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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 9, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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legal causation needs to be a proximate and legal certainty. >> it doesn't negate the issue at large that they created the conditions. >> is it your meaning that the staircase that was installed, the one you referenced, that it was up to code or a safe way to enter and exit the second floor of the building? >> what i am saying is that the description of the staircase as it's been put out there so far is incorrect. it was not a rickety staircase built out of palates. it was a prefabricated staircase. >> there were two. >> perfectly safe staircase. >> one was blocked off. >> my understanding is that the other staircase may have been blocked. frankly, i have not been given enough facts yet. i haven't been given discovery. we don't know what happened to
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the back staircase that night. >> can you tell us more about the fire department being in there? they were in there for a gathering. was that on the second floor. >> musical events. >> yes, five months before. >> how do you know that? >> we have talked to witnesses who saw them in there. we have talked to multiple people who observed the event happening. >> do you have evidence for your theory that pg & e smart meter over heated and that's the cause? >> we do know that the lines heating the building were under sized. when there is too much electricity coming through too small of equipment it can lead to overheating. >> the district attorney said that with fire officials, law enforcement asked if people
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lived there and they said they lied by insisting no one lived in the warehouse. >> the issue of whether or not people live there is not relevant to the night of december 2. >> the people living there, if they didn't want to be at the party, there were people sleeping that night that didn't attend the party and said they had fire extinguishers next to them, and had lived in the conditions, and how they would behave when parties were held. are you suggesting people that didn't want to attend the party would have had to leave their living space to avoid the fire. >> you say it's unrelated but there were people who that was their home. they lived there. even if they didn't want to attend, if they were sleeping in their bed that night they were at it. >> that's correct. my understanding though is that the vast majority of the victims were not residents and that only one resident perished
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in the fire. the issue is was the event that night the event that was leading to the death? our argument is that the fact that folks were living downstairs, the fact that the zoning code did not allow for that kind of arrangement, that is not the negligence that would lead to the convictions for these deaths. >> are you saying that the event with the fireman is different from the 2015 party they attended after the arson fire outside the building, the sulphur that burned. >> that's the same party. >> five months. >> that is not five months. >> year and a half. what difference would it make if pg & e or the fire
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department or others played a role and conditions were negligent? how would that affect your client's liability unless somehow he is being blamed? this is simply a question his responsibility. for these purposes whether pg & e has something to do with it. >> per criminal negligence a defendant must be the proximate cause, the most culpable cause, and if intervening factors are in between him and the event, this is relevant to explain why he is not the one true cause. >> just because there are other contributors doesn't mean he can't be -- >> that's something for the civil court to decide. >> wouldn't it be something for a criminal court to decide. >> the criminal court will have to defense. >> there are third party
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capable defenses in all kinds of cases. we will be progress on prosecuting pg & e. we'll be prosecuting the fire department in this case. all the inspectors that failed to perform their duties. that's a perfectly good defense. >> do you think they should be held criminally liable? who should be held criminally liable? should anyone? pg & e and the inspectors? >> let's talk circumstancely. pg & e has been held criminally liable as we all know. secondly the fire chief was asked really to leave mostly because of this event. so we'll go after them. should they have been charged?
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my perspective is no criminal action should have been sued out of the entirety. this should have been relegated to the civil jurisdiction. >> i want to say i respect the almenas, i understand they have a lot of grief. you have been hard on mg & e, on the inspectors, on city officials. >> i ain't even started. >> yet a lot of folks can argue that the family or mr. almena specifically is also criminally responsible. so you put the blame on everybody else. yet you shift some folks would argue the liability from the almena family. >> we are not the ones who brought the charges. >> we will defend by pointing the finger at the real
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culprits. that happens in every case. >> we have been listening to attorney tony serra who represents derick almena, one of the managers of the ghost ship warehouse. this media conference has spilled into our ktvu noon newscast. we will of course bring you an update moments from now. we thank you for joining us. >> absolutely. this is really a fascinating news conference. we heard from the defense team for derick almena, one of the two men facing charges in connection with the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. we heard the defense laying out its strategy. we have our crime reporter who was in the news conference and he joins us live with more on what we heard. good afternoon.
