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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  June 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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department's initial investigation was quote seriously deficient. oakland leaders defended the department speaking a short time ago. paul chambers was there as the mayor and new police chief said they are committed to doing better. paul? >> reporter: it was a 33 page report issued by a court investigator. in the report it is found that the city of oakland did not know about this investigation in scandal from the oakland police department for six months. this all surrounded a case involving jasmine, who went by -- since the case began. numerous offices in oakland and other agencies have been implicated and no longer working for the respective department. >> some people will say this is a set back. i don't see it as a set back. i see reports like this as a mirror but as a launching pad for the
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future. >> reporter: report says the initial investigation was inadequate. it says we found opd assessed her as not credible and failed to pursue investigations of the allegations vigorously. >> 12 people wounded. 1,238 members of this department. we disciplined 12 officers seriously and quickly last year. four termination findings. four officers being held to criminal charges. >> reporter: the report talked about former chief of police did not report to the monitor that this investigation was underway. breaking with well established practice to inform him of significant investigations. >> we appreciate the report and the court and we are prepared to implement all of its recommendations. >> reporter: the report went off the city administrator and mayor saying they did not press
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the investigator to investigator to find out if it was stated properly. there were no checks in place. >> there have been many changes in this department since we were here with you a year-ago. there continue to be changes. >> reporter: the report issued nine recommendations that the city of oakland says they'll plan to implement. some of the recommendations were already implemented by the chief before the report came out. that included internal affairs division directly reporting to the chief. paul chambers ktvu fox 2 news. >> we reached out to michael for his opinion on the report. he is interviewing several officers involved in the scandal. >> it certainly points to the fact that this committee doesn't think opd did a good job initially investigating the case.
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it wasn't until they were prodded that they got more into the case and started to vet the facts more properly. >> attorney burris who represented her in the days that -- case that ended with a $1 million settlement said the report was deeply flawed. >> what we thought to occur did not occur. the investigation from what the report suggest was never designed to get at the truth of what happened. >> burr says she told him investigators made her feel as if she was a criminal instead of a victim. and to read the full report on the city's handling of the police department's sex scandal go to our website,, and look on the home page. break nothings from the south bay. sky fox is in san jose where we are following a brush fire. the small fire is burning out
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on the shoulder of southbound highway 101 at mckee road. both the on ramp and off ramp are closed while crews work to put out this brush fire. chp says the fire sending smoke on the freeway and is causing slow traffic. the monarch truck company, that's the building that you see in the background, that will give you some idea of where this is. again, it looks like the fire is not spreading and firefighters have a good handle on it. this is at 101 and mckey road in san jose. quickly we want to look at a traffic map. this is showing the roads in the area affected. as you saw in the live pictures it didn't look like traffic right near there was that impacted. again a lot of green there. you can see the hazard in the middle identifying where this fire is. again on southbound just on the should over southbound highway 101 at julian and mckey road. the brush fire -- it looks like firefighters are getting a good handle on it.
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smoke is in the area. we'll keep watching this. we'll let you know if we learn more. the current heat wave baking the south bay is blamed for two deaths. for the fifth consecutive day temperatures from well below average in the upper 80s and low 90s. santa clara officials say two elderly residents died due to hypethermia. their bodies could not cool causing the fatalities. san jose housing department says all city cooling centers and libraries are opened during the heat wave. officials will decide by friday if the safe havens will be opened through the weekend. the heat isn't just rough on people. look at what it is doing to sidewalks in the bay area. this happens when the concrete gets so hot that it expands and there is not enough room for it so it goes upward and creates a men any pyramid along the streets. that's bad news for homeowners. california law says homeowners are responsible for maintaining
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sidewalks on their property. the coast guard helped rescue three people from a capsized boat today inside the bay. these are the pictures where those rescues were taken. coast guard received a call 2:30 this afternoon from the blue and gold ferry boat royal star that three people were clinging to the hull of an overturned boat by angel island. the royal star rescued one person. the coast guard rescued the other two. they are having evaluated for hypethermia. the heat wave is having a rippling effect on the almeida county fair. the races will be held on friday when temperatures are expected to cool off. we are live at the fairgrounds with more on how the heat is impacted operations. how hot it is there now? >> reporter: it is very hot. i have not checked the temperature atlantaly. -- lately. enough to where people with
