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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 19, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning. from the power outages to the deadly fire, the bay area is in the middle of a heat wave and we have details on the record high temperatures and causing problems throughout the bay area. the latest on the terror attack in london where a car mow down people outside of the mosque, and we will tell you what we know so far about the suspect. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. [ music playing ] >> it's too hot. i have heard that a lot and i spent a lot of time in the grocery store because it was
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air-conditioned. i was not alone.>> how are you sleeping? >> i am not sleeping. look at this clouds, but it is too hot. we will see if it will cool down. thank you for joining us on this monday morning, june 19, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. let's go right over to steve and find out about the weather. >> i thought i was dreaming and there was a burst of rain around 1:00. i think it was lovely and it cooled it down just a little bit. >> it added a little bit of humidity. we have gone from one extreme to the other. we had thunderstorms last sunday and now we have them again with record-setting heat. we may never see that again. the fog is trying, getting a little bit of help today with that slight onshore push after
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the yesterday record-setting highs for many. mountain view, santa rosa, sfo, san francisco, san rafael at 105, livermore at 106. one week ago livermore was at 65. back-to-back sundaes with thunderstorms. the one last sunday came down out of the north with napa county, solano county, and the one coming up from the southeast. 70s and 60s on the temperatures with most locations running cooler compared to 24 hours ago. you can see the thunderstorm activity coming up from the southeast drifting over us with clouds lingering which added the humidity. the fog is trying with patchy fog making a push to the west southwest. if it holds out at travis it will be much cooler today. 60s and 70s, 50s for some, san jose and at 72 degrees.
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today still 90s and 100 inland but not as hot as on sunday. we have a grass fire at lake herman road and is there any progress?>> the crew said that the fire appears to be growing on the boundary line between benicia and the unincorporated area and chp received a call at 3:54 am. several people could see this from interstate 680 and it is windy in this area. the traffic is moving okay but the fire equipment is coming in, and as we pan to the right, you can see the sun rising in the background with the thick smoke rising over the grass fire in solano county.
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it has been burning for at least an hour that we know of and was probably burning before it was reported. the fire appears to be growing but we do not see any structures. there was a power line that came down in this area and the power pole had burned up. i am not sure whether that powerline came down after the fire or whether it caused the fire but definitely one of the power lines is energized on the field. we will find out more information. let's move along and take a look at the commute driving westbound 580, stop-and-go traffic already on the altamont pass. slow on 205 as well. looking at the traffic on interstate 880 in both directions, looking good. at the bay bridge toll plaza, not bad westbound. it is 5:04 am. the police in london have arrested a 48-year-old man that rammed his van into group of
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people near two mosques. one died in 10 are injured with eight remaining in the hospital this morning. the worshipers were leaving the mosque after the midnight prayers for the holy month of ramadan. >> the prayer was finished and as soon as it finished this guy came and he was in the right lane. it was a blocked the road, so it was done on purpose.>> the witnesses help the police stop the driver that is now facing murder charges. the prime minister theresa may said the government will stop at nothing to defeat the extremism. back here at home the hot weather made it very hard for firefighters in the north bay to battle a mobile home buyer and they were rushing to this home in santa rosa but could not say the woman that was trapped inside by the flames. >> i heard her scream.
