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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 21, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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. after the brutal attack on a lyft driver back in mash. march. fox two news starts now. >> this weather is still warm out there. that fog didn't stay around very long, steve >> it's cooler. >> felt great. >> and still running cool. claudine? >> yeah. i like it. >> used to it. running cooler. the fog is disappearing. a lot of it down the bank. cooler lows this morning.
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and that's tranlting into a cooler late morning temps. ding into a cooler late morning temps. tranlting into a cooler late morning temps. slating into a cooler late morning temps. the dog -- -- the fog is up to nap r napa. the temperature change is still holding city di. 66 degrees cooler than they were 24 hours ago. be glad you're not in phoenix. 109 already. blazing at las vegas. #108 and a little spin, hard to see and i think that increased the fog bank a little bit and the cool temps. will have more on that in 10-15 minutes. >> thanks, steve. the heat isn't just rough on us.
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check outs some bay area sidewalks that are feeling the heat. this is what happens when the concrete gets hot and it expands and has to go somewhere. up along the street, peaking up. and it gets worse. homeowners are responsible for the sidewalks along their property. >> taking the heat wave seriously, the horse races, postponed to friday. and the excessive heat and humidity can be dangerous for the animals. and you can track this weather as it intensifies there and here on the and social media pages. a controversial police training program. >> alex savage live in berkeley
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and election, i know -- and alex, i know there are some controversies. but will be doing the urban shield? >> that's right. at least one more year for the urban shield in the city council meeting and the decision was met with an ak ri response from pror -- angry response from protestors. . . . . . >> svrl hundred people overtook this skounl meeting, taking the stage as the city council was going to vote on the highly criticized urban shield police training program. arrested prors that refused to
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leave the auditorium where the meeting was held. police were said to have been heavy-handed as they cleared the crowd and no reports of anyone injured. >> we saw yesterday, in front of the city council members, the berkeley police department using excessive force against our community. >> unfurled the banners outside of city council haul, exprocess exprocessing outrage for the police to take part in the training program for at least one more year and police say urban shield lead to a militarized police force. >> the trauma that urban shield has been inflicting in our area and around the country. weshowed up in hundreds last night to make sure berkeley took the lead in the country and pulling out of the largest
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militarize ing training in the world. >> training to respond to mass shootings and terror attacks. police sergeant said critics may have misconceptions about the training. >> the level of training provided by urban shield is unmatched anywhere. i have been on scenes when a person in a mental health crisis stabbing himself, hicking the femoral artery and we applied a tourniquet and that man survived because of the care he received. >> the urban shield, this september, an agreement last night in the vote, the city leaders will be reevaluating if the department should continue participating in the program on a long-term basis.
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as for the accusations brought by prors this morning, some of the protestors were injured by police in some of the scuffles that broke outlet in the meeting, the police sergeant that i spoke with said that anyone with excessive force will be investigated by the department. back to you guys. >> a side note, alex, word of a small earthquake, 3.3 in the kensington area. did you feel anything snishgs?. >> i didn't. and with the case with earthquakes, think you're feeling things, felt a little jolt before we went on. had some delivery trucks going by. thought i was crazy. >> you're not. >> it's good to know i'm not. that's a relief. >> and no reports of damage, but enough to have people doing what you're doing. was that an earthquake?
