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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 19, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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plowed through the people outside of the mosque, more on the victims and what we know about the sussed back. mornings on 2 starts now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. i am kind of coming back, feeling okay. it is monday, june 19, i am pam cook. >> good morning, i am dave clark. we have steve paulson. steve, it was 80 degrees when i left the house.>> it is really cool or really hot, and i do mean really hot.>> it was really hot yesterday. i could not sleep. >> i hear you. yesterday was one for the books, and we talked about this could be very hot but it did
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not kick in until sunday and it really did. saturday was okay for some but not yesterday, mountain view at 100, santa rosa at 106, san jose, sfo, many set records. livermore 106, kentfield 103. it is actually cooler for some at the coast in bay. berkeley at 60 but mid 70s for some, and it is hard pressed to get below 70 well inland. the system did develop over the sierra and it is almost monsoon season taking in and very unusual. this high pressure backing off slightly today with a bit of a breeze but not very much. the fog is trying to work its way up the coast but not making a huge impact. 70s, 80s, 90s and 100s.
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down may be about five up for some. good morning. i see no 60s in that forecast. >> i know. you had mentioned you were in daly city earlier on the way in and it was hot. everybody is hot. good morning at home. i know what is hot as you try to get up and on the road right now. coming in from tracy driving through traffic is moving along pretty well. 205 and 580 looking good. i want to from mention -- to mention we have a fire reported on lee kerman road, and it could call some delays in we are checking on that for you. going back to the altamont pass, looking at 580 through
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pleasanton, hayward and into the castro valley area it looks okay. traffic moving pretty well at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you're driving in san francisco, northbound one-to- one at the i-80 split looks pretty good. more than 5000 pg&e customers have no power in the bay area blamed on the heat wave. the south bay has most of the power outages with over 3000 homes and businesses with no power. in the east bay 1400 customers are affected, and in the north bay, nearly 500 power outages reported. >> reporter: livermore plunging into darkness around 4:45 pm sunday afternoon with temperatures soaring over 105 degrees, downtown looked like a ghost town. >> when the power went out the restaurant was half-full at
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about four clock in the afternoon. we had to get everyone paid out manually, get them out the door and cleaned up. we sat around and waited to see if the power would come back on. we have been waiting. >> reporter: after waiting for several hours she decided to pull the plug. the power could be restored later tonight, food lost along with the revenue from the diners. >> we have to put everything in on ice and we called in the staff to come in early tomorrow. we have to dump anything that did not make it through the night.>> reporter: they showed the readings and walking into this steaming martial arts studio. >> no will power -- no power it is been out for at least a couple of hours.>> reporter: businesses suffered on this day.
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ken is finding comfort in his backyard pool but has been through this before. >> my shop was out downtown. my yogurt shop power was down. >> reporter: what you think about in terms of the amount of business you've lost today? >> it happens every year. we deal with it, and pg&e, it takes a little bit of work but they will pay for it but it is not what you want to happen. you want to be open for your customers. >> reporter: some traffic lights do appear to be working at the downtown court was the hardest hit with the power outage. there is no definitive timeline from pg&e when the power will be restored to the area, and the officers are making us patrols to ensure the safety of everyone. in livermore, ktvu fox 2 news. you are not dreaming, it rained overnight in some parts of the bay area, this video
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taken around 1 am this morning and we heard reports of lightning in hayward, union city and san jose. the investigation continues into the shooting on the bay bridge by the chp officer that shot and wounded a man that reportedly tried to get around the crash scene. a witness that did not want to be identified said he saw the driver of the red cat like trying to go around the crash scene on the shoulder of the bridge. he was stopped as a female police officer approached the car. >> we were all part of the crowded standing there for so long. this gentleman mentioned that he had a good view of the window, and the guy rolled the window down a few inches and the officer shined the light on him with the flashlight and he rolled the window back up, and drove away from her.>> the
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driver sped away on the shoulder and witness said he seemed obvious the driver was trying to get away from the police officer, and the other police officer opened fire. >> he was more or less shielded by the car in front of him. i did not see the driver of the cadillac make any motions like you would try to hit the officer. >> the cadillac stopped, and the driver got out a few minutes later. this spokesperson says he was wounded several times and in stable condition, and he will probably face charges including assault with a deadly weapon. the british police are calling for calm after the next terror attack in london and one man facing murder charges after deliberately ramming the van into the crowd. >> one is dead and 10 others are injured, and investigators are looking into this as a
