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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  June 11, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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hundreds gather in the south bay for one of several lgbt quality marches across the country. why this year's event is so important. a controversial trip planned by president trump might be trapped. what's mind the change of plans. good evening i'm heather holmes, ken wayne is off tonight. hundreds of people marched tonight against hate and bigotry. san jose was the only city to participate in the nationwide march-free equality. leigh martinez live with why hundreds took part in the event two weeks before pride celebrations. leigh? >> reporter: this is the second big demonstration we've had over the weekend. and now we've seen some of the
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local politicians out here, local leaders and state leaders. even though there's been a lot of hateful rhetoric and a lot of decisions across the country, it's the opposite effect here in the south bay bringing more people together and more groups together. people from all backgrounds wore all the colors of the rainbow and marched through downtown san jose together. it was a colorful symbol of unity not just for those identifying in the lbgtq community, but for anyone who needs a voice and a friend. >> down syndrome, special needs, everything like that. that's a good community. >> reporter: this mother was here to support transgender youth. >> letting our kids know it's not a choice. it's how you're born. we're here for you. >> equality for everyone. >> reporter: also others spoke in favor of equal rights protections. several people here say they were also at saturday's
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counterprotests to the anti-sharia law professor who were spreading love and hate against all muslims. >> there is something that's happening here. because of what's happening in the national level and with the trump administrations, targeting so many different communities including the lbgtq community, i think people are coming out to a sign of defiance and to show unity. >> reporter: norma wong has been an activist for the gay community since the 1970s, impressed with how america has progressed. >> and now that we have these young people willing to come out and not only that the whole family, generations. we're talking grandmas, grandpas, great, great grandmas, the babies, my kids. my grandson is taught what it is to have rights. >> i am so proud. >> reporter: she introduced me to her daughters who helped organize today's event.
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she began to get emotional talking about her grandchildren. >> we need our kids and their kids to know they have a future. >> to see my motion become emotional when trump was elected. a lot of people felt that way. everything we worked for was almost for nothing, right? and now we're trying to show it's not for nothing, we're still doing the work we know you guys did for years, years, years and we're not going to let it go. >> reporter: everyone we spoke to say they are looking forward to pride celebrations. san francisco's pride celebration begins on june 24th. in san jose leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. those pride celebrations are right around the corner. all right, leigh, thank you. dozens of cities are hosting similar marches today including this one in washington, d.c. the equality march for unity and pride was considered the center piece event. thousands of marchers would walk right by the white house and on towards the national mall. many were holding those flags
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and holding signs supporting victims of the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando that killed 49 people. the anniversary of that gay nightclub shooting is coming up tomorrow. well now to the bay area weather will be sunny and a windy day in those gusty conditions, prompting the san francisco fire department, the tweet of warning and to beach goers. be careful out there especially at san francisco's ocean beach. this is what it looked like it's known for its powerful rip currents where they could certainly whip up the waves as something we saw today. let's check in now with our meteorologist mark tamayo. mark, i was talking to you shortly before the news cast. you said some thunderstorms were popping up in the north bay? >> yeah, a wild weather day. everybody noticed the strong winds first thing this morning. then the thunderstorms and lightning strikes as well still a factor. as far as the winds are gusting topping 50 miles an hour for mt. diablo, sfo up at 48 miles an hour.
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fairfield 44 and over 30 miles an hour for san francisco, oakland, petaluma, and redwood city. here is our live camera looking out towards the east bay, interstate 80 out towards emeryville. you can see all the clouds building up for the north with pretty good thunderstorms to talk about. in fact that was the case earlier today. and is as you can't pick out this area of low pressure -- and so as you can't pick out this area of low pressure especially up in the north bay. look at the lightning strikes that are peppering the maps here up in the north bay over the past two hours. the sounds have dissipated --dissipated somewhat. closer to lodi and stockton and out towards solano county as well. reports of a flood and intense downpours with these showers and thunderstorms working their way over the area.