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when it went up, and there was black smoke and the fire came out and all i could hear was this woman screaming.>> reporter: neighbors recalling the terrifying moments the fire through the home in santa rosa killing the woman inside and ms. smith was visibly shaken. >> it was awful. i watch tv but never in 1 million years what i imagine this. >> reporter: firefighters were called out to the home and when they got there there's fire was spreading so fast that firefighters said there was little hope of rescuing anyone inside. they were able to get the fire under control in 20 minutes. >> the whole awning went up and of entire back of the house was on fire and engulfed in flames. >> reporter: the fire started in the rear bedroom but the cause is unknown. the husband and son of the victim were able to escape the flames. neighbors rushed to help but the fire was too intense.>> by
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the time i got there it was too hot for me to get in. >> reporter: the victims husband tried to rescue his wife who was trapped in the master bathroom in the back of the mobile home. the hot temperatures did not contribute to the spread of the fire but they called it more personnel to rotate the crews out due to the triple digit heat. >> due to the hundred 2 degrees we had more rigs in here because we need the manpower sharing more than we need the equipment. >> reporter: they believe that the scorching took place causing a lot of the materials to burn.>> i knew the woman that was there and she was my friend. >> neighbor said the victim had lived there for 26 years. they report the victim was 67 years old and the fire caused minor damage to two neighboring mobile homes. ktvu fox 2 news in the newsroom. pg&e said more than 5000 customers have no power in the
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bay area due to the heat wave. the outages began yesterday afternoon and some restaurants in downtown livermore had to send people home and turn away customers due to the power outage. >> this happens every year and we deal with it. pg&e, it takes a little bit of work, but they will pay you for it. it is not what you want to happen. you want to be open for your customers.>> pg&e said the crews are working round-the- clock to try to restore the power. you were not dreaming and it did rain in some parts of the bay area overnight. or randa got some rain -- orinda got some rain, we heard about lightning in hayward, unions city and san jose. to the shooting on the bay bridge that shut down this man for hours yesterday morning and we have an update on the story.
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officers shot someone that was driving and speeding on the shoulder just heading toward them. we spoke with the witness that said the driver ignored multiple commands to stop. >> reporter: in the early morning, the two card collision shut down all the lanes one mile from the toll plaza, and the workers were cleaning up the accident when a red cadillac began driving along the shoulder. the witness that is asking not to be identified said he was two cars away from the accident scene and he saw the i office yours -- officers trying to stop the car. >> there were telling other people to get back in their cars.>> reporter: he said the red cadillac came to stop and he watched as the female officer approached the car. >> there was me and another gentleman part of the crowd standing there and he mentioned he had a pretty good via the window and said that the driver rolled the window down for a few inches and the officers
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shine the light on the in the driver rolled the window back up and when she tapped on the window with the flashlight he drove away. >> reporter: the cadillac driver sped off on the shoulder. >> you could tell he was trying to get away, and that seemed obvious to me that he was trying to get away from the scene, from the female officer. >> reporter: the witness said the male officer was standing in front of the car ahead of his own and not in the shoulder. >> he pulled his pistol out and started firing at the car as it was driving by him. he started firing as he came toward him and he fired continually as it drove away. >> reporter: the chp said multiple commands were given to the driver of the cadillac to stop. >> the driver kept coming and went after one of the officers and after several commands were given the officer fired several rounds. >> reporter: the witness said it unfolded quickly and chp was
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lucky that none of the other driver stopped on the bridge were injured and the witness said he believes that they should've let the driver go through. >> he was shooting and i did not see the driver in the cadillac making emotions like they were going to get the officer. >> reporter: are witness said the cadillac came to a slow stop and after a few minutes the driver came out with his hands up. >> he was doubling over as if he appeared to be hurt, and eventually they got the other two passengers out of the car as well. >> reporter: the driver was shot multiple times and taken to the highland hospital. ktvu fox 2 news. it is 5:11 am. some top ceos of tech companies at the white house to meet with president trump, coming up, what they are expected to talk about. traffic mostly doing okay with some issues for your morning commute, and we will update you on those and the
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fire that has burning near interstate 680 in benicia . sunrise with a lot of things left over from the thunderstorm but it looks like a little bit of a cooldown today. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 5:14 am.
