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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 14, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a full ups uniform. >> officers please respond to the ups building in utah. >> a workplace shooting in san francisco leaves four people dead and two more wounded. tonight our most detailed account yet of the violence at the ups warehouse, good evening i'm julie haener. >> i'm ken wayne. frank is off tonight. we may never know the workplace
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shooting in san francisco, but tonight a picture is emerging of the shooter, a disgruntled employee who apparently felt overworked. first we have identified the gunman as 38-year-old jimmy lam. he and the victims all worked as drivers for ups. we saw investigators removing potential evidence from lam's home in the richland district this afternoon. he shot and killed three people before killing himself. three other ups workers were treated and they have now been released from the hospital. but the warehouse is the distribution facility situated alongside highway 101. it sits between 16th and 17th streets and utah street and san bruno avenue. >> ktvu heather holmes is here tonight to begin our coverage, heather? >> well julie and ken can, we learned the gunman had worked for ups for 17 years. the official with the teenster unit said he complained of
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excessive overtime, but no one foresaw what happened this morning. the shooting took place at the ups package distribution center at the hood of the trail hills. it's a building so large it takes up a city street about 8:50 this morning when police got the call. >> you could see several shots of the ups building and under several people who were shot. >> delivery drivers were attending an informal daily briefing. one of the workers pulled out a gun and opened fire. responding officers determined it was an active shooter situation. >> please respond, active shooter at the ups village. >> reporter: the first officers on the scene formed teens and immediately got the wounded victims to safety. one officer encountered the suspect. >> one contact team located the suspect who was still armed and
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with an assault victim. >> the workers were searched, then let go. from our sources and witnesses we've learned the gunman first opened fire inside the building where the delivery trucks are parked. two workers were shot there both wounded. our sources say the gunman then went outside the building where they shot and killed three people. he was back inside when police confronted him. >> at this time we have identified six shooting victims including the suspect's. >> we learned the gunman is jimmy lam. our sources say he had worked for ups since 1999. today he came to work with a backpack and two guns. their officers never fired a shot. mayor ed lee credited first responders for their heroism. >> proactive efforts from our police department and all the other agencies that responded to help save lives. >> reporter: ups employees an estimated 300 workers at this facility. they have made professional
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counseling available. >> and if i could at this time just ask all of you to please put us in your prayers and all of those impacted. i am most concerned about my employees to make sure we have as many counselors that are needed on site for all of their support and to make sure we take care of each other. >> reporter: now the two wounded warriors were treated and released. as for the gunman's motive, the grievance was a request of ups to relieve him from working overtime going forward. my indication as to why he was upset and maybe with other employees in the company. >> it is such a terrible thing and so much chaos and confusion after the shooting. it was really a test for the city as the huge multi-agency response went into this. >> yes, it really was and every officer on duty was called. they were there at the scene for several hours, even after
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they were notified about the suspected gunman being dead. because they didn't know if there was another shooter possibly involved. you also need to think about this happening when there are hundreds, possibly the employees there at the time. some of them as soon as they heard shots were fired they went to other areas of the building seeking cover and so officers needed to make sure everyone was accounted for and they knew the threat was over. so that's why it took hours to get them to clear the scene. heather? >> thank you. >> sure. the coroner has not yet identified the three people killed. we learned their identities from co-workers, but they are withholding two of the names until it's clear next of kin have been notified. however one of the three victims has been identified by family members. our team coverage picks up with amber lee and a special gathering tonight in their memory, amber in >> ken, i'm going to speak softly out of respect for the memorial behind me. we're in the diamond heights neighborhood where they had a familiar and friendly face and the shopping center was a part
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of their root. >> they are kind of the protector of the neighborhood. they didn't just deliver packages. and they were totally a part of our community. at the shopping center neighbors and friends created a memorial of flowers and notes for ups drivers known as big mike and with a big heart. >> it was a nice personality in our neighborhood. >> reporter: those who gather here have known him for more than a decade and he was much more than a ups delivery man. they say he would shout out when they saw him from afar. every day i would see them. now i'm going to miss him. >> reporter: he would talk about their favorite sports team. the san francisco giants and their families, their wife
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danielle, and their five children. they would always talk about the kids. and the love he had for his family. >> reporter: lefiti and two other drivers were outside the building when they were shot and killed. >> they were the people who would literally give the shirts off their backs, literally. very nice guys. >> reporter: he's with the teamster union and knew all the victims and the man accused of killing them. one victim talked about retirement after 30 years with ups. they spoke to the gunman a few weeks ago. jimmy lam knew about the overtime grievance, but that's the common complaint from drivers. he had no idea why lam killed his co-workers then turned the gun on himself. >> i have no inclination. this is a senseless act.
