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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 12, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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an epic show-down at oracle ends with the warriors vehicle tricks and the party is on as the -- victory, and the party is on. >> [ background noise ] >> it's the first for kevin durant, he teamed up with the warriors now he has his first
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nba title, and named the finals mvp. fire work exploded after the game, and oakland celebrated the victory, and fans celebrated the moment. and this spontaneous demonstration is going on. several hundred people have spilled into the streets on amm able night. -- on a memorable night. >> they defeated the cavs in game 5. they won a final show- down with the cleveland cavaliers. there was just too much to celebrate. many people stuck around in the plaza outside the arena after witnessing bay area history. they danced to a dj, and partied with others feeling the same way. there's another party at 14 14th and broadway. this is the live picture from skyfox. police say officers are on hand to monitor the situation, but
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so far, no problems. this intersection is closed to traffic. and we've seen police shut down other intersections along international boulevard in east oakland, where people have been spilling out of home and taverns. we've heard calls for illegal fireworks, but no report of serious trouble. we have live team coverage tonight. ktvu reporters were court side and with fans. we will hear from all of them coming up. first, mark, the cavaliers didn't roll over tonight. they made the warriors work for it. >> reporter: one of the things that struck me most about this, years from now, young basketball fans look at the history book and say they beat them four games to one, it wasn't close. but it felt like a struggle down to the end. one. fun any, kevin durant in celebrating said, with about 55 seconds later, i was at half
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court, bent over, celebrating, -- this thing got off to a shaky start for the gold deputy state warriors. steph curry is picked by kyrie irving, who will drive to the bucket. kevin durant throws a terrible pass. lebron steals it and goes in, and it hushed the crowd. i could tell you things got quiet in a hurry, but the warriors led by 11 at the half. kd down the lane, begins to assert himself in a big way. 39 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists. his mom rooting him home all the way, and steph curry had his say. didn't really have the 3 point shots, but this is the dagger with 42 seconds left. boom! roll the credits. they were up 14 inside a minute, and 34 points, 10 assists for steph. lebron had 41 points.
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he was magnificent throughout, but kevin durant is the series mvp, and the warriors are champs for the second time in three years. they do it on their home floor. joe, a lot of us out from last year for game 7 when everybody was just in shock. it was the complete opposite of that this time around. what is the scene like and what's the deal in the locker room? >> reporter: mark, you and i have been involved in a few of these, and we talked about it pregame that the numbers said things were the same as last year. warriors had the 3-1 lead in the series, but the differences were steph curry was healthy, draymond was able to play, and kevin durant, but you hit it on the head. it was like two heavyweights slugging it out for the first quarter and a half. second quarter, the warriors put in a lineup that was concentrating and defense, and that's when they made a run that allowed them to take
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control of the game. from that point, they played from ahead the rest of the way. i think you just have to say the warriors had superior talents throughout the series, but no question about the fact that these were the two best teams in the nba and most talented teams in the nba. but as you said, the warriors make it two championships in the final three years, and we heard so much about the personality and character of the guys. and they were talking about it in the locker room afterwards. the ability to stay together, and be unselfish is what enabled them to accomplish this. >> it's a journey, the hard work we put in. the sacrifice. guys coming together. fighting for one another. fighting for every inch. it's a joy. i'm happy to see it -- steve kerr able to enjoy the championship, celebrating, especially the way we ended
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last year. this one's for him right here. >> i've been so lucky to be part of so many championships teams as a player, and now as a coach. it never gets old, but tonight was a little different, just based on the things i've had to go through during this time. >> reporter: we want to talk about running the spectrum, you have mccaw who was a significant contributor, his first nba season. he's a champion, and a veteran like david west. and he's the champion. you talk to the guys, you say this is what you build to, this is what you hope for. minority of people actually realized this, but everybody in the locker room can say at least at one time in their career, they were nba champions, and it happened tonight. it's a very special thing. you still see the aftermath, the confetti's on the floor. we'll she what we can do -- see
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what we can do to bring you more as the night progresses. >> i have to ask, you've been in some victorious locker rooms through the years, was it a rocking scene? or were they under control? you mentioned kd, his first one, and the health problems that steve kerr has gone through. your thoughts about the scene inside that locker room? >> reporter: depending on the sport, what the tradition is, basketball waits until the ultimate champion before they start spraying champagne. baseball, they do it if you you can clench home field in the playoffs. so, they kept us out for a long time. it's kind of funny, you're standing outside, waiting for them to open up the locker room, and you can smell the champagne. it was all puddled on the floor when we went in. but we certainly heard it, and
