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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 19, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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been revealed but it may be a boy and girl based balloons delivered to hospital. they're already parents to blue ivy who five years old. today at 9:00, temperatures take triple digit. >> how to get your college student to be financially independent come graduation day. >> and a special birthday celebration to a boy from sacramento. >> sweet summertime in bay area, we're in the middle of june and seeing hot record temperatures that are getting a live look here at what is the golden gate bridge, you can see the north right there. making its way through golden gate. a very short -- representative if you are looking to go down now is time to go out there,
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actually, welcome to the by the way, off to the beach yesterday to cool down i spent father's day out there. i have never seen it so crowded at a beach, in my life. i have groan up there. it was packed. most of extension beach. >> it was smoking hot yesterday. >> and people slightly cool. i mean that's what we were talk about yesterday on the forecast. it was like where can we go. >> i was telling steve earlier that it was even hot in daily city. >> in daily city. >> it was even hot in daily city. >> the one positive. this hot weather is i think it is kind of tied to oakland a's. they were pretty hot. they swept the yankees. >> the hotter the a's are. they're on the possible -- >> working on it. our question of day is tied to heat. what do you think about this record-breaking heat that we had yesterday and it is moved by today and pockets of bay area. let's look at the results. 16% say you know what, brick it
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on you enjoy it. 68% say no complete open it. i am melting and 16% said no big deal, the a/c is on. one viewer chimed in saying i live on the coast, bring it on. >> it "to 103, not looking forward to seeing his electric bill. >> when you look forward to monday, the monday work day because there's no a/c. it depends on if you live on the coast. we will check more of your -- coming up at 9:30 you can reach us to do that at # ktvu, the nine. >> i do want to say i woke up this morning and there was my deck was wet. the back deck. >> thunderstorms overnight, midnight to 2:00 a.m. that 16% that says no big deal. your power goes out you will join that 68%. >> and everyone is when i get the pg&e bill. >> you can't cool down the house. >> you have been saying all morning that we could possibly
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get hotter on wednesday and thursday. >> it could be as hot as sunday. >> i didn't like putting on the suit today. >> we do have fog though, as we showed you at the top there, and mike touched on, fog is pouring over the golden gate. it is also in the san mateo, i know it is into the ocean beach. so it will be cooler coastal bay. we did have thunderstorms last night. there are still storms poppenning up over the sierra big time and big buffers up around pollly pines and truckee. we will have 60s to 90s to 100s from the bay area. so i don't think it will be at lose as yesterday. we get cooler. thursday is the kay day. we will see if it materializes. everybody cools down by the upcoming weekend. >> thank you. >>fire fight verse been called in to fight a big fire burning at a composting facility.
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with more on this and are they still putting water. >> they are still putting water on this fire and still using the and mulch and try to get dub in there they seem to be making headway here. they're seeing more smoke from this area. this a live look at the scene, and what you have burning here is this huge pile of what is like basically tree stumps and also mulch so shaverrings is what is burning here. that's tough to get a handle on. this is on the property of a company called ccl organic which is is a composting facility, it is on good year road and it is right off of 680. it has been burning since it
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started and it was putting off a thick plume. the good news is the winds have been blowing east toward the delta, and so smoke has not been blowing over the highway, and that's where the fire is burning but it is a distraction for drivers as they come through this area. now, the fire chief, the cordell i can'tfire chief believes this fire was likely the result of spontaneous combustion, inside that pile of debris. this they believe it was spontaneous combustion. they have the fire essentially they stopped it'd have freding and they want to make sure nothing gets into the nearby brush. here what the fire chief told
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me. >> where the trumps are. we got i lot another here in there and we can't get close enough. we are trying to get more to tear the pile apart. we do have a longer reach the wind isn't helping us. we're fighting the wind when we pour water on it. >> that's part of the problem, in the middle of the pile, and you have the flames, and the fire moldering, and what they're doing is debris and all of that heavy machinery. on the various agencys and they expect to remain out here for a good part of day. keeping an i didn't on this fire and making sure it doesn't flare back up. >> on a day like this you start to think ant as day wears on we
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have the triple digit, you have got the wind and all of it is a concern and exhaustion for the fire fighters. how does it feel to have the change through the morning. >> you can see it is windy. >> yeah, the wind, again, blowing from west to east has been constant, all morning long. the wind has been the big story and i imagine in terms of the temperature if it wasn't as windy as it is. in talking to the fire chief a second ago who is the commander out here, he was telling me that is a concern for them, the heat, as they move throughout, you know into the hottest part of the day, they want to try to get this fire out as much as possible before things really start to get hot in this area. allot exlive in --
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>> felt rainier night. look at this taken near fish ranch road at about -- heyward, union city and san jose. you can download the free weather app for the latest on conditions plus your up to the minute forecast during this heat wave, and updates on facebook, twitter and -- >> breaking news, and a police vehicle. , the bomb sad squad remains at the scene, and they're still trying to figure out a motive. >> this morning british police are calling for calm after a terror attack near two mosques. a 48-year-old man was arrested and is facing murder charges after he deliberately rammed his van san bernadino a crowd.
