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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  June 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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10 acres. >> there are no reports of any injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. in sacramento of fire is burning along a busy freeway and causing problems for the evening commute. an rv caught fire on westbound 80 about one mile east of exposition boulevard.>> the fire spread to nearby grass from vegetation and crews are working it -- working to keep from spreading. for more the heat wave we want to bring in bill martin tracking temperatures over 100 degrees this week. >> so often we talk about heat around here. we get into the three day heat and done but this thing is hanging on. it is unusual as far as i can go back. a heat advisory that is sunday through thursday, going into this thursday. is not the social shut.
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i don't remember when we had that many days in a row of heat advisory. it is definitely more than three. it is dangerous. the most dangerous whether there is. is not hurricanes and tornadoes or lightning or flooding. he does what takes most lives and causes the most problems. you heard him talking about the flex alert. that's pg&e saying the whole western united states is so hot we are concerned about giving you guys power from bakersfield to vegas to los angeles and phoenix. temperatures right now, it did cool off today. even though it cooled off, let's go back. 94, fairfield. it cooled off all right but it still hot. concorde even though it's 94 is down 7 degrees from where they were yesterday. the high pressure lid is on. the fog was at the coast this morning. it will be there tomorrow morning as well.
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temperatures will be in the 70s overnight. the cold spots will be in the 70s. fire danger is a real concern and air quality a real concern. when i come back, we will put all those pieces together. take a slow out there. this is the real deal. this is quite an event and is sticking around till thursday. i want to show you a live picture from a wildfire burning out of control in southern california. again, live pictures of all of that smoke coming out. is called the holcomb fire in a started at 3:00 this morning -- this afternoon and the san bernardino national forest. officials say it has burned about 200 acres. we've been watching it for half an hour. we have seen a lot of flames coming and there's lots of smoke. rugged and hilly terrain there in the forest. no homes are threatened.
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emergency workers say the flames are growing though and the fire at this hour is burning out of control. a big fight down there in southern california near big bear lake. the heat wave here has triggered spikes in demand for electricity. over the weekend, tens of thousands of pg&e customers lost their power. >> this afternoon and concorde, pg&e replace the damaged transformer that simply couldn't take the heat. more failures are expected as a week gets hotter. >> for the bay area is been since 2006 during the mega heat wave. we have an experience temperatures like that in quite some time. for san rafael is been 12 years for san jose, 16 years. the stress on the system comes from high temperatures in solar radiation which overheats the system it makes it less
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efficient. beyond that, the whole system is further stressed by high demand for electricity mostly to run air conditioning. transformers and fuses are the most likely components to fail. >> anything red, orange, lavender or purple means it's going to be hot. on thursday it will be scorching hot all over central california. the meteorologist says most widespread heat spells can calm down the clear skies are ideal for solar power which generates most of its energy right when it's needed the most during peak demand periods from 2 to 7 pm. as dry air does stands over the state wednesday and thursday, the fire danger will spike. the clouds of smoke and short out major power lines presenting a double whammy. >> the smoke and turn into a conduit and groundout a power line. if it does threaten power lines, it also puts a threat to the state power grid -- power
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grid. >> it's possible before less likely for airport runways. the biggest threat to rail systems is the potential buckling of tracks which can hot traffic until the tracks are either replaced or reshaped to normal configuration. >> the longer it is the more problematic it will be. with loss of water due to evaporation water utilities farewell and heat waves. ktvu fox2 news. you can download our free weather app for the latest on conditions plus up-to-the- minute forecast during this heat wave. we are posting updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram. firefighters in the northbay says it appears spontaneous combustion started a fire in a composting facility. flames lit up the morning sky on goodyear road of interstate
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680. this fire started at 4:00 this morning in a pile of stumps and molds. 40 firefighters were called in to keep this fire from spreading. >> that's why we have a brush unit here patrolling goodyear road to keep any embers that happened to go across. we don't want to catch the marsh on fire. firefighters say they plan to remain on the scene to make sure embers do not rekindle. there was a similar fire two years ago when another debris pile caught fire. now to santa rosa and a horrible story. a double homicide investigation is underway. the two victims are young children. police say it was her own father who killed them and then killed himself. henry, you say it appears all of this happened on father's day and is a product of a custody dispute. >> reporter: we are here on slater street in santa rosa. it's an active crime scene and people have been here all day.
