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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 9, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> all right, you guys, thank you. where are you going. >> now they are mad. >> you made the robots mad. >> it's friday. if you are heading over to san jose airport it is getting foggy, foggy, levels are coming down fast. i'm sure sal sees that. also on the golden gate bridge, this fog is thickening up, usually right around this time, it's time to get thicker than it was an hour or two ago. there is still light rain in the mix, monterey, is a linas, morgan hill,. highs should butch up a few degrees, unseasonably cooler low. prob in over the weekend. 50s, of east muggy out there this morning. some is slow he to burn off, by sunday we could see some thunder shower active north and
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east of the area, mountain snow, so be advised there is going to be changing weather. today it's that thick fog this morning, 60's, and 70s. can you see the san jose airport? >> i did. we are watching the airports. usually san jose and oakland don't have as many delays quite frankly as san francisco, so we are always watching san francisco a little closer but all three of course start off with a look at marin county, as you drive to navado to central san rafael. all getting past 580 if you are going into southern marin that is where the fog is as well. traffic moving along pretty well, let's say you are going to the bay bridge. traffic is going to be okay. there is a little bit a delay, about 10-15 minute delay. >> and this is a lock at interstate 880 in oakland. it's not a bad commute as a matter of fact right here in
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front of oracle, 580 a little bit of congestion, 6:02, let's go back to the desk. president trump was up early this morning tweeting about james comey. the president said comey's testimony to congress represents "total and complete vindication in rush ka case." washington is still driesting comey's testimony. >> i was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting and so i thought it a really important document. >> senior democrat wanted more information on the first encounter with the incoming president. >> what was about that meeting that led you to determine that you needed to start putting down a written record? >> the circumstances, the subject matter and the person i was interacting with. >> publicly the white house said, james comey was fired over his handling the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. and a loss of confidence at the fbi. but the former director said otherwise about the president's
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motives. >> i was fired because of something about the way i was conducting the russian investigation was in some way putting treasure on him. >> in mid february after a routine oval office briefing, the president asked him to stay behind. comey's boss the attorney general, and presidential visor jared kushner lingered but were told to go. >> you mentioned you asked attorney general sessions to ensure you were never left alone with the president. did you ever consider why attorney general sessions was not asked to stay in the room? >> oh, sure. i did. and have. and in that moment -- >> did you ever talk to him about it? >> no. >> you never had a discussion with jeff sessions about this? >> no. >> the president told him to let go of the federal probe into normer national security visor mike anyone. >> did you say anything to the president about that. >> i didn't, no. >> why? >> because circumstances were such that it was -- i was a bit stunned and didn't have the presence of mind.
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democrats called it a pattern. >> the president each time cleared the room. including cleared the room of the attorney general, why would you do that unless you were conscious that what you were about to do was wrong? >> after a media report that the president asked comey for a pledge of loyalty, mr. trump tweeted about possible tape the about their conversation, sending into motion a chain of event that led to the special council appointment. >> i have seen the tweet about tapes. >> set the record straight. >> i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with the reporter, continue do it myself for a variety of reasons, i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special coups ill and so i asked a close friend of mine to do it. >> members of buzz parties questioned comey's actions. you didn't consider your memo or sent that conversation to be a government document, you considered it to be somehow your own personal document that you could share with the media
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as you wanted to? >> i understood this to be my recollection recorded of my conversation with the president as a private citizen, i felt free to share that, i thought it important to get it out. >> when comey was asked with russia's intervene, comey said it was done with purpose with sophistication and it came from the very top. a federal contractor charged with leaking classified u.s. documents will remain behind befores until her trial. 25-year-old suspect whose name is reality winner appeared in a georgia federal yesterday. she possess more government secret the and might an flight risk. investigate i don't remembers say she wrote in a notebook she wanted to burn down the white house. the wife of derek almena one of the men charged will speak to the media today. derek almena's attorneys will join her in san francisco later