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sweating and drinking water and cooling off with fans. this heat wave is very intense. it is serious. so much so racing officials decided to cancel opening day horse races on thursday. this is a division organizers started talking about last week when they started look at the forecast. -- looking at the forecast. it is the first day opening day has been canceled. opening day is pushed to friday. seven races canceled will be rescheduled on other days. tomorrow will be extremely hot. organizers did not want to run the risk of horse or jockeys getting overexerted or having a heat stroke. >> when we saw it staying around 105 we were like we have to cancel the races. because, with us, it is the horses and the jockeys first and foremost. you lose some money. but you know what? you have to think of the horses. they are like family to us. so are the jockeys. >> reporter: the heat is also
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affecting the fun ride slide at the fair. it is closed today and tomorrow. it will open in an hour or so when things start to cool down. when the surface of the slide starts to cool down. another option is the water log ride. that is popular for people trying to cool down. people are seeking shade. they are trying to drink water. just stay under the trees and the shade just to cool off. you know, there were only 8,000 people here today. on an average normal day that have 20,000. that shows you how many people chose to stay away because of the heat. tomorrow there is free admission until 5:00 p.m. for anyone who wants to come down. organizers are reminding people just to stay cool and drink lots of water. we are live at the almeida county fair ktvu fox 2 news. >> the water log ride sounds good if you are out there. >> and the cooling stations. >> it is that fun fair to go to. i understand the horses run hard. >> i don't remember hearing of
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them canceling races because of the heat. >> i was just going to say that. almeida county fair goes back 100 years. this is the first time they have ever canceled the races. and i don't know what the history of the fair is, it has to be hundred years or longer. right now the temperature is 99 to 100. tomorrow at this time it will be up to 105. tomorrow temperatures will peek. heat advisory in effect for everybody now. tomorrow night excessive heat warning goes into effect for the areas in purple. that's a big deal. that's going to be the hottest day of the week. really, the almeida county fire illustrates this idea that you have to be concerned about the animals. horse races, that was a smart move on their part. your pets are on the pavement where it is 105 where we are. we take the temperature five feet above the surface above
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grass not concrete. where the pets are it is 140 degrees. excessive heat warning goes into effect tomorrow. heat advisory for all the of us today. tomorrow will be a spare the air day. that was coming. the fire danger is very high. it has been a long run. long we can remember. as a matter of fact 115 degrees three days in a row in palm springs. that's the hottest streak they have ever had. when i come back, we'll put it all together. that's some of the major beats. i'll see you back here. many people in the east bay hills reported an earthquake around noon. magnitude 3.0 struck on the hayward fault. it was felt by people in walnut creek. tom baker is live in the news room after talking to one of the world's leading seismologist about the quake and what may have caused it. tom? >> the serious signs of earthquake plate tectonics is
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overshadowed by folklore that persisted for centuries. >> reporter: the 3.0 magnitude earthquake occurred north of burkeley at noon. if you were close you might have felt it as alex savage on another story learned. >> i heard guys in the park behind us making a little bit of a holler. >> everybody got up. one of our coworkers said safe your documents. i was like save yourself. >> reporter: as is often the case, many people attribute these events to earthquake weather. u.s. geological survey in menlow park is the repository of earthquake information. >> earthquake weather doesn't exist scientifically. we have studied that. >> reporter: here's more proof
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in the last 30 days. let's look at the ring of fire around the pacific ocean. yes, there is earthquake activity on the west coast where it is warm rights now. -- right now. there is a lot of activity in alaska and the aleutians and northern asia where it is very, very cool. down here in south america where it is very, very cold, in fact it is winter there, a lot of activity. point is nothing about this is related to the weather. >> in fact the california plate margin is less active typically than japan or or chile. >> reporter: the many, many other places around the planet where earthquakes are common. credit -- coming up new
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details surrounding the russian hacking probe. how far did russia go to meddle in the 2016 presidential election. new construction coming to east palo alto. up next, the project once on hold over a water shortage problem is back on thanks to a bay area tech mobile and his wife.
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the fbi is investigating an attack of terror of threat on terrorism. the officer was stabbed in the net at bush international airport in flint. doctors say he is expected to make a full recovery after surgery.
