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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 16, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the bay area is heating up with inland temperatures expected to reach triple digits this weekend. the heat advisory about to take effect. good evening everyone i'm alyana gomez with mark tamayo. everybody needs to prepare, keep cool. >> and the changes are amazing. we start out 20 degrees below
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average. this weekend is 20 degrees way above average, yes. temperatures started to soar today. so everybody warming up compared to yesterday. here's the plan though. we've been trending up with temperatures. that'll continue into the weekend. saturday, sunday that'll be the hottest day of the weekend and into next week as well. so really heat advisory for three days at least. i think that'll actually be extended into next week. now on this map you can see the areas not under the heat advisory. that's near the coast and also for portions of san francisco. also right around portions of the bay, but that will change for your weekend. saturday, sunday, monday temperature wills be in the 90s topping 100 degrees. in fact the hottest locations to the east will be approaching
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105 degrees. so this sets up for your weekend and into next week. this will be an extended period of some very hot temperatures especially inland. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. >> all right, thank you so much. and now to ktvu live tonight in sonoma county, one of the toastier spots in the bay area. the country music festival just ended for the night. i'm sure it was a struggle to keep cool out there tonight. >> absolutely. this festival is outdoors, of course, under the sun at the fairgrounds in santa rosa. it was 98. that's 26 degrees hotter than just last sunday. by the time the headliner took the stage the sun was low and the temps down to 85 degrees. as the summer brings 30,000 people to the sonoma county fairgrounds over three days. >> as we say in the business it is better warm than wet. >> reporter: last weekend they would have been up against rain and hail here.
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instead the hottest days of the year are on the lineup. >> rain is no go. this is actually great weather. we watch it a month in advance. >> it's really hot. our seats are right in the sun. >> a hospitality room saved the day for some fans. >> we go out and listen to a few songs and start sweating and then they come in here and cool off. they hydrate and go back for more. >> they got cool any way they could. >> i think it was made for you. >> on the hot items. no one is getting burned for the very first day. the rapid spikes in temperatures will make it feel hotter. >> we have been trying to stress the need to hydrate. it's hot out here. fortunately we got a little bit of wind, but it is only going to get hotter throughout the weekend. >> there were huge fans creating a 40 miles an hour wind and hooked to hoses to spray a cooling mist.
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>> it's sitting in the middle of the grapes over there. we just came up with a creative idea. >> i don't even remember walking in here. >> reporter: we found this fan in the medical tent with a few drinks and food after hours in the sun. the next thing she knew she was nauseous and she couldn't finish her sentence. >> i tried to put water on her and cool her off, but north what we did, shade, water, nothing would keep her hydrated. we had to get her in here. >> i remember being in the shade and i remember parts of walking here. but i don't remember laying down, i don't remember them talking to me. >> reporter: a cautionary for all, water is the way to go. as country summer cuts into a top weekend, big shade whenever possible. >> i stay up with the water there in country music, yes. now it's nothing.
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>> reporter: tomorrow will be hotter. then sunday peeking at 103. so that medical area may very well get busier. now they plan to open a cooling center for the entire community on sunday as well. >> all right, debora villalon live for us tonight in sonoma county. thank you so much. the 105th alameda county fair also kicked off today. fair organizers want to make sure guests are hydrated and safe. fair goers could keep cool inside the exhibits or at one of the misting fans at the fairgrounds in pleasanton. in case of an emergency the alameda fire department is on site with a medical clinic. >> we have a chance to lay down and rest and we have the capability of giving you a fluid if need be and water to drink as well. >> the fair got underway this morning with a cattle drive through the streets of downtown pleasanton. there were about 60 riders and 150 spears. the alameda county fair runs
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until july 9, then you can download our free ktvu weather app for the latest on their conditions, plus your up-to-the- minute forecast during this heat wave and posting updates on face boo twitter, and instagram. the u.s. navy destroyer uss fitzgerald was extensively damaged today connect with a merchant ship off the coast of command. the commanding officer was air lifted to the hospital along with another crew member. seven of the u.s. sailors are missing. the navy says the fitzgerald has damage below the water line and has taken on water, but still maneuvering under its own power. the navy says the collision happened about 2:u 30 in the -- 2:30 in the morning southwest of japan. a city that's home to the fitzgerald and a major u.s. navy facility. this is the photo showing the damage to the other ship involve it had in the collision. the philippine flags, container ship, crystal. the ship is managed by the danish shipping giant. no one on board the crystal was injured. police in palo alto are
