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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 23, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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russia takes on mexico. you don't want to miss mornings on 2. we will be airing on ktvu plus both saturday and sunday. >> preparations for pride. we're talking to sfpd about about security measures in place. who will be taking the stage during the 80th season of the stern grove festival. all of the action at sonoma raceway as nascar races into the bay area. ♪[music] ♪ i will get by ♪ >> a big weekend is knocking on the door was we give you a live look from the hills of marin county, out towards eventually the city by the bay. the giants are back in town. stern grove festival kicks off this weekend. sf pride ready to roll. of course there is a touch of gray in the sky as you can see that fog making its way through the golden gate into san francisco bay. a little touch of gray. yeah. i get a little touch now and
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then. >> the weather is cooperating with all of the events we have. >> a little bit of a cooldown. i forget to mention nascar is in town. we have the big race up at sonoma raceway. whatever happened to the station wagon. >> i was wondering about the station wagon. >> i'm going to stop. seems you tweet interesting things. and i'm like sal, it is just the station wagon. it disappeared. >> it was really popular in the '70s and '80s. >> we did have a station wagon. the wood paneling. >> yeah. >> no car seats. throw the kids in the back. >> my family didn't have one. my husband had one. >> really. >> back then kids would ride in the back without car seats. >> right. >> facing the wrong way. >> facing the wrong way. >> bring the station back on this friday. >> maybe with car seats. >> yeah. >> you know what, it is time for our weather. because i'm interested to hear what rosemary has to say about this weekend's forecast. you're outside. is it going to be a nice
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weekend or too hot? >> it's gorgeous out here. before i let you go on the topic of the station wagon, did you ever sit in the very back that faces the driver behind you. >> oh, yeah. >> riding backwards. >> yes. >> and we would make faces at them. >> carpool to school. >> absolutely. outside our doors it is a gorgeous day. we started out with cloud cover in oakland. it is clearing oust the way. let me clear out of the way and give you a view towards san francisco where you can see way back. we do have a little bit of a coastal cloud cover right there hugging the coastline. a cooling trend as we get into your bay area weekend. temperatures at this hour in san francisco 56 degrees. a lot of 60s around the bay. 68 in hayward. low 70s inland. already off to a mild start for areas like livermore and concord. here is the thing, fairfield down by 16 degrees. livermore down by 21. we get closer to the bay and temperatures are cooler here. not as drastic.
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down by 7 in oakland. down by 4 in and around sfo. how about the afternoon highs for today? we're talking 70s around the bay. areas like oakland today. 80 for san mateo. a beautiful 68 for san francisco. in the north bay, it will be nice and warm but not bad. 82 for santa rosa. inland east bay, another hot day. way better than yesterday. and that is going to continue as we get into your weekend. 99 in antioch. 94 in concord. by the end of the weekend, temperatures feeling quite nice. eventually our inland cities back into the low 80s. i'll show you when the extended forecast coming up. >> thank you, rosemary. the state's power grid is underpressure because of the heat wave. in the bay area alone 170,000 customers lost power this week because of failed transformers. the transformers need to cool off and it usually happens in the evening but not this week. >> in this heat wave over the last couple of days, it's
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primarily been from distribution transformer outages. those are the cylinder looking pieces of equipment on top of power poles. >> pg&e says new transformer are already at the distribution center in fremont ready to be installed. a million people are expected to turn out for pride weekend. preparations are already underway this morning. christien kafton is at san francisco city hall to talk about the special ceremonies happening there. christian. >> reporter: good morning. a beautiful start to the pride weekend. the weather is gorgeous. you can see the main stage at civic center plaza is coming together nicely. crews are working hard as we speak. city hall is already hosting wedding ceremonies this morning. we caught up with one couple who say they knew the moment they locked eyes that they were meant to be together. >> hehe is absolutely wonderful. >> it's been one and a half
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years. >> we have been feeling the same way every since we met at that traffic light. right? >> reporter: and that couple actually shared their story with us. they met at a traffic light, locked eyes and it has been history ever since. they knew they were meant to be with each other. we watched as crews got to work pretearing the castro for pride celebration, putting up balloons and barricades for the parade and other activities. this year's celebration is all about pride and community. >> you know, i feel like it is about celebrating the diversity. it's not so much coming together as the lgbtq. it is like no, we're all like the immigrants. there is so much going on. right. so the whole thing with sf is we're celebrating diversity. >> reporter: you can see the crews still getting the main stage ready at civic center plaza. you can imagine that there will be tens of thousands of people filling civic center plaza as pride gets underway.
