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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 22, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us. welcome to mornings on 2 on this thursday, june 22, i am dave clark. >> i am claudine wong in for pam cook. yesterday we could fill a little bit cooler, today it is really warm.>> i think that was a tease yesterday. >> ukiah, clearlake, antioch and brentwood, the days are long. the angle of the sun is high and everything is complete reversal. it will not be fresno hot but sunday hot, remember sunday, that is what we are looking at. starting off 14 degrees warmer in livermore, 14 in fairfield, 9 in san jose.
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we cannot find much fog. vacaville has a north wind with a slight offshore, and here goes. starting off clear, warm and nice. a few patches down toward monterey, but 80s, 90s and a lot of 100s. by the way, the alameda county fair said there is no horseracing today. they are open but they have canceled a lot of events today. it is too hot. >> that is good for the animals. good morning everyone. let's take a look at the commute. eastbound 80 has an accident near university avenue and it closed all of the freeway one point but it looks like the lanes are oh and. -- are open. westbound i-80 traffic looks
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pretty good. not a lot of bald over the golden gate bridge -- fog over the golden gate bridge. driving the super commute on westbound 580, no major problems. no problems through tracy and the altamont pass into livermore. the heat has been blamed for at least two death in the south bay and there is a report that a third person may have died, and the elderly woman that was gardening was one of those victims. >> she was a sweet old lady. she did not know me but when i would have my son she would bring a gift like on his birthday and christmas. >> reporter: mourning the death of an 80-year-old that they remember being friendly and that loved to garden. >> she would way, spend her day out in her hat.>> reporter: at
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10 am, her son said she was doing yardwork the neighbors warned her it was too hot. it was not until 4 pm that her son found her passed out lying on the pavement in the driveway and she died of hyperthermia. her core body temperature was too high. >> i think these deaths are preventable and they remind is what we all need to do to keep ourselves safe. >> reporter: gordon is one of two confirmed heat -related deaths in the county and the other one is 72-year-old dennis john said to be homeless that died in his car. >> if you see someone in trouble and someone that is sitting out in the hot sun, not moving or doing something, they are probably in trouble. go find out.>> reporter: officials are alerting the public that temperatures expected to top 100 degrees
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across santa clara county. sunday emergency personnel saw a significant uptick in call volumes related to the heat. the heat caught many offguard. >> i'm not surprised because when we have extreme weather, flooding or any shifts, the homeless appear to be the first to get hit by this. that makes sense because they are vulnerable and will often without resources. >> reporter: encouraging people at this homeless camp to seek shelter to prevent more death. fox 2 news. animals are suffering in the heat wave as well. at the alameda county fair, for the very first time, they are canceling the opening-day horse races scheduled for today because it is just too hot. temperatures in pleasanton could hit 105 degrees putting the horses and the jockeys at
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risk. >> for us, horses and jockeys are first and foremost in safety . you loose some money but you have to think of the horses, they are like family. so are the jockeys. >> attendance at the county fair is been down due to the daytime heat and more people tend to come out at night time because it is cooler. to attract more people today, admission is free through 5 pm. the horseracing should begin tomorrow with the races that were canceled and rescheduled for other days. we have a list of cooling centers around the bay area where you can get relief from the heat. the information is on the local news and the weblike sections of the place in eastern contra costa county are investigating a double homicide and this was late last night. it appears to me and got into a
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confrontation with the person that lived on the street and several shots were fired. the two men died in the residence are talking with the police. we are heading to brentwood and we will have alive report later on mornings on 2. the bart board of directors voting on the say transit policy and the directors said this would prevent bart from spending its own money to enforce federal immigration laws, and it would expand to ask workers about their immigration status. it shows the bart commitment to creating an inclusive community in the bay area. the meeting will begin at 9 am at the bart headquarters in oakland. san francisco chief bill scott wants his officers to carry stun guns and they are debating this controversial issue. it will cost the city $10,000 per officer for the training and start up equipment. the chief says the officers
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need less legal options to handle the confrontations. >> i believe we can minimize and reduce officer injuries, and more importantly, the injuries to the residence. >> critics say that stun guns often don't work either due to mechanical failure or the suspect could be wearing heavy clothing. the commissioners have heard by phone of a police officer in missouri that once supported them but he is against the mattress teenage son was taste for 23 seconds during a traffic stop and almost died. >> he also stated he had the trigger down because he thought the taser was not working or did not have an effect. they are all too often used in cases like my son.>> there will be at least two community hearings about the issue of stun guns going to officers before the commission will take a vote on the issue. the santa rosa place have released a sketch of a man
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wanted for assault. the man tried and failed to grab the woman's purse and then groped her. she said she kicked him in the groin and that he ran off. this was near sonoma avenue and the man is described as being in his 30s, wearing a white or light colored hoodie carrying a dark-colored backpack. there is a $2500 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction. and airport officer says the suspect came out of the bathroom at the flint airport and began stabbing the lieutenant in the neck and the suspect was grabbed by the police immediately. >> when the subject went up to the officer and staff them, he continued to exclaim, "allah, "and making a statement to the effect that you have killed people in syria, iraq and afghanistan and we will all die. >> the suspect is a resident of