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from standing outside in the hall, we smelled it every time they opened up the door. >> we'll check back later on. that's the thing, first title as you mentioned earlier, since the oakland a iss. just the camaraderie. it looks like we to have championships celebrating for more years to come. the core force is put. >> they are certainly the young talent, around what kd said, he said every time he got down or all the chatter on social media, always the guys, patting him on the back, saying, come on. and they melted as a team quickly, and all those, if you will, haters selfed you can't bring another super -- said you can't bring another super ball
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in. too many big egos. steve kerr afterwards said he never doubted that, with the intelligence and lack of ego these guys have that they'd be able to have a cohesive unit. >> more coming up later on. >> a lot more highlights. >> thank you. it wasn't a sweep, but warriors fans were thrilled to see the championship won on home court. we pick up with amber lee. she was at oracle for the big game, and joins us live. there was tons of energy. what was it like for you to be there? >> reporter: wow, what a night! the game ended around 9:00, but take a look behind me. you can still see that there are plenty of fans around, buying merchandise, dancing, savoring the moment. there was a lot of nervous anticipate going into the game. but all that matters now is they came and got what they
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wanted. >> reporter: the celebratory fireworks never looked brighter than on this night. fans took their time leaving the arena, savoring the championship. they celebrated, saying they waited for this since last year's finals, but on this night, it is with victory. >> after four, i don't know, but tonight, they had it going. it was awesome, it's surreal. like we did a lot did, we did a lot of things that nobody has been able to do. it's the trilogy, it's the perfect ending. >> to be at the finals, this is incredible. >> championships! >> i love it, every second. >> reporter: there was high tension for game 5. >> the atmosphere is just
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amazing, it's so loud, and, yeah. >> reporter: many fans say they are glad for the opportunity to see them win it all on home court. >> the odds are in our favor. >> reporter: it wouldn't be the finals without star power. on the sidelines, we spotted sean diddy comb. a couple who drove more than three hours -- say it's worth it. >> we remember last year. we don't want that feeling. -- >> reporter: this husband and wife, season ticket holders came dressed and psyched for the occasion. >> celebration! we're celebrating our warriors. >> reporter: we can tell you the mood was electric inside and out oracle arena. people are leaving with bags of merchandise. we want to give you an first
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look at the championship gear. this is the cap and these are the t-shirts, and they're available right now at the team store, and they tell me they will open early tomorrow morning all locations, 8:00 a.m., and the store here will stay open, they tell me, until they run out of gear. >> dove nation will be celebrating long. >> i wonder if they're selling the crying lebron t-shirts, too. the warriors and city city of oakland will hold the victory parade this thursday. it is to start at 10:00 on thursday morning. the route is essential lip the same as the parade two years ago. winding up broadway from 11th 11th to grand, lake merritt and harrison. and it ends at the henry kaiser convention center at the bottom of lake merritt. fans can begin to line up for the rally as early at 5:00 a.m. at lakeshore and 12th street thursday morning. we will have live dove nation
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celebration coverage with ankle course, reporters -- anchoring, and reporters. starting at 9:00 a.m. thursday. watch parties were packed, and warriors fans were loud. the parties continue in downtown oakland. oakland is going to be celebrating long into the night with this warriors victory. more live coverage coming up. tracking a warmup big time. you'll notice it especially on thursday. temperatures could be in the 80s. we'll see you with more details. you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe,
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our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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we are live from the corner of grand and broadway with a live report. >> reporter: all i can tell you, i've never seen oakland so happy. this is sheer joy out the street. cars honking, people cheering, huge miles on people's faces and it started when they were inside the watch parties,
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seeing their team win. at watch parties around the bay area, it was warriors ground. >> i'm so happy! >> reporter: the fans cheering just as loudly as the court side crowd at oracle arena. >> i'm loving it! number one! champions. we deserve it. >> reporter: a roller coaster of emotions in oakland. >> i am so excited! i have been a huge kevin durant fan ever since -- [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: a few blocks away, the parkway theater was packed, one fan with a 2007 we believe sign. >> we especially appreciate every play that gives back to the community. >> reporter: this fan and son flew in from arizona so they could be in oakland for game 25. >> game 5. >> i'm in the military, and the air force, and i decided to
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make the trip for him. >> i feel like we're going to close it out tonight, and win the championship next year. >> reporter: the youngest fan had the highest confidence. >> i think they can keep getting back in the finals over and over again. >> especially like before they bolt, i think oakland needs to -- >> reporter: whenever they lost the lead by 10, i got a little nervous. but i knew they were going to win it. >> reporter: and again, we are out here at grand avenue and broadway where you can tell the fans are celebrating. there is just so much relief, joy, and pride here in oakland. >> you can just feel the pride. it's such a goodwin for oak. jana, thank you. now back to oracle. jason is there. what's going on?
