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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 23, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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yesterday. it will not warm up tomorrow. temperatures down. 5:00 on a friday morning. you know, if you play the theme for friends i think that allie would be on board. i think she remembers the theme song for friends. >> i do. let's take a look at the commute. traffic moving along okay if you are driving out to the altamont pass.
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westbound 580 a little slow traffic coming in. traffic is pretty good to livermore and pleasanton. i told you 880 would get it still, traffic looking pretty good. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza a little crowding in the cash lanes. air quality officials have issued another spare the air quality report. you can help by carpooling or taking public transportation. while it may be cooler today health officials say be very careful with this heat. there are outreach programs to help the most vulnerable.
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the health department set medical teams to check on the thousands who live in camps like jurassic park off of oakland road. they are also worried about people live in their cars. the state power grid is under a lot of pressure. in the bay area alone weather 170,000 customers lost power. transformants need to cool off and that usually happens in the evening. >> over the last couple of days it has primarily been distribution transformer outages. >> new transformers are lined up, pg&e staff because of cooler temperatures we did not the record demand yesterday. they also say customers may
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have taken more steps to conserve energy. a 17-year-old girl died last night when she fell from a cliff in san francisco. the girl was with her friends when she slipped and fell 50 feet. rescue teams raise to recover her body. >> she had multiple injuries and fractures. she was barely breathing what we got to her. she may -- fell all the way down into the water. >> the rescue teams have problems getting to her because of the rising tide. she was pronounced dead in the ambulance. 1 million people are expected to turn out this weekend for the san francisco pride celebration. >>reporter: good morning, the castrol already buzzing with activity.
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there is a 24 hour diner open and it is already packed. you can see the city working heart to make sure everyone has a fun and safe weekend. san francisco is working on security issues that may face the lgbt q community. the city and organizers say they will work together to make sure pride is safe and fun for everyone. >> we will be doing screening again. want to remind everyone there are items that will not be allowed. >> we are going to utilize all sorts of things the city has.
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>>reporter: activities are getting underway this morning. a little later on will head over to city hall. you can see public works getting folks ready. we're going to watch were the one or, you can see that coming in and out. a lot of folks doing what they can to enjoy the weekend. keep in mind, we are looking at a.m. and you can see folks out enjoying breakfast. these might be for scattered early this morning, possibly still out since last night. we will keep you up-to-date on
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pride activities throughout the weekend. >> you mentioned it is an all hands on deck situation from separatist pd, are they getting help from federal? >>reporter: that is one of the issues we will be looking into, making sure san francisco is working with all the officials they care. california is banning nonessential travis -- travel. texas, alabama, south dakota, and kentucky has been added to in this that includes carolina, kansas, mississippi, and tennessee. fresno state has requested a ruling on whether it can travel to the university of alabama this fall. this report may announce the decision on the president
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travel ban next week. the justices met yesterday and may have taken a vote. the executive order was originally signed in january but was revised. it was what that it violated federal immigration law because it discriminated based on nationality. the archdiocese says a long time archbishop has died. he was 88 years old and name the sixth archbishop in 1977 and served until 1975. he launched the first official response to the eighth epidemic. he died yesterday after a long illness. the board of director
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improved policy changes yesterday. it aligns with the sanctuary movement in states that police will not spend time enforcing federal immigration laws. it permits worker asking writers about immigration status. >> it will make sure that everyone who rides our system feel safe and that our police resources are devoted to cooperated with federal officials, but keeping our riders safe. >> the board approved a policy that charges the next $.50 for people who use paper tickets. it also repudiates the ordinance that prevented riders from taking more than one see. police and paso also are searching for a man who they said expose himself.
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we have the details coming up. we will have more on the senate health plan and the prospect for passage.
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welcome back, republicans in the senate making a final push to replace the affordable care act and there may be a vote in the next couple of days. >> democrats are managing their opposition. the real leader may come from fellow republicans.>>reporter: this is the plant that was just released yesterday, pretty lady, not as long as the original was. not a single democrat is going to support this. the larger question for republican leadership is how many gop successions with their be? >> god bless you. god bless america.
