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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  June 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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hanging nearby in a bedroom. the two children, a six-year- old girl and 18-month-old infant, both children of the man who later killed suicide. we do not know the causes of the children's death but preliminarily, police say the suspect is the father who took his own life. i did speak to assist her but we want to hear from a police lieutenant. >> it's an absolute tragedy to see two young children lose their lives in a child custody dispute. the santa rosa police department is putting all resources that we have to find out what occurred here. >> it was my brother, my niece and my nephew. i'm not sure what was going through his mind. unfortunately he took his life and the life of his kids. it caught all of us by surprise. it's tragic, obviously.
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were not sure why he would do such a thing. >> the sister tells me the couple have been together for eight years in santa rosa police say the two did have disagreements that were heated. he never made any threats to hurt the children and police will be here for much of the day and into the evening as a diagram the scene and try to find a motive. reporting live in santa rosa, the 4 on 2 . do we know anything about where the mother is right now? >> no. we do not know where she is. she will be part of the investigation as police talk to her and perhaps any court paperwork to unravel what happened that led up to this terrible discovery here today. >> the sister of the father had absolutely no idea what the father was going through and that he was this angry and upset. >> that's right. she told me nothing could have prepared her for the family.
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they are in deep loss for not only their brother but the two young children as well. >> the mother lived at the home with them? >> we believe that this apartment complex is where the man lived. he's described as a 40-year-old man from santa rosa. >> thank you very much. the other big story we're following is the heat and fire danger. were monitoring of four alarm wildfire in moraga. a broke out on a hillside behind the high school and burned about eight acres before crews knocked it down . >> take a look at this car fire in sacramento that forced the closure of i-80. these pictures were taken a few moments ago. this is a mile east of exposition boulevard. a car being towed by an rv caught fire and the flames spread to dry grass just off the freeway. we have coverage of the heat.
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we're looking at the troll is taking to the power grid. paul chambers is monitoring the fire situation in moraga . we begin with bill martin for a look at the conditions outside at this hour. it is hot as all get out. temperatures are cooler today by 10 or 15 degrees than it was yesterday. i will show you the heat advisory in effect all the way until thursday. were trying to figure out, i can't remember before the summer solstice which is coming up here on wednesday. i can't remember this many days of successive heat advisories. it's a hot one and it stays it. it did cool off today. temperatures came down, san francisco and oakland as much as 15 degrees today. inland as hot. 97 in livermore.
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we have had a brief cooldown. we're still above the average and we still have a heat advisory. temperatures as we move forward are going to stay on the hot site. we will see fluctuations that were looking for temperatures in the in the bay valley to be as hot or slightly cooler than today. temperatures will start to go back up again. fire danger off the charts. air-quality is not so great. the most deaths and dangerous whether there is, hurricanes tornadoes, heat causes more deaths and problems in -- with homeowners than any other weather element. as we move forward, that element will stick around. we will track a brief cooldown this heating up again. we will see you back here. >> now for the latest on that wildfire in moraga. it started at 3:00 this afternoon and burned a field
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behind the high school. were on the scene and we are joined with more. >> reporter: julie, we are the command center and we've learned that it was a 10 acre fire they were battling. crews have been able to get the upper hand. what is the latest? >> we are up to 50% contained. we stop the forward progress of the fire towards the homes. >> there were homes in jeopardy? >> correct.>> we have crews working over there. you can see water being sprayed.>> the hand crews from cal fire are going to be taken down heavy brush and small trees and scratching line around the perimeter of the fire. and then the rest of the firefighters up there are putting water on hotspots and extinguishing any small fires.