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investigating a major crash that killed one man ask and sent three others to the hospital. the collision happened at the university avenue on cavanaugh drive just before 3:00 this afternoon. the driver of a lexus appeared to be speeding when the car ran a red light and hit another car turning onto university. the driver of the second car died at the scene. his passenger was taken to the hospital along with the driver of the lexus and a passenger. no updates yet on their conditions. in campbell a pedestrian was hospital ides after being hit by a vehicle this afternoon. the accident happened at 3:30 on winchester boulevard between hamilton and lattimore avenues. police have not updated the condition of the pedestrian, but the driver is cooperating. the california highway patrol arrested three motorcyclists in connection to a road rage attack on a lyft driver. officers raided the homes of
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jarrell williams, dwayne dwayne and -- and dwayne anderson. the lyft driver was badly injured. >> with the videos being taken by the passer-byes. we examined those videos. not only did we do that, but we had positive i.d.s from other chp officers as well as other sfp officers who had previously seen these individuals or had some sort of contact with them. >> the victim suffered a badly broken leg that required surgery. investigators say he continues to suffer the affects of the beating. the three suspects are due in court later this month. tonight for the first time we hear from an eyewitness to this week's deadly workplace shooting in san francisco. three ups drivers were killed and two more wounded before the gunman killed himself. new at 10:00 ktvu amber lee
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is live with an exclusive firsthand account of what happened. amber? >> reporter: the driver told me they heard different versions of what happened. not all of it was accurate. since witnessing the shooting he wanted to share his perspective. >> none of the men deserved to die. >> ups driver shawn coats considers the four co-workers who died on wednesday his friends, including jimmy lam. >> i'm trying to do my best. >> reporter: they are among the 39 drivers when jimmy opened fire. everyone was standing in a semicircle, jimmy in the back. >> to the corner of my eye i see somebody push by. i looked over and it was jimmy with his arm stretched out straight with what looked like a handgun. >> reporter: coach says lam walked past a number of drivers before shooting at benson louie from mind. coach says lam fired two moreshots at louie before
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walking towards chan. >> i heard one shot and i saw wayne fall. >> reporter: coach says everyone scattered. they ran to the nearest truck. >> i looked to see where jimmy was and i saw he was walking this way. we made eye contact very briefly. >> reporter: coach got out of the back of the truck and called 911. when exiting the building, he says he saw jimmy walking back inside. >> i got really scared. i turned around, i ran back towards the initial scene looking for an open area where i could get cover. >> reporter: he saw him on the ground outside. coach says the focus jimmy showed as he shot each driver seemed to indicate he targeted his victims. >> because he passed other people to get to people, it's an assumption he was targeting specific people. >> any idea why? >> no. that's what makes it more frustrating. >> reporter: coach says he last spoke to jimmy the night before the shooting joking and laughing. no indication as to what was to come. he didn't know any dispute
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between jimmy and the victims. >> why these guys? they're great guys. they're the smiling guys, the laughing guy. >> reporter: mike lefiti was a friend to everyone. benson and wayne were mentors to other drivers. he's trying to cope with the loss of four friends. >> confusion, frustration, sadness, anger, everything, you know. you want to know why. >> reporter: coach has been off of work since the day of the shooting. he plans to be back on monday, but says he is not sure if he and other ups drivers tell me they are grateful for the support they received from family, friends, and the public. >> i know over the past couple of days we've heard from union officials about some discrepancies. overtime it was jimmy lam. did he give you any indication into some of the overtime issues that might have been happening there if any at all? >> reporter: he did. he talked a little bit about
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overtime. he says he himself has filed a grievance for overtime. on average he works about 52 hours a week, but has no idea of nothing if that's a factor in why jimmy lam did what he did. but overtime it's something they all deal with. >> wow, a very, very tragic incident. thank you so much for that report. coming up a night of protest in minnesota after an officer is acquitted in the killing of a man during a traffic stop. >> the system continues to fail black people and they will continue to fail you all. in weather this is the eve of the major warm up across portions of the bay area. coming up neighborhoods that will top 104 degrees tomorrow and let you know how long the hot temperatures will stick around. plus, amazon is buying whole foods. details on a multi-billion dollar deal to change what happened for three industries.
