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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  June 18, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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so we do not believe that this was related to the initial collision. >> before we went on air you were describing the scene on the bridge at the time this vehicle was approaching that there were not only chp but caltrans people and others out of their vehicle. >> correct, there were multiple officers on scene as well as standing on the right shoulder and several caltrans tow truck drivers waiting to clear the vehicles. the vehicle came driving down directly at them >> reporter: what can you tell us about the occupants of that
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red cadillac? there was a driver but other people in the vehicle as well. >> right there, was the driver as well as several passengers. that i ear being interviewed by investigators. >> reporter: the major impact to traffic cannot be under stated here. at that point in time all eastbound traffic on the bay bridge is closed. what are you doing trying to get people off of the bridge? as we were driving west into the city we say a very long back-up, vilds being turned around. >> correct, all eastbound lanes on the bridge are shut down. all traffic is being diverted off at 4th street, the last san francisco street. treasure island on ramps are closed. unfortunately there was a group of folks, a sizeable group of folks caught in the closure.
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we're working to turn them around. we've shut down the bridge so we're having them drive the wrong way. >> i'm sure it's difficult to tell but do you have a timeline of how long this is going to take? sounds like you're run the initial accident investigation underway and then the investigation into the shooting. >> most of that initial collision investigation has been completed. right now we're -- our vectors are do the scene investigation and gathering evidence and interviewing everyone. for right now expect another two hours before lanes open up. >> reporter: your advice for anybody trying to go out of san francisco to the east bay? what are you advising drivers to do? >> i'd advise to use another bridge or other transportation because you're not going to be on the eastbound east bridge
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eastbound. >> reporter: chp investigators are working to determine what happened with this individual who was driving towards them following that initial crash. it will officer, according to chp, fearing for safety of himself and others in the area as there were a will the of personnel on the road, fired on that driver last report the driver was taken to highland hospital, unclear of what condition he's in or if he's died from injuries. this is a developing situation and the news for the wider bay area is that traffic eastbound on the bay bridge, at least for now, looking like it'll be shut down for two more hours. >> christian i know you were trying to get eastbound.
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i've seen pictures of people on the bridge out of their cars trying to figure out what's going on. tell me wham it was like for you. i know you were driving around on various bridges trying to get around the area this morning. >> reporter: so, as a matter of fact, we did just head westbound. to be clear, the westbound traffic is being allowed through. if you need to come into san francisco you can take the bay bridge 0 going to do that you'll note that the eastbound lanes are shut down. there was a large police presence. we saw dozens of people out of their vehicle standing around for at least the first quarter philpott ford as we were, again, just west of the bay bridge toll plaza. the vehicles were backed up for about a quarter mile. we saw the initial back-up,
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the people caught in the initial traffic incident, they're having them do a u- turn. it was an unusual site as we were driving westbound to look over to the lanes that carry vehicles eastbound, they were also heading westbound. that was the om only way the traffic was flowing. >> is anybody still stuck right there? some of the folks still stuck there, are they still on the brynne or have they turned everybody around? >> reporter: yeah. >> reporter: they still stuck? >> reporter: that's exactly the case. there will is a quarter mile stretch where it appears that is people are just stuck. that i ear sitting there for about a quarter of the mile. they're starting to turn the
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vehicles around and presumably that's going to move closer to the front end. this all started around 3:40 or 3:30 this morning. they have been there closes to four hours sitting there as this whole scene unfolded before them as it has come to develop this morning. >> another two hours before they get it open. >> reporter: another two hours is what we're hearing until they can get people eastbound on i-80. so the important information for anybody trying to leave san francisco, find an alternate route. take the golden gate bridge or come south and cross the san mateo. i had to do that and loop my way back to get to channel 2. >> okay, that is good to know because people, i think at that point, are trying to figure out
