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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 12, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the pictures were quite a hit when they got to social media. one can only imagine the surprise the members felt when they found surprise -- trump there with them. the golden state warriors our home and ready to roll. one win away from an nba title. we are live with a bay area contestant from the new fox show superhuman on her unusual talent. are there more incidents of bad behavior on airplanes? what you need to know as we head into the peak of the summer travel season. >> and nice-looking monday morning. please skies, a little cool and a light breeze but nothing like yesterday's weather with the thunder and lightning. as a ring you across the bay,
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it will be a wild tonight's at oracle arena. game five and time to clench. the team in the bay area has not won the champions -- >> the giants won three but not at home.>> nonischemic >> very.>> because of what happened last year. down three and one. very unlikely in my mind the warriors would lose the next three games.>> we're talking about friday night like it was a done deal.>> i was very confident. kevin durant is in a uniform, great is in a uniform. nine hours away from game five. going over the game plan for tonight's game at oracle. the team wants to wrap up the finals today after the bad loss
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in cleveland. if they win they would be that first team to win it all on the home field or court since the 74 a's.>> they could do that again. they didn't do it by luck. we didn't play up to the level we should have. they expose that and take advantage of it. you have to give them credit for how they played. it's not only just because we didn't play well, they came out and took it to them. have to give them credit and i can duplicate it. we have to be ready.>> right now the warriors are the eight point favorites to win.>> the warriors not the only was getting ready for tonight's game. crews are hard at work making oracle arena perfect for the big face-off against the cavaliers. kristin captain is that the arena with what looked like
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this morning. >>reporter: if i can estate inside oracle and just hunker down for a few hours i might have been able to stick around until game time. inside oracle arena doing a walk-through taking a look at the facility getting ready for game five. the warriors hope to close it out and when at home. inside oracle the seats are covered with t-shirts, a sea of gold the shirts read all gold everything. warriors and the fans had hoped for a sweep on friday but were disappointed as the team came up short. fans turned out to watch espn first take show go live. fans say game force loss was a matter of one bad quarter of basketball. the warriors were not played the game and now that they are home they are saying they are ready to take it to the cas. the warriors and cavaliers fans
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are debating what happened and game for and what they think will happen in game five.. >> they must've woken up, the first five minutes they have to press hard and shoot the threes and we will be all right.>> we made the adjustments and know what to do. you put a little meat on her and it's done. >>reporter: tipoff tonight 6 pm. if you want to make it out here there were some tickets available the last time we checked. $600 for a standing room only did that is in the nosebleed. if you want to go big, and i think you do, $43,000 per $.45 -- 45 seats. that seems like a small price to pay.
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if george and i combined our paychecks i think we can cover one of those seats. >> or i can send my kids to private school.>> here is the deal i want to make with george. he can watch the first half and i will watch the second. >> i would rather have you entered when someone else that's going to a warrior game for the first time and has that money to drop. >> you should know for those of you with deep pockets and a generous heart the city of oakland is auctioning off two tickets to tonight's game. you can bid on the tickets, two of them for the luxury seats. go to emerging a nonprofit that helps underserved entrepreneurs and oakland it all the money raised will help further that mission. you can have until 10:00 am to submit your bid. we help you stay with us for much more coverage. coming up we are joint life by john watson of the oakland