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>> there were a lot of torches and flames but thankfully the helicopter played a role. >> the cal fire helicopter was a huge part of our success here today as well as a lot of help from contra costa the does contra costa fire. >> what do people be doing to make sure this doesn't happen to them quick >> we are lucky here because our community is vigilant and cooperative. sure you have defensible space around your home and remove any dead vegetation. the trees in particular you've got to watch out for. pine trees and eucalyptus trees. >> how long do you plan to be out here? >> we will be out here much of the night, i'm sure. >> as we said, 10 acres. 50% contained in their thankful the helicopter played a major role. there will be out here throughout the night to monitor hotspots. >> we been reporting this happen on a hillside behind the high school. how close did you get to the
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campus? >> not very close. you can see the hillside right there. the area where we are standing is where the school is. how far would you say? >> maybe four or 500 feet. the campus was never in jeopardy. >> no. >> the campus was ever in jeopardy. i believe it started at 2:10. 210 is when it originally started. >> thank you. firefighters in the northbay said it appears spontaneous combustion is what started the fire at a compost facility. it happened at the ccl organics business in goodyear road. the fire started at 4:00 this morning in a pile of stumps and malts. more than 40 fire -- 40 firefighters were called in. >> that's why we have one of the
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brush units here, to keep any embers ago across. we don't want to catch the marks on fire -- marsh on fire. >> firefighters will stay on scene to make sure that embers don't restart the flames. another pile of debris caught fire. shock the heat wave has prompted more people to run fans in their air-conditioners which means a huge spike in electricity and energy use. >> we have more on the strain this but some pg&e and how pg&e is dealing with it. >> all infrastructures involved but know this, when it comes to heat waves, electric utilities take the heaviest blows. >> this afternoon and concorde, pg&e replace the damaged transformer that couldn't take yesterday's heat. the meteorologist expects more failures as the week gets hotter.
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>> for the bay area it's been since 2006 during the mega heat wave. we have an experience temperatures like that in quite some time. >> for san rafael and concorde is been 12 years and for san jose, 16 years. stress on the electric system comes from high temperatures and solar radiation which overheats the system and makes it less sufficient. is further stressed by high demand for electricity mostly to run air conditioning. transformers and fuses are the most likely electricity components to fail>> anything red, orange, lavender or purple means it's going to be hot. it will be scorching hot all over central california. >> most widespread he spells can calm winds down resulting in loss of much of wind energy. clear skies are ideal for solar power which generates most of its energy right when it's needed the most during peak demand periods from two from 2
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to 7 pm. us dry ends the sense over the state, the fire danger for spike. thick clouds of smoke and short out major power lines presenting a double whammy. >> the smoke and turn into a conduit basically and ground the power line. it's a shock risk for all personnel. if it does threaten power lines, it puts us the -- threat to the states power grid. >> buckling as a serious threat. it's also possible but far less likely for airport runways. the biggest threat to rail systems is the potential buckling of tracks which can hope traffic until the tracks are replaced or reshaped to normal configuration. >> the longer a heat event, the more problematic it can be from a number of perspectives. >> with the exception of loss of water due to reservoir evaporation, water utilities fair well during heat waves. reporting live, ktvu fox two
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news. you can download our free -- free weather app for the latest on the conditions pleasure up-to-the-minute forecast. follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram. police say there investigated the death of a man found on the city street as a homicide. officers found the victim this morning on the near avenue near meadows elementary school. no word on the victims name or how he died but anyone with information is asked to contact the police department. the coroner's office has released the name of a man shot by a police officer in antioch. nathan banks died after being shot on manzanita way near the contra costa county fairgrounds. police have not released the information about what led up to the shooting. police say the officer who shot banks was not hurt. police and the contra costa das office will investigate the shooting. struck a prayer service was
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held for people affected by last week's deadly shooting at san francisco's ups facility. it was held outside the distribution warehouse. clergy from various phase are remembering and offering prayers for the victims, their families and the workers at that facility. >> today we remember wayne, mike, benson, and jimmy. each of their stories fully known only to you. but this much we do know, that they are loved. they will be missed. none of us will ever be quite the same. >> four men were shot and killed during the attack last wednesday by a coworker who police say into the rampage by killing himself. still ahead, a shakeup at the white house. we will tell you about a new role for sean spicer. were
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sean spicer is reportedly taking on a new role in stepping back from his duties at the podium. a number of media outlets are reporting that spicer is leading the search for his own replacement and will continue to feel the duties of the communications director. the post has been empty since may. as for who will replace spicer, as reported that sarah huckabee sanders does not want the job. resident trump welcomed another head of state to the white house after a series of tweets over the weekend claiming he is the target of a
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which on.>> those tweets forces legal team to jump in and try to clarify the situation. >> the panama canal is doing quite well. >> reporter: president trump praising panama's president for the long-standing friendship shared between both countries. the chief executive all smiles after returning from camp david despite making headlines with a fresh round of twitter posts. >> this defensive posture coming after the president tweeted he's a target of a which up. his legal team advisors quickly clarifying president trump is not part of an investigation into obstruction of justice no matter what is flurry of weekend tweets may have suggested. >> were starting to waste tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money on this endeavor. if there is something there, let's hear about it. let the investigation go forward>> the president beefing up his legal team.
