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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  June 14, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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really hot. tied hottest temperature ever recorded in san francisco. 103 in 2000. the other was july 17th, 1988. san jose said 103 we can beat that. on this date back then they were at 109. so just slightly above. 1893 the low got to 38. whoa, what an extreme on one way or the other on the high and low side. patchy fog near monterey. high pressure is slowly kicking in. 40s and 50s on the temps. gilroy has drop today 49 degrees. scotts valley at 45. 51 santa clara. again, patchy fog at best. lots of sunshine. getting warmer. 60s and 70s inland. low to mid to upper 80s. 7:00, we had an issue earlier
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on the grade. what is happening now. >> now the crash is cleared, it has been gone for an hour but the damage is done when it comes to the commute in the east bay. 680 straight out of pleasanton all the way down to fremont because of an earlier crash on the grade. it is still very, very slow. driving through. if you drive this commute and you're thinking, okay, i need to add extra time, you level do. and alternate routes really aren't suggested. and i'll tell you why. because if you're driving over to 238 and 880 southbound, there was also an accident at mawry avenue that has 880 under the limit as well. let's talk about highway 4. slow from the -- slow from the antioch area all the way out to concord. that is kind of a slow commute. and traffic on the east shore freeway this morning from the cara liu bring to the macarthur maze, taking just a little bit less than 40 minutes at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a backup of about 25
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minutes before you make it on to the bridge. and san francisco crowded but not stop and go on 101 near the 80 split. 7:02. let's go back to the desk. >> we will go back to the breaking news that we have been bringing you sending shock waves through washington and the rest of the country this morning. >> powerful member of congress was shot this morning. he is in the hospital recovering. congressman steve scalise of louisiana was wounded along with several other people as they were practicing on a baseball field. ktvu's allie rasmus, you have been on this story all morning. you're in the news room. tell us what happened? what do you know. >> four people were shot and wounded. one from a congressional member of congress. representative steve scalise was shot, struck in the hip. air lifted in stable condition. he is expected to be okay. this is all happening around 7:00 eastern time in alexandria, virginia. a group of 25 republican members of congress were practicing for the congressional baseball game. it is supposed to happen
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tomorrow. in the video you see steve scalise who was shot being rushed away and air lifted to a local hospital. again, he is in stable condition, expect today recover. he was coherent and able to talk to some of the other representatives and witness who's were there shortly after he was shot. but one of his aides was also reportedly shot, rushed to the hospital. we are also told he is in stable condition as well. two capitol police officers who were part of the security detail of scalise were shot in all of this. we do not have an update on their condition. he told reporters that the members were finishing up batting practice on the field when the gunman who appeared to have a rifle approached the field. >> just to paraphrase what senator jeff flake of arizona told reporters this morning.
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he said that the gunman appeared to, quote, have a lot of ammo and he appeared to be kind of hiding out or maybe taking cover near the 3rd base dugout. he says because of that, it was difficult for the capitol police officers to -- two capitol police officers who were there to get him in custody and take him down. now, the gunman has been brought into custody. we don't know if the gunman was shot. but there was a lot of gunfire exchanged between the two capitol police officers at this practice and the gunman who had been shooting at the 25 or so congressional representatives at the practice. and we are told as many as 50 to 100 shots exchanged within a ten-minute period. now, because representative steve scalise is majority whip, that means he is basically third in line in terms of ranking behind the house speaker, he has his own is security detail. that is why the two capitol police officers were there with him at this practice. that is why police were able to respond so quickly. i believe we might have a sound
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byte from senator rand paul of kentucky who was also at the practice talking about how fortunate it was that the congressional police officers were already there. >> i think we're lucky that scalise was there because these -- this was his security detail. without them, it would have been a massacre. there would have been no stopping this guy. we were like sitting ducks. we had no place to run. >> just to recap the latest from alexandria police and u.s. capitol police chief, they briefed reporters about an hour ago. they said that there is no longer a public threat. although you can see from this video that there is still a large law enforcement presence throughout the entire area. not only local police but obviously the fbi investigating what happened. we don't know much about the gunman. we don't know anything about his possible motivation or even a description of him. all we know is he is in custody. we don't know if he was shot or what his condition is. at this point, investigators talking to the many witnesses,
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including those 25 or so congressional representatives at the baseball field when the shooting happened. the investigation is in the early stages. but, again, just to recap, representative steve scalise who was from louisiana, the house majority whip, he was shot in the hip and air lifted to the hospital and expected to recover. three other people shot in the incident as well. >> allie rasmus in the news room up to date on that. thanks, allie. >> many people in washington took to social media to express their support for scalise. president trump tweeted a true friend and patriot was badly injured but will fully recover. our thoughts and prayers are with him. >> this reminds us when gabby giffords was shot in 2011 during a meet and greet with constituents in tucson. today she tweeted my heart is with my former colleagues, family and staff and the u.s. capitol police. public servants and heroes today and every day.
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and south bacon guess man rotana tweeted my thoughts and prayers are with my colleague steve scalise, the police that protect us each day and all of those wounded. >> joining us on the phone is california democratic congressman huffman talking to us from washington, d.c. representative huffman, through for joining us. tell us where you are and what you know about the situation. >> well, i was across town at democratic baseball team practice when we got news of this. the two teams practice on different fields. we -- i think we both practice at 7:00 a.m. in the morning. we were about halfway through our practice when our coach, congressman mike doyle from pittsburgh, he got a message on his phone that was very disturbing to him. he was very animated and called everyone in immediately. and said there had been a shooting at the republican practice. so that was shocking. our hearts broke. we didn't have a lot of
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information at that time. but we immediately pulled our whole team into the dugout. now, we have a couple of capitol police that routinely attend our practice. i would imagine that that's also the case on the republican side. although with steve scalise, you have an additional security detail there. so my assumption is there was a little bit of additional security presence because of that. but our capitol police told us that they wanted us in the dugout before we could determine if there was any safety issue on our side of things. while we were there, we immediately huddled in prayer for our colleagues. and then we began getting updates from the capitol police and from the various twitter feeds. >> yeah. congressman huffman, i was interested in how you felt personally relating to steve scalise. and i was going to ask you, your immediate reaction not only for him but also for yourself. i'm sure that you heard from your family as well.
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>> i was pretty slow to think about whether we had a security issue. our thoughts were immediately across town with our republican colleagues. but then you do start thinking about that. you know, is it possible that there could be a multiple targeting event? and then of course we all started letting our family members know that we were okay. because we didn't want them to see some news report about a congressional baseball practice shooting and worry we were in danger. >> representative huffman, i'm reading a comment by one of your republican colleagues. i'll quote. he was hunting us at that point. there was so much gunfire you couldn't get up and run. as we learn more about what happened, we understand there may have been a number of minutes before a large security response happened there at the baseball field. lawmakers turning to each other for help. i'm hearing it described as chaos. what does this tell you about your personal activities out and about in the washington area in the days to come?