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keep in mind, it will get underway at noon tomorrow at civic center plaza. of course the big parade kicks off 10:30 sunday morning. if you have not been before, it is one of san francisco's signature parades. it is absolutely huge. lots and lots of people going by. and just as many participants. a lot of participants and lots of observers. it is quite a parade, guys. >> christien kafton, i know it is. i've been there a few times. thank you for the report live from san francisco. here is a look at some of the big pride events. the installation of the pink triangle will start at 7:00 tomorrow morning. the celebration at civic center plaza kicks off tomorrow at noon. the parade as christien kafton mentioned starts at 10:30 on sunday morning on market street. coming up at 9:20, we will talk live with san francisco police on the extra security measures in place for the celebration. for more information about this year's pride celebration, go to you will find everything that you need right there on the home page. it is the biggest auto racing weekend in the bay area.
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>> nascar making its annual pit stop in sonoma county with the old toyota save mart 350. >> let's go live to alex savidge at sonoma raceway. you have been all over the place. you were in the pacer car. and then trying out for the pit crew. what have you got for us now? >> reporter: yeah. i got the all access pass this morning, you guys. good morning to you. we're behind the scenes here. we're at the nascar garage here at sonoma raceway. these are all of the crews for the various team that's will be taking part in the toyota save mart 350, happening on sunday. and what you're looking at here, these are all of the trucks. the trucks have arrived here at the raceway. and they're waiting to unload all of the cars and all of the equipment that will happen at 10:00 this morning. then the drivers are going to be here and they will hit the track for some practice laps, gearing up for the big race on sunday. i want to bring in diana brennan with sonoma raceway. good morning.
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>> good morning. happy race weekend. >> there you go. >> first of all, let's talk about the weather. i know for nascar fans, last year was real hot. you got perfect weather this weekend. what kind of crowds are you expecting. >> great crowds. the campgrounds are sold out and are full and having a great time already. great crowds expected for sunday. a great day in northern california. >> okay. we know the big event is on sunday. some other qualifying races will happen saturday. there is also a special race weekend, i know. as we show over here, i want to show the nationwide truck right over there, if we could. that is dale earnhardt, jr.'s truck. this is his final race at sonoma raceway. that's a big deal. >> it is a big deal. he and his father were a big part of the sport. he has come around on road course racing the last couple of years. he seems excited to tackle the track and the fans will wish him well. >> speaking of the fans, as you mentioned, the campgrounds are
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packed. we have rvs, thousands of them already here. for people who have never taken part, describe it for us. it is like a big nascar party up here in sonoma. >> it is an all weekend event. there are interactive displays that you experienced this morning. great food and activities all morning leading up to the big show. there is an air show on sunday before the race. a little of everything. >> if we have the video earlier this morning as you talked about, we had the all access pass. i got to ride around with one of the drivers this morning and experience this course firsthand. it is just under two miles each lap. ten turns. left turns, right turns. that makes this a very unique course in terms of the courses that these drivers experience on the circuit. >> you bet. we are one of only two road courses on the circuit doing ovals. it is a challenge for the guys. they love the challenge. we are looking forward to a good race. >> we don't do any ovals here at sonoma. >> no. we think outside of the oval.