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even adding veteran lawyer john dowd who represented republican senator john mccain of arizona during the ethics investigation back in 1990. >> legally if i were advising the president, i would tell the president to keep his powder dry and let the investigation go forward and let his allies do whatever criticism they want to do. >> the president's son-in-law is also reportedly boozing up his own legal team because of the ongoing russia investigation. in washington, fox news. we have new details of what may have contributed to the death of actress carrie fisher. an autopsy report shows fisher had cocaine in her system as well as traces of heroin and ecstasy. the coroner was unable to tell what if any effect it had on her death. she died of sleep apnea she
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suffered a medical emergency on a flight bound for london to los angeles last december. she died five days later at the hospital. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. it's going to be a hot week especially later on this week. we saw the heat coming. usually they come in three days but this is five or six days. is before the summer solstice. i think it's unusual. fire danger, everything is on edge. temperatures inland are going to stay in the triple digit. a cool.big-time around the bay and at the coast today. it's going to be hot inland and continue to stake hot into thursday which will be the warmest day of the week. temperatures on thursday rivaling what we had on sunday. we talked about the western power grid. look at where all the heat is. these are triple digit heat and big cities.
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phoenix, vegas, parts of the bay area, parts of los angeles and the county. a big strain on the power supply and that something we want to keep an eye on. you remember back in the 90s and we have those rolling brownouts. fog at the coast. it will allow things to stay hot. if you thundershowers went right over your house last night. right, frank quick >> i was so surprised when i heard that. a lightning -- strike and then over oakland and it moves through. a weird thing. it was mostly just and that isolated area. there were showers and a few lightning strikes. temperatures right now, i wanted to show you the departure from yesterday. yesterday was very hot. temperatures are solid even though it still hot in santa rosa at 87 degrees.
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it is 14 degrees cooler than where it was last night at this time. 10 degrees cooler in san jose. overnight lows are going to stay in the mid-60s and low 70s in the in the bay valleys. we talked about this last week. when you get these warm overnight lows and we had some record low highs, when you get them this warm, the fire danger the next day is very much higher. there's a direct correlation between how warm and the temperatures are in the early morning hours. also you don't allow for moisture to be reintroduced into the system. it x potentially increases fire danger. we don't have a red flag warning. very warm like 70 your fire potential is huge. we will be watching all that
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until thursday. when i come back i will give you specific numbers for your neighborhood. will see you back here. struck making news we're following from milpitas for police activity has shut down the northbound lanes of interstate 680. this is near highway 237 and west calaveras boulevard. you can see the backup. as we can over, the backup goes on and on and on. the closure was first reported at 4:40 this afternoon. it is unclear when the lanes will reopen and we are working to get more information. again, a huge back up there on northbound 680 in milpitas near 237. one person was killed and at least 10 others injured when a man drove a van into a crowd of worshipers leaving a mosque in london. after the break, what we are learning about the driver now in police custody. struck a
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tragedy in the east bay. a woman found dead pin between two vehicles. the latest on how it happened. who are these people?