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>>reporter: the president kicking off the annual congressional picnic at the white house last night, but it will take more than this to get a gop health plan through congress. earlier he says he has his eye on two republican holdouts in particular. >> there are four good guys, i think it will probably get there. >>reporter: these are the four republican senators who looked at the version and did not like what they saw. a plan that would ease obamacare taxes and penalties and allow for reduced coverage and medicare payments. >> we are afraid that it looks like a reiteration or keeping of obama care.>> the way to get to a gas is to fix the underlying problem: lower premiums. >>reporter: on the other end president obama writing on facebook the following lit back >> some republicans see this as a final chance to follow through
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on a seven year commitment to repeal and replace obama care at a time where both sides agree something needs to be done to fix the program many insurers are now fleeing. >> democrats tell us that will be wrong for the senate to address these problems in a serious way, while the law they have defended seven years teeters on the edge of total collapse. >>reporter: one thing we do not know yet, how much will it cost? the congressional budget office should have their estimate available next week in terms of the cost and impact it could have on insurance markets. >> the four republican senators that are possible holdouts that you mentioned, do they dislike it because the the cost or because it does not go far enough? what are their reasons?
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>>reporter: the reasons differ amongst those four. these are more conservative senators, libertarians, they think that it is obamacare light and does not go far enough toward the republican promise of repeal. on the other hand there are republicans who think it simply go to far. -- goes too far. several medical organizations say they are opposed to the bill. the american academy of pediatrics say the bill could her children by scaling back medicaid. others say it might lead to hospitals reducing services or clothing. the american medical association still reviewing the plan that that is strongly opposes limits on medicaid's billing -- spitting. the aarp that the bill would allow older adults to be charged up to five times as much. the groups that they can put millions of figures at risk of putting -- getting the care
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they need. the aarp, on every senator to vote no. let's see what now is going to say about our commute. before you get to the traffic jams, how are we looking out there? >> traffic jams is next hour, and i think we have come with a theme. summer songs. >> summer songs? >> yes. for example summertime and the living is easy. do you remember that song? >> yes. >> good morning, everyone. the traffic is easy from gilmore to san jose all the way up through morgan hill. it is a nice-looking drive. there are no major problems. we have a nice-looking commute for the most part.
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this is due hundred 80 northbound, so far so good here. the bay bridge with a little wisp of fog. the driving into san francisco looks pretty good. now let's bring it hour man, steve. it is back, you have already touched on it. >> how long is it going to stay cool?>> i realize there are some who like the heat. you had nine days of it. >> you can just drive inland if you like the heat. >> exactly. it has been tough to cool off. that salesforce tower has changed everything. it is sticking out of the fog. del maria says there is no fault in antioch. brentwood, oakwood still and
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100, vacaville might be close, but by sunday everyone will start to cool off. a lot of temperatures are down 20 degrees compared to 24 hours ago. livermore from 106 to 96, gilmore from 98 to 89. the search from the south and a lot more air than what you are seeing on the satellite. temperatures continue to come down. you can see the temperature spread here. vacaville has a little bit of a breeze. i imagine northwest, northwest west not strong. the high is losing its grip, but it will still be a hot day.
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we will see of temperatures drop over the next couple of days. there were a lot more 60s here yesterday. cooler weather will make it for areas that have not had cooler weather in a while. 90s and 100 up in vacaville, but everyone else cooldown and we really cooldown going into sunday and monday. coming out, the president announces his hopes to build a solar wall along the us southern border. the proposal that could be difficult to pull off. new information about the home invasion that turned deadly in the east bay.
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♪ welcome back to mornings on two. tropical storm cindy still dumping lots of rain on parts of tennessee, kentucky, and west virginia. one person was killed in alabama. on wednesday 18-year-old boy died on the alabama coast after being hit by a lock that washed ashore. the storm has been downgraded,
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authorities are warning every body to not let their guard down. bay area home prices are breaking records. real estate experts say the median price hit a new high of $755,000 in may. median prices are already well over $1 million into san francisco and san mateo county. analysts say it is a classic case of supply and demand. there are few homes for sale and plenty of buyers with cash in hand competing for those homes. the hottest drink of the summer is ice cold, froze or frozen roles, apparently it was created in a bar in new york. >>reporter: with the start of summer comes the heat. and of course the cold refreshments.
