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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 9, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the local mcdonald's group has been the sponsor of san francisco pride events. today 9:00, the chance to sweep and set an nba record. complete coverage of game 4 between the cleveland cavaliers and golden state warriors. the california highway patrol shows us the right way to make sure your children are writing safe in the car. plus comedian and actor bill bellamy joins us live. we will live it up at the dance club tonight on this last day of school. although i do understand there something else going on. you have your book club.>> my favorite book is on the road
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and the warriors are on the road and i will be dialed in watching the game.>> i think all eyes focused on the game. >> they are turning on all the tvs inside the stadium so people can get there early and watch the game.>> the game is in cleveland and a lot of people gathering in oracle to watch the game. a lot of law enforcement agencies are banding together to make sure that the celebrations stay safe. >> reporter: game 4 will be played in cleveland not here in oakland but oracle arena will be packed with 16,000 or so warriors fans for the big watch party. they will have a lot of folks on hand. warriors fans hoping for one more win tonight to bring
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another title home to the bay area. and make some history, a perfect run through the playoffs. one more victory but of course the help from a safety standpoint from the oakland police department is that if the warriors do when, if they win tonight that everyone celebrates peacefully. sometimes we get some of these impromptu celebrations that tend to get out of hand. what is the message to warriors fans? what should they keep in mind if we get the big win tonight?>> i absolutely believe they will win. our chief is wearing -- wearing her warriors socks. we want to remind everyone to celebrate responsibly. whether they win tonight and we come back home and we continue the winning streak, just to celebrate and be mindful of each other as far as
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responsibility. concerns in the city of oakland are celebratory gunfire. let's remember what goes up has to come down and also fireworks. they are illegal and they can be dangerous.>> you will have extra officers on patrol tonight.>> throughout oakland you will see a lot of officers from the west side to the east side. we are here to ensure that everyone is safe and also if anyone needs anything, bring it to our attention. we are here to assist and ensure everyone has a safe time.>> there's a lot of reasons we want the warriors to win both from your standpoint, one reason is it may be just a little bit easier to manage the impromptu celebrations if the team is on the road.>> it is true. the team is on the road and so we do know that there will be a lot of fans coming to the
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stadium tonight. we have been months of preparation and planning from the oakland police department and also citywide response. and outside the city as well. we are partnering with all her other law enforcement agencies and other city services that make a difference. the crowd is much smaller here and we also know that there are plain parties and that's why -- at the same time, when they come home for the parade we are ready.>> we call it possible large scale celebration in the city of oakland. obviously a lot of warriors fans are hoping it will happen and the police department must plan for that event as well. the book club is tonight?>>
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yes it is. >> by the end of tonight the warriors could make nba history and be nba champions. we spoke to some of the players about the big night.>> reporter: at this point of the season it's not really about practice. the warriors and calves were back on the court on their off day after an extremely demanding game 3. on the brink of nba history they can now talk about a record 16 straight postseason when. the tradition of taking it one game at a time, that's the game that's next.>> it all comes down to this one game. it would be a great piece of history. it was not a goal of ours to start the postseason but now that it's attainable we have our eyes set on it.>> it definitely wasn't one of those things that was a goal.