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-- >> a crowd of pedestrians. >> one man, they are doing more at the scene. all of the victims were at the muslim community. >> in the park neighborhood, just as worshipers were during this holy month. >> i never heard people scream or moan of that nature. >> witnesses say the vehicle appeared to veer and hit people intentionally. >> they turned left, and there was no indication, with no even -- they deliberately. >> police say they're investigating this as a terrorist incident and they say they have arrested a 48-year- old man who was driving the
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vehicle involved. >> he has been taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. >> at this early stage new york city other suspect versus been identified or reported to police. >> a number of muslim leaders are calling this a hate crime against muslims and they're calling for traiks security at mosques. lon dose london's mayor says extra police are being deployed. may says her thoughts are with the victim times is say she will chair an emergency security cabinet session. , fox new. >> >> in deever new details about the high-rise fire in london where the death toll as risen to 79. officials believe the exterior of the 24 story building contained insulation that made the flames spread faster. the washington post report that had two prime ministers on
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sunday said the new exterior used in renovating that apartment building may have been banned in the u.k., the investigation is continuing. coming up next on mornings on two aplites shooting that shut down -- a police shooting that shut down lanes and stopped traffic for hours. hear from a witness who was just a few car 50s way from scene. >> do you feel like you have a lazy teen? you might be right. coming up just how much children and teens are actually moving. moving
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>> lift look at the big board the dow is up slightly. nasdaq and sp 500 also up, you can thank the tech stocks that have saw some gains in material morning trading, facebook, keep mind there's meeting with the
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trump administration with those tech companies. we will continue to keep an eye on the markets all morning. >> now no a shotting that partially shut down the span for hours yesterday morning. officers shot a motorists who sped down the shoulder right toward them. ktvu spoke to a witness had say it is male driver ignored multiple commands to stop. >> an early morning two car collision on the bay bridge shut down all eastbound lanes a mile from the toll plaza. california highway patrol officers and cal tran were cleaning up the accident when a red cadillac start add long the shoulder the witness who asked not to be identified was two cars stop add way from the accident scene. he saw the officers try to stop the car. >> they saw the car coming, and it raised the flashlights, they were flashing the flashlights and felling other people to get back in car. >> the red cadillac came to a stop and he watched the female officer approach the car. >> i spoke to another gentlemen who was part of the crowd and we were all standing there for
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so long president he mentioned he a good view of the window and he said that the driver rolled it window down a few inch, and the officer shined a light on him. he rolled it window back up and tried to tackle the glass with a flashlight to continue talking to him and he drove away from her. >> chp say it is driver sped off on the shoulder. >> he was trying to do, i mean it seems very obvious to me, that you know he was trying to get away from the scene from the officer. >> the witness tells us a male officer was standing in front of the car ahead of his own, not in the shoulder. >> and immediately started firing at the car as it was driving by. he started firing as it was coming toward him, and he continued until it was drive ago way. >> chp says multiple commands were given to driver to stop. >> the driver just kept coming and kept coming and drove at one of the officers. after commands were given, that officer fired several rounds at the driver.