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>> reporter: well, the warriors won a nba championship for the second time in three years, as we know. man, this place, every time cleveland got close, or within 8 or 6 or 10, the fans just really lifted the team. it was so loud in here, it was unbelievable, especially at the end of the game when it was a for gone conclusion that the warriors were going to win. amazing to here 20,000 fans sing "we are the champions." and that's what took place and outside of the locker room and tunnel where the family gathered, a special moment. steph curry and his dad sharing victory cigars. the whole family, his mom and dad, and just really, just celebrating this win. steph last year struggled a little bit in the playoffs. he was injured, didn't make any excuses, and today, a few
10:19 pm
minutes ago, we spoke with sonia about their son. >> amazing. they got not one, but two. how the team came together, through the diversity, and to get -- god bless them. it's incredible. >> how sweet is that victory cigar for you? >> it's wonderful. we waited to break this open. guys played outstanding. unbelievable run. they were focused. the guys that have been there before, they knew the task in front of them. balancebeat a great team like cleveland. i'm so proud of them. >> would you consider this one of the greatest teams of all
10:20 pm
time? >> absolutely. you hear the team -- today's game, with all the media hype and everything, those around the league, and how each game is scrutinized, to block that out, and do what you need to do. absolutely. >> reporter: and ire's looking live at the -- you're live at the mvp. kevin durant was no doubt the most valuable player, great moment after the game when he shared hugs with his mom, and it was just very, very emotional. what a night out here at oracle. warriors win 4 games to 1, they go 16-1 in the post season. and i think they lay claim as quite possibly the greatest season, the greatest team of all time. nobody in nba history has gone 16-1 in the playoff. that's the story here from oracle. what a night, celebrate, we know about the parade on thursday. >> what a classy family.
10:21 pm
the curries, the parents, little riley. but it's not just the curries, the green family, the mothers of the players. it just extends throughout the organization, it seems like. >> reporter: and i thought that was one of the best moments when they all brought the kids to the stage, and the trophy celebration, you could just see the joy, how they shared with the families. that's what everybody seems to love about this team. it's a team and the players seem like good guys, and family guys. you don't hear about any negative stuff. i think that's why the community in addition to wanting to rally behind a winner, as we all love a winner, but people identify with the players, and like them. i think that's what makes this more special. >> absolutely. thank you, jason. stay with us for continuing warriors coverage. mark will join us a little later on in sports, and we will return live to oracle arena. arena.
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we're tracking now what's left of that system. showers, thundershowers, hail to the north bay yesterday, and parts of the east bay, and in the mountains, we got up to 6 inches of snow around incline village, mount ross, and lake tahoe got a couple of -- it was cool the last couple much days, today a little warmer, and that's the trend. the trending will be warmer through the bay area in the coming weekend, with temperatures potentially getting into the 90s, mid-90s. 10 degrees warmer now in napa than last night. the winds, they were blowing. gust to 40, 45. sfo had gusts near 30. they are backing off a little bit, but the winds yesterday set us up with a super clear
10:23 pm
atmosphere. tomorrow, similar, so nice- looking day tomorrow. the model keeps the fog away for tomorrow. and no fog, no clouds. lots of sunshine tomorrow. yellows are 70s, oranges are 80s. these are the forecast temperatures for tomorrow, but as we head into wednesday, thursday, friday, these oranges and reds will come into the program here. when i come back, that's tomorrow, warmer than today, lots of 70s, even low 80s, but warmer still in the long range. there is other news. a 74-year-old woman was killed by a stranger in her own home. what we learned about the suspect, and reports of a mental crisis the day of the killing. a powerful vigil in san francisco one year after the pulse nightclub shooting. why this anniversary carried special significance. another live look from skyfox as people celebrate the warriors. the party is going on in the streets of oregon.
