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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  June 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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it was probably the sweetest for kevin durrant. he got his first nba championship ring in his very first year with the dubs. they're prepping for a championship parade for thursday morning. >> joe fosse is here breaking down game five for us and has reaction from the players. let's head over to the parade route in oakland. the city and fans are getting ready for quite a party. >> that is right. right behind me this green area is where fans will be able to watch the rally after the big parade. across the street from them, they are building a stage where the players will be able to express their thoughts on this incredible season in championship run as oakland gears up for a big warriors celebration on thursday morning. >> city workers are dropping off barricades along the parade route getting ready for
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thursday. 1 million people came for the warriors celebration two years ago and more are expected this time. >> this lady dressed and where your courier -- color sensor hurt chose recommend people get here early and pick a spot. we have the luxury of having done this two years ago. this will be even better than it was two years ago as far as the number of hydrating stations, porta potty's, the first-aid stations and lost children stations. all of that is very well organized this time around. >> bart is planning to have perhaps its biggest single passenger day everywhere. and will be running more trains downtown it may close other stations if it gets too crowded. passengers should take the 19 streator 12th street train as well. were asking people to be patient with each other and with us. we will get them where they are going. it's just the system was not designed to carry five or 600,000 people per day.
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>> in the heart of the parade route the celebration figures to be one of the biggest -- busiest days. >> we will open early and we can hopefully share treats with the community. we are excited to celebrate the championship with everyone. >> one fan we spoke with works in a downtown office building overlooking the parade. >> maybe i'll hang out at the window and wave at them. >> police will be in force and all hands on deck. we will be visible to the public and some will be invisible. get here early and bring plenty of water and sunscreen and have the time of your life. >>.grassy area behind you will be a see of warriors fans. we probably won't see one blade of grass. that there early. >> here's the map of the parade route. a kicks off at 10 am in downtown oakland outside the warriors practice facility on
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11th and broadway. the parade goes up broadway and around lake merritt and turns on harrison street in lakeside drive before ending at the henry j kaiser convention center. yearning is now to put this into perspective because were used to this after three years that they been in the championship games. here's what's going on now. >> it's not something that we should get used to. just because they've done it two times, this shouldn't be an expectation. the road to a championship is never easy. that's what makes it so satisfying when it becomes reality. as a final seconds ticked last night it marked the end of the journey that actually started in last year's finals with a disappointing loss to cleveland. they responded by signing kevin durrant a high profile and talented free agent.
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in his 10th year in the league it all, needed for durrant and he finally experience the elation that comes with achieving your profession's highest high. he was a most valuable player and he shared this moment with his mother and warriors stars who were there two years ago. steph curry and klay thompson. for those veterans it was a return to the top with family members who have now become quite know -- quite well known in the bay area. this organization has been built on unselfishness and chemistry.>> 55 seconds i went over to the court line and bent down and thought is this really happened. and he was yelling keep playing keep play in. we've got 50 seconds left. we've got to win a title. that last few seconds was a blur. pure emotion and energy and you could feel it. for us to do it in front of the home crowd it's something i'll remember for a very long time.
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we are world champs again, crazy. enjoyed every minute of it. >> this is better than i thought it would be. honestly, man. we absolutely love each other, man. >> money, fame, material gain means nothing when it comes to winning.>> we genuinely love each other. this is what it's about. sacrifice for the greater good and this is the greater good right here. the championship. >> it's going to be a fun week. >>[cheering] >> what this means to the players, here's what they did is relive the arena. kevin durrant sharing the
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culmination of his career with the fans who waited outside the marine -- the arena last night. they got to rub elbows with one of their favorite players. we've seen periods of dominance by other teams in the bay area. savor every moment. the warriors have created something special and you can never assume how long it will last or that it will be repeated. but, you have to say, they had a roadmap and a game plan and they went out and executed it. the things we have heard all along about how unselfish these players are and how they care about each other, very true. >> you can see it and feel it in every interview. you can see the camaraderie even the coaches and bob myers, they all seem to really get along. their ability to move the ball on the court is amazing.
