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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 15, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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world champion warriors have the victory parade in just a few hours. mornings on 2 starts now. this is ktvu mornings on 2 . >> good morning, it is thursday, june 15 on this day, and i am allie rasmus in for pam cook. >> good morning, i am dave clark. good morning everybody. this will be almost the same as yesterday and a little bit cooler. we have this system up to the north and once it goes through we will turn it up a little bit. you can see this system dragging across the northern part of the state that could increase the fog a little bit but not a big impact. it is a weak system and we get this dip in the jet stream before high pressure builds in. this is mild for some, 60s and 50s brothers with the 15
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degrees spread from santa rosa to brentwood. there are a few 40s but mainly 50s, some 60s, either cool or mild. mostly sunny today with patchy fog today, more than yesterday. 78 in oakland and a beautiful day for the parade. 60s and 70s, upper 80s and a few low 90s. here he is, hello, sal.>> hello, steve. today is the warriors prayed in starts at 11th and broadway and people will be coming from quite a ways. someone said they drive from livermore to san francisco and how could they be affected. let's talk about the commute. traffic continues to be pretty good on 580 and through the dublin interchange with no major issues, alike commute through tracy and no major problems on 580 out to 238.
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traffic continues to look pretty good as we look at interstate 880, and as you try to get someone early this morning with your blue and gold on, it is okay on the roads. the bart system is firing up and should be more crowded today. we will check in with them often. here is a look at the westbound bay bridge into san francisco, looking good. coming from san francisco it looks good into oakland. it is 4:02 am. we start the latest on the mass shooting at the ups warehouse in san francisco where four were killed including the gun man, jack -- jimmy lam. he was the ups truck driver and his motive is still under investigation. he filed a grievance several months ago complaining about working excessive overtime and jimmy lam shot and killed three people and wounded two others before killing himself. the two injured ups workers
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were treated at the san francisco general hospital and released. the home of jimmy lam was searched yesterday . there are memorials outside of the ups facility where the attack occurred and the company will offer counseling to employees that experienced this terrifying ordeal, and heather holmes gives us a detailed account of exactly what happened. >> reporter: the shooting took place at the ups package distribution center. it is a building so large that it takes up the entire city block. >> we have employee shot at the ups building in several people were shot. >> reporter: delivery drivers were attending their informal daily briefing before leaving from the roof and one worker pulled out a gun and opened fire and responding officers determined it was an active shooter situation. >> an active shooter at the ups
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building. >> reporter: the officers formed teams and immediately got the wounded victims to safety and one officer encountered the suspect. >> one contact team located the suspect that was armed with the assault pistol. the suspect put the gun to his head and discharge the weapon. >> reporter: they swept the building to make sure there were no additional threats and they evacuated the remaining employees and the gunmen opened fire in the building where the delivery trucks were parked. the gunmen went outside where he shot and killed a three people. he was back inside when the police confronted him. >> at this time we have identified six shooting victims including the suspect.>> reporter: the gunmen is jimmy lam, a 38-year-old san francisco resident and work for ups it's 1999 and the officers never fired a shot. mayor ed lee credited the first
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responders for their heroism. >> a proactive effort from our police department and the other agencies that responded to help to save lives. >> reporter: an estimated 350 workers are at the facility and they have may professional counseling available. >> if i could at this time to ask all of you to please keep ups in your prayers and all of those impacted. i am most concerned about my employees to make sure that we have is many counselors that are needed on site for all of their support, and to make sure that we take care of each other.>> the two wounded workers were treated and released and the motive of the gunmen, the grievance he filed a few months go was a waste that he be relieved from working overtime going forward. ktvu fox 2 news. we now know the names of
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the three people killed by the gunman and they are 56 years old wayne chan of san francisco, 50-year-old benson louie of san francisco and 46-year-old michael lefiti of hercules. even though michael lefiti lived in the east bay he was considered part of the diamond heights community where he worked and neighbors and friends have rated a memorial in his memory at the diamond heights shopping center where he often sat in his truck during his brakes. the people over long his route knew how much he loved his children and the san francisco giants. >> he was good everybody and he was a larger-than-life personality in our neighborhood. >> a kind and somewhat protector of the neighborhood. that is how we felt with mike. he did not only deliver packages, he was totally a part of our community, and his presence will be very missed. >> to other drivers were injured, one shot in the arm
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any other in the leg and both were treated and later released. the deadly shooting left many ups workers wondering how something so horrible could happen at their workplace. >> your life can go so quick in front of you. you think about your kids and your coworkers. >> i feel for the parents and their families, the loved ones that are not okay. i know that my daughter is okay right now. i want to see her and give her a hug. >> some family members rushed to the ups building as soon as they heard about the shooting, and there were many that stay close to the scene until they got more information on their loved ones. in virginia president trump and first lady melania trump visited the removed and wounded republican steve scalise and he was also visiting with his family.