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the suspect of canada is in custody. investigators say the suspect yelled god is great in arabic during the attack. >> when the the subject went up to the officer and stabbed him he continued to exclaim allah. >> the suspect is cooperating and facing federal charges. the airport was evacuated following the attack. construction projects in east palo alto have been on hold more than a year am lack of water was to blame. but all that is about to change. ktvu's ann ruben is live with a big move in social media hoping to get things going again. >> reporter: help to pay for it will be coming from facebook founder mark zuckerburg and his
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wife. with the caveat that as east palo alto grows it keeps affordable housing as a priority. expect a lot of new construction in east palo alto. a building moratorium here is about to end. more than a year all projects have been put on told because there wasn't enough water to support them. >> reporter: the water was coming from mountain view which had more than it needed. the none is coming from facebook ceo mark zuckerburg and his wife. they are supplying $2.5 million. there is a catch, that the city repay that money into a fund
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for affordable housing. >> that will be returned to the community for affordable housing. >> reporter: they are pleased to support the project. local advocates say they are, too as long as new development doesn't price long-time residents out. >>i'm excited and happy. at the same time i'm worried. there is a real concern what about is happening in my community. >> reporter: the organization which has an office development in the works is contributing a million dollars toward waterworks. an office project on bay road and priscilla chance primary school are chipping in, too. residents say they are hopeful this means good things for the community. >> i have been very exciting. very happy for the opportunity to move forward. i hope that we are going to help everybody. >> reporter: water transfer between mountain view and east palo alto will take place in august.
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east palo alto already getting an extra million gallons of water for day. >> is that when the construction projects will begin? in august or september? >> reporter: actually, no. they are thinking end of the year is when the moratorium will be lifted. that's because they need to get the mechanisms in place so that new developments will be able to pay into the funds that will eventually go to support the affording housing. there will be a bit of delay between august and probably the end of the year before the construction projects get rolling. >> thank you very much. tropical storm cindy is blamed for the death of a 10- year-old boy. the boy was on vacation with his family in alabama. sheriff's officials say he walked out in front of the condo where his family you staying as the storm surged yesterday. a wave carrying a large log came crashing down on top of him.
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the boy later died at the hospital. >> we believe at this point in time, autopsy results will tell us exactly the injuries he had. from the preliminary examination at the scene he subtainted a substance, head injury and the timber did roll on top of him. >> forecast shows cindy will weaken before making landfall in texas and louisiana tomorrow. the storm is then expected to bring rain to the mid-atlantic region by the end of the week. back to breaking news from san jose. sky fox still overhead on a brush fire there that's burning on the shoulder of southbound highway 101 and mckey road. on ramp and offramp are closed while crews work to put that fire out. the fire is sending some smoke over the freeway. but, the situation is much better than it was 20 minutes ago when we first showed you live pictures. you can see the affect that fire is having on the commute. a big back up there on highway 101. it is as a result of this fire. it looks like crews are making
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progress. as we get more information we'll bring it to you. we want to go to bill in the weather center. it is a hot day in the bay area. it is hard for firefighters in these conditions. >> can you imagine being out doing fires in the open spaces and all the gear. so many things going on today. palm springs all time record consecutive heat three days in a row. it is spare the air day tomorrow. we are working on seven days of a heat advisory. tomorrow we go into a excessive heat warning in the areas highlighted in purple through the iodism it will be a hot, nasty day. what is different about tomorrow. sunday people were home and by the pool. tomorrow people are out and about moving around. that's where spare the air day
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comes in. you'll have a heat advisory on top of a spare the air day on top of a commute and on on the of people out and about on top of the heat in the southwest with a concern for power and fire danger through the roof. it is all kind of culminating here. tomorrow will be the last big day of heat. then things cool down as a fog bank works back up the coast.  the idea again is by tomorrow we'll be six days into this heat. coast and bay hasn't been that bad. it has been pretty nice. as you get into the inland valleys it has stayed hot. and it is going to stay hot. they have just been unswerving in the amount of heat they have been baring. overnight lows in the 70s out there. 99 in fair field. 99 concorde. these temperatures are trending warmer than yesterday.