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>> steve kerr and mike brown. how difficult would that be for other organizations or other people were egos get in the way. he contributes to the role he was originally designed to do. from top to bottom and it was interesting to see steph curry. they forget that when he got drafted by the warriors, they were the worst team in the league. he suffered through tough seasons. he became one of the biggest stars in the link as well. an interesting contrast. the veteran guys compared with the guys that we have become so familiar with and it's a second time for them. it's quite an interesting story. for all of sports, this is really a big deal in all of the
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nba. >> it is a model blueprint. if you want to hear people talk about these things, unselfishness and how the greater good and the accomplishments, you're greater than the sum of your parts in all of those things referred in the past, it really is true. we want to savor the moment. what are you going to do over the summer to strategize and build up for next season quick >> i'm sure they will be motivated just as the warriors were. they didn't quite get as close as the warriors with a 3-1 last year. i don't know that there is a high profile free agent out there like kevin durrant. these were to star studded teams there's no question about it. the warriors stars were a little bit better in this one particular series. lebron is a center in the sum of that team. with the warriors is a different story. >> you can't take away from what they did. lebron james have 41 points last night. a triple-double.
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one of the most poignant moments was when lebron james and they had an emotional embrace afterwards. it was a moment of respect each sky for each other. they respect those guys as well. julia, you're talking about an all-star team. >> it's unfair. >> the warriors 2017 championship means there's a lot of new championship gear out there. dick's sporting goods opened early to handle the rush for warriors fans. they lined up for hours and once inside they brought the hats and t-shirts and anything with warriors 2017 championship printed on it. a lot of the local hats and women shirts sold out fast. we will have life dub nation coverage of thursday's parade and anchors and reporters will cover all angles of the big day. we will have alive said -- celebration starting thursday
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morning at nine we will have alive said -- celebration starting thursday morning at 9 am and we will livestream it on nine -- at 9:00. attorney general jeff sessions was on the hot seat today. he took questions on a number of controversies plaguing the trump white house including the russian investigation and frying james comey. we're joined now with the latest on today's developments. >> jeff sessions was before the senate intelligence committee today fiercely denying any sort of collusion with russian officials to disrupt or interfere with the 2016 election. >> senators asking jeff sessions about contact with russian officials. his meetings with the russian ambassador. >> to suggest that i participated in any collusion, that i was aware of any collusion with the russian government, to hurt this country, which i have served
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with honor for 35 years, or to undermine the integrity of our democratic process is an appalling and detestable lie.>> reporter: the public showdown less than one week after ousted fbi director james comey testified before the same committee about his conversations with trump. senators wanted to know what sessions had any role in comey's firing. >> the question of the russian investigation ever,? >> i cannot answer that. it was a communication by the president. >> sessions were curious -- recuse himself because of his involvement in the campaign. robert mueller is heading up that probe. today and another hearing on capitol hill the number two at the justice department attempted to shut down reports that trump is considering firing mueller. >> if president trump ordered you to fire the special counsel, what would you do
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quick >> if there are good cause i would consider it. if not it wouldn't matter to me what anybody says. >> we are learning james comey's friend who helped him leak the memo about conversations with the president is handing over materials to the fbi. joining us now is our political analyst. brian what is your take away? this looks like three or four hour hearing with lots of questions and answers but what you get from this? >> it wasn't as much fun watching that as it was watching the lawyers. >> i agree with you on that. what you saw was another skilled dare i say politician who can do well under cross- examination. i thought that he came in there was an idea of what he wanted to talk about and that was to essentially clear the president
