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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 12, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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for june we don't generally see something like that coming in very often. the cloud cover hanging on but moving to the south, and you can see this circulation and we are on the drier side. still breezy today but not as windy as it has been. lots of 50s and 40s, 49 in fairfield, low 50s for some, palo alto to 50. we will see some mostly sunny and partly cloudy skies with one more cool day before we begin to warm up. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. it is 5:00, and what do we know? we have slow traffic on the altamont pass which is typical with busy traffic driving on 580 and 205. you can see here we have a lot of slow traffic driving through this area. give yourself plenty of time. livermore to dublin looks okay and 680 and san ramon all the
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way to fremont not bad. looking at interstate 880 in oakland, looking good driving past the oracle arena and not a big back up at the bay bridge yet. it is 5:01 am. today in orlando florida and in the bay area, along with the rest of the country, remembering the victims of the deadly pulse nightclub shooting exactly one year ago today 49 people were killed, more than 50 were hurt. the nightclub has been closed ever since, one of the worst mass shootings in modern american history. people have put up memorial artwork, photos, message boards and honors the victims lives. today at noon the church bells will ring 49 times, one told for each person killed. the rain did not stop hundreds of gathering last night outside of the shooting scene as they paid their respects to those killed and
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injured. there will be official services throughout the day, and security is expected to be very tight as you can imagine. the governor florida ordering the u.s. flags around florida to be loan at half staff today. there will be three separate services that the former nightclub today and the first is for the 53 people that were injured and survived the massacre, as well as for the victims families and workers at the club that night. victims in the pulse nightclub shooting will be remembered in san francisco tonight as well individual and rally will be held at 18th and castro streets at 638 -- 6:30 pm as part of the nationwide organization, " equality florida." their asking people to honor them by taking action against bullying, harassment, and discrimination. and san francisco it means public pledging of support for equality.
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the man accused of shooting at the religious statue and sam and joe could be facing hate charges. the police responded to a report of shooting at the church 2:00 saturday afternoon and the suspect was still nearby when they arrived here he resisted arrest and got into a scuffle with five officers and they found a gun on him before placing him under arrest and his connection to the church is still under investigation. >> there is evidence to suggest that there's not hate crime, no inflammatory words or derogatory words left on the premises. >> the police say the man fired eight rounds into the statue and one bullet ricocheted off of the flag pole and hit the school but no one was injured. the police are not releasing the suspect's name until the charges are filed. there are reports that the board of uber voted unanimously to make corporate level changes in what they call a hostile
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workplace. the board met yesterday for seven hours talking about recommendations by the former attorney general eric holder who was hired to review the uber corporate culture. after charges of sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination, one report said board members talked about possible leave of absence for the ceo travis kalanick and the resignation of the chief business officer. reporting that uber workers will be told the results of the meeting sometime tomorrow. the high school student brentwood will receive his diploma during a special ceremony today. harland fletcher should have received the diploma friday at the liberty union high school but blocked because he wanted to wear his dress military uniform and that school said it was not allow. the 17-year-old lecture is a u.s. army reserve medic and the liberty union high school has since issued a public a policy
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saying -- public policy saying that they are allowed to wear the uniform and graduation. his father says the school is having a makeup commencement today 2:00, and that the vfw, american freedom fighters will all be there to show their support. the work at pinole fixing the huge hole on the hammer valley road which collapsed in january during the heavy rains. there is a 60 footlong bridge over pinole creek that will be installed in the construction work should be finished by the end of september. the warriors are preparing for game 5 in the showdown is tonight against the cleveland cavaliers. at home the warriors taking time to practice yesterday and they want to wrap up the nba finals tonight after the loss in friday in cleveland. if they do it, it will be the first bay area team to win it all on the home-field court