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the young man released by north korea last week after being detained there for more than 17 months has died at a hospital in ohio. his parents released a statement today saying their son passed away this morning surrounded by family. the 22-year-old was arrested while visiting north korea. officials said he tried to still a propaganda banner.
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while in prison he slipped into a coma and never regain consciousness. his family blamed his condition on torture and mistreatment. security forces are on high alert and paris after a man driving a car filled with explosives rammed a police van. the man driving the car was killed in the incident. no one else was hurt. the suspect was reportedly a 31- year-old man from a paris suburb who had been flagged for extremism. rats has been under a state of emergency since islamic extremist attacked paris in 2015. police have a 47-year-old man following an attack nero mosque in london. is expected -- he suspected of driving a car into a crowd of people. investigators say the suspect uses van to try to mow down people in his path. one man died and 10 others were injured. the driver is a 47-year-old man from wales and he was pummeled
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by those in the crowd until the leader of the mosque ordered him to stop. the man reportedly said he wanted to kill muslims. london's mayor reacted to this latest attack. >> terrorism is terrorism whether someone is inspired by islamic narrative or other inspiration. the u.s. says it strongly condemned the attack and is ready to provide any help the british officials will find help full. the suspect's name is baron osborne and he is charged with murder, attempted murder, and terrorism extract that attack in london is sparking concerns of islam before be a here in the bay area. many mosques have upgraded their security. we spoke with muslim americans today about their fears. >> reporter: during this holy month of ramadan many bay area muslims feel the anti-islamic violence which apparently struck london could happen in the bay area. >> those fears are genuine. it's my genuine belief we can
5:27 pm
allow fear to control our lives. >> she's a member of care the council on american islamic relations which is calling for increased security and muslims looking -- muslim community statewide. >> we want police to patrol more often and more throughout the night because a lot of people are attending mosques. some of the local mosques have hired private security. >> london police are treating it as a terrorist attack. one person was killed and 11 people injured.>> i do worry about individuals who may be ill informed and possibly take action that may harm me or my
5:28 pm
children or the community. >> some worried this latest attack in london may be at the hands of islamic terrorists who may want to seek revenge. >> crazy people exist everywhere. they could show up at anywhere and anytime>> reporter: it is troubling that extremism by a few is often mistaken as a mindset of the many terrorist attacks by isis are condemned by most muslims. >> how can i be held accountable for the acts of someone else who claims to murder in the name of my religion? >> the leaders all over the world have to stop it somehow. they have to put an end to this.>> the prayers of many and pleasanton, ktvu fox two news. a shakeup in the palo alto school district after a campus sex assault. the new man in charge of oversight system with two investigators for an exclusive interview. a controversial created a
5:29 pm
wall between residents and the homeless.
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new at 5:30. an exclusive interview with the new title ix coordinator at the palo alto schools. joined apollo was brought in after parents had not been
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informed about a sexual assault case of palo alto high. for the first time since taking the job we are hearing from him about the challenges ahead. we sat down with him for this exclusive interview.>> reporter: fresh from a red eye flight he's walking into a district ripe for reform. of washington dc-based attorney he is the new interim title ix coordinator for the palo alto unified school district. >> everyone i have worked with has been fully cooperative. everyone is completely committed to doing this right and meeting the higher standards that are donated -- demanded. >> a community outcry for change comes after a series of two reports starting in may. we detailed how a high school student athlete was convicted in juvenile court of having oral sex with a minor in the school bathroom last october. since our initial report, more than a dozen allegations have
5:33 pm
been brought to light. another incident where a female junior student says she was sexually assaulted on the campus quad by a senior. >> i have received verbal confirmation from the school. >> were concealing the identity of the father of the victim. he says the accused student was allowed to continue on campus until he graduated in 2016. this despite the village being under scrutiny by the federal office of that -- civil rights. >> they know what should and should not be recorded. >> is there a culture they don't know or a culture of cover-up don't tell? >> it's a culture of let's see if we can keep it within the school.>> and not reported as title ix>> correct. maybe not even report to the board>> dr. holly wait did not want title ix investigations into the campus of taxes wired by federal law. the apollo will not discuss
5:34 pm