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this morning. almena was charged on 36 don't counts of volume un-- 36 counts of involuntarily manslaughter. one of almena's attorneys says his client should not be held responsible. >> height of strong emotions we do not feel the public good will observed by prosecuteing our client, it creates a distraction so the local government doesn't have to address the fundamental issue of housing inequality. >> almena did not enter a plea asking the judge to delay the hearing further until next week when almena will be joined in court by the second defendant max harris. you can watch the news conference with almena's defense team beginning at 11:30, we are going to carry, our social media accounts. authorities have released information about an arsonist
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who destroyed an apartment complex under construction. releasing these photos to us yesterday, you see a person of interest riding a by cycle casing the construction site before the fire started on may 13th. that was the second time fire destroyed that same complex. investigators wouldn't say if the same person is behind both fires, they say the fires are same. >> in both fires the stable of completion of the building was around the same. the completion of the building was around 50%. and it was -- the building had been framed but drywall had not been hung yet. >> atf is offering $25,000 reward for each fire in exchange for information that leads to an arrest. friends and family of a 16- year-old from antioch are in shock after he was killed in a pellet gun accident. just hours before the seniors took to the stage for
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graduation. garcia just completed his freshman year and was with four friends at his family's home handling a pellet gun. it fired while one of the teens was holding it hitting garcia in the chest. hit next door neighbor got to the house and said garcia had a faint pulse but was not breathing. >> he was laying on the ground and unconscious, but apparently he was there for like 10 or maybe 15 minutes just because the kids didn't know what to do. >> a reminder that guns are dangerous, especially playing around with them. >> paramedics tried to save garcia. the pellet went straight into his heart, deer valley administrators declined to speak about the accident. the student is also a student at the school. police are calling this shooting accidental. time is 6:08. bart may be changing its tactic its when it comes to cracking down on seat hogs. a look at how bart is looking at passengers making room for others.
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>> reporter: yeah, good morning. it's looking like the days of the bart seat hog ordinance is numbered. they are replacing that with abarth seating etiquette campaign. the bart board repealed the current ordinance was on that agenda. passengers who take up two or more seats on burt. bart's board of directors passed an ordinance to make it illegal. as much as $500 for repeat offenders. critics say the law is a poor use of bart's police resources, a potential cause for more delays an a way to target homeless people. now it is looking like the directors are leaning towards rescinding that ordinance replaced with a plight necessary campaign or a ban for repeat seat hogs. passengers say that they would like to see something done about seat hogs on burt. >> i think i do agree with the latter options where you just ban it. because you know, bart is a
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great tool for people to get to work and travel around the bay. at that same time it shouldn't be abused in the sense where people can use more than one seat or really take away from others who need those seats. >> reporter: the bart board set to vote on officially rescinding that ordinance in about two weeks, we are working to get more reaction from passengers and find out what they think bart should do about it. a lot of passengers take matters into their own hands,  if somebody has their purse or briefcase they will stand there and then typically they'll move it and let me -- >> give them the look. >> i do. i'm not confrontational, once they realize this is the last seat available let me get that for you. >> just an option. >> we talked about one bart passenger, he travels a lot on burt, i might be guilty of being a seat hog because i often travel with my luggage.
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it would be nice if they had racks for luggage, that would free up seats as well. >> christian thanks. golden state warriors 48 minute from history, tonight will be their most challenging task, what kevin did you rant -- durant has to say. cleveland isn't rolling out the red carpet for draymond green and his family, what green and his mom had to say after an altercation with cavaliers fans. foggy or even some drizzle, light rain, some of that rain is down towards monterey, foggy for many around here.