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>> reporter: good afternoon. a very vigorous spirted defense of the ghost ship leader by three of his attorneys as derick almena sits in jail recently joined by max harris. they're saying that their client is being made a political scape goat by the alameda county district attorney nancy oh, mallee who they called an avenging angel. on the other side of the equation they're saying derick almena is made out to be a demon. they're casting blame on other entities including city of oakland, pg & e, building inspectors that did not catch to the fact that this was a problematic warehouse. we hear other attorneys saying that derick almena is a good family man, not someone who should be pointed out or not someone who should be shouldering or placing the blame on this individual for the deadly fire. they say they have sympathy.
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micah allison is saying everyone should show some compassion for them. now, we do have some thoughts from this news conference earlier from tony serra. >> we believe that this prosecution is being bought in bad faith, that indeed there are alterior motives that lie behind the prosecution of our client. we believe that he is being made a scape goat for persons and entities culpable for this great tragedy. >> reporter: micah allison, the wife of derick almena, did show emotion when shilling he describes the fact that they are not bad people, that he is
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not selfish or reckless, this was something they never had plans for. there are some pretty specific questions from the media saying why did you leave the premises and go to a hotel with your kids? suggesting did you know this place was unsafe? the response by the attorney was they simply wanted a quiet place for their children to sleep that night. >> henry, thank you. we want to get some more analysis. we are joined by a legal analyst in our studio. we heard a lot. we heard that derick almena's defense team essentially laid out their tragedy almost like what we would hear in a courtroom. how effective were they in painting almena as a family man and someone who didn't know the dangers that existed inside this building? >> they did a good job, brought emotion out. they talked about the law. they're trying for some sympathy. they're reaching out to possible jurors in the area
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saying here is our explanation for what happened. it wasn't us. it's almost a magic type trick where you go don't look at us. look over there. you know how bad pg & e is. they blow stuff up. so they're responsible. >> it's interesting they put the picture behind the attorney showing almena, his wife and two children. do you think that will work just playing on emotion. they said he is a good man. he did not think they should be there. they wanted to protect their family. what do you think of that? >> if i were prosecuting and i prosecuted for 14 years i would work to him in the courtroom and look him in the eye and say you are a pretty good guy but you killed 35, 36 people. you were criminally negligent. why fight that? he is to a certain point a good man. notwithstanding, he is guilty of this particular crime.
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they're hoping again to reach jurors. when they pick the jury they're hoping to have jurors that will buy into that argument. i thought they did a splendid job. >> we heard tony serra saying there may be negligence on the part of my client. he may be reckless but it doesn't rise to the level of criminal negligence. how tough will it be for the d.a. to prove criminal negligence. >> let's start with the 36 bodies and work backwards with that. emotionally that will touch the jurors. 36 people died because of this. then you have almena making money because of this knowing the condition of that building. one of the arguments i thought was oh, we moved the children to another area, to a hotel. that makes sense so they were in a quiet area. notwithstanding they say we wouldn't have lived there in a
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bad condition, a condition that could cause death. that's a lot different than inviting 200 people into this warehouse and blocking all the exits and making it more difficult. having just your family there hopefully you can get out easily. if you put that many people in what they call a fire trap and that's a lot different. >> remember that was an unpermitted event. there was illegal construction within there and people should not have been living there from a legal standpoint. >> he certainly took a shot at nancy oh, mallee. >> he did. >> he said you have political aspirations. i have heard she does. he is going to attack her rightfully or wrongfully in this case. i think she would be very smart. they have laid off the owner of the building and the owner's daughter who was generally managing properties of the
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mother in the states. why not file against them now? that cuts the legs out of their argument. even if you can't extra indict her from china, still you have a case against her. >> quickly, do you think there is a chance we still see the owner of the bidding facing charges? >> i absolutely do. >> it will be interesting moving forward. they did attack d.a. as well as pg & e, the fire department, city building and code inspectors. we will of course continue our coverage on this. >> always continuing coverage on the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire and resulting investigation and criminal charges that ve come from this. follow us at and also on twitter and facebook as we cover upcoming court appearances next week by derick almena and his co-defendant max harris. still ahead, golden state warriors are gearing up for a big one. game four of the nba finals, we
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have christian captain live talking about what fans need to know if they want to root for their time at home. >> after unusual rain yesterday, we will check in on details on what you can expect for the weekend. we'll be right back. my neighbor says that i shouldn't let my kids raid the fridge whenever they want. i'm dancing with the devil, she says. give them a taste of freedom at this age, soon they are running wild doing whatever they want, whenever they want and then "boom", i'm a grandma. please sharon, it's just yogurt. ♪
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. welcome back. i don't have to tell you this is game day.