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in many respects around collusion and not only collusion for the president but collusion at all including himself. i think he accomplished that. >> any suggestion he was involved in or aware of any russian collusion he said it was appalling and it detestable lie. did he come across as credible and believable quick >> i think in his case he is saying, you can't lay a glove on me for that. don't try. he kind of squats that pretty quickly. and then you learn more about what they are referring to. for example, a reception. he may have bumped into the guy but couldn't religion it -- couldn't legitimately recall anything set of note. this is the importance of this investigation by bob mueller. you've got to dig in there and figure out the facts. >> a lot of senators are trying to get answers. kamala harris was trying to pin down jeff sessions on one particular line of questioning. let's take a quest -- let's
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take a lesson. >> did you not ask your staff to show you the policy? >> senators will allow the chair to control the hearing. senator harris, let him answer.>> we talked about it. we talked about the real principal that's at stake. it's one that i have some appreciation for as having spent 15 years in the department of justice.>> she got called out and no other senator was called out like that. some senator so she was being rude or too aggressive. what did you make of this? >> i think she was fixated on getting answers to questions. one of the problems with the way these hearings are set up as you may have five minutes or seven minutes and you've got a lot of questions to ask. and by the way, he skilled at
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taking a side trip to make sure he doesn't have to answer a lot of questions. she's a tough prosecutor and she really leaned in pretty hard. to his credit, he was rebuffing some of that as well. and you're right, no one else in the hearing did you hear get -- here someone scolded for being too tough. >> some might think that that was sexist because it happen to her once before. still ahead, a high school in the south bay is accused of not taking action quick enough after a student creates a racist kill list. we will have details of 5:30. 's warming up out there. temperatures increased today. highs potentially in the triple digits. i will be back here with the details. struck five months of freedom --
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we're following breaking news out of alameda county. the sheriff says they been investigating a situation for the past month or so. several hundred parrots and macaws have been found. this is apparently an illegal operation involving these birds. turning us on the phone is sergeant ray kelly from the sheriff's office. is is a hoarder situation or some kind of bird smuggling operation? >> well, that's hard to say. is definitely not a hoarding situation. it is more of a bird mail. we often see puppy mills but this is a bird mail. some estimates up to 500 parrots and macaws and so with that comes a lot of health and safety issues and environmental concerns. quality-of-life issues for the neighbors that live around
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here. >> is is a felony operation where the people who are responsible could face potential prison time? >> right now we're working with several government agencies including california fish and game and our local zoning and code enforcement people. a lot of these violations are county ordinance violations. we're looking to see if there's something more serious going on here. 500 birds is quite a bit. anyone that's ever owned a parent or macaw will tell you that one bird needs a lot of attention let alone 500. >> sergeant kelly you been looking at this for about a month. is there any action being taken today? >> yes. what we're trying to do is get everybody together on the same page and make one effort at this. there are so many stakeholders here as far as and fire mental concerns and health and safety
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concerns. we are working together and we've been dealing with this problem for the last month. just being several hundred yards away from this, there's a tremendous amount of flies and insects that are attracted to the bird waste and whatnot. there's a lot of issues up here and one of the neighbors told me it's like jurassic park up., the amount of noise. >> what will happen? will they be removed from the property tonight quick >> looking forward, we are a rather big county and this is a pretty robust animal services program. you would be hard-pressed to find somewhere where you can stage d parrots. we're going to keep our eye on it. all of them appear to be healthy and said. were going to use that angle and see as we move forward what we would do with all of the birds. their worth quite a bit of money. some of these birds go for over $2000 or more on the market. >> how did you become aware of
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this operation? from the air it's apparent that this looks unusual to see these cages. had a guys find out about this? >> mostly from neighborhood complaints. a tremendous amount of noise and the smells and things coming from the property. we were contacted and told about it and that's how it came to our attention. >> all right. you --. thank you so much for letting us know what's going on. thank you for your time tonight . >> time now to check in with bill martin in the channel to weather center. from those pictures you can see that the parrots are enjoying some sunshine. >> that's a lot of birds. i didn't realize that some are worth up to $2000. >> they live a long time. they can live up to 60 or 70 years. >> we talked about the smell but my dad was a veterinarian. we would board the birds and they put out a lot of bird stuff.