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since the 1974 oakland a's.>> for sure this is an opportunity in front of us and we have not had this experience before and it will be a great night to get it done. how poorly we played game 4 and we will try to make the necessary adjustments energy wise and focus wise to get it done. we are in good shape to have this opportunity. >> right now the warriors are the 8 to 9 point favorite in vegas. it is 5:06 am. we all know the warriors have the chance to wrap up the championship tonight at home. >> they have the 3-1 game advantage over the cavaliers game number four was a disappointment to the fans. we are at lake chalet where the live sports show will once again watch the matchup. fans once again are already lined up very early.>> reporter: the fans lined up early and everybody is ready for the first take on espn and getting
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underway around 7 am this morning. there is a 3-1 game lead in the nba finals and that feels familiar. we have been here before and there was a lot of disappointment last year and certainly fans hoping not to see a repeat this year. we will talk with the fans this morning and get the analysis on what went wrong. justin, i take it you watch the game 5? >> definitely. >> reporter: what went wrong and what you thing happened in that game? >> i think the cavs wanted to get the points up, but overall i think the warriors just wanted to win at home. >> reporter: so you think this is not necessarily planned but not unplanned? >> i think it is all a good thing that the warriors, home and win here. >> reporter: what about what they need to do tonight? what do they need to do different than they did in game 4? >> it is crucial to get off to
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a fast start and that is what they did not do. it took the record-breaking performance from the cavs in order to beat us at home. we cannot expect to have that solid in another game, but i would like to see them come out and get off to the aggressive start. we need to get it incited not settle for the three even though we are a great three- point shooting team and i think they will close it out tonight. >> reporter: you can never count out lebron or kyrie irving and can they deliver again? >> never, negative. >> reporter: i like that confidence, and providing analysis by two fans. we have a long line of fans that will be out here this morning watching the espn first take this morning. we will head over to the oracle arena later this morning to get a better sense of what the oracle arena is looking like inside. you can bet that oracle will live up to the name, "war-acle"
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tonight. >> i like that necktie. >> we are not bison tonight at 6 pm we will have complete coverage of the warriors watch party in what is happening at the oracle arena and see right here on ktvu fox 2. >> we are biased. i wore my blue and gold on friday and they lost so i'm not wearing it.>> i have on my yellow socks.>> we are ready. it is 5:09 am. a new study finding most off-duty police officers do not have to wear body cameras when mood lighting but some cities require them and the requirements right here in the bay area. adding another star to the flag and more on the puerto
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rico vote that could turn the nation into the 51st state. good morning. we see we don't have a lot going on when it comes to the traffic on i-24 and looking good driving over to the tunnel.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:12 am. the fallout continues in
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the last week testimony before congress by former fbi director james comey. >> the president is under pressure to release tapes of his conversations with comey if they csn we are live on capitol hill as the attorney general is preparing for his own testimony before congress. >> reporter: good morning. do the tapes exist is the big question. democrats and republicans are pressuring the white house to come clean. >> reporter: settling in, the first family arriving back in the white house with first lady melania trump & mc -- their son, barron moving in. >> reporter: the testimony of fired fbi director james comey still reverberating and did the president pressuring him to back off in the investigation of former security advisor michael flynn or is comey lying as the president suggested. the president asked about his suggestions that conversations
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with comey may have been recorded and some republicans saying it is time to come clean . >> i doubt they are there and we of press the white house to get a firm answer. >> reporter: a member of the trump legal team says the president will answer the question soon. >> the president said he would address whether those tapes exist are not next week. >> reporter: jeff sessions on the hill tomorrow to testify before the senate intelligence committee about the investigation and the possible ties between the trump campaign and russia with democrats anxious to question him. >> first the should be swarm -- sworn under oath and second it should be public because there is very little that is classified in they can do that in a classified briefing. >> reporter: whether public or behind closed doors he will be asked about conversations that he had with then fbi director james comey about the conversations comey had with the president.>> that is doug