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this is the new unofficial drink of summer. it is basically a frozen wine. bar premium is credited with creating the concoction. >> it is sicilian rose wine, a little bit of strawberry purie, no ice or water, just freeze it out and keep it after slushy.>> justin is the general manager. >> it is for everybody. it is definitely a little more popular with the ladies, it is not sweet or overly one thing or another. it is almost like a wine drinkers drink. >> i thought it was going to be very sweet, but this is much more my taste. >> i do not really like sweets,
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for me this was perfect.>> will it be just a seasonal thing? based on this demand it may be more than a summer fling. >> it is delicious and gives you a little buzz. >> it is a tough job, but someone has to do it, right? cheers, everyone! police searching for a man connected to two bay area bank robberies. we have the videos that authorities hope will help lead to arrest. still a pretty decent commute out there. not too much crowding get almost roadways. we will give you another look when we come back. the fog is back for many, the trend is now for cooler temperatures. some locations already down 20 degrees.
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good morning to you and welcome back. it is friday, june 23.>> it is 5:30 am let's get over to steve with a check on the weather.>> allie, you have been a lot nicer.
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you have to settle message to please cool it down. i would say 99% of you who have written me have fat can you bring somebody back? yes, the fog is back. it is going to take another day or two, some pretty dramatic temperature drops. 60s for some and 50s for many. this is a big drop compared to yesterday. at one time yesterday livermore was +25. they were 25 degrees warmer than the day before. the trend is there at the west southwest. we are getting the delta breeze and san pablo brief come again. the ridge is losing its grip and coming up from the south. there is a lot of fog.
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water temperatures have come up for miles. 72 and brentwood. low clouds will be with us, the onshore breeze has kicked in. still hot inland, but not the 106 or 107. the trend is early next week for cooler weather. we do have some problems out there. i want to mention the 17 southbound, we have two small big ricks. southbound 17 as you get to the summit, two trucks are blocking both lanes of 17 southbound. there is not a big traffic jam, that is the knock commute direction, but right now you're not getting through. chp does not know where they will be able to clear those
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trucks out of the way. if you are trying to get to santa cruz early this morning 17 southbound is not an option. now back tooth a lot of county, the traffic and vacaville, fairfield, m alejo nodded back commute. a pretty good drive into the hercules area and richmond. this is the e. shore freeway. it is a little bit foggy. at the bay bridge toll plaza and little bit of a backup. 5:31 am, let's go back to the desk. police are searching for a man who exposed themselves to two girls. in the first incident police that he was in a parked car and called to a 12-year-old girl walking her dog. she was able to see he had on no pants or underwear. he drove away and 90 minutes
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later a man with a similar description job alongside a 16- year-old girl riding her bike. demand is described as white in his 20s or 30s driving a white or silver four-door sedan. police and san pablo released video of a suspect link to at least two robberies and they need your help to find him. surveillance cameras show the suspect at a liquor store after one of the robberies. he has distinctive tattoo including praying hands on his shoulder and lips tattooed on his neck. police say the suspect robbed a citibank and a chase bank. a man tried as an adult for crimes he committed what he was 17 will get a new court hearing. he was found guilty of attempted murder for a drive-by shooting in mill valley as well
5:33 am
as stealing and lamborghini that belong to a celebrity chef. on wednesday the first district court of appeals reversed the attempted murder sentence saying he should've had a hearing on rather he would be tried as an adult or juvenile. right now he is serving a sentence of 20 years to life. his lawyer says if he is resentenced he might only serve three more years. ktvu has explained -- obtained exclusive video that turned into a double homicide and brentwood. [ clip playing ] >> this video came from surveillance cameras belonging to a neighbor. at first it appears the two suspects may have been checking out the area, shortly after they walked to the victim's garage. another neighbor that the fees confronted the victim in the
5:34 am
garage where there is a large safe. >> he is always in the garage. the garage is always open. >> through the window one robber can be seen inside the garage. nichols that the thieves ordered him to open the safe, not knowing there was a loaded gun inside. nichols days he heard at least 10 shots, walked outside and saw a white suv that appeared to be the getaway couple. nichols says he walked up to the body, it was one out these. >> he was still breathing, making a few moaning sounds. i knew he wasn't going to make it. police will only say that the two are man from the 30s. they declined to reach further details thing the investigation is ongoing.
5:35 am
as for the man who lives in the home, police say he is not being charged because he was acting in self-defense. a teenager was killed in southern california after a bullet ricocheted when deputies fired guns at an aggressive pitbull. it happened about 4:00 yesterday morning in palmdale. deputies responded to reports of loud music. the people launched and they opened fire. a bullet hit the ground, alsop and hit a 17-year-old boy. one of the sheriff deputies was also here. the dog was eventually euthanized, all of this is under investigation. firefighters battled the heat to save several homes am a fast-moving grass fire yesterday. it was started by a jeep that caught fire on the eastbound side of interstate 80. the flames quickly spread to the backyard of several homes in the glencoe neighborhood.