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after the tragic discovery of what they are calling a double murder suicide. two children allegedly killed by their father. a 40-year-old man killed his two young children before hanging himself. a double murder suicide was a result of a child custody dispute. the victims were a six-year-old girl and her 18-month-old brother. the investigation began sunday night on father's day when the children's mother went to her estranged husband's apartment in santa rosa to pick up her kids. no one answered the door. the woman notified the sonoma county sheriff's office which has jurisdiction. we have confirmed it wasn't until 10 monday morning the sheriff's deputies went to the apartment. they found two kids dead and their father hanging nearby in a bedroom. deputies notified santa rosa police because the apartment is in city limits. we don't know how the children were killed but we have learned that their mother filed for divorce in february.
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we spoke to police and the sister of the suspect about what happened. >> the preliminary investigation shows that they did have a volatile arrangement following their separation. there has been certainly heated verbal exchanges that we are aware of. we do not know if any other incidents other than verbal exchanges back-and-forth. >> it was my brother, my niece and nephew. i'm not quite sure what was going through his mind. but unfortunately he took his life and the life of his kids. it just caught all of us by surprise. is very tragic obviously. we are unsure why he would do such a thing.>> the sister told me the couple have been together for eight years. while the relationship had been
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rocky there were no outward signs that the suspect would take violent action. as we come back out her life the crime scene has been here for many hours. we expect the police to be here for a little bit more into the evening. reporting live from santa rosa, ktvu fox2 news. >> you mentioned that the mother went to the house last night and no one answered. it wasn't until this morning just before 10:00 the police went to the home. is there a reason why it took so long for police to go to the house? >> we don't know. police are trying to reconstruct a timeline of when the surest were first notified if in fact they did not come to the apartment until today. this will be part of the investigation. if the police don't have an emergency situation to kick in the door, they will probably wait until they know more. we do not know what the sheriff's deputies new on
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father's day. suffice it to say, they did not go into the apartment until today. henry, thank you. a woman found dead in her garage in lafayette appears to have died as a result of a tragic accident. sky fox was overhead as police investigated the death at a home on glorietta boulevard. it appears the woman was parking her car in her garage sometime last night. she got out of her car while it was in drive and she ended up being pinned between her car and the second vehicle. her body was found this morning by her housekeeper. police in san francisco are searching for three young people suspected any armed robbery of a pizza delivery man. the 44-year-old victim was in a car after 1:00 this morning and golden gate avenue and pierce street. one of the suspects approached his vehicle and pointed a gun at the driver. two accomplices moved in and put the pieces, soft drinks and the driver cell phone.
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coming up, new details about the deadly ghost ship fire . the oakland fire department's report on the cause of that fire that killed 36 people. another shakeup at the white house. sean spicer reportedly on his way out as press secretary. the new role he will be taking within the trump administration.
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sean spicer is reportedly taking on a new role and
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stepping back from his duties at the podium. a number of media outlets are reporting he is leading the search for his own replacement and will continue to fill the duties of the communication director. that post has been empty since may. as for who will replace spicer at the podium, sarah huckabee sanders does not want the job. president trump is using twitter to send the deputy attorney general over the russia investigation. laura blanchard joins us live in washington dc with details. president trump meeting with the president of panama today attempting to turn the page after his team spent the weekend trying to clarify a series of his tweets. >> the tweet reading i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. witch hunt. the president's frustration was
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with rod rosenstein. the presidents legal team denies the tweets was confirmation. >> rosenstein is not the person who appointed special counsel robert mueller to head the probe. he wrote a scathing letter recommending the president fire former fbi director james comey. on tuesday rosenstein appeared before a congressional hearing and was asked if he could be fired by the president? >> would you be terminated without cause? >> yes. >> who would appoint your replacement as your put this -- her position now? >> the president. >> anything is possible. >> speculation began to swirl that rosenstein would recuse himself from the russia investigation something the department of justice is denying at this time saying quote as a deputy attorney general has said numerous times, if there comes a time he needs to recuse he will. nothing has changed.
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>> the president has been beefing up his own legal team as well as his san -- son-in- law jared kushner who was also reportedly adding to his personal team as the investigation into the russia collusion continues. >> there was praise today for the law enforcement officers who responded to last week shooting of congressman steve scalise. the lease and for others were wounded when a gunman opened fire on our practice for a charity baseball game. police said it took only minutes for officers to respond to the initial call and stop the shooting. jeff flake was on the field and was the first to reach congressman scalise. >> he was out there for 10 minutes alone. he managed to crawl off the infield. when i got out there, brad when
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strip through the doctor who is a member of congress got out there as well. >> a blood drive was held in honor of scalise in his home state of louisiana. the donations will go directly to the majority whip. the blood will be staying and used to help people in southern louisiana. struck an interface prayer service took place for those affected by the deadly shooting at the ups warehouse. it was outside the ups building. clergy from various states are remembering and offering prayers for the victims, their families and the workers at that facility. >> today we remember wayne, mike, benson, and jimmy. each of their stories fully known only to you. but this much we do know. they are loved. they will be missed. none of us will ever be quite the same.