specifics about this, but says he's focusing on current cases and changing the reporting culture within the district. >> the degree of understanding and responses on title ix issues is not where it needs to be. sometimes there is a problem and we can generally, an issue coming in and school staff not recognizing that this is where there needs to be an intensive investigation. >> he's waiting until an internal investigation is complete before commenting. in addition to transforming the culture, he is laying the groundwork for hiring a permanent title ix coordinator. the plan is to have that person in place before the start of the next school year. on assignment here in san jose, ktvu fox2 news . the chp says is continuing
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to investigate an officer involved shooting on the bay bridge that shut down all eastbound lanes for about five hours early yesterday morning. chp officers responded to a crash involving several vehicles . officers were on the scene for 20 minutes when a driver in a red cadillac went right through a police blockade and ignored several demands to stop. a witness described to us what another witness saw. >> the driver rolled the window down a few inches and an officer shine the light on them and he will do with the backup and tapped on the glass with a flashlight to continue talking and drove away >> the chp says the driver of the cadillac drove away on the soldier and shots were fired when the car drove toward an officer. the witness we spoke to did not think the officer was in danger.>> he was more or less shielded by the car that was in front of him. i did not see the driver of the cadillac mckinney motions as if
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he was going to hit the officer. >> the cadillac finally stopped in the driver was wounded and is in stable condition. his name has not been released but he will likely face charges including assault with a deadly weapon. a man who was shot and killed in concorde over the weekend has been identified as robert frasier. it happened saturday morning near nika lounge. police raided a home in oakley searching for a suspect. the parents of the suspect say officers broke windows, mirrors, and shot and killed the family dog after a fought with the police dog. investigators said they learned the suspect was not in the house and had been involved in a car crash and was taken to a hospital. he was arrested and he's in custody. a preliminary hearing for an oklahoma police officer has been continued. it was scheduled to resume in hayward today. he's accused of tipping off a prostitute to police stings in
5:37 pm
exchange for sexual favors. he supposedly paid a sexual worker and warned her twice about undercover prostitution stings. a judge will determine whether there was enough evidence in the case against him to go to trial. it's to back in court on july 10 fire crews acted quickly to put out a grass fire in martinez. the fire department responded to an area not too far from a humble high school at 11:20 this morning. crews were able to keep the fire from spreading to nearby homes. no one was hurt and there's no word on what caused the fire. caltrans crews began installing a new fence near mclaughlin and interstate 280. it supposed to be difficult to climb and impossible to cut>> the hope is that it will keep homeless from camping out on state owned land that sits feet from a residential neighborhood. and ruben tells us the homeless say this doesn't solve the problem but moves it.
5:38 pm
>> reporter: near mclaughlin into waiting caltrans is erecting an eight foot tall reinforced steel fence because it's meant to keep the homeless out, advocates are calling it the wall. neighbors call it necessary. >> we sympathize and feel sorry for them but this is our neighborhood. basically we want to take a back from them because they were making a mess. >> reporter: the homeless encampment was getting dangerous. drug use, violence in homicides over the last year>> we have to make a stand here. if we didn't do anything it will become rampant. >> every time authorities would move the homeless out they were cut a hole in the fence and move back in. caltrans took action. appropriating $291,000 to build a new stronger, taller fence on the state land >> this will be a wall that they say is impenetrable. i think that sends the wrong message. it tells the people you're not
5:39 pm
wanted here. symbolically in our country a wall these days means exclusion.>> reporter: the plan is shortsighted according to advocates>> the homeless who live in the encampment say they would rather see the money spent on the real solution instead of wasting money on that. >> how about giving people new streets and a piece of land in a place to live in sister kicking everybody out. >> neighbor safer then this fence is about security and peace of mind. they are grateful is finally going up. >> we are hopeful that the fence is going to do what they claim is going to do. if it doesn't, we will keep fighting.>> reporter: authorities expect offensive be completed over the next few weeks. the homeless we spoke to cesar not sure where they will go next. in san jose, and ruben, ktvu
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fox2 news. a group of community advocates is demanding a seat at the table as san jose negotiates with google over a mecca campus downtown . the tech giant wants to build a campus near the sap center in downtown san jose where it would employ 20,000 workers. advocates for affordable housing and unions that represent service workers like cafeteria servers and janitors called on the city council to keep their interest in mind. >> we hear how they sleep in cars and crammed together in small places and in the war in our commit -- commute from the central valley. we have a vision for development in the tech economy that truly works for all of us. >> the san jose city council is expected to vote tomorrow on entering into negotiations with google and its developer on the mecca campus. the community groups wants google to offer higher paying jobs in invest in housing a u.s. coast guard crew was at home. the happy reunion today in alameda and the huge call of --
5:41 pm
hall of illegal drugs they found worth millions of dollars. temperatures in the triple digits.