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police department. talking about possible celebrations and rolls on what you can and cannot bring into oracle arena. and i 30 joe fonzi will join us and tell us what they have to do to win and then local super fan paint his house to show his support for his team.>> are you more or less confident the warriors will pull out a win today than you were on friday? 83% say more with the home court and 73% say less. a lot of conversation out there. >> process more confidence. should be different rest at home. the game would be closer if not for some tour calls. plus hometown fans. >> and kevin says less confident if the warriors don't close it out tonight i will go to the cavs seven-game. >> will take your responses to the day and share them with you. thank you for using our
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hashtag. the second man arrested for the ghost ship warehouse fire will be in court. max harris will formally be charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. one charge for every person who died inside the district warehouse last december. he was arrested in southern california last week and brought back to the bay area. if convicted he and the warehouses master tenant faces sentences of up to 39 years in prison. minutes ago churches across orlando florida bring their bells 49 times in memory of the 49 killed at the pulse nightclub one year ago today. it was the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. i look at the tribute of the victims across the country. >>reporter: the families of the 49 gathered where one year ago the unthinkable was happening. i should behind the fences of the memorial. >> i think most of us who have loved ones that were here feel
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that we wish we could've been here a year ago to protect them and save them. >>reporter: the remembrance began at 1:45 am. at that time the people here that night would have been smiling and laughing. the time to save money and it families and our community have changed forever. >> i think what we gain from all of this and the remembrance is that we prove again and again that orlando stands together. >>reporter: stronger but struggling with the anger.>> one man can come to my land and destroy so many people and a place where there is peace. >>reporter: leaning on each other. >> it feels great to be around people i don't have to tell them who i am or what i'm feeling because they know who i am and how i feel because they are going through the same
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thing. >> victims of the shooting will be remembered in san francisco tonight. there will be a vigil at 18th and castro at 6:30 pm. part of the nationwide remembrance organized by the group equality florida. people are asked to honor those killed and wounded by taking action against bullying, harassment, violence and discrimination. in san francisco that includes public pledges of support for equality. >> the sporting jeff sessions says he wants his testimony to the senate intelligence committee smart to be open to the public. sessions will answer lawmakers questions about the possible ties between the trump campaign and russia and also some of the issues that came up during former fbi director's james comey's testimony before the same panel last week. at one point president trump indicated there may be tapes of the meetings with comey. sl lawmakers say it's time to release them. >> i doubt they are that we press the white house to get a
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firm answer.>> the president said he will address the issues of the tapes whether they exist next week. >> and other matters the first family are all under one roof. almost 5 months of living apart president trump's wife and their 10-year-old son have moved into the white house. they living in new york waiting for baron to finish the school year.>> president trump is headed to miami where he will release details on the policies towards cuba for the president recently announced he would undo president obama's executive order clearing the way for trade and tourism between the two countries. he will likely demand that cuban president push for political freedom before agreeing to any future deals. >>reporter: voters in puerto rico agreed on statehood. it was the fifth time the u.s. territory has voted on the issue. there are three options on the ballot. statehood, independents are keeping the status quo. 97% voted for statehood. 51st state would have to be
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approved i congress the most and will say it is a long shot with puerto rico's financial situation. >> californians will get three days of a covert the state budget before lawmakers take a vote this week for the budget for the next fiscal year that begins july 1 will be the first since voters decided to require a 72 hour waiting period before a final vote on any legislation. lawmakers have to finalize the budget plan today if they hope to approve it by the thursday deadline. coming up, a loophole in the law that's costing the state big money. >> is heading to oracle tonight stay tuned oakland police show us what is and is not allowed into the arena. should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. at at&t, we believe in access.
