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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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sleeping. no word on casualties, but we just received new information about the number of people hurt. a huge fire continues to burn in a london high-rise. i'm ken wayne. >> it is 7:00 a.m. in london, here are some live pictures now of the fire scene in west london. you can see the apartment building is still burning. emergency crews say it's been extremely difficult to get an accurate figure on casualties due to the on going fire- fighting efforts, but officials day they believe there were some 200 people inside this high-rise when the fire started. ambulance service says at least 30 people have been trance tort ports to area hospital, and one man says it seems impossible there wouldn't be if a. here is a map, the fire is burning at grenfell tower, on latimer
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road. that puts the high-rise about a mile northwest of kensington palace. here's video from earlier. it broke out about 1:00 a.m. london time when most people were likely asleep. two witnesses say they heard household smoke alarms, but no fire alarms. witnesses reported people jumping out of windows. other people have been heard screaming for help. 24 story building has 120 residential units. flames have open gulfed the entire -- engulfed the entire structure, and there are concerns it could collapse. 200 firefighters have been battling the fire for six hours. at this point, there is no word on how it started. to washington where the senate intelligence committee turned attention to attorney general jeff sessions. sessions strongly denied that his meetings with russian officials during the 2016 campaign were improper, despite
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recusing himself from the russia probe. >> reporter: republicans hoped today would help the attorney general clear his name, but many democratic lawmakers still don't believe sessions has answered their questions. jeff sessions answering a barrage of questions about his contacts with russian officials during the 2016 campaign. denying any improper meetings, and saying any suggestion of collusion is appalling and detectable life. >> i've never met with or had any conversation with any russians or any foreign officials concerning any time of interference with any campaign, or election in the united states. >> reporter: sessions went on to explain his decision in march to recuse himself from the on going investigation into election meddling. but during the frustration -- refusing to answer questions or saying he couldn't recall details. the hearing at times turning into a heated back and forth. >> mr. comey said that there
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were matters with respect to the recuse al that were problematic and you couldn't talk about that -- he couldn't talk about that. what are they? >> why don't you tell me? there are none. >> reporter: also unconfirmed reports that the president was considering firing special counsel to the investigation, robert mueller. the white house says the president has the right, but no intention to fire mueller. >> i've known mr. mueller over the years. >> reporter: before the hearing, there were a handful of democrats calling for sessions to resign. now, following the hearing, senators durbin and warren have publicly said they still believe sessions should step down. in washington, lauren plan chard. the former journalist pled guilty to making hoax bomb threats to at least a dozen jewish community centers across the country. prosecutors say thompson phoned the threats in the name of an
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ex-girlfriends, in an effort to harass and intimidate her after she broke off their relationship. thompson, who worked for the new site, the intercept -- a convicted felon is behind bars after police severed served a search warrants, john co-vac had a bailed out of jail after being arrested last month in connection with a home invasion robbery in gilroy. in his home, police say they found at least 6 guns, and large amount of ammunition. police say he was also in possession of methamphetamine, and re arrested him on weapons and drug charges. some residents are saying they are fed up with a neighbor who is keeping hundreds of birds and macaws. they're asking the sheriff's department to step in. >> reporter: neighbors say they first noticed problems at the
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house on the 5700 block of jensen road last year. >> she started off with a few birds. over time, she has gasket adding more. >> reporter: lonnie says the number of cages trimmed until the noise, the did, tripled until the noise, smell and flies spread. >> we hear the birds in our home. >> reporter: she and her husband hung fly traps but the problem's so bad, it's hard for them to be out in their own backyard. >> you can't open your doors because of flies. just worrying about the health issues. >> reporter: the sheriff's office said they responded to the complaint. >> much to our dismay and shock, we saw several hundred birds, estimated 500, these are
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parrots and macaws. >> you can't have this tremendous amount of animal life on a residential property. people wants peace and quiet, and they're not getting that. >> reporter: we tried to reach the owner. she didn't respond. but her daughter emerged from the home the daughter says she is trying to sell the bird, and we did see some of them for sale on crazy lift for up to $1600. -- craigslist for up to $1600. the daughter said her mother is battling depression. >> the birds, taking care of the bird is a nice outlet. >> reporter: county and state officials plan to meet on wednesday to discuss what to do about the house here on jensen road. if the homeowner chooses not to cooperate, she could face
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criminal charges. city of oakland is makes plans to honor the warriors with a victory parade on thursday. it starts at 10:00 a.m. a rally will be held after that practice weighed at lake merritt. that's to begin at 12:15. >> reporter: we're at the convention center, and where the rally will be held. this time around, organizers estimate that up to 1.5 million people will attend, that's up from the 1 million in 2015. a new banner thanking dub nation hangs at city hall. >> it's great to give the fans something to believe in. >> reporter: those involved with planning the parade and rally say from will be 20 oak police officers per block along the two mile route. police wouldn't commit to a number, but did say it will be all hands on deck. >> we're going to have officers in the parade, on the outside