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i'm trying to manage. the smell would be something you would notice. we will get to the weather. warmer as we go through the next couple of days. the system offshore, it wants to anything to us. as we head into a dry pattern that will bring us temperatures by friday that will be into the mid-90s. by the weekend, perhaps upper 90s. there was some patchy stuff down around carmel and monterey earlier this morning. here are the highs right now. these highs are running five to 8 degrees warmer than yesterday. livermore, 9 degrees warmer. the warming trend continues. the winds is blowing. 24 on the sustained. the first thing you notice is no coastal fog. tomorrow is sunny and daytime
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highs another 5 degrees on top so were into the mid-80s even upper 80s inland and around the bay. a warmer day tomorrow and the heat advisory with excessive heat watch is owing to go into effect as we move in the next few days as well for the triple digit heat that's possible. i will see you back here with the specifics. >> still ahead, who were ceo is leaving his post amid scandals within the rideshare company. and the report released the bout other changes for uber. [ birds chirping ]
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is expected travis kalanick step down from his ceo position. this comes as uber's board of directors implements changes in what they call an aggressive and disruptive culture of the company. uber released a report by eric holders law firm to all 14,000 employees addressing the wide array of complaints. >> we went through that report with a fine tooth clone -- home. >> uber posted a partial version on its website for anybody to read but with help from everybody the full report . the current board of directors have approved the investigators recommendations. >> first and foremost the report recommends that many of travis kalanick's duty should be shifted to others in senior management. kalanick announced he will take an indefinite leave of absence . >> what is the number one
5:27 pm
determining factor? the ceo of who were is a very brash person. the culture at uber is brash. people thought they could get away with sexual harassment . people felt they could get away with breaking the law. >> the report calls for significant changes in culture. from always be hustling, toe stepping in principle confrontation to more professional and understandable terms that don't encourage bad behavior. >> there are aspects that are not helpful and in some sense potentially harmful to the very survival of the company. >> a leader shoe -- leadership team will implement needed changes. the leadership team and all managers will undergo training and management.
5:28 pm
human resources and diversity. the roles of the chief diversity in human resources directors will be elevated and enhanced. employees will have a new robust and effective complaint process. there will be controls against bias in hiring and promotions. the management teams pay will be directly tied to ethics, diversity, responsiveness to complaints and employee satisfaction. intimate relationships between superiors and subordinates are band. tighter controls on the use of alcohol and drugs will be implemented. to assure all of this happens, the board of directors especially the chairman will be more independent with more responsibility and authority to oversee the entirety of the company and its operations. >> as an organization is serious about changing its culture it can do so deliberately and rapidly. i would say within a years time. if they are serious. >> uber issued a statement that
5:29 pm
says will changes that happen overnight, we are committed to regaining trust with our employees, riders and drivers. ktvu fox2 news . a man is cited for eating pizza at a bus stop in san francisco. why that sparked outrage among the homeless community. here in the south bay another school district is under fire for what they did not know and threats made a certain group of students. we will have that story coming up right after the break. >>
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south bay school district has been rocked by scandal and accused for not doing enough to protect students. >> jesse gary is life outside district headquarters in sunnyvale with more on this. >> the threats date back to the beginning of the school year. all the way back to september and both involve threats and rants to students. the district never disclose this. it came to -- it came to light from parents and the anger is almost uncontainable. >> six months after this happen all of a sudden there investigating and they knew about it then? somebody has got to go. somebody needs to be held
5:33 pm
