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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  June 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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they said that many of the ups employees were friends of their san francisco pd family. they delivered packages to the san francisco police department and they also worked with these employees in the community. here's what we were told this afternoon. this was 30 minutes ago. >> prominently displayed at the front of the room the weapons jimmy lam used to take three lives including a zone . a mac 10 stolen in utah and a semi automatic pistol stolen in napa. police recovered a backpack that contained ammunition. only the mac 10 was used and 20 rounds were filed. is not clear who stole the guns and police were asked how jimmy lam was able to get the guns into a secure ups facility. >> jimmy lam was an employee of ups and was in the building for employment purposes. any information that we have as to where he came in and the
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security and the magnetometers have video information is best answered by ups. jimmy lam was known for nonviolent offenses. there's a question of what motivated him to shoot his victims. some of the incident was captured on camera and police have interviewed over 100 witnesses. many said he walked by employees and shop for people during a meeting and then targeted a 46-year-old outside. >> after the shooting inside the building, numerous employees fled the building. mr. lam was observed on video calmly walking outside the building as well. once outside the building, mr. lam walked up to michael who was standing on the corner of 17th and san bruno avenue and without speaking to him, mr. lam shot him alterable times.>> reporter: back here live, the police department says they are morning with the
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ups family. they think the department for quick response and keeping the loss of life to a minimum.>> so they are saying he targeted those three victims. are they saying why? >> reporter: the not sure why but we can tell you that they did execute a search warrant at jimmy lam's home. they found journals and computer files. forensic investigators will be going through all of that to see if they can find some type of motive as to why he shot these victims. >> i remember seeing a mac 10 a person am i thought was i felt like it was a killing machine. did jimmy lam steal it or did he buy it off of the market after it was stolen ? >> that we don't know. it's unclear at this point who stole the guns. we know he was in possession of those stolen weapons in we heard the 20 rounds were shot.
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>> rob, thank you. we have breaking news in oakland but police are investigating a deadly shooting. sky fox was over the scene a short time ago. the call came in to replace less than one hour ago. the man crashed his car and fell out of the driver seat and onto the road. according to police he had been shot and was pronounced dead at the scene. police think he may have been shot at a different location and drove away. the crime scene has been set up and transit is rerouting bus service in the area. were working to get more information and we will bring that to you authorities have identified a 102-year-old woman found dead in oakland. officers were called to a home on 22nd avenue early sunday morning. mildred williams was found dead inside. neighbors tell ktvu mildred live with her son on was never seen outside of the house.
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officers say the death is being investigated as a suspicious death. three suspects are being sought after a robbery. a man was in his car on brizzi peak boulevard and 2:15 three men came after him. one of them got into the car while the other two pulled him out of the car and walked him. the victim escaped with minor injuries and a good samaritan have them call 911. police say there was an armed robbery at the same location early tuesday that ended with the woman being shot in the leg. now to washington where republicans are hoping for boats to get there house care bill passed. it looks like it could be a fight. democrats and five republican senators voice their concerns over the proposed senate health care plan. mitch mcconnell has one week to try to scrape up the votes that he needs to pass his version of the bill. it looks like it could be an uphill battle for the gop.>>
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when trump was a get something done it will get done and no one knows is in a better than senator mcconnell. with that combination, i think we're going to get this thing done>> reporter: democrats are trying to scrape up as many publicans as possible by criticizing the measure and calling it mean in cost fewer people to have coverage>> as a doctor i took an oath to do no harm. i urge all representatives, all senators, everybody in the administration, to take that same oath to do no harm>> reporter: the proposed bill would cut medicaid funding and give the states more flexibility on how those dollars are spent. it would raise taxes on high earners allowing insurers to provide fewer benefits and in tax penalties on people who don't buy coverage in larger companies that don't offer coverage to workers. >> the people who have the most to lose will be the ones to see
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their costs skyrocket.>> reporter: while the bill is not perfect, it is possible>> is not going to be something each one of us like standing alone. but i think this is the best we've been able to do with the hand we've been dealt and we can't afford to fail. >> reporter: within the next week the supreme court may announce a decision on trump's travel ban targeting six muslim majority countries. the supreme court justices met yesterday and may have taken a vote about whether to allow the temporary ban to go into effect. the executive order was signed in january but revised after a lower court blocked it from going into effect. the ninth circuit of appeals said it violates immigration law by discriminating against people based on the nationality military leaders want a six-month delay before letting transgender people join the service. the ap has to delay of the comparable lies which is shorter than the way the army
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and navy have requested. they been able to serve openly since last year but not to enlist. the ap reports of military to be stable in their preferred genders for at least two years prior to enlisting. a live look at san francisco. it's pretty foggy out there. it gets ready for one of its biggest and busiest weekends. the much-anticipated pride celebration. there are many events scheduled all weekend long. we've been in the city all day long without crews are preparing for the celebration. tom, does start -- the party sounds like it all ready got started. >> reporter: there's no fog here. have yourself a look. this is the 17th annual trans march. a celebration of trends -- transgender is him. as one of the largest events in the world and it's gone on for
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17 years. this is the opening shot for the entire pride weekend. it's a very important opening shot because when they are done here, they will march down and party until 2:00 in the morning. the big event is coming on sunday. the gay pride parade. we want to highlight one of the most important things about the gate pride parade and that would be dykes on bikes. >> for 41 years now dykes on bikes is one of the most important, exciting and certainly lattice units in the pride parade. for the last eight years janel has ridden on our partners harley. a partner who is also in their olive oil store. >> it's for the community to come together. having our day as women
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supporting women. >> more than 300 will be there this sunday. >> dykes on bikes has a long history of hard work. >> reporter: veteran writers told her that back in the mid- 70