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i understand that the baseball game itself is supposed to be this weekend, isn't it. >> it is supposed to be tomorrow. yeah. look, first it tells me that that was just a terrifying scene. and i'm just thinking about my colleagues. and i feel stunned and horrified that they had to go through this this morning. none of us can ever be really fully secure in this day and age. we aren't surrounded by security details everywhere go, especially when it is small groups and individual members of congress. that is a reality. i imagine that will spark a conversation. there is never a way to guarantee perfect security for every member of congress in every activity that they are doing outside of the capitol. >> california congressman jared huffman, thank you for your comments and for joining us on mornings on 2. have a safe day,
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sir. >> thanks for having me. >> yes, sir. 7:10. we're tracking developing news from london where a huge fire engulfed a 24-story apartment building. at least six people have died. the fire started at 1:00 in the morning london time. most of the 500 people who lived there were at home and asleep. more than 200 firefighters battled the flames. more than 70 people had to be taken to the hospital. the fire is believe today have started on the 4th floor and spread quickly. people could be seen inside waving items through a window trying to get the attention of firefighters screaming for help. there are reports of people jumping from the windows. >> within an hour, we saw people looking out of the window screaming help. screaming help, help, flashing their lights. out of those windows, people jumped. >> this is an unprecedented incident. in my 29 years of being a firefighter, i have never ever seen anything of this scale. >> there's no word yet on the
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cause of the fire. residents do say there was recent construction on the building's exterior. all right. our time is 7:12. here at home, a new shocking report about the drinking water in the east bay. coming up at 7:30, what could be in that water that could cause cancer. also, ditching public transit and using uber and lyft instead. how changes in the way that people commute are making more congestion on the streets of san francisco.
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>> 7:14. welcome back. we will get you a check with your morning commute with sal. you also have a report about big changes and how people get around san francisco. >> that's right. according to a new report by the san francisco transportation authority. every day uber and lyft log more than half a million miles in the city. new data suggests that all of those trips taken by the
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services are adding to congestion on city streets. >> reporter: traffic is nothing new in san francisco. there is a new source of congestion never seen before. ride sharing companies like you knower and lyft adding thousands of drivers to city streets. we sit on the corner of market and 10th and watch as the cars went by. most of them had an uber sticker on them. according to city records, san francisco has 45,000 uber and lyft drivers. new york city a city eight times as big has an estimated 5500 road share drivers,. they are regulated by the public utilities commission. it is unclear what power san francisco has over the ride sharing companies, including the ability to limit how many ride share drivers are on the streets. but the city says what it can do is make sure that existing laws are being followed. >> san francisco has always been a city that welcomes
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ingenuity. convenience can't come at the cost of safety for everyone in the city. and what we're trying to do here is really strike the right balance. >> reporter: this month the san francisco city attorney's office subpoenaed records from the on demand companies. it wants to know how many miles are logged by drivers, whether drivers receive any training, and if the companies provide incentives that attract drivers to san francisco. critics say having so many drivers on streets not only is slowing traffic but results in fewer people using public transit and changes the quality of life in the city. >> i get it. people are trying to make money. either underemployment or unemployment workers. uber has done a great job with that workforce. the problem is in the city when there is congestion, invariably at the center of it is an uber driver or a lyft driver that
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doesn't know the city. >> i think the thing that ticks me off the most is the double parking. that kind of gets to me. especially if i'm like driving my car and in either the far right or left lane and there's a car that just stops in front of me. >> reporter: the ride sharing companies say they will cooperate with the city. uber issued a statement that read in part, we are more than happy to work with the city to address congestion but it should be a solution including construction, the city population increase and the rise of online delivery services. some who use ride sharing services say they are willing to tolerate slower traffic in exchange for the convenience of on demand transportation. >> i use it all the time. and so i like tell myself mentally i'm okay with that. i'm okay with them double parking if like i'm going to use the service. >> reporter: so for now you're likely to continue seeing a lot of cars on city streets with ride sharing stickers on the windshield. our question of the day is
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do you consider the increase of ride sharing cars such as uber and lyft on the san francisco streets a nuisance or convenience. let us know by voting on twitter or on you can also comment on our facebook page. and it will be interesting to see. because my personal opinion on this topic is i do both. i complain but i also use uber and lyft. so there you go. let's go out and take a look at the commute here on the bay bridge toll plaza and the san mateo bridge. some of these other bridges that have been -- you know, they have been okay. there have been no major issues on the san mateo bridge, for example, as you drive through. traffic continues to move along okay. some of the biggest issues have been not on the bridges but really in this area of the commute. southbound 680 from pleasanton to sunol and fremont because of earlier issues. if this is your commute, give yourself plenty of extra time. we will let you know more as
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the commutes improve. right now they are definitely behind schedule. at 7:18, let's bring in steve with today's forecast. >> interesting story, sal. >> thank you. >> let's get to it too. we have our interesting story. we have gone from one extreme to the other. transitioning into the warmer stretch. much warmer by the time we get to the weekend. friday through tuesday or wednesday will be really hot inland. today will be nice to warm. day baseball, kansas city royals -- ♪[music] >> there you go. thank you. sunny and warm. 70. west wind at 15 miles per hour. speaking of san francisco, 70/52. what is average 67/53. record high, 103 back in 2000. some of you remember that. that ties july 17th, 1988. also 103. the warmest temperatures ever recorded in san francisco. 46 back in 1917. san jose says 103? that's the best you can do? they were 109 on this date in
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2000. look at the record low. 38 in 1893. then 109 in 2000. two extremities. lots of sunshine except for a patch or two of fog. we will be warming up. we had more fog yesterday than today. that's for sure. and everything is looking -- it is out there. water temps are cold. they're in the upper 40s, low 50s. mainly low 50s. but high pressure is building in. san francisco buoy has gone down. bodega bay, that is cold. it will be compressed and smashed down on the deck. because high pressure will send it right there. it won't go far. 40sand 50s. we're bumping up quick. 58 in sacramento. 53 in monterey. sunshine and warmer temps. today is the day when we get the upper 80s and go above average. it has been a long time for inland areas that have been above. no longer. according to doug, it is
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getting warm in brentwood. wait until the weekend. it will be hot by this time on the weekend. friday and into the weekend, gasia, there you go. >> thank you, steve. next what happened when hi a man wore a fake immigration uniform a spanish church service over the weekend. have to travel from its source to the bottle? a hundred miles? a thousand miles?
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how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser always bottled at the mountain source.