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golden state warriors are going for another championship and a chan tmake nba history. >> you are excited. scott is excited. everyone in the newsroom is excited. they have to get it done. >> everyone in the city is excited. >> this is a huge deal and it's history on the line tonight. it will be one of the nights if the warriors win you will remember where you were and what you were doing when they made history. yesterday a subdued practice at quicken loans a i rein a which is for the best after a grueling game three. the conversation turned to the obvious topic which was taboo amongst players until now, opportunity to sweep the playoffs 16-0. >> 16-0 means we are champs. it would be a great piece of history. it wasn't a goal of ours to start the post season but now that it is obtainable, we have our eyes set on it. >> it definitely wasn't one of those things where it is a goal like let's go to the playoffs
12:19 pm
and go 16-0, that is too much on the mind. now that it is a legit possibility, one game away, you should think about it. you want to win the next game. >> people can talk about it in historical context. just get it done. win the series and let everybody else talk. >> everybody will talk and they will talk for a long time. if they do this in perfect fashion, are they the greatest single season team in history? >> that conversation is already underway and with a win tonight it kicks in a high gear. >> they hadn't wanted to uch the question all season. >> you can't start talking about 16-0 when you are in the spur series and you have to win that. you only talk about the next game. >> right. >> but now when you are 15-0, the next game is the historical
12:20 pm
hand mark and it is okay. >> this is the thing with the team. this is what i go back to. not only are they aware of 16- 0, they have been aware of it. but they embrace history. you go back to the 73 wins or to the 24 wins to start a season which was a record, all the record win streak at home which they did over parts of two seasons. every historical landmarker they have hit it, know it, embrace it and they want to do this. >> they're on the road tonight on the quicken arena with this game but is there a certain comfort level they have playing since they have played there the last three years in nba finals. >> probably. they have played a lot of basketball in that building. nothing surprising. i don't think it could be any louder than it appeared to be. if they don't play their a game
12:21 pm
and cavs game. >> they're mentally tough. >> they are dialed and i think it ends tonight. >> thanks. of course the game is not being played on warrior's home court in oakland but that is where a lot of fans will be gathering later tonight even though the team is on the road. >> that's right. christian, i expect thousands of fans. of course they want to see history in the making on that big screen. >> reporter: absolutely. what better place to watch the game than at oracle arena. you get to watch with thousands of fellow fans. you get to watch that game on big screen. as you can imagine it will be pretty unbelievable, warriors holding an official watch party. the big game is shown on the jumbo tron. the team did the same thing for wednesday, fans packed in and
12:22 pm
watched the thrilling win by the warriors. fans want to see them perfect in the playoffs, 16-0. >> we are going to bring it home home. we have been waiting for this for so long. >> there are preps on the way if they pull off the sweep. oakland says they have increased patrol and they will have a warning for fans to be respectful. >> celebratory gunfire. what goes up has to come down. also fireworks. they're illegal and can be dangerous. tip off is 6:00 local time. thousands of fans will be here. i know you had a broom with you
12:23 pm
earlier. if you brought that tonight, you wouldn't be the only one. we will see a lot of folks who will be bringing the brooms out. sid is bringing it to me now. it's a little broom. >> it's not much of a broom. >> but it's enough. it can get the job done. just saying. >> i think you are right. there are going to be a lot of folks showing up talking about a sweep. >> christian, quickly, are there tickets left or is this sold out already? >> it sold out last time. i don't know what the status is this time. you can bet there will be lots of fans who want to turn out tonight. >> thank you. the huge snowpack is melting away energizing rivers. coming up, what you need to know to stay safe on the water.
