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meeting in which he said he hoped investigators would go easy on mike flynn, the national security advisor who had resigned amid allegations he mid less the government. >> i took it as a direction. i took it as this is way wants me to do. >> reporter: testimony damaging to the president but damaging to comey, too. at one point the former director admitted passing along information to a friend he knew would leak it to the press in order to provoke the justice department to appoint a special counsel. >> we will leave it to the appropriate authorities to determine whether these leaks should be investigated along with all the others that are being investigated. >> reporter: today's hearing is over but members of the senate intelligence committee say they will stick with this investigation for as long as it takes. >> caroline, thank you so much. >> and we have more.
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joining us now is our political analyst brian sobel. he joins us live from our sister station in l.a. briang to have you with us. >> good to be here. >> let's talk about mr. comey out of the box here. he had a lot thrown at him the past month. how did he do today? >> well, you know, if you were on one side of the aisle, you thought he did very well. if you were on the other side of the aisle, you thought maybe he didn't do so well, frank. but at the end of the day i thought he held his own. tough questioning for better than two hours. and i think at the end of the day the american people learned a whole lot about where he is on both this potential investigation that's been ongoing and what may be occurring in the future. >> well, we did learn a lot, brian. let's start with the reaction to the fact that mr. comey felt it was important to take detailed notes after each of his meetings or encounters with the president. what does that tell you?
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>> well, i think there was a basic distrust of the president from james comey, and therefore he document those meetings. he alluded to the fact that he had not done the same when he had met with president barack obama. so for whatever reason he thought he needed to document things. and i find that curious, but it was what he felt he needed to do. >> and mr. comey also admitted to releasing information through a law professor to ultimately get what he got today, a public hearing. can he face charges for that, leaking that information? >> well, we will have to see. leaking information is against the law, and in this case, he leaked information relative to meetings he had with the president. somebody else will have to judge the enormity of that, or look thereof, but at the end of the day, obviously washington is a city of leakers. and now you find out that the
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head of the fbi -- well, the former head of the fbi, after he was head of the fbi then, also leaked himself. so it's not a good story, frank. >> how about with respect to tapes? comey said today, lordy, i hope there are tapes. the pressure on now the white house to produce tapes if they even exist? >> well, it was the president himself who referred to a taping system or potentially tapes. if there's a taping system, i think eventually perhaps muller will get his hands on them and listen for himself, and, of course, from comey's point of view, he thinks it exonerates him in terms of what he said during those discussions with the president. so it is one more curveball in this whole thing. >> and president trump's attorney denied much of this. how does the president spin this in the next 24 hours, and can he ultimately face those
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obstruction charges that they have been talking about? >> well, it is a great question, and i think how he has to spin it is that you heard nothing today that was a crime, per say. there is the allusion to potential of justice, but that is all going to come out in the wash, as they say. i think for president trump he is going to say, hey, nothing -- nobody laid a glove on me. now, of course this is a much bigger story. whether people, russians, for example, worked with associates of donald trump, that's a whole other story. but i think even the former fbi director made it clear that donald trump was not the subject of the investigation. >> well, it is far from over. brian sobel from our sister station down in l.a., thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> you're very welcome. have a great day. >> our coverage of james comey's testimony at will you find the full text of
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his opening statements, video highlights of what he said during the testimony, two-and-a- half hours of that, and a photo gal a ler rei of his appearance. you will find the on-line story right at our home page. many people waking up bright and early to see james comey's testimony also might have caught some rain outside. maybe they had some rain on their commute to work, right, mark? >> yeah, we had a pretty good dose of rainfall especially up in the north basement a quarter of an inch in a few spots. the south bay a different story. we're talking about rainfall and it is june 8th. a live look toward the estuary. we still have reports of some drizzle out there so it's not completely dry just yet. rainfall the past 24 hours, mill valley and santa rosa nearly a quarter of an inch of rainfall. napa, . 20. kentfield and san francisco, just a couple hundredths.