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u.s. navy promising a full investigation between the uss fitzgerald and the ship off of the coast of japan. seven sailors initially reported missing were found dead in the flooded compartments . yesterday the navy released the names of the seven sailors killed and two are from san diego county. 25-year-old yeoman third class shingo alexander douglass from oceanside and 23-year-old fire second-class carlos victor ganzon sibayan . it is 5:15 am. six members of the president's advisory council on hiv-aids resigned saying that mr. trump simply does not care. the news broke on friday in a letter to newsweek magazine and said that president trump did not meet with medical experts of the disease while as a candidate need to get on the website of the national aids
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policy on the very day he took office. they said the final straw was the administration attempt to roll back the health coverage. they sent a letter and said that "because we do not believe the trump administration is listening to or cares about the communities we serve, we have decided it is time to step down." there is been no comment from the white house. house majority whip steve scalise showing signs of improvement and his condition has been upgraded from critical and is now serious. he was shot last week when a gunman opened fire at the charity baseball game practice session. steve scalise was able to watch the game play saturday not played by lsu, the charity baseball game between the democrats and republicans was played tonight after the shooting. it was his capital security detail that shot and killed the gun man, james hodgkinson, 66,
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of illinois. we are watching a brush fire this morning. >> that's right. we are looking to see if the picture is up, and i want to mention for you guys that the traffic is not going to be impacted on 680 near the area of this fire. however, let me pull this up and take a look at the fire from 680 near the benicia boundary with solano county . the crew said that some power lines came down, and that the power pole was consumed in the fire. as the picture comes up you can see it is definitely burning in the fire crews are act missing the fire from the lake herman road area. 680 is open and no free will a -- freeway lanes are closed but it could cause slow traffic due to the rubbernecking.
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again, if 680 is your commute give yourself extra time to drive toward the benicia bridge . -- benicia bridge and it looks like they may have the fire contained but certainly not under control. looking at the gilroy commute, not a bad drive in traffic looks pretty good up to the main part of san jose with no major issues. no problems on 280 northbound. the area in benicia has a lot of wind and what is that like right now ? >> not a lot but picking up out toward travis. only seven miles an hour but 21 miles an hour this morning. that area can get very windy in this, and we had thunderstorms on june 11 from that cold and seasonably strong blow that
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brought thunderstorms to the north by last sunday. you remember, and the rain made it into marin county, napa county and parts of solano. last night with that really high , strong high pressure system we have some coming off of the sierra from the east-southeast and going over parts of these they mostly and over to san pablo bay before fizzled out over marin county. we see that but not in june very often. cooler and not as hot as yesterday was signs of the fog trying to work its way back. if you are way in london up and lake county i think you are on your own. would you believe it got 100 day in middletown yesterday? i would believe anything. some of this cloud cover could help in the record highs from yesterday, it did not matter and everybody has been riding back on facebook.
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100 in mountain view, santa rosa 106, and san rafael 105, livermore 106 and 92 in richmond and that is superhot for richmond. kentfield also a record at 100 three. -- 103. there are areas running cooler by as much as 7 degrees, and it does look cooler today. the thunderstorm activity popped up over the livermore hills, hayward, fremont and san leandro. this cool alpha floating around in the fog is trying and some of it will work its way in. very shallow but it is an onshore push. yesterday fairfield at 5 pm was seven miles an hour and today 21. that is a big difference. 60s on the temperatures, 50s for some.
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upper 60s and low 60s for most everyone, calistoga is 68. 67 and 77 for ukiah and sacramento, monterey. it is not officially summer, and this is late spring thunderstorms. our meteorological summer starts june 1 but in two days is the official start of summer. not 108, only 100. that is better than going the other white. one forecast model not showing as hot but one showing is very hot. after that it will cool down into the weekend. >> we need to drink a lot of water.>> hopefully they start earlier on the construction and get done by noon or 1:00. uncoupling, and you've heard about it when it comes to
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relationships, but what about when it comes to your bank account? handballer 1: you know what i could go for? scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van!
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handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van! welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:24 am . an average of 19 children in the u.s. are killed or injured in shootings every day in the report by the cdc is the most comprehensive study so far and says that 1300 children under the age of 18 die from gunshot wound every year.
