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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  June 21, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> this investigation was underway. breaking well-established practice to inform him a significant investigation. >> we appreciate the report from mr. swanson, and we are completely prepared to implement all of its recommendations. >> the report also went after the city administrator and mayor saying they did not press the investigator to find out whether the investigation was conducted appropriately. it also stated they had a process that was inadequate. there were no checks in place. >> there have been many changes in this department since we were here with you roughly a year ago. there will continue to be changes. >> the report had nine recommendations, all of which the city plans to implement. one of the things the city implemented is the internal affairs division reports directly to the chief. ktvu fox news. we asked our legal analyst for his reaction to that
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report. he's representing several of the officers involved in the scandal. >> it certainly points to the fact that this committee doesn't think that opd did a good job initially investigating the case. it wasn't until they were prodded that they got more into the case and started to vet the facts more properly. >> the attorney who represented jasmine in a case that ended with an almost $1 million settlement from the city of oakland said the reports show the investigation was deeply flawed. >> what this report demonstrates clearly is the investigation that we thought to occur did not occur. in fact, the investigation from what the report suggests was never designed to get at the truth of what happened. >> is estimated -- investigators made her feel as if she was a
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criminal and set up a victim. the state of california beat its revenue forecast last month by a substantial amount. new numbers from the department of finance show that the state surpassed expectations by $160 million in may. sales and corporate tax revenues were up last month well personal income and insurance taxes declined. despite the positive numbers, officials say it's too early to call this a trend. >> clearly, it's better to be up and down, but we always emphasized whether it's a good mother bad month, you don't want to take just one months worth of data and try to project or extrapolate some type of long-term trend. too many things can affect one month worth of members to make that kind of projection. >> so far the state is $197 million ahead of projections for the new fiscal year. amazon is open to resolution -- revolutionize the clothing industry before -- is called prime wardrobe. members can select clothing,
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shoes, and accessories they want to buy and try them on at home. you've got seven days to decide if you want to keep them or not. if you find something you like and it fits, you can keep it and get a discount for doing so of up to 20 percent, or you can send back what you don't like for free. the launch date for prime wardrobe has not been announced yet. san francisco based stage six has a similar service that already in place. a mixed day on wall street where oil prices fell for the third straight day. the dow down 57 but the nasdaq up 45. the s&p 500 was down by about 1.5. just how effective is the flu vaccine. what a new report found and that will -- the group least protected. also ahead, an area boy receives a rare transplant at sanford children's hospital. why his sister knew exactly what he was going through. what we are learning about the first death blamed on tropical storm cindy churning in the gulf of mexico.
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u.s. health officials say the flu vaccine did a poor job at protecting older americans last winter even though the vaccine was well matched to the flu bug going around. the report says the vaccine was about 42 percent effective in preventing illness severe enough to send the patient to the doctor's office but it was essentially ineffective
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protecting people 65 and older. the flu season peaked in february and was considered moderately severe. the hospitalization rate for older adults was the highest it's been since the severe 2014- 2015 flu season. a young boy from the east bay about to go home from the hospital after going through a very rare double lung transplant. the youngster had help from his sister who also had to undergo the exact same operation. >> reporter: nine-year-old david diaz can breathe easily finally, but first he needed a very rare double lung transplant here at the children's hospital earlier this year. >> david is about to be released from the hospital to return home to newark in the east bay helping david every step through this terrifying ordeal was his big sister, 12- year-old doris, who had to have the very same transplant a few years ago. both children were born with cystic fibrosis. >> i didn't really expect it but i felt really bad because i went through that and i know he
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would have to go through the same thing. >> doors says even though she survived the procedure, she was afraid her brother would not. his condition was more dire. >> i was scared that i would wake up and get the call that he didn't make it and i was like super scared for him. >> stanford is the only hospital in the western united states that performs pediatric lung transplants. double lung transplants are so rare stanford has performed about 25 in the past 30 years. two of them were for david and doris. >> david and doris had some very complicated problems from very early on. they required lots of antibiotics and hospitalization and extra nutritional needs so that they had to have surgery
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for that. they had a pretty tough life. >> their children's mother says she can finally see light at the end of what's been a long, dark tunnel and she is grateful. >> there is a very important point to tell them thank you. i'm not talking only for my kids but all the kids. >> they should be able to run, jump, and play. go to prom. >> doctors say transplanted lungs only hold up for so long so they say it's quite likely that both children will need second lung transplants sometime down the road. >> having shared the same medical crisis since has forged a special bond between the two, but in many ways they are just like any other battling brother and sister. >> >> david said he is looking forward to getting on the soccer fields with his best friends.
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>> ktvu fox to news. coming up, tropical storm cindy turns deadly as it heads toward the u.s. mainland. see where and when it's expected to make landfall. it is hot out there. hotter tomorrow. the heat advisory in effect and an excessive heat warning fairly early as well. thursday could be the hottest day we have seen all year.
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tropical storm cindy is being blamed for the death of a 10-year-old boy. the little boy was on vacation with his family in fort morgan, alabama. sheriff's officials say he walked in front of a condo where he was was staying as the storm surge yesterday and unfortunately a way of carrying a large log came crashing right on top of him. authorities say the boy was seriously injured and later died at the hospital. >> we believe at this point in time, of course, the autopsy results will tell us exactly the injuries he had, but from the preliminary examination at the scene, he sustained a substantial head injury and the actual timber did roll on top of him. >> the forecast shows that cindy will likely weaken before making landfall in texas and louisiana tomorrow. the storm is then expected to bring rain to the mid-atlantic prediction by the end of the
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week. the national forest service is asking the public for help in finding the cause of a wildfire burning in southern california. officials say the holcomb fire has burned 1200 acres. containment remains just 10 percent with more than 1000 firefighters on the scene battling the flames. crews are dealing with heavy smoke. investigators are asking anyone who is in the area of the pacific crest trail from last saturday night to monday afternoon to give them a call. let's bring in chief meteorologist bill martin right now, this is it going to heat up. maybe even up to 108. >> i think 107 is the official forecast tie. when we forecast for areas, we forecast 5 feet off the ground out of the sun and over grass or dirt or something be nine. in your backyard on your concrete. it's easily going to be if you are in antioch. it's usually 110 degrees at 5 feet above the surface.