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usually we'll hear there is an issue between two people. i've never had any issues with jimmy lam. >> reporter: back at memorial friends are trying to make sense of the deadly shooting that suddenly took the life. >> we are devastated. >> reporter: the union rep tell me the two victims who survived, one was shot in the leg and the other in the arm. both have been released from the hospital, ken? >> very difficult time for a lot of people tonight. amber, thank you. and we are also learning more about the gunman in today's deadly shooting. 38-year-old jimmy land. this afternoon they searched their home in the city's richland district looking for evidence. among other things they confiscated a computer and several boxes of files. neighbors describe lam as a quiet man. they would see him come and go in their ups uniform, but
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mostly kept themselves. they are stunned by the violence tied to a man who lives so close. >> and it is really creepy the people next door have the ability to shoot people off of what they work for. that really creeps me out and i don't feel safe. >> and very sad, of course. for the people that got killed. it's very shocking to see something you never expected. >> and never a ups employee who told us lam was also a very quiet man at work. for ups workers it was a terrifying and traumatic day in the middle of all the chaos they were eager to let the families know they were okay. >> ktvu rob roth spoke to workers who survived and reunited with relatives this afternoon. ups workers were shocked and grief stricken and how something so awful could happen. it seems to be another work day. one ups worker parked in the driveway and was about to go inside when they heard the
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sound of gunfire. >> six to seven shots. like bam bam bam. >> i started screaming get out, get out. gun shots, go, go, go. >> reporter: he didn't note gunman, but one of the victims were a friend. >> it's shocking. your life goes so quick in front of you. >> reporter: some relatives gathered outside the police perimeter. >> and how is that working? for a time she didn't know if the 21-year-old son was hurt or worse, but later learned he was okay, both thankful and upset. >> this is a scared situation to come up. not for anybody. >> and they also waited to hear their daughter. >> i feel for the parents and their families and their loved ones and the people that are there. they are not okay.
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but i know my daughter is okay right now. >> reporter: and finally just after 12:30 police escorted the workers out. >> thank you, thank you. >> and this was a day of relief for those who made it out safely, but it is also a day of anguish knowing some did not. in san francisco rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. coming up more gun violence. this time targeting congressional republicans practicing for a baseball game. what we've learned about the shooter plus the president's hospital visit tonight. and at 10:30 a grieving bay area father opened up about the accidental shooting of the teenage son. we were a technical finish. and we thought we were going to go before them. >> the advisory will go into effect in 24 to 48 hours. i'll let you know how hot it will get in your backyard and
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tonight president trump and first lady melania trump made a visit to the hospital where wounded congressman steve scalise is recovering after he and three other people were shot during practice for a charity baseball game. two of the wounded were members of the congressmen's security detail. they returned fire killing the gunman. the shooter was targeting republicans and has been identified as a vocal critic of president trump and the gop.
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fox news correspondent carolyn shively joins us live from washington with the latest. >> reporter: congressman steven scalise is one of the worse injured today. he was injured in the hip, shot in the hip. he had surgery this morning followed by a procedure to stop the bleeding. we're told he will need a few more surgeries. he remains in critical condition tonight as mr. trump visited him here in the hospital. is gunfire erupted wednesday morning in alexandria as congress members practiced for a baseball game. steve scalise was critically injured, a lobbyist, and staffer were also shot. others were hurt as they dove for cover including texas congressman roger williams. >> the thin blue line held today. law enforcement officers everywhere should be proud. >> reporter: president trump
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among those praising the officers who risked their lives to save others. >> how our brave capitol police performed a challenging job with incredible skill and their sacrifice makes democracy possible. >> the shooter was fatally shot by police identified as james hodgkinson of belleville, illinois. he had been living in a van in alexandria since march. >> we are asking and speaking with the individuals who know them personally. who may have encountered him on their travels. >> reporter: the 56-year-old had a history of anti-gop activity and apparently had been a volunteer for bernie sander's 2016 campaign. >> i condemn this action in the strongest possible terms. >> reporter: hodgkinson was arrested in the 1990s for resisting police and drunken driving and in 2006 for misdemeanor battery. >> you never back down from anybody in a bar fight or whatever. he stood his ground.