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still to come san francisco may take a different look at night thanks to a new project. >> up next, how the city is going green with new street lights. lights. at ikea, we believe that everything you need
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. san francisco soon start to look different at night. the city's lights are getting brighter and greener. >> the san francisco public grew tills commission the getting ready to roll out 13,000 l.e.d. streetlamps. tara was in chinatown today which is one of the first neighborhoods that will be getting the new lights. >> reporter: the streets of china town are typically crowded in summer time. lately tourism has been down. now merchants hope streetlamps
5:27 pm
may give them that needed boost. >> we want more businesses and people and visitors visit china town at night. >> reporter: starting today the san francisco public utilities commission is swapping out 13,000 old lightbulbs with brand new l.e.d. once. -- ones making things around here, well, a get brighter. >> in the current lights that are energy inefficient last three to five years. these lights average 20 years. >> reporter: nearly $3 million upgrade program will not only improve lighting but conserve energy and save the city millions of dollars. >> it is 50% cheaper as far as power consumption. so therefore it will pay for itself in about four years. >> reporter: the new l.e.d. lights will save more than eight million kilowatt hours of energy each year. that's enough energy for 752 homes. are green fueled by
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the greenhouse gas-free power of the water system. >> to light up china town is like lighting up the world. >> reporter: she runs the walk shop on grant avenue. she thinks the new lights will bring new energy to china town. >> that's the exactly what we need here. casting a good light and no shadows. everybody feels so safe. >> is everything all right? >> reporter: eric lou said he'll feel safer walking to his car at night. >> more prettier. it is kind of easy to see everything. >> reporter: it operates 60% of the city's 25,000 street lights. all should be l.e.d.-lit within seven months. new details about the russian meddling in the 2016 election. up next, what we are learning about russian hackers targeting voter databases around the country. plus, he survived a rare
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lung transplant. coming up a bay area boy says his sister who went through the same operation helped him recover.
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in washington, d.c. today
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officials confirm how far russia went in the 2016 presidential election. >> reporter: tonight we are learning disturbing news. russian hackers not only targeted the democratic national convention's e-mail server but half of the country's voter databases. >> in 2016 the russian government, at the direction of putin, himself, orchestrated cyber attacks on our nation for the purpose of influencing our election. that is a fact plain and simple. >> reporter: in front of the house intelligence committee former homeland security secretary jeh johnson said russia attacked american democracy in the 2016 election but failed to change the outcome. >> i know through no evidence through cyber intrusions votes were outerred or suppressed. >> reporter: in a separate hearing dhs officials
5:33 pm
confirming russian hackers across the country. >> as of now we have evidence of 21 election related systems targeted. >> reporter: she would not identify which states were compromised. arizona and illinois confirmed their voter information was stolen. >> what are the dangers of manipulation of voter registration databases? particularly if it isn't apparent until election day? >> if voters are removed from the registration database and show up on election day, it will cause problems. >> reporter: for the second straight day special council robert mueller was on capitol hill hoping to ease concerns over possible conflicts of interest with all of the on-going russia investigations. live in washington ktvu fox 2.
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the proposal rolls back taxes put in place by obamacare and massively reduce spending my medicaid over a decade. it provides healthcare to tens of millions of low-income americans. it gives states more options to opt out of obligations put in place by the affordable care act. it would eliminate federal funding for planned parenthood. members from both sides of the aisle expressed concern there hasn't been any debate yet on the floor of congress. >> any sense of it is is there will be differences that need to be worked out. >> we have not had one hearing. not one opened discussion. >> we need to fight this tooth and nail. if the republicans are proud of what they are doing, they would be telling the world. >> one big difference between this and a bill passed by the
5:35 pm
house is that the senate version linked subsidies to income rather than age. senate proposal reduces the medicaid expansion more gradually than the house bill. the cuts are deeper long term. senate republicans are expected to officially unveil their proposal some time tomorrow. the most expensive congressional race in u.s. history ended with republicans keeping a seat they controlled for 40 years. gop candidate karen handle beat the democrat by a margin of 52- 48% in georgia. total money spent by both candidates reached $50 million. the highest spending on a congressional race to-date. democrats saw it as an opportunity to turn the president trump's low approval numbers into political capital but that didn't happen. a young boy from the east bay is about to go home from the hospital after going through a rare double lung transplant. ktvu's rob ross tells us the
5:36 pm
young man had help from his sister who had the same operation. >> reporter: 9-year-old david diaz can breathe easily, finally. first he needed a very rare double lung transplant at children's hospital stanford earlier this year. >> now i can run my play with my friends. >> reporter: he is about to be released from the hospital to return home to the east bay. helping david every step through this terrifying ordeal was his big sister, who had to have the same transplant a few years ago. both children were born with cystic fibrosis. >> i didn't really expect it. but i felt really bad. i went through that. and i knew that he would have to go through the same thing. >> she told me i was going to be asleep. so i one that worried. >> reporter: doris said even though she survived she was
5:37 pm
afraid her brother would not. his condition was more dire. >> i was afraid i would wake up and get the call that he didn't make it. that was super scary for me. >> reporter: stanford is the only hospital in the western united states that performs pediatric lung transplants. they are so rare stanford performed 25 in the past 20 years. two were for david and doris. >> they had complicated problem, early on. they required lots of antibiotics and hospitalization and extra nutritional needs. they had to have surgery for that. they had a tough life. >> reporter: the children's mother said she can see light at the end of a long, dark tunnel and she is grateful. >> finally. ai want to tell them thank you.