10:24 pm
here is the scene at 17th and telegraph. several bars in the area, including van including van cleave's.
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ment deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history, and today, hundreds gathered steph curry pulse night club in orlando, to remember the 49 people who were killed. 58 others were wounded when a gunman inspired by isis opened fire inside the gay nightclub. a last year later, the nightclub remains closed. the owner of the club was among those who spoke at the memorial service. >> it breaks my heart that your sanctuary was taken from you, but i know we are resilient,
10:27 pm
and we will not let hate win. >> the fate of the building is unclear. the owner said she would like to turn it into a memorial, and museum by the year 2020. it was the worst act of violence against the lgbt community in modern u.s. history. in san francisco's castro district, a vigil was held to honor the victims. the vicinity was more than just -- vigil was more than a remembrance. >> reporter: it was a national movement with the #honorthemwithaction. it calls for people to turn is sorrow into something tangible. a timely chant on a night local bars were full of basketball fans. [ chanting ] >> reporter: this vigil for victims of the pulse nightclub massacre was defiant, and tearful. >> reporter: the microphone was
10:28 pm
passed around. so the crowd could read aloud every victim's name. >> pump was never my -- pulse was never my favorite club, my first gay club, but not my favorite. >> reporter: before moving to moving to san francisco. >> drew and his boyfriend were among those killed. >> they died with 47 others as a victim of a system that did not care about each other. >> reporter: the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history happened in the middle of -- 10,000 people spontaneously gathered in san francisco in the year since, lgbt community says the climate has worsened. >> people expressing whatever hatred and fear they had in
10:29 pm
their hearts. >> reporter: organizers say to take action, push back. promises to make a difference to fight hatred and violence. >> it might be rugging for office, or -- running for office, arrest being kind to each other, or stopping someone from being bullied. everybody can take some act. >> the vigil ended with ashes being scattered at 18th street and castro. they were the ashes of the flowers, thousands of them, left at the same spot and collected a year ago. >> thank you. a graduation for one. coming up tonight, the special ceremony and apology for a graduating senior who couldn't walk with his class last week. president trump's travel
10:30 pm
ban takes another hit. tonight, neighbors in the south bay are shaken up over an an -- a senseless tragedy.
10:31 pm
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10:33 pm
arrested a 35-year-old los gatos woman for that attack. we are live in cupertino, and wondering if the suspect has a mental health issue? >> reporter: one neighbor reported seeing the suspect carrying a hammer acting strange a day before the victim's body was discovered. neighbors here remembering her as a quiet, shy lady. who lived alone, and did no harm. >> i'm so sad. >> reporter: he broke out in tears after learning about the murder of his long time next door neighbor. >> she's really nice. >> she's been in the neighborhoods forever, so everybody's freaked out. this is a safe neighborhood,
10:34 pm
and now we have to worry about -- we don't know who she is. >> reporter: authorities found her deceased saturday morning. and application arrested suzanne hernandez for the crime. the sheriff's office says the two did not know each other. law enforcement sources say hernandez had entered the back of the home and victim died of blunt force trauma. >> i screamed hey, who's there. >> reporter: and she came out with a hammer, naked. >> reporter: richard saw her hiding in the backyard. he says she asked him twice if he love jesus. he called police, and that's when he said they took hernandez into custody for mental crisis. at that time, nobody knew about the murder. >> i think she's --
10:35 pm
>> you don't expect someone having a mental crisis to be a murderer. >> reporter: sharon lives across the street from the victim, and said the woman tried to break into her home thursday night. >> how can somebody be needlessly harmed like this for nothing? because she's never hurt anybody as far as i know and didn't deserve what happened. >> reporter: the family was too distraught to talk, and are still notifying other family members about the death. as for hernandez, she is being held without bail, and arraignment is set for later this week. live in cupertino, ktvu fox news. the second defendant in the ghost ship warehouse trial was in court. max harris was charged with 36 counts, one for each person
10:36 pm
that died in the warehouse. harris has been called the second in command, and was the promoters of the music events held on the night of that fire. he did not enter a plea today. harris and derek armena, are being held in dublin on $1 million bail. another key ruling against the president's travel ban in the court of appeals. the judge found the revised executive order violates u.s. immigration law. they say the president failed to show how entry by people from six mostly muslim countries would hurt u.s. interests. the opinion cited a tweet from president trump insisting on the need for a travel ban, a phrase the administration has tried to back away from. >> i think any lawyer agrees the president is fully within his right and his pockets to do
10:37 pm
what's -- responsibilities to do what's right for the country. >> the u.s. supreme court will likely hear the white house appeals together. jeff sessions plans to answer questions in the probe of russian influence on the 2016 election. the justice department says sessions will testify in public rather than behind closed doors. in march, he recused himself from the russia investigation. sessions can expect questions about his involvement in the firing of fbi director james comey. and you can watch that testimony live on ktvu plus starting at 11:30. we've have a live stream and, and updates on the news at noon. still ahead tonight, snow in june. we will take you to the sierra where mother nature keeps on
10:38 pm
giving. we'll track that forecast as we move into a warmer pattern this week. in 3 minutes, more turmoil and uber. the high level departure ahead of a team leading set for employees tomorrow. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer.