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tonight the war i don't remembers look to finish off the cleave -- warriors look to finish off the cleveland cavaliers. >> players head a light practice yesterday. the talks centered on winning one more game. and becoming that first team in nba history to go a perfect 16- 0 sweeping all four playoff series. >> i can't relate to that sort of situation, exact situation, i know what losing is like, i know how you can lose a game and give a series away. >> but, yeah. i have a killer instinct in me. >> and fatigue could be a factor tonight. warriors head coach said the cavaliers may have worn down at
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the end of game 3. lebron did play 46 minutes. curry 39 minutes on the game just to compare. important note this is the only time in the series there is one day off between games. there are a number of warriors watch parties tonight. the team is is holding an official event, check the warriors website and found there are no tickets left. now san francisco is going to set up the jumbo tron for a viewing party, it's a family friendly party, alcohol is not permitted. alexalex savidge is in the area. >> ktvu sports anchor scott reese is live in the studio in with barometer la minutes to an hour. joe fonzi from quicken loans arena. draymond green is reacting to a video that surfaced of cavaliers fans heckling his mother. a clip showed green's mother
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getting in a verbal altercation. someone called security, there were no arrests. let's listen to what draymond has to say about it. >> fans here are just -- so, my mom can hold her own. >> groan's mom treated the situation escalated when the police grabbed her and fans got hyped. everyone did apologize. >> all right. 6:16 on the clock. let's check in with sal. friday commute up and running. that's going well. we've decided to take gasia's suggestion because of traffic jams and we are going to do graduation songs. so what we are going to it it it could be the songs they play when you throw up your cap or it could an song that may be -- is special, it graduation, so we are going to get requests, i will do the choosing, thank
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you. let's take a look at the commute on the east shore freeway. westbound 80 as you drive out toward the commute here. traffic bridge to the maze, 19 minutes, not bad. the fog hadn't really slowed traffic down, can you see traffic at the toll plaza looks good. no major problems getting through. traffic continues to move along nicely. we are looking at a commute here on interstate 880 where traffic is moving along well. if you are driving past oracle and the oakland coliseum, no page job problems on 580 as you drive through. if you are driving around the area you will see -- i want to mention highway 50 is closed atel do rad dough county, they do have one way traffic control, trying to get to lake tahoe, 08 might be be the best way, we are going to give you details coming up. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, we have cloudee to mostly cloudy
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conditions, the fog kind of dancing around, i know san jose, golden gate bridge, some right down on the deck. so watch out, clouds takenning up around this time. no drizzle, it's raining down here in freedom, near watsonville, thank you cathy for that. i know, i've been showing it all morning long. highway 1, over towards santa cruz, monterey, drizzle reported up toward santa rosa, breaks in the clouds. it's muggy out there. a lot of moisture after yesterday's rain, heaviest rain was from about mount marin county, still rain to the south, temperatures might bump up a little bit. high wind up about 3 had 4 degrees compared to yesterday -- 3-4 degrees compared to yesterday. that will give us a wide
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variety of weather, mainly windy and cooler late saturday into sunday. possibility of thunder showers and mountain snow, be advised, it's on its way, east bay temps 60s for many, upper 50s for blackhawk and concord, pittsburgh 62, 61 san ramon, dublin, a lot of cloud cover here i think we'll get a few breaks later on, tomorrow watch out this low drops out of the picture. it doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with. partly, mostly cloudy, kind of muggy, tomorrow start to see that system drop in and it will be cooler and breezy, isolated showers, thunder showers, i would think lake county, mendocino county, cool air spilling in. 60s, 70s today, a breakthrough the clouds would certainly help. mid-70s for some. then it's right back down out weekend on the temps, we will bottom out on sunday, after that a slow warmup as we head into next week. >> thank you, steve. still ahead, uncomfortable
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situation for a gilroy family at a water park, we'll show you what happened and what other families can learn from this situation. coming up next, a former 49er couldn't afford to miss practice. see what happened when he called uber.
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graduation songs, you know they are going to hear a lot of this one. green day "time of your life"." don't be embarrassed. don't be embarrassed, maybe it was awhile ago. if there is a special song you want to hear, pick from the ones you send me using the tvu on twitter, facebook or instagram. >> that is the one they played for my little brother. he is five years younger than i am, takes me back to that day. now we are going to talk to something that talked out to be one of the longest uber ride ever. >> taking a 49 player from chicago to buffalo, uber driver picked up offensive back wright from o'hare. he needed to go to buffalo so the driver thought of course
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buffalo wild wings restaurant, right? when the driver punched in the gps coordinates it came up buffalo, new york. on his way to practice in the city of buffalo, the 500-mile trip cost $632, wright did leave a 50% tip of 300-dollars. dmv an accident between a self driving car and a bicyclist at the intersection of 1 is first and mission streets. a system to track self driving cars on the road, someone on a bike hit a 2017 chevrolet bolt ev while they were turn federal government is first to mission. the car had to brake to hit someone who cut them off. the person in the car said the biker suffered a scraped knee. so far this year the cars have been involved in three other collisions in san francisco, one resulted in a minor injury. reach add two year high in terms of the volume of imports.