responsible. community members were not only mad, they were enraged. during a news conference a detailed the allegations involving the high school district. last september a group of six to 10 male students and monta vista high school in fremont high school created what is entitled and in wordless. they posted to social media sites and detailed how many bullets would be needed to drop and kill a handful of black students attending the schools. richard richardson represents one of the victims. >> the mother could not allow her daughter to return to the school. it's been allowed to go on for months with no one doing anything about it took >> another racist message typed on the school computer and posted in a social media asked about daily goals and the answer is to quote lynch and words. >> our children are living daily with this kill list. we should all be embarrassed. the mayor should be standing here. the police chief should be
5:34 pm
standing here. >> the school district did not do an on camera interview. they said the district is aware and staff investigated and took appropriate action. officials referred us to the sheriff's office which also declined an interview and issued a statement. the sheriff says in part, it's a failure of of our community to allow discourse to flow freely within adolescent interactions. the sheriff's office began investigating in september. her findings were turned over to the das office for criminal prosecution. the district is looking at a lawsuit and negative repercussions in the court of public opinion. is community members say they've reached the limit in attacks against the vulnerable buried by an education bureaucracy. >> i'm have -- and tired of having this conversation. we know they tried to do a cover-up and give us the
5:35 pm
runaround. at least one of the victims here was transferred to another school. she made that mobile for the school year ended. officials say they cannot comment because they have not been served with the lawsuit. i spoke with the attorney that represents the district and he confirmed the firm has not received the lawsuit but will do so before the end of the week. we will talk with him and have an update on that as well. live in sunnyvale, ktvu fox2 news. a bomb threat forced evacuations of the palo alto courthouse this morning. the threat was called in at 9:00 this morning at the courthouse on grant avenue. authorities immediately ordered everyone out of the building and bomb sniffing dogs were called in. the bomb was found in the all clear was issued around 10:15 a.m.>> a man issued a citation for eating pizza at a bus stop fought the case in one. it sparked outrage saying that
5:36 pm
man was targeted because he was homeless. here's more on the story.>> how's that pizza? >> reporter: eating pizza hardly seems like something you would do on the steps of the courthouse. but today about 20 people did just that. in support of daniel mccue. that's because the 64-year-old received a $234 police citation for eating pineapple pizza at a bus stop. >> it was very embarrassing and it was very humiliating. >> police are know for clearing out homeless who frequently gather with no intention of catching a bus. he nausea and a burrito in a concert ticket preposterous. >> when it you go catch the child molesters, the drug dealers murderers repress. >> people get away with far worse things than eating pizza>> shooting up heroin
5:37 pm
smoking crack, whatever you want to do when it's legal. >> there are no signs prohibiting eating at a shelter but according to law it is illegal to eat within the public transit system in the shelter is considered part of that system. police say ticketing is up to the discretion of the officer. protesters say it's a lot that simply not evenly enforced. >> i think it speaks to a wider trend of criminalization of poverty and homelessness. >> i respect him and the officer also. yet, the way he did it, maybe he was having a bad day or something. >> the officer didn't show up to court so the ticket was tossed. he's no longer homeless and he now lives in an apartment through the cities supportive housing program where he can eat all the pizza he wants. >> i have a nice place to live with my own kitchen and bathroom and shower. it gives me a sense of dignity.
5:38 pm
>> ktvu fox2 news . a man with medical conditions is missing from a care home in burlingame. police are hoping to find him quickly. daniel rodriguez disappeared this morning. he only speaks spanish and he was last seen wearing a gray and blue jacket. anyone who sees him is asked to call burlingame police. >> new at 5:00 tonight, people who live in a california city says it's being targeted because of its sanctuary status. the trying to get a measure on the ballot in the silly of cut a hay in los angeles county. it would overturn the local utility tax it provides more than 10% of the city's funding. residents said the group chose the city because it's easy to get initiatives on the ballot there. >> we don't welcome the white supremacy are the racism. they are targeting our
5:39 pm
communities. >> if you want to play games, i'm not going to go away. >> the group says a plan to target other sanctuary cities once it gets its measure on the ballot in cut a hay. still ahead, the attorney general is answering questions from the senate intelligence agency and other officials were grilled on foreign policy priorities. we will have details when we come back.