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whether they should get on. we'll check with you in a bit christian. that is going to be a story all morning long as we continue to foe low that. it was 4:00 in the morning when it happened and as we get to 7:00, 8:00, the, we're seeing tweets that people have been stuck for three hours. there are very few options when you're on a bridge. >> the only option is to turn folks around. >> the other top story is this heat. >> yeah, oh, boy. >> i think the word, at some points of the day, unbearable, were appropriate. for a lot of folks. they were lining up to buy fans and stuff. >> people are stopping me in the grocery store asking if it's going to last several days. yes, the national weather service has extended the heat advisory for another day. i think the ice was sold out at
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the grocery store yesterday. i got the last few bags. >> you had to fight over the last few bags. >> i didn't fight.. >> the guys said if we had not been promoting this so much they wouldn't know. >> we have not lost the sea breeze but it's very light. it will bay is still very warm, temperatures in the upper 80s, low 90s. there is a live look at the golden gate bridge. we're starting off with mostly sunny skies at the bay, on the coast and inland. with that said all of this sunshine and hot weather begins to, well, hurt our air quality. we have an advisory, heat
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advisory and it's for all of the coast. it was a hot one anywhere you went besides the coastline. 53 degrees to start this morning, 33 at half moon bay, 71 at walnut creek, 73 in areas over fairfield. temperatures are up and it's a notably start. hayward by 10 degrees, 10 in santa rosa and san jose. today is expected to be one of the hottest. happy father's day to those celebrating. the winds remain on shore and we have the north-northwest bridge. fairfield is reporting an on shore bridge. 6 miles muzio is not going to bring us relief today. with that said it's going to be hot and today is a spare the air day as well. areas over the coast as well as the north bay and central bay
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the air quality is hot. you get into the east bay and santa claire ca area, the air quality is a little unhealthy for our sensitive groups. if you suffer from asthma you're likely to feel it. temperatures are continuing to climb into the afternoon and we'll look at that coming up. 7:13 on the clock. stay with us. we have much more news ahead. how safe is the beach that you and your family go to? obviously a lot of people are heading for the coast. we'll look at how the beaches in the bay area stack up.
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. welcome back. contra costa family is cleaning up today after a police raid yesterday left their home in what the family describes as an unliveable condition. brad jacobson says concord police came to his home on teresa lane looking for his son. police say they had connected his son to a deadly shooting to a downtown movie shooting in concord. police put the entire neighborhood on lockdown as they ser muched through the home. >> they were looking for my son and he wasn't here and they, of course, would not take our word. we're the parents.
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>> jacobson says the worse thing was police shot his dog when it went after the concord police k9. he says his son is on probation but only visits the home and levs in a halfway house in martinez. police later arrested his son and he's at a hospital where he's being treated for injuries from a single car collision. >> 11 people and 2 dogs are safe after being rescued from the cliff in santa cruz county last night. cal fire says the group was stranded by a high tide and rescuers used a rope system. no one was hurt. >> the rescue navy called off their search for the seven sailors missing after a cargo ship collided with the uss fitzgerald. it suffered significant damages. it will fitzgerald returned to its base with the help of a
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tugboat. once it reached the base the teams were able to search the ship and bodies of some of the sailors were found in the compartment where where they had been sleeping. they're asking for the prayers for family and friends of those missing sailors. >> the strength of my fleet are my people. the names of the deceased will be released soon. >> the vice admiral would not say how many bodies have been recovered so far and they're continuing their search of the area. >> time is 7:18. let's go back over to rose mary. we have spare the air, so many issues, cooling centers opening up. i think this is when it goes from just come planing to not liking it. >> this is a concern for a lot of people more than just an
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inconvience. absolutely. it can be hazardous. make sure the pets and little ones are drinking water. make sure the pets are going for a walk but test the pavement. giving you a view here over the oakland estuary, it is a spare the air day. the winds are generally light and it's very hot. we're not going to lose this pattern for a few days. yes, gearing up and it's going to be a stretch. 55 degrees right now half moon bay. we're seeing comfortable weather on the coast. we have just a light on shore breeze and a patchy fog. temperatures in san francisco, this is the downtown area, 689. you get closer to the west end 70 in oakland, 68 in free mob and 72 livermore, 76 in concord. 83 degrees in brentwood.