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>> i appreciate that. enjoy your weekend. >> thank you. >> dynamite weather here. the fog had kind of rolled over the hills here at the raceway this morning. it has burned off. it is warming up quite nicely. it will be a beautiful weekend for racing. i want to send it over now to sal. sal, you're going to talk about the traffic situation in and around the raceway throughout this weekend. it can be rough for folks. >> it sure can be. if you're not prepared for it, if you're driving to the area, obviously there will be a traffic advisory around the raceway, alex, this weekend. highway 37 and 121 will be congested. the heaviest traffic is from 3:00 to 7:00 tonight. lane controls saturday and sunday. anyone not going to the race should avoid the area all day saturday and sunday. this is the map of the area just in case you're not familiar. so, you know, you're driving up, maybe you want to do a little bit of wine tasting. this is not the weekend to go this way. i'm not discouraging you. if you want to get up to the area where there are wineries, stay on 101 and perhaps use 116
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of. that will be crowded with you you can get through. i would not recommend leaving that vat owe and coming up to black point, up to sears point unless you're going to the race. same with highway 37 from this area here. this gets jam packed getting out to what used to be called sears point here. and it is just word to the wise. now, some people will be avoiding it. so highway 29 will take extra traffic. i think you can still get through. if you're going -- let's say you want to go to a different part of napa. the keyword is get on the road early and avoid the congestion in the area for the very big race that attracts a lot of people to the raceway. please know that it will be a tough weekend to drive in the area. >> i like to say, sal, if people really want to go wine tasting, it is be just sonoma and napa county. >> yeah. >> livermore. >> south bay. >> santa cruz mountains. >> it is not -- list eastbound, it is not i am -- listen, it is not impossible. if you want to get out there, get out there early and pack
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your patience. >> be prepared. coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, nancy pelosi defending her leadership as some members of her own party are calling for her to step down after recent democratis losses in congressional races. a vote on the senate republican health care bill could be days away. the opposition it is facing from democrats, medical groups and even some republicans.
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>> welcome back. let's take a look at the market on this friday morning. some energy companies are clawing back some of the sharp losses from earlier this week. as you can see, the dow jones is up 11 points. the nasdaq is now up 17 points. health care stocks were doing well earlier because we are seeing the senate republican plan to replace the affordable care act. as you might expect, democrats are unhappy because it will strip health care coverage from
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millions of americans. >> but a number of key republican senators are also unhappy and their votes could doom the legislation. >> monte francis has more on the legislation. >> reporter: protesters gathered outside of the office of mitch mcconnell furious over the plan to make drastic cuts to medicaid. 43 people were arrested, some of them in wheelchairs. chairs. >> save our liberty. >> reporter: this as senate republicans unveiled for the first time their plan to dismantle obama's signature health care law. >> obamacare isn't working by nearly any measure. no amount of 11th hour reality denying or buck passing by democrats is going to change the fact that more americans are going to get hurt unless we do something. >> reporter: but democrats say the new bill cuts health care for people who need it the most. >> the president said the house bill was mean.
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the senate bill may be meaner. >> reporter: it phases out the medicaid expansion to the states by 2020. replacing it with a new system of federal tax credits to help people buy insurance. it keeps some protections for preexisting conditions. but it takes away requirements imposed on the states for plans to cover maternity care, emergency services, and mental health treatment. the senate plan also repeals the tax increases on the wealthy imposed by the affordable care act. e act. >> these cuts are blood money. people will die. let's be very clear. senate republicans are paying for tax cuts for the wealthy with american lives. >> reporter: four conservative republicans have already said they oppose the bill. at least five other moderate republicans have also expressed concern about the proposal in
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its current form. just three no votes and the bill would fail. >> my hope is not to defeat the bill but to make it better. >> reporter: the president who said of the house version that he wanted a bill with more heart said on twitter, i am very supportive of the senate health care bill. look forward to making it special. remember, obamacare is dead. monte francis, ktvu fox 2 news. >> and next week the congressional budget office releases its analysis of the bill. at that time we should actually find out how many people stand to lose health coverage under the plan and what impact it could have on the premiums. many republican senators are waiting for the numbers before they decide how to vote. many medical organizations oppose the bill. the american academy of pediatrics says it could hurt children. other medical organizations say it may leave millions without coverage and could lead to hospitals reducing services or
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even closing. the american medical association is still reviewing the plan but strongly opposes limits on medicaid spending. and aarp says it would allow insurers to charge older adults five times as much as younger adults. the group is also raising concerns about cuts to medicaid, saying it could put millions of seniors at risk of losing the care they need. aarp represents some 38 million people over the age of 50. it is calling on every senator to vote no on the bill. president trump says he did not record his conversations with former fbi director james comey who he fired. on twitter the president said, quote, with all of the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercepts, unmasking and illegal leaking of information, i have no idea whether there are tapes or recordings of my conversations with james comey. but i did not make and do not have any such recordings. after the president fired comey, he warned on twitter that comey, quote, better hope there are no tapes of our
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conversations. house minority leader nancy pelosi is brushing back complaints from democrats saying she isn't going anywhere. some congressional democrats say she is at fault for the defeats in the special elections in georgia and south carolina. they say in order for democrats to take back seats in the mid terms, pelosi needs to step down. pelosi has become a target for republicans on the campaign trail. they can't recapture the house with her at the top. in a meeting she defended herself saying she is worth the trouble. pelosi has been in leadership position since she helped win the house back in 2007. coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, teaching people how to avoid sexual assault allegations. the controversial tour that bill cosby is planning after a mistrial was declared in his own sexual assault case. security will be tight at this weekend's pride celebration. up next, the extra precautions that police are taking.