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the louisiana congressman is in critical condition after being shot yesterday morning during the practice for the charity baseball game. the gunmen started shooting at the field of virginia were the team was playing, two capital police officers were also wounded along with the staff are and senator bernie sanders spoke out after finding out the gunmen had volunteered on his presidential campaign. >> violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society and i condemn this action and the strongest possible terms. >> both the police and the fbi searched the home of the gunmen, 66-year-old james hodgkinson of belleville, illinois. his brother told the new york times that his brother was upset about the election of president trump. the charity baseball game will go on as scheduled tonight. the security scare led to the lockdown at travis air force base in fairfield
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yesterday afternoon and the base was on the first day of the multi-day security training exercise and someone reported hearing a gunshot around 3:30 pm. officers responded telling the residents and staff to close the doors and windows but it turned out to be a false alarm. >> i think you drive from a heightened sense of awareness based on the exercise, and potentially the incidents happening around the country and the last few days. >> the commander said that authorities are looking into exactly how the report of the gunfire came about but officials responded appropriately given the information they had. state lawmakers are due to vote on the new budget that increases spending for social services and education. the governor and leaders of the legislature have already negotiated the $125 billion spending plan that is expected to easily pass in the full state senate and assembly which
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both have the democratic majorities. democrats have praised the budget for increasing payments to doctors and dentists that take care of the medi-cal patients. if the budget passes the university of california system could see new restrictions and the system could lose out on $50 million in state funding if they do not meet the audit recommendations including financial restrictions and the enrollment targets. it also gives the lawmakers more control over the funding for the uc president office. these proposed restrictions after the audit found administrators hiding tens of millions of dollars from the public. eager warriors fan staking out positions in the downtown oakland for the championship parade and rally, and the organizers are hanging balloons and here is the blue and gold from the video taken a few minutes ago. some warriors fans are camping out overnight and as many as 2 million people are
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expected to attend the celebration today which begins at 10 am with the parade. fans are strongly encouraged to take public transit and they could break the single day record of 568,000 riders for the 2012 world series parade for the giants. the interstate 80 off ramps are closed that northbound jackson and oak along with southbound jackson. the parade starts at the warriors practice facility at 11th and broadway up grand avenue on to harrison street, and on lakeside drive before ending at the kaiser convention center. mornings on 2 will cover the parade preparations throughout the morning and we have our own special celebration for dove nation -- dub nation. the prosecutor resigns and the district attorney that step
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down after pleading no contest to a felony. off to a good start on the roads this morning and nothing major as you drive either to our way from san francisco on the bay bridge. pretty quiet outside with a little more fog than yesterday but all systems are go for a nice day.
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welcome back to mornings on
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2, it is 4:14 am. the special counsel investigating russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is reportedly investigating president trump for possible obstruction of justice and it stems from the firing of fbi chief james comey who testified that he believed he was fired because he refused to end the criminal investigation into the former national security advisor michael flynn. it says that special counsel robert mueller will interview the director of national intelligence ahead of the national security agency the and others. in the meantime, the new federal court ruling opens the possibility that the dakota excise -- dakota access pipelines may be set down in the survey by the arnie -- army corps of engineers was not adequate without considering the impact on the food supply of the sioux tribe. the judge has ordered the corps
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of engineers to redo part of the survey and said that at a later date he will consider whether to this stop the delivery of the crude oil through the pipeline. authorities in london say the death toll from the massive fire at the 24 story apartment building has increased with 17 people dead. expect the number will rise more as firefighters begin to search the building this morning. the fire broke out early yesterday and destroyed the building with at least 500 people that were living there. there is anger in the neighborhood where people were warning about the fire hazards of the high-rise for years. the $13 million refurbishment last year only made cosmetic changes without sprinklers, or fire exits added and with only one staircase.>> when they can identify the cause of the fire, there will be a proper investigation and if there are any lessons to be learned, they will be an action will be taken
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. >> i believe we need to ask questions about the facilities and resources given to the local authority that have towers in the area. we need to deal with this and we need the people to be safe living in high-rise buildings. >> hundreds were left homeless by the fire and emergency shelters have been set up and people have been dropping off food, water, bedding and clothing. the jury in the bill cosby sexual assault case is going into the fourth day of deliberations this morning. the sequestered jury has been deliberating 27 hours since getting the case on monday and they paused several times to go over the evidence including the decade old deposition of cosby describing the incident. bill cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a worker back in 2004 but he claims the sex was consensual. it is 4:17 am. we are going to send it over to sal and it is an