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juries in the bill cosby sexual assault trial deliberated for a second day today. last night they deliberated for four hours. a 79-year-old is charged with drugging and molesting a woman in 2004 at his home. he claims the encounter was consensual.>> mr. cosby is doing good. his spirits are up. he is confident that this jury, they are intelligent and asking the right questions. >> we have mr. cosby's own admission under oath that he provided the drugs and she did not consent. that he found her to be truthful. >> cosby did not testify in his defense. of found guilty he could get up to 30 years in prison. >> the trump administration
5:43 pm
cabinet members were pushing the foreign-policy plans. tim matus told lawmakers that the u.s. is losing the war in afghanistan setting up for a possible troop increase in the coming weeks. here's more from the pentagon. >> rex tillerson is taking a mixed approach to diplomacy as he defends trump's foreign- policy on capitol hill. the foreign relations committee the administration remains cautious. when it comes to russia, he wants to let the diplomatic process play out before considering more economic punishment. >> we have channels where we're starting to talk of what i wouldn't want to do was close to channels if. >> he's also meeting with the saudi counterpart hoping to find a solution to the crisis with qatar.>> we have announced the movement of families between the countries so that
5:44 pm
we don't divide families. we are prepared to provide qatar with food and medical supplies. >> jim matus is offering a grim assessment of america's military readiness telling lawmakers a lack of funding is why the u.s. is not winning right now in afghanistan. setting up for a possible troop increase which could come by mid july. >> we are putting it together now. there are actions being taken to make certain that we don't pay a price for the delay >> president trump says he will hold a press conference to review a new strategy for defeating isis. at the pentagon, fox news. student desk risen orville are working to work on the orville dam. the progress are making, coming up next. >> it will be hot this weekend. temperatures back into the 90s.
5:45 pm
how long is it going to last? meet us back here. >>
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now, the world is your diner. whoa yeah. with new denny's online ordering, get whatever you want, whenever you want, now wherever you want. order at crews and orville are working to repair the main spillway at the orville dam. the project has a deadline of must be operational before the start of the next rainy season. that spillway was almost destroyed. vicki gonzalez went to the gym today and shows us work underway. >> construction crews scaling what remains of or avails dams
5:48 pm
primary spillway. controlled explosions, uprooting decades-old concrete. making way for a sturdier shoot to protect residents downstream>> we were able to start construction earlier in maybe a week ahead of schedule. nearly half a century old, orville dam as the tallest in the country. the spillway nearly twice as wide as the golden gate bridge. in february heavy storms showed erosion splitting the primary spillway. with the feeling emergency spillway prompting unprecedented evacuations of nearly 200,000 people along the feather river. >> the state now rebuilding around two thirds of the primary spillway in time for the upcoming what season. along with construction awarded a $275 million contracting bed. >> they come fresh from working on full some spillway. they know this work and they can do it quickly.
5:49 pm
it will keep construction on track. the department of water resources scheduling for completion in 2018 marking orville dam's 50th anniversary. >> a lot of work to do out there. all the damage that was done another concrete and to see them blow it up so let's go to bill and the weather center. it creates a good base for. they're making progress. >> you've got to get underneath there and get all of that eroded dirt underneath us. when they pulverize the concrete, and settled down. at least from my point of view. >> imagine trying to get it all out. >> rainy season is in november. i would want that thing done by october 10 if i were them. >> we've got temperatures
5:50 pm
outside on the warm up. a little fire today, a transformer blew up out there. it is fire season. with the heat coming in and excessive heat watch in store for us over the next couple of days, we have to start thinking about fires around here. the hills still have some greenman that -- green in them believe it or not. we just had a half inch of rain in petaluma. highs right now are warmer than they were yesterday. i always show you this map. especially before we had all the equipment we have now. the trends are super important. our showing of the warming trend and that will continue. they usually last a few days. they go up three or four days. winds are blowing as you would expect but nothing like we saw a few days ago . on monday morning we had winds at the 40
5:51 pm
miles per hour . the getting bigger and bigger. that's a good shot. beautiful clear skies. it's been so winds that we've had great air-quality. the air-quality will take a hit as well and i wouldn't be surprised, when you get excessive heat or anything like that was we will see by the end of the week, if we see some bad air days coming in toward the end of the week. the air is nice now because it's been so winds but the wind will go down in the morning and afternoon commutes will get stuck in that lower layer. temperatures tomorrow in san francisco in the 50s. nice in san francisco. 63 for a high. 86 in co. fairfield. a nice looking day. i guess as you get older, i watch them build the dam. that's how old i am.