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1% drop stormy similar on the snp and the nasdaq is seeing a bit of a larger drop.>> a big game tonight at oracle that we hope will and with a big win for the warriors. here with what you need to know if you are lucky enough to head over to oracle and more on the celebrations that hopefully we will see tonight's oakland police officer watson with us. we are talking about that they went comedy of extra patrols plans for the streets and downtown area?>> yes. that's the message we want to share with everyone, we have all of our staffing available in days off have been canceled. every available officer is here along with our professional support staff. that is key. working in a citywide effort with all the city services and just a reminder celebration comes responsible only. we want everyone to be responsible as they are celebrating. we worry about celebratory
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gunfire in the city. >> i was can ask about that.>> what goes up must come down. we want to remind everyone know celebratory gunfire and fireworks.>> people get riled up and is the first time if they win tonight they will when at home. some of us who live in east bay sometimes get wary of what may happen. will police be protecting our that >> those that want to be celebrating quietly. >> yes will be officers around the city. we are here for safety.>> are you in conversation -- warriors -- are you talking to san francisco and san jose, because there are fans there too. >> we've been on the phone with a lot of the pio's and talking about what is happening in your city. we have prepared as the bay area and we haven't been in weeks but months of planning. citywide planning not just inside the city but outside the
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city. we've been in very extensive conversation with a lot of resources. >> i imagine it's if they win it's this day -- so it's this rolling plan like we are in the newsroom.>> very fluid and adjusting and assessing as we move forward. >> i'm going back to years when they won on the road. i can't remember any bad problems that occurred. see like everyone played along. >> happy times. >> what about what you can bring back if i'm lucky enough to get some seats what can i bring into the coliseum? can i bring a backpack? does it have to be clear? >> we will bring in our big fan here who is wearing a backpack and we are asking tonight please do not bring a backpack and. do not bring an oversize bag. it will not be accepted at the stadium. >> no backpacks. >> doesn't get confiscated drywall , back to my car to
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throat away?>> we will ask you to leave your backpacks at home. if you bring them there will be a cultlike check in but we are discouraging you to leave it at home. please do not bring a backpack.>> what about backs for women? >> purses will be allowed. >> small purses. they have measurements on an airplane flight don't break the gigantic oversize purse but something that is reasonable and again, we are discouraging from any large bags or backpacks.>> what if it is clear can expect they don't want backpacks. it's the request of the stadium. in order to process a lot of folks in in a timely manner anytime someone brings a large bag it delays the process of the ingress.>> thank you and have a safe night.
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coming up next, the liberty union high school district apologizing to one of its students. what he wanted to wear that led him to not be allowed to walk during his graduation. almost at the peak of travel season how to react if someone on your flight gives you or someone else a hard time? quin was crazy about curls. but it took a twist of fate to find a high-end curler at such a head turning price. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises.
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this haircolor new feria metallics by l'oreal. multi-faceted shimmering metallics. this feria has pure dyes and metallic reflects live in color. live in new feria metallics from l'oreal paris. peak summer travel starts next week. many that don't usually flight me take to the skies since all the issues with the airlines. as budget and silent on whether travel incidents happening are
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more often? the image is hard to forget and soon after the cell phone video of a passenger being dragged off the united airlines flight in april went viral other incidents started popping up on the news. an american airlines flight attendant stuck a woman allegedly with a stroller taking off from sfo expect you do that to me and i will knock you flat.>> the fight over where to put a birthday cake led to a sudden change of plans. >> unfortunately they will have to rebook everyone>> rebook everyone? >> we are trying to avoid that.>> the incidents are involved but the videos are stuck in people's minds. >> you are okay. >> i been writing about travel for about 30 years.>> have you seen the public angst over flying this high before? >> not the side.>> he says it's not just because of the video incidents. >> people are packed on the plane tighter than before, airfare are inching up and people don't feel good about getting there anymore. >> he says it's not that there
9:22 am
are more incidents of people behaving badly, just more people are documenting such interactions on their smart phones and posting them. he says airlines are on their best behavior following the recent videos. >> if anything came out of it was a airlines much more quickly are responding and being very transparent about what happens and who was right and who was wrong. >> it doesn't matter to katrina king, a former united flyer. >> anxious. it is a new airline. i've never traveled on american airlines the fourth. i've had a bad experience with united. i like to avoid having the bad experiences. >>reporter: other travelers are taking the incidents in stride.>> you see what the news shows what people say but you don't know what happened, what led to it. you can't really judge from what you read and see because you don't really know the whole other side. >>reporter: when it comes to avoiding an altercation the bottom line is follow the
9:23 am
airlines rules.>> it's not public transportation. the plane belongs to them and they have their own rules and you have to obey the rules or you will be removed. if you find yourself in a dispute or difficult situation the fastest way to get a resolution is to go on social media. >> let twitter know and you will most likely gets your complaints resolved right there on the spot. >>reporter: he says now more than ever airlines are closely monitoring their social media accounts hoping to head off any potential albums or problematic videos before it is worldwide. because that's when the damage control kicks in. i haven't tweeted an airline company and the way to do it is you say hey blank airline, my flight has been canceled 4 times and you're not giving me a hotel. it is a public shaming but he says it works. >> i've never done that but i had tweeted saying nice flight today and get a response within minutes.