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right now with the most impressive downpours closer to brentwood and vallejo and fairfield. it is june as we are talking about snow in the sierra. in fact i was just taking a look at the cal transs web camera. they have a -- caltrans weather camera as they have a weather watch in place right now. they could get maybe one to now inches as this system -- one to four inches as this system moves over inland tonight and monday morning. eventually we're talking about a major warm up. 90s in the sierras and 90s and all the same forecast in a few minutes. >> it certainly does once again. thank you so much. all eyes will be on capitol hill tuesday. that's when the attorney general jeff sessions is answering questions before the senate intelligence committee. in the meantime a powerful democrat is now calling on president trump to take the highly unusual steps of testifying under oath about the president's interactions with former fbi director james comey.
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garrett tenney is in washington with a look at the big week ahead. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions is said to appear before the senate intelligence committee on tuesday. he's expected to face tough questions about his contact with russian officials during the presidential campaign and his involvement in the firing of fbi director james comey. >> he had recused himself and then suddenly he's the one recommending to the president that comey be fired. the real question of the priority of the attorney general participating in that in any way, shape, form. >> i want to know if it is true what comey said. did you create an atmosphere where people believe you could not fairly render judgment on the center actions and what was forthcoming? >> reporter: chuck schumer isn't satisfied with sessions now, asking president trump to testify under oath to congress as well in addition to releasing any tapes of his conversations with comey. >> if there are tapes he eluded to the fact there are tapes maybe as a threat or a taunting
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towards comey. he should make them had comment right now. if there aren't tapes let that be known, but no more game playing. >> reporter: there is no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. she's calling for an end to those congressional investigations. >> time to put an end to this. let the special investigation take its course and end, but let's not keep finding ways to open new investigations. >> reporter: what we don't know about the attorney general's testimony though is whether or not we will all be able to see and hear it for ourselves. the senate intelligence committee is still working out whether or not the hearing will be public or behind closed doors. in washington i'm garrett tenney fox news. a former u.s. attorney is now speaking out about his termination by president trump earlier this year. he gained a reputation as a so- called sheriff of wall street. he said they thought it was troubling the president tried to call him on three occasions earlier this year. and now he claims he was fired after refusing to call back and reporting those calls to the justice department. today he said the president was
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trying to cultivate a relationship with him and said his experience mirrors what the fired fbi director went through with the president. >> that's an incredibly serious thing if people think the president of the united states can tell heads of law enforcement agencies based on his own whim or personal preferences or friendships whether they should or should not pursue criminal cases against individuals. that's not how america works. >> it is standard practice to terminate attorneys appointed by the previous administration. president trump will cancel a planned visit to britain after growing backlash about the comments he made. after the terrorist attack the president criticized london's mayor sadiq khan on twitter. he said the mayor played down the dangers towards the citizens, but misquoted the mayor in the process. khan has called on the british
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government to cancel president trump's visit saying he was, "wrong about many things." white house officials say the president has not definitively ruled out going. in the meantime british prime minister theresa may appears to be on shaky ground after following a disastrous election week. today may met with party leaders in an effort to reshuffle her cabinet. they're seeking support from northern ireland's democratic unionist party to stay in power. many analysts say may's day as prime minister are numbered as they talk of a possible replacement. well back here in the bay area uber board members are holding a meeting today to discuss whether they should replace the ceo on a leave of alabama -- should place the ceo on a leave of absence. eric holder was hired to review uber's corporate policies. uber's management has been accused of fostering a workplace environment that's plagued by sexual harassment, bullying. the board is expected to adopt
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several of the recommendations including a temporary leave for ceo travis. sources say results from today's meeting could be made public on tuesday. one person in california matched all six numbers in last night's powerball lottery and won in an estimated $447 million jackpot. but if you bought a ticket here in the bay area sorry to tell you it wasn't you. that winning ticket was sold in riverside county, sun city to be exact. but you should check your tickets to be sure to see if you won a smaller prize. the winning numbers bit way 20, 26, 32, 38, 58 with the power ball number of 3. last night's jackpot the 10th largest in u.s. history. all right coming up what we're learning about a deadly attack in afghanistan that left three army rangers dead. and preserving climate change information. what the city of san francisco is doing after the trump administration deleted climate change data from the epa's website.