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>> reporter: president trump also met with crystal griner tonight one of the two special agents who helped bring this gunman down. she was shot in the foot, but tonight in good condition. julie back to you. >> thank you. new shootings in virginia and san francisco seem to support data suggesting an increase in mass shootings in recent years raising questions about whether there is any way to stop them. new at 10:00 jana katsuyama live in the newsroom with some perspective. jana? >> reporter: ken, the term mass shooting is not defined by law enforcement. one non-profit group has been tracking shootings with four or more people injured or killed. their data shows an increase in recent years. the vulnerability of the ups workers just going to their jobs in san francisco. but the congress members are playing a game of baseball shattering a sense of peace for many americans wednesday. prayers came from both republicans and democrats.
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california senator dianne feinstein on twitter said the continuing amount of gunfire is disheartening. we must do more to discuss the causes of these tragic events. eric swallow also searched for answers. >> you want to understand what the motivation was from a law enforcement perspective and also just from a policymaker's perspective. >> a non-profit group that tracks gun violence shows a recent increase in mass shootings, which they defined as four or more people injured or killed not including the shooter. 274 in 2014, 384 last year. and this year wednesday's san francisco and virginia shootings bring the number to 154 so far. uc berkeley law professor is the director of the criminal research program. he says wednesday's shootings highlight an ongoing state of life in america where guns are readily available. >> vulnerability that we have
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particularly in public spaces to being undefended. what's clear he says. >> the number of handguns out there to be acquired has gone up in this population. >> reporter: he says the category of mass shootings is not recognized by law enforcement and there are no easy solutions. often it is difficult to tell in advance who will take legal action. even california's strict gunfire law offers strict protections. >> as long as ownership and availability are very high, the capacity of those laws to stand between. it's people who want to require them and it is quite limited. >> reporter: some say the number of mass shootings might have been higher.
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there are an estimated 55 million gun owners in the united states. >> jana katsuyama live in the newsroom, thank you. a security scare led to a lockdown at travis air force base in fairfield this afternoon. officials say the base was on the first day of the multi-day security training exercise when someone reported hearing a gunshot around 3:30. officers responded telling base residents and staff to close their doors and windows. after an investigation it turned out to be a false alarm. >> i think it is derived from a heighten sense of awareness based on number one the exercise and potentially some of the incidents happening around the country in the last few days. >> the commander says authorities are still looking into exactly how the report of gunfire came about, but officials responded appropriately given the information they had. we noticed the last couple of days temperatures have been coming up continuing to heat up
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to the point where you are on the weekend with the heat advisory and temperatures are really getting up there. we will see triple digit heat especially in the inland valley. again this sunday and monday, we've got a little heat wave coming our way. the heat advisory, excessive heat advisory will go into effect on friday. right now it's clouds to the north with no fog offshore. a warm start to your day on friday. a little fog, but not much. it'll warm up quickly. so currently it's 73 in concord. it's 5 degrees warmer than last night at this time. so it's already warmer in all locations with no fog offshore and winds are light. warm to hot day tomorrow. so the model does just this. no fog, but they will try to bring some fog at the coast, but not really. look for the reds, those are 90s. they will pop in. 80s and 90s, so the reds are coming into parts of napa and all the warmer colors are moving west as we go through the next couple of days.
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that's the temperature footprint for thursday. friday will be more aggressive with that and reds pulling all the way into parts of the bay area. when i come back we'll take you through the entire heat wave. just know tomorrow the first day you'll start to notice the heat inland. a stunning new development in the case of the embattled bay area prosecutor. coming up the district attorney resigns after pleading no contest to a felony. the warriors announced head coach steve kerr will be back, but another key executive is out. jason appelbaum has that and more later in sports. and in 11 minutes the catastrophic fire that tore through a london apartment building and the death toll still influx.