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the main action moved into the region this afternoon. still lots of clouds in place over a good portion of the region. even if you are not covered in green could you still be dodging a few sprinkles. lots of overcast out toward santa rough sacks, petaluma, napa. moving the maps closer to fremont, lots of clouds in place. we will move the maps around here outside morgan hill and to the east of morgan hill. in the hills there we have some rain showers still showing up on radar for your thursday afternoon. it's actually pretty mild. you probably felt the change out there. almost feels a bit humid, a bit muggy. san francisco 61 degrees. 70 around concord. mountain view 71. another live camera looking ford the golden gate bridge. i was watching these cars. a few windshield wipers still. tomorrow morning mostly cloudy skies. we will have some breaks in the clouds as well. tomorrow for the most part
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should be dry. just some clouds in place to start out the day. that will be the dynel san francisco. 7:00 a.m. 55 degrees. by lunchtime we are expecting partly cloudy skies. by attach hours we scale back, but the wind speeds do pick up. could be topping 20 miles an hour. so here we are for your friday morning. some clouds out there, then skies becoming partly cloudy by afternoon. you can see some showers up here to our north. this could be a factor as we head into the weekend. we will talk more about that potential change coming up for your full forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks a lot mark. in oakland the main tenant charged in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire made his first appearance. derick almena did not enter a plea. he showed no visible emotion and did not make eye contact with people in the gallery including relatives of victims. attorneys asked the judge to delay the case for a week to
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allow the second drveghts max harris, to be -- the second defendant, max harris, to be transported to be booked. >> despite the strong emotions, we do not feel that the public goodwill be served by prosecuting our client. this creates a distraction so that the local government doesn't have to address the fundamental issue of housing quality and fire safety that will continue to be a problem in this community. they have not addressed their failings. >> the defense attorneys and almena's wife plan to address the media more extensively tomorrow at a news conference in san francisco. they say they will discuss legal theories for almena's defense and the circumstances that, quote, lend themselves to our client's innocence. a fire at an emeryville housing project for the second time in less than a year.
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>> officials released photos in hopes of landing a suspect behind bars. >> reporter: frank, there were two fires that took down the intersection, retail, and housing construction project here in the last year. both are considered arson. but atf and police won't say if it is the same arsonist behind both. on may 13th the intersection construction project went up in flames for a second time. this time, however, surveillance video captured the suspect, a person dressed in black and appearing to case the site out before the fire. >> the video showed a suspect canvassing the building prior to the fire and then entering into the building. the suspect was wearing a jacket with a hood, carrying a backpack, and riding a bicycle. >> reporter: now, this fire has similarities to the fire
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destructive fire back on july 6th, 2016. both times the building construction was nearly 50% complete. witnesses saw an unauthorized person at the scene before the fire. the atf lab is determining if an accelerant was used. atf is offering a $25,000 reward for the july 6th and another one for the may 13th fire. the building developer is also offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arsonist. now, atf says that the first fire is still under investigation. at this time they only have the one suspect for the may 13th fire. >> lee, were there any security guards on hand at the time of the fire? >> reporter: yes, after the july 6th fire, the building developer did hire more security guards, added more security cameras, but we're told that the arsonist may have gotten past an area where the
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security guards were not at the time. >> all right, lee martinez live in emeryville, thank you. up next, the search for a gunman continues after an early morning shooting in sunnyvale. details on the victim's condition. >> reporter: children find things outside on the ground all the time but what one student found, what he did with it and what happens next that san entirely different story. we will have that for you coming up right after the break. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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did you know 1.5 million children witness domestic violence each year? a safe place in oakland provides intervention strategies.