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♪ ♪ be a powerful force. nature valley how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. >> a marin county man put on a fake immigration and customs
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enforcement jacket and went to a church service in san rafael and scared worshipers. he walks around the grounds photographing licenses plates and videotaped people there. police confirmed he was not a federal immigration agent but someone who lived near the church. he was angry that the church service was loud sew was documenting his case. he did not speak to anybody or showed a badge. he has been suspended from his job as a san francisco public employee. possibly facing felony embezzlement charges. in december, mark peterson admitted to spending $66,000 of campaign funds on personal expenses over a four-year period. his office was searched in martinez. he spent funds at the guitar
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center and grocery and retail stores. the grand jury recommended that he be removed from office. the time is 7:25. the city of oakland is right now getting ready for the warriors victory parade. it starts at 10:00 tomorrow morning. take a look at the parade route. it starts outside of the warriors downtown practice facility on 11th street and broadway. the route winds its way up broadway to grand avenue and turns on harrison street and on to lakeside drive before it ends at the kaiser center next to lake merritt for the big rally. people involved with the planning of the parade say there will be 20 police officers per block along that two-mile route. the police department says all hands on deck tomorrow. the city is working with the highway patrol. they will keep an eye on traffic along interstate 880. if there are any -- if there are major traffic backups, officials will close down the oak and jackson street off- ramps. there will also be portable
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bathrooms along the parade route along with hydration stations to fill your water bottles. >> travel lightly. bring only what you need. bring your camera but don't bring lawn chairs. >> we will have officers in the parade, on the outside of the parade, in the rally. our presence will be felt around. >> the owner of jimmy's deli learned a lot from the 2015 victory parade. he will open up at 5:30 tomorrow morning. two years ago, parade goers knocked on his door at 6:00 a.m. they wanted to buy coffee and other drinks. now, if you go to the parade, you're advised to use public transit. b.a.r.t. is expecting a record number of riders tomorrow. b.a.r.t. also says avoid the lake merritt b.a.r.t. station. it is small and gets crowded faster. instead exit at the 12th or the 19th street b.a.r.t. stations. they're on the parade route. b.a.r.t. also says have a clipper card. that will make things smoother for you. several b.a.r.t. stations will set up tables
7:27 am
selling clipper cards on the spot for $15 cash. if you're not going to the parade but you still take b.a.r.t. to get to work or go to school, just know that b.a.r.t. station parking lots will be packed a lot earlier than normal tomorrow morning. and now we invite you to tune in to us right here on ktvu on air or online tomorrow. live coverage of the parade and rally, we will take care of it. mornings on 2 will begin our coverage beginning at 4:00 a.m. then starting at 9:00 tomorrow morning, it's our special dub nation celebration. our ktvu anchors and reporters will cover all angles of the big parade. the time is now 7:27. we're still following the breaking news we have been telling you about coming from virginia. this congressman, a leading member of congress, was shot today while practicing for a charity baseball game. the very latest on the investigation that is underway.
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east bay mud says the cancer causing compounds are in the drinking water supply and two cities in particular are dangerous close to reaching public health standards.
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>> 7:30 now. welcome back. june 14th. wednesday morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. we have more information coming in right now about that shooting this morning of a congressman in the washington,
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d.c. area. news conference and an update happening in right now. let's list then. >> good morning, everyone. i'm mike brown, chief of the alexandria police department. -b-r-o-w-n. >> come closer to the microphone. >> i'm here to give you an update on the incident this morning here in alexandria. let me repeat if i can some of the fact that's we know at this point. before i start, though, i want to say that this is an incident. it is not an active incident. the city is safe. we have -- we have an active investigation going on for the incident that took place this morning. but i want to reassure the community here in alexandria that the city is indeed safe. we will continue to work with the investigation as it moves forward. the facts as we have it this morning again at 0709, nine minutes after 7:00, we received a 911 call of an active shooter
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at simpson park on monroe in alexandria. our units responded and were on scene within three minutes. the officers were -- received fire from a suspect and they returned fire. e. and that part of the investigation is ongoing as we speak. we came to find out that at this event was a practice session for a baseball team involving some representatives from congress or some employees from congress. there were capitol police individuals on scene. and they also engaged with the subject. i'll let the chief from capitol police respond to that. the emergency medical personnel that responded to the scene from the alexandria fire department as well as officers from the alexandria police department provided treatment to a number of vicks on scene -- individuals on scene. five were transported to hospitals within the area to deal with a variety of injuries
7:33 am
and treatment. at this point, the alexandria police department because this case involves the assault on a federal officer, the federal bureau of investigation will be taking over the investigation. and we welcome our work with the -- with the fbi. we are embedded in assisting the fbi, along with other agencies trying to deal with this particular scene and this investigation of this incident. that said, i would also like to say our gratitude to the agencies that responded to the scene. we had individuals from the alexandria sheriff's department and the fire department whose initial response helped us a great deal in trying to manage this thing. i couldn't be more proud of the men and women involved from the alexandria police department. they did an outstanding job from what i hear so far. i would like to introduce chief
7:34 am
figure figerosa from the capitol police on their efforts in this situation. chief. >> thank you, chief. i would like to first start out by thanking the alexandria police, sheriff's office, fire department, the fbi, atf, and all of our law enforcement local partners who assisted in this response. certainly it is a very large response. it's going to being at that a while to -- it's going to take a while to sort through all of the details. is ofs were on-site with the representative when the incident occurred. they did engage in gunfire with the suspect. and they were assisted by the alexandria police. the officers, the united states capitol police officers who were injured are in good condition and have not suffered any life-threatening injuries at this point.
7:35 am
as we get more information, we will be working through the fbi and our local partners of the alexandria police to provide more details as they become available. at this point, i would like to turn it over to the fbi. >> good morning. i'm the special agent in change of the washington field office. i just want to reiterate what the chief said. this is a secure community at this point. it is an active investigation. but the security of the community is paramount and i want to reassure you that is the case. we got involved around 9:30 this morning. initially we responded with our national capitol response squad per our protocol. once it was confirmed we had a member of congress involved in the incident, we have taken the
7:36 am
lead. however, this is a joint command and this is a joint investigation with our state and local partners to include who has been at the microphone and our partners from atf and alexandria county and city and capitol police as well. i will take a couple of questions in a second. but i want to turn it over to the governor for a second for a couple comments. >> thank you. first of all, thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by today's incident. i want to congratulate the effort of the state, local and federal. we're all here together. early this morning, state police and vdem were activated. i want to thank all of the first responders. i have been told that members of the neighborhood and the community came out to be of assistance. i also want to compliment the u.s. capitol police for their quick action and through their heroic efforts and others they saved a lot of lives today.