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that could be running just a bit warm. 68 in belmont. we're looking at 67 degrees outside your door in san mateo. 86 degrees at game time if you're going to see the a's play. mostly sunny skies and when you're sitting in the stands it's going to feel hotter. make sure you have your ball cap, sun block and plenty of water 102 is the afternoon high for santa rosa, 85 degrees closer to the water. head to the east bay, 85 in alameda, antioch 105 also for livermore, out at the alameda county fair. 96 san jose, water at test test test boardwalk, 86 degrees
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expected, san mateo 96, 84 expected in san francisco, mid 70s in daily city, pacifica, half moon bay and keep an eye on the little ones. extended forecast, temperatures remain on the warm side but we'll come down on monday. along the coast we'll feel it, inside the bay we'll feel it. inland cities we'll shave off a few degrees. >> i don't think you're going to notice going from 105 to 102. right, anything above 100 is just hot. >> thanks rose marie. >> another thing we tend to see when the weather gets this hot is brushfires breaking out. an increased risk of wildfires because of the hot weather. yesterday crews responded to a fire in oakland and that fire
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forced the temporary closure of the northbound lanes as the crews tried to get the flames under control. they set up a staging air a ytalo holy names university. it burned about three quarters of an acre. >> multiple debris, lots of cigarettes and lighters are the determining cause along the roadway so it's difficult. >> cal fire joined the oakland fire department to battle the fire. the cause of the fire is still surrender investigation. >> an officer-involved shooting on the bay bridge has traffic headed out of the city all tangled up this morning. you are not going to get across the bay bridge. it involves the car on your screen right now. we'll have an update on this situation and when you might be able to cross the bridge again. >> plus, munipolice station is
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set to roll out a whole new set of buses. we'll tell you when you can expect the big change from muni.
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welcome back. all of san francisco's library branches will be open seven days a week. the new hours went into effect yesterday. before several branches were only open six days a week. several will stay open longer as well. this new expanded service for san francisco's libraries was approved in january. the board of supervisor approved a plan to buy electric trolley buses. muni says they are quieter, more energy efficient and better for the environment. all of the trolley buses could be replaced by 2019. a rare collection of letters written by albert ion stein go on the auction block this week. they were written to a friend
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of einstein's and give some insight into his views on god and the country of israel. >> science, what he thinks about israel, what he thinks about god creating the world. you get to know albert einstein as a person. >> one of the letters with his signature and handwritten equation is expected to fetch $16,000 with the entire collection expected to be sold for over $20,000. the auction closes on tuesday. well, it looks like attari is getting back in the video game business. they are working on a video game council. -- console. there will be a box with its faux wood trim and the words
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coming soon. >> that brings back memories for me. >> yes. this morning, more than 30 dogs rescued from a home in santa cruz. we will have details on the deplorable conditions they were living in. handballer 1: you know what i could go for?