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>> the witness says the shooting unfolded quickly, and says chp is luckily enough none of the other drivers stopped ton bridge were injured. in his opinion, chp should have let the cadillac driver go through. >> he was more or less shooting the car that was in front of him. i didn't see driver of the cadillac make any motions. >> our witness shot this. he say it is cadillac came after a few months the driver came out with his hands up. >> and taken to the hospital. ktvu park news. >> he was shot and caken to the hospital. he will likely face multiple charges including assault with a deadly weapon. the bridge were closed for hours causing a long back up
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for everyone in the area. >> steve is showing science of improvement, and his condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. he was one of the five people shot when a gunman opened fire during a practice for a congressional charity baseball game on wednesday. according to his twitter account, congressman was able to launch a game played saturday night by his college team the charity baseball game between democrats and republicans was played the night that shooting. >> i was there with the 25,000 people that joined in, and all four leader were on the field looking like they liked each other. at the end when the democrats won the game they gave the trophy to the republicans and they asked them to put it in representative's office. we need to take that spirit, and go from two teams to one team for america. >> that shot and killed -- >> one of the first lawyers
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says his client is not under investigation for obstruction of justice. contradicting. >> he has not been notified. that alleged that five unnamed sources amonos sources leaked to the washington post that the president was in fact under a the president's attorney made -- may have contradicted himself in this exchange. >> he's being investigated for taking the -- by the agency, who recommended the -- >> you stated some fact, you have now said he's being investigated after saying he isn't. >> new york city he's not being investigated.
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>> critics have 5:00 crowed him for pressuring fbi director james comey to drop his department's investigation at the former national security advisor michael flynn. >> as congress approached it august reset, there's still plenty of unfinished business including health care and tax reform. senate republicans say they would like to vote before july 4 but the legislation isn't done. democrats may take over florida protest but first they say they need to see it. democratic senators are expected to hold the senate floor tonight, possibly past midnight, and they will take shifts giving speechs and criticizing republicans for not holding committee hearings on health care. >> coming up next, the night a man is accused of rob a fast food restaurant and returning to scene. up next, the reason he came back the try to get -- up next how to get your tunes to stop reaching for your credit card and pay their own bills.
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. >> is your child red graduate from college, might be time for financial independence. hillary tell us how recent graduate can say give the credit cards back to their parents and handle their own money. >> a lot of young people are so connected to the bank of mom and dad. >> you have graduated college and you feel ready for real world. but every now and then a lot of swipe mom and dads credit card when they're sort of cash. >> you want to have fun and be social but you don't have to do it every single night, every single weekend and ultimately you want to graduate. if you party too hard you cannot do that. >> author and founder of the 1,000 dreams fund, christy garden say it is first step to financially. you should be king doing it even if your pans want to do it for you. >> a lot of people can support themselves. start doing it from day one and
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if you can, start investing and totally doable, but especially just a little amount every week, every month, a lot of employeeless actually match the money you are putting in to the market. take advantage of the resources that you have access to whether through your employer but also taking ownership of things you can. >> fortune 500 executive director says -- are your worst enemy. >> stop labeling yourself. stop it. you are using an -- do the hard work. you can be all of those things and all of those thing can say be part of who you are but don't label yourself with that. do the hard work and find out who you are inside. >> in a poll by survey monkey early they are yore, 39% of me lineals would rather preexpose a std than reveal their debt. avoid credit card debt by accepting that your 20s aren't about livering in luxury. >> you may not be able to take luxury vacations you get to see
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on instragram from your friends but you will be better off and better able to enjoy the life style you want. >> avoid self pity. if peeping at your bank statement is painful know there's a light at the end of fiscal tunnel. >> some of these thing can say be a positive and not a negative and set you up for the life style you want in your 30s, 40s you can have that because you have been conscious about your financial independence early on. >> another tip, challenge yourself to a month of what christy calls bear bones living the means cutting down on frappuccinos and lunches out. you will be surprised how much money you can save and put right into savorings or paying off debt. >> in los angeles, hillary vaughn, fox business. >> and kept myself to a limit.