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more than 80% of the deaths are injuries and involve boys. african-american children have the highest rate of homicide related to guns, and the white and native american children had the highest rate of suicide using a gun. they are encouraging doctors to talk about gun safety with the parents, especially those that have weapons at home. we have heard the term, "uncoupling" in relationships i will what about when it relates to the bank account? we have tips on how the recent graduates can give the credit cards back to their parents and handle the money on their own. >> a lot of young people are still connected to the bank of mom and dad.>> you have graduated and feel ready for the real world. >> reporter: every now and then a lot of the millennials's white mom and dad's credit card when they get short on cash. >> you want to have fun and be
5:26 am
social with your friends but not every night or every weekend. ultimately you want to graduate and you cannot do that partying hard. >> reporter: christie says that the first step to financially uncoupling from your parents is to the timeline. if you can afford to pay your own bills used to do it even if the parents say they want to do it for you. >> a lot of people coming onto the working force can actually support themselves, so start doing it from day one, and if you can start investing. it is totally doable but it starts with a little amount every week and every month. a lot of employers will match the money you put in to the market. take advantage of your resources that you have access to through your employer and take ownership as soon as you can. >> reporter: the fortune 500 executive advisor says excuses are your worst inner enemy. >> stop labeling yourself as a millennial.
5:27 am
you can do all of those things and it can be part of who you are but don't label yours well. do the hard work and find out who you really are inside. >> reporter: earlier this year 39% of millennials would rather disclose a pre-existing std to the potential partner then to reveal their own debt. accepting that your 20s are not about living in luxury.>> you may not be to take the luxury vacation you see on instagram from your friends but you will be better off and better able when you get into the older age to enjoy the lifestyle you want. >> reporter: avoid the self- pity. if looking at your bank statement is painful know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. >> some of this can end up being a positive and not a negative, and ultimately set you up to have the life goals in your 30s and 40s. you can have it because you were conscious of your financial independence early on. >> reporter: and challenge yourself to what kristi calls
5:28 am
bare-bones living which means cutting down on the frappuccino's and lunches out, and you will be surprised how much money you can they and put in your savings or pay off your debt. it is 5:28 am. new focus the new policies for google and what it has to do with terrorism and videos. good morning. we have traffic mostly doing well around the bay area with some slow spots, straight ahead. not to put the stop on it, but if you can take a picture of the golden gate bridge, there you go. it is so foggy i cannot see a thing.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2 on this monday, june 19. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. it is 5:31 am. we have a couple of interesting things going on. cloud cover left over from the thunderstorms last night in the air. look at the golden gate bridge, we have that glorious fog coming in. >> i am so glad you said that and i've been waiting on the fog.>> look at this picture of
5:32 am
the bridge. i love to see that. >> that looks good even on a black-and-white tv. we had back-to-back weekends in june with thunderstorms. one was from that unseasonably cold low last weekend in the north bay and last night coming in off of the sierra from the east southeast but mainly the east bay. it came right over around midnight to 2 am. it will be cooler for everybody today, hot inland but not as hot as yesterday. i made fudge on some of these temperatures already because we have that delta breeze kicking in. travis and fairfield with the west southwest at 21 miles an hour. that is a big difference and sunday only seven miles an hour. these temperatures are noticeably cooler than 24 hours ago, especially on the coast and bag. the low cloud deck we look to
5:33 am
continue. we have a lot of cloud cover holding on and the fog not showing up completely but it is there. i see a cooldown today with the west southwest at 21 and a big difference from yesterday. warm lowe's overnight still, and other areas inland from the fog cannot get help but the delta breeze will translated cooler temperatures. it could be 98 or 101, but 60s and 70s, 80s by the coast but down from sunday. i think i may add a few 60s now that the fog is coming back. as you know, it drops just like that. >> are we adding 60s to the forecast for today? i know some people in daly city that will be saying thank you. good morning everybody. let's take a look at the solano county commute and in solano county there is a grass fire burning near interstate 680 and
5:34 am