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we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. welcome back to ktvu and "mornings on 2". this is the bay bridgement what you need to look at is not the traffic moving in the westbound
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direction but the eastbound direction where traffic is actually stopped. traffic has been shut down on the bay bridge for almost four hours now because there was a -- first a crash and now there is an officer-involved shooting investigation underway. we are continuing to follow the breaking news for you. >> at this point, all eastbound lanes of the bay bridge are shut down and will be shut down for at least another hour and a half. you cannot get from san francisco into the east bay using the bay bridge right now. it's a mess. >> tell anyone you know. >> we have seen people stuck on the bridge for hours. when this happened, they couldn't turn them around. we heard word they are starting to turn them around. christien kafton is talking to the chp. he will have the latest. >> i'm claudine wong. >> i'm frank savidge in for frank mallicoat. let's talk about the heat wave that will continue throughout
7:31 am
the remainder of this week, right, rosemary. >> until thursday the heat information. friday could be the first day that we see temperatures cool down. we will see them dip here and again. for the most part a warm pattern. take a look at how warm we are out of the gate this morning. santa rosa, 71. san francisco reporting 70. oakland 70. livermore low 70s. san jose 74. for many folks, especially inland, right now may be the best time to be outdoors. the numbers are going up from here. you can see the shot into san francisco. a bit hazy with the spare the air day in place. let's take a look at the 24- hour change on the numbers. 10 degrees warmer in hayward. sf obey 13. up by 10 in santa rosa and inner east bay 5 degrees or so. winds are north and northwest. we have a bit of an on shore
7:32 am
breeze. it's light. not going to help us out, at least the inland communities where it has been comfortable and will remain comfortable on the coastline where the afternoon sea breeze has been, a gentle one but nice. we have the heat advisory until thursday. red flag warning that the national weather service issued for portions of the sacramento valley. for us, it's all about the heat, inland areas as well as the hills. where we don't have it, on the coastline, areas of san francisco and just inside the bay even though the bay is warm and will continue to be warm as well. inland cities won't see much if any relief. take a look at this. sunday is expected to be one of the hottest days. when will we cool down, we get to about 100 degrees on tuesday- wednesday into thursday with better cooling expected friday. with the spare the air alert in place today, most areas on the coast, the north bay and into the bay are going to have air quality
7:33 am
moderate. when you get into the inner east bay and the south bay, that's where it's unhealthy for folks that suffer from asthma, respiratory issues. i will have the afternoon highs for today for our region as well as what you can expect into the extended forecast coming up. >> thanks, rosemary. breaking news from the bay bridge. again, all eastbound lanes remain closed. you can see there all the traffic just stopped. they are trying to turn some folks around but you can see emergency vehicles with their lights on still heading in that direction. that gives you some indication that this is not about to clear up, folks. this is not going to get better in the short term. we are thinking maybe 90 minutes. this started with an officer- involved shooting on the bridge which followed a multicar crash. two vehicles were involved in that. that was about 3:30 this morning. this bridge has been shut down about four hours now. >> this began with the initial crash involving several cars, a
7:34 am
fairly serious crash. chp officers were there investigating that crash when things escalated. a driver started driving down the shoulder of the roadway there and drove right through basically the chp roadblock. that's when an officer opened fire on that car. ktvu christien kafton joins us live from san francisco after talking to the chp. good morning. >> good morning, alex, claudine. in the last half hour we moved. we were at the chp golden gate headquarters. we moved up on to the deck of interstate 80. you can see traffic here. this is the last exit here, 4th street exit. this is where they are diverting all traffic to the bridge off the bridge. if you look to the left, you can see that the eastbound lanes leading to the bay bridge
7:35 am
are completely empty. no traffic is being allowed in the eastbound lanes at this point. they are still trying to turn traffic around that was stuck in that. they are sending that traffic back westbound. let's show you video so wok explain how all of this unfolded. according to chp, this started around 3:30 this morning with an accident on the eastbound lanes of the bay bridge just about a mile or so west of the toll plaza. they say there was an initial two-car accident. there was debris in the road. they had caltrans crews out trying to clear the scene. they had vehicles stopped. they had to stop all eastbound traffic because of that initial accident investigation and chp officers were on scene. while they were on scene for that accident investigation, they say that a red cadillac began coming toward them, again eastbound on the bay bridge. as the cadillac came toward them, officers told the vehicle to stop. it was driving on the shoulder.
7:36 am
the officers from chp say they gave repeated commands to stop. it's unclear at this time. we have heard reports that the vehicle started to speed up or continued on. as it continued to the officers, one of the officers, at least one officer, opened fire striking the driver at least one time. it's unclear on how many times that driver was hit. we have heard that the driver of that red cadillac was pulled from the vehicle and sent to highland hospital. unclear what condition that driver is at this time. we heard there were some other occupants inside the red cadillac, three other people inside. chp investigators say they are talking to the other people about the incident. chp says this was a very dangerous situation. they had no option but to shoot. >> with a vehicle coming at you at that speed, you are doing what you can to stop the immediate threat.