7:37 am
we do everything that we can to keep our community safe. and i want to thank all of the law enforcement personnel and first responder who's were involved today. thank you. >> your feeling at this point this was -- from what you see, number one, a deliberate planned attack? and are you investigating this on the basis it could be an act of terrorism. >> ma'am, it is too early to say. it is really raw at this moment. we are at the initial part of the investigation. it is too early to say. we are working it both ways right now. >> is one of the angles you're exploring investigating that it could be an act of terrorism. >> we're exploring all angles. >> do you have any information that there may be a tentative id, even if you can't say in? are you beginning to narrow down on the identity of the
7:38 am
suspect? >> we're still working on it. >> is he american, former military. >> we will not confirm that. >> members of congress were targeted. >> too early to tell if they were targeted or not. >> what weapon was used by the shooter. >> everybody was transported to the hospital and is receiving medical treatment. just don't know about the injuries. >> can you say if there's a political motivation. >> no. no information on the weapon. don't know yet. >> you're saying this shooting was random. >> don't know. it is early in the investigation. >> how do you know that whyet. >> i don't know any of the facts. it is too early to say one or another. >> can you tell us the general condition of the officers who were shot. >> i think the officers are
7:39 am
doing better. i'm not sure about the suspect at this time. >> is there any -- [unintelligible] >> the fact that there were armed officers on the scene when it started. >> members of a dignitary protection, yes, they were here. a protection team. >> and the difference it made. >> i'm sure it made a significance difference. >> is the suspect cooperating. >> i do not know the answer to that. >> we have secured the scene and we are getting through the logical investigative steps at this point. >> you had said you don't think this is an assassination attempt but members of congress were targeted. no. i did not say that. i said it is early in the investigation and we are
7:40 am
working through it. >> do you know if he is local. >> don't know yet. >> if he is from the region. >> don't know. >> do you know if the suspect approached lawmakers in the parking lot and asked if they were republicans or democrats. >> i'm not aware of that. >> you said earlier it was not an assassination attempt. can you clarify. >> if i said that i misspoke. it is too early in the investigation to say one way or the other. >> there are reports that he had white hair. >> i'm not aware of what his appearance looks like. >> do you know if he has any criminal background. >> you don't know much at this point and you're investigating. how can you and the chief and governor say if you don't know, how can you say that the community and the area is safer if you don't know if there is a broader situation. >> we think we have a good
7:41 am
handle on it. we want to run out details on it. >> do you know if there was more than one. >> i cannot, no. >> do you know what kind of weapon it was. >> i do not. >> can we get an update on the officers who engaged the suspect? we understand that they were wounded in the line of duty. can you give us an update on how they're doing. >> certainly, yes. they are being treated at a local hospital. and the injuries do not appear to be life threatening at this point. >> where were they hit, sir? >> i would categorize it from what i have been informed that they're in good condition. >> can you describe what they did? how they engaged the suspect. >> we received reports of gunfire through the communications and coordinated with the alexandria police. from the early incidence of this incident, shots were fired. ere fired. >> do you plan for stuff like
7:42 am
this. >> it's my understanding. >> where were your officers athe when they started firing on the gunman. >> it is too preliminary to go into the details of the investigation. suffice it to say that the officers acted i believe heroically today. and they're in good condition. and we look for a rapid recovery. so -- and with that said, i'll turn it back over to -- >> i'm not going to comment on the names, numbers, until i'm -- until i'm reasonably sure that the next of kin are notified. >> absolutely. >> what about the investigation tells you anything about the motivation here and whether it was political. >> we're not going to go into motivation. it is too preliminary. >> do you know who was shot, what he was doing. >> again, too early on. when the facts come to light, we will share what we can share. thank you. >> that would imply one person. >> is the fifth person a victim or the shooter? >> we're not going to comment
7:43 am
on that. like the chief said, it is significantly early. >> four victims or five victims. >> one was the shooter, is that correct. >> i'm not going to confirm that. >> but you can confirm that five people were injured. >> i'm not going to confirm that either. >> there were five people transported by medical personnel to hospitals. >> was the suspect one of them. >> i'm not going to comment on that. it is an ongoing investigation issue. let me comment on the safe community piece. we have several things going on. the police department after we secured the scene here did an awful lot of work in the community. we walked the community. we looked for secondary issues. we brought in additional resources and assets so we could deal with any possible secondary thing. the question that was directed about the investigation, if in fact it reveals something else, we will respond to that. right now every indication in the city is that this is an isolated incident. but the investigation will
7:44 am
indeed be long -- long-term. and let me also do a thank you to the agencies that assisted us as we canvassed the neighborhoods and looked around the community to make sure it was safe. it would include the virginia state police and the alexandria police department and many people came out to make sure that we were doing the right thing. >> were there minor injuries. >> there were five people transported. i won't go into that. >> how do you -- >> i can't speak to the information that others are reporting, folks. five people were transported. re transported. >> was anybody treated on the scene. >> i'll refer to the fbi on that. >> governor. >> governor. >> sir -- >> the first words we heard from the chief of the alexandria police department were the city is safe. the attacker who shot a number of people at an early morning baseball practice by lawmakers is now in custody after engaging police in gunfire.
7:45 am
here now is a picture of house majority whip steve scalise of louisiana, injured by gunfire at baseball practice this morning in virginia. he is being treated for his injuries. now, a couple of key points here. reporters asking the fbi was this an act of terrorism? do authorities believe this was a planned attack? the fbi could only respond we are working it both ways. essentially not ruling either of those possibilities out. when reporters asked if there was any sort of political motivation, these were republican lawmakers targeted. again, the fbi said they were not aware of a motive along those lines. so back now to live pictures of the scene. an early morning baseball practice of republican lawmakers. the game was supposed to happen tomorrow. i have serious do yous that will still happen. it is a story that we will be on throughout the day. we will take a break here on mornings on 2 and we will be right back.
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visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer. >> you see the live picture where traffic breaks free. it is a good drive over the hill into southern marin. dave mentioned highway 24. we will look at it now. westbound traffic is a little slow in lafayette but gets better on the way to orinda. on the bay bridge toll plaza that is backed up to the macarthur maze. just about a 15 to 20 minute delay. ordinary there. 880 is beginning to slow down
7:49 am
past san leandro and into downtown oakland. the san mateo bridge recovering on westbound 92 after an earlier. as you look at the east bay map, 680 is looking a little bet fresh pleasanton towards fremont after earlier collision there. 7:49. let's bring in steve with this morning's forecast. >> thank you, sal. it will be a beautiful day unless you don'tly anything over 706789 i know you are out there. just a little bit of fog flirting with the marin head lands. sunny and woman for day baseball. 70 degrees. a puff of a west wind. it should are beautiful. it will be warm there. it can get warm in the seats in the lower area. oakland 74. downtown. livermore 80 to 86. san jose 79 to 80. getting close to season al
7:50 am
averages here. everybody saying we are going way above. we were about 15 to 20 degrees below last weekend. we will be 15 to 20 above this weekend. patchy fog around monterey. just showing up in the last few. any fog will get chewed up quick. one low that we had on the weekend is into the great lakes. a second one here. as that deepens, high pressure says i don't think so. it will warm things up quick here. already a few low 60s. we will be moving out of the gate here quick. brentwood 62. we have been hard pressed to get above 59 at the 8:00 hour. that will not be the case today. low 70s, upper 70s. and then inland, you can find 80s to near 90 degrees. vacaville will be close. same for ukiah. if they don't hit it today, they will hit it tomorrow for sure. 70s for those closer to the water. pretty nice. things are a little above. the trend is they are going to
7:51 am
go way above, especially friday. tomorrow will be similar and then we crank it up. >> thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. a new shocking reporter about the drinking water in the east bay. what could be in the water that could cause cancer.
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 7:53. water officials at east bay mud say the comment of compounds in the drinking water that could cause cancer have increased in recent years. east bay mud say the numbers
7:54 am
are close to violating federal standards. a new report says the drought could be to blame. this report says low water flows and hotter temperatures led to more impurities getting into the water. so a contaminant that is a by- product of the chlorine used to kill germs went up. the two areas with the highest levels of that compound are in lafayette and the berkeley hills. the water district is considering spending millions of dollars on treatment procedures or changing equipment. well, travis, the embattled ceo of uber is taking a leave of absence from the company that he founded. he needs time off to grief for his mother who died last month and to also, quote, work on himself. last week uber fired 20 people because of an investigation of sexual harassment, bullying and unprofessional behavior.