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hundreds of people marched in st. paul, minnesota tonight after a jury acquitted a police officer of all charges in the shooting death of philando castile. the officer shot and killed the 32-year-old during the traffic stop late last year while his girlfriend sat in the passenger seat of the car live streaming the aftermath of the shooting on facebook. prosecutors charged the officer with second-degree manslaughter
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saying no reasonable officer would have used deadly force, but the jury didn't see it that way and returned a not guilty verdict today after deliberating for 27 hours. correspondent mike tobin has the emotional reaction from the victim's mother. >> the system continues to fail black people and they will continue to fail you all. >> reporter: emotions running high after a police officer who fatally shot a man is acquitted on all charges. yanez pulled castile over for a broken taillight, but the stop quickly escalated. yanez fired into the car thinking later he was going for his gun. >> it is time we have a young man who had no criminal record, who was a 13-year employee of the st. paul public school system. this time, this time there shouldn't have been in our opinion a very, very, very different outcome. >> reporter: the death sparked
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nationwide attention after broadcasting the shooting's aftermath live on facebook. he thought he matched the description of the recent robbery on the steps of the courthouse shortly after the verdict >> people have died for us to have these rights. but now we're going back there tonight. what is it going to take? i'm mad, yes, i am. >> i also don't doubt yanez is a decent person as people testified in court. but he made a horrible mistake. >> reporter: officer yanez was on leave during the trial, but the police department issued a statement saying the community would be better served if he did not return to the force. in st. paul, minnesota mike tobin fox news. now to san francisco where investigators are looking into the cause of the warehouse
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fire. the fire was just reported at 1:00 off the end of donner avenue. luckily no one was inside when the fire started. it was lifted at 5:30 when they determined the smoke had dissipated. neighbors say the man who works out of the warehouse does metal work. the building was packed making the fire fight even more challenging. >> he collects everything. cars, everything, whenever you can see what's in there and he's got it all. if you're in that warehouse you'll see the floors being stacked everywhere. >> they work to figure out what would spark that fire. the building may need to be retagged. the retailer is getting into the grocery business, buying whole foods. the price tag, $13 billion for more than 400 stores.
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tonight how they could change the face of the grocery industry. >> reporter: whole foods is always a busy success story. but they are working hard. he's got a long way to go. >> it's too expensive for me to do all my shopping there. >> reporter: customers have thoughts about whole foods becoming a part of amazon. >> they would go down, they were like employees. there will be less people working, and i just don't like it. >> reporter: by default i believe that's what would happen with the quart to -- to provide a cheaper price for the consumers. >> reporter: stanford marketing professor wesley harmon says that might not happen simply because amazon is incredibly efficient. something whole foods is not so
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much. >> i anticipate amazon should be able to lower the costs, allowing them to compete in that market and start bringing organics, not necessarily capturing your whole paycheck. it's an extension to end their business molds as we thought about moving more towards the grocery spaces. >> i think it could happen. people will tend to do something that's easy. clicking on amazon is easy. >> reporter: in one sense this is amazon getting in on the internet access. >> and then it's easy. but you could order something and they will bring it to you. >> wal-mart took their firststeps, all in recognizing their need to move into space. >> and for things to consider, it's a publicly trade company and bought on the stock market.