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terrorist attack. >> reporter: london is on alert after the deadly incident involving the vehicle hitting a crowd of pedestrians. >> the man was pronounced dead at the scene. eight are in the hospital and two were treated at the scene and all from the muslim community. >> reporter: the scene unfolding at the neighborhood as visitors coming out of the mosque in the holy month of ramadan. >> we don't need this. >> people screaming and moaning, i never heard people screaming of that nature. >> reporter: they said it veered to hit the people intentionally. >> it turned and left with no indication and this is suddenly turned left into the people. >> reporter: the police are investigating this as a terror incident and have arrested the
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48-year-old man driving the vehicle involved and initially taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation. >> at this early stage of the investigation no other suspects have been identified or reported to the police. no matter what the motivation proves to be, we are keeping an open mind. >> reporter: muslim leaders are calling it a hate crime against muscles and calling -- against muslims and calling for extra security at their mosque. prime minister theresa may said her thoughts are with the victims and in light of the incident she will share the emergency -- chair the emergency cabinet session. new details on the massive deadly high-rise fire and london. officials now believe the exterior of the 24 story building containing insulation that made the flames spread faster and that two british ministers said that the new exterior used in renovating the tower may have been banned
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under the uk building regulations. it is under investigation now. a full investigation between the collision between the uss fitzgerald and the container ship out of japan. this happened saturday morning while many crewmembers work asleep, seven sailors were found dead in the flooded departments. two of the sailors killed are from san diego county, 25-year- old alexander douglas and carl are -- carlo victor. african-americans and latinos are more likely to be cited, searched and arrested during routine traffic stops compared to white drivers. the stanford researchers created a nationwide database to analyze millions of traffic stop records between 2011-15
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found that latinos and african- americans are held to a double standard, and searched on the basis of less evidence. researchers hope the database will improve the actions of the police officers and the police policies. it is for 11 am. coming up, the investigation in the death of three people including two children. the traffic on highway 101 looking pretty good approaching the i-80 split. the fog would look good at least to some, slightly cooler today after some blazing record highs yesterday. highs yesterday.
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the lawyer says the president is not under investigation for obstruction of justice contradicting what the president himself tweeted last week. >> that tweet was in response to the washington post story that alleged that five unnamed anonymous sources leaked to the washington post that the president was under investigation. that tweet was in response to that. >> critics have accused mr.
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trump of obstructing justice by recusing james comey to drop the investigation into the investigation into michael flynn. the president went on a tweeting storms saying that the newest pool that is just out with trump showing a 50% approval rating which is higher than the zeros numbers according to the former president obama and he went on to out his recent accomplishments saying that the "make america great again" agendas during very well despite the witch hunt. many new jobs with high business enthusiasm. six members of the advisory council on hiv and aids resigned saying that mr. trump " simply does not care." the author said that president trump did not meet with medical experts as a disease and candidate and took down the website for the national policy
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the day he took office and the final straw was the administration attempt to roll back the health coverage saying "because we do not believe the trump administration is listening to or cares about the communities we serve, we have decided it is time to step down." there has been no comment from the white house. doctors are saying that the house majority steve scalise showing signs of improvement and upgraded from critical to serious and steve scalise is one of five that was shot when the gunmen opened fire during the practice session for the congressional charity baseball game. the congressman was able to watch the game played saturday night by his college team lsu. the charity baseball game between the democrats and republicans was played the very night after the shooting, and it was the armed capitol police security detail of steve scalise the that shot and killed the gunmen, james
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hodgkinson, 66, of illinois. heading into work this morning it occurred to me this is the time of the year we see lighter traffic and people are on vacation and not taking the kids to school later in the morning. >> i sure hope so. we could use a break. let's see what we have is we start with the bay bridge toll plaza, and i want to mention that the traffic in solano county is moving well. there is report of a grass fire but not causing a lot of slow traffic. here is a look at the bay bridge, traffic looking good. the interstate i 80 is not bad at the coliseum. -- i-880 is not bad at the coliseum. it looks like we are off to a good start but it looks like it's going to be another hot