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the port handled 82000 import last month, the highest monthly volume since august of 2015. export volume has been growing for years due to ag products from napa and the central valley. imports now account for 48% of containers shipped through oakland. the freemont police department has created a safe zone where people can drop off or pick up items sold online. exchanging in the front parking lot of the reducing the number of robberies involving items sold or trade on websites such as craigslist. recording all activity in the exchange zone. it gives people a peace of mind. closing the wage gap by eliminating what can be an uncomfortable question for people applying for a job, what could be banned from job applications in the city of san francisco. cloudy to mostly cloudy
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skies. i think we'll get some breaks, a lot of fog out here, muggy, still some light rain, take a look at it coming up.
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good morning everyone. thanks for joining us right here on mornings on 2, i'm mike mibach. pam and dave enjoying a day off, we'll help you plan your
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weekend weather. so it's breakfast time everyone. >> is that what it is? >> it's healthy stuff. we have fog out there, you guys, some rain. still yes, still. this is san jose international, are you sure about that? i'm sure about that. this is for our director for jeff green. 4 miles visibility and mist. 61 degrees. jeff, good? you like that one? thank you very much. alice and lewis says good morning. hello alice. lots of pockets of fog. slight breeze 58, wet, foggy. every drop counts. it does indeed and there is still some rain down toward monterey, santa cruz mountains, who will lister.
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-- who will iser. 60s, san mateo, bell month, woodside is closed for everybody else. palo alto 61. drizzle, light rain but partly sunny for some later on today. there are a few breaks here, 60's, 70s on the temps. 6:30, sal. >> slider alert. we have a spider on the camera kind of up there in case you don't like spiders look away. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is going to be up. just as i said that he got out of the frame so you are in luck. he is around for us, our spider. traffic is backed up all the way -- there he is. he came back. he heard me talking. traffic is backed up for about
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15-20 minute delay at the toll plaza and no major problems here. as you get on to the bridge. interstate 880 in front of orca arena, 580 looks good, pull back a little bit, i can show you traffic is slow on 205, so that breeze is not getting a break. 880 is slow. from about 238 south of that down to freemont where there was a crash just after dacoto. lot's go back to the guess. teresa may has no plans to step down despite losing her party's majority in parliament. the prime minister's call back fired. may have increased her party's majority to give her a mandate of her country's exit from the european union. reports that may had cut 20,000 police officers from her watch. she is saying on because it's
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more more than ever for the country to have certainty. >> country needs a period of stability and whatever the results are, the conservative party will ensure that we fulfill our duty in ensuring that stability so that we can all as one country go forward together. >> may's conservative party has more seats in parliament than any other party but not enough to push through legislation on its own. north korea is testing a new cruise missile, after south korea detected four missiles being launch from a coastal town. north korea's claim is not independently confirmed. uss carl vinson and uss ronald regan. in japan the parliament approved historic low, the prime minister to become the first japanese monarch to
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abdicate a throne in 500 years. passing to his oldest son the crown prince. also women who mary commoners do not lose their imperial status. pelosi says the congressional hearings are allowing the people to find out the truth what russians have politically, personally or financially on president trump. >> well i think we saw confirmation con first indirect i don't remember comey's detailing the frightening reality of president trump's pattern of contempt for justice, his pattern of concerted and in excusable efforts to shut down the fbi's investigation of his cronies