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canada and they say he acted on his own and is not part of the terror network. this case points out how difficult it is to protect people before the people pastor the security checkpoint. after 52 hours of intense deliberations, two of the holdouts in the sexual assault trial refused to convict bill cosby. one member of the jury spoke in the condition that his name would not be given said that 10 of the 12 agreed that cosby was guilty on the first and third felony counts in only one thought it was guilty on the second account. the two holdouts were not moving no matter bought. according to the jury member, andrea constance testified that cosby drug and molested her in 2004 at his home and cosby said the encounter was consensual. that was his story at the trial. the department of homeland security has decided
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to allow temporary seasonal workers into the country this summer and they will offer more bases for applicants that qualify for the program which applies to american employers that can be -- bring foreign nationals into the country for certain jobs. no word on how many additional bases will be available but the number should be set new and soon. top officials responded to the report, coming out. u.s. is outperformed by other countries when it comes to well-being and now we are considered a "second-tier" country.
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one week after the congressional game and they the female members of congress will hit the field and their own game, and they will battle it out on the softball field on wednesday. all proceeds from the event will go toward raising awareness for young women with breast cancer. the republican practice, throwing out the first pitch for the annual bipartisan event. we are getting closer to the bogan u.s. senate in washington over the republican plan to replace obama care. republicans drafted the bill in secrecy and democrats are frustrated along with some republicans.
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will show you how the health coverage for millions of americans is hanging in the balance.>> reporter: medicaid which provides healthcare to tens of millions of low income americans stands on losing big on the early draft senate plan which would drastically reduce spending on medicaid by $800 billion over a decade and make way for that tax cuts for wealthy americans. it gets states more often stopped out of regulations put in place by the affordable care act, and it would eliminate federal funding for planned parenthood. mitch mcconnell wants to vote on the bill by next week but democrats rallied on the steps of the capital to cry foul morning there was no debate on the senate floor yet. >> they are ashamed of a bill that is so mean. they are same of the bill that goes against the interest of america. >> we have not had one hearing, not one open discussion. >> we need to fight this tooth
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and nail. if the republicans work proud of what they're doing that would be telling the world. >> reporter: some republicans are concerned that they neither have seen the bill. >> there are probably some differences that need to be worked out. >> reporter: with 52 gop senators the vote is expected to come down to a handful of republicans and the bill will not pass it 3 of 8 vote no. the version votes subsidies to income rather than age and for those that do not buy coverage and it would drop a provision in the house bill allowing insurers to raise premiums on some people with pre-existing conditions. ktvu fox 2 news. senate republicans are expected to officially unveil the healthcare plan later today and they promise a vote before the fourth of july holiday break leaving only nine days
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for the process. a recent survey says that the u.s. is now a second-tier country. the ranking is based on anything from help the wellness, and the u.s. is praised for higher access to higher education but lacks in healthcare, environment and fighting discrimination. denmark scored the highest in america comes in at number 18. teenagers are sexually active and 44% of the boys and 42% of the girls said they had sex at the age of 19 which is down from 20 years ago. the most common reason that the teenager skate is that it is against their religions, morals, have not found the right person or did not want to get pregnant. 18% report using some form of contraception. a third day abrupt weather today due to the tropical storm cindy being blamed for one
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death in alabama. the storm made landfall early today and the national hurricane center but the center of sandy 30 miles west southwest -- sandy -- cindy 30 miles west southwest, and moving across western and northern louisiana, into southeastern arkansas thursday night and early friday. it should weaken when cindy gets over land. still early on this thursday morning. let's hope the roads are behaving themselves.>> good morning. yesterday i posted a selfie with claudine, and it was one of the most popular things i posted in a while. >> i can believe that. >> just posting one of me will not do it, but me with claudine
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works. >> thank you for helping me out. let's take a look at the your work commute, northbound 101 between gilroy in san jose, looks pretty good coming up through morgan hill. it has not been causing any major delays, and that is the way we like it. in the south bay commute not a lot going on. here is 280 near downtown it looks pretty good up to highway 17 and at the beach breed you can see traffic is moving along nicely into san francisco. traffic wise we are off to a good start. it is 4:18 am. a selfie with claudine would make any guy look good. >> try it on social media and see what happens, it will blow up. >> stop it. speaking of temperatures, blowing up. the excessive heat morning for some and it will not take long
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today. yesterday morning way to bickel down and everybody felt it. after this system went by we got the north wind and the days are very long. the angle of the sun is high and veronica says she is going to hide in the refrigerator today. move over. i want to get in there myself. the freezer could be a bit too cool. 74 in livermore and brentwood, fairfield, all running warmer. san rafael and about the let 66 and here is your temperature change from 24 hours ago. 14 in livermore, 14 in fairfield, santa rosa 7, san jose almost 10. we will be out of the gate fast with no fog. there is a possible westwind but not lasting long. this is the airflow in the upper atmosphere going from land to sea. the coast will be nice.