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temperatures of 100 degrees contributed to hundreds of medical calls outside of las vegas this weekend. over the three day electric daisy carnival, 135,000 fans danced and partied at the las vegas motor speedway. of man died when -- but the cause of his death has not been disclose. there were more than 1000 medical calls for a range of calls from overheating to drug overdoses. temperatures reached 100 degrees on the final day of the festival. sheriff's deputies and sonoma county arrested a man for boating under the influence. it happened saturday night. deputies were called to investigate after a powerboat ran into the shoreline. deputies took a passenger to the hospital and they arrested a 52-year-old man on charges of boating under the influence. mask has told them a mechanical problem caused them to run into the shore. after two months at sea the crew of the u.s. coast guard cutter lacey returned to
5:45 pm
alameda. family members were on hand. the captain said his crew stopped eight vessels while at sea and arrested 20 suspected narcotic traffickers. they and other coast guard crews came away with a massive haul of illegal drugs. >> that's a huge amount. half $1 billion of cocaine and you need forklifts and cranes to get that off is a good day>> the coast guard reported seizing more than 220 tons of cocaine in the eastern pacific. plans call for the cutter to return to the call after maintenance. attacked by rocks while biking and hiking to the american river. the investigation into a series of rock throwing incidents. we are tracking fires in the area. we will also talk about this heat advisory staying in effect for another four or five days
5:46 pm
and we have triple digit heat back in the forecast.
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5:48 pm
a warning tonight from officials in sacramento county after three people were attacked by someone throwing rocks on a heavily used hiking a biking trail. here is the latest on the dangerous encounters along the american river parkway. >> reporter: it's the peaceful escape from the noise of the city that draws bikers to this trail. last week that piece was
5:49 pm
rocked. for kevin mark, quite literally. >> there was a guy coming the opposite direction as well. i saw he was holding something and he threw a rock at me at the last second. >> and landed him in the hospital. >> my lung collapsed after 10 or 15 minutes. >> the attack was one of three instances where victims were hit with rocks and a two-week span. he believes his attacker was homeless and according to sack pd, so did the other victims. >> as other bikers will tell you, there are quite a few homeless camps along this trail. >> every dirt trail you see headed that direction, if you walk down that you will see one. >> i think the homeless situation is out of control. >> he has been pushing for funding for more park rangers to get rid of the homeless camps. >> only 25 rangers patrol 45,000 acres. >> i have heard people
5:50 pm
characterize it as criminalizing the homeless. i just don't buy that. >> here is one of the first -- >> he says he's looking into more housing options for homeless campers as well hoping that leads to a safer parkway. >> i really don't know what needs to be done, if anything. i just know i would like to be safe when i'm riding my bike. we're following breaking news out of southern california a big bear were fire crews are battling a 200 acre wildfire. this is in the san bernardino national forests north of big bear lake. it is being called the holcomb fire. it was first reported at 3:00 this afternoon. luckily is not threatening any homes and no roads have been closed. several campgrounds in the area are being evacuated. authorities say the temperature is 85 degrees there where the fire is burning.