7:37 am
the officer felt he needed to fire at the driver. if you shoot the tire, that doesn't mean that the vehicle will stop, it will keep coming at you. >> reporter: now for the traffic impact to the bay area, we were heading westbound. as we headed westbound into san francisco from oakland, we could see the backup on the eastbound lanes. at this time, again, the investigation is underway. chp not allowing any vehicles to travel eastbound into oakland off the bay bridge. there are those people stuck in the initial accident investigation and then the people that have been stuck behind following this shooting investigation. so, hundreds of cars are lined up. we saw people standing outside of their vehicles waiting, hoping that they could be allowed east. instead, what is happening, chp is having some of those drivers perform a you turn and head
7:38 am
westbound in the eastbound lanes on the bay bridge trying to get them back into the city, in to san francisco, back to treasure island or simply out of that pack of cars. at last check there were more than 100 or so vehicles out there. we are hearing from chp there will be no traffic allowed eastbound nor at least another hour and a half. they are estimating until around 9:00 a.m. before they can allow traffic eastbound again. coming back to our position here in san francisco, if you take a look, you can see what that means for anybody trying to leave san francisco trying to head eastbound into oakland. that traffic is being routed off interstate 80 as you approach the bay bridge. all the vehicles are being forced off at fourth street. they are advertising anybody going -- advising anybody going from the peninsula to san francisco to the east bay to
7:39 am
find an alternate route, the golden gate bridge, san mateo. find another way. it will be at least an hour and a half before they allow vehicles through. that is on the early side. it could be longer. this is an ongoing police investigation. they are advising anybody to come this way to avoid this area because it's going to be a traffic mess for the foreseeable future. when they do allow traffic through it will take a while for it to make its way through. it will be difficult for traffic heading eastbound from san francisco to come. >> the question is, when i look at a scene like that, anyone heading to the last exit, i don't know -- i grew up in san francisco. i know it's hard to move the traffic around that you don't get stuck in the bridge. you will be stuck on the
7:40 am
approach, then stuck to get off, then the city streets will be jammed up. when you are looking at that area, i don't know if there is any other way to do it except get the word out and stay away. >> that's what we are trying to do, tweet out as much information to reach drivers, reach people. of course we are trying to reach them on air and through social media because that's one of the ways this information can spread to make sure that people know simply to avoid this. as more vehicles come in, as you look behind me, you can see in the couple of minutes that we have been talking, claudine and alex, the traffic has filled in more than when we first started talking. more and more people are waking up, trying to head east out of san francisco or off the peninsula into oakland and as those vehicles come here, they are forced to stop. as you said before, fourth street is a relatively narrow choke point for these vehicles to make their way off one exit.
7:41 am
it can be very difficult. >> again, just to reiterate, the chp is saying that they will likely not wrap up this investigation into this officer- involved shooting until 9:00 this morning at the earliest meaning all the eastbound lanes will be closed until that time. i don't think we can say that enough times. >> that's right. that's the estimate that we got from the officer from chp. that the was a half hour ago. he estimated two hours at that time which would now be about an hour and a half from now. so, using that timetable, it's looking like they are hoping -- again, hoping to have traffic reopened eastbound on the bay bridge around 9:00 this morning. >> all right, christien kafton live in san francisco this morning following the developing story. we will check back with you soon. >> this officer-involved shooting, multivehicle crash. at this point we don't know why the driver allegedly drove at the chp officers who were
7:42 am
investigating the crash. the bridge was already shut down. we already had a problem. the two-vehicle crash was big enough or significant enough to shut down all the lanes then this happened. so, you have simultaneous investigations going on. you also have this driver who was shot who at last word was at highland. >> chp has not give us that person's condition. we don't know about their mind- set. we don't know if this person didn't realize the roadways shut down and the traffic was stopped in front of them and maybe veered on the shoulder or if this was something done intentionally. an intentional act to drive toward chp officers which is what authorities say happened this morning when one of the officers opened fired on the car prompting this large scale investigation on the bay bridge. >> we know a lot of people were stuck in the traffic. there are still people stuck in the traffic trying to get turned around. one of the people stuck when this happened was john. he joins us on the phone this morning.