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mark peterson resigned today after pleading no contest to a felony perjury charge. in exchange for the plea 12 other felony counts including
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misuse of campaign funds were dropped. protesters rallied in front of the courthouse this afternoon calling for peterson to step down. >> no one is above the law. mark peterson apparently thinks he's above the law. >> peterson was sentenced to 250 hours of community service and three years probation. last december he was fined $45,000 by the political practices commission for violating california political reform act by spending thousands of dollars of campaign funds on personal expenses. the oakland unified school district has a new superintendent. they voted unanimously tonight to approve the four-year contract with johnson tremell. the oakland native started her career as a schoolteacher in the city. she was previously serving as oakland's interim deputy superintendent of academic and social learning. blue and gold on display in oakland tonight on top of the tribune tower as they prepare
10:25 pm
to host a victory parade and rally tomorrow for the world champion golden state warriors. oakland is expecting as many as a million and a half people to attend the parade and the rally. >> here is a look at that parade route. they begin outside the warriors downtown practice facility at 11th and broadway. the route goes up broadway and grand avenue where they turn on to harrison street and then lakeside drive before ending at the convention center for that rally. in the afternoon the parade starts at 10:00 tomorrow morning. as you can see preparations are well underway with the stage being set outside the kaiser center. eager warriors fans will likely start lining up overnight. officials are urging people to take part and we're learning the downtown oakland offramps to 880 will be closed starting at 7:00 in the morning. those off ramps are northbound jackson and oak and southbound jackson. we invite you to watch the parade and rally on ktvu fox 2 and on our live stream.
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live coverage of dub nation celebration starts at 9:00 with the parade again at 10:00 and the rally expected at about 12:15. still ahead on the 10:00 news, new reports say the justice department is investigating obstruction of justice that now includes president trump himself. later a senior prank that administrators say went too far. the damage discovered by students and faculty at a bay area high school. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage
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of our midsommar sales event offer.
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new at 10:00 tonight the grieving father of an antioch boy killed by a pelican isn't the only victim. >> five other boys were there to get counseling because of what they witnessed. debora villalon is live in antioch where a 15-year-old boy died last week. deb? >> reporter: ken, sixteen agers, first day of summer vacation hanging out at home with parents at work and then a tragic accident. she wants families to know this could happen to anyone. >> never stop telling your loved ones how much you love them. >> reporter: paul has collected his thoughts. >> mother and i miss you very much. >> reporter: hoping to spare others pain. he was an oakland cop for decades ask and saw his share of death, but nothing prepared
10:30 pm
him for what happened in his family room last week. >> what are you going to do when a tragedy like this happens? >> reporter: a neighbor called him, marcos was hurt. he called his cell and a police officer picked up saying go to the hospital. he was handling a pellet rifle in the house and it went off. >> they came in crying. receive had said i'm sorry. >> anna, marcos' mom has not stepped in their home since. practicing soccer at home is why they had a rifle in the first place trying to rid the backyard of gophers. >> he never touched a gun without anybody being there. he had a very good shot. >> reporter: why the rifle came out is still murky. >> i don't know what happened. the story goes back and forth a
10:31 pm
little bit. they are in distress and eventually it'll come out. >> reporter: as for the one who pulled the trigger. >> i told him whatever you do in life save as many lives as you can. kids do what kids do and boys do what they do. i don't blame the rifle. i don't blame the boys. things happen. >> reporter: they know the boys panicked and ran next door instead of calling 911. then they tried to resuscitate marcos. precious time lost before paramedics arrived. he urges everyone to learn cpr. >> i wish i was here, you know, i wish i could have made a difference. >> reporter: marcos has two sisters and a brother. he was the youngest. >> i think the hardest thing for me, older brothers watch them graduate and succeed. >> reporter: loved ones say marcos was smart and funny. he loved fishing, fast food, and flirting with girls. now he stands in the room and cry. >> i miss you so very much. thank you for giving me the
10:32 pm
opportunity to be a part of your life. i love you. >> reporter: sadly the passport arrived a day after he died. he was headed to mexico this summer, very excited to go visit his biological father after many years. services are this friday and a gofundme has been set up to help the family offset expenses and we have put a link to that on >> i think a lot of us think pellet guns more as toys than weapons, so it is really surprising something like this could happen. >> reporter: yeah, it is really a freak accident. the assumption he was shot in very close range. his dad speculates maybe he was trying to take it away from his friend right up against his chest. the gun has not been returned to the family nor has marcos'
10:33 pm
cell phone. police still have it. as that are -- as far as they know it's considered an accident. >> it is a very sad lesson for other parents to maybe think about it, thank you. state police are searching for a sacramento county jail inmate who was released by mistake. 40-year-old houston was accidentally freed yesterday. houston was serving a 35-year sentence in yolo county for vehicle theft, evading police, and hit and run. he was sent to court in sacramento to face charges in another case when he was mistakingly let go instead of returning to custody. houston is described as five feet eleven inches tall andweighs about 252 pounds. anyone who knows where he is should call 911. the special council looking into russian interference for the 2016 election is now reportedly investigating president trump for possible obstruction of justice. officials tell the washington post it stems from the firing of fbi chief james comey. comey testified last week he
10:34 pm
believed he was fire because they believe they ended the criminal investigation into the former national security advisor michael flynn. a spokesman for trump's personal lawyer said in a statement the fbi's leak of information regarding the president is outrageous, inexcusable, and illegal. the deadly fire in a high- rise apartment building in west london continues to smolder tonight. the blaze killed at least 12 people and injured some 74 others. fox news reporter benjamin hall has more now from london. >> reporter: this deadly fire in the heart of london has been called unprecedented in scale leaving hundreds homeless and the death toll is mounting. >> reporter: the fire ripped through the entire high-rise apartment building shortly before 1:00 a.m. local time. hundreds of firefighters battled to rescue residents shortly after it broke out. >> no sense to be here for at least 24 hours working to make sure it doesn't flare back up, searching for those who may have been trapped inside.