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so this done deal may not be all, especially if they offer a lot more money. tom vacar forks 2 -- tom vacar fox 2 news. so you're talking about a hot stretch. we've been advertising that today with the upper 90s out there. you probably felt the change in temperatures especially inland. tomorrow they'll continue to bump up the numbers. that's keeping an eye on next week. monday, tuesday, wednesday, they could easily have temperatures up 100 degrees. by the way this is inland. it will be a concern over the next few days. pleasanton the alameda county fair for tomorrow kicking off today. but tomorrow 7:00 a.m., it's already 67 degrees. by 12:00 already in the 90s. 4:00 it will be 100 degrees. outside right now our live camera looking towards the bay bridge. out towards san francisco. mostly clear skies with some
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patchy fog forming near the coastline first thing tomorrow morning. let's check in on the current numbers out there towards concord ask and santa rosa. here is the plan for tomorrow with fair skies into the afternoon hours. it'll be warm and hot. there's the temperature range. upper 60s for the coast. 70s and 80s right around the bay. here we go with more triple digits out towards napa, concord, antioch, livermore. we had another round of hot temperatures for the forecast for sunday and beyond. we'll update the five day in a few minutes. >> mark, thanks a lot. president trump is rolling back relations with cuba. >> i am completely one sided on this deal with cuba. >> up next details on a policy reversal that cuba is calling hostile rhetoric. >> the giants had their full swing hundreds tonight. no lead is safe.
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18-runs were scored. there are highlights later on in sports. later a legal challenge to california's right to dye law. the ruling today that could put an end to the practice.
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it's not his tax returns, but president trump released a financial statement today detailing his $1.4 billion in assets. the report also shows the millions of dollars in revenue his businesses continue to earn while he's in the white house. the president issued the 98-day exposure. they would come along with some potential consequences. among the revenue just nominated. the president disclosed he earned more than $5 million from a new hotel that opened in vancouver in february. near the white house they brought in nearly 20 million
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since opening up in october. and revenue at the president's club and palm beach has more than doubled during the most recent period bringing in $37.2 million since july of 2015. president trump visited miami today, rolling back some of the regulations with cuba. tonight the cuban government rejects the hostile rhetoric. fox news correspondent lauren blanchard will there. they will help the human character. >> yeah yeah. but they fill fail their campaign promise to help the rerepresentation -- reception of the certain people. >> it is what we will soon achieve. >> reporter: the president receiving a standing ovation in miami after announcing his plan to reverse the united states' policy towards cuba. >> effective immediately, i am
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canceling the last administration's completely one- sided deal with cuba. >> reporter: with an estimated two million hits, cuban antresties living in the united states came a hot topic. today-- because of the senator'sship shaping the -- senator's and shaping up their freedom of rights. >> america is prepared to stretch their hands and work with the people of cuba, who we will not, we will not empower their oppressors. >> reporter: now it's up to cuba to propose a deal that serves both company's interests. but critics of the president's stance say sanctions may not make a difference. >> there is zero evidence increasing sanctions against cuba is a move towards democracy. we have tried that for six
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decades now. we still have the regime that's obviously not friendly to the united states. >> the new policy will make it difficult for americans to travel as tourists. you'll no longer be able to travel as individuals, but you will be able to travel in groups. >> a lot of people will be excited about that travel there. thank you so much. live for us in washington tonight. a stunning sight today neither golden gate bridge. >> reporter: humpback whales inside the bay. what scientists say they're doing here and why you -- why you might see more. plus, new developments in the ghostship warehouse fire as the two suspects charged with manslaughter appear before a judge together for the first time. why some people are making a big thing about their plow --
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thing about their flowers.
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people out on the bay were treated to a spectacular sight this afternoon. humpback whales swimming near the golden gate bridge. we followed up by asking a scientist why there is an increase in sightings across
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the bay. jana katsuyama is live to explain it all. >> reporter: it is really thrilling to see them. anybody who would have been up walking this afternoon would have had an absolutely fantastic view of them as you mentioned sky fox 2 has got some video. we wanted to know why they might be here as they said the numbers started to increase last year. >> reporter: san francisco bay shimmering in the sunshine with an added spectacle. massive humpback whales seen out in the open ocean decided to come into the bay swimming and surfacing, a thrill lucky enough to see them. >> it was fantastic. it was all by the golden gate bridge. you see a big tail come up. >> reporter: charles denning was out when they spotted them, the majestic mammals. >> everybody got super excited on board. i was super excited. especially over the past two
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years, especially last year there's been a huge increase. >> reporter: scientists say last year an unusually high number of whales came into the bay. as many as 25. scientists say they are simply following their food. >> usually they're outside the bay feeding on shrimp. but they are up for a good meal if there happens to be a quantity of food moving into the bay along with their income tides. >> reporter: this year whale watchers could be in for a similar treat. this photo was taken last week showing three hump banks pursuing anchovies. >> we have identified some of the same individual humpback whales from last year who are now coming back reclaiming their feeding territories inside the bay this year. >> reporter: there are more dangers as they move through the crowded bay area waters. friday bay area officials announced a new program