7:55 am
a summary of attorney general eric holder say they need increasing diversity at uber, a company valued at $70 billion. they need to set clear policies for workers to not be harassed and use performance reviews to hold leaders accountable and limiting alcohol at company functions and banning romantic relationships between workers and their bosses. time is 7:55. tesla achieved a milestone. the model x car is now considered the safest suv on the road. the first ever to earn a 5 star safety rating. now, according to that agency, the model x has the lowest probability of injury of any suv tested in their history. it scored perfectly in front impact, side impact, rollover and overall safety. tesla gives the credit to the electric drive train and power system and plus it has a low
7:56 am
center of gravity. apple's ceo tim cook has confirmed that apple creates to create a self driving car. in app interview with bloomberg, cook says the company is working on an autonomous system. apple was long rumored to be researching self-driving car as part of a initiative called prong titan. cook did not elaborate or give details of the project. interest rates could go up for the third time since december. investors expect the rates to go later today as the federal reserve wraps up the two-day policy meeting investors will watch inflation and how aggressive it will be in raising rates in the future. three houses in l.a. have been painted hot pink. they are starting a discussion. everything is pink. the homes are actually set to be demolished to make way for an apartment building. but the developer decided to
7:57 am
hire the most famous artist to transform the space first. >> i do everything hoping that i generate headlines. because that's how i will become the most famous artist. and so the degree of reaction has been a bit surprising. >> not for me. a little too hot pink. [laughter] >> a little too hot. >> the three homes will be torn down in a couple of months. the pink paint will be only up for a week. a congressman and three others were shot this morning. up next, more on the investigation, the victims and the suspect. also highrise apartment engulfed in flames in london. six people have died. why investigators fear that death toll may go up.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> i poked my head up and saw the shooter behind the fence. he still had a line of shot -- a line of fire into the dugout. >> that's a senator from arizona describing the moment that the gunman opened fire at a charity baseball practice in virginia this morning. a congressman from louisiana is among the several people who have been shot. we will have the latest on the investigation as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 8:00. welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark in today for mike mibach. we're still following that big story outside of washington, d.c., sending shock waves through capitol hill. the third most powerful republican in the house was shot this morning. >> witnesses describe a gunman with a high powered rifle opening fire and that attack lasted four minutes.
8:01 am
allie rasmus is monitoring news information coming into the news room. >> yes. we got an update from virginia police and also police from the u.s. capitol police department and the fbi which has now taken over the investigation because this involves a shooting that affected some federal police officers. and so that's why the fbi is taking over. they say this is no longer an active incident. this is no longer a threat to the public. but the investigation is ongoing. there's five people who were shot and injured at a baseball field in alexandria, virginia, just after 7:00 eastern time this morning. that's where members of congress had gathered to practice for the baseball game that will be held tomorrow. one of the people shot and injured is steve scalise. he is the house majority whip. so it is a high ranking position in the house and the congress. he was hit in the hip by the gunfire. you could see him being
8:02 am
transported, rushed away on a gurney to the -- to an ambulance. he was air lifted to a hospital. he is undergoing surgery and is in stable condition and expected to recover. the three other people that we know of, a congressional aide was also shot and is in stable condition as well. as well as two u.s. capitol police officers who were part of the security detail of scalise. because he is a high ranking member of the house, he has his own security detail with him. now, according to witnesses out there, a man with a rifle approached the group. we do -- we're waiting for some information from the fbi about the identity of the shooter. the fbi special agent was not able to say who the identity of the -- the eye department of the shooter. we are getting new information from an unnamed government source who says the suspect is
8:03 am
named as james hodgkinson from illinois described in his 60s. the fbi says it is too early if this was an act of terrorism. it is too early if the members were targeted or if there was political motivation involved in the shooting. the gunman is in custody thanks to the two capitol police officers who were there on the scene. we have new sound from a witness to the shooting who was in the park when all of this happened. and he described that one of the officers who was shot was one of the save who's apparently brought down the gunman. he describes how he was brought into custody. let's listen. >> i saw him exchange fire with the officers and then i was behind cover. and then i later saw him being handcuffed, face down on the pavement. he had a knee in his back. >> the officers acted i believe heroically today and they're in good condition. and we look for a rapid
8:04 am
recovery. >> arizona senator flake was among the 25 congressional representatives who were out practicing this morning when this shooting happened. he described they had just wrapped up batting practice when the gunman who had a rifle approached the field near the 3rd base area. that's when shots rang out. rang out. >> all of a sudden we heard a very loud shot. everybody thought it sounded like a gun. the gunman was over by the 3rd base dugout with a clear view of the field and everyone on it. and then all of a sudden a couple more shots and we knew what it was. >> reporter: now, again, a government official naming the suspect in the shooting, james hodgkinson from illinois. he apparently traveled here to be involved in the shooting that happened. again, five people were injured. police would not say whether the gunman, the suspect was one
8:05 am
of the five people injured. they would not give that clarification. we know that steve scalise, majority whip, in congress was are judged. he is expected to recover. an aide was hot and is recovering. and two capitol police officers who responded and brought the gunman into custody were shot and injured as well. none have life threatening injuries. taking a look at the heavy police presence near the scene near the ballpark, near the ball field in alexandria, virginia. we are told that the atf is now tracing the fun gunman's weapon and looking to see how and where he was able to purchase it. what kind of weapon it was. the fbi is the lead agency involved in the investigation. we will be monitoring some of the information coming from them on the latest on the investigation coming up. >> thank you, allie. people in both political parties are expressing their
8:06 am
support for scalise. president trump tweeted this. we do expect president trump to speak on the situation in alexandria coming up at 8:30. when that happens, we will bring it to you live. also nancy pelosi, the house minority leader tweeted the following. and now to a tweet from former nevada congressman gabrielle gifford who was a vick him in in teuton, arizona. their families and staff and the u.s. capitol police. public servants and heroes todayerand day. of course congressman giffords was the vick tiff of gun violence while serving in office. six people were killed. giffords was critically injured
8:07 am
after being shot in the head. she resigned from congress one year later to focus on her recovery. stay with us on ktvu on air and online as we look at the scene. we will have updates on the shootings, on the investigation. coming up in a couple of minutes, we will be talking to south bay congressman rotana. >> let's look at the forecast. steve paulson, you will feel those temperatures. >> might feel them today. temperatures are warming up. as you know, we had way below average temps on the weekend. now we're getting close to the 80s. san francisco goes above 70. the average is 67. note june 14th, 2000, it was 103. san jose it was a blazing hot day around the bay area back on this date in 2000. they checked in at 10 10 --
8:08 am
they checked in at 109. today they will be at 82. high pressure is on its way. it will start kicking in. not so much today or tomorrow but friday it will fire up. it's not taking long for a few here. upper 50s already at stanford after a cool morning. we're warming up with lots of sunshine. 60ths, 70s, 80s and near 90 degrees tomorrow. sal, a come issues that you want to get to -- a couple issues that you want to get to. >> yeah. things are settling down a little bit. slow traffic the bay bridge toll plaza. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza commute. traffic is slow driving in. no major problems here. if you're driving on interstate 880 northbound, you can see see
8:09 am
slowing past san leandro and into downtown oakland. speaking of oakland, eastbound 580 at 35th there is an injury accident reported by chp. san mateo bridge westbound 92, that traffic looks good. if we look at the east bay commute, most of the traffic will be pretty typical which means slow from hayward to fremont on 680. 880 is recovering from an earlier crash that has been gone for a while. this commute has been very, very slow, especially in pleasanton and getting to the sunol grade. let's go back to the desk. we will tell you what is causing the compounds in the drinking water and what officials say about the safety of the drinking water.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>> welcome back to mornings on 2. the time is 8:12. witnesses of this morning easter identifying shooting outside of washington, d.c. of a leading republican member of congress, congressman steve scalise of louisiana say it could have been a lot worse. >> a gunman with a high powered rifle and a lot of ammunition opened fire. congressman rotana, thank you for joining us. has anything in your daily routine changed as a result of the shooting. >> well, they have obviously
8:13 am
canceled votes and we will have a briefing with capitol police. but i, like all of my colleagues, our thoughts are with congressman scalise, his family. for him to have a quick and full recovery and for the staff member who's were injured. you can't thank the capitol police enough. their bravery was extraordinary in the situation. and they really prevented a situation that could have been much worse. >> this is dave clark, congressman. what is your immediate reaction? all of us were stunned to hear it. but you, a member of congress, this is one of your colleagues as well. what was your immediate reaction when you heard the news. >> sadness and anger. a sense of this is just unacceptable in american democracy. it is a real sadness for the country. one of the things that makes us unique as a nation is we
8:14 am
respect, tolerate difference of opinion. we solve things through a legislative process. we don't resort to violence. and we don't know all of the details about -- if it turns out that the congressman or my republican colleagues were being targeted because of politics, that is just completely unacceptable. and we need to really reflect on what is happening in this country and why these types of incidents are taking place. >> representative, you are fairly new to washington. you are now in your fifth there. would you like to say something as a relative newcomer? do you have concerns for your own safety or do you see this as a one off? do you feel safe? >> well, i do. i have concerns for the safety
8:15 am
of citizens, people engaged in democracy. for folks out at town halls and people who visit the capitol buildings and the staff members who work in -- at the capitol. it was not just congressman scalise who was injured. staff members were injured. i have concerns for every citizen. at the heart of the democracy is that you are speak out and participate in public events and be safe. i do have a lot of confidence in the capitol police. they have been extraordinary. and i look forward to their recommendations about how we make sure that we provide these safe spaces for people to be able to participate in democracy. >> california congressman, thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. we know the fbi has taken over the investigation. we will all be waiting for more informs. thank you, sir. >> thank you for covering this. >> yes. we hope you that stay with
8:16 am
ktvu here on the air and online for updates on the shooting. also coming up at 8:30, a live report from washington and we expect president trump to be speaking at 8:30 our time. when that happens, we will bring it to you live on mornings on 2. we're also developing developing news from london where a huge fire engulfed a 21- story apartment building. six people have died. most of the people in the building were at home and asleep at 1:00 in the morning. more than 70 people had to be taken to the hospital. the fire is believed to have started on the 4th store and spread quickly. people could be seen waving items trying to get the notice of firefighters screaming for help. there are reports of people jumping from windows. >> within an hour, now we saw people screaming help. screaming help, help. flashing their lights.