5:38 pm
i'm not talking only for my kid but all the kids. >> they should be able to run, jump and play. go to prom. >> reporter: doctors say transplanted lungs only hold up for so long. they say it is quite likely that both children will need second lung transplants some time down the road. having shared the same medical crisis as forged a special bond between the two. in many ways they are just like any other battle brother and sister. >> is he your best friend? >> no. >> reporter: david said he is looking forward to getting on the soccer fields with his best friends. >> i feel like i want to be a normal person. concerned about the see
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cavus are not new.
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deal with quarterback derrick karr. if the reports are true he'll sign for $25 until a year. that will make him the highest fade quarterback in the nfl. earlier today he tweeted nothing done yet, trust me, you'll hear it here first. sharks defense man brent burns took his family to disney world. park goers thought he was from pry rats of the caribbean. as scott reise reports a good part of the success comes from building the organization in a unique way. >> reporter: the earthquakes aren't just the bay area's team in name, they are so to their
5:43 pm
very core with four of their 11 starters hailing from northern california. >> i believe in the community people really identify with homegrown talent. even more than they do with a big signing. because it is one of their own. >> northern california has been a hot bed and a great community for soccer. i think it is great we get to play for our home team and we have that love and passion that goes deeper. >> reporter: the hometown connection is the basis for serious bonding. good for chemistry on and off the field. >> we go out doing things. we go watch the giants and we can talk about the things that happen only in the bay area everyone knows about. there are a few jokes that other people won't get. >> reporter: the quakes pipeline isn't just fortuitous it is by design. there is a mechanism in place that allows mls teams to develop and sign local players without subjecting them to the
5:44 pm
draft. >> let's first start with the fact california is talent-rich. >> reporter: quakes harvest that talent early through their academy that is made up of six teams spanning various age groups. it creates a continue. >> it makes a big difference mentally. you use the environment. i it gave me a sense of inspiration that i can make its. -- -- it. >> reporter: mls incentivizes teams to keep young players at home. >> a homegrown player doesn't fit in that salary cap the same way. home ground players are off of the books a little bit and
5:45 pm
gives the club and player some time to make sure the player is accustomed to life as a profession. >> reporter: wins across the board for the players and the league and the game. >> having academy kids come and see the top level of socker soccer in the united states gives players hope. it is good for american soccer. still still to come, rebuilding together. in a moment how the 49ers organization is helping those in need by repairing a bay area autism center. we are tracking the heat. excessive heat warning goes into effect tomorrow for bay area cities along with the heat advisory and a spare the air day. hottest day of the week.
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yeah. chase. so you can.
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members of the san francisco 49ers are putting together collective to good use today. it is away from the feel and goes to the heart of a south bay school in desperate need of a makeover.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: the center a school for 70 autistic children and adults has been around 45 years. renting the space turned into owning it a few years ago that brought the realization that a major renovation was needed. >> we spent time and money on eninvestigating investigate -- renovating the interior of the building. we ran short for the outdoor area. >> reporter: the 49ers stepped up and went into action. owners, officials and explayers are donating time, materials and money to make the upgrade a reality. lee was an all pro line backer decades ago. >> that's the thing we love about the 49ers. they give back to the community and they support families. >> reporter: the issue of autism is close to his heart. he and his wife have an autistic son, jaden. >> we know what the challenges are that come with having a
5:50 pm
child on the speck rum -- spectrum and what is needed. >> reporter: under the sun volunteers from rebuilding silicon valley and the 49ers built benchings and repaired and repainted an amphitheater. >> for our students with tawtism and adult clients with autism they need open outdoor areas to come out and get exercise and do it in that safe way. >> reporter: in a competitive world of sports, this is a win/win where those in need can claim this prize when they return from spring break next month. when the weather is this hot most people try to cool off by heading to beach, the pool or air conditioned mall. some head to where it is hotter. death valley is expecting an overflow crowd of tourist this week.