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judge. >> as we've been talking about this morning, san francisco is getting ready for one of the biggest weekends of the summer. organizers of the pride celebration are putting out the welcome mat for the parade and other activities this weekend. with the recent terrorist attacks, security is being increased. we are joined live by robert, a san francisco police officer. good morning, robert. >> good northering, everybody. happy friday. >> happy friday to you. let's go to civic center plaza. what should people expect? are you going to have metal detectors? those wands that are waved often at people as they make their way into events? >> absolutely. so events -- pride events are going to be having extra security measures from metal detectors and wands. we will have full staffing. we have canceled all days off, making sure that everyone is on the streets, making this event as safe as possible.
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>> robert, let me put this delicately. this is kind of a boozey event. i have been there many times. people are drinking. so are you actually allowed to have drinks on the street? people do it any way. when people are drunk, they don't make the best decisions. are you looking out for those kinds of things. >> you're absolutely correct. we want to make sure that people know that the laws prohibiting open containers, drinking alcoholic beverages out in public is going to be enforced. that will be prohibited throughout the city. there are going to be venues where alcohol is going to be provided and you can partake if you are of age. party responsibly. if you're going to drink, please don't drive. if you are going to drink, make sure that you are responsible and you're able to take care of yourself. we don't want to -- we will definitely respond to any kind of medical emergencies out there. and we want to be able to
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respond to all different kinds of incidents. for someone who just didn't make the right decision to stop their parties, so to say, we don't want anybody getting hurt out there. >> robert, are you expecting more people to attend this event maybe in years past? we were talking to some of the event organizers and they are expecting larger crowds given the political climate and a lot of interest in san francisco pride and other pride events. do you expect more people to turn out? if so, how does that change things for you guys? >> well, this is the largest lgbtq celebration in the country. given the forecast for beautiful weather, we're expecting the normal crowds as we have expected in the past. please expect the traffic delays, road closures, as well as a lot of pedestrian traffic out there. so we're taking extra measures to make sure that everyone is going to be safe out there. just follow the laws, follow
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the traffic closures. and we hope that everybody has a good time. just be patient as you travel through the city. whether you're going to be in a vehicle or public transportation or any kind of ride share. >> robert, real quick. road closures, are there a lot? do you recommend that people not drive around there? i know that a lot of streets are closed. >> so this would be the perfect time to utilize public transportation. and be on foot if you can. there's going to be a number of road closures just based on the footprints of the different pride events. but then there also may be just the grid lock traffic with all of the people coming into the city. so not only is it pride weekend where people from all over the world come and celebrate events, but we also have summer travel and people -- tourists coming to visit san francisco. >> so much focus on civic
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center plaza this weekend. market street for the parade. what about tonight? you mentioned that it will be packed in the castro. are you putting more forces, foot patrols down in that area? so we are definitely aware of where the foot traffic increases on a friday night for pride weekend. we have stores -- resources ready to go and to respond to any incident throughout the city. >> fbi, are they helping you out? any other law enforcement agencies? >> we're coordinating with all of the law enforcement agencies. they're all aware that this is a busy weekend. that potentially, you know, things can go awry with lots of crowds and traffic. so we are keeping each other abreast. and we are communicating closely this weekend. >> thank you, officer. have a safe one. >> thank you. have a good weekend. >> again, we have put more information about pride right there for you on
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find everything that you need on events and security right there on the home page. coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, entertainment mogul sean diddy telling us how he made a name for himself. the other free concerts that you can check out this weekend.