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developing news out of richmond. members of contra costa hazmat are investigating a spill in the water near the chevron refinery. it was discovered around 6:30. boats with booms have been deployed. you can see the black solid substance in the water near the she have ron whatever of in the
12:27 pm
bay. -- chevron wharf in the bay. chevron released this statement. the material is contained and we are investigating the source. port of oakland reached a two year high in terms of volume of imports arriving. the port handled more than 82,000 import containers last month. this was the highest monthly volume since august 2015. the port's export volume has been growing for years mostly due to agricultural products from nampa in central valley. imports account for 40% of could takenners shipped. the stock market ended on a high note. the dow jones is up about 44 points. still ahead, a boy showing care and compassion for the homeless. >> they don't have any shelter, no food or water. so i just wanted to help them.
12:28 pm
>> coming up, we will tell you how this boy's mission to help provide food, water, and more is spreading. >> a dance celebration turned to tragedy. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. a 15 year old is being remembered a day after he died while he and friends were playing with a pellet gun on the last day of school. >> police are calling the shooting accidental. friends and family called the freshman funny and like able. >> neighbors were desperate trying to save the life of 15 year odd garcia. he and four friends were in the garcia home handling on pellet gun when it fired. >> he was unconscious. i didn't know how long he wasn't breathing for. apparently he was there for 10 or 15 minutes because the kids didn't know what to do. >> garcia had a faint pulse but wasn't breathing. paramedics tried to save him but it was no use. >> he had a small wound under his chest. i guess it went into his heart. >> it's a reminder that guns are dangerous, especially playing around with them. >> reporter: other neighbors
12:32 pm
are also stunned. >> a really nice family. they're good families. >> reporter: he was the youngest with three half siblings and parents away from work when the shooting happened. >> kids are kid. they get together and they play. sometimes things happen. >> reporter: he had invited a couple friends over to hang out. >> reporter: garcia's best friends say he was loyal, like able, very funny and skilled at soccer. >> he was my best friend, like a brother to me. >> reporter: administrators declined to speak about the accident and death of the student. the student who pulled the trigger is a student too. >> i want to talk to him, comfort him, make sure he is okay. accidents happen. i don't think he should have consequences for what happened. it was an accident. he didn't purposely try to kill somebody. >> the two boys in the story say they have been inside the garcia home many times but they
12:33 pm
never saw the pellet gun. they say they were mystified by it which is how this accidental shooting came about. we have learned a third person died stemming from the roll over crash in alameda on memorial day. a truck carrying seven young people ran a red light on park street. it clipped a mini van and clipped killing two 17 year olds. 28 year old garcia of hayward was critically injured. the coroner says he died saturday and investigators say speed was a factor in the crash. authorities released new information about an arsonist who they believe destroyed an apartment complex that was under construction in emery ville. investigators released surveillance photos yesterday. the person of interest in this case is seen here riding a bike and possibly casing the construction site before the huge fire that broke out may 13. this was the second time in less than a year that a fire destroyed the same complex. investigators wouldn't say if
12:34 pm
the same person is behind both fires but they do say that the fires appear to be similar. >> in both fires, the stage of completion of the building was around the same. the completion of the building was around 50%. the building had been framed but dry wall had not been hung yet. >> the atf is offering $25,000 reward for each fire in exchange for any information that leads it arrest. the building developer is offering a $50,000 reward. in san jose fire officials are investigating six suspicious fires all set early yesterday. a convenience store at willow and vine was heavily damaged around 4:45 in the morning. some of the other fires set in the willow glenn neighborhood include a dumpster fire across from sacred heart parish and one in the front yard of a home under construction. fire crews had to respond to a suspicious trash fire in