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providing monetary shipping companies to reduce pollution and deadly ship strikes such as the one last month. the public needs to be more aware of safety. boaters, kite borders, and wind surfers should stay 100 yards away from any whale. >> it is quite possible for them to be injured both to the animals if they should collide. >> reporter: another reason why these whales might be coming in, it could be because their populations might be growing forcing them to look farther and in other places for food. but again that spokeswoman at the sanctuary says people could face fines if they interfere with them and so just stay back and enjoy the view. >> they will take advantage of those incentives and save more of those whales. all right, jana katsuyama live for us in sausalito tonight,
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thank you. the san francisco fire department rescued a man today stranded on a cliff. sky fox is over the scene as the rescue was getting underway this afternoon. a man was climbing down a steep cliff. the man did not appear to be hurt, but was checked out by medics at the scene. bay area quality managers have issued two public nuance violations in connection to a smelly oil sheen in san pablo bay. they name rodeo and the owners of the oil tankers. appearing back on september 20 and prompted a shelter in place order. air quality management district said they got more than 1,400 complaints. investigators say the oil sheen matched crude oil from the spirit to the phillips 66 refinery, but they were not able to find any sign of leakage. officials say the companies will be liable for cleanup costs. the two men accused of
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manslaughter in the connection with the deadly ghostship warehouse fire in oakland appeared together in court today for the first time. crime reporter henry lee was at the brief hearing and later heard from supporters of the defendant max harris. >> there is a malicious or greedy -- there is not a malicious or greedy bone in max's body. i ask the public to please keep an open mind and to ask family and friends to have an open heart. >> reporter: a plea by a loved one of max harris. one of two men charged by alameda county prosecutors with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. one for each of the victims who died in the ghostship warehouse fire in oakland. he was lucky enough to escape the flames himself after trying to rescue people. >> he gave up trying to save others only when he was overwhelmed by the intense heat and smoke. some would call that heroic. >> reporter: defense attorneys
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working for free saying harris did not host or organize the music event. nor did he block the exit. attorneys say he was not right- hand man of derick almena. both men appeared in court on friday, but did not enter a plea. instead harrison's attorney says the warehouse landlord is to blame for the tragedy because of electrical issues. >> that person killed young men and women because they put profit before they put safety. max harris loved everyone, he was kind and helpful and tried to save lives right now. >> instead of going after them they went after someone who is powerless and who is trying to get their life back together. they would throw him in jail and now he's facing these charges. >> reporter: friends spoke of his character. >> actually it created a strong overappearance of running
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through all of us, inspiring us to grow and be better every day. >> reporter: both men remain in jail and their bail set at more than $1 million each. they'll return to court next month. in oakland henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. >> a young woman found guilty of manslaughter after another teen takes his own life. two families have been torn apart and they will be affected by this for years to come. up next how text messages played a key role in the case. hottest temperatures are moving into the bay area this weekend. coming up we will have phoenix in the forecast with 120 degrees next week. we'll let you know how that will impact your bay area patterns as well. >> he was a man behind their original movie and a night where the hollywood director is being remembered.
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new at 10:00 a judge in southern california has decided the group of doctors can proceed with a lawsuit claiming california's right to die law is unconstitutional. the law took effect a year ago and allows physicians to prescribe lethal medication to terminally ill patients.
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the legal challenge claims the law does not protect patients if they're wrongly diagnosed. supporters say doctors do not have to issue the prescription and the loss solely offers patients a choice. a young woman from massachusetts has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after send ising text messages, urging another teen to kill herself. michelle carter was found guilty today after causing the death of conrad carter. the boy had a -- the boy suffered from depression. there are no winners in this case. >> reporter: two families will be affected by this for years to come. without that being said, we hope today's guilty verdict will bring some measure of justice to the friends and family of conrad boyd. >> reporter: conrad will be sentenced up to 20 years in prison. the hollywood director known as the king of the
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underdogs has died. he won an academy award for directing the first rocky movie. he also directed the first three karate films. allison bolder's son says her father died from pancreatic cancer as they are denying a medical center in los angeles. he was 81 years old. special new exhibit at san francisco's conservatory of flowers. >> definitely quite a rock star of the plant world. >> reporter: the big flower on display and why hundreds of people are lining up just to get away. plus, the bay area is heating up. meteorologist mark tamayo will have the complete bay area forecast for your father's day weekend.