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we have new information. a 15-year-old boy has died after a friend shot him with a pellet rifle this morning. it happened in antioch. officers responding to the incident just before 10:00 this morning say he had a small wound on his chest. he died at the hospital a short time later. police say everyone at the scene cooperated with the investigation. a troubling discovery in fremont has parents at one school checking with their healthcare provider, this after a student found a die bettic lance used to cut the skin. jesse gary has more on this troubling story. jesse. >> reporter: school officials say this involves a second and a third grade student, one of
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whom found a lancet outside and picks it up. take a look at our video. a couple days later the boy told officials he poked at least one other student with the device. it looks something similar to these, which is used to cut the skin so a diabetic can check his or her blood sugar levels. parents and the nurse were notified. an investigation was launched where it was determined a dozen students had been poked. tensions escalated culminating with the principal notifying parents about the incident that now involves 12 students. >> i think the principal used good judgment in saying is i'm going to give a phone message to all parents, let them know what happened. >> chances are for any organism to survive period of time beyond minutes, hours, maybe in
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the worst-case scenario, hepatitis b, is very unlikely. >> reporter: one doctor says the risk is extremely low but additional testing should be done in two or three months to be absolutely certain that students that were poked have already -- students that were poked have already been tested but he says check them gang in two to three months just to be sure. he strongly recommends that people using these devices dispose of them properly. take them to a nearby hospital if you don't have disposal apparatus at your house. live in fremont, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. police in the south bay are investigating an early morning homicide, that investigation underway in sunnyvale right now. christien kafton has the very
4:19 pm
latest on what police are saying about the shooting and the hunt for suspects. >> reporter: investigators are looking into a double shooting here in sunnyvale. one man killed, the other one in critical condition. it all happened here on east duane avenue. police say the men may have been inside a club right before the shooting. here is what we know. the shooting happened around 2:15. when investigators arrived on scene they found one man dead. a second man found nearby in the parking lot. emergency crews rushed him to an area hospital with critical injuries. at this time he is expected to survive. police say the men were involved in some kind of an argument in the parking lot and then they were targeted. >> right now we're investigating to determine what exactly occurred. it appeared to be some type of altercation in the parking lot. we don't know who they were arguing w. they were obviously shot at by the people they were arguing w. that's part of our investigation, trying to determine would they are. >> reporter: investigators say they are speaking with witnesses and looking at nearby businesses to see if their
4:20 pm
cameras may have captured video of the incident. investigators are also asking anyone with any information in this case to contact them. in sunny vail, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. it was technically an off day for the warriors and cavs, but there's no such thing as an off day when you're in the nba championship series. i've got a live report coming up from cleveland.
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pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e
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the safest energy company in the nation. all eyes on cleveland tomorrow night as the warriors
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and cavs go at it for game four. >> the w's just a win away from a title. a little work to do. first live to cleveland where joe fonzi is standing by. we should say, joe, it's not over yet, right? >> reporter: no, if you start thinking it's over, that's about the absolute wrong thing that you should be doing. but you are right, it was quite a struggle last night. the cavs gave the warriors all they had, and the warriors with stood that challenge. at this point in the year you really don't need any practice, but both teams were actually out on the practice court today, more working on the kinks from a very physical and demanding game last night. it's more about making tweaks. but throughout this entire playoff time, the topic of the warriors going through it perfect keeps getting brought up because nobody else has ever
4:24 pm
gotten this far. obviously you don't want to talk about that until that last game, that last game that would make you perfect is the one game at a time, proverbial one game at a time that teams talk about. that is the one tomorrow night that could wrap things up for the warriors. so now they're happy to talk about that topic. >> the only reason it came up is just because we want to win this next game. we win that, it's 16-0. it definitely wasn't one of those things where it's a goal, like, hey, let's go into the playoffs and go 16-0. that's too much on the mind. >> 16-0 means we're champs. it wasn't a goal of ours to start the post season, but thou that it's attainable, we have our eyes set on it. >> in the end you just want to win. the other stuff doesn't really matter. people can talk about it in a historical context, but just get it done, win the series and let everybody else talk. >> reporter: now, if you are the cavs, you have to be asking
4:25 pm
yourselves after last night, what do you have to do to beat these guys? they had a six-point lead and the ball with less than two and a half minutes to play in the game, and all the warriors did then was go on an 11-0 run kevin durant scoring seven, steph curry scoring four, and they end up beating the cavaliers to take the lead. the cavs know the math. they know they can't win four games in one night. they know that they have to do the proverbial one game at a time. >> this is as do or die as possible as i have ever faced in my career. we understand what's at stake. the whole entire season. there's really no other decision other than to leave it all out there. >> it's been a long season, and you hate for it to end this way. so mentally and physically i've got to prepare myself for that. >> one game at a time. one game at a time. win the game in front of you.