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that's too much on the mind. but now that it's a legit possibility, one game away i think you should think about it.>> people can talk about it in historical context, get it done and win the series.>> the cavaliers know the score the warriors withstood their best shot. the odds of the cavaliers winning for in a row are off the charts.>> we understand what's at stake. the whole entire season. there's really no other decision other than to leave it all out there.>> one game at a time. win the game in front of you. >> counting the regular season tonight will be the 11th time in the last three years that the warriors have come off the court through the tunnel and around the corner to their locker room. they've done it once as world champions and they would like to do that again. we keep
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it going right now with scott reiss and the had so much momentum in the final minutes of game 3, do you expect them to carry that momentum? >> i think it will be interesting to see if they get out to lead how the calves respond, if they respond. that was disheartening what happened to cleveland when you get your two starters playing as well as they can play, 77 points between the two and you've got a team including all the role players from the second half tip until three minutes to go in the game played about as well as they could possibly play. they put themselves in the position to win and to sit all unravel to essentially steal the game and take the lead, you wonder how much psychologically now they have left.>> it's interesting because ever since game seven last year the warriors have not wanted to
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talk about this at all. and now they can talk about it because there's one when left.>> you can talk about 16- 0 now because obviously you want to win tonight.>> they are very disciplined.>> they are as disciplined as any team you'll find. they also have the mental toughness. people don't understand how mentally tough this group is. think back to the 73 wins last year, think back to the record winning streak to start the season. all the historical markers that this team has hit. you've got to be mentally tough.>> is -- it's not just we win champions, they've made history.>> is this about winning or is this about revenge?>> it's about winning
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but revenge helps to that end. don't think for a minute that they are not motivated by what happened last year especially draymond green who feels probably personally responsible.>> i almost thought in game 3 he kind of lost a little bit.>> he has such -- he is such an emotional guy. just to see footage of him throughout the game because anytime there is a whistle you can see the neurons going off but he's kept himself in control. he's as motivated as anybody.>> our question of the day, we've been asking you if they win tonight, should they be considered the best team in the nba to play ever? taking a peek at the poll results, 73 percent of you say yes, 27 percent say no. kimberly says regarding the warriors greatest of all time, i say greatest in a generation
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no doubt. lakers, bulls, celtics, pistons rolled generations ago.>> another viewer said not quite there yet.>> there are different rules and shot selections. different generations.>> for one single season, i think so. if they win tonight.>> first of all, silly arguments. of course but it's fascinating. >> second of all, just the thought of the bulls being a different generation from where we are now makes me feel really old. but your point, if you're talking about a single season and they are not yet in a position where you can compare them to the dynasty bulls or
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the lakers, they will get there. but if you look at the single season in a vacuum and everything they did in the regular season, 67 wins, they will have 130 of their last 31 games if they cap it off tonight. 16-0 in the playoffs if it happens. not only can you make the argument but i think this is the greatest single season team ever.>> at the delicious question to talk about. thank you for using our hashtag ktvu and we will share more of your responses. we will be right back as we still talk about the warriors. caress, with floral fusion oil is more than one thing. it's soft skin and fine fragrance. discover more than one thing with caress. soft skin, fine fragrance.
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right out of the gate the dow jones is having a winning day up more than 100 points. i'm seeing a big jump over -- a good jump on the s&p. down slightly. the wife of derrick ella mina one of the men charged in the ghost ship warehouse fire will speak to the media and you will be able to see it here. the attorneys will join her in san francisco. he was charged on 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter and cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom. he wore a red jail jumpsuit and did not acknowledge the victims. one of the attorneys says he should not be held responsible.>> despite the strong emotions we do not feel that the public good would be served by prosecuting our client. this creates a distraction.
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so the local government does not have to address the fundamental issues. >> he did not enter a pre-. -- a plea. his attorney asked to delay that until the other defendant arrives. we will stream the interview. struck this is a booking photo of the other defendant. he was transported to the bay area yesterday from los angeles. he also faces 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. bart is looking at a new strategy to target seahawks. what they are planning to do to persuade passengers to make room for others.
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>> reporter: the board of directors met last night and it looks like the part ordinance that bans seat hogs, the days may be numbered. part hoping for politeness campaign. it's an idea they have tried before any youtube video. the bar board met last night repealing the current ordinance. the problem is passengers who take up two or more seats last year they passed an ordinance to make it illegal. bar police can issue citations for $100 up to $500 for repeat offenders. the law is a poor use of resources and a potential cause of more delays and a way to target homeless people. the directors are leaning towards resending that ordinance and it could be replaced with a politeness campaign. passenger say something needs to be done about repeat seat hogs.