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crave van! here, try my new barbeque bacon cheeseburger and chicken sandwich with your choice of sweet or spicy barbeque sauce. you crave it, we serve it. crave van! voters in puerto rico went to the polls today and approved state hood. this non-binding referendum is the fifth time they have voted on the territory with three different issues on the ballot. state hood, independence or keeping the status quo. 97% voted for state hood approving a 51st state though would have to be approved by congress and most analysts say it is a long shot. we are learning more tonight about an attack in afghanistan yesterday that left three army rangers dead. it's just the latest in a series of attacks carried out by an insider within the coalition forces. >> reporter: insider attacks continue to plague the u.s. mission in afghanistan with more than 90 so-called green-on-
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blue attacks where afghan soldiers attack their international training partners since 2008. the latest came where u.s. troops were fighting alongside afghan soldiers battling isis. it's the same area where they recently dropped their largest non-nuclear bomb on a series of isis tunnels. however theyth taliban claimed credit for this week's attack. so it isn't clear if the attacker was connected to the taliban or just a disgruntled afghan soldier, which is often been the case. it comes as the trump administration is contemplating sending an additional 5,000 american troops to afghanistan to help with the worsening security situation. the insider attacks undermine the u.s. training mission in afghanistan and hurt joint operations. the afghan military continues to meet a lot of additional training, but insider attacks made that training all the more difficult. and without extensive training,
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afghan soldiers aren't prepared enough to actually carry out the mission with or without its u.s. partners. with the taliban gaining ground across the country now more than ever afghanistan needs additional u.s. military training assistance. with more troops on the ground also comes the potential for more u.s. casualties. injuries from connor powell fox news. san francisco now publicized a climate change administration the trump administration deleted from the epa's website. mayor ed lee joined 12 other cities in the posting of the information on city websites. the research represents decades of works including basic climate change science, greenhouse gas impacts on the weather, and what the u.s. has done to address the problem. mayor ed lee said in a statement american people are entitled to publicly funded epa research on climate change. well those gusty winds we talked about earlier today forcing a change in the plans for the thousands of athletes taking part in the escape from
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alcatraz triathlon. the swim portion of that event had to be canceled. >> reporter: disappointed faces in dry wet suits on the marina green this morning after athletes learned they would not be swimming in the bay as they planned from the alcatraz triathlon. >> this race is all about the swim. >> it's an escape from alcatraz with some disappointment, but i'm only from salt lake city. there's some people from sweden, new zealand and they are taking it pretty well. >> reporter: windy conditions and choppy water on the bay were to blame. too dangerous for jet skis and kayaks to escort the swimmers. organizers made the call to cancel that swim 6:30 this morning. >> we had a meeting with the race officials, san francisco marine division, police department marine division. with the small craft advisory we couldn't put the support vessels on the water to support the swimmers. >> reporter: the windy breezy condition cans lasted throughout the morning and this
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is the first time in recent history anyone involved with the 37-year-old event can recall the swim portion of the triathlon being canceled. >> it's a bucket list race. people come here from all over the world to do this race. >> reporter: 2,000 athletes registered from more than 50 countries. >> i came here 100% for the swim. but i think it is the safety for the people so it doesn't matter. >> and you will come back next year? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: some have waited years in a lottery just to compete in this event. race organizerred said there would be no refund -- organizers said there would be no refund, but everyone is guaranteed a spot in next year's triathlon. the event carried on with the 18-mile bike ride. and the 8-mile run going ahead as planned. >> here he comes. >> i was adjusting my focus and got ready to race the race.
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there is still pride on the line. >> reporter: still a chance to prove talent and ability with or without escaping alcatraz. in san francisco allie rasmus ktvu fox 2 news. all right, you're not a match. but that is hail in the backyard. this happened just about an hour ago. let's check in on the current conditions with our meteorologist mark tamayo with some unsettled weather out there today. >> yeah widespread hail across portions of the north bay quickly developing after 3:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. it was cold enough where we had snow in the sierra. let's take a look at this state to stamp here as you can pick out. june 11 is caltrans camera showing you the snowfalling in the sierra as they have a winter weather advisory in place until 5:00 a.m. monday. take a closer look at that information. so the snowfall could be on the
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order of one to four inches, maybe five inches across the higher peaks. still a lot of snow on the slopes from that epic winter adding more snowfall. at least just a little bit for tonight and tomorrow morning. here is the overall weather pattern and a big circulation over northern california sending in the moisture from the north and also triggering all the winds you just heard about with that story before us. here we go with the thunderstorms rolling across the north bay who still have some coverage out there. some showers and thunderstorms closer to stockton with more coverage here in portions of the north bay and the east bay with more of a development here. a closer look at mt. diablo and portions of the north bay for vallejo and fairfield. we're holding on to the possibility still with some showers and thunderstorms to forecast for tonight. current numbers are in the 50s to the lower 60s. the winds, they really ramped up today. we still have some strong winds towards oakland, gusting up towards 37 miles an hour. out towards sfo gusting up to 43 and san jose gusting to 28.