9:25 am
i can't just blow thousands of dollars on it. >> i also think that i had a job at 16. i didn't use it to pay bills. i used it to buy stuff for myself. i had/own credit card in college to figure that out: i will say my first job as a reporter i made $7 an hour. so mom and dad did help me out with some stuff. but i already knew how to manage. i knew i couldn't afford to -- >> your parents are very generous. at some point you have to tell them because that package or that story said hey, parents might want to help but at some point with my parents you have to say okay i have got this. you have to actually take it from them if they won't give it to you. >> right. but you have to start early. you can't have the first credit card right after college and try to figure it out all. >> let's talk about american teens speakingover. apparently they move less than anyone previously thought. john hopkins researchers looked
9:26 am
at the data for more than 12,000 people who were activity trackers for 7 straight days. more than 50% of males and 75% of females aging 12 to 19 did not reach the world health organization overthrows 60 minuteover moderate to vigorous physical activity a day. analysts identified different times of day when activity is the high exist lowerrest fm we can blame smart phones. how do i keep my kid busy when they want to play, play, play, and organized sports is the, in colorado, to block cell phones from being sold to children under the age of 13. a group called parent against age smart phones is working to put the initiative this would require them to ask customers about the age of users and submit monthly reports to the state. retailers who sell the phone for use by someone under 13
9:27 am
could be fined $500 for the first offense. young children can develop speech and language difficulties after constantly looking at screens. >> i don't know. >> i don't know about this. >> people are like oh come on. maybe need that for everything but apparently this group. >> they're working on nit colorado. >> all right. here is soot story. robert holds up hours later not for more loot. i like that word, loot but for a job application. >> and stole all the cash. hours later, the same person walked back in to ask for a job. a job. . >> i noticed that there was a guy lingering around the side door, and then i hear the employees yelling like that's the guy from earlier. that's guy who robbed us. >> they were able to keep him
9:28 am
occupied until the police showed up to make the arrest. police say he's also responsible for robbing a nearby mid k beauty supply store around noon the same day. no one was hurt in either incident. >> coming up next ordinary reason mornings on two the hot temperatures can be dangerous, especially for animal, how you can keep your pets safe during this heat waive. >> and more details about the -- what one witness saw just before shots rang out and why he thinks people were targeted. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us
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say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. >> hot weather. steve has down low on how hot it will get. >> it is much cooler here. we will show you down thest ware, coast guard cutter coming in. look at that. let's see if we can get him to lock at us, just came down. we were hoping to go past us. there they are, very cool coming in there's a no doubt about it northwest breeze coming down here, when i first came out at 7:00 a.m. it was very subtle, and
9:31 am
thousand it is really picked up. they're waving 50s it. there wow go. >> gentlemen, thank you. there's the pretty good breeze here, and i think temperatures coast and by will cool off a little bit. temperatures will still be hot but not as hot as yesterday when it was 120 in the shade. today you will see 60s on the cost, fog has made it. we have thunderstorms, mid fite to 2:00 a.m. some of those are already popping up over sierra again, we will have to key an eye on that from lake county, later today but overall, it does look cooler for most so we will go 16 and 70s coast and bay and temperatures as well around the inland areas will be in the 90s to 100. so, as the u.s. coast guard cutter comes down the oaklandest ware, we will wave a happy cool welcome to them as they come back in.