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ties to russia, and all of that disgraces the office of president. the president may not -- >> pelosi says the integrity and security of democracy is at stake right now, outside independent commission should be formed to help protect it. the leader of an antiabortion group is seeking to disqualify a judge preventing him from releasing videos. claimed u.s. district judge has a longstanding relationship with an organization that partners with planned parenthood. leader for center for medical progress released secretly recorded videos that showed planned parent hood employees selling fetal tissue for profit which is illegal. planned parenthood denied that claim and said the videos were edited. san jose fire officials are investigating six shushes pishes fires set yesterday morning, willow and vine was heavily damaged at 4:45 a.m. other fires set in the willow
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glenn neighborhood included dumpster fire. one in the front yard of a home that was under construction. fire crews also responded to a suspicious trash fire when it burned the car's bumper and license plate. >> any time you can get suspicious fires in area, simultaneous fires it does tax crews because they do go to multiple fires in one night. >> you see the bike up in the upper right corner of your screen right there just after the bike passes you see the glow from a fire, anyone with information call the fire department. a third person has died. police say a truck carrying seven young people ran a red light and clipped a minivan and flipped over killing brianna or telling ga and simon sitello. sergio garcia was injured in the crash. the coroner said he died on
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seat. investigators say speed was a factor in the crash. governor brown and state lawmakers are said to be close to a budget deal ahead of next week's deadline. no confirmation from the governor's office, there are report from the assembly that they have a tentative agreement. $125billion spending plan includes more money for medical doctors, after school programs and higher education. it also expands tax credit for the poor. approving a budget if they do not meet the june 15th deadline losing pay until a budget is approved. san francisco is considering prohibiting employers from asking applicant bus their salary history, an effort to close the wage gap between men and women, women are paid 16 represents less on the dollar than men in the city. the new rule would apply to private and city employers, a final vote is set for later this month. california's attorney general is vowing to pro 0 text the state's national monuments
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from the attorney general baces said he would take any and all legal action necessary. president trump signed an executive order calling for a review of all national monuments more than 100 acres established over the past 21 years, here in california six monuments are on the review list including snow mountain in the national forest and giant sequoia mountain. tomorrow a memorial service will be held for the little girl who died back in 1876 and found buried under a house in san francisco. the three-year-old girl is identified as edith howard cook. her casket was found by a construction crew during work on the house. inside the little girl was preserved. a group called the guardian of innocence reburied her at green lawn memorial park last year. and now that her name is known, they will hold a memorial service for her at the cemetery
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tomorrow is 11:00 in the morning, the public is welcome to attend. >> you follow that had story extensively and just so much of the little girl and her story was preserved in such an incredible way. >> and now after all these years a proper burial and they are going to redo -- you know, gave her the nickname mir an da eve, edith cook will on be the head stone. 6:38, rider also not have to pay fines for taking up too much room on burt trains. i thought it was an opportunity to be handled differently. i thought it could have been resolved easily and discretely. >> a local water park apologizing to to a family, how a mother wants others to learn from their experience. good morning, we can see that the traffic is going to get busier now as there are more cars on the road. san mateo bridge good
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visibility heading out to the peninsula. rainy, drizzlely thursday, lingering into today with some low clouds, fog, a few breaks later today, update on your friday temps.
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checking in on stocks after the opening bell, dow jones is up by 50 points. s&p gaining 4 points. nasdaq flat right now.