8:17 am
out of those windows, people jumped. >> this is an unprecedented incident. in my 29 years of being a firefighter, i have never ever seen anything of this scale. >> there's no word yet on the cause of the fire. residents say there had been recent construction work to the exterior of the building. a marin county man wearing a fake immigrations and customers enforcement jacket went to a church service in san rafael and scared church members. one person took this cream phone video of the man as he walked around the church grounds in the parking lot. photographing license plates. even went inside of the church, videotaping the people inside. well, after an investigation, confirmed he was not a federal immigration agent but someone who lives near the church. he told police that he was angry that the spanish church service was loud so he was video taping to document his complaint. >> he said he had prior
8:18 am
unresolved issues with the church about noise. but when we asked about the specific reason for the jacket, he was not able to explain it. >> dressing up as an ice agent, i don't see a way to intimidate a community more than that. >> since the man didn't speak to anyone or show a badge, he was not arrested but he has been suspended from his job as a san francisco public employee. we're going to check our traffic today. sal, we need to remind everyone, especially if they take b.a.r.t. or drive around oakland, tomorrow is the day to leave very early because of the big warriors parade. >> that's right. the trains start at about 4:00. people will be trying to get to the spot of the parade at 11th and broadway in downtown oakland, in the old oakland section of oakland there. so even if you're not going to the parade, perhaps you just have to go to work.
8:19 am
make sure you that know that more people will be on transit with you and be on the roads early. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is a 15 to 20-minute delay. no major problems on the actual bridge. there will be waiting to do here on the approach to the bay bridge. we're looking at 880 near the coliseum. traffic is slowing down past oracle arena all the way up to the 29th. as you look at the san mateo bridge, things are getting a little better finally. look at the east bay commute. we had an earlier accident on the sunol group that. did a number on 680 but also 880. it is slow from hayward to fremont. 680 is still jam packed from pleasanton down to fremont. both commutes will be extra heavy. plan accordingly. now let's bring in steve here. >> we have clear skies. a little bit of fog near the
8:20 am
peninsula. it looks like everybody coast, bay and inland will be a little above average. average for livermore this time of year is 85. i went 86 today. remember on sunday they were 65. they may be about 102 or 103 by the time we get to sunday or monday. santa rosa, that's over. and oakland also trending near to over. so the next few days look to be really warm. in fact the next week looks to be warm to hot. day baseball 70 and warm. it looks nice. it can get warm at some of the day games in the lower seats. on this date in 2000, 103. that tied july 17th, 1988. warmest temperatures ever recorded in san francisco. again, let me get out of the way. there may be touch-up fog. well, there was some. there it is. right there. a little bit.
8:21 am
probably around pg. otherwise it sits off of the coast and will stay there for a while. the system to the west and east are strong. in between, high pressure will nose in. 60s on a few temps. already 60 at woodside. menlo park, stanford. san mateo already 60. temperatures will warm up here. 60s, 70s and 80s near 90 degrees. get ready. you knew it was going to change. it is after thursday. it will be getting hot. in fact inland temps will be toasty. >> you have warned gasia. >> i have warned you. >> thank you, steve. a new plan in san jose to add cameras to street lamps. the reason for concerns about privacy.
8:22 am
at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. the time is now 8:24. the city of oakland getting ready for the big warriors victory parade. it starts at 10:00 tomorrow morning. look at the parade route. it starts downtown at 11th and broadway where the warriors practice. it will wind up broadway to grand avenue and then on to harrison street and on to lakeside drive and then end up at the kaiser center right next to lake merritt for the big rally. people involved in planning the parade say there will be 20 police officers along the route. the police department says all
8:25 am
hands on deck, they will all be out there. sit other is he working with the highway patrol to keep an eye on traffic along interstate 880. if there are any big backups, officials will shut down the oak and jackson street off- ramps. there will also be portable bathrooms along the parade route, along with hydration stations so you can fill up water bottles. >> travel lightly. bring only what you need. bring your camera but don't bring, you know, lawn chairs. >> we will have officers in the parade on the outside of the parade, in the rally. our presence will be felt around. >> the owner of jimmy's deli leared a -- learned a lesson from the 2015 parade. he will open up at 5:30. we invite to you stick request us to watch ktvu on your tv, your computer, your mobile device for live coverage of the big victory parade and rally.
8:26 am
mornings on 2 begins our coverage starting at 4:00 a.m. then starting at 9:00 tomorrow morning, it's our special dub nation celebration. hour ktvu anchors and reporters will cover all of the angles of the big parade. a two and a half hour hearing on capitol hill, jeff sessions denied any collusion with russian officials during the campaign. sessions said that allegations of collusion were a quote testable and appalling lie. he says he did not lie under oath for the confirmation hearing when he failed to mention two meetings to the russian ambassador. >> mr. comey said that there were matters with respect to the recusal that were problematic and he couldn't talk about them. what are they? >> that -- why don't you tell me?
8:27 am
there are none. what is the question? >> congress will consider new sanctions against russia today as there have questions about the exact role that the country played in the election. the time is 8:27. we're following breaking news from right outside of washington, d.c. a shooting this morning at a congressional baseball practice in virginia. here is the congressman who was shot. a congressman from louisiana. we will bring you a live report from washington, d.c. east bay mud say there are cancer causing compounds in the water supply and are close to violating public health standards. quin was crazy about curls. but it took a twist of fate to find a high-end curler at such a head turning price. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ♪
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>> i'm gasia mikaelian.