10:35 pm
elderly and the children are seen missing. >> reporter: stories from inside are chilling. one woman was seen throwing her baby from the 10th floor into the arms of people below. the baby survived, but her faith is unknown. others are forced to make ropes out of bed sheets climbing down as others were seen jumping. >> i was screaming and it seemed like it was something out of a horror movie. >> reporter: people have been warning about fire hazards here for over a year. despite a $13 million refurbishment last year, the only changes, no sprinklers installed, no fire exits, only one decade. >> they would seem to be secured when it is impossible to identify the cause of the fire as it will be. proper investigations and if there are any lessons learned action will be taken. >> reporter: today the
10:36 pm
community rallied around the victims. a show of solidarity in a district in mourning. in london benjamin hall fox news. it's been an annual tradition for decades. coming up why a star-studded benefit concert is canceled this year. tracking the warm up around here. the heat will be on pretty much starting tomorrow taking us right into the bay area weekend. in three minutes new evidence of how expensive it's gotten to live in the bay area.
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the man credited with their university into an enormously successful learning institution has died. he was 92 years old. he just graduated from stanford when they appointed him president of the academy, which at the time was housed in a tiny loft. under our leadership they grew with a peak enrollment of 18,000. they study everything from photography to acting. consumer prices haven't been this high since 2001 with
10:40 pm
energy prices driving the spike. the cost of food, however was not a factor. stocks ended the day mixed. they added 46 points to close at a new record. s&p was down two points. one of the bay area's most cherished annual musical event will not take place this year. today he would no longer host the event due to personal reasons with no specific word on why the event was canceled. and they started the concert back in 1986. those were the new facilities. several music super stars have performed over the years. a senior prank some call
10:41 pm
hateful. coming up how the bay area high school is responding to the damage they found. triple digit heat coming to the bay area. bill martin will take us through the forecast.
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10:43 pm
san jose police are asking people who have been victims of robberies and auto thefts to
10:44 pm
come forward. on april 21 officers arrested 22-year-old azekiel amora. they have been involved in 11 robberies from april until now. they targettedly kor stores where they -- targeted liquor stores. anyone who has been a victim of one of these robberies is asked to contact san jose police. controversy tonight at a fremont school over what school officials are calling a senior prank gone too far. ann rubin with the campus vandalism that the entire class is now being asked to clean up. students in fremont call it a senior prank that got out of control. someone put putty or glue in the door locks, painting what appear today be a swastika on the ground. >> and it had one in particular, they have gathered a lot of attention because of this sort of hate-filled
10:45 pm
imagery. >> reporter: the student newspaper captured photos of the damage totaling thousands of dollars. the school has only one supply clerk and a substitute custodian left to clean it up. seniors were called to the gym. they all need to step up to clean up. all 450 of them did. >> you have a simultaneous disappointment, but also pride in these group of teenagers who stepped up without complaints and cleaned up their campus. >> reporter: they scrubbed paints off the wall and grounds and worked extra hard to remove the swastika. >> they knew even though it wasn't their fault it is still their responsibility to clean up the community because it leaves an image on our graduating senior class. >> reporter: the principal estimates there were 40 or 50 students responsible for the damage. since they haven't been able to pinpoint who did what all will receive the same punishment. they won't get to take home
10:46 pm
their diplomas right away at friday's graduation. >> they will walk us off the stage for the families to see them, but then they will come back to school on monday and tuesday and perform community service for the school to help clean up and then they will get their diploma at the end of the service. >> some teachers at the school who ask not to be identified didn't think the punishment was harsh enough, still many of the students have learned their lesson. >> i hope they will shy away from doing something as we did. >> a few of the seniors want to make sure this is not how they are remembered, so they launched a fundraising campaign to pay for some of the damage. any money left over will be used for campus beautification. ann rubin ktvu fox 2 news. the u.s. coast guard says work is underway to remove the fuel from a barge that capsized and sank in the san francisco bay in april. there were strong winds when the freight barge vengeance overturned in the choppy bay waters south of the bay area.