4:26 pm
win friday. win friday. >> that's how we have to look at it. we felt like game three was do or die. we have to look at tomorrow the same way. i would be very surprised if we don't come out and play well. >> we all heard all the jokes about cleveland for all those years. they hadn't won a major sports championship since 1964 until the cavs changed that. we thought we would just show something you pleasant on a nice cleveland evening. that is the statue of freedom. if you are familiar with cleveland, you know where we are. we will not be here tomorrow night. the warriors will be trying to wrap things up tomorrow night in game four and set nba history by being the first team ever to sweep through the playoffs and go 16-0. until then, reporting live from cleveland, i'm joe fonzi. back to you gaze in the studio. >> a pretty sight, joe. a lot of pride on the line. remember the cavs had only lost one game during the playoffs. of course, the warriors are undefeated, and lebron,
4:27 pm
defending champs, whatever they've got, they're going to empty their tank tomorrow night. >> reporter: and you wonder if they didn't already do that last night. i don't think there's any question about the fact that the two best teams in the nba are meeting for the finals. this just may be an indication of how much bet tear warriors are than anybody else in the nba. the cavs knew this is the same number that they were last year at this time, that is last night, down two games to none, and then the warriors left here last year with a 3-1 lead. we know what the cavs did after that. so there was a sense among the cavaliers and their fans that it could be done again. the arena was pretty riled up, and then they had that lead with two and a half minutes to go and feel like, we're getting it done. and i've never seen a reversal in a big game in attitude in an arena more magnified than it was last night. people were anticipating a win. all of a sudden a six-point game is a four-point game, now it's a two-point game, now we're behind. how did it happen?
4:28 pm
it all happened in two and a half minutes. then they were out of there with their heads down. i've never seen in a big game as quick a reversal as we saw in the attitude. >> if you talk to a few falcon fans in that super bowl last year they may argue. that but all good. we will hope for a big win. cleveland looks mighty pretty behind you. good stuff. >> reporter: it feels awful nice right now, too. >> thanks, joe. coming up, exit polls show an upset brewing in the united kingdom's general election. what led to the potential governmental shake-up. >> and next, we will update you on reaction following the testimony of former fbi director james comey. plus, we're going to sit down with a former chairman of the california republican party to get his take. stay right there.
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back to our top story, former fbi director james comey telling the committee under oath ebels the president fired him because of the russia investigation. form the former director also said president trump asked for his loyalty in exchange for keeping his job with the fbi, something the president's personal attorney later denied. >> my common sense told me that what was going on either he had concluded or someone had told him that you didn't -- you've
4:32 pm
already asked comey to stay and you didn't get anything for it, and that the dinner was an effort to build a relationship, in fact, he asked specifically of loyalty in the context of asking me to stay. >> reporter: the president also never told mr. comey, quote, i need loyalty, i expect loyalty, close quote. he never said it in form, and he never set in substance. >> president trump's attorney also denied that the president pressured comey to stop investigating anyone, including former national security advisor michael flynn. former chairman of the california republican party, tom, i know you're also an attorney so let's talk about comey's testimony from a legal standpoint. >> from a legal standpoint he helped trump a lot. number one he put an end to this notion that there was collusion. he admits, no evidence.