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someone is there.>> they have people trying to head off the next viable moment. it can make people happy and it all can be avoided.>> speaking of flying has your flight been delayed or canceled? i know you are yelling yes. you can be owed cash. i say cold air help is helping travelers get their compensation. type in your flight information to find it is eligible. the site takes 25% commission if you get any money but you can get up to $800. here's the catch, not every delay qualifies. whether problems are not usually covered but scheduling, errors, equipment breakdown and over bookings can get you the money. google's plan to build a tech village is meeting some opposition. it would cover more than 6 million square feet of 245 acres. it would include new offices and housing downtown and is expected to bring thousands of jobs. last hour we spoke life to the
9:25 am
mayor about the merchants in the area that would be displaced because of the proposed development. some said they don't want to move.>> many of those business owners own the lots they are in and they are going to be negotiating if they haven't already, pretty good deals for buyouts from google. certainly if there are tenants on land the city owns then we help them with relocation and provide relocation assistance but really for the most part for many small businesses throughout downtown and the frame area this is going to be a big bone.>> mayor says it's too early to say how much money the city will generate it in the planning stage. if approved it could take about a decade before it is actually completed. what you might -- volume ipl to blame coworkers if you feel under weather. the new study that says some people at work might jeopardize
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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. >> it's game day for the warriors, gave five, they practice yesterday and answered questions from the media. the head coach talked about what went wrong and game format against the cavs and the missed opportunity to go an unprecedented 16, zero.>> it makes no difference. if we were 15 and six instead of 15 and one would be picky the exact same way. you take each game and make your adjustments and figure out what you can do better and do it. we have a versatile team and lots of guys that play. we are comfortable making a few tweaks here or there, rotation
9:29 am
changes. we may do some of that, but i always say the biggest adjustment in the playoffs that you make is an emotional one. you can tweak some things but will we play hard?>> will we get after a compete? will we do what we did the other night it was allowed three-point shooters get open and get broken down at the point of attack and give up offenses off the board. that's up to us. there is nothing strategic. is more competitive.>> tipoff 6:00 pm. joining us is joe fonzi, home sweet home. nothing like being home with a chance to win the nba championship. although the warriors experience that last year, what separates them tonight compared to being down three, one last year?>> he is a pretty smart guy. he made some great points. three major things if you say
9:30 am
the numbers are three, one. you might remember green was suspended for game 5. steph curry wasn't healthy, and there was a guy named kevin durant who played for the oklahoma thunder this time last year.>> amy barnes is not giving her the same thing to ron -- kevin drafted? >> it without the numbers are never at the same the situation is not. one of the greatest points that was just made is the fact that and this is what makes the playoffs different from any other time during the season, there is no time in this event you see the same team five times in a row or seven times. it's all about the adjustments. if you remember and game one. kevin durant had all those docs going down the middle of the lane because the cows were so worried about keeping the warriors off the three-point line and they said we can't do that and they adjusted and the
9:31 am
point that he made about topping off with a mental attitude but the cavs made 24 three-pointers. the warriors will not let them stand after that and get that open.. the cavs played as well as they could have played and they won. how likely is it they will make another 24 three-pointers tonight? is that somewhat unlikely? everything kevin love touches seems to go in. will that happen? >> they scored 49 points in the first quarter which was a record and 86 points the first half which was a record and 20, threes and shot 33% after shooting for 60, three point total was better than the overall field goal percentage. i don't think that anyone can humanly do that two times in a row and the warriors are certainly capable of coming out
9:32 am