5:51 pm
people come from far and wide to feel the heat. with the temperature soaring to 128 degrees. that's is close to a the record. the actual record is 134 degrees in 1913. >> i can't even imagine. the excessive heat warning in purple and five days of
5:52 pm
excessive heat warning because of the western states being so hot. you look at the highs today. not really that devastating. today's highs were, well san jose came up with a few degrees. santa rosa came down a couple of degrees. today and yesterday similar. maybe a little bit warmer today. tomorrow will be significantly warmer. through the west, as well. there you can see it. it is the power grid. when it is hot like to that everywhere you have problems. we'll have problems tomorrow. we had a couple of small fires today. the heat is the thing that, more than hurricanes and tornadoes and lightning and floods, it is heat. think about it. we have a tornado, it is an area. it is a small area. when you have heat you are talking about millions of people in the san bernardino
5:53 pm
area towards vegas and phoenix and towards livermore and antioch. a lot of people. it is a lot more people impacted. it is the most dangerous. there it is. you can see cool, moist air from the coast. there is a little fog. it is ten degrees warmer in hayward. four degrees cooler in santa rosa. it is like this. generally it is warmer today. tomorrow will be significantly warmer. it will be a spare the air day tomorrow. the air is getting gunky. purples are the 100s. we'll see lots of 100s in the inland valleys. san jose tomorrow at lunchtime you are already in the upper 80s almost low 90s at lunchtime. here are the big numbers. 107 vacaville. the beach will be cool if you want to get away from the heat. 107's, 105's. a lot day tomorrow.
5:54 pm
101 morgan hill. so far we are getting away with it. take it slow tomorrow. the difference between tomorrow and sunday, sunday was a holiday. that was a hot day. tomorrow people will be moving around. there will be more potential for fire and for issues with the heat. we'll watch it close he. we have your covered. >> thank you very much. health officials issue a new warning about the zica virus. up next, the new focus is on men and why dads who travel afrontage road may want to be tested for the virus before they start a family.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do.
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save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. family. a new travel warning for men about the zica virus. heather sat down with a health professional for the details. >> reporter: as we were about to start our interview the doctor got an e-mail from that male patient saying he traveled to caribbean and wanted to be tested for the zica virus because he and his wife are trying to start a family. it is a question disease doctor gets every week. >> i think it is important for patient who is want to travel. >> reporter: zica concerns are not new. focus on men is not widely publicized. men transfer it to a female partner who exposes a fetus. the zica virus stays in a man's system longer. centers of disease control is advising men to wait six months
5:58 pm
after traveling to an area with zica to try to conceive. women are advised to wait two months. many hospitals are only testing pregnant women and patients with specific neurological syndromes for zica. the test go through the state lab and it doesn't have the capacity.. >> we are not able to offer it to everyone. we have been prioritizing the populations. >> if there are people who are not able to get the zica test does that pose a public health threat for all of us? >> the zica and other diseases there is a real valley value to treat and prevent onward transmission of infectious diseases. >> reporter: we reached out to the state department of public health who doesn't dispute testing limitations because of a lack of capacity. commercial tests are available.
5:59 pm
some of which are covered by insurance. they are not always accurate. temperatures reached the 90s in marin county today. it was over 100 in napa and livermore. tomorrow will be even hotter with some places up to 108 degrees. we received word late today from santa clara health officials that two people died from heat-related illnesses. public health officials say they were 72-year-old dennis youth and 87-year-old sue jordan. health official says it is not just the elderly at risk. heat illness can happen to
6:00 pm
anyone which is why it is important to take precautions. find a cool location. drink plenty of water or take a cool bath of shower if you feel like you are getting too hot. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist with a look at the temperatures. hot today. hotter tomorrow. >> today slightly warmer than yesterday. last couple of days it has been hot. compared to where we were earlier in the week and where we are going tomorrow it has been pleasant. definitely more bearable than it will be tomorrow. these are the highs today. highs tomorrow come up. highs in the southwest and up to redding extremely hot. tomorrow we could see 110's and 107's in the bay area.


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