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of the parade in, the rally. >> reporter: city officials say they are working with the highway patrol to monitor the traffic along 880. if there is major backups, officers will close the oak street and jackson street off ramp. >> come early, don't drive, parking's going to fill up. >> reporter: no parking signs are up, and barricades are at the ready. there will also be port that potties and high hydration stations. >> don't bring lawn chairs. jimmy plans to open for business early on thursday as in 5:30 a.m. the owner says in 2015, people were knocking on his door around 6:00 a.m., asking to buy coffee, water and food. the deli owner hopes to control the crowd by doing something
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different. hiring a security guard, and selling food and beverages outside his front door. >> we plan to just open the door, and put like a counter in front of the door. and try to sell behind outside. >> reporter: some who attended the 2015 rally plan to be back thursday. they say it's an unforgettable experience. >> they are a hard work ink, humble. -- working, humble. the whole environment, not only the team, but the fans. >> reporter: here it the convention center, crews set up the stage, and the equipment necessary for the rally. the advice is to pick which events you want to attend, and arrive hours in advance. >> a proud moment for oakland. speaking of the parade, it starts outside the warriors practice facility at 11th and broadway. here's a look at the route. it goes up broadway to grand
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avenue, hooks over to harrison street. lakeside drive around lake merritt. it all ends up at the convention center at the end of the lake for that huge rally. bart is anticipating record ridership on thursday. today, the transition agency advised fans to avoid the lake merritt station, which is smaller afternoon easily crowd -- and easily crowded. they suggest people exit at the 12th and 19th street stations. ktvu will have live coverage of the parade. we start at 9:00 a.m., with anchors and reporters covering all angles. warriors fans are grabbing up as much merchandise as they can. the line at oracle store stretched out. thousands of online orders have been placed for the special championship gear, and the team says more of it will be made available during and after
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thursday's parade. >> had a lot of traffic last night. so much so, it slowed down. but we're back up and running. >> i'm getting championship gear for my family. we've been waiting around for a while. >> there will be two pop up stores thursday. one at the beginning of the route, and one at the rally site near lake merritt. . high school kill list, posted to social media. allegations that school officials didn't take it seriously enough. enough. heat advisory is coming up, as we head into the five day forecast. i'll let you know how long it's going to last.
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walter wilson and other community members were just in the mad, but enraged. >> i'm sorry, somebody's got to go. somebody needs to be health responsible. >> reporter: the group detailed a disturbing set of fact and allegations involving the fremont union high school district. last september, a group of 6 to 10 males at monty vista high
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school, and fremont created a n- word list. most social media sites, it detailed how many bullets would be needed to drop and kill the hands full of black constitutes handing the school -- students attending the school. >> she felt she couldn't allow her daughter to return. when they allowed this to go on for weeks. and for months. >> reporter: another racist message typed on the school computer, and posted to social media asked the question about daily goals, and the answer is to "lynch n-words." we should be embarrassed, the mayor should be standing here. the police chief should be standing here. >> reporter: the school district refused to do an on camera interview, saying in part in a statement the district is aware of the incident. staff immediately investigated
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and took appropriate disciplinary action. sheriff's smith says in part, it's a failure of our community to allow. to allow. our findings were turned over to the district attorney's office for criminal prosecution. but the district is looking at is a civil right lawsuit. as community members say thief reached -- they've reached their limit. >> i'm tired of having this conversation of did they do the right thing? we know they didn't. they try to did a cover up. they're going to give us the runaround. >> reporter: at least one of the victims feared for safety, transferred out of the school to a different school before the end of the school year. the school district says they can't comment because they haven't been served with the lawsuit. i spoke with their attorney, he confirms he's not received the
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lawsuit, and expects to receive it by the end of the week. hundreds of teenagers interviewed for paid internship with 115 different companies. the pay starts at minimum wage, that's $12 an hour, and can go up from there. >> we have employers who are from the high tech industries, employers at kaiser permanente, employers like the transportation authority, a number of other, vast majority are small business, that provide the paid internships. >> reporter: the city puts up the money to pay the interns. this is the second year for this program. santa clara valley water district moved forward with plans to provide more flood protection in san jose. the board approved to modify
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the current flood plan. this will cover the rock springs neighborhood, and include areas affected by flooded in february. they changed the creek's flood designation from a 100 year flood region to a 25 year flood region. the district says that allows for smaller scale project, and more attainable flooding. the city of san francisco has the strongest workplace policies in the nation for breast-feeding mothers. supervisors approved a measure requiring employers to provide a clean, private space for new moms to pump breast milk. there must be a chair, service fast for a pump, and access to electricity. this new city ordinance is significant, because it includes more detail and spells out what kind of space needs to be provided. it did warm up today, and
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it continues into the weekend when the heat advisory will be in effect, and we could probably see a spare the air day. temperatures climb out of the 70s, as yesterday, into the 80s, and back into the upper 80s tomorrow, and 90s by thursday and friday up with error 90s by friday and saturday. it's gob to heat up. -- going to heat up. highs tomorrow will be warmer. it's not going to -- we're easing into this. couple of degrees here, couple of degrees there. and by friday, it's hot. we'll have a chance to acclimate. no fog at the coast, but lots of sunshine, even at the open beach. you start off -- ocean beach. you start off. 61 degrees in walnut creek, no clouds, no fog, and low pressure center that is exiting the area. high pressure is building in rapidly, and setting up for a warm period as we move through the rest of this week.