7:43 am
how are you doing? >> how are you doing? >> how are you doing? tell us what you saw when you went across the bay bridge. >> we tried to get across at 3:45, me and a couple of my friends. the traffic just stopped. we couldn't figure out why. we thought we would be for like 10, 15 minutes. we figured a lane would open up. then an hour went by. no lane. that's when [ no audio]. we talked to the officers and they said we have to wait for oakland p.d. to come, for them to do a homicide investigation for the fatal shooting of the driverment i don't know why the -- fatal shooting of the driver. i don't know why the driver would try to go through the traffic stop. >> you didn't see the driver. you didn't see what lead up to
7:44 am
the driver going on the shoulder around the cars that were stopped? you didn't see that happen? >> no, no, i didn't witness that. i didn't get out of my car for an hour. then we were stuck there for about three hours and we had to -- we literally turned the car around on the threw way. i was one of the first in my section of the bridge to force everybody to turn around and head to treasure island. >> we are taking a look at video that you posted on twitter of really the absolute mess that was out there in the parking lot. how are people handling it. i think you go across at 3:45 in the morning, you expect it to be a fairly easy ride. then when you get stopped, you think, okay, let's be patient. an hour later, people tweeting two hours, three hours stuck on the bridge. people are getting frustrated. >> a lot of people came from the club so you would see all kind of throw up. people with their head out the
7:45 am
window. some people asleep. you were seeing people that took ubers and they were hopping out of the uber trying to get across, walk across the bridge but they weren't allowed to walk across because they couldn't pass the tape because the cops said there was a shooting. we have to do an investigation. so people were walking back to the uber trying to get back in. it was chaos. chaos. >> how long from the time that you stopped there, then you walked up, how far did you walk up to the scene? >> about a half mile. >> a half mile, between the time -- and you stayed up there a few minutes, walked back and how long until they said you have to do a u-turn, we aren't getting you off the bridge? >> when i first walked up, they said we will probably try to have everybody turn around. then as soon as i heard that,
7:46 am
i told my friends let's walk back to the car and navigate everybody and get everybody to turn around. that's what we did. we tried to help out the cops just to speed up the process. we got everybody to turn around in our section. >> that is john costen, one of the many people stuck in this incredible back up on the bay bridge early this morning that was the result of an officer- involved shooting and the scent investigation. he and so many other drivers stuck for hours in the backup. we appreciate, john, taking a few minutes to talk to us about what he described as a chaotic situation on the bridge this morning. >> i know john went to the san mateo bridge to get where he needed to go. >> one way to do it. >> a lot of people will have to use that same route, depending on where they are going. someone tweeted me to say will it be cleared, should i wait. i said go around. they said 9:00. earlier 8:00. this thing pushes out when you
7:47 am
have a situation like this, they will take as much time as they need. the bridge is already shut down. they have two concurrent investigations going on. they will do what they need to get it moving. we will check in on that. we will move in to other news right now. new this morning, police in watsonville are investigating a shooting that injured a man at 9:30 last night near packard lane. police say they responded to a report of shots fired and found an empty car with several bullet holes. the 24-year-old victim was taken to the hospital by a good samaritan. no arrests were made. animal services in santa cruz confiscated 30 dogs from a scotts valley home. officials say the boston terriers and tibetans were living with no food or water. a concerned resident called them to complain about the situation telling them, he believed the dogs were being breed and that the animals were living in inhumane conditions.