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♪[music] >> welcome back to the 9 on this friday morning. sal's jambs this morning. summertime themes. >> allie and i love this song. >> i love that song. >> want to welcome rosemary in. some of that fog burned off quickly. >> summer like pattern in place
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for our weekend. >> i like it. >> yes. a cooling trend on the way. already in fact underway. we are looking at a little bit of fog along the coastline. the marin layer has deepened. the on shore breeze is back. look at this view. it spills into the bay. temperatures in san francisco, 60 degrees. looking at 63 santa rosa. mid-60s oakland. inland, livermore 62. if you are just joining us, down by 21 degrees from yesterday at this time. down by 16 in fairfield. i hear a yes coming from behind the camera there. we do have temperatures still quite warm, especially inland. in fact there's a heat vise radio for the inner east bay lasting for this evening. 99 in antioch. no areas with 100 degrees. we will get close. inside the bay, upper 70s, low 80s. upper 60s in san francisco. a beautiful 82 in santa rosa. here is a look at your extended
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forecast. upper 90s for the hotter spots today. by sunday, upper 80s. that is a nice drop there. as we get into tuesday, we will keep it cool. low 80s in the forecast inland. upper 60s around the bay and low 60s at the coast. back to some of that nicer weather. >> nice. >> that we love. >> good time to get in the station wagon and turn up the muse being and take a drive. >> yeah. normal summer. >> thanks, rosemary. >> you got it. >> for more on the headlines we have been working on, let's go to dave clark. >> thank you, sal. here are the top stories we're following. another smash and grab robbery at a costco yesterday in foster city. it happened at a costco on metro center boulevard. four suspects with hammers smashed a display case, stole items. they were gone in about 30 seconds. reportedly at least one suspect had a gun. we also now know the name of the 17-year-old girl who fell off a cliff last night in san francisco and later died.
9:32 am
she was victoria laroca. she was with friends in the area near lands end in china beach when she slipped and fell at least 50 feet down on to rocks. well, ktvu obtained exclusive video of wednesday night's attempted home invasion robbery in brentwood that turned into a deadly shooting. video from a neighbor shows the two alleged robbers walking up to the driveway of the home on birch street. they confronted the homeowner in his garage that contained a large safe. they forced him to open it. but they didn't know he had a loaded gun inside of it. and the homeowner shot both intruders. >> he's always in the garage. he's sitting in there watching television, just chilling. so the garage was open i'm pretty sure. once he opened the safe, he pulled the gun out and started firing. >> the still unidentified men who were killed were both in their 30s from antioch. the homeowner was questioned by police but he is not being charged with a crime because he
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acted in self defense. those are just some of the morning headlines. hey, mike, sal, allie, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. bill cosby is planning a series of town hall meetings this summer to educate men about what he considers the dangers of the judicial system. there was a mistrial declared last weekend in the sexual assault case. prosecutors plan to retry him. two representatives for cosby say he will tour the country to teach athletes and married mechanic how to avoid sexual assault allegations. advocates for sexually abused women say cosby is trying to influence people who may be jurors in the next trial. it is our question of the day. what do you think of bill cosby's post-trial plan to hold the town halls in here are the results so far. 11% say good idea. the majority here, 89% saying a bad idea. a lot of people talking about this on social media. jimmy said, good. because he's trying to educate young people. bad because it seems that it
9:34 am
might be more of an imagery build. >> tackleberry says he needs to just lay low. if allegations are false, this will make him look worse. >> and another viewer says fastest past to get a retrial decision by the prosecutor. prosecutors do plan to retry him. >> right. >> i want to mention one tweet that i got from erica c. just a simple face palm emoji. >> that says a lot. >> if you want to weigh in on the topic, hit us up on twitter or social media by using #ktvuthe9. we have footage of johnny depp creating an internet fire storm. >> this will be in the press. it will be horrible. but i like that you're all a part of it. when was the last time that an actor assassinated a president? >> depp was referring to john wilks booth who killed lincoln
9:35 am
at a theater in 1865. he made the comments at app arts festival in england where he was presenting one of his films. the white house says president trump condemns violence in all forms and it is sad that he did not follow the president's lead. melania trump is officially living in the white house. she recently spoke to a reporter about adjusting to her new life. >> congratulations. you moved into the white house. how is it? >> we are enjoying it very much. >> how about barron with school. >> he loves it. all settled. he loves it here. >> are you missing new york. >> not really. i'm so busy and we are doing so many great stuff. it is really special place. >> the first lady and son barron trump moved into earlier this month. he will attend a school in maryland this fall. on the other side of the coast in california there is a place called disneyland. >> i have heard of it. >> every time that i go, i do a day and a half and i'm done. i can't take it.