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unusual commute day with many acted to take part and maybe not as many people on the road. >> i think that people learned from two years ago that it is good that we had a parade to go to. two years ago we did not know what would happen but the sure we know the people will show up lining the parade route, the same as two years ago. bar is on time, and the stations are open and the trains are moving in case you want to take bart. there are no significant delays on bart and things are going well. if you are coming in from far away, my friends and gilroy and morgan hill, and they are warriors fans, and they are all over the bay area, and obviously the east bay, and they will be coming in. there are no major problems coming in through san jose right now. here's a nice look at the runway at the airport, and people are coming in on
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airplanes. >> [ laughter ] >> runway 30 left and 30 right, is that were you bring in your private jet?>> sometimes. san jose has nice private facilities but i have digressed. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound, it is light and off to a good start getting out early. what will the weather be like? very nice, better today than tomorrow and tomorrow we will heat up. today we have patchy fog but we are all set for a beautiful morning, and we will take that into the early afternoon with 60s and low 70s. not to hot but tomorrow about 86, so we will get through this one okay. temperatures mild to warm with this weak system brushing to the north that will hold things in check. we could see a little bit of fog sneaking in. this dome of high pressure is
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ready to go, and once the system goes by will build in and hang around for a while. look at the water temperature in bodega bay, 49, 51 at the san francisco buoy. we will have fog at the coast even though it will be on the deck, mild for some in the low 60s and 50s for many. a few 40s but more 50s as the air mass gets warmer. 52 in livermore, 68 in brentwood, 67 in pittsburg. by the concord pavilion 58, and 52 in lafayette. 58 in ukiah which is much warmer than yesterday this time. again, little bit of fog popping up yesterday and mostly sunny, nice and warm. 60s, 70s and 80s which is a push compared to yesterday with only subtle changes. tomorrow we have that high- pressure building it and unless you are just at the water's
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edge it will be toasty for about five days.>> that long? >> at least friday into tuesday. >> that is a long time to go without our natural air- conditioning. >> so to speak? i know what you mean and i will put in your order. it is 4:21 am. a major fundraiser that is a tradition in the bay area and now on hold and why this star- studded benefit concert has been canceled.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 4:23 am. a key interest rate is going up for the third time since september and janet yellen has announced they will raise the short-term rate by a quarter point between one and 1 1/4%. they say the economy strong enough with little risk of recession. this means a higher rate for the bar worse and better returns for those that say. the new class-action lawsuit claims that wells fargo change the terms of some of the customers mortgages adding years to their loans without being authorized in the new york times reports the changes affect customers that filed for bankruptcy and the bank would offer a trial loan modification to lower the monthly payment of the homeowners and they say the bank extended the terms of the mortgages, in some cases by decade adding tens of thousands of dollars to the repayments.
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wells fargo is denying the allegations. new figures showing inflation at its highest level since the bus in the early 2000 and the bureau of labor statistics said that these products have not been this high since 2000 want and energy prices are driving the spike. the cost of food went down as more consumers are eating at home instead of dining out. google is working on a plan to provide housing for its employees and the parent company, alphabet, will purchase 300 modular apartment units in an effort to address the housing crisis in silicon valley. the modular housing units will go up on the moffett field and the units will be built by factory os of the heel and it will cost between 25 million and $30 million. the facebook founder mark zuckerberg and wife helping bay area teachers of for down payments for their homes and they are donating $5 million to the start up that pays up to
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10% of the down payment for the homes for the teachers. the money will go to help about 60 teachers and in three san mateo county school district for the redwood city, ravenswood city and the sequoia union high school. each teachers eligible for up to $120,000 in special assistance. one of the most cherished annual music events will not take place this year and the future of the bridge school benefit is in doubt with the rock legend neil young saying he would no longer hosting the event due to personal regions. there is no specific reason why was canceled or whether it will return, and neil young and his former wife peggy started the concert in 1986 to raise money for the bridge school, a school with children that have severe speech impediments. a long line of stars of been performing including paul mccartney, bruce springsteen and david bowie. coming up we have more
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details on the legislation to regulate marijuana in california including the standards for organic pot and home deliveries. maybe you are hitting the road early in right now looks pretty good out there driving on the freeway. northbound 101 looks good approaching the bay bridge with no major problems is morning on the bridge into oakland. a good thing the parade is today and not tomorrow or saturday because it would be really hot but today not bad in the 60s and 70s.
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this is mornings on 2. good morning. here's a live picture and this is a beautiful shot of the blue and gold on top of the tribute tower. >> it is a beautiful shot and we have are victory parade
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happening today. i think it has been lit up like this for a couple of days. >> it is because of the warriors and the big victory parade right through downtown oakland this morning and just a couple of hours. we will be there and bring it to you. thank you for joining us and welcome back to mornings on 2 on this thursday, june 15, and i am dave clark. >> i am allie rasmus and it is going to be a nice day four victory parade today. today will be nice, and starting off with a hint of fog but that should be gone by 10:00. we've a few high clouds and overall nice in the 60s and 70s, looking pretty good with no worries. take your sunscreen in case he gets a little bit more toasty. friday through sunday we have an excessive heat watch. to be honest, this could go into the middle of next week with 6 to 7 days away from the coast with toasty at


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