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the winds tomorrow will be kicking up once again. probably not as strong as today, but easily around 20 to 25 miles an hour. our live camera looking towards the east bay. you can pick out interstate 80 there through emeryville and berkeley with all those dark clouds. the chance for some showers possibly a thunderstorm for tonight. for tomorrow morning maybe just a sprinkle or two but a lot of clouds out there, 55 degrees by 12:00. partly cloudy in san francisco with some gusty winds as i mentioned increasing in the afternoon hours. here is a big area of low pressure kind of setting up shop for today and triggering the thunderstorms and the sierra. this kicks out. we'll have the complete opposite beginning on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, especially by the upcoming weekend with the hottest location inland, warming up into the 90s. the microclimates are kicking in 60s for the coast eventually inland where you will see those changes in the five day. tomorrow morning the clouds with a sprinkle or two out there and between partly cloudy into the afternoon hours with
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those temperatures like today. mainly in the 60s to the 70s. heyward with 67. san jose 70. half moon bay at 60 degrees where it will be breezy out there for your monday. if you see the warmer temperatures we will have those coming up as well by thursday and friday and look at that heather. hottest locations are back up into the low to mid-90s. start planning ahead to try to stay cool because the upcoming weekend could be hot. the hottest locations in the upper 90s by saturday and sunday. >> that's pretty crazy, but i want to go back to that june snow. the whole fact we have this advisory. how unusual is that? >> every few years we'll get an advisory. the winter weather advisory on top of this crazy weather we've had it just seems like the snow machine. if you go up there it looks like the middle of january. >> yes, it does, especial lit pictures you showed us. thank you so much, mark, we appreciate it. coming up next the giants finally break out of their offensive slump. plus more for you back home less than 24 hours now. i'll have the all-important
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game five of the nba finals. we'll hear from the team next in sports.
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joe joins me now to talk about the warriors and tomorrow night it's all about responding
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to the shocking loss, huh? >> yeah, that was a big one for cleveland no question about it. warriors will have three more chances to wrap up their nba championships. they hope they won't need them all. this time around the warriors and cavs are both practicing today before tomorrow's game five. warriors have to be thinking cleveland can't possibly put another effort together like the 24 three pointer effort. they also know they won't be handed anything. it will be best for them to remove all the drama and take care of business in five games. >> for sure. that's the team in front of us. we haven't had the experience, of course, so it will be a great night to get it done. how we play game four to try to make the necessary adjustments energy wise. and focus wise to get things done. you know we're in real good shape right now to have this opportunity tomorrow and we're looking forward to it. >> a rare sight at at&t park today for the giants. double digits on the score board. dog days at the stadium today. if you have a white poodle you
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can dye it. buster posey, that was the right guy to choose today. the minnesota twins leading the giants 5-4 in the 7th when posey lined one down the left field line. it will be tomlinson and nunes scoring. the giants get four in the inning and that's 5-1 in the 8th for a 13-8 win. the a's in st. petersburg today. khris davis was having a little fun with the mascot. the game was tied up at 4 in the bottom of the 7th. smith leads off against colon, but colon throws the ball down the right field line. smith goes all the way to third scoring on the sacrifice fly. but the next batter scores corey dickerson where the a's continue to lead the league with 62. rays hold on for a 5-4 win. when it comes to the finals at the french open and rafael nadal is in, you can pretty much assume the result. the match point against 2015 winner. lorinta into the net.
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nadal a nominate winner. that's 10 french open titles for nadal. the most by anyone. he has 15 grand slam titles putting him in second place all time behind roger federer's 18. the king of clay they call him for good reason. >> absolutely. >> it's going to be exciting as we head into tomorrow night. >> looking forward to it. >> l thank you so much. thank you for joining us tonight. we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00 everybody. until then have a good evening.
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