8:30 am
>> and good morning. i'm dave clark in today for mike mibach. the major story that has stunned washington and the nation, a powerful member of congress was shot during a practice for a congressional baseball game scheduled for tomorrow. >> joining us live is lauren blanchard in washington, d.c. >> steve scalise was taken to the hospital for a hip injury. he was shot in the hip. he went into surgery. we have been told that us out of surgery and is doing well. the president has spoken to scalise and his chief of staff. we got a statement from scalise's office saying he is doing okay and has talk today his wife. there have been three others that were shot. that is two capitol hill police officers as well as a staff
8:31 am
member for a texas representative. we noah she is tan, that legislative assistant's name is zach barth and he is doing all right that. is according to the representative's office. we have heard from the capitol hill police saying their offices -- officers are in good condition. now, the gunman was the fifth one take tone the hospital. we do not know his condition. we have got a name. his name is james hodgkinson. originally from illinois. he has been identified as the gunman. we are waiting for the police to tell us more on the situation. but the president is expected to make a statement any minute now about the situation. we do know that he as well as the vice president have all been making calls to republican leaders, just making sure that everybody is doing all right. and of course sending their well wishes. >> lauren blanchard live from washington. thank you. at the time of the shooting
8:32 am
congressional democrats were at a different baseball field practicing for the baseball game. the group prayed foretheir colleagues after hearing the news. we do hope that you stay with ktvu both here on the air and online as we bring you updates on the shooting in alexandria, virginia. we have more on the investigation. coming up in moments, we expect to hear from president trump who will address the nation for the first time since the news broke earlier this morning. the time is 8:32. we're going to check our weather in the bay area. steve paulson is right here with your forecast. >> sunny for most. fog down around santa cruz. that's about it. it will burn off. a patch or two down there. that direction, lots of warmer. a couple of patches of fog. most area is clear. in fact all inland areas are clear and around the bay as well. day baseball, 70 degrees. it looks nice. royals and giants at 12:45.
8:33 am
70. that looks good. that's above average. that's the first time in a long time that coast, bay and inland will be above average. 103 on this date in 2000. warmest temperatures ever in san francisco. you can see not much here. there is a little bit of fog. a patch or two down there. right there. that's it. you know that will burn off. high pressure is kicking in. it will fire up on friday. 60s on the temps. some areas warming up quick here. it won't take long. most locations are running one to six degrees above yesterday. sunny for most. temperatures in the 60s, 70s, 80s and near 90 degrees. 8:33. sal has been busy. are things improving. >> they are improving in the way of fewer crashes but we still have lots of slow traffic. let's start with interstate 880 westbound. the volume is not there for the winter and the fall commutes. sometimes it is an hour
8:34 am
commute. 30 minutes is still a significant delay from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. at the bay bridge, 15 to 20 minute wait before you make it on to the span. we are looking at the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. no problems reported on the peninsula. you can see for yourself on the map that 880 is slow from hayward to fremont. and 680 is slow all through pleasanton all the way down into fremont. i mentioned the fence la -- pence l i want to mention that traffic is slow on 101. finally in the southbound, northbound 101, 280 and 85 are slowing down into the west valley. 8:34. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. there was a big increase of cancer causing compounds in the drinking water in the east bay. east bay mud says the percentage of the contaminants is higher than it has been in
8:35 am
20 years. leigh martinez, tell us what you know this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the two main areas affected are parts of lafayette and parts of berkeley hill which have contamination levels that are close to violating public health standards. the contaminant level is rising through the entire district. the drought may have contributed to the by-products. when homeowners cut back on the waterrous, the water sat in the district water tanks which then needed more chlorine added to them. the water is safe to drink right now. but they're worried about consuming the water over a lifetime. sandy sellers says she always drinks bottled water but her little rescue dog drinks tap water. >> i am very concerned about
8:36 am
that. and i do drink the bottled water. >> does your dog drink bottled water? >> no. he will now. >> the cancer causing compound's level year was 58 parts per billion. 18 parts higher than the water quality goal. once it reaches 80 parts per billion, a health advisory needs to be sent out. east bay mud says in order to combat this pro, they will have to do up grated to how they -- upgrades to how they treat the water, they need to determine how much and when they're putting the chlorine into the drinking water supply. back to you guys. >> thank you, leigh martinez in lafayette. thank you. parts of san jose -- we will get to that in a moment. we're going to go to washington, d.c. and president trump. trump.
8:37 am
>> a gunman opened fire on members of congress and their staffs as they were practicing for tomorrow's annual charity baseball game. authorities are continuing to investigate the crime. and the assailant has now died from his injuries. the fbi is leading the investigation. and will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available. congressman steve scalise, a member of house leadership, was shot and badly wounded. and he is now in stable condition at the hospital. along with two very courageous capitol police officers. at least two others were also wounded. many lives would have been lost
8:38 am
if not for the heroic actions of the two capitol police officers who took down the gunman despite sustaining gunshot wounds during a very, very brutal assault. melania and i are grateful for their heroism and praying for the swift recovery of all victims. congressman scalise is a friend and a very good friend. he is a patriot. and he is a fighter. he will recover from this assault and steve, i want you to know that you have the prayers not only of the entire city behind you, but of an entire nation and frankly the entire world. america is praying for and you america is praying for all of the victims of this terrible shooting.
8:39 am
i spoke with steve's wife, jennifer. and i pledged to her our full and absolute support. anything she needs. we're with her. and with the entire scalise family. i have also spoken with chief matthew figerosa. he is doing a fantastic job. of the capitol police, to express our sympathies for his wounded officers and to express my admiration for their courage. our brave capitol police performed a challenging job with incredible skill. and their sacrifice makes democracy possible. we also commend the brave first responders from alexandria fire and rescue who rushed to the scene. everyone on that field is a public servant.
8:40 am
our courageous police, our congressional aides who work tirelessly behind the scenes with enormous devotion and are dedicated members of congress who represent our you people. people. we may have our differences but we do well in times like these to remember whoever severs in our nation's capitol is here because above all they love our country. we can all agree that we are blessed to be americans. that our children will grow up in a nation of safety and peace and we are strongest when we are unified and when we work together for the common good. finish please take a moment today to cherish those you love and always remember those who serve and keep us safe.
8:41 am
god bless them all. god bless you. and god bless america. thank you. >> our first words of reaction directly from president trump this morning who did early tweet about the shooting that happened. steve scalise, majority whip of the house of louisiana has been injured after a shooting happened at a baseball practice, an early morning baseball practice in alexandria, virginia. one important piece of information. the attacker at the baseball field has died of his injuries. the president praised the police officers who took fire from the attacker and then shot and wounded and ultimately killed the attacker. >> we will have much more on the story but we will take a break now and we will be right back.