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>> three men were shot and killed during an attack last wednesday morning by a coworker who police say ended the rampage when he killed himself. back now to developing news out of southern california where a wildfire is burning out of control. we have new numbers just in to us on how much the fire has grown. it was a 200 acres and now it's up to 850 acres. no word on containment. conditions are said to be hot and dry with wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour. these are live pictures of the holcomb fire this started at 3:00 this afternoon voluntary evacuation orders have been issued for the area. emergency workers say the flames are not threatening any homes. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. what does this tell you about when conditions in the heat? >> you had everything. very little wind.
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there is some wind but that's nothing for the hills. temperatures in the area, humidity 22%. with that said, the entire western united states is on fire in terms of heat and low humidity. it has been dry and hot all week. it will continue in that vein. this type of fire concern is going to be sticking around. look at the terrain. you're in the trees you've got sagebrush it's extremely dry and not a lot of access roads. that stuff burns fast and it's hard to get too. that's a steep canyon you can tell by the rivulets coming off of the side. firefighters may be letting this thing burn out if it's an unpopulated area. it's a big fire and it has grown quickly. we will be following that story tonight. the western united states, phoenix, 115.
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tomorrow we have a flex alert for the bay area. what they want you to do is do your laundry, your electrical things, after 9:00 at 10:00 at night. they don't want to drain our strain the system too much as we head into the next two hot days. that flex alert can stay in effect as we head into thursday and friday as well. sfo, 30 miles per hour. a good seabreeze and it's drop temperatures quite a bit. a nice day tomorrow in terms as not as hot as sunday. once you get over the hill into livermore valley down towards morgan hill and gilroy, you will be back in the 102 and 103 range. wednesday and thursday this high pressure intensifies and we get back into the 107's. the fog at the coast right now.
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fog forecast for tomorrow morning, there it is. temperatures setting up to be just like today with plenty of cool at the coast. forecast highschooler tomorrow. let me skip through to the five day. when is the last time you remember four or five days of the heat advisory. it's usually two or three days>> i can't remember one ever that lasted this long before the solstice. this is the real deal. it's dangerous. he does the most dangerous of all weather event. we will be watching a for you and keeping it on that fire in la too. a family and morning. an american student held in north korea for 17 months is not died. what we're learning from family about his passing. struck he left the warriors for the clippers. jerry was was introduced in los angeles. mark will -- mark will have
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more in sports. struck an attack on muslims in london being treated as an act of terror. on muslims and the bay area are reacting to this attack. who are these people?
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police have a 47-year-old man in custody following a terrorist attack in london. the man is suspected of driving a car into a crowd of people as worshipers left the mosque after night prayer. investigators say the suspect uses fan to mow down people in his path. one man died and 10 others were injured. the driver is a 47-year-old man from wales and he was pummeled by people in the crowd until imam ordered him to stop. the man said he wanted to kill muslims. london's mayor later reacted to what happened. >> terrorism is terrorism. whether it's by an islamist narrative are other forms of
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inspiration. >> the united states says it strongly condemns the attack and is ready to provide any assistance the british assist -- british would find helpful. darren osborne is being charged with murder, attempted murder and terrorism among other crimes. the attack in london -- >> certain mosques are working with law enforcement to have police patrol more often and more throughout the night. there are a lot of people attending mosques. some of the local mosques have hired private security. >> she's an attorney and pleasanton a member of care the council on american islamic relations. she says is troubling that extremism is mistaken as a mindset of many in the muslim community. she says that is not the case. ktvu fox2 news at 6:30
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fire crews have gained the upper hand on the brush fire in moraga. a broke out after 2:00 this afternoon near the high school and quickly went to four alarms is a brenda hillside behind the football field. some homes were threatened and a voluntary evacuation order was issued. crews were able to keep the fire from advancing. pg&e says the demand and high temperatures are stressing equipment making it less efficient. there have been scattered problems from the heat tens of thousands of customers around the bay area losing power over the weekend. police in santa rosa are investigating the killings of two young children. investigators say the father killed the children and then himself. he had custody of the kids on father's day and failed to return them to their mother. deputies went to the apartment and found the bodies of the


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