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quietly become a major bank. the amazon lending service given out $30 billion in loans to small businesses since it launched six years ago. it uses algorithms to identify merchants with good histories. today apple ceo tim cook delivering the commencement address at the massachusetts institute of technology. mit says that cook was selected for his brilliance and a business leader and passion in the community. matt damon was commencement speaker last year. eliminating several banks rules put in place. the new financial choice act is to replace the don frank regulations, the rules were strapping he willing banks and keeping the economy moving ahead, a few significant changes include restraining went banking requirements, fewer stress tests for banks a
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he limb for consumer protection bureau. critics say the new bill goes too far and also says it has little chance of passing in the senate in its present form. for the first time the fda is asking that an opioid pain medication be pulled. the agency yesterday told drug maker endo pharmaceuticals to remove opioid pain killer opaner from the market, the drug of choice for add ducts and twice as powerful as ox i don't contain it. the -- oxycontin. it says it must take all necessary steps to reduce the scope of misuse and abuse in 2015 the overdoses killed more than 33,000 people. time is is 6:43, a gilroy mother is hoping to raise awareness about her son's rare skin condition. after they had a difficult encounter at gilroy gardens. ktvu smith talked with the
6:44 am
mother, other families complained about her son. >> by all accounts two-year-old wyatt is your normal boy who likes to play on the playground, he has a condition that makes him appear different. >> so when people shy away from us of course it makes me feel sad. >> wyatt was born with a rare disease, too many mass cells in his body creating dark colored patches on his skin. his mother says his condition draws mixed reaction from curiosity to fear. >> sometimes we have other reactions where people will move away from him or move their children away from him. >> last sunday the family was at gilroy gardens when wyatt and his father were asked to get out of the pool to speak to emergency medical personnel.
6:45 am
the reasoning several people had complained about wyatt and his condition. >> i felt sad that and disappointed that i thought it was an opportunity to be handled differently. i thought it could have been resolved easily and discretely. >> the gilroy gardens general manager expressed a heartfelt apology, vowing more training and awareness day in july. the mother is working with the water park. she is even offering to have wyatt come and teach our young lifeguards with the skin disorder so they can promote the appropriate response to this. >> she says knowledge is power when it comes to people's differences. and she is hoping her experience will create more understanding. >> it goes back to the old adage don't judge a book by its cover and it starts with one person being more open minded,
6:46 am
taking pause, considering maybe something else is happening here aside from what i might be afraid of or worried about. >> >> the hope is that wyatt will grow out of the disease. the family has launched a website to raise money for pediatric research. find a link on ours some of those old yet classic paintings from world war ii are on display, the wings of freedom tour arrived at kennedy air field airport. seeing the planes like the flying fortress and the liberate i don't remember. the foundation says its goal is to preserve piece pieces of flying. 6:46, sal how is traffic so far? it's lighter than it was yesterday. to answer your question. but there are slow downs, good morning to you, i do want to show you the traffic is going
6:47 am
to be a little bit slow in some areas for example at the by bridge toll plaza you will see the traffic is backed up. it's not completely light but it is probably going to be a little bit better than say it was on a tuesday as you move through the weather is not really having a major effect on the traffic. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland, and you can see traffic is looking good as we look at the maps here, 580 looks good. but 880 is slow. we had an earlier accident in freemont. so the stretch between i would say roughly about 230 down to about dakota road is slow. if you in the the bridge and the san mateo bridge traffic not too bad getting across a crowded peninsula. the dense fog is out there in places. for more than that let's go to steve. a and drizzle rain, pacifica has some. we have a few breaks in the
6:48 am
clouds but plenty of cloud cover. so cloudy to mostly cloudy, very muggy. humid after yesterday's drizzle or steady rain. that steady rain was about the golden gate north. marin county, sonoma, more so than napa. mr. pete, it's raining down here, nice. and it has been in the santa cruz mountains, morgan hill, gilroy, monterey and salinas. it's there. a little bit. light rain, san jose south and some drizzle reports i was going to say pacific even up to santa rosa. yesterday was one for around the south facing slopes of mount tam up to the russian river. 8200th. a lot comes from larry bogs. mill valley .42. forestville a third. guerneville a third. penngrove, winds at a quarter
6:49 am
inch. so i mean that was pretty impressive. south of that generally less than .10. partly sunny partly sunny later later. you know you do 500 of these a week. one of them you are going to stumble. we get the cloud cover, a system coming in -- from the gulf of alaska, yes, it will be here late saturday, sunday. muggy, humid conditions, 57, 59 morgan hill. light rain near -- so very mild here. even 40s up in the mountains with fog and drizzle being reported from blue canyon over to truckee. we will get partly sunny later today, kind of muggy, humid, highs in the 70s for many inland. 60's coast and bay. cool cool system will drop in late saturday and sunday. and that will give a
6:50 am
possibility of shower, thunder showers, mountain and snow. northeast california, even the sierra could get some snow on sunday. 60s, 70s today. a look for morning cloud cover giving way to partly sunny skies, and watch for that breeze to pick up. cool weekend. >> thank you, steve. up next a christmas present sparks a lawsuit. what an east bay woman receive from her boss and the question did it go too far? dozens of packages stolen from homes, how police finally tracked down the suspect.