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the worldest stinkiest flower is make its presence known. it's called the corpse flower. >> reporter: thousands of flower fanatics as far as nevada lined up the observatory
10:46 pm
of flowers at golden state park. >> you see all the people lined up hoping to smell something. they hope it will be the worse experience they have ever experienced their life. >> reporter: that's right. flowers are normally sweet, but not this one. >> it has a rotting meat smell. >> i thought i would start vomiting. it felt like something just sat there for an alien race. >> reporter: meet the stink quest flower in the world >> reporter: the pre-historic flower quite simply reeks. many say like rotting flesh. that's because the pollinators are not being, but rather beetles and flesh flies. >> it's very, very endangered and sits in montra. >> it could take 15 years for a court to follow through and even bloom and ten had if the
10:47 pm
conditions are right it will bloom every three years. >> it's like love at first sight. he bought the clipping of the corpse flower just a year ago at a rare plant seal in berkeley and then grew it at home. >> he was basically taking the back of it. >> reporter: after three years here in the city's greenhouse, the flower finally opened for the first time. they ended up watching their every move for days. the extension of this peak at midnight last night, plant lovers came in today saying $6 to sniff it out. >> not once in a lifetime, but the decade experience. >> reporter: in san francisco tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. the city of oakland has launched a new effort to keep children from going hungry during summer vacations. mayor libby schaaf hosted a celebration to kick off the hunger-free summer program. the city is teaming up with the school district to open 100
10:48 pm
different locations where children can snack on food until city is out. >> they'll be funding more than 3,00090 students exact this summer. we know 72% of our public school students qualify for free or reduced lunch, but they don't have that resource during their summer. 22 rec centers and 8 public libraries are among the locations for children to receive free meals. well get ready, parts of the bay area are heating up this week. as you know it's probably in the inland area and a typical spot. it'll be close to 100 degrees tomorrow and bump up as early as next week as well. here is the latest on the heat advisories. in fact this has been adjusted by the weather service where they have scaled back on the coverage just a little bit. right now this is not in place for the bay shoreline locations. some places like oakland out towards hayward and fremont, no longer under a heat advisory. all these areas are not covered
10:49 pm
in red, but all the areas covered in red is a heat advisory, the bright pink is a huge warning. there is a good chance this could be extended into wednesday. fog-free conditions outside san francisco bay looking towards the bay bridge. we could have patchy fog there regrouping near parts of the shoreline. but first thing tomorrow morning on the satellites just a few high clouds are approaching the north bay. that's about it. we will check in on some of the currents right now. take a look at these numbers. the 10:00 hour. we'll have the lowest 80s to talk about and 82 degrees right now in concord and san jose right now 71. oakland 69 and san francisco 64 degrees right now. so pretty mild across portions of the bay area. for tomorrow it will be a warm and hot saturday neither coast. not nearly as hot. but inland temperatures are close to 100 degrees by 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. by sunday the hottest location, it could be close to maybe 103,
10:50 pm
104 degrees. so this will heat up phoenix early next week by tuesday. phoenix has a forecast high of 120 degrees. that heat will be expanding over portions of california. this weekend though we have that heat advisory in place. temperatures are inland topping 100 degrees especially on sunday. around the bay in the upper 80s to the lower 90s and the coast mainly in the 7s. so the microclimate is really kicking in across portions of the bay area. tomorrow morning that was the case this morning. then into the afternoon hours, we'll show you all the bright colors here. here you go trim digit territories working their way into the bay area. the beaches are mainly in the upper 60s close to 70 degrees. as you work your way a few miles inland look at all the triple digits out towards santa rosa, napa, fairfield, oakland 87. brentwood at 102 degrees. for the santa clara valley, san
10:51 pm
jose in the 90s. as you work around gilroy it will be around san francisco. upper 60s right around 70 degrees. but be extra current and the swell, they will be named on sunday with a little slight chance on monday. then they will need to keep an eye on that tuesday and wednesday adjusting upwards of 106 degrees inland. >> i just can't believe such a huge temperature change we've seen in the past couple of weeks. >> yeah, this is good to settle in. it's some unusual forces to last this long. >> i love the heat. it was hot and it was tomorrow. all right, manager, thanks so much. coming up on the 11:00 news, severable sailors are missing after a u.s. navy warship collides with the latest developments on the search and rescue efforts. next in sports, giants
10:52 pm
school eight runs on colorado. was it enough to get the win? we have the details coming up next in sports.