7:48 am
authorities confiscated 34 dogs. no one was arrested so far in the case. the dogs are being nursed back to health and will be up for adoption. well, the heat advisory will run through thursday now. so, a lot of people thinking about where they can cool off and some are saying how about the beach. a group that grades water quality says overall that is a great idea because 92% of northern california beaches earned overall grades of a to b for bacteria levels. that should make you feel better. the grades are better than they were last winter. that is when nearly half of the beaches had higher levels because of the storm run off. >> flushes everything, whether it's poop on the sidewalk or oil from people's cars. it flushes it into the ocean without getting treated. since there is a lot more rain the beaches are more polluted during the winter. >> a lot of beachgoers say they count on health officials to post warnings when bacteria
7:49 am
levels get too high but the same officials say it's a good idea for anyone that swims in the ocean to rinse off as soon as possible after getting out of the water. we will be back after a short break. ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah.
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chase. so you can.
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outside our doors it's already warm. high pressure strengthens over the area. today will be hotter than yesterday. a live look in san jose. we are starting out with blue skies. if you are joining us, today is a spare the air day. let's take a look at storm tracker 2. we have to get into areas over washington to see a little bit of rain. take a look at this. this is the ridge that will remain in place over the bay area. it will keep us high and dry over the next several days. 76 to start the morning in concord. low 70s in livermore. brentwood, we have to wonder if
7:52 am
it's running warm. 85 in brentwood with the shades of orange in areas there as well as close to the central valley. santa rosa. 71. 70 in palo alto. 70 in san francisco. that is the downtown area. closer to the coast upper 50s, low 60s to start the morning. seeing the a's play later today, taking your dad out for father's day, a warm one. mostly sunny skies. breeze 86 -- wow, 86 degrees. did i almost saying 86 miles per hour? near 90 the afternoon high in oakland. 99 in nevada. 102 in santa rosa. 85 sausalito. 90 san leandro. 104 in danville. 105 livermore. pleasanton, going to the fair, a scorcher. be prepared. take shade. 100 for saratoga.
7:53 am
84 santa cruz. 94 redwood city. of 84 in the city of san francisco. where it's comfortable with a localized on shore breeze right here. 75 daly city. 74 pacifica. maybe dad wants to head to the beach for his father's day. giving you a look at the extended forecast, temperatures come down slightly. you may notice it on the coast and inside the bay for tomorrow. temperatures remaining 100 plus through monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday for the inland cities. the heat advisory remains intact as well. on friday we finally see temperatures begin to drop off, at least into the 80s. >> 80 is 20 degrees, we will take that. >> that will feel relatively cool, for folks inland. on the coast, a lot of folks are saying what heat wave, right? >> right. this time of year where we get the 30-degree, 35-degree span. >> incredible. >> thanks, rosemary. talk about cooling off in
7:54 am
walnut creek, some people are trying to do that at larky park pool. they went through a major renovation and added a splash park. they added a new pool feature to make it safer. >> a type of gutter system so the water goes to the edge of the pool. safer for kids getting out of the pool and easier if we need to perform a rescue, we can get them out quicker that way. >> pool managers say they will have seven lifeguards on duty to handle the expected crowds. it opens at noon. a record setting day at the u.s. open. the big round 3 from 24-year- old justin thomas that has him near the top of the leaderboard.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
after a tight two rounds in the u.s. open, all eyes are on justin thomas after he shot a 63 yesterday. he completed nine birdies in the round and an eagle on the final hole. the final shot put his name in the record books. u.s. open coverage continues in minutes. so, we will have that coverage on ktvu and we have the big breaking story on the bay bridge so we will go to ktvu plus. >> the eastbound lanes still remain shut down entirely this morning. you cannot get from san francisco over to the east bay as a result of this
7:58 am
investigation happening in the eastbound lanes into an officer- involved shooting involving a chp officer that opened fire on a driver this morning. >> it will go a full hour. we will have full coverage on the ktvu plus.
7:59 am
8:00 am
every great championship comes through defining moments. and every great champion rises to meet it. the 117th united states open has reached that apex. a week in wisconsin at magnificent erin hills has shown us what the best in the game are capable of. the days have been red numbered. the performances have been undeniable. the records have been rewritten. but this national championship is never simply about numbers or records. it's about those defining moments. moments that champions rise to meet. moments that change lives. moments that crown kings and leave us with memories that will never fade.


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