9:36 am
it is exhausting. i have younger children so we're going nonstop. it might be considered the happiest place on earth. could you actually go to disneyland every day for 2,000 days? that's exactly what one california man did. lauren vaughn has the story. >> reporter: jeff wright has come through the gates of disneyland every single day for the past 2,000 days. >> this is going to probably end up being even guinness world records. that wasn't even something that was planned. >> reporter: he got an annual pass as a gift while unemployed. he used it every single day of 2012. now five years later and working full-time, he still is coming every day. >> i come in the evening. as long as you're in the gate before closing, then you're good to go. >> whoa. whoa. you've been here every day for 2,000 days? oh, my goodness. >> you're not the only mad one. >> it has been a positive. it has been a motivator. it's been my workout gym. this past year i've lost about
9:37 am
40 pounds. >> how many years is that. >> five and a half. >> five and a half years. only in california could you do that. >> reporter: the air force veteran girlfriend shares his love of disney but she does not come every day. >> two or three times a week, depending what is going on. >> reporter: how does he pay for living at disneyland. >> annual pass. at the top of the line at $1,049, if you paid cash at the gate every day, you would spend $65,000 for the year. he has acquired a following on social media. he is also the envy of every kid. >> what do you think about coming to disneyland every single day for five and a half years? >> it would be good. >> you wouldn't get sick it was. >> no. >> that would probably be exhausting but fun. >> it brings back reflection along with looking to the future. kind of what walt had planned out. >> reporter: in anaheim, lauren
9:38 am
vaughn, fox news. from so cal to no cal this is the opening day of stern grove in san francisco. >> the admission free concert is sunday. >> for more, we're joined live in the studio by the festival director of programming. judy, welcome. thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> a san francisco native. >> yes. >> when was your first visit to stern grove and the festival? >> i was a kid and i went with my family. it is one of those few opportunities where an entire family can go and see free music together, admission free. >> four tickets, you go down -- >> yeah. >> it can be expensive. >> for the festival, it is free. >> get there as early as possible and wear sunscreen even though you may not think in that area of san francisco you get sun.
9:39 am
but you get sun burned. >> yet. it could be warm or chilly. just make sure that you wear layers. >> there are a lot of events going on in san francisco this weekend. how are you planning or adjusting for the traffic, the crowds. >> yeah. we're trying to let everyone know to arrive early and make an entire day out of it. that is really the best way to enjoy the festival. >> he was live right here with us on the 9. >> yeah. >> he just won a grammy this past year. >> yeah. >> he will be performing on july 2nd with nikki bloom and the gramblers. >> do you travel the country and try to find unique acts for the festival. >> i do. >> and bring them to san francisco. >> i do a lot of work and research going around and talking to a lot of folks and seeing what is out there and bringing that music back to san francisco. >> what do you look for when you see an act or a musician that you know would be a great fit for stern grove. >> we have an eclectic lineup.
9:40 am
we want to make sure that the diversity of the bay area is reflected on the stage. we have a little bit of everything. all different cultures are represented. >> how is the venue itself? didn't it go through a little -- >> we went through a major renovation in 2005. >> yeah. >> it has maintained its beauty. surrounded by trees. it is a magical place. now with the renovation, it is a little more comfortable for all of our audience members and the artists. >> i noticed that even when you're not watching the act on the stage, there's a little like opening where kids can run around and there's places to buy food and stuff. >> yes. >> over the years it has grown- up into a really main stay festival. >> we have a kid stage area in the west meadow where kids can learn how to dance and touch instruments and play them. so -- and we have a food truck area. >> does the park get full. >> yes.