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too i do agree with the latter option where you bayonet because bart is a great tool for people to get to work and travel around the bay but at the same time it should not be abused in the sense where people can use more than one seat or take away from others who needed the seeds. met the board of directors set to take up the issue again in two weeks. tomorrow a memorial service will be held for the little girl who died back in 1876 and was found last year buried under houston separate cisco. the three-year-old girl was identified as edith howard cook through dna analysis, cemetery records. her casket was found by construction crew. inside the little girl was well preserved with the long blonde hair, white dress and flowers on her chest the group reburied her last year and now that her name is known they will hold a
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memorial service for her at the cemetery tomorrow morning at 11:00, the public is welcome. the following continues from former fbi director james comey testimony. this morning president trump -- posted his first tweet. despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication and james comey is a leaker. he said it was a president who lied and defamed him when he said the fbi was in disarray. present trump's personal attorney jumped on the admission by james comey that he release memos detailing private conversations to the media.>> he has now admitted that he is one of these leakers.>> we now are hearing the legal team will file a complaint against him with the justice department inspector general. struck theresa may says she has no plans to step down besides losing her parties majority. she called for an early
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election and it appears that backfired. she hoped to increase her parties majority to give her a mandate as she negotiates exit from the european union. this morning she traveled to buckingham palace as a symbolic gesture and tradition she asked the queen to form a new government. afterwards she said what the country needs is now certainty.>> this government will guide the country through the crucial brexit that begins in 10 days. and to deliver on the will of the british people by taking the united kingdom out of the european union.>> the conservative party that had been ahead of the polls when she called the election that after three recent terrorist attacks much of the campaign focus on security and reports that it may -- that she cut police officers on her watch. 90 percent of child car seats are installed improperly and so was mind --
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mind before we got a check. how to make sure your children are safe and where you can go this weekend to make that happen.
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tomorrow safe kids alameda county will hold a booster seat giveaway and safety fair.>> 90 percent of child car seats are not installed property -- properly.>> the laws have changed for the very little ones. for a look at how to keep your child safe let's go out to sal castaneda. >> reporter: the officer from chp, there is a surprisingly high number of people who don't do it right when installing the child said.>> i've got examples for you. if you like, this child is not
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properly restrained. most people take their kids out of the booster seat or do not use a booster seat and you can see why it's a problem because right here it's against the kids neck. if your child keeps taking the seatbelt and doing this with it, that's a perfect example of how you know you've taken them out of the booster seat to early. aaa donated 500 booster seats. tomorrow at the fairgrounds we will have 500 booster seats to giveaway for families that live in alameda county. it's because we know that kids are not put in booster seats. we are trying to help out by giving the booster seats out to promote safety because it's not always the right option.>> i asked my wife to put the seats in and she finally said you have to learn because sometimes they come out even if they are installed properly to begin with you as a parent have to learn how to put them in safely each time.>> tomorrow is more
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of a booster seat giveaway. we will make sure they are properly installed and show people how to install them but aaa and chp also have inspection stations. you need to schedule an appointment and come get your car seat inspected. we have an example of an improperly installed car seat. this was properly installed and we messed it up as an example. as you can see, right now this is installed through the latch. everyone thinks the latch is a safeties -- the safest way to do it. most vehicles do not have a latch set up in the middle position. this card is not. it's actually installed in a non-latch position using the latch.>> do most cars have latches now?>> almost all cars have latches now.
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but it's only required in two positions. they put it in the middle but they are installing it incorrectly.>> latches are little metal things in the seats that you can find if you're a parent you look for them that you can attach the seats to.>> i've had to learn how to do it correctly because tell us why if you're in an accident and your child is not properly restrained, what can happen.>> four foot nine inches, eight years old that's the minimum to get them out of the car seat but it's about the height. the seatbelt needs to fit properly against the chest. we need to make sure that they are properly restrained. this is an example of an infant car seat and has a five point harness. it's a lot safer than your normal seatbelt you can think about how it distributes the
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weight in the event of a collision. you want to make sure an infant is rear facing.>> why do you suppose so many people get it wrong? 90 percent of them are wrong.>> you got to read the manual. 99 percent of the people did not read the manual and made a simple mistake.>> if you have a car seat you can stop by chp aaa or many areas and get help if you're not sure. the booster seat giveaway and safety fair is held tomorrow at the alameda county fairgrounds from 11:00 a.m. until three clock p.m. -- 3:00 p.m. stuck marcus testing the waters
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on the rivers. will tell you how the snowpack is making for dangerous conditions on the water. bill bellamy joining us live in studio to talk about his special appearance in the bay area this weekend.