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luzader from washington. as doug said, the first families together again at the white house under the same roof after almost five months of living apart. wife, melania, and their 10- year-old son barron have moved into the white house and both were living at the trump tower new york since the inauguration so that barron could finish the school year as the president lived and worked at the white house. the first lady said she is looking forward to the memories they will make in their new home. san francisco is now publicizing climate change information that the trump administration deleted from the epa website. mayor ed lee joining 12 other cities in posting the informational the city websites and the research represents decades of work including basic climate change science, greenhouse impact on the weather and what the u.s. is doing to address the problem. mayor ed lee said that the
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american people are entitled to the publicly funded epa research on climate change. president trump heading to miami and expected to release details about the new policies toward cuba and the president recently announced he would undo the president obama executive order clearing the way for the trading tourism between the u.s. and cuba. is likely to demand that raul castro push for democratic elections and more political freedom before agreeing to any future commercial deals. the voters in puerto rico overwhelmingly approved stated for the island in the nonbinding referendum was the fifth time the u.s. territory has voted on the issue. there were three options on the ballot, statehood, independence or keeping the status quo. 97% voted for statehood creating the 51st state which would have to be approved by congress, and most analysts say it is a long shot with the puerto rico current financial situation. it is 5:16 am. what is happening on the
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roads right now? >> off to a decent start. from gilroy to morgan hill we have more people on the road but we still do not see a lot of slow traffic in the area from gilroy to morgan hill getting up into san jose, not a bad commute. looking good into the main part of the silicon valley, so not a bad start. looking at 280 in san jose, you can see traffic not moving poorly at all, nice and light on northbound 280. looking at the bay bridge, we see a little more slow traffic arriving at the toll plaza. i see that traffic is moving relatively well here, and still light and that will change around 5:30 am. it is 5:17 am. after the yesterday or the entire weekend, windy and cool and yesterday we had thunderstorms popping up. from the mendocino county, lake
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county and into sonoma and marin, but mainly nap over solano county was the prime time. we had some reports around vacaville, dixon and eastern napa county of three quarters of an inch of rain which is really impressive. fairfield getting .23, vacaville .27. we give some reports of street flooding yesterday. petaluma .04 is san rafael .02 so that is not shabby for june, twice we have had rain. the win was a big factor at 35 to 52 miles an hour. sfo 48 in the altamont pass off at 58 -- 48 as well. this line came down out of the north with that lightning detection picking it up, stockton had huge thunderstorms. now we are on the quieter side and the western edge of this
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which will allow the drier air does philly and at this low mood soft the sierra and heading into nevada. we still have snow in the mountains, breezy but not is windy as the weekend but still breezy. on the cool side at 47 in napa, santa rosa at 47, 49 in cupertino, gilroy at 45. even above lost dallas at 44 so it is still cool for this time of the year. 54 in monterey and ukiah, 50 in sacramento, 32 in truckee as the snow continues into the sierra for most of the day. it will probably be on the lease side by late morning and early afternoon but still tahoe in truckee reporting snow. clouds lingering and mostly sunny with generally clear skies. 60s and 70s, and if you like the cool weather, enjoy it today tomorrow because after that temperatures will warm up
5:20 am
and you know we will have to pay for it down the road, this weekend it looks like. the time is 5:19 am. you heard steve, the sierra looks like winter again. take a look as a few inches of snow fell at lake tahoe and that continues today in the higher elevations. caltrans says to be careful. >> 32 in the air and on the ground which means it could get icy so please slow down. these cars are going far too fast for the conditions. in the middle of june and snowing, and that is my love to work the donner pass. >> the snow will not last long and it should be 80 degrees this coming weekend. it is 5:20 am. another dominating performance at the box office for "wonder woman" and we take a look at the records as this superhero movie continues. the iconic ferry building will soon be for sale and we
5:21 am
will tell you about the transaction that has it changing ownership.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:23 am. hundreds of thousands of pounds of pasta being recalled and conagra recalling due to the misbranding and undeclared allergens. it was sold nationwide under