4:33 pm
helpful. he also said trump didn't pressure him on russia at all. helpful. but then comey undercut himself by calling himself hopelessly biased in other ways that i was frankly astonished. i think he ruined any legal case against trump. >> you mentioned in other ways some of the congressional leaders were asking, so why didn't you tell president trump that what he was saying or asking was wrong, why didn't you call him out on any wrong doing during that private discussion, and he kind of said -- smee said i don't know one time. and he came off as a weak human being. in reality it was actually much worse than that. he kept undermining his own credibility. first, hopelessly biased. well, hopelessly biased witnesses don't go anywhere. then he admitted to leaking information. he was initially asked were you the source of any leaks and he said no. later he was forced to admit that he leaked government
4:34 pm
documents. and that's probably illegal. why did he leak it? to save his own face. so he is, in fact, hopelessly biased. so it's -- as a legal matter, no russia collusion. that's not even a crime anyway. nothing on trump saying stop the investigation on russia. the only issue was hope. and even comey in his testimony said at one point, well, hope is all i could do. oh, so you're allowed to hope, but trump can't. >> so you talk about the illegal when it comes to comey trying to clear his name and leaking those documents with a law professor friend of his. what are the legal ramifications of that? >> well, as a practical matter, lindsey graham said yesterday that mueller must not think anything of obstruction or he wouldn't have let comey go out
4:35 pm
there and testify. there are several things. the leaked documents. also that he caved to loretta lynch saying i want you to use "matter" and not investigation. he's admitted hopelessly biased, admitted to breaking the law, but in the short term if we go to politics he landed a heavy punch by saying i think -- i did this because i thought trump maybe would lie. he got his revenge. >> a lot of people are pointing to the fact of the memos that he had, the discussions that he had with president trump and the president saying, you know, i hope you see this through, i hope you let this go, i hope, i hope. do you find anything wrong with that? i mean i know a lot of people are talking about possible obstruction of justice, and comey alluded to that saying there might be an investigation, so what's next for president trump? do you find anything wrong with
4:36 pm
that? >> well again, trump shouldn't have said that. but i think he's more hand fisted than intent. but comey undermined himself. remember, james comey, they were investigating hillary, really. he brought here in for questioning. he did not order a transcript of her comments. first of all that's ridiculous. which meant she cannot be brought up on lying to the fbi because there's no record. >> but do you think the president was wrong for saying what he said? >> if i was the vice president the united states, i wouldn't say can you let this go in a one-on-one meeting. however, every president, since the beginning of time, when dealing with the justice department, has made similar comments. they just haven't reached out. j. edgar hoover had his fights with a lot of white houses. obama just did it through the justice department. trump needs to be quiet about this thing. he needs to move on from it.
4:37 pm
comey got his revenge, but it's obvious that he's a disgruntled exñ-ñemployee. >> well, we will have to see what happens with president trump, because keeping quiet is not in his genes. thank you, tom. always a pleasure to have you here. >> thanks, guys. voting results are trickling in in the united kingdom's general election, the brits electing a new government and possibly a new prime minister. early exit polls show it is a much close erase than expected. current prime minister theresa may has been a clear favorite but the polls have tightened following the deadly attacks over the past few weeks. >> reporter: voters throughout the u.k. arriving to a heavy police presence as polls opened, security the major issue following three deadly terror attacks since march. leaders of the major party urging supporters to ignore the heightened threat and come to the polls. >> we are focused on getting out the vote.
4:38 pm
>> i'm very proud of our campaign. >> reporter: the vote comes as police in london continue hunting down possible accomplices in last weekend's attack, prime minister teresa may reminding voters of the threat. >> serving in government is a huge honor. but it is also a great responsibility. as that responsibility is greater now than it ever has been. because our country is facing great challenges. >> reporter: the prime minister called the election following the surprise vote to leave the european union. brexit was expected to be the main focus of the campaign, and for some voters it was still a major factor but the polls tightened after the terror attacks, may's opponent attacking her for cutting funding of police services. >> it's the only important thing in this election.
4:39 pm
forels all polls suggest teresa may's conservative party will retain power. a recent find by scientists show humans may have been around much longer than previously thought. we will speak with an expert about the find next. and in weather we started out the day with raindrops, and still a few light showers out there paying us a visit. coming up we will let you know when the shower activity moves out of town, and always few changes that will miche by the weekend. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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fossils uncovered in africa are rewriting our anthropology books. bones were unearthed dating our species back some 300,000 years. that's over 100,000 years older than any other nozzles that have been discovered. joining us is professor white out of san jose's department of anthropology. thanks for being with us. >> you're welcome. >> and tell us how big a discovery is this? >> well, it's huge. basically what it has done is it has possibly set back our species, the sapiens a couple