and being cold when they should as well. the things that you can count on on each one of these games, each one has its own personality and on momentum. whatever the storyline is tonight it will be different.>> i know a lot of fans this morning are safe maybe we were a little overconfident on friday morning. do you think the team was overconfident or not?>> i don't think overconfident, i think it is human nature when you have them three, zero and what happened is i think the cavaliers show what they were about. it would've been easy to say this is inevitable, let's get on with their off-season. they did not do that. they said we have more character than that and they brought out their best game, maybe the best of the year to have life they come out here. give them credit for that and we will find out what the warriors are made of. >> let's not forget how the
9:33 am
refs will handle the situation. they got hammered about losing control of the game a little bit, some would argue the cavs had more than 20 free throws. i will be interested to see how they officiate this game.>> i agree.>> they will want to set a tone early so it doesn't get out of hand because the weight that came evolved on friday night nobody wants that. there were seven technicals, a flagrant foul. you can get into a rhythm that way. that is not the way the league wants the finals played. i don't know if they will be selling the tone at the beginning to stop the pulling and grabbing, or they might just let them play and slug it out. the one thing to make that was inexcusable is the first technical foul that the whole world thought was called on grade than the one that he got the person was on steve, the
9:34 am
one he did get they started playing the ray charles song hit everyone singing i thought he was gone. and they never corrected it on the pa and say what happened.>> communication.>> as long as they do consistently, if you are going to do it do it on both sides. if you gonna let them play do it on both sides. zach you are right. don't let steph curry get clutched and grabbed and knocked to the floor and let lebron james lowered his shoulder and just take off like a fullback and never call. you are right. if you call it call it both ways.>> thank you so much.>> tipoff 6:00 pm at the warriors loose game six will be thursday and game seven back here in oakland on sunday.>> question of the day, are you more or less confident the warriors will pull out a win today and you were on friday morning?
9:35 am
will take a look at that, 83% say yes, more confidence, thanks to home-court muscle 17% don't know, little more the less. mark is on the more confidence i think i feel more confident they will win. that is almost everyone feeling that way.>> and then he says he really cares the pens are back to back champs. >> a little hockey there. you can -- if you want to talk to us hashtag us. >> we have chico state and comment. march weather continues. thunderstorms yesterday and still sierra snow. big-time snow, not just a dusting.
9:36 am
there's been about 3 to 6 inches of snow reported. it's almost done but it goes until 10 o'clock the winter weather advisory. go from one extreme to the other. there are all sorts of records of snow around lake tahoe and that system is pushing off into nevada. the same one that gave us the line of thunderstorms yesterday. some really impressive once out of lake county along with hail into napa county and solano. we are still cool today but today will be the coolest day of the week. you don't see someone like this often engine. we have to warm-up down the road and we will especially inland. going from 65 in livermore on sunday, probably 96 next sunday.>> 90s on the weekend. highs today 60s and low 70s. for more on some of the other headlights we forgot let's go to dave clark. >> some of the top stories, the defense of the bill cosby sexual assault trial has rest
9:37 am
of the case with this morning bill cosby arrived at court. it was with his wife. his lawyers only called one witness this morning after cosby said he would not take the witness stand. his lawyers called the detective who led the 2005 investigation into allegations that cosby drugs unmolested andrea constant well dozens of women accused cosby as sexually installed. cosby claims relationship with smith -- ms. konstantin was consensual. the will be closing arguments and they may get get -- get the cases afternoon. if convicted bill cosby who is 79 could get life in prison. and a report from san jose that says city workers began sending out specific flood warnings almost 24 hours before residents were evacuated near coyote creek earlier this year. the mercury news reports fire crews were rescuing residents for hours before the city ordered homes to be evacuated. the paper says seven workers reported flooding in the three
9:38 am
neighborhoods hit the hardest before the official evacuation was ordered. they are determining why there was no follow-up after city workers warned about fast rising floodwaters. san francisco's famous landmark ferry building will soon be for sale. blackstone group is due to sell off some vital assets during a buyout in 2007. the 100-year-old ferry building is a registered historic building and that means the new owners cannot tear it down or make major renovations without getting approval. >> is expected to go for more than $300 million at either an auction or a private sale.>> those are just some of the headlines. california will require cards with no license like to have some sort of identification is costing the bay area and millions of dollars. according to the chronicle the
9:39 am