5:24 am
several brand names including chef boyardee, libby's and lp knows. the products -- alpinos. the products are being recalled and you can take them back to get a refund. tyson foods recalling precooked chicken due to containing milk and not listed on the label and they were shipped to the schools and other institutions. there are no confirmed reports of an allergic reaction. the german grocery store chain is expanding in the u.s., and that is all the who plans on investing $3.4 billion in the u.s. over the next five years -- all the -- aldi who
5:25 am
plans on investing $3.4 billion in the u.s. over the next five years, and focusing on foods and meet raised without antibiotics, and the prices are 20% lower than the competition. microsoft has released a new details about the next gaming console, the xbox 1x. the console is smaller than the previous versions but is called the most powerful videogame console ever made. you can play existing xbox one and xbox 360 games on it and most of them in the 4k resolution. it will be released in november and the price tag is $500. sprint will be the only carrier to get the new essential phone, the smartphone created by the android cofounder andy rubin and the screen nearly covers the entire front of the phone featuring modular add-ons like the 360 degree camera, and sprint has
5:26 am
not announced the price for the new phone yet and it is unclear how long "essential" will remain exclusive with sprint. the san francisco famous ferry building will soon be for sale and bloomberg is reporting the current owner, the blackstone group is due to selloff the final asset the wired during the real estate buyout in 2007. the 100-year-old ferry building is registered as the historic building meaning that the new owners cannot knock it down or make major renovations without getting approval. the ferry building is expected to fetch over $300 million at either an option or through private sale. it is 5:26 am. hundreds in the south bay hit the streets for one of several lgbt equality marches around the country, and some say they feel now it is more important than ever to fight for equality. it is been one year since adele's mass shooting in
5:27 am
american history and we will take a look at how 49 lives were lost in the pulse nightclub shooting, and how they are being remembered today. good morning. off to a decent start when it comes to the morning commute on the bay bridge into san francisco. should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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bexsero should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects are pain, redness or hardness at the injection site; muscle pain; fatigue; headache; nausea; and joint pain. bexsero may not protect all individuals. tell your healthcare professional if you're pregnant or if you have received any other meningitis b vaccines. ask your healthcare professional about the risks and benefits of bexsero and if vaccination with bexsero is right for your teen. moms, we can't wait. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning. [ music playing ] we are
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talking about work as we welcome you back to mornings on 2 with a few live pick. -- a few live pictures. we have the oracle arena that will be packed with the warriors big game 5, and the construction underway right now for the new center in san francisco, and the work is happening right now to get ready for the start of the 2019 season. they are off to work even at this hour. >> just like we are. we welcome you back to mornings on 2 on this money, june 12, and i'm dave clark. >> i am pam cook, and your time now is 5:30 am. let's check back in about the weather because it is been wild over the last few days. >> still clouds around but the thunderstorm not as prevalent and moving off to the sierra
5:31 am
where it is snowing. clouds in a cool day, breezy. mendocino county and lake county, that line went through in the heaviest around vacaville, dixon and torrential rain for some. a few clouds holding on but dissipating as they moved to the south. that drier air coming in and we could see something like this but not for a while because that is the for this time of the year -- deep for this time of the year. 40s and 50s, chile on the lowe's and you can see the snow continues for the next couple of hours and moving into central nevada and we are done with this thunderstorm activity that will be lingering in the high country, 60s and 70s on the temperatures. it is 5:31 am. the traffic is not too bad right now as we look at the solano county commute. we take a look at 80 westbound on the westbound out to
5:32 am
vacaville, fairfield and vallejo, not a big delay but we do have problems on i 80 west down. -- westbound. a crash as we drive on westbound 80 approaching 780 with busy traffic in the area. it is okay on the bay bridge getting into san francisco. at the toll plaza the metering lights have gone on and the traffic is backed up for the 5 to 10 minute delay. it is 5:32 am. today marks one year since the 49 people were killed at the pulse nightclub in orlando, florida. >> [ music playing ] >> people gathered in orlando last night at the church to remember those that died, and the 49 names were read aloud amid the song, candles, prayer and memories. services happening throughout the orlando area and throughout the country today. it is 5:32 am.