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day. let's bring in steve. a lot of people on the road. they may want to drive when it is not so hot.>> i try to tell people there are compared to 10 years ago on the streets when we come in now. yesterday was one for the books. remember last week it was 60s, windy and cool, and this weekend it is hot and we had thunderstorms so we have no normal. mountain view, the oakland airport, santa rosa, sfo, san francisco and san jose all broke records yesterday. it was toasty for many. richmond 92 degrees and a little bit cooler on the coast invade monday and tuesday but still hot inland but not as hot as sunday. one forecast model is really
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jacking it up on thursday and one does not. if you do not want anymore hot weather, you better hope this is right or it could be hotter than sunday but we will be because we have three day starting things out. starting in the 60s and 70s, mild although temperatures are running cooler compared to 24 hours ago for many on the coast in bay. you can see of building over the sierra yesterday and overnight that flow coming up, and it looks like a monsoon pattern overnight and here it comes. right there over parts of fremont, oakland, and over san pablo bay. it fell apart and probably won't be there today because the wind has turned but that is very rare. it looks like this has moved off but still a few more over the sierra today. we have a little more of a
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delta breeze and will see if it will hold. 60s for some and 50s for others but still mild to warm with a lot of 60s to near 70 degrees readings. 48 in truckee, 59 in monterey with thunderstorm activity. the fog is trying on the parts of the mendocino coast but so shallow only impacting those near the coast. 70s, 80s, 90s and 100. once it hits 100, 100 or 105, if you are inland it will be hot. i hope that this thursday is wrong. i really do. if it is right where talking 110 degrees. >> i am near the bay and we do not have air conditioning and it was 105. we don't get 105 where i am which is why i live there. we need the fog.
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you said it was crowded and i was asking about the lighter traffic because the east shore freeway was very light with very few cars. >> i had this conversation with our produce guy, bob. it is 4:21 am. the details of a study that followed 700 couples for 20 years.
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it is 4:23 am. shootings kill or injure an average of 19 children every day according to the report from the centers for disease control, the most comprehensive study on the topic yet saying that 1300 children under the age of 18 die from gunshot wound every year. more than 80% of the deaths or injuries involve boys. the african-american children have the highest rate of homicide with a gun, white and native american and have the highest rate of suicide using a gun. researchers are encouraging doctors to talk about gun safety with parents, especially those with firearms at home. when it comes to relationships, what about the bank account? hillary tells us how these recent graduates can give the credit cards back to the parents and start handling
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their own money. >> a lot of the young people are still connected to the bank of mom and dad.>> reporter: you graduated college and you feel ready for the real world but every now and then the millennials will take mom's credit card when they are short on cash. >> you don't have to be social with your friends every night or every weekend, and ultimately you want to graduate in if you party too hard you cannot do that. >> reporter: christie says the first step to financially uncouple from the parents is the timeline. if you can afford to pay your own bills you should be doing it even though your parents say they want to do it for you. >> a lot of people can actually support themselves, and do it from day one, and if you can start investing. it is doable, but start with little amounts every week and every month.
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a lot of employers will actually match the money you put in and take advantage of these things you have access to through your employer and take ownership as soon as you can. >> reporter: stop label yourself as a millennial. >> those things can be part of your but don't label yourself, do the hard work and find out who you really are inside. >> reporter: and uphold earlier this year, 39% of millennials would rather expose a pre- existing std to the potential partner then reveal their debt, and they say that 20s are not about living in luxury. >> you may not be able to take that luxury vacation you see on instagram from your friends but you will be better off and better able to enjoy the lifestyle you really want.>> reporter: avoid self pity. if looking at the bank
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statement is painful, no there is a light at the end of the tunnel. back some of this could be a positive and not a negative and set you up. the lifestyle you want in your 30s and 40s, you can have it because you have been conscientious about your financial independence early on. >> reporter: use the bare-bones living which means cutting down on the frappuccino's and lunch out, and you will be surprised how much money can go into savings or paying off your debt. in los angeles, hillary vaughn, foxbusiness. google will focus its attention on new policies and the goal is to suppress heroism related videos. i think i see some of the fog, i sure hope it is. the golden gate bridge traffic looks pretty good heading south to the toll plaza. it is trying and we had thunderstorms
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overnight. yesterday was blazing hot and record-setting. we will see if it gets cooler today coming up.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. [ music playing ] >> these are the good times. >> these are the hot times. >> that is well. on this monday morning looking over the bay bridge, and we have sal watching the traffic and steve to talk about these hot temperatures. good morning, thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 on this monday, june 19.


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