9:41 am
>> the parking. >> yeah. >> we encourage people to take public transit. >> the stern grove festival association, what drew you is because it's free. >> yes. accessibility is so important. >> have there been any problems, do you foresee problems about keeping it alive and well in san francisco. >> the festival is made for the community and by the community. it is something that we have the support of donors and volunteers and people who help sustain what we do. >> all right. have a wonderful summer out there. >> thank you. >> i look forward to taking the family out and sharing the music with them. we have put more information about this season's festival on our home page on look for it in the web links section under the mornings on 2 tab and you can find it on our mobile app. coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, free adoptions to
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these -- due to overcrowding. up next, meet some of the pets looking for a new home this summer of 2017.
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>> it's one of the highlights of the fair. the world's ugliest dog contest is being held in petaluma today. the chihuahua who is blind in both eyes won last year. the contest starts at 6:00 tonight. the winner is awarded $1,500, a trophy and flown to new york city for media appearances. >> he doesn't look that bad. today is national take your dog to workday. i didn't know that. it was started back in 1999 as a way to promote pet adoptions.
9:45 am
dogs with make the work environment better by increasing moral. if i knew that, i would have brought any dog in. although i don't know if they would allow it here. >> they would. >> next year. >> if you're in need of a new pet to bring to work or become part of the family, there are free adoptions through july 8th to help with overcrowding. >> here with some of the animals looking for a home is steve. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> before we bring out the animals, in the summertime, are there more stray animals. >> yeah. something about whenever the weather changes, whether cold to hot or hot to cold, we see an uptick in the population. that's where we are now. we approach fourth of july, the largest day of the year for animals to become lost. we want people to come down and adopt animals. >> usually it costs a little something to adopt. this time the fees are waived. >> absolutely free. you know, typically it could cost between 60 upwards of $250
9:46 am
to adopt an animal depending on the sex, the size. between now and july 8th, absolutely free. >> nice. >> how many dogs and cats do you have looking for homes? >> as of yesterday, we had about 180 dogs. and we're well over 200 cats. >> and you brought one of the dogs in. >> we did. >> let's see this dog. who is she or he. >> this is diamond. we believe diamond is a 2-year- old tibetan spaniel. she would love to be adopted into a sweet and caring home and find her forever family. >> i love it. do you tend to see more small dogs being adopted or do you have a problem adopting larger dogs. >> larger dogs tend to be more of a problem due to landlord restrictions whether it is a breed or size restriction. >> diamond is loving us. >> yeah. >> you mentioned the fourth of
9:47 am
july. i personally had animals run away on that day because of the fireworks that people shouldn'ting doing but doing anyway. how do you get them back or how do you keep them from running away in the first place on that day? >> the best way to keep them from running away -- sometimes you can't keep them from running away. make sure that they're secure. you check your fence line and make sure that doors and windowed are closed and locked. the best way to get them back if they become lost is to get them micro chipped and licensed. that way, you know, you could take it to any local vet if you find a stray animal and they can scan it. we will scan it. if it is licensed, we know that we can just call the owner directly and get it back to them. the other thing, just put a name tag on your animal with your phone number on the back. that an easy thing to do. >> my dog has gone on a journey a few times and the phone rings. it works. let's bring in the cat that you
9:48 am
brought too. who is this? >> this -- this is storm shadow. and storm shadow is -- we believe she is a little over eight weeks old. this is a kitten that i'm actually fostering right now. i've had her for about a little over a month now. she is a sweetie. i think she is a little unsure of the environment here. >> she is a little scared. shaking. >> her sister was going to come on too but she went into a little bit of diva stage in the back and got unsure. i think she was upset there was no sparkling water back there. >> i want to ask about pets and the weather. we have come off of a nine-day heat wave. a lot of people don't realize that it can do serious damage to your pets, to their paws. they're out walking on the pavement in the hot weather. >> yeah. it really can. dog shoes are a great thing. generally what we recommend at this time of the year is walk your dogs early in the day or later in the day, once the sun
9:49 am