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it is rob steward forever young and it's requested by kristin nelson. we are asking people to give us their graduation songs. if there is a special song you want to hear, i will play it. just use the hashtag ktvu on twitter, facebook or instagram. and interleague series with the minnesota twins.
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met -- suspect there is plenty of scoring in yesterday's game. the giants came from behind. the first career home run. the giants would add two more runs. they tied it up in the bottom of the ninth. the giants started -- they held on for the win. the a's are taking on the tampa bay rays.>> getting rough on the ice between the penguins and predators. it was a tough night for the nashville predators, game five of the finals and were overwhelmed. pittsburgh leads the stanley cup series three games-two.
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hyundai issuing two separate recalls. the scent of a sport from 2014 to 2017. the second recall covers genesis and sonata models from 2015 and 2016. another corrosion issue causing problems with parking brake warning light. new developments in the decades-old sexual assault case against norman polansky. the woman appeared before a judge in los angeles. according to the lawyer she plans to appear to a judge to end the case against the fugitive director. he fled the united states years
6:56 am
ago out of fear he would face more time in prison. the woman was 13 years old at the time of the sex. jurors expected to hear graphic details and bill cosby sexual assault trial. they will share more of his interview with police. yesterday they introduced cosby's civil disposition which was taken -- deposition which was taken after andrea constand pursued him in 2005. he details the assault. he says he gave her benadryl to help her relax and the encounter was consensual. she says he drugged and molested her. the 74-year-old cosby says he will not testify. police have her cover dozens of stolen packages inside a storage unit. a 45-year-old is charged with felony possession of stolen property. it included electronics comic clothing, custom jewelry and toys.
6:57 am
police believe he was trying to resell the goods.>> it makes me concerned to not have packages delivered here. we already make arrangements to have packages delivered elsewhere.>> the stolen property is being returned to the rightful owners and they are asking anyone who believe they may have been a victim to contact them. people came together to honor gilbert baker. he said the first rainbow flag in 1978 and it eventually became a worldwide symbol of lgbt pride. he never trade mark it saying it was his gift mark -- his gift to the world.>> the light of the white house and all -- and eiffel tower, all around
6:58 am
the world it's an image of great celebration and great sorrow.>> the celebration reflected gilbert baker's many talents including music, art and photographer -- photography pick the former project manager for a pleasanton construction company has sued the company and owners accusing them of racial discrimination and harassment. she says she was given a purse decorated with the confederate flag by her boss at a christmas party. inside the purse were photos of the boss dressed as president try. she says she was fired when she complained about the gift.>> they put those pictures inside and gave it to me as a gift. the only black girl that works there. this is not a joke. it's very serious.>> she
6:59 am
believes her gift was a sort of threat in retaliation for complaining about an incident. we did reach out and they declined to comment. some little leaguers may be out today in joining the new addition.>> new batting cages opened up yesterday at victoria manolo drake park. it's a $161,000 project paid for by the open space fund. the batting cages come three years after a new home run fence was installed. they plan to add new lighting in the near future. more reaction to james comey's closely watched testimony including a tweet from president trump.>> the board of directors might have a new plan on how to deal with people who take up too many seats. welcome back. friday morning, june 9. let's get you right over
7:00 am
to the weather. there are some breaks in the fog, we went -- we will wait for sytem 2 dropping over the weekend. current conditions, 60 clouds, no wind. 90 percent humidity. that is way up there. not much of a breeze and underneath all this you can find some rain. the radar does not pick it up except down toward santa cruz, gilroy, hollister and it's pretty steady perk underneath that some pretty good reports of drizzle. even up to santa rosa. we will get some breaks. the system will come up out of the gulf of alaska and set up shop. 56 with all the moisture


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