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scott reiss here joining us in sports. bay area baseball teams have a couple of exciting and drama-
10:55 pm
filled games. i'm sure that's where you got all the details with this shot for everybody? >> yeah, it hasn't been dull the last couple of nights. yankees always a draw when they come to town. but with aaron judge setting the baseball world on fire, well their rating is even higher than normal. judge put on control. i do mean big. he's up 1-0 in the third. make it 4-3 the opposite-field three-run homer. they lead all of baseball. 4-4 game in the 6th. high fives from the judge and the jury in the stands. another former athletic, chris carter, it looks he did it in his tell low shot. first major league heat and it's a big one. the tieing run, ryan healy the go ahead run. turning out to be the game
10:56 pm
winning hit. where does that get you? it gets you a gatorade bath. big game for chapman. 7-6 for castile to wrap up the side. the giants have hit the fewest home run in the big leagues. coors field, perfect remedy for that. you need to keep the other guy from scoring. a strange beginning for the rockies. a replay system malfunctioned before the game, delaying 10 minutes. they finally got it worked out. two batters in, joe panicked, they were locked and loaded. homered yesterday and homers today for the season. giants with the early 1-0 lead. in the third denard span muscling up. it's 2-0 giants. they are doing a lot of a good deed. the pitcher a two-run home shot. his third career homer. they had 20 homers the last
10:57 pm
four seasons. but the bottom of the 5th, ian desmond brings it back going up 10-2. joints back within eighth or the ninth. but gregory prokopowicz gets panic to sent it -- but gregory prokopowicz gets the panic being sent back. the top three golfers all missed the cup in the world championships. even stranger when you say the scores are extremely low. certainly not for ben cole out of the sands on 9 and in, but at last he would miss the cut at 7-over. no such issues for rickie fowler. 54-foot birdie on seven. just 50 feet away.
10:58 pm
he was one stroke off the pace. paul casey moving up on the leader boards. we will roll it with part of a four-way time. he would it -- tie it up the first time we've had a four-way lead since 1974. hey, the week of the warriors continued. they were chauffeured around town with double decker buses. then afterwards they traded them around for stretch limos in vegas. you heard of bottle service, right? yeah, they took a four-day weekend getaway with personalized bottle service and at dre's nightclub. other than that what happens in vegas stays in vegas unless and until somebody instagrams it. finally back to baseball some high-entertainment values are beginning in pittsburgh.
10:59 pm
check this out. anthony rizzo, this is a blast into the river. it would be the third straight game he's led off with a home run. i say him because they review it, they call it foul. i sow doesn't like to call -- rizzo doesn't like to call. but they end up getting tossed because they win the game. and they win 9-5. nationals and the jets are down the line. ryan raburn is getting after it with a terrific catch. saves the run. the nats win 7-2. behind the back. he makes the play and gets the man at the plate, how about that? that is crafty, that's what that is. and the brewers win the game in 10-8. that'll do it for thisinstallment of sports. much more coming up in a few minutes, but we'll send it back to alia -- alyana. next at 11:00, a u.s. navy
11:00 pm
destroyer damaged in a collision with a container ship near japan. hello again everybody i'm alyana gomez in tonight for frank and julie. seven u.s. sailors are unaccounted for after a collision at sea involving the destroyer, uss fitzgerald. it happened at 2:30 in the morning where the u.s. maintains a major naval facility. they collided with a container ship and sustained extensive damage. the commanding officer had to be air lift today a hospital along with two other injured crew members. seven sailors on board the destroyer are missing. fitzgerald has damage below the water line and has taken on water, but still maneuvering under their own power. we'll show you the photos here showing you the damage to the ot


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