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we care about using cage-free eggs. and we care about amazing taste. because at best foods, we're on the side of food.
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just ahead of tonight's big game 4 we asked the question that we knew how most people would respond but it's his -- a delicious conversation if the warriors win tonight will they be the best team ever?>> the numbers first. 74 percent said yes. 26 percent said no. i had people going back to the
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seasons back when i was not even around. hearing a lot of talk about michael jordan, celtics, the bulls.>> the bulls, celtics, -->> there are some people very bullish on the warriors. he said yes, we would have retired mj once and for all.>> kimberly said i definitely want to see the greatest of all time that may be premature. kids are so blessed to see this squad. they won't see it for another 30 years. just think about it with the san francisco giants.>> if
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they win tonight that's five times per>> they wanted and 75 and did not when it for 40 years later.>> thanks for using our hashtag kt the you. struck -- green's mother got into an altercation immediately following the victory. there were no arrests and here's what dray mann greene had to say.>> fans here are brutal. my mom can hold her own.>> his mom tweeted the situation escalated when police grabbed her and the cleveland fan got hyped. everyone eventually apologized. stay tuned for coverage on the warriors. joe fonzi will be reporting live from quicken loan.
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what is with the weather, it's june and it looks like it's january or february. it will be a little bit cool and the chance for showers will stick around for today winding down. the west -- the rest of today should be partly cloudy. take a look at this. there are delays at sfo for arriving flights about one hour. san francisco checking in at 57 degrees and the fog has settled in behind all this cloud cover. the little bit of rain, 59 santa rosa, 60 in oakland, low 60s livermore and san jose. the system now out of here.
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we will begin to clear out but not the case at the moment. we have cloudy skies for cintron south bay. north bay partly sunny skies. as we get into the afternoon we are going to see better clearing the onshore breezes with us anywhere from five to 50 miles an hour. a little breezy out there as well. the future cast taking you into your afternoon by about 2:00 or three clock it looks like the clouds want to break up. i the second part of the afternoon mostly clear skies. temperatures remain on the cool side. a lot of 60s on the bay and up the coast. low 70s for the south bay. 77 degrees expected in antioch. a mild day but for june running cool. here's a look at the extended forecast. breezy tomorrow temperatures will not warm-up. sunday another system will drop in and bring us the possibility of showers. it looks like it will be the coolest day with a bit of a rebound on monday and more so on tuesday. the impact of a record zero snowpack is still being felt with the snowmelt now underway the attention is shifting from the slopes to the
9:34 am
rivers. mark headed out on the american river to feel the force of the rapid.>> northern california rivers are energized and flowing at levels not seen in years.>> was a stronger than you thought?>> it was pretty fast. coldwater, finn rapids.>> the record snowpack is melting.>> i drove up highway 50 and had a moment looking at all the snow up there.>> jeremiah is the general manager of a rafting company on the south fork of the american river. his team has been preparing for stronger flows as the mountain snow melts away.>> we made it required that guys coming back from tahoe and all over the country did a handful of training trips before they went out. we required that the people see the river at a bunch of
9:35 am
different levels and get comfortable with that.>> we are more aware of everything as is going on. we know it's possible for our rescue situation to arise.>> while there may be thousands of daily visitors -->> we do not have this every year.>> there is a team of four patrolling this 21 mile stretch of the american river. the mission is to serve the dangerous, help with rescues. the areas that may appear to be safe could lead to trouble.>> sometimes it's deceiving. now the current is moving eight miles an hour or faster and if you throw the stick out there for your dog they could get swept down the river.>> another hazard a few hours away from the interview spot. the trees that normally tower overhead are in the water.>> the waters are going through
9:36 am
the trees.>> safety first.>> to see the river firsthand we are hitting the rapids ourselves the trip will be shortened by one hour due to the much stronger flow.>> you may have heard cfs. one basketball is about one cubic foot so if we scan the river imagine 4000 water basketballs cruising down every second. that's how strong the river is and it will strengthen over the next few weeks.>> if it heats up a lot we could be looking at 10,000 cfs.>> she leads a 10 minute safety briefing before our departure.>> step number 1 stay calm and hold your breath. step number 2, keep your feet up and swim back to the rafter. >> the stronger class iii
9:37 am
rapids or four miles away joining us a safety rafter in a kayak.>> our guide invites us to jump in the cold water before we hit the stronger rapids.>> the answer is yes, it's a very chilly. even with the wet suit and life jacket. >> after hearing commands like all head, stop and right back, -->> the rapids jolt the boats does make the boat with plenty of force. these boats can easily be twice as strong. our journey ends here.