9:32 am
beautiful shot. >> thank you: i love it. >> how do we let them know. make sure you wave. >> all right. thank you. the question of the day has been about the weather. >> i think we're going to do it. are you into it, not into it. let's look at the result source far. 16% say they're into it, bring it on. >> i think that's 69%. >> they stop it at melting and then 15% say no big deal. the a/c is on. a lot of people are talking about it son social media, on twitter. they said everyone loves to complain about the fog and wish for warmer weather. enjoy this amazing summer before it is too foggy. >> i think the difference right is if you have a/c you may have a different response. >> that's exactly where taper diner says i work in a building with a/c and drive a car with a/c so i don't notice it. >> too hot to sleep in the --
9:33 am
turned ton a c in the rv and camped in the driveway. you want find it when you can but take out a loan in the power bill. >> . i watered down my dog yesterday. >> one of the viewers decided to put an ice, a frozen water bottle in the cage with the animal sos they can use it to get next to it and cool off. >> put it in front of a fan too. >> there's the story in the north bay, in pa police rescued a dog left inside a car in heat. someone saw the five-year-old terrier mix inside a car at the south in pa marketplace and called police. animal control officer took the temperature inside vehicle, and said it was 136 degrees. police do say the cog is now
9:34 am
doing okay. >> it is too hot to hike with your dogs right now l. are things you can do to make sure you stay -- keep a lot of water around the house so your petted can say get hydrated: pet experts say even the healthiest pet can get sick in extreme heat. you don't want to let them stay outside for too long. >> if you are overworking your pet outdoors in morning or evening they might come in and not have an app tide. make sure that we're at least getting floyds into the bodies. >> some people think that cutting the dogs fur short is going to help keep them cool in summer but experts say the fur actually protects them from the weather. keep that in mind as well. >> check this out, this unusual site captured on a cell phone in phoenix. it is a hot day to be a -- waddling into a local dairy queen. must have been warm in that costume i am thinking with temperatures in phoenix expected to hit 118 degrees
9:35 am
today. >> another day at the dq. >> when you're hot you're hot. >> it is already being felt. officials are making sure people do have a way to stay cool out there. christian is joining us life from san jose, and are you still at that cooling center? >> reporter: no, no, we're at a park now. hey guy, first off my friend is the one who got the video of thet-rex going into the dq. >> cool. >> it is like 7 degree of separation, six degree of separation. >> you use today work there. >> i worked in arizona. >> memories here. >> you were in tucson; right. >> exactly. >> okay. so i was in phoenix and i will tell you what, it is starting to remind me of phoenix. it is already 808 right now, it is what, 9:35, 80 here, we talked with the deputy fire marshall from santa clara county fire and she tells knee with temperatures like this, you can get heat illness very quickly. the important thing to take
9:36 am
water and fluid before you start showing any simple toms. >> stay in the shade, drink ice cold water in the lunchpail right now, and i have been hitting up 7-eleven every now and then too. >> the hot temperature can say be dangerous. there are cooling center. a construction worker said that he is drink a lot and getting that 7-eleven purposeie and taking precautions when in the heat. >> bam, all the a/c units and we had to open the doors and let the cold air out and then you know an hour a half later everything gets turned back on and those are all up again. >> there cooling stations open
9:37 am
throughout the public. the earliest one opened at 6:00 and the latest one closed at 9:00. that's an hour later than usual and it is a good indication of how hot it is temperatures are expected to go today. standing out here if last couple of minutes i have gone back to trusty stand by for a dealing with the heat in phoenix just a little white, clean exjust to dab the forehead before i start talking and keeping it. >> hey, christian i know when you were at the fair this weekend they were saying what a bottle of water an hour is say good thing for people to remember, which is actually more than a lot of people drink honestly. so that's a good tip; right. >> yeah. absolutely. the fire marshall we talked to the morning said you want to be drinking water, before you start feeling thirsty because by the time you feel thirsty your body is hydrated. drink water, drink something we electrolyte a sports drink programs, something like to make sure you are keeping the hydration and of course i have been giving this advice this morning all morning life and my
9:38 am
wife got me doing this, sun screen, wear it all the time, but especially on these day. >> good advice. thank you, christian. >> new at 9:00. fisher had cocaine and ecstasy. she became ill on a flight to los angeles on december 23, four days before her death. doctors tested her for drugs after flight. last week the coroner officially ruled she died from sleep apnea and a combination of other factors, they could not determine if trugs found in her system have an impact on her death. for more on the other head line, let's go to dave clark. >> thank you. here are the top story, at the hour, former oakland police officer brian walter -- house is due if court for a preliminary hearing: he's accused of tipping off a prostitute to police stings inic change for a sexual favor.