5:33 am
today marks the 50th anniversary of the supreme court decision that overturned the ban on interracial marriages in 16 states in the supreme court decision to lift the ban started with a couple in virginia that married in dc in 1958 where the interracial marriage was legal. they were arrested three weeks later in virginia for violating the state law. the case made it to the supreme court and the supreme court ruled unanimously on june 12, 1967 that the bands on -- ban on interracial marriages violated the 14th amendment. hundreds of people hit the streets in the south bay yesterday opposing hatred and bigotry as part of the nationwide march for equality, and leigh martinez has more on why people thought they needed to take part in this. >> reporter: people from all backgrounds wearing the colors
5:34 am
of the rainbow and marching through downtown san jose together. it was a colorful symbol of unity not only for those that identify in the lgbtq community but for anyone that needs a voice and a friend. >> down syndrome, special needs and everything like that. >> reporter: this mother here to support the transgender views . >> letting the kids know that it is not a choice, but how you are born, and we are here for you. >> reporter: the congresswoman speaking in favor of equal rights protection extending to transgender persons and several people here said they were at the saturday counter protest for the anti-sharia law protesters that many felt were spreading misinformation and hate against all muslims. >> i think there's something happening here and due to what is happening at the national level with the trump administration targeting so many communities including the
5:35 am
lgbtq community, people are coming out and defines to show unity. >> reporter: norma wong has been an activist since the 70s and is impressed with how america has progressed. >> now we had the young people willing to come out and not only that the entire family, generations, grandmothers and great grandmothers. the babies, the kids and my grandson was taught what it is to have rights. >> reporter: she introduced us to her daughter who helped organize the event today and she began to get emotional talking about her grandchildren. >> we need our kids and their kids to know that they have future and that they will not be lost.>> to see my mother be emotional when trump was erased -- elected and a lot of people felt that way because they thought everything they worked for was almost for nothing, and
5:36 am
we are trying to show that it is not for nothing. we are still doing the work that we know you guys did for years and years, and we will not let it go. >> reporter: state and local leaders saying that even though we have divisive and hateful rhetoric across the country, the opposite effect is in the south bay and bringing more groups together, and everyone we spoke with said they are looking forward to the pride celebrations on june 24. ktvu fox 2 news. investigating the deadly action on the napa county highway this past week end. the highway patrol said a man in his 60s was driving a red convertible north on highway 121 when he lost control of his car. the car left the road and went down the hillside.>> for unknown reasons he crossed over into the outbound lane of state route 121, off the shoulder and into the trees and into the embankment.>> reporter: this
5:37 am
paramedics tried to revive the driver but he died and they're not releasing the name until notification of the relatives. the highway was closed for several hours but is now back open this morning. the police in san jose also investigating the body found in the water at the almaden lake. the 32 acre regional park located at the almaden expressway in south san jose, fire crews responded after getting reports of a person in the water. the police department took over the investigation. it is 5:37 am. most police departments around the nation do not wire that the all wear body cameras when moonlighting for security jobs. that is according to the new study of the associated press of the 20 major cities and san francisco and san jose among five cities that require uniformed officers to wear body cameras when working outside of
5:38 am
the regular hours. the spokesperson for the san jose police said there should not be a distinction since the officer is still in uniform and still has the power to make an arrest. the las vegas hotel being disinfected after two guest diagnosed with legionnaires' disease. they were staying separately at the rio hotel and casino in march and april. one said he began to feel sick a few days after returning home from his trip and thought he had the flu so he decided to check into the hospital. the hotel water system was tested and the results came back positive for the bacteria. chlorine and very hot water are being used to disinfect the rooms and the plumbing at the hotel. >> they set me down, three doctors, and said "chris, you have legionnaires' disease." i was wondering if i would die, i really thought i was going to die. >> legionnaires' disease is a bacterial pneumonia that
5:39 am
spreads through water droplets, and he thinks he could've picked it up from the jacuzzi or the steam room at the hotel. it is 5:38 am. the missing kayaker family and friends are hoping that a drone can help them find the loved ones and the kayaker told his friend he was going kayaking in the leicester beach area of south lake tahoe is not been seen since. the bad weather forcing the sheriff's office to call off the search on friday but officials plan on continuing and in a limited search, and the family and friends have a go fund me page 2 rent or purchase a drone so they can help out in the search. san francisco taking on the issue of legal marijuana this week, and coming up at 6:00, how the city plans on holding sales and some say it is not necessary. here's the real warriors fan taking his love for the team
5:40 am
to a new level and up next is what he did to show his love for the blue and gold. good morning. we see traffic getting busier as you drive around the maccarthur maze to get to the bay bridge toll plaza. handballer 1: you know what i could go for? scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van!