12:35 pm
one spot that burned a car's bumper and a license plate. >> any time you get a suspicious fire in an area it is suspicious because of simultaneous fires. it does tax our crews because they go to multiple fires in one night. >> one surveillance camera caught someone on a bike before the fire started. you can see the bike rider in the other corner. after the bike passes you can see the glow from the fire. anyone with information is asked to call san jose fire department. the former project manager for a pleasanton construction company has sued the company and the owners accusing them of racial discrimination and harassment. wright says she was given this purse decorated with the confederate flag by her boss at a christmas party for south land construction. inside the purse were photos of wright's boss ken hayden dressed up like president trump, a confederate flag and slogan the south land will rise
12:36 pm
again in the background. wright says she was fired when she complained about the gift. >> the pictures inside, he gave it to me as a gift, the only black girl that works there. this is not a joke. this is very serious. >> wright believes her gift was sort of a threat in retaliation for complaining about an incident a few weeks earlier at a company meeting. we did reach out to south land construction but they declined to comment. alameda police say they have recovered dozens of stolen packages inside a storage unit. police say that 41 boxes were found stolen between march and may and included electronics, clothes, costume jewelry, toys. officials say he is a transient also identified as a man caught on video stealing packages. police believe he was trying to resell the goods on craigslist
12:37 pm
and ebay. >> it makes me concerned to not have packages delivered here. we already make arrangements to have packages delivered elsewhere. >> police say the stolen property is being returned to rightful owners and they ask anyone who believes they may be a victim to contact them. a story about an 8 year old boy in east bay on a mission to help homeless people sleeping in tents. >> ktvu spoke to him and his mother. >> reporter: 8 year old a.j. jackson, a boy with a big heart especially when it comes to homeless people. >> when i see them on the street, i feel bad because they're on the street and they don't have shelter and no food or water. so i just wanted to help them. >> reporter: for the past few
12:38 pm
months a.j. with the help of his mom has been buying food, snacks, toiletries, even dog food putting them in bags and handing them out at sidewalk homeless camps. first he was afraid. >> i felt nervous because i haven't been around homeless people a lot. i didn't know what it was like. >> reporter: what is it like? >> i don't really know what it's like, but it makes me feel happy inside. >> reporter: a.j.'s mother says he started out by giving dollar bills to homeless people they would see driving in their car. then it graduated to full bloom give aways. >> it is pretty amazing. it is something that he really wants to do. >> reporter: a.j. and his mom plan to come to jefferson park this saturday afternoon. he plans to hand out 50 bags, the most he has ever done.
12:39 pm
since word spread, a.j. has begun receiving donations. sometimes it is items to pass out. other times it is money all for an 8 year old with a social conscious who signs each bag with the words a.j.'s blessed bag already extremely proud to say i am his mom. god created a child with a huge heart. >> reporter: how long do you want to keep doing this? >> as long as i see homeless people. still ahead, officials in the sierra are warning visitors about dangerous river conditions because of this winter's record snowpack. >> we are definitely more aware of everything going on because we know it is possible for a rescue situation to arise. >> coming up after break, meteorologist mark tamayo went
12:40 pm
for a closer look. >> meteorologist rosemary orozco is standing by with our forecast. we'll be right back after the break.
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welcome back. on today's segment 2, impact of record sierra snowpack is still being felt even though we are now in june. with the snow melt already underway, the action now is shifting from the slopes to the rivers. >> mark tamayo suited up to feel the source of the rapids.