the lake herman road. you can see here the fire crews are arriving and it looks like another unit has arrived or repositioned itself into solano county. the fire began burning around 4 am and here we are about 1 1/2 hours into the incident. power pole came down and amtrak is getting through in the area. this is near 680 at lake herman road. this is near the boundary of benicia and unincorporated sono county. we take a look at the -- solano county. we take a look at the traffic, getting through okay on i-80 westbound. it is slow driving south past the fire and it is on the east side of the freeway. the traffic is getting a little bit slow and generally we don't have a slow down but i'm
5:35 am
guessing that is because of the fire. taking a look at the commuted the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up. metering lights are on and the traffic is backed up to the maze. a triple homicide in modesto is under investigation right now. a woman in her two young sons were killed over the weekend and the police responded to the assault saturday night and found the bodies of the 30-year- old woman and her nine-year-old and four-year-old sons. they found the husband of the woman on the lawn with self- inflicted injuries and he was taken to the hospital. the police are not saying whether he is a suspect in the killing but they said they're not searching for anyone else in the case. a 12 go girl found safe yesterday after a night alone in the hills. laura lucas went missing saturday while hiking on the property near the upper zion a road. she somehow became separated from the adult with her in the
5:36 am
santa cruz county sheriff's office said she was found by neighbor in the area and is being checked out by medical personnel. it is 5:35 am. president emmanuel macron is celebrating the party that swept the parliamentary elections in taking 42% of the vote, conservative republicans came in second with 22%. many newly elected parliament members have never held office before and some showed up at the national assembly today to learn their way around before the first parliamentary session next week. portugal is declaring three days of national mourning after the forest fire killed 62 people. many people became trapped in their cars as the flames swept over the roads on saturday and more than 1500 firefighters are still battling to control the major wire fires in the central region of portugal. reinforcements are expected to arrive today including water drops from spain, italy and france.
5:37 am
the country's prime minister is calling this fire the biggest tragedy the country seen in years. lightning is believed to have sparked the fire 95 miles east of lisbon. dozens of people standing in unity after the home a bomb it's loaded in the mall in columbia on saturday killing three people. the bomb was placed by the toilet in the women's bathroom and exploded and the mall was filled with father's day shoppers. the bomb was detonated in the busy mall located in the heart of the bogota tourism district. the colombian president is vowing to capture those responsible for the attack and offering a reward of $35,000 to anyone with information. we know, and steve has been saying it is hot, very hot and will stay that way for a bit. >> it is affecting us in a lot
5:38 am
of different ways and the people in the south bay waking up in the dark with no air conditioning because they have no power. christien kafton is in san jose with more on all of this. >> reporter: we have brand-new information that is just in from the pg&e about the latest in terms of the power outages. this is a little the last 3 to 4 minutes and that total number of customers without power as of five minutes ago is 1800 customers in the bulk in the south bay. 1500 customers right now as we's the and 1800 customers in the north bay and 30 in the east bay without power with only two without power on the peninsula so that is good news. it was a very hot day yesterday and the hot weather pushed the grid to its limits with all of the air conditioning coming on with power outages in the east bay and in the south bay. we have video from yesterday with over 8000 customers losing
5:39 am
power and the last report pg&e reported there were about 1500 customers without power this morning -- or 1800 throughout the bay area without power in the high energy demands from the air conditioners may have contributed to the outages. those that lost power say it happen all at once. >> all of the units went off the wind open up the doors and let the cold air out, and an hour and half later everything gets to be turned back on, and we close it all up again. >> reporter: the areas hit hardest in the south bay in the san jose area, the evergreen area was hit hard by the power outages. the city of san jose can't cooling stations open his latest 9:00 last night. those will be open again at 6 am this morning and that should tell you how hot the temperatures were yesterday, and how hot they dissipate they
5:40 am
will get again today. >> thank you, christien kafton. google is focusing on new policies to produce the amount of -- reduce the amount of terror related videos and they will increase the use of technology to identify the extremist videos including on youtube. they will add more staff to screen for terrorism related content and google says they will be more aggressive on putting warnings on content they believe is inflammatory. all of this after british lawmakers call the internet the prime mechanism for the spreading growth of terrorism. today president trump holds the first meeting of the american technology council several silicon valley ceos they are and several include the apple tim cook, oracle, alphabet eric schmidt, amazon as well. they will are expected to talk about how the better use of technology for the federal government. many of the tech