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>> people looking around to see if anybody else felt that. >> alex, thank you. appreciate it. learning about a fourth arrest tied to an attack on a lyft driver. arrested a 25-year-old, three other men were arrested last week and pleaded not guilty to a number of felony charges, including assault and vandalism and the police say the attack happened when the men were taking part in a shied show and the driver was trying to pass him and the driver was seriously hurt. the shooting in a congressional baseball practice in alexandria, virginia. a, virginia. . >> the fbi now says the dead gunman had a list in his pocket with the names of six members of congress on him and a search of his home and home commuter xoourt and that included two
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members of kongs. no word on who -- member -- home commuter and that included two members of congress. didn't have any ties to terrorism and fired shots along the third baseline and don't know his target. steve scal iise was the target. the stabbing at the flint, michigan airport was a possibly incident of terrorism. reports of a police officer getting stabbed in the neck this morning. that officer is in stable condition and one man in custody. all safe according to a post on facebook from the airport and the fbi is leading the investigation. more on the child custody battle in santa rosa, led to a man killing the two children and hooims. >> at the rural home where the
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two children lived with their mother, the fence is adorned with flowers and line the road and fill mailboxes. in the statement to the community, the mom writing of the precious and innocent children, loved by friends and family and community. acknowledging her kids aren't the only onings killed by an estranged spouse. >> there was no indication whatsoever that he was a danger to himself or to the children. >> acknowledged that she called authorities five times in three days, worried about her kids as they worried about him. he was calling and texting her in anger, accusing her of aaffair and asked to stop harass harassing her ex. >> an an argument between the
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couple, the 6-year-old girl was contacted by the officers. >> at that point, she was fine. the next day, he spend father's day with both children. but when mom came to pick them up as scheduled, no one answered, instead, a phone conversation. >> last thing he said was he was out of town. >> out of town, but the car in his parking space and rarely drived since getting a dui and a trace of his phone showed it was inside his place. deputies knocked and didn't try to go in. >> not enough to go on at that point, can't just go into somebody's house without any further information. >> amrarmed, made three more calls throughout the night until her final call at t a.m. 9:00 a.m., in -- mom had clear
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misgivings about. sought help on numerous occasions and thought my which i shall were in danger in his car and didn't receive the help needed for them. . >> and relatives are currently raising money to pay for the funerals for the children. this is a look here right now at the you caring fund, which is now at more than $14,000. you can find a link to this site on our home page on happening today, the san francisco police commission will re-examine the issue of whether or not to arm officers with sun guns. the commission has in the past studied whether or not the stun guns were legal. right now, san francisco is one of the largest police departments in the country that do not allow officers to carry stun guns. this was after several public
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meegs. alameda is launching a new gun safety program, asking saveds kids, ask, if and ask if there was an unlocked gun where the kid plays. -- thousands are killed or injured as a result. 12:12. and tropical storm cindy coming through. >> in the bay area, temperatures are still high for many cities. steve paulson has more. >> in washington, i'm doug le less lezader, more on the
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bounty is more absorbent,mom" per roll so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper . senate republicans are ready to unveil a version of their bill to repeal and replace obamacare. but could be on shaky ground. >> the senate republicans are ready to move fast to try at least to push through they're version of the health care bill. draft in the works and a vote maybe next week. that might be too optimistic even for some in the republican party. >> my sense of it is there will still be some differences that
12:16 pm
need to be worked out. >> republicans and democrats with the decision to craft the bill behind closed doors. >> we have not had one hearing, not one open discussion. >> we need to fight this tooth and nail, if the republicans are proud of what they're doing, they would be pel telling the world. >> can only lose two republicans and prevail and that means mike pence casts a tie breaking vote. >> and president donald trump using big g.o.p. wins in south carolina and georgia house. and a tweet saying, the democrats would -- -- >> the tweets aside, how much is this going to cost? republicans are still waiting for a score from the
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congressional budget office and that number could help or hurt their cause. doug luzader, fox news. and jel johnson,h johnson -- to try to influence the election. testified that he did not see any ballots get altered. >> and to current homeland security officials accusing moscow of hacking systems in 21 states. none of the systems were involved in vote counting. holding on to a congressional seat in south carolina, by a comfortable five percentage poisons. been held by republicans since
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1979, considering it to be a reverend on president donald trump. it was the most expensive race in u.s. history. the g.o.p. has won all four special elections this spring. ng. . all right. it's not as hot right now. still going to be hot tomorrow? >> earthquake weather? >> there is no such thing. all sorts of weather. we had one little earthquake at noon right near kensington, 3.3, one kilometer west of kensington. that's it. and -- that's what i got. it is a little bit cooler today and i think we'll win out and say it was a victory. a cooler pattern this morning, everyone was in on that. clover dale and gilroy, folks saying it's feeling cooler.