9:39 am
walterhouse allegedly paid $200 last october to a sex worker at a castro valley motel and then warned her twice about undercover prostitution rings. they will determine if there's enough evidence for a trial. also he's charged with one misdemeanor count of engaging in an act of prostitution. >> a judge in pennsylvania may release the names of jury that couldn't reach a verdict in sexual assault trial of bill cosby the names are shielded under a protective order, but several news organizations are challenging that order. the june cold take up the issue today. >> cosby was charged with three felony counts of aggravated indesen assault accused of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand at, in 2004 at his home. jury deliberated for more than 52 hours put put could not reach a verdict. he's free on $1 million bail. he may schedule a new trial
9:40 am
within 120 days. the navy promises a full investigation of the collision between the u.s.s fitzgerald and the container ship that left at least 7 say letters dead. that area was flooding the navy released the names of the 7 sailors who died, two were from southern california. >> those are just some of the morning headlines. hey, mike, sal claw dean. back to wow. >> we continue to get more information from the dead loupes work place shooting in san francisco on wednesday. ktvu amber has a first hand account of the shooting that killed three and injures two others. >> none of them deserve to die. >> ups driver sean coats considered the four coworkers who died on tuesday his friends including jimmy. >> i am troying to work through it. do my best. >> coach is sa among the 30 plus driver who is were in the morning meeting when jimmy opened fire. he says everyone was standing if a semicircle.
9:41 am
jimmy was in back. >> out of the corner of my eye you saw somebody push by, and i locked over and it was jimmy with his arm stretched out straight with what looked like a hand gun. >> he says lamb walked past a number drivers before shooting at -- from behind. he fired two more shots at louis before walking toward wayne chan. >> with wayne i heard one shot and saw him fall. >> everyone scattered. he ran into the nearest truck. >> as i went into the cab i looked over to see where jimmy was and i saw that he was walking this way and he made eye contact very briefly. >> coach got out and called 9-1- 1. when he was hysterectomying the building he saw him walking back inside. >> the focus that he showed as he shot each driver seemed to indicate he targeted the victim. >> because he passed over people to get to people, it is an assumption that he was
9:42 am
targeting specific people. >> any idea why. >> no, that's what makes it more frustrating. he last speak with jimmy the night before the shooting. they joked and laughed no indication of what was to come: he didn't know of any dis.22 between jimmy and did victim. >> why these guys? these are great guy, the smiling guy, the laughing guy. >> mike was a friend to everyone. and vincent and wayne were mentors to younger driver. >> confusion, frustration, sadness, anger, and everything, you know, you wanted to know why. >> coach has been off since the shooting. he wants to go back monday, but he's not sure. they're grateful for support they received from family, friends and the public n. san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2
9:43 am
news. >> . the most decorated olympic swimmer. how michael phelps is planning to race a great white. >> and taking graffiti toe in a new direction. >>
9:44 am
9:45 am
millions of dollars are spent, how one city is showing taggers a better way to use their skills. >> for those who tag it is something else. >> i was very inspired when my friends were doing something like hawaii it was amaizing to see what they were doing. >> everybody is telling them what they are, your a
9:46 am
delinquent. you can't do this. you are doing this. that means you are going to do here the rest of the life is going to be like that. two 17-year-olds taking their graffiti talents in a new direction. >> these kids are growing waive and give up self identity, rebel whereon and if you don't give it, a second -- and that unfortunately seems to be expressist as graffiti. >> both are working in an oakland warehouse on a project that's going be stamped legitment and shown off to residents and visitor 50s like in downtown soon leandreo. >> it is just a welcome of color and so we want today add some interest. >> this giant wall art will with be the focal point of a new exhibit on west anna avenue under the -- andrew. >> we literal lit revolvely industry to paint over a problem and not deal with the problem. >> he was teaching children fine art skills and that
9:47 am
instead of defacing property, they would be learning real skills and making it beautiful. >> i did not know how to pay somebody and i come here last week. there's a person on this thing now. there's a person and i am so happy. it is just beautiful. honestly. it is beautiful. >> stroke by stroke, these young extaggers find a way to release their passion in a way that has unlimited potential. >> it is a way for me to learn that okay that's fun but now you can a structured man tore where you can even build a career off of it. >> ktvu fox 2 new. >> the art work will be unvalued thursday night during the truth thursday event, in front of the truth is beauty statues, near the bart station. >> all right. jet blue is testing new facial recognition technology in boston at logan international. this aplus passengers to be photographerred at the gate instead of checking in with a boarding pass the image will be