5:41 am
industry executives have denounced the president's policy on immigration and climate change in the past few months. it is 5:40 am. traveling with no paper boarding passes or cell phones, one airline is testing facial recognition technology a decade after a similar system failed, and coming up we will show you what has changed. [ crickets chirping ] [ light music playing ] you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 5:43 am. millions of dollars spent every year cleaning up graffiti in the bay area, all over the country, and often he comes right back. there's one east bay city showing the attackers a better way to use their skills. >> reporter: for many a sign you are in a bad neighborhood but for those that tag it is
5:44 am
something else. >> i was inspired when my friends were doing things like that and it was amazing to see what they were doing. >> everybody is telling them what they are, that you are delinquent and you can't do this, and the rest of your life it will be like that. that is not the case.>> reporter: 217-year-olds take their graffiti talent in a different direction. >> these kids grew up with self- identity and rebellion, and if you don't give them a positive path, they will pick one which unfortunately expresses itself as graffiti. >> reporter: these inspiring artists are working in a oakland warehouse that will be stamped as legitimate and shown off to visitors and residents alike in downtown san leandro. >> there is a lot of blank walls in downtown and a lack of color. we want to add interest. >> reporter: this giant wall art will be the focal point of the new exhibit on east 14th assembled under the tutelage of andrew johnstone. >> we are literally trying to
5:45 am
paint over the problem and not dealing with the problem. >> we like that he is teaching the children fine arts skills instead of defacing the property their learning new skills. >> i will be honest that i did not know how to do this. i could not paint somebody. i come here last week and now there is a person on this scene now. i'm so happy and it is beautiful.>> reporter: stroke by stroke these young ex-taggers finding a way to release their passion and they now have potential. >> you could build a career off of this. >> that beautiful artwork will be unveiled thursday night during the san leandro truth thursday bent in front of the truth is beauty statue in front of the san leandro bart station. the happy marriage could be
5:46 am
a key to good health and researchers followed 700 couples over 20 years and they find that each partner's health can be affected by positive and negative interactions at all stages of marriage. they report that people that have happy marriages are more likely to give the health a higher rating as they age. it is 5:46 am. researchers are lurking for 10,000 volunteers that are willing to give up their privacy for 20 years in the name of science. in new york they are recruiting participants in the study of the "human project." they want you to give up everything from the cell phone location, credit card swipes, blood samples and life-changing events. it is the study on how data affects our health, aging, education and other parts of human life. participants are given $500 for enrolling. >> i feel like most of that information is already out
5:47 am
there anyway. it is 5:46 am. i know that sal is keeping an eye on the traffic and how is the fire looking?>> the fire is still burning as we had this live picture. this is in the area in benicia near the boundary of benicia and unincorporated solano county. the fire has been burning since 4 am and we are coming up on the two hours but not as raging as was before. the powerline is involved in the power pole came down in the fire. the problem is that nearby interstate 680 from the cordelia junction is affected by the fire and people are looking at the fire from the freeway. that is causing a slow down on interstate 680 southbound heading toward benicia and the benicia bridge . taking a look
5:48 am
at the other commutes on westbound 580 we have slow traffic to the altamont pass. we had slowing in the area as well on 680 southbound out of dublin to pleasanton. also looking at the problem on northbound 17 at the glenwood cut off, traffic coming over the santa cruz mountains will be slow this morning. we look at interstate 880 and oakland, traffic moving along relatively well driving at cross high street. the bay bridge toll plaza has filled in getting into san francisco. it is 5:48 am. we see this beautiful cumulus clouds hanging over the bay.>> i see that. >> that is left over from the last night thunderstorms. we have had thunderstorms back- to-back weekends in june, and last weekend we had that cold upper low mainly in marin county, sonoma and napa. last night at 2 am they came
5:49 am
off of the sierra rotating around this dome of high pressure and came up through the east bay. we have part to the financial and in marin county where they have fizzled out but left the cloud cover around. no fog at 17 in the sunset district but a cool morning. much different than yesterday and it started out warm and ended up hot, as you know. mountain view, sfo, all sitting record highs. we had livermore 106. remember last sunday livermore was 65 degrees and now this sunday 106. richmond, that is hot for anybody but very hot for richmond. 60s and 50s for some, the fog is flying in over the golden gate bridge, 7 degrees cooler out of concord that was 24 hours ago.