9:38 am
the serene waters of folsom lake. while this marks the end of our trick this trip the strong flows will lead this might leave a lasting memory.>> it was scary but not too scary.>> a new day will bring another round of motors. well there could be exciting adventures a surprise could be around the next been dismantled bend. from mtv to the big screen our next guest is taking it back to his roots. he's joining us live in studio.>> i flew up here from la to hang out with you guys and to cheer on the warriors.>> do you think they can pull out a win?>> i'm a basketball fan and it would be great if we could get another game just
9:39 am
because it's so fun to watch.>> nobody wants another game.>> people are doing mixed tapes of songs. >> you will be performing as the game is going on.>> i thought about doing if you buy one ticket you get two tickets free but you have to wear warrior fan gear.>> i have a daughter who's 13 who just graduated going to high school. my son is 10.>> have they ever seen you perform? do you ever take them on the road?>> they've seen a couple of my movies and tuesday night in la they're doing attribute
9:40 am
this to a tribute. it's going down is a classic film they're doing attribute -- a tribute to this film. they will see the movie on tuesday with me.>> you have a lot of love for the bay area. i remember when the comedy scene was in the 90s, how did that influence you?>> i used to come appear as an amateur. there was always somewhere you can perform. you guys have traditionally been very much a city of comedy. you've got every little club. you got little bars and there's always a microphone. all the big guys come to the bay. my boy dave loves it. dave chapelle, by the way.>>
9:41 am
thank god you didn't go into finance. what did you major in?>> i majored in economics. i'm thankful for my education but i thought pursuing a career of comedy and eventually it led to acting and traveling the world and meeting so many amazing people and traveling to places i never could imagine.>> my education keeps me levelheaded. at the business.>> have you trademarked booty call?>> i wasn't that smart.>> booty calls are different with cell phones now? -->> back then you had to do the work and actually call. now there's a thing called
9:42 am
tender -- tender. >> are you thankful not to have been young -- as an old married lady i'm thankful ipad -- i bypass that hold mass. submit someone asked me this the other day. when you have beach house on mtv, probably one of the best summers of my life. we did not have any social media. can you imagine if mtv had social media works do you know how many girls would be cringing that there is a video of them? some crazy dance you did you were a sophomore, you were naked or ran down the street for a prank. we did so much stuff we did not think about recording.>> does your 13-year-old daughter have a cell phone?>> yes.
9:43 am
this is what you tell your kids, everything you do on your phone is a digital resume. just think about it, whether they tell you it goes away or doesn't, it's a part of your digital profile. five years from now you will be a different person. don't let anything that you posted be in any way derogatory to who you are today.>> good advice.>> people need to know you're going to perform tonight through sunday it's on look on the web links. bill bellamy, thank you so much.>> i want to be a part of this team, i just need a blazer.>> your hired. i lost my sight
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enter now for a chance to win and ask our ultimate fan pack which includes two tickets for sunday june 25, two race passes and the tailgater parking pass. go to ktvu facebook page click on the contest link. entries accepted until 1159 p.m. tonight. one winner will be selected by random drawing. you can see the official wwe superstar john scene and a new group of mentors are taking the
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will be a mentor. check tell us about the seasoned contestants.>> american great season to sunday nights on fox is a bit like life. sometimes life is tough. season two of american great is about helping people get back up and get back in the fight. all of the contestants have lost their grit. they've been very open with problems in their personal life. i've got to set a military cadre that will mentor the contestants. at the end of the journey one contestant will find their grit and will walk away with a quarter of $1 million.>> last year the contestants were trying to find their grit and this time there trying to find it again. these people are coming to you saying i need help. they have challenges in their life.>> we tried on season one to get the toughest of the tough. it was a wonderful spectacle
9:48 am
but it was something that the viewer could not relate to even is a physical guy i don't know what it means to carry a 170 pound log 13 miles. in life i've had bumps in the road. i've had obstacles times where i did think this mike didn't think i could go on. we have a group of amazing people all different in their own way all with a different story. we have four leaders that lead in a different way there is a little bit of drama. a lot of drama between the contestants. it's more of an inspiring show rather than a physically brutal show. i think people will watch and enjoy. they will have favorites and read people on. there are a lot of curveballs.>> you mentioned the leaders, do you get surprised if they get fired up among themselves.>> this is a very competitive bunch.