bay area is losing 13 million a year in tolls. within 2.5 million vehicles passed through the fast-track late without license plates. a new law will not take effect until 2019 that requires new vehicles to have identification. >>reporter: any space and was denied the right to walk in graduation because of what he wore. he will have a special makeup ceremony in redwood later today. >>reporter: 18-year-old harlan fletcher is an active member of the u.s. army reserve. a private first class medic who completed basic training last year. he wanted to wear his military uniform for his graduation over the weekend and state law allows him to do that. but some of the administrators at liberty high school were not aware of that. he missed his graduation because he refused to put on a cap and gown over his uniform. if he had done it would've been a serious violation of policy over the weekend the school district superintendent apologized to fletcher and his family saying they did not mean
9:40 am
to slight him of the u.s. army. over the phone fletcher's father says the family was very happy and encouraged when the school's principal apologized to them personally over the weekend and offered to have the makeup commencement ceremony today.>> said not to walk with my friends. today to see everybody come out here and supports not only a high school that's a high school who did this but the country. >> the commencement ceremony is in the for 2:30 pm in fletcher's family says the vfw freedom writers have also they plan to be there. i asked fletcher's father what would they like to see change in the future and he said he would like to work directly with the school district to change some of the written policies to prevent the sort of thing from happening to other student servicemembers in the future.>> coming up next, a warrior fan takes his love of the team to a new level. the lankes one gentleman went
9:41 am
to to show everyone his blue and gold pride. select showcasing ordinary people with extradite talent. the little contestant appearing on superhuman.
9:42 am
9:43 am
the new fox show superhuman prepares that >> premieres here. a test the ability of normal people to use their skills at winning $50,000 grand prize.>> one of the contestants is from here, she can see the notes being played from various colors in her mind. at one point they mute the sound to make sure she can't hear it.[music]
9:44 am
>> take your headphones off. the study the colors while they performed now it's time to face the music and turn the colors into notes on your violin. whenever you are ready to play the song you just saw.[music] >> that is correct. >> unbelievable. so happy to have her joining us tonight -- right now. describe to us how you do what you did? >> the neurological phenomena where two sensors are crossed
9:45 am
causing sensations from one cents to lead to automatic involuntary experience in another. for example i can physically see south. when i hear a pitch i see a color.>> when did you figure out this was happening. did you know and early ages or your teens or college years? >> a funny story. i was in college going through my music major very last music theory course and at the very end and a professor thought it would be interesting to tell everyone isn't it fascinating that some people can physically see it sounds. >> you thought everyone could see south. >> it's one of those things you never asked the. i never really had to study for ear training. i would draw a piano on a piece of paper and say let's do the math red to blue, one, two, three i would write down that's what that interval is.
9:46 am
>> is it only for musical notes with a pitch of my voice does that work? >> it's not as vivid. for some reason it is middle seat up to octaves and down to octaves. >> you ever wish you could turn it off? or have you learned to embrace this gift? >> the thing is i like to think of it like any other it's like smell. every once in a while you wish you didn't have this.>> i can ignore it or focus on it. >> with the skill when you first learned you had it or learned other people didn't, did you think now i can do something unusual? >> absolutely. at that moment i decided instead of doing just music i would pursue another degree with neuroscience. it's really fascinating to me because if you could figure out why certain people have these
9:47 am
different abilities and cross sensory experience i think it would be huge for the research like if you could figure out how this extra connectivity happens maybe you can help other things.>> and vocabulary words like growing up and remembering names, would you associate mike with a color or do i look like a mike?>> interesting thing about this is if you have one type you probably have more than one type. they found genetic mutations with the. but you have one mutation is not just affecting one thing. i say colors with numbers and letters and vocabulary is very interesting. i still cannot spell to the state but i remember when i had vocabulary test i would quickly go down and say the red word means this and blue means this. i would quickly go up and down. very short-term i got the tests. >> on the new show superhuman, what are some of the other abilities that you --.