goes down. that's when the pavement is a little cooler. we have been getting a lot of calls about animals locked in hot cars. >> yeah. >> we will be doing a demonstration next week to build awareness around that. >> i don't understand it. >> yeah. i think a lot of people -- for a lot of people, it is lack of awareness and education. >> people don't realize even if the windows are cracked, it is not enough. >> we as humans can do that. we can open the door if we needed to. animals can't do that. we have been getting a lot of calls and having to respond to animals in hot cars. and, you know, that is not the favorite part of our job. you know, we certainly want animals to be safe at all times so we can bring them in and get them adopted or make sure that they're in a loving home. >> i think sal has found someone. >> i have enough. >> are you sure. >> i have minor cat allergies. >> free adoptions through july. we will put more information up on you can look for it in the web
9:50 am
links section under the mornings on 2 tab. you can also find it on the ktvu mobile app. we will be back right after the break. >> get a close-up. ♪ let me tell you about i my be best-- tell you about my best friend ♪ ♪
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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>> enter now for a chance to win two tickets to the wednesday june 28th performance of the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime at the shn
9:53 am
golden theater. to enter go to facebook and fill out the contest link. entries accepted until 11:59 tonight. you must be at least 18 years old to enter. the prize has a retail value of $210 and provided by the hsn. two winners will be selected on june 26th of this year. see the official rules on under contests. sean diddy combs opens up about his music empire. >> it wasn't anything that i was trying to get out. but there were questions as far as whether due to the time in my life what was my motivation. >> the film is entitled can't stop, won't stop a bad boy story. it includes footage, personal interviews and fly on the wall scenes of combs reuniting with people who built up bad boy records. >> me as a human being and take away all of the bling and all
9:54 am
of the different success stories and this is what it is about. this is what it is about for me. >> social media has been buzzing that this film calls attention to the bitter feud between east coast and west coast rappers. this documentary is coming out right after the buy graphic film all eyes on me, the story about one of combs music rivals, tupac. cats the musical is closing once again. the broadway show will end its latest revival in december. it ran from 1982 to 2000 originally and then began a new run last july. a national tour of cats officially opens in rhode island in 2019. the golden state warriors did not have a pick in this year's nba draft but they grabbed a player they liked. they picked up oregon forward jordan bell in the second round. the number 38th pick in the draft. they paid three and a half
9:55 am
million dollars to the bulls to get the rights to bell. he averaged nearly 11 points and eight boards last season leading the ducks to the final four. two cal players were picked in the second round of the draft. ivan was taken by the oregon magic who then traded him to the grizzlies. bird who graduated in richmond was drafted by the boston celtics. he's known for his athleticism and being a good three point shooter. some of the world's top soccer players are showing their skills at the federation cup. it is a prelude to the world cup next year. it is russia versus mexico tomorrow morning. you don't want to miss mornings on 2. our regular newscast will be on ktvu plus saturday and sunday. the a's mounted a rally against the astros last night. the astros scored ten times in the first two innotings behind three big home runs.
9:56 am
josh reddick added a solo shot in the 6th. it was not just. the a's have a weekend series beginning tonight against the white sox in chicago. the giants put up a fight last night as well. their pitchers also gave up too many runs against the braves. atlanta scored first. and the giants took a lead in the 2nd. the braves took the lead back by scoring eight times in the 5th. there were 7 home runs in the ball game. three by the giants. the giants came back. with five runs in the 8th and 9th innings but still lost to the braves 12-11. giants back home against the mets. and some give-aways including this bobble head tomorrow against the mets. >> a classic. >> late afternoon game. >> it is vintage looking. >> yes. >> first 30,000 fans get this particular bobble head. sunday also against the mets, 1:05 start. they will give away the summer
9:57 am
of love blanket to celebrate 50 years from the -- the anniversary of the summer of love. >> you might need it with the fog. >> first 20,000 fans get that. busy weekend at the ballpark. >> join us on the 9 on monday. 49ers fans will remember our guest, former quarterback jeff gear see it. remember him? he will be live talking about his role in the flag football league. >> blast from the past. >> that is our show for this morning. thank you for joining us. have a great friday and weekend.
9:58 am
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