9:49 am
i got surprised the first time they fired up but it's pretty much a regular occurrence. you have some hardheaded well disciplined people in charge of their team. they really take ownership of the team and my hats off to the contestants because the show is not a success without them and they are so giving of their stories and lives and we became invested with them right away. you cannot help but get emotional.>> as we have to wrap it up, just watching the show maybe i'm -- i need a little bit to regain my grants de smet grit as a viewer will the show help me get my grit back?>> there are so many moments where you can see people fight through and come out clean and just seen that can provide hope.
9:50 am
i'm trying to take that energy and put it into season two of american grit. i hope if you're stuck in a rut watching at home it can get you back on track.>> real quick, are you fired up to get back in the ring?>> yes i am. independence day on snacktime live on wwe action.>> congratulations and good luck next month.>> the season premiere of american grit sunday, june 11 begins at 9:00 right here on ktvu fox 2. and then stay tuned for your 10:00 news.>> i'm going to get my mojo back. coming up, do you know when to throw out your leftovers. what a new service says about how people determine when to eat it or toss it. struck -- handballer 1: you know what i could go for?
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scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van!
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handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van! new at 9 a car was pulled out of the building in downtown oakland. happened on 12th street between webster and broadway. as you can see it's a white car that drove into a camera store. the car lost control and hit the building. in san francisco people came together to honor the creator of the rainbow flag. last night the theater was awash in color for what is being called a celebration of
9:54 am
life. baker sewed the first rainbow flag in 1978 and it became a worldwide symbol of lgbt pride. he never trademarked the word saying it was his gift to the world.>> because of his changes, the life -- the life of the white house and eiffel tower, that image in times of great celebration and times of great sorrow.>> the celebration reflected his many talents including music, art and photography. he died in march in new york city at the age of 65. and ambitious eight-year-old boy saw a vision as he tries to help as many homeless people as he can. for the past few months they have been buying and collecting food, snacks, toiletries even dog food to give to people living out there on the street. his mother says he started out
9:55 am
giving dollar bills to the homeless.>> when i see them on the street i feel very -- i feel bad because they are on the street. and they don't have any shelter and food or water. >> he has started receiving donations to help build the bags for the homeless. he and his mom are planning to go to jefferson park to give out 50 bags. that's the most that he has done. that is an inspiring story for grown-ups. if aj is doing it we need to step up. san francisco considering prohibiting employers about asking about the salary
9:56 am
history. according to the u.s. census bureau women are paid $.16 less on the dollar than men in the city. the new rules will apply to private and city employers. a final vote is scheduled for later this month. do you know went to throughout your leftovers? you might be surprised to see what a new survey says about the different ways people determine whether something has gone bad. according to the survey 75 percent use smell. 50 percent judged by the appearance and 20 percent actually taste the leftovers to determine if they've gone bad. a survey found 62 percent of americans did not realize that food waste is piling up. you should use your sink disposal more often and i say put it in your green been so it can be composted. stuck -- >> i give it 24 hours then i'm done. before we go we have
9:57 am
a program reminder. we will be televising the news conference with the defense team of one of the ghost ship warehouse defendants. we will also hear from his wife who is expected to address the media at the news conference.>> that supposed to begin at 11:30 am we will bring it to life here on ktvu fox 2 as well as, and social media. we will have that for you live around 11:30 am. thanks for joining us and go warriors. at such a head turning p. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ♪
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we're on the side of food. [applause] >> announcer: live from new york city, it is the "the wendy williams show" ." [cheers and applause] now, here is when the ! -- now, here is wendy! >> wendy: okay! welcome to my show [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]


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