5:52 pm
i was so interested in how we're going to get all of that concrete and get it out to recycle it. they pulverize it. >> they're up against a tight deadline and huge trunk -- chunks of it have to be hauled away and there in an area where it's not easy to get out of. it will be porous and it should provide a nice base for the new spillway which hopefully will circumnavigate the problems they had with the old spillway. >> we couldn't blow up the old bay bridge because that would've caused all kinds of problems. some of the times the old technology can work in the right places. >> i knew a guy who work -- did blow up the pillars using acoustics. i will talk about that later. maybe in the break. >> hundreds of teenagers were at san jose city hall looking for summer internships. 115 different companies. the pay starts at minimum wage.
5:53 pm
$12 an hour and a goes up from there. >> we have employers from all around, employers from the high- tech industry employers like kaiser permanente and a number of others. the vast majority are small business proprietors as well. >> the city puts up the money to pay the interns. this is the second year for that program. >> the warriors are being called one of the greatest teams of all time after their 16 and one playoff run. we will have a look at this amazing championship series right after the break. new at 6:00, details and groundbreaking legislation just approved in san francisco to help breast-feeding mothers in the workplace. plus a stolen ferrari with hundreds of thousands of dollars has been recovered. i will have details on the arrest somewhat led police to the suspect at 6:00.
5:54 pm
>> breaking a new record is just the start. overcoming the pressure is a necessity. you have to do more than just get it close. >> the greatest comeback ever. you have to play through the pain. that's how you become legendary. the u.s. open thursday at 3:00. >> we are warriors. join the dub nation celebration on ktvu fox2 news bringing you live coverage from our camera and yours throughout thursday morning son to with special covers of the dubs victory parade starting at 9 am.
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5:57 pm
speaking of the warriors, the euphoria from last night's championship when is very strong and dub nation. the winning title did not come easy. here's a look back now at the series. >> lebron james with the rejection. the cavaliers are nba champions. >> there is no excuses.
5:58 pm
we will come back stronger next season. it's about us. it's about the golden state warriors versus the cleveland cavaliers.>> that was too easy. show off, young man. razzle-dazzle at its finest. the golden state and a crushing loss for the cavs. >> europe 3-0. you've got all the momentum. right now, our season is on the line. >> he throws it down.>> [cheering] >> another electrifying
5:59 pm
performance by kevin durrant. there it is, the warriors are champions again. >> you are the nba champions. >>[cheering]>> [music] >> ktvu fox2 news at 10 starts now starts now>> did you ever discuss director comey's fbi handling of the russia investigations with the president? >> i'm not able to comment on that. >> tough questions for jeff sessions as he testifies before the senate about his involvement with russia in the presidential election. >> to undermine the integrity of our democratic process is appalling and detestable lie. >> another blockbuster hearing at the u.s. capitol.
6:00 pm
good evening. the attorney general refused to answer a number of questions from the senate intelligence committee and denied any suggestion that he colluded with russian officials. we have lyme -- life team coverage with the questions asked by lawmakers. >> first to washington dc where we have a look at sessions testimony. >> attorney general jeff sessions before the senate intelligence committee today seriously denying any sort of collusion with russian officials disrupting or interfering with the 2016 election. >> jeff sessions was asked about previously undisclosed contact with russian officials in particular his meetings with the russian ambassador to the united states. >> any suggestion that i participated in any collusion that i was aware of any collusion with the russian government to hurt this


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