8:42 am
8:43 am
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8:44 am
>> the time is 8:44. just minutes ago we learned the man behind the shooting of steve scalise of louisiana has died of his injuries after being shot by responding police. scalise is recovering from his injuries, believed to have been hit in the hip. earlier this morning i hope you were with us when we spoke with eric who gave us a background
8:45 am
on the congressman. >> he is a congenial guy, always has a smile on his face. a fact mover through the floor and the capitol. again, we have our battles under the dome but he is the kind of guy that always says hi and will stop and talk to the tour group if you're walking through. i hope he is okay. and i have heard that capitol police staff were also shot. and these are the men and women who protect us and the visitors to the capitol every day. >> authorities have said five people were taken to the hospital. at first it was believed that it was the congressman scalise, a congressional aide and the two police officers and the gunman. again we have learned that hodgkinson is the gunman. we are staying on top of the developments from coming from alexandria and washington, d.c. we will bring it to you
8:46 am
throughout the morning on mornings on 2 and on you can see tweets from lawmakers as well on the time is 8:46. day three of jury deliberations in the bill cosby sexual assault trial in pennsylvania has begun. just a couple of hours ago, bill cosby arrived there at the courthouse. cosby is charged with drugging and molesting a woman in 2004. he claims the sexual encounter with andrea constan was consensual. dozens of other women have accused him of the same thing. cosby is very confident there will be a positive outcome. if convicted, cosby could get up to 30 years in prison. the time is 8:46. we will help get you out the door today and keep an eye on tomorrow traffic-wise. it is anything but a typical thursday, isn't it sal. >> it is. if you are trying to get to work tomorrow, even if you're not going to the parade, a lot
8:47 am
of people will be on transit, especially coming into oakland. we will keep an eye on that early tomorrow morning. check in with us before you go on your commute tomorrow in the morning. this is a look at the bay bridge. it is looking pretty normal which is to say it is about a 20-minute delay before you make it on to the span unless you're using the carpool lanes. 880 northbound and southbound, traffic will be a little bit slow past the oracle arena. i'm expecting more slow traffic tomorrow along this stretch of people trying to get to the parade. so please keep that in mind. and the east bay commute is very slow. one commute that has been especially slow this morning is 680 out of pleasanton down to premont. earlier issues put a big cramp on that commute. 880 is slow from hayward into fremont. there were a couple of things that really clogged the commutes. it is 8:47. let's go to steve with today's
8:48 am
weather. >> thank you, sal. a little bit of fog towards santa cruz. that's about it. other than that, we are already good to go for sunshine. and temps will be bumping up for the first time in 7, 10 days. we will see temperatures above the average here. average is 67 to 85. today santa rosa goes above. they should be closer to 81. they will be above that. oakland should be closer to 76. they will be above that. livermore should be 85. 86. last sunday they were 65. san jose, that is a little above as well. as it stands right now, next tuesday will be the hottest day. we will see if that materializes. the royals and giants day baseball. 70 degrees. that is nice. the record again 103 in 2000 ties july 17th, 1988 as the warmest temperature ever recorded in san francisco. san jose says we were 109 back on this date in 2000.
8:49 am
talk about extremes. there's the fog down towards -- right there. santa cruz. it will burn off as you know. the fog is out there. the water temps are still cold. high pressure will squash it. one information in brentwood says 71. we are set for a week of toasty temperatures here away from the coast. 60s, 70s, and 80s, to near 90. then it kicks in friday. it gets warm to hot. probably sunday through next tuesday or wednesday. >> wow. thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. what's going to happen to yahoo after it was officially acquired by verizon? we will tell what you it means for yahoo e-mail and the fantasy football accounts.
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> in parts of san jose, cameras will soon be hidden in some street lights. city leaders are moving ahead
8:52 am
with the program to add cameras to a thousand street lights for a year. they say the cameras would only record traffic. now, the idea came as the city took bid interests companies to upgrade street lamps to led lamps. siemens won the bid to convert the street lights. any eye com will install cameras and audio sensors to the bulbs. in the past it was rejected but yesterday it passed, a scaled back version of the plan. right now we don't know the exact locations of where the cameras will be. uber's embattled ceo is taking a leave of absence from the ride sharing company that he founded. he told employees he needs to take time off to grief for his mother who died last month and work on myself. last week uber fired 20 people amid harassment allegations and bullying. an internal investigation by eric holder's law firm was
8:53 am
released yesterday. some of it include increasing diversity at the company. setting clear policies to protect works from harassment and using performance reviews to hold leaders accountable. they recommended limiting alcohol at functions and barring relationships between employees. tesla's model x is now called the safest suv on the road. the first suv to ever get a five star safety rating. it has the lowest probability of injury of any suv tested in the history of the national highway traffic administration. it scored perfectly in the front impact, side impact, rollover and overall safety. tesla gives credit to the electric drive train and the power system plus it has a low center of gravity. it is official. yahoo is out and verizon is in. after nearly a year of negotiations, the $4.5 billion buyout of yahoo is complete. what does it mean for the one
8:54 am
billion or so users of yahoo e- mail and tumblr. wright now, not much. they are being merged to create a new entity called oath. users of yahoo and aol brands can find links on the home page. the trump administration won a small battle over the proposed travel ban. the u.s. supreme court gave the white house more time to file papers to support its case. white house lawyers say they need more time to respond to the ruling by the federal appeals court in san francisco. the new ruling gives the white house until next webs to submit its final brief. our time is 8:54. hundreds of exotic birds found in a backyard in the east bay. the complaint leading to that discovery. and what investigators say the homeowner may be doing with all
8:55 am
of the birds.
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> welcome back to mornings on 2. san jose mayor sam liccardo wants to look at height restrictions on buildings in downtown. right now the buildings near the airport can'ting taller than 200 feet, about 16 stories tall. most of downtown is under the flight path of jets flying into and out of san jose international airport. that's why a height limit was put into place in 2006. the mayor says technology developed over the past ten years might make it possible for a busier airport and taller buildings to coexist. some san francisco supervisors want to close the city's main jail. the building at 850 bryant street is deteriorating and has had a problem with rats and sewage problems. according to the chronicle, supervisors breed, jane kim and
8:58 am
hillary ronan are proposing closing the jail altogether. it would be cheaper to invest in mental health and homeless programs instead of sending people to jail. there is no plan of what to do the inmates housed there right now. city supervisors approved a measure yesterday requiring employers to provide a clean private space for new mothers to pump breast milk. the room has to have a chair, surface space for a pump and access to electricity. california and federal law requires employers to make reasonable efforts to provide lactation breaks. this new city ordinance is considered major because it also includes more details. it also spells out what kind of space has to be provided. county health officials in santa cruz county are offering
8:59 am
vaccination clinics after a outbreak of hepatitis a virus. they have urged people at risk to get vaccinated. hepatitis a can be spread through contaminated food, water or by having sexual contact or sharing drugs with someone who is infected. other counties around the state are also having an increase of hepatitis a cases. well, neighbors help lead authorities to a castro valley home where the homeowner may be breeding hundreds of tropical birds in the backyard. neighbors complained about loud noise, bad smells and flies. that's when authorities responded and found evidence of several code violations. the homeowner was selling the birds without a permit. >> much to our dismay and shock, we saw several hundred birds, estimates up to 500. these are parrots and macaws. s and macaws. >> the daughter of the homeowner says -- she is going
9:00 am
through a divorce and fighting depression and says taking care of the birds is her hobby. >> plus the siblings of janice joplin join us live as a show in her honor continues its bay area run. >> a shooting early this morning at a baseball practice session in alexandria, virginia featuring republican lawmakers is making big news today. welcome to the 9. we are bringing you more information on breaking information we had throughout mornings on 2. a shooting that injured one of the most powerful members of congress. >> house majority whip scalise is who we are talking about. he


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