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there is thunderstorm activity popping up over the sierra. remember there is still a lot of snow at 8000 feet. temperatures near 90 degrees in tahoe in truckee, you can get evaporation rates that can fire up thunderstorms. that is what is going on up there. more of the same today and some of that could sneak into the valley. 60s, 71 in calistoga. almost 70 in kelseyville. 105 to 110 up and lake county, monterey at 64. 92 currently in phoenix, palm springs 87. is going to be hard for everybody today. 70s, 80s, 90s and 100 for the usual suspects. it is going to be very hot for something ukiah, clearlake, vacaville. it looks colder tomorrow and much cooler. look at monday, 82
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degrees. back that is dramatic. -- >> that is dramatic. we will take it. back what will get me through this forecast is that the end is in sight. san francisco is getting greener and the new light that is being installed across the city.
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spending $200 million to
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help find out where their brains are, the mapping company has already turned the product to a feature on the snapchat app that lets the prince photos and video posed by location which are then marked by personal animated avatar for each brand. facebook making it easy to share music unveiling the new feature that will let others create and share with others. users can create a group playlist as well. there was a psychedelic show in the golden gate park last night celebrating the 50th anniversary of the summer of love.  jana katsuyama was there and shows us the lights and the sound. >> reporter: you could almost feel the love with the music, flowers everywhere you turned
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with people gathering on the first day of summer at the golden gate park to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. a crowd of people that are living proof that tie-dyed has not died out. back everyone was experiencing it. >> reporter: for some it was an emotional moment to reflect and remember.'s back it was the renaissance time. everything was new, spectacular and fun. >> happy paradise with the music, happy people, all the color, the great weather and the smiles. people were generous and kind. >> reporter: for the younger generation, a chance to share and that love. this couple flew in from maui with their baby boy to share with their friends. >> we changed our plight to come back for this moment.'s back people came here to express themselves, and it was an important time in the history of our city.
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we are connecting past with present tonight. >> reporter: the summer of love bringing people from around the world into the golden gate park in san francisco, the awakening of a generation, and 50 years later of free concert brought many of the music legends back. steve parrish, the grateful dead road manager remembering jerry garcia, janis joplin and other spirits living on. >> anything that gives you the pride of what we built here, this playground we built, we love it. >> reporter: pete with jefferson starship performing for the crowd and remembering an era that changed history. >> people were already questioning authority, questioning the vietnam war. >> generated by the summer of love and performed by all these incredible artists signified a change in attitude toward music itself, toward the music industry. >> reporter: the crowd coming
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together, proof that the flower power and the summer of love can last. >> the days of the summer of love are regional. to be a part of that makes me feel like i'm a part of history. >> reporter: if you missed the concert and the grand opening of the light show, don't worry. they will do this every night from sundown until midnight from now until october 21. reporting from the golden gate park conservatory of flowers, fox 2 news. it is 42 -- 427. it is 4:27 am. moving forward in east palo alto. not a back commute as we take a look at the golden gate bridge, traffic looks pretty good heading down south into san francisco. san francisco. it is already warm for some with the northeast way and kicking in and chewing up the
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fog, 60s and mid-70s already. livermore and brentwood.
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♪ ♪ be a powerful force. nature valley
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in case you were wondering, it is too hot. this is the live picture from our roof camera looking out over downtown oakland. we are reiterating that it is too hot.>> [ music playing ]>> claudine says it, steve says it, and everybody says it is too hot. good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2 on this thursday, june 22. i am dave clark. >> i am plodding mom. -- i am plodding along. -- i am


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