10:47 pm
crews must remove thousands of gallons of fuel before work can begin to remove the sunken barge from the sea's floor. temperatures on the increase today. we got up to 90 degrees in antioch. concord was 90 degrees as well. 89 in santa rosa. so the temperatures on the increase is unusual. we had the snow and the thunderstorms over the weekend and all that activity. then boom, we're back into the heat. it's been a slow build, but now we're getting it. temperatures are definitely warming. we've got an 88 today in fairfield and 86 in napa and santa rosa. these are today's highs up from yesterday. the highs tomorrow will be up from the east by another four to five degrees. we'll see mid-90s inland tomorrow. jet stream is really keeping everything to the north as would be anticipated this time of the year with the high pressure dominance, but we're not seeing fog right now. we're not seeing much at all in the way of fog. that means you wake up to
10:48 pm
tomorrow even pacifica mostly sunny, warming you up to the beaches tomorrow in the upper 60s. 63 livermore right now, warmer than last night at this time. the winds are kind of, well, kind of all over the place, aren't they? you could tell a lot by what the winds are doing right now. that's pretty typical through the san bruno gap. most of the winds will be light and variable out there for this time of the year. no fog. sunny, warm again tomorrow and warmer if you will for tomorrow. high pressure builds out a little bit from the southeast and as it builds in that'll pop up the temperatures into the triple digits. probably on friday in sacramento and stockton, but saturday and sunday i think livermore valley, parts of antioch and up towards santa rosa we will see the upper 90s. the forecast highs for tomorrow 90, fairfield 90. 87 in petaluma. these are the forecast highs for thursday. fridays will be even more significant with mid-90s, even upper 90s. so the forecasts along the
10:49 pm
coast still in the upper 60s. a nice one tomorrow. no spare the air day has been issued yet, but this type of pattern will get you a spare the air day. no way around it. i suspect friday, the air quality will issue something for friday and that's when the heat watch begins as well. those things go together. the excessive heat watch that'll stay in effect throughout the week. that generally means there's a lid on the atmosphere and the air quality is going to take a hit. that's where we are. again to the beach it will be warm over the next couple of days with a lot of rip tides out there and a little swell. you'll want to be careful because of the ocean beach. you have 800,000 people over there. it was fun. yes, i was going to say the trolley cart or something, but yeah, you're close. it is always very dangerous. be safe out at the beaches. real hot inland. if you're not used to ocean beaches, i mean -- i mean the water is cold.
10:50 pm
it will drag you out. >> it's actually a huge city and the bay is one of the most dangerous beaches in the country just because of the population center and rip tides. >> we have not seen a long stretch of warm weather, so a lot of people will be heading for the beaches to stay cool over the next few days. >> exactly, that's the concern. >> bill, thank you. state engineers are ordering instructions. the state dam regulator says there's about 70 old dams that may not be sound enough to protect communities from flooding downstream. regulators have not said which dams need inspections, but the operators have one dam on the central coast and they say they're on the list. many california dams are at their fullest level in years after that very wet winter. coming up on the 11:00 news, new information on today's deadly ups shooting. police have just released the identity of all of the victims. next in sports, warriors win their second nba championship in three years
10:51 pm
then lose a high-ranking consultant to a team down south. jason has that and all the sports next.