12:43 pm
he says this year the thrill may match the danger. >> reporter: california rivers are energized flowing at levels not seen in years. >> was it stronger than you thought? >> pretty fast. it was really fun, cold water. fun rapids. >> reporter: as winter chill turns to spring warmth, record snowpack is melting and draining from the sierra. >> i drove up highway 50 yesterday and still had a moment of taking my breath away looking at all the snow. >> reporter: the general manager of adventure connection, a rafting company along south forks of the american river near placer ville. his team has been preparing for stronger flows as mountain snow melts away. >> we made it required that the guides coming back from tahoe and all over the country did a handful of training trips before they win out and started working -- went out and started working. it was required that people see the river at different levels and get comfortable with it. >> we are more aware of
12:44 pm
everything going on because we know it is possible for a rescue situation to arise. >> reporter: there may be thousands of daily visitors. >> we haven't had this every year. if you are not familiar with the flows, you need to be conservative. >> reporter: there is a team of four patrolling this 21-mile stretch of the american river. noah is on the team. his mission, survey dangers, help with rescue, educate the public. the danger of stronger flows are apparent. areas that may appear to be safe could lead to trouble. >> sometimes it is deceiving. you might think oh, it's still flat out there. there is a big difference. now the current is moving 8 miles an hour or faster. if you throw that stick for your dog they can get swept down the river pretty fast. >> another hazard can be seen a few yards away from our interview spot. trees that normally tower overhead are in the water with you. >> water is going through the trees like now, it's a strainer situation. you can think about spaghetti
12:45 pm
caught in a colander. >> safety first. >> ready, ready. >> to see the river first hand, we are hitting the rapids ourselves. this trip will be shortened by one hour due to the stronger flows. you may have heard of cubic feet per second to describe the flow rate. one basketball is one cubic foot. imagine about 4000 water basketballs cruising by every second. that's how strong it is right now and it will strengthen over the next few weeks. >> when it heats up a lot we could be looking at maybe 10,000cfs. >> welcome to the south fork of the american river. >> reporter: ana is today's guide. >> step number one, stay calm and hold your breath. stebic two, keep your feet up. step three, swim back to the raft. >> reporter: the stronger class 3 rapids are four miles away. joining us is a safety rep and
12:46 pm
a kayaker with the company. our guide invites us to jump in the cold water before we hit the stronger rapids. >> it's a little chilly. >> reporter: the answer is yes, very chilly. even with a wet suit and jacket my heart rate jumped instantly. it was difficult to even talk. >> after hearing commands like all ahead, stop, right back our boat was steered to the rapids. >> woohoo! >> reporter: the rapids have plenty force. these can easily be twice as strong as we head into the warm summer days. our journey ends here, the serene waters of fulsome lake. this marks the end of the trip
12:47 pm
but the strong flows will leave a lasting impression. >> it's been 35 years since i have been down the river. it was great. i loved it. it was scary but not too scary. >> a new day will bring another round of boaters to the area. there could be exciting adventures and a surprise can be around the next bend. >> a boost in awareness respect and knowledge can lead to a safe day on the thrilling waters. >> beautiful weather out there. here we may not be so lucky. >> it's going toll like june. temperatures will remain low of the we have another chance for scattered showers in the forecast. that's on sunday. let's look outside our doors where we have partly cloudy skies. the fog is sort of spilled in in the last hour or so. you can see it drifting by. sfo, delays still reported do you remember to the weather, delays of an hour for some. san francisco is checking in at
12:48 pm
61. we have a look at that. as soon as it came, it went and there is a blue sky there. upper 60s oakland, liver more, san jose. the rain has moved on for the most part, a little bit of residual moisture with sprinkles over the hills and in the sierra as well. we are slowly clearing. here is a view of the cloud cover. you can see how it begins to move out. i think by the second half of the afternoon we are partly cloudy and mostly sunny but we are breezy. the winds are still on shore, oakland reporting 12, fairfield 14 but gusting to 22. partly cloudy, unseasonably cool to mild day for the afternoon. we'll go with 68 at 4:00, oakland 66 in san francisco, low 60s in pacifica. antioch mid to upper 70s for you, 72 san jose, 71 santa rosa. as we get into your bay area weekend that chance for showers
12:49 pm