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the spin in the atmosphere, enhancing the fog, moves south and behind that. still warm and anywhere from 59 at half-moon bay and brentwood. concord, 78. think that's probably off. santa rosa, 82 and the temperature spread shows about two to six degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. the little spin right there. fresno, coming in behind that northerly breeze and translate translating into cooler weather. hold ago little bit. vacville, -- still holding on to parts of the coast, down to the monterey peninsula. and a thunderstorm complex
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popping up over parts of lake o county and looks like things are quieter. kelsey 94 and feels cooler, but not to 106 to 107, other locations are cooler. mill valley, 72. tib ron, 76. cal stoeg, 90. 70s for some. morgan hill -- feels cooler this morning and translating into a cooler afternoon. the fog is holding on there, santa clara -- smoking hot down in las vegas and palm springs as you imagine. 84 iny truckee. -- in truckee. the coast and bay, no doubt about it, a cooler pattern. we will warm up tomorrow and
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warmer on friday inland. and cooler into the weekend and next week. >> and next week. thank you, steve. >> you added that in. the governor of louisiana is warning his citizens to take tropical storm cindy seriously. could dump a food from texas to florida. hundreds have lost power and the worst may be ahead. the national guard sent out rescue helicopters into the area. fema is already sending help to that state. how you can relive some of how you can relive some of your se gonna video games for d
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. taking a live look at the big board this morning, you can see the dow is down. caterpillar and nasdaq is doing well. 43 points up and you can thank the biotech industry for that. spiking higher. self-driving cars? and now self-driving airplanes. cruise and land, using
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computers. and boeing is going to test out autonomous flying technology in flight simulators. going to look at if the artificial intelligence can make the decisions in the air. this could be a solution for airlines that can't find enough pilots. increasing workers pay without forcing businesses to cut jobs. in to 14, approving the law that phased in pay hikes and the middle age there is set to reach $15 an hour. many fast food restaurants mean the jump in pay would mean they would have to cut the number of hours worked. the university will release the results of the study today. one of the world's richest
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couples is city to receive a total of $5 million for transferring a million gallons of water a day to east palo alto. projects that were on hold include a school and an affordable housing development. >> revolution nice the clothing industry, try before you buy. prime wardrobe. order and try them on at home. seven days to decide if you like them or not. if you like it, keep it and discount for doing so, up to 20%. if you send back what you don't like, you can do that for free. the launch date for prime wardrobe is not set, already a similar service in place. >> the first type of computer that apple ever made sold for
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$355,000. solid in new york, the owner of the classic apple one computer, which debuted in 1976. previous auction have seen the same model sell for a million dollars because there are on a hundred available. sega forever available for apple and android. clafk line-ups, sonic and altered beasts. free and modern features, cloud saves and bluetooth controller support and online leader boards. a historic week in weather. the alerts still in place and how to keep your family and pet safe as this heat wave continues. >> the uber ceo is out, and what this means for the future of this san francisco-based
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ride sharing company.
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. welcome back, everyone. if you missed us at the top of the newscast, a minor earthquake, in kensington, 3.3,
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on twitter, people tweeting about it and tracy said, felt like someone just slammed the world's biggest door. >> or a boom. >> and from the descriptions, jolt or two jolts. another saying like a truck. dog gave me an early warning. >> shallow on the kilometers. how it was felt so strongly. >> absolutely. kind of like what you described as you were sitting there, thought it might be an earthquake and you weren't sure? >> yeah. i'm sure you know that feeling, when you think you feel the ground shaking. not sure. the delivery truck driving by could have been it. but a pretty good jolt,
12:32 pm
downtown, everyone talking here, and as we do our sort of informal earthquake sur fai, we -- most everyone we talked to over the last half hour or so, folks felt it inside the civic center building and talking to them and described how it felt to them. >> nice little jolt and rolled for a few seconds and the guys in the park, making a little bit of a holler. >> save your documents. save your documents. um. save yourself? >> that 3.3 earthquake in the kensington area, north of
12:33 pm
berkeley and that is close by here and everyone we are running into felt that jolt and rumble and folks talking to you, talking about this is earthquake weather, and as that has been disproven by the scientists, hot and dry like we are seeing today, you are more likely to get those quakes. and that's sort of just the chatter that we're hearing on the street. >> that's just a few miles away. >> yeah. >> i don't mean to perpetuate that myth. but that's what a lot of people talk about. >> thankses, alex. this afternoon, another hot topic is the hot weather, folks looking for ways to cool off from this weather. air-conditioners are running full power around the clock. on the grid, a flex alert,
12:34 pm
asking people to cut back in the electricity use. but people will find ways to you are help. >> not using the dishwasher. >> a fan in one room. that was effective. >> and going to cooling centers that are set up by some cities. most community centers do not allow pets. in that case, head to the veterinary center, a pet- friendly cooling center. the company rewarding for 7 $7 million and in search for a new ceo. travg kalanick re-- travis kalanick resigning from uber, a company he helpeded create. >> why he was driven out of uber? >> a team pressured kalanick to
12:35 pm
step down, the former ceo did, handing in his resignation last gigantic. >> in a statement:. ent:. . >> must have been pressure from investors to have things change so quickly. >> the swarment and other issues have dogged the company in recent months. and eric holder released the report they were ordered to give on the work place culture at uber. one of the recommendation is to make changes to the senior leadership. and a search for financial stability may be ultimately what pushed the board to push kalanick out of the role. >> a big player here.