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handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van! welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:42 am. the giants of had a rough season so far but scoring 13 runs, this season-high as they avoid being swept by the minnesota twins and winning, 13- 8. buster posey does this, to the left and tomlinson and nunez both scored in the giants leading, 6-5. buster had three hits and four rbis. they added five more in the eighth inning and three more runs after that. the glaring
5:43 am
problem on the oakland a's this season has been the defense. that continued yesterday in florida and they lost to the tampa bay rays with the final, 5-4. they took the lead at the bottom of the sixth inning but he did not last for long and colby rasmus hits it straightaway the center and only the roof kept the ball in the park and it ties it up for- four. -- 4-4. the warriors are looking to take game 5 at home tonight for the championship. >> the fans are hoping that being at home will give them the home-court advantage and the excitement is making the fans think and do some crazy things, and we will show you one fan that is very passionate. >> reporter: you can drive around the city of oakland and it is not likely you will see a home like this.
5:44 am
this is the home of the golden state warriors and his home is tucked below i-580 at 35th and west belonging to lloyd, and no doubt who he is rooting for. >> warriors are number one, i am the number one warrior fan. >> reporter: lord -- lloyd said it is much more than a home but a monument that is more like a shrine, painted by friend years ago for less than a price of the current playoff tickets. >> the whole house for less than $200. >> reporter: is a tourist attraction and turning lloyd into a local celebrity. >> no houses like this, this is the only one. >> reporter: warriors fans driving above and below honking horns and sometimes more. >> sometimes the fans get their cameras and take pictures. >> reporter: at one point he sold soda at the arena and shares his pictures.>> i'm smiling, look at me smiling.
5:45 am
>> reporter: lloyd carries around a championship ring. >> i'm a diehard warriors fan, and i'm a real warrior, and if they have one, i have to be having one to because i am a warrior but just not on the core. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it starts in the front and ends in the back. lloyd will watch game 5 from home and these days he is caring for his 80-year-old mother, both of force to be -- a force to be reckoned with and like him, she is wearing her loyalty on her sleeve. >> reporter: lloyd said he would rather stand alone on his block and he would like to see the fans stopping by to say hello and cheering on the team for game 5 on monday. ktvu fox 2 news. >> that is quite a story. it is 5:45 am. a lot of people were upset
5:46 am
when the chargers left san diego, the one and only time they went to the super bowl was against the 49ers and people had lightning bolts painted on the houses and cars, everywhere i went they had great fans. >> i know, people in sports, and you think it is only sports but people take it very seriously. i hope the warriors give their fans something to be happy about today. good morning everybody. let's take a look at the commute, and the tracy commute is slow but problems in livermore on 580 westbound driving into the main part of livermore. we have crash and traffic has been slow. westbound 580 near airway with traffic slow approaching that area, and also slow from dublin to pleasanton heading south on 680. please give yourself plenty of extra time in this area. this is 880 at oakland and traffic moving well in both
5:47 am
directions with no major issues . at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic backed up for 15 to 20 minute delay, and no major problems but give yourself plenty of extra time. [ laughter ] we have the spider up.>> that spider can eat up the bay area. [ laughter ] let's get to it, anything happening yesterday? yes, and we talked about this on friday that this year would get snow and thundershowers out of lake county and napa county, and probably celano. that also included sonoma and marin county. vacaville had street flooding and also a dixon with .37. we had heavier amounts and some of the higher elevations and novato had a third of an inch. we had some cold and shower activity, sebastopol at .18,
5:48 am
and that cornelis district had .09, and brentwood had .06. these were significant wind gusting at 35 to 52 miles an hour and it was windy yesterday. things will calm down a little bit today but the sierra is still getting snow. the clouds are eroding and moving south as this low moods off into nevada. file this away because it never rains in june, but yes it does. this is unseasonably strong and deep, and watch out because when it goes through the rockies and the central plains it will be a major severe weather. blustery and breezy but not is windy today with 40s on a lot of the temperatures. quite cool and 42 in kelseyville, reports of helen lake county in kelseyville of the weekend. 47 in windsor, 46 in mill valley, petaluma at 44.