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i have-- probably friday, saturday and part of sunday, that's where it will be. maybe a spare of air day or two. air quality will take a hit. tomorrow is all about plenty of sunshine in san jose,. 86 in brentwood, 86 in antioch, upper 60s along the coast. 85 in morgan hill, and 86 in dell ray. unusual weather, really, all year. kind of getting back to what i would expect for june for this time of june coming up on the summer solstice, and the numbers represent more of a typical spread for what we would be seeing. as opposed to the snow we saw in lake tahoe. and half inch of rain on
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petaluma. so more typical weather pattern. you'll notice the heat and the air quality or friday and saturday. >> spotty out there. >> a little spotty. the national park service says an entrance to yosemite national park will remain closed at least through the weekend. a rock slide just two miles inside the park on highway 140 has shut down the park entrance east of mairaposa. officials say about 4000 tons of rock came down on that road yesterday afternoon. opposite office no one was hurt. the entrances on highways 120 from the bay area, and highway 41 from the south remain open. as and giants were big losers tonight in baseball match ups. how some fans reacted to all of that. more live pictures, we want to show you from west london on the breaking news we've been following. a 24 story apartment building still burning after six hours.
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the extent of the casualties not known, but the bbc reports that dozens of people are being treated for a range of injuries, and significant number of people are unaccounted for. we'll be right back. l be
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mark's here with an update, baseball news, and not as exciting as the warriors news. >> it was a distraction for a while, from the baseball season, right? i'll give you a clue, the
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giants lost for the 40th time tonight. >> yikes. >> and they didn't lose the 40 40th game last year until july 26, so that gives awe hint. kansas city and the giants little over two years ago, fighting it out in game 7 of the world series. today, both are under .500. that kid has the waters jurors and his mind. buster posey had a couple more hits. puts him at number 24 on the all time giants list. nothing doing against vargas. 7 earned runs for black, bonafacio maked it up the middle, two run single. royals lead for good. 6 runs in the 6th. pence diving but that's a fair ball off the bat of youngster
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by the name of whit merrifield. that fan doesn't know what to do with himself. he knows he wants to see highlights. they are area not coming. -- they're not coming. 8-1. same thing for the as. no highlight down in marlin land. marcel rides it over and out against as opposed to why on the -- long time before that ball comes down, that's because it went 144 feet high. labeled as the tallest home run in the majors so far this year. that guy is a stud. 8-1 final. if you can't get enough the golden state warriors, the parade will happen thursday. all kinds of stuff for you.
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highest rated nba final since '98, the coolest moment had to be kd rolling out of the yard last night in his vehicle, stopped, got out of the car, and met with a lot of fans. adoring fans, i think you could say. showing off his mvp trophy, and feeling the love. all right. time to check this out. few moments from tonight's activities, penguins, you win the stanley cup, you have to tour it around. and they went to a pirates game, showing it off, and the star, sidney crosby throwing out the first pitch. it's called a strike. he knows what to do with a puck and baseball. here is puig. he will be disciplined for this. apparently upset with some
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fans. that's a double time. schwarber of the cubs, deep right, jay bruce, despite the fact his mets were trailing 12- 1. giving the all-out effort. upon further review, yeah, that's still a sensational catch in deep right field. that's the sporting life right now. probably going to be a long season for the giants and as. >> we'll make the best of it. thank for joining you the -- thanks for joining us tonight. more people are choosing nissan. ♪ ♪ it's america's best sales event at nissan the fastest-growing auto brand in the u.s.a. take on every day get 0% for up to 72 months on 13 models. ♪
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