12:36 pm
but also see reports of uber losing market share to lyft and perhaps other services and you see the continue where you will al large losses. >> and travis putting uber first, a bold decision. . . . >> kalanick, who cofounded the ride sharing program in 2009 will still sit on the board of directors. a professor said kalanick will continue to play a prominent role at the complainant company, but how is not clear. >> the board may not have decided what do with travis yet and it becomes curious why the
12:37 pm
resignation was announced without saying what his role will be in the organization going forward. >> a leadership vacuum ands what it faces because it does not have a coo or ceo and now a team of 14 executives. no word on who may replace kalanick as ceo. uber is still rolling out changes even without a ceo. tip the driver if desired. not taking any of it by uber. the -- part of an effort to recast itself as a company with a conscience and heart and had come in question over the questionable business practices. news in the botched attack
12:38 pm
in the train station in brussels. families linked to the attacks. the 36-year-old man is identified as the suspect and the initials are o.z. . the suitcase failed to fully explode and you can see from the picture, it did create a fire ball. and shouting in arabic, god is great. soldiers shot and killed him, no one else one hurt. >> secured the perimeter and in the shop and asked to remain call. >> investigators say the attacker was not known to them for criminal activities. security has been increased throughout belgium. a long debated plan to expand a detention center in west richmond county, contra
12:39 pm
costa, the money will be used for a mental health treatment facility for inmates. there are critics in the community who oppose the project. contra costa supervisor said the money should be used for community services instead of expanding the jail. awe approved businesses from from. the legislation, in effect next april and only bans the flavored tobacco products in the city and the tobacco products can still be used in the city. open in oakland, called the lot. in the heart of historic downtown area, 12th and broadway that has been empty since 1989. the ribbon was cut just a couple of hours ago.
12:40 pm
this is the first time the area has been approved for it. live concerts, food trucks and vendors and special events. a partnership between the area and merchants, one of the few open spaces in oakland. >> i hope that this space will become our living room and we'll get neighbors to come together, have conversations, meet folks and be a gathering space to build community. >> the lot is temporary and will be open for six or seven months and a residential development is set to be built there at the site. a teacher shot and killed, how students are honoring him and how help is on the way. >> and a woman suffering third degree burns in death valley. >> a live look outside.
12:41 pm
steve paulson has more as this bay area heat wave continues.
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. students at oakland skyline high school gathered to mourn the loss of a popular pe teachers gunned down, gathered to remember karl. 32 and the father of a two-year- old daughter. with a group of people on sunday when he was killed. police are not saying much
12:44 pm
about what happened. witnesses say he was trying to act as a peacemaker during a confrontation when he was shot. skyline high school students say he had the rare ability to connect with them. >> always happy, always had a smile on his face. >> talked to teenagers like a teenage would talk to another one. he was the hype teacher. the cool teacher. >> a gofundme page is set up for his daughter. and skyline is dedicating the upcoming football season to him. low income renters in milpitas getting more time to stay there. harder to find areas that is accept section eight vouchers and nearly impossible in the time frame.
12:45 pm
some say it effects the entire area. >> waiting list of three years, five years, no availability. nothing. >> tenants have rights, but we need to have an ambulance with human rights and -- have a balance with human rights and come to a solution. >> the property owner wants to tear down the development and build condominium that is can be sold. may be extended to ten months. it was a little bit cooler this morning and cooler in the evening as well. changes out there, christina is out there at the alameda county fair. going to move to friday, the big slide that's closed down and people are coming at night, which is smart, right? >> i would think. tomorrow is probably a wise choice.