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last week, uber fired 20 people amid allegations of sexual harassment. the company is reportedly adopting a series of recommendations from former attorney general eric holder that will be released tomorrow. and the board is considering a possible leave of absence for ceo travis kalinek. dow lost 46 points, nasdaq dropped 32, and the s & p was down by 2. big names including apple, facebook, and alphabet saw losses. this was the day to remember for bay area high school student, and harland fletcher. the senior in brentwood missed his graduation last friday night when he was told he couldn't wear his army uniform. but today, school officials apologized and held a special
10:42 pm
ceremony to make amends. >> i was nervous, but over all, it was -- looking at the crowd, we all came together. >> he is preparing for what comes next. he has a civilian summer job lined up, then advanced military training in september. warriors coverage continues right after the break. the 2017 season culminating in tonight's victory, and second nba championship in three years. and bill martin is tracking a big change in our weather. look at that blue and gold at the port of oakland. oakland.
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many fans expected the title last year, when the warriors won the 73 regular season games, and held the 3-1 lead in the final. >> the victory party would have to wait a year.
10:46 pm
cavaliers are nba champions! >> there's no -- ready to go next season. it's about the warriors versus the cavaliers. curry puts it in. >> curry off the dribble. [ cheers ] >> for 3. >> you're up 3-0, up awful the momentum. -- all the momentum. right now, the season's on the line. the line.
10:47 pm
[ cheering and background noise ] >> you are the nba champions. >> i could keep watching that all night. jason put that montage together. >> two championships in three years for the warriors. now, bill, you take the moments in history, you look back -- we've had great sports franchising the bay area, and this is a moment in time when you have to sit back and appreciate what the warriors have done. >> and i can remember sitting here with julie and dennis
10:48 pm
richmond many years ago, and every night, the warriors lose, warriors lose. >> and now you can savor the moment. >> i guy i surf with, his, it's his wife and his birthday today. warriors win. that's huge. but the kicker. they had a baby today on the same day as their birthday and the warriors win. >> boy or girl? >> it's a girl. >> three birthdays on the same day, warriors win, thinking it might be name riley. >> a special day for them. >> really. and for oakland. the parade on thursday, and the weather for thursday is going to be outstanding, so let's look. 73 in napa today. tomorrow's temperatures will be
10:49 pm
warmer, 72 today, vallejo, it will be warmer tomorrow, and warmer on wednesday, and warmer on thursday. i wanted to show you this, only because -- kenny noticed it in the petaluma area. so i go back to sunday afternoon. look at the line of thunderstorms moving through about 4:00 on sunday, boom, boom, boom, just lit up the sky in fairfield. and just pushes out. in the mountains, they got half a foot of snow in incline village, inch or two at kauai valley. a -- squaw valley. we are not that far from the solstice, so as you look outside, you can see clear skies, clear night. this low pressure center is moving on, the one that brought us the in climates weather. and we get warmer tomorrow, but also on wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday, and
10:50 pm
you'll see in the five day forecast, we're going to finds numbers easily, certainly on friday, into the upper 90s, and that carries right into the bay area weekend. so from snow and hail and lightning to back into the 90s, we're looking at a 30-degree jump between yesterday and friday. >> and looks like it will stick around for a while. >> start feeling like summer. that was an un-summer like week. >> thank you. as bill mentioned, there was some snow in the sierra, a few days before the start of summer. it dusted parts of the sierra. winter-like weather made a short come back in boreal. coming up, dozens of redwood trees cut down, the action attributed to safety that is angering residence. a big, big night in sports. ght in sports.