4:43 pm
hundred thousand years. the other thing why it is huge is to morocco, which means basically what we're is having more of a full african origin rather than just the east african origin. this perhaps suggests that there are fossils all over africa, but we've focused so much on the great rift valley that the others have not yet been discovered. >> tell us what they have found and how similar are humans today to our ancestors many, many years ago. >> well what they found was a set of skulls, but some of the most interesting things are that the jaw looks quite like ours. so we have like a triangular shape on our chin that gives us what we call the mental
4:44 pm
imminence. this we don't see until we get to homosapiens. they also have a very flat face. their face is kind of tucked underneath the cranial vault, the brain case. and what they have, it's on the way there. so it is not jutting out like we zion our earlier humans. if this individual was walking down the street we probably would think that's a very strong, robust individual, but not that it was a different species. >> i know, i read an article that said if you saw him on a new york subway you wouldn't think a thing. how do they figure out how old the bones are? what's the process for that? >> well, they did a huge number of dating techniques for these remains. the most important is thermal
4:45 pm
lum lumenessence that they gave. you don't ever date the actual fossil so it is the soil that is being dated or the rock that is being dated. and it is a radioactive dating which means it is an absolute date rather than something that is older or younger, but really a date that is going to have a very specific date with just a little bit of flexibility. >> well, it is fascinating, the find, and lord knows there's probably more out there. so they will continue to dig. elizabeth weiss, anthropologist, thank you so much. >> thank you. rain is back in the forecast. how long it will last? meteorologist mark tamayo is monitoring it for us. >> still a few light showers paying us a visit. our live camera looking out toward mount diablo. it feels a bit muggy out there. we have kind of a southerly
4:46 pm
flow setting up transporting mild air back into the bay area. here is the radar over the past 12 hours. you can see what has progressed especially between 5:00 and 8:00 this morning. right now a little bit of green to report. even if you are not seeing green here, there is a chance you could still have some mist or some drizzle up there. santa rosa the most recent observation reporting light rain but no green to report. still light rain in portions of the north bay and at least some drizzle around the bay itself. there is the south bay perspective closer to san jose and morgan hill. as far as current numbers, temperatures ranging from the upper 50s through the 60s. the warmest locations around 70 out toward concord, fairfield, and san jose 70 degrees. so once again multiple cloud layers out there with the low clouds and some higher clouds paying us a visit as we approach your thursday evening. for tomorrow for your friday we are starting tout day with this. some clouds, skies becoming
4:47 pm
partly sunny, temperatures warmer, 60s to the 70s. not a big change out there for your friday, but we are expecting more sunshine in case you missed the sunshine today. we will go ahead and expand the view. this is what we're watching as we head into the weekend. this will be moving into northern california. with that it's going to cool things off into saturday and sunday and also bring in a few extra clouds, especially for saturday morning. some of the forecast models hinting at maybe a few saturday morning sprinkles but i think the best chance will be to the north of the bay. here we are tomorrow starting out the day with some clouds. skies become partly sunny. notice this action to our north. we will take this into weekend. starting out saturday morning lots of clouds and some rain to the north of the bay area around eureka, cape mendocino. there could be enough moisture, a slight chance of a sprinkle saturday morning but the main impacts, a few extra clouds and cooler temperatures. sunday not much of a change in temperatures but if you want
4:48 pm
the warming trend, we will gradually warm up those numbers into early next week. temperatures will be in the 60s to the 70s out there. santa rosa 73. oakland 69. pacifica 61. hayward checking in 70. some more neighborhoods. for your friday, san jose 7 2, half moon bay 62 degrees. a look ahead, your five-day forecast, and temperatures will be a little bit warmer tomorrow, a few extra clouds. more clouds saturday. partly sunny skies. some warming temperatures. in fact, early next week it could be very nice. monday and tuesday lots of sunshine, temperatures back up - rk, after the winter we had i didn't think i would say, good to see the rain, but it was okay. >> at least it wasn't a deluge. a little refreshing spritz. >> thanks mark. julie joins us now with a look at the stories we're working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. an inappropriate gift has one boss in hot water.
4:49 pm
>> the confederate flag purse and the pictures inside after bay area woman sog company she was once working for. and we are getting a look at a suspect wanted in a five- alarm fire. >> do you recognize this person? the atf hopes you do. it is offering adds 100,000 reward for his arrest. tonight at 5:00 we will let you know what he is accused of doing. >> all right, julie, we will see you soon. >> next on "the four on 2", a bombshell in a pennsylvania courtroom. bill cosby admits he gives his accuser pills and fondled her. the latest from the cosby trial coming up next. woman: hamilton was adopted from a rescue in 2008.
4:50 pm
he's quite the pug about town. he gets invited to a lot of parties. he knows he's a pretty big deal. how could you not love him?