12:46 pm
don't let the horses run in hundred degree weather. >> yeah. and an earthquake at noon. high noon. 3.3. berkeley, new kensington, didn't feel a thing here. felt it before but not this time. concord and buchanan, stopped then -- didn't look right at noon. at least 81 out here at 12:00 12:0012:30 and that's different. santa rosa, 82, chose, 80. liver -- kez -- compared to yesterday at this time. temperature temperatures from the last 24 hours. good fog bank, slowly eroding. patchy now for some. little system, little spin in the fog increasing.
12:47 pm
and the spin in the atmosphere, it's hard to see, but a view on that, that enhanced the cooler temps. west at oakland, hayward and half-moon bay. and still an okay delta breeze. no collapsing calm or anything. running cooler. and the north wind starting to erode that fog. not that the thunderstorms are going to pop up. we looked north earlier, we look south and people say about east and on the peninsula? all right. we'll do it now. and 80s showing up, grain of you salt. 82 in truckee. 92 in sacramento. 108 in las vegas. and the heat is on big time as you might imagine in the desert southwest.
12:48 pm
temperatures at 110 down there. clouds, patchy tonight. tomorrow, more of a north wind. tomorrow, we'll get a little bit of a break. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90 and some getting 100s. tomorrow, hottest days. hope it's not sunday-hot. that was a tough one. looks like cooler weather is going to take us into next week. >> thanks, steve. >> any time. and if you think it's hot here, death valley is where a heetd warning is issued. >> 110 already and the first day of summer. so hot that a woman had to be treated for third degree burns on her feet. a heat warning through thursday night.
12:49 pm
i'm not a hero any more than anybody else. >> a good samaritan after seeing a clp chp officer being attacked.
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12:52 pm
a chp officer recovering after being attacked on her way into the canyon. >> could have been injured worse if not for a good samaritan. >> pufrjd her, hit her repeatedly and stomped on her. >> watched as a chp officer was beaten by a driver she pulled over. >> surreal. thought i was going to see a murder. for real. >> driving i-80 westbound. jones said he savagely attacked the officer. >> i thought he was going to take her gun. he was at her midsection and i told my wife, said stay here. lord, be with mim m.e. >> the pastor at a church and
12:53 pm
relying on the skills as a former linebacker and cop, knocked the suspect off his feet five feet away. jones said she was praying for the officer. >> saw her drying to get up. is this really happening? >> hard to see a woman getting hit by a man. >> and a mechanic driving by at the time to help. >> to see that was -- no words to describe. it was sick. >> held down until help arrived. >> in that place for a reason. >> as for being called a hero? >> not a hero. a servant. >> no superheroes. but when it comes down to it, let's do this. >> in contra costa, going to
12:54 pm
face charges. also accused of ramming his truck into a county building back in may. the officer meanwhile was treated at the hospital for mot mod rate injuries and released and not yet back to work. coming up today on the four, a scathing new report released on the investigator on on the city's response of sexual misconduct within the police department. >> this is the case involving jasmine abundland, and how the mayor plays a role. take a look at the market right now, u.s. stock index, mixed in afternoon trading and a dive for energy stock. dow is down and the nasdaq, in the green.
12:55 pm
a local beer, had the title title of the best. piny the elder, best in country eight years. now number two. founders breakfast stoud stout from grand rapids. another bell beer called hop slam. >> well. >> hmm. >> a couple of breweries in michigan. >> not bad. good beer. major announcement of the star wars spinoff leaving the han show sow low project with disagreements on the han solo lucas film. >> working on it since january and three works of filming
12:56 pm
left. previously directed the lego movie, 21 jump street franchise. the new director -- still slated today be in theaters by may of 2018. it's time to get stretching. the united nations declared the international yoga day. >> celebrated by doing yoga together despite the storm. and now, california is alts marking the event for the first time. from san jose, the benefits of yoga, the first indian american to serve in the state legislature. a meeting between the pope and the national football league this mourning. >> a group to the vatican, including 49er and raider great ronnie lott, and the idea of
12:57 pm
team work and fair play to encounter and joked, he is an avid football fan, but the argentinian kind. left with a signed helmet and see jersey before leaving. stick with the heat. stay hydrated. >> have a great day.
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