again is going to linger. here is a look at what's happening. still in the sierra, a little bit of rain for the highest elevations and even a wintry mix. if you are thinking of heading that direction for the weekend for some camping, check the forecast. as we get into the evening, we are looking good. by tomorrow wake up with partly cloudy skies. notice what's happening over northern california, another system is sweeping by. saturday looks to be a dry day with maybe a few sprinkles over lake county and north edge of sonoma. for the most part saturday will be a dry day. now we are into sunday morning. we have a system that's going to drop in and bring the possibility of afternoon showers. you can see it here. it's not a lot but they're still going to be with us. we are going to continue with the unseasonably cool weather and we will be breezy. your extended forecast with bay area weekend in view, temperatures coming down saturday and even farther on sunday. low 60s at the coast, mid 60s around the bay, low 70s saturday for inland communities
12:50 pm
but upper 60s sunday. we get back to work monday and things start to improve. by tuesday we are thinking maybe a parade. we'll have to see how that goes. >> don't jinx it. >> i know. i will not say it again. for the weekend it will be iffy, a mixed bag of sorts. >> the potential showers will be up north. >> will favor higher elevations but it depends on the system dropping, how far down it comes drop. you will have to tune in. you know where to find me on saturday and sunday mornings. >> we do indeed. >> thank you. despite president trump pulling out of paris climate accord last week, governor brown continues to move forward with efforts to fight climate change. he is meeting today with a german environmental minister. the governor and barbara headricks are talking about the coalition, global pact among cities, states, countries to
12:51 pm
limit emissions as needed to keep global average temperature below two degrees celsius. this originated from a partnership between california and a german state with the aim of bringing together states and regions all willing to reduce emissions. california's attorney general is vowing to protect the national monuments from trump administration. in a letter sent to the interior department, the attorney general said he would take any and all legal action necessary to preserve california's monuments. in april president trump signed executive order calling for review of all national monuments. in california six monuments are on the review list. coming up, the tom cruise reboot of the mummy debuts this weekend. plus, a scary movie about a deadly virus. we will have details on all the
12:52 pm
new films in theaters this weekend coming up after the break. my neighbor says that i shouldn't let my kids raid the fridge whenever they want. i'm dancing with the devil, she says. give them a taste of freedom at this age, soon they are running wild doing whatever they want, whenever they want and then "boom", i'm a grandma. please sharon, it's just yogurt. ♪
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continuing coverage from capitol hill where president trump responded publicly after former fbi director james comey testified before a senate intelligence committee. >> we are getting reaction from firefighters, pg & e and others
12:55 pm
accused by derick almena's lawyers in a press conference you saw right here. almena and max harris are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> there are a host of new films from horror and suspense to kids' comedies and movies that will make you cry making their way to the big screen. >> here is the latest on what's in you in theaters. >> welcome to a new world. >> tom cruise's reboot of the mummy hits theaters. the story follows anxious princess awakened and searches for a mysterious ruby that will bring ultimate power. >> shipping out tomorrow. >> we are so not ready for this. >> meghan leavy is based on the story of a young woman who enlisted in the marines and formed an emotional bond with a bomb sniffing tour. >> the suspense thriller comes a night and follows a family trying to stay alive while a
12:56 pm
virus threatens the world. >> you must have hated me. >> a mysterious woman convinces her cousin she's innocent of a murder. >> you are now the amazing captain under pants! newcomers up against captain movies, first epic movie, and wonder woman. >> we have to go this way first. good samaritans and an oakland police officer are showing a hug and smile can go a long way. two men were in front of pete's coffee yesterday holding signs that read 1 million free hugs, make america kind again. a police officer decided to join in and spread the love. she stood with them yelling out words of encouragement to people walking by and giving out free hugs. >> i believe that hugs should
12:57 pm
be free, no doubt about it. we appreciate you making ktvu your choice for news. we are always here for you at and we would love it if you follow us on twitter, facebook, instagram. we leave you with this right there, warriors flag flying proudly over san francisco. >> and some music. >> ♪ ain't gotta sell my soul ...
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dr. oz: today. the question everyone wants answered. how many calories should i eat in a day to lose weight? the great tip to jump-start your weight loss. plus --. >> we feared he would never walk or talk again. dr. oz: miraculous medical recoveries only god can explain. >> against all the odds we began seeing hopeful signs. dr. oz: will it make you a believer? >> he walked across the stage at his high school graduation. r. oz: coming up next. r. oz: we'll save lives today. cheering and applause] so


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