5:36 am
almost 40 acres burned, the fire did not cause major damage. >> we got our lives. i consider us blessed. we have all of our stuff intact. none of our things burned and we are insured. >> two firefighters suffered minor injuries while battling the fire. we have an update from our investigation into the changes underway at the palo alto school district after our report of students being the victim of sexual assault. yesterday at school system took steps to reform its policies. >>reporter: with temperatures story outside palo alto school board members delved into the uncomfortable task of scrutinizing portions of existing policy. their collective scrutiny focused on complaint procedures and sexual harassment reporting
5:37 am
guidelines.>> we wanted to make sure the policies are aligned. this is a matter of aligning with state and federal laws. >> the reviews consummate criticism following a series of reports. we detail how a student athlete was convicted of having oral sex with a minor in a school bathroom last october. the district did not initiate a title ix investigation. an educational expert is an outspoken critic. >> a company with this large budget that does not have an in- house counsel makes these kinds of mistakes.>> the mother of the victim spoke exclusively a few weeks ago. >> as parents we all work together and put our kids in the same school to get the same education, my daughter had to
5:38 am
leave because i feel palo alto feel my child. >> since our initial report 19 additional allegations have been made including the revelation of a sexual assault against a 16-year-old girl in november 2015. her father says there was not a title ix investigation and that the district have a habit of feeling such cases. >> the culture of let's see if we can keep it within the school . >> the board is tweaking its uniform complaint procedures, adding nine about the title ix compliance officers as a point person to ensure district compliance. a timeline for the start and completion, and evidence collection is spelled out. >> we expect better from our district. this is a step toward doing
5:39 am
what they should have been doing all along. >> this is something everyone in the system needs to know. this really puts out for reporting requirements. >> the revisions are being sent to the office of civil rights for review. once approved, the board will vote to adopt changes before august 1. bill cosby is ready to speak out again and hit the road. coming up, what he reportedly plans to do this summer following his trial. a new petition to reinstate the former ceo of uber days after he resigned. handballer 1: you know what i could go for?
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the president says he has no recordings of his conversation with fbi director james comey. after the president higher james comey last month he warned on twitter that he had better hope they are are no tapes of the conversation. the president is -- the
5:43 am
president latest plan for a border wall may be hard to pull off. earlier this week he told a crowd he wants to add solar panels to the long promised border wall. he claims that will help to pay for the wall, but experts disagree.>> the guiding principles and large solar utility scale plans our transmission. you need to be close to load centers and have available transmission. frankly, much of the area along the border has week and the
5:44 am
structure and does not have very good transmission. >> the proposed border wall will stretch about 2000 miles along the us border with mexico. some people believe the infrastructure is not feasible. >> we would have to build new transmission lines. that can be expensive. a lot of regulations involved. environmental issues are involved. it has challenges. so possibly maybe something that would the more centered around the old centers and not the entire length of the wall would probably be a better option. >> so far congress has not provided any money to the administration to build the proposed wall. the administration recently asked for $1.6 billion to build 74 miles of the wall next year. nancy pelosi defended her leadership role yesterday following a mechanical office and how selections in georgia.
5:45 am
some democrats say she might be a liability as the party tries to retake the house next year. in a mocking tweet yesterday the president said the following ... fox news with what democrats are saying. >> nancy pelosi was a great speaker. she is a great leader, but her time have come and gone. she is a great fundraiser, but if the money that we are raising through her leadership is not helping us to win elections we have to have a difficult conversation. >> if not now some fear they will be doomed in the upcoming midterms. >> if we're going to regain majority we have to have new leadership. >> the 77-year-old democratic leader was defiant, calling out critics. >> when it comes to having fun on tv, have your fun. i love the arena.
5:46 am
i thrive on competition. >> these days that support may be strongest amongst members of the other party. >> i had a member of congress they, please, tell me you're not going to get rid of nancy pelosi? that is one run against. >> i always listen to my members. i respect the caucus, but i am product the unity that we have had and frankly my leadership. >> democrats lost more than 1000 and state offices since 2009. democrats in congress said to talk about her fate is fluid and things would be different if there was an obvious successor, but there is not. more than 1000 uber employees signed a letter asking the board of directors to reinstate the ceo. he resigned on tuesday.