9:48 am
compared to the customs. the system is voluntary and under airport's may not technology late they are year. you don't have to pull out the passport. you just go through the line and they take your picture. that's it. >> logan airport tried similar technology to verify airport employees but they stopped using it after the system fair failed to properly identify 40% of people who used it. the technology has changed since then and is much manufacture sophisticate. >> happening today, president trump is holding the first meeting of the american technology council, and several silicon valley ceos will be there. some of the business leaders who will be there include apple's tim cook, oracle, ere pick amazon's jeff. the group is expected to discuss thousand federal government can better use information technology as well as cyber security in the h 1b visa. the exec industry have denounceed it policies on
9:49 am
immigration and climate change in the past few months. >> all right coming up on mornings on 2, a special birthday celebration for a boy with autism. up next, the call from his mom who all pug owns and how far people travel to show their support :
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. >> to enter go no our facebook page and click on the cob test link to fill out the entry form. entries are accepted from now until 1:00 this afternoon. do not misout on your chance to win the mugs we talking about it right here. one side, ktvu, and on the other side, ktvu fox. >> that's my mug you are touching. >> i will you know, that dave i think stole my mug. he says he has more than one. >> last weeks winner. congratulates to ruby by. >> nice. >> thank you for sending us that picture. >> a boy with autism celebrating his 12th birthday. more on why this party was so
9:53 am
special. >> hung of men are here for a birthday party with hayden. >> that's what we have done. president of peg russ key says volunteers sprung into action after his mom reached out to them, and posted about her son's wish on social media. to come out is see how could you not within to come around with all of these pug. >> had is the moment he sees all the pugs a heart worming moment for his mom. >> well i didn't know that it was going to be this big.
9:54 am
>> we are so exciteed and so happy and so greatful. >> he also got a new pug which was donated by a stranger. he named him pumpkin, a cherry on top of already sweet day. >> melted my heart, made me happy. >> a former marine has come up with a match made in heaven. he's helping train train service dogs the dogs are rescued from shelters and the train horse have posttraumatic stress disorder feel like they're again part of an honorable mission. >> in times when we leave there's a loneliness there because we're used to working with a team and being part of
9:55 am
the mission. >> when they sit in aiken fell their soul is gone sometime. >> he says the service animal i gnat not be right for everyone put they should be available to every verse man or woman who needs the help. >> the a's beat the rank yankees 4-3 they swept the yang keys. we talked about this earlier the team that has been the first place in the al east was a hot father's day weather at the coliseum. they took a lead but the a's come back in the third and scored all of their runs, scored four times including the 18th home run. that made them nail down a win and complete a four-game sweep of the yankees. this is the third time she swept in a series since moving to oakland in 1968. the giants are also in last place and now at the have lost six games in a row.
9:56 am
the rockies rally and they came become on a 100 pinch hit home run in top of the ninth. they could not hold it. they scored one more run for insurance he put sha into the breech percent he hit to the cycle the rockies finished a four-game sweep of the giants with awin. >> time versus been better. >> he have been. >> i guess they had it out a little bit. >> they had a discussion. >> we're learning more about how michael phelps will race a
9:57 am
great white shark. he posted in photo on instragram as filming for a key race wrapped up for discovery channel. there's no word on how he did bit he captioned it picture by saying he was able to do something we had always want today do, be in a great cage and dive with great white sharks. it will be shown as part of shark week on discovery channel. >> i am. >> i national fear. >> you get in cage though. >> no, no. >> i would not. >> may be interested in doing that. >> that's our show for this morning. >> thank you for staying with us. >> have a great day. . >> no, no.
9:58 am
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live from the wendy williams show. >> wendy: how you doing? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy! >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: thank you for watching our show. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. how you doin? [ applause ] have a seat. let's get started with "hot top eubgs."


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