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10:53 pm
all right, jason is in for mark tonight on the eve of the big parade and rally. some announcements today from the warriors? >> there will be some changes. any time a team is this good there will be players coming
10:54 pm
and going including the front office as well. first the good news. steve kerr despite dealing with health issues this past year made it official. he'll be back to coach the warriors next year. now for the not so good news if you believe in continuity, six years with the warriors special consultant jerry west is leaving to join the clippers in a similar role. so yes, west is heading down south. he's been a big part of the warriors resurgence since joining the team six years ago. just one example of his impact. west is largely credited with telling the warriors not to trade klay thompson for kevin love calling the decision to leave it one of the saddest nights of my life, but said at age 79 it was time for him to take on a new challenge. and one other -- what other changes are in stored for the warriors? ten free agents. two of them right there they're not going anywhere. stephen curry and durant. curry is expected to be the first $200 million man in the
10:55 pm
nba, but the word with durant he will take less to keep more of their key guys like andre iguodala, zaza pachulia and david west and mcgee. among the free agents. but in true fashion steph says team comes first even when it affects your financial bottom line. >> at the end of the day we know what's best for the team in going forward and we'll do everything we can to try to keep this team together. i have that mind set, they have that mind set and all the guys that are there renegotiating their contracts to see what could happen. >> all right, you can catch curry and the rest of the warriors in tomorrow's parade right here on fox 2 9:00 a.m. from the excitement of the warriors this will be a tough transition for me and to two last place baseball teams. first the giants are hosting kansas city.
10:56 pm
that was good news, getting close to returning, throwing another bullpen session. he'll pitch a simulated game this weekend in colorado, which is where he had that dirt bike accident. johnny queto did not have it. mike mustafsas has it. next inning, dead center for bonifacio. denard span turns and watches it go 3-0 after the two-run blast. next pitch that one is gone too, lorenzo cane. he gives up three home runs. the plow pitches over the wall. it's three as the royals win 7- 2 and giants have lost 15 out of the last 21. a's are not playing much better in miami with an early 9:00 a.m. start our time. first pitch in miami. ryan healy with the possible future star for the a's. two on for healy and he unloads
10:57 pm
off edison volquez. three-run jack to right center. 15 home runs, six out of the last ten games. the bottom half of the frame you're about to see a collision down the right field line. alonso has got it, but matt joyce knocks him over. a lot of them hang on the ball, but joyce gets the worst of it banging his chin. three stitches he's out of the game. bottom of the 4th tied up at five. dee gordon with an instant replay. ozuna brings home a win. marlins nickel and dime the a's to death. they host the yankees and their four-game set beginning tomorrow. aaron judge the big story. he's becoming a home run leader. the next story makes me feel a little old. remember darren baker, dusty's son as a bat boy for the giants back in 2002 when he managed?
10:58 pm
who could forget this moment? game five of the world series. j.t. scooping little darren up at home plate saving him. and darren is not little anymore. he's 18 years old and a major league baseball player, well he's drafted any way by his dad's team. the washington nationals. he's also got a full ride to cal, so we will see what he can do. you saw the .396 in sacramento. all right, some great ask and funny choir quirky plays here. this is a few nights ago with an easy pop up, right? there are five guys, five guys. ball drops. like i got it, i got it, i got it, i don't got it. the manager brian price by the way didn't like him. mariners and the twins, watch this. ben gamel smashes into the wall and holds on with the hair and all. and he says i got it with a
10:59 pm
great play as he goes into the wall to make the catch and loses his hat. but actually he gets his hat back and so thank you, nice hair, mariners win 6-4. in youth baseball this team is called the legit baseball club. just look at that. amazing week for them at home plate and by this young man that reaches back to tag. he flies over and does like a 360 here. in the presence of mind he'll crawl back and tag the plate. what a big play out of youth baseball. we'll be back at 11:00 with more news coming up. >> all right, jason, thank you. next at 11:00. continuing coverage of today's workplace shooting at a ups distribution center in san francisco. police have now released the names of the four people who died. the 11:00 news starts right now. a tragic day in the city. three people killed, two
11:00 pm
wounded before a gunman kills himself. i'm ken wayne, frank is off tonight. >> i'm julie haener. the workplace violence is blamed on a disgruntled employee. the ups driver filed a grievance complaining about excessive overtime. the deadly shooting happened just before 9:00 this morning on highway 101. the building well known to commuters sits between 16th and 17th streets, utah street, and san bruno avenue. our coverage begins right now with ktvu's heather holmes. >> reporter: the shooting took place at this ups package distribution center at the hood of the trail hills. >> the shooter is still inside the ups building. >> reporter: it's a building so large it takes up the entire city block. it was about 8:50 this morning when police got the call. >> several people have been shot at ups building. several people have been shot. >> reporter: delivery drivers were attending an informal daily briefing before leaving. one of the workers pulled


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