9:48 am
contestants can expect a lot of memory athlete. people can do things that i can't even imagine. when we got to the set we took a bus ride with the most interesting people i've ever met.>> sunkel conversations.>> imagine you are all on the bus wondering what everyone could do in the next person is more interesting than the last.>> did you jump on it to do this or you push by family or friends? >> the member of the association and i got referred by my friend who is amazing and his own rights and i thought it would be a very great opportunity to raise awareness for this. although it seems like it is a very rare condition one and 23 people have some form. my favorite statistic to give people is imagine how many people you know have a peanut allergy put them all in a room and doubled the size of that group. that's how many people have
9:49 am
some form of this.>> is your is considered high on the imaginary charts?>> i think it is a spectrum is how it affects your day to day life.>> thank you for sharing your story. >> superhuman premieres tonight at 9 pm on ktvu . and then the 10 pm news. thanks for joining us>> a very unique museum highlighting things you may have forgotten. we take a look at items and ideas that fail. all eyes are on olay ultimate eye cream.
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>> it is mug monday in a chance to win a new smoke let's go to our facebook page and click on the contest link. entries accepted from now until 1 pm. don't miss out on your chance to win. these are the ones we are talking about. don't forget if you are the big winner, take a picture. >> some new information the attorney general of maryland and washington dc, they filed a lawsuit claiming president trump's business interests
9:53 am
around the world represent a conflict of interest under a clause in the constitution the attorney site the trump hotel in washington dc think officials from foreign government stay there hoping to win favor from president trump.>> toxic coworkers not only make your job more difficult but they could be hazardous to your health. a new study found that people have experienced physical symptoms like headache, stomach problems and sleeplessness as a result of a coworkers bad behavior to the study says most of the time toxic coworkers are allowed to get away with their behavior. >> nearly everyone expects me stamps to hold spectacular paintings, unusual artifacts and scientific papers. in sweden there is a different kind of museum, one that celebrates failure. samuel west collected items that didn't go over well with the public says he was inspired to create an event that should failure as a stepping stone to success. apparently he's not the only one fascinated by things that are not great. >> visitors at the museum like
9:54 am
the donald trump game, the electric math and the spectacular exhibited items but they also enjoy being surprised finding or discovering new items they never realize existed. got a lot of suggestions. >> some of the other failures include google's class headsets, the apple newton and the coke blast, a combination of coca-cola and coffee. >> the penguins are the champs after a two, one victory against the predators s >> the penguins hoist the cup for the second straight year. it was a take contest until the goals were scored in the third period. a solid effort in the playoff
9:55 am
for the predators who were the eighth seed. >> back to the warriors looking to take game five at home and when the nba finals.>> hoping home-court advantage will give them an edge. >> think simon is causing fans to go above and beyond. ralph malcolm has more. >>reporter: you can drive around the city of oakland and it's not likely he will see something like this.>> this is the home of the golden state warriors and this home below i 580 belongs to lloyd. no doubt who he is rooting for.>> number one warrior fan.>> he tells me this is much more than a home. >> it's a monument. >> this monument as he calls it is more of a shrine painted by a friend years ago for less than the price of playoff tickets. >> less than $200. the whole
9:56 am
house. >> the house is a tourist attraction turning lloyd into a local celebrity. >> not another house like this. the only one. >>reporter: fans honked their horns and do more.. >> everyone stops by and takes a picture. >> at 17 he sold sodas at the arena and share suspect yours.>> i'm smiling. >>reporter: he carries around a championship ring. >> together for $80? >> yes. i'm a real warrior. i'm on -- and is not on the court. >>reporter: it starts at the front and and in the back.>> does not look take? >>reporter: he will watch game five from home. he states he's caring for his 80-year-old mother, both of them a force to be reckoned with. but just like him, she wears her loyalty on her sleeve.
9:57 am
lloyd says he doesn't suggest every warriors fan paint their house blue and gold, he'd rather stand alone on this block. like to see fans stop by and say hi and cheer on the team for game 5 on monday.>> let's hope it is nothing but a celebration in the bay area tonight. >> i'm ready for it. thank you for watching everyone, we will see you back here. here.
9:58 am
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. ♪ >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: yes. thanks so much for watching the show. [ applause ] my co-host, the studio audience.


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