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the big night? i saw a tweet from espn, and it
10:54 pm
had a prediction for next year's 2018 nba champion. cavaliers have a 2% shot, warriors 98% chance of winning. is it too early to start talking dynasty? people are starting to throw that word around. >> it's going to get tossed around. i like to savor the moment, but it's hard to exist. because they all, the luminaries all up 30, and should be around for a while. they want to be here. and i was playing around with numbers, too. warriors played 99 games, including the regular season and playoffs. they won 83 of the 99 games. that's just an incredible amount of victoryies. snoop dogg, p diddy, and chris rock, all checking it out. what would be the final game, and it didn't start well.
10:55 pm
kyrie, flips the ball away. wait. it gets worse. kevin durant in bounds, stolen by lebron, and the emotion and all of thunder and lightning in that building was drained for a while. but watch kd. patiently, patiently. yeah, i'll shoot it. bam! he got it, and you can see the emotion from ty lue. get up, you'll be all right. kyrie right here with a 3 pointers, but even is that turns into something good for the warriors. curry ahead to kd, touchdown warriors! up 11 at the half, and it just continues after that. iguodala bringing 20 off the
10:56 pm
bench, nice speed from kd. he was 9-14 shooting to electrify the crowd, and kevin durant, again, 39 points, all mvp of them right there, showing his stuff again, and then it will be iguodala, finding the open man. and underneath he's got kd making it look easy. that's the thing. kd will wiggle away from his man. lebron, and down by the veteran. lebron, this guy played right up into the final second, going back door, and he had 41 points, 13 rebounds, 8 assists. that's kevin durant, again, showing you every reason why he was the series mvp, why he came in in the first place, his mop cheering him on. every time they needed a bucket in the clutch, this guy
10:57 pm
delivered, inside, outside, and then the proverbial bagger, delivered. he did have 36 points, 10 assists, and there it was. end of ball game, warriors win by 9, and the series, 4-1. but for some reason it seemed closer than that. a different story than it was, remember father's day last year? the warriors and the cleveland cavs, game 7, and it was the cavaliers spilling champagne all over the warriors home floor. not this time around. >> reporter: a couple of things that you said, and number one, we are so fortunate in the bay area, because we've seen so many teams that get on the runs. it starts to feel like the norm, and when they're not winning, you say what's the matter? they're not winning with a big
10:58 pm
enough margin. enjoy this time, because it does not come around that often. this is a very special time that we're enjoying with the warrior team. one of the characteristics is the unselfishness and chicago abuses off the bench -- contributions off the bench. two years ago, iguodala was the mvp, tonight, he came off the bench and scored 20 points. he played 38 minutes, almost as much as most of the starters. on the flip side, you have patrick mccaw, a rookie who contributed 6 points. he played quality minutes and was instrumental when the warriors needed stops. >> doing it for the first time like me. just to know how much we wanted
10:59 pm
it. to get to this point. man. it's unbelievable. i can't really speak for them, but i know they feel the same way i do. >> i'm convinced that nothing. [ strong accent ] even the money, it's not worth it. this moment, you have to do your best. this is amazing. you can't buy this. it's so special. 29 other teams didn't get the chance. i'm so lucky, so blessed to be a part of this. >> reporter: unselfishness has character characterized this team all year long. the warriors for the second time on top in three years. the undisputed champs, even the cavaliers admitted that. fair and square. thanks, joe. drive safe, and you know, you
11:00 pm
got to wonder, 83 wins and 16 losses over the course of a season. where do teams like lebron's go from there? we have more news at 11:00. with julie and ken. thank you very much. next, continuing coverage of the warriors victory tonight at oracle. they are your nba champions for the second time in three years. we're following celebrations underway in oakland. all is peaceful, but oak police are out in force making sure the party doesn't get out of hand. hello, again. we have live team coverage tonight from oracle to downtown watch parties. we again at the arena with jason jason. >> reporter: second title in the last three years, this one really special because i


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