5:50 am
very cool temperatures, and i've seen different camera shots and there are some cool pictures coming up and we will show you some of them. out of the southeast, east- southeast wind that line of thunderstorms the came through and you were not dreaming. it did happen even though we had record heat, and the fog is making a push on parts of the coast. watch right here on the western edge of this, and to see this before june 21 is very unusual. after the and see some be cool pattern last weekend and water temperatures still pretty cool and 49 at bodega bay, and when you get that west southwest at 21 versus 7, that is a big difference. the delta is picking up with 60s on the temperatures, much cooler by the coast with the onshore breeze. 46 in truckee, and more fog closer to the coast right now then the satellite shows. it will be cooler today in the
5:51 am
60s, 70s and 80s, some 90s and still 100 but not the 108 that we saw yesterday. much cooler on the coast in about the same on thursday. there is a disagreement between the forecast models on thursday. one shows warm to hot and one shows really hot. it could be even hotter than sunday. >> i'm rooting for hot rather than really hot. >> look at this cloud cover, the cumulus clouds over the sky. >> i just posted that picture of the fog rolling in that the golden gate and they said to send it up to petaluma. >> petaluma has a faster chance of getting cooler than others because they can get that breeze. it is 5:51 am. amazon has big plans for whole foods and what it means for the whole foods employees, and good news for your wallet when we explain coming up.
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what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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prices could drop it whole foods following the announcement by amazon that they are purchasing the grocery train and the ceo jeff benzos says he wants to keep the reputation for premium foods but cut the prices and hoping to said the paycheck image that whole foods has acquired.
5:55 am
those low prices could come with job cuts and according to bloomingburg amazon is expected to use technology to eliminate the cashiers but amazon has denied they had planned to cut the jobs. the oakland a's of beat the yankees, 4-3 and still have the worst record in the american league but sweeping the yankees who are in first place. hot father's day at the coliseum and the yankees took the lead but the yankees came back in the third scoring all of the runs, scoring four times including the chris davis 18th home run. that help the oakland a's win, and the third time they've swept new york in a four-game series since moving to oakland in 1968. the giants are in last place in their division and now have lost x games in a row. the giants are up against the good colorado rockies in brandon crawford hit the home run giving the giants the two run lead and ty blach pitched
5:56 am
well but the rockies rallied back. the giants came back and hundred fence had hit a homerun in the top of the ninth and the giants took the 5-3 lead to the bottom of the inning, and nolan arenado hit the first pitch that he saw and it went into the left field seats which completed the cycle. that is a heartbreaker. the rockies finished the four- game sweep over the giants winning, 7-5. another first timer his won the major and kept cup and one of the sexting golfers and in erin hills and windy, breaking out of the pack with this long putt falling and the greens
5:57 am
were crazy. he gets the one-stroke lead, and there was a tie for second place. kepka banked $2.1 million. his final score of 16 under matches to rory mcelroy record for most shots underpar at an open. that was 4 strokes better than second. it is 5:57 am. the top story, firefighters are on high alert and there is a fire burning right down the east bay that started early this morning, and we will tell you more about this and the hot weather. what appears to be a terror attack this morning in london, the van plowing into
5:58 am
the muslim worshipers and we have the latest on that just ahead. ahead. plenty of slow traffic approaching the bay bridge, in the peninsula and the south bay, all of it coming up straight ahead. the fog is there with these clouds dancing across the sky. we will tell you how much cooler it will be coming up.
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6:00 am
sunrise in the south bay, another hot one and how many customers are still without power this morning. the police opened fire on person driving on the bay bridge and the witnesses share their stories of what happened as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for waking up this morning. it is still hot and most parts of the bay area on this monday, june 19. i am pam cook. >> good morning, i am dave
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