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you'll find 110 in your backyard. i was just reading some stuff about the phoenix heat down there. palm springs did three days of 115 degrees heat and that was the all-time record for number of 115 plus days, but they were talking about the concrete in phoenix. i was saying our concrete tomorrow and livermore about 140 degrees, so your pets. they are saying phoenix, the concrete is reaching temperatures of 164 degrees. yeah, 164 degrees right at the surface of the concrete. you know, when we talk about heat, even these temperatures here, these temperatures are taken in proven locations. usually the airports, oftentimes like sfo and oakland, but in your backyard or in your environment if you are around a lot of rock or dirt or you are around a lot of grass, you would be less. so temperatures are funny. you want to go, it's exact.
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it's not really. we use sfo for the official san francisco numbers. in your backyard, it could be different. tomorrow as you go back out, there go the numbers. up to maybe 110. would be hard to do. right on the eastern edges of the valley. it's a hot day. probably the hottest day. i think it's going to be the hottest day of the year. if not, it's the top two. 107 in vacaville tomorrow, 107 fairfield. that's an official number 4 pittsburgh right there where we keep temperatures at the fire station, but in your backyard if you are around a bunch of blacktop, for instance, much hotter. temperatures are a funny thing. the record high in san francisco is 92. a block away depending where you are, it could be 95. hottest day, it's hot in the western united states.
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there is a concern tomorrow for power, so try to use your power after 9:00 at night. julie is energy conscious. she has a chargeable car. you want to charge those after midnight. >> 11:00 to 7:00 in the morning is the best way to charge. >> we will get through it. we had a couple small fires today. nothing bad. >> thank you. quarterback derek car is reportedly very close to signing a huge deal with the raiders. we'll have contract details coming up next in sports.
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sounds like derek car is about to become a very wealthy man. >> from wealthy to wealthier. he had given the raiders a deadline. i want to get the contract situation done before training camp starts in july, and it looks like they are ahead of schedule. at least the schedule that derek car figure out for himself. he was voted by his peers the 11th best player in the nfl. he may soon be, in fact, by the end of the week, the highest- paid player in the nfl. mega contract. they have said to be finalizing the language that could pay him some $25 million a year.
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the highest-paid player right now with the andrew luck. stanford education did him well. he's making $24.6 million. as i say, the deal could be completed by the end of the week. derek tweeted this out, nothing done yet. trust me, however, you'll be the first to hear. i trust that that means the fans and we in the media. meantime, san francisco giants looking to make it to in a row before them that does constitute a winning streak down in atlanta. the second game in the role. them taking the lead in this game, and they are none the happier for it. at least they are all braves fans. you know what, it looks like they have their prayers come true. down the right-field line. he got himself a triple and hunter who had a single earlier in the inning comes into score.
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matt adams would get a home run. just a couple minutes ago, as a matter of fact. the braves are leading that came to-1. meantime, this is a thing that all pictures want, and that the no-hitter and it almost happened. the great right-hander for the washington nationals. look at this. eighth inning, one out, and this is the first pitch right back to him. you could see his frustration. you have to call that a hit. then he kind of came unglued. he throws a wild pitch. his concentration affected big time. incomes the tie and run for the marlins. 1-1, and it doesn't get any better. two pages later, he and carlos stanton with a shot to right. one run comes in and the second run, gordon is cut down at the plate. the trail to-1 in the bottom of the ninth inning. rather, the top of the ninth.
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ramos is called out on that pitch right there. not a happy man. but after having a no-hitter through eight and a third innings, he loses that and the ballgame. huge night in the world of hockey. the nhl, they have in vegas the team expansion draft to where they are going to fill out the roster of the golden knights, the team that will take them. and then the awards ceremony. that's brent burns. hoping he would wear his false teeth tonight in accepting the award as the norris trophy winner, best defenseman in the league. as you get a semi close-up of him, you'll see that he did not wear his. >> i just want to thank my teammates. without them, this is impossible. they put up a lot yelling for me and getting me to talk all night. for them, thank you.
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thanks for everything. fun place to go every day with you guys. >> he informs me he was mistaken for a pirate. >> meanwhile, the expansion draft, the sharks lose the defenseman that's been around the block a few times. this will be the sixth. he'll fill out the vegas golden knights roster. i, for one, will be missing to say david's uncle. meantime, check this out. so far it's early in the evening. this is our best defensive play of the day. take a look at matt carpenter popping one down the right- field line. leaping into the corner. that is a very difficult play right there for the phillies and the phillies are leading that game 3-0. that's the sporting life at this hour. more to come.
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>> good stuff, good stuff. thanks for joining us. >> the news continues next on the seven.
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good evening. i'm your guest lecturer dr. sheldon cooper. i was expecting applause, but i suppose stunned silence is equally appropriate. i agreed to speak to you this evening because i was told that you're the best and the brightest of this university's doctoral candidates. hmm. of course, that's like saying you are the most important electron in a hydrogen atom. (chuckles) 'cause, you see, there's only one electron in a hydrogen atom. best and brightest, my sweet patootie. all right, let's begin. show of hands, who here is familiar with the concept of topological insulators? don't kid yourselves. i found another tweet from a student at sheldon's lecture.


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