5:51 pm
>> you can see the smoke and there are a lot of flames down there. we're going to go over to bill martin on the weather center. bill, we don't know how close this is to the resort there. there is a resort and cabins and summer homes. julie and i were talking about this on the break. it is obviously whether driven. these canyons are vertical. i guess it's not in our area, but we did have that fire at moraga today. as we move forward this week, we will see more fires. there is no way around it. we have very high temperatures, not just in northern california but southern california as well. all the way through southern california. back inland. bakersfield, fresno, reading and red bluff. the whole state. the heat advisory stays in
5:52 pm
effect until thursday. these are the highs from today. we talk a little bit about those slow recovery temperatures and how important those are and the concerns for fire. this is typically in the bay area of three and out. three days of red flag warnings or offshore winds or whatever and then the fog comes back and it breaks. that is not the case now. this will be five days, maybe six days of above-average heat. triple digit heat and were not even to the solstice to -- yet. as you look out there you see a little fog at the coast. you see some fog burned back. you can see the cool bite of fog or moist marine air in the greens. 50 degrees cooler around the bay. inland, cooler but still very warm. that is the trend today. tomorrow is going to be the
5:53 pm
same. not as sweltering as thursday. overnight lows, pretty warm. 70, antioch. you wake up in antioch and is 70 degrees and by lunchtime you were at 94 degrees. that is heck on fuel moisture and humidity recovery which comes in from the coast. it's a fire danger unfortunately. air-quality is starting to show up as well. we can easily get into a spare the air day. fog at the coast. tomorrow will be slightly cooler than today but there's still a heat advisory. your forecast high, purples are 100. on wednesday, thursday, and friday the heat start to come back. thursday will be the warmest day of the week. there is your five day forecast. it is very hot. it's interesting how we go from flooding and levies and dams
5:54 pm
and water and all of a sudden now it's two days before summer and it is fire danger and it is definitely on. >> thanks, bill. struck the fight against isis and syria continues to escalate. coming up the escalating tensions between the u.s., russia and iran and syrian warplane was taken down by fighter jets over the weekend. police in the east they are calling it a horrible accident. a woman killed after she was pinned between two cars. what we're learning about how it happened.
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there are threatening to shoot down any american planes flying west of the euphrates river. >> we call on everybody to avoid unilateral action and to respect serious sovereignty and join our work. >> over the weekend around launching missiles on isis targets in syria for the first time in response to a recent terror attack on tehran. if the militants attack again on one will retaliate with an even larger strike. >> to ron is not london or paris. this was a small action we carried out. if they make a mistake, deadlier strikes will happen to them.>> reporter: president trump says he wants to work with russia to in the isis threat in the administration is now saying it is time for moscow to step up and start cooperating. >> the russian federation has indicated their purpose in syria like ours is to defeat isis and we will see if that's true in the coming hours.>> the
5:59 pm
pentagon says they will reposition aircraft over syria in response to the new threat from russia and iran. ktvu fox2 news at 6:00 starts now. struck another day of extreme heat. sizzling temperatures are causing problems in the bay area including a wildfire and a warning from pg&e. good evening, we begin with a brush fire. the fire broke out at 2:10 near a high school and quickly went to four alarms as a burned on a hillside right behind the football field. >> fire officials have said they managed to keep the fire from advancing toward a number of homes and cancer court where voluntary evacuations were issued this afternoon. they say the fire is 50% contained and has burned about
6:00 pm
10 acres. >> there are no reports of any injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. in sacramento of fire is burning along a busy freeway and causing problems for the evening commute. an rv caught fire on westbound 80 about one mile east of exposition boulevard.>> the fire spread to nearby grass from vegetation and crews are working it -- working to keep from spreading. for more the heat wave we want to bring in bill martin tracking temperatures over 100 degrees this week. >> so often we talk about heat around here. we get into the three day heat and done but this thing is hanging on. it is unusual as far as i can go back. a heat advisory that is sunday through thursday, going into this thursday. is not the


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