5:49 am
a few upper 30s sunday morning and i think us all 36 and 38 and that is very cool for june. 36 in truckee and snow over donner pass. you can see some of this leaning toward the lease side but still snow up there. for us a mix of sun and clouds, and you know when we get this: june it has to balance out down the road from one extreme to the other, starting off cool this week and by the time we get to the upcoming weekend it will be warm to hot. 60s away from the coast, 60s and 70s with livermore at 65. you know that they cannot be far away from the 90s and that will begin to show up either friday or in the upcoming weekend. we will go from one into the other again except for the coast. it is 5:49 am. president trump is now officially the wedding crasher
5:50 am
at the new -- new jersey golf club any dropped in on the wedding reception over the weekend, and here he is posing with the bride and within minutes the pictures it the social media. even greeted the wedding party and post with the bride and groom. them box office hits, "wonder woman" continuing to win big at the box office.>> [ video playing ] >> she is quite the wonder woman and the movie took in $57 million more in self this weekend and topping the box office for the second weekend in a row and "wonder woman" has taken in over $200 million domestically. the movie is getting top marks from most critics and fans as well. "the mummy" reboot with an
5:51 am
estimated $32 million at the box office but less than the original mummy movie that debuted in the 90s. and the movie put out better numbers overseas. "captain underpants" sliding down to the number three spot and adding $12 million in ticket sales to the total. it is 5:51 am. there was an emergency landing in australia as the hole opened up around the engine of the plane and we have more on this very scary moment for the passengers. some heard the loud noise and then smelled something burning. who are these people?
5:52 am
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:54 am. the bill cosby sexual assault trial continues and the defense team resents their case today. the prosecution rested on friday in the case could reach the jury this week in the 79- year-old entertainer is charged with drugging constant, and among many women accusing cosby of sexual behavior. cosby maintains the sex with confidence was consensual and it is not clear yet whether cosby will testify in his own defense but if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison. francisella bracing as a
5:55 am
result from the first round parliamentary election, the emmanuel elma truong -- emmanuel l macron, his party expected to win as many as 445 of the parliament 577 sits meaning that the socialist, the former ruling party, could lose 200 seats. macron pledging to revive the country by cleaning up politics and easing regulations on businesses. the final outcome will be decided next sunday in the second round of voting polk -- voting. a plane forced to make a landing in sydney, australia and the in-flight problem on the plane left the hole in the engine casing and the plane had taken off from sydney heading to shanghai. passengers heard a loud noise and then smelled something burning. >> the engine was making a
5:56 am
funny sound. the crew were amazing and they did really well. >> we were panicked because we had no idea what was happening. it was quite scary. >> no one was hurt during the incident and the plane was able to make a safe landing back at the airport. most passengers were put on flights yesterday and the rest of them flew out today. it is not every day you spot the former president on your flight. that is what happened with a few lucky delta passengers, and this is cell phone video of former president jimmy carter on the commercial flight and sitting with everybody else from dc to atlanta on thursday. before leaving the plane the 92- year-old shook hands with every single passenger. the twitter video of the friendly gesture has gone viral. >> you bet it did. it is 5:56 am.
5:57 am
new questions about president trump in russia, coming up on what to expect from attorney general jeff sessions and at the same time the white house is welcoming two new residence. the warriors playing for the championship tonight in front of the home crowd and what one fan just spent for two of the best seats in the house. good morning. traffic is doing okay if you're driving on i-80 westbound heading to the maccarthur maze. maze. quin was crazy about curls. but it took a twist of fate to find a high-end curler at such a head turning price. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ♪
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welcome back. the clock is ticking at the state capital and lawmakers are busy negotiating ahead of a major deadline today. pam is ready for the basketball and it is game day for the warriors, game 5 and we are live with the fans that cannot wait to celebrate the nba championship tonight. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us. if you're just waking up on
6:00 am
this monday morning, june 12, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. let's talk about the weather on this monday morning and steve paulson has been working hard this morning. >> we are dealing with computer issues this morning. >> mostly we want to know what the rain is gone. >> yes, except in the sierra where they are getting snow. the system yesterday did as advertised but more for the west as in marin county, sonoma and napa for sure, along with solano in contra costa with that line coming out of the north. we had some big-time thunderstorms in vacaville over to stockton with many reports of hail, thunder and lightning. clouds continuing to filter through with this very cold air rotating and still partly sunny to partly cloudy. the main dynamics that pushed to the east with this system moving off toward central nevada


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