4:51 pm
jurors in the bill cosby sexual assault trail heard the
4:52 pm
actor's own words acknowledging to police that he drugged and fondled his accuser. his statements were made during an interview with police more than a decade ago and was read into the court record. >> as michelle chavez reports during the interview the comedian said he had a romantic relationship with the accuser, something she denies. >> reporter: one of the key elements on day four of this trial was a transcript from a police interview in which cosby admitted to giving pills and fondling his accuser andrea constand. that interview taking place in 2005, cosby telling his investigators he gave her one that have benadryl pills to help her relax but says she didn't show any adverse effects and never objected to his advances. constand said she never consented and said the pills made her unable to fight off cosby. it is important to note there is a one-year gap between the alleged crime and cosby's interview with police. constand said that's because she was intimidated by cosby's
4:53 pm
celebrity status. in that same interview cosby said did he have a romantic relationship with his accuser and they did have some physical interaction but it was never sexual inter course. almost one year after the pulse nightclub massacre some shooting victims are still recovering. monday will mark the first anniversary of the tragedy which became the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. 49 people were killed, more than 50 others were wounded. andrew is recovering after he recently underwent his final surgery for injuries sustained that night. >> i was shot quick after he started shooting. i ran about two, three steps, and he shot me on my right leg. >> other survivors reflecting on that day say they are making conscious efforts to move forward and not take life for granted. anniversary events are planned in orlando as well as here in
4:54 pm
the bay area. organizers have planned a vigil in san francisco. tensions with north korea intensifying after reports of another round of ballistic missiles. details when "the four on 2" returns.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
north korea conducted another missile test this morning. this time the nation may have fired off multiple cruise missiles. >> those missiles targeting
4:57 pm
waters where u.s. navy air a craft carriers have recently been conducting drills. reporter jackie ibanez is monitoring the latest. >> reporter: tensions now growing even higher on the korean peninsula amid reports north korea fired several land to ship missiles earlier today off the northeast coast. the anti-ship missile launches marking a new act of defiance against the u.s. and the international community after the united nations security council passed fresh sanctions on north korea less than a weak ago. these latest missiles each flew 125 miles landing in waters between korea and japan, the same area where recent military exercises have taken place. these launches come as the new left wing president has just announced he has decided to
4:58 pm
postpone full deployment of a new anti-missile system, a system being set up to deter an attack from the north. >> he wants to establish a dialogue with them, wants to move away from the restrictive policies in the past. >> reporter: the new south korean president saying he wants to try and a establish a new relationship with north korea. >> we eased presidents of south korea like this before, and they have never been able to accomplish anything with north korea. >> reporter: meantime adding to the tensions u.s. officials are now expressing concerns that russia has recently been increasing its trade with north korea, just as the u.s. is urging the north to suspend its missile programs. according to new reports in the first two months of this year russia boosted its trade with north korea by 73%. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. all eyes on former fbi
4:59 pm
director james comey. >> we're talking about a foreign government that tried to shape the way we think, we vote, we act. that is a big deal. >> cameras rolling, beaming his testimony around the world. in the united states, people gathered at watch parties. >> we want to hear the truth, and that's what it is. we want to know what the truth is, where does the truth lie between us and russia. >> while california senators play a key role grilling comey about president trump, the russia investigation, and the reason he was fired. >> why didn't you stop and say, mr. president, this is wrong, i cannot discuss this with you? >> maybe if i were stronger, i would have. >> good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. comey's testimony started with prepared remarks. he then spent hours answer aing questions from senators in both parties including john mccain and marco rubio. he also answered questions from both of california's democratic senators, dianne feinstein and
5:00 pm
kamala harris. comey testified that he thought the president fired him over the investigation into russian interference in the election and possible ties to the trump campaign. >> he also accused president trump of lying. caroline shively is in washington tonight with more on james comey's testimony today and the reaction afterwards. caroline. >> reporter: hi to you, julie and a frank. this was absolutely extraordinary testimony. james comey accused the vice president the united states of lying flat out but he did stop short of calling what the president did obstruction of justice. >> i remember thinking this is a very disturbing development. >> reporter: uneasy in their first meeting james comey told lawmakers he decided to start making written notes. >> i was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting so i thought it really important to document. >> reporter: from those notes comey recalled at the present time pressing for loyalty which the fbi director read as


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