5:47 am
he was pressured by some of the companies against investors to depth down. there happen several controversies at uber , including claims of sexual harassment. he has also been dealing with a personal tragedy, his mother was killed last month in a boating accident. time now is 5:47 am. let's get a check of the roadways. >> friday medium, not friday light. i think we will get some of that in july, let's go out to the tracy commute and show you there is stop and go traffic on 580. looking to the right of your screen you see stop and go traffic on 580 and 205. it does get better by the time you get to livermore. from livermore to castro valley there have been no major issues. i want to remind you southbound 17 at the summit, we have two
5:48 am
stop big rigs. we are hoping for that to clear. this is a look at 880 north and southbound. if you are getting to the bay bridge toll plaza those metering lights have been off for a little bit. this is about a 10 minute delay. notice the fog in my traffic pictures, let's send it over to steve to talk about that. we are going to play some music to take you into that fog. ♪ [ music ] >> this would be gamma. that works for this fog today.
5:49 am
a west wind at 25 miles per hour, 20 at the the nation bridge. if you like the heat you had nine days. we do not get that very often. it will still be warm-hot, but the cooling begins today and all through the weekend. there will still be 90s or 100, but the trend is down about 10- 20 degrees for some. low clouds will take us even thicker tomorrow and tonight. most inland areas will get some by sunday morning. the fog is there an overall temperatures are cooler today by as much as 10-20 for some. not the 78 that we saw this time yesterday. santa rosa can really drop in this type of a pattern.
5:50 am
high pressure, which was large and in charge for a long time if finally begin to break down a little bit. pacifica at 53, 43 up in trucking, 58 in sacramento. even that delta breeze has made it out to parts of the valley. the stage is set for a cooldown for most. it will not be as bad as yesterday. it was an oven. a little hot here. it is light on broil. antioch 99, alameda at 70, 91 in walnut creek. there is a good breeze at the walnut creek bart platform. walnut creek gets the breeze, that means most locations will cooldown. >> love it. valerie is going to smile.
5:51 am
>> she usually does. >> it is definitely cooler in my house. brace yourself if you plan to go to this weekends nascar cup series. we will tell you how the chp plans to handle raceway traffic in that area.
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welcome back, it is now
5:54 am
5:53 am. the warriors did not have a pick in the draft, but they still got jordan bell in the second round. the number 38 overall pick. reportedly the warriors paid 3 1/2 million dollars to the bulls . he averaged almost 11 points and eight rebounds last season leading oregon to the final four. to cal play us were picked in the second round. he was taken by the magical dance rated him to the grizzlies. he averaged 14 points and 10 1/2 rebounds. jabari bird was drafted by the celtics. the giants put up a good fight last night and still lost to the braves 12-11. the braised scored first, but
5:55 am
the giants took a three-to lead in the second and added on in the third. the giants pitchers gave up a lot of bronze. advanta scored eight times in the fifth. the giants came back with five runs in the eighth, but they still lost 12-11. it is the biggest auto racing weekend in the bay area. sunday is the 350. practices begins today with qualifying tomorrow and the big race on sunday. the media spoke to a couple races yesterday and the biggest name was kurt busch. >> i love coming up to sonoma raceway. i think our fans dig it with the atmosphere, with watching our big heavy cars go up and down the hills.
5:56 am
>> nascar held its annual parade yesterday from sacramento to sonoma. there is a traffic advisory this weekend, highways 37 and 121 will be congested. the heaviest traffic will be from 3-7. there are many closures tomorrow and sunday will also be packed. the chp says anyone not going to the race should avoid the area. our sister cable network will show the toyota 350 beginning new time on sunday. meantime, we will have the confederations cup soccer matches tomorrow. beginning at 7 am it is russia playing mexico. do not miss morning on two. san francisco's annual pride parade is this weekend, thousands of people from all over the world headed to the
5:57 am
city. organizers estimate maybe even 1 million. nasa calls out gwyneth paltrow, is her lifestyle company misleading customers? for years, centurylink has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver?
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we will show you how the castro is preparing for the five 2017 celebration. welcome back. let's talk about friday weather. >> sue says they have fog.
6:00 am
we have some fog around crockett. temperatures will go down. i know there was 107-108 not far away. it is almost easier to forecast temperatures going up been them going down. the last couple of days there was a teaser on some of the fog. this trend shows a cooling down all the way into the weekend. it may take a little bit from some of you. for everyone else 50s and 60s, there is with southwest at 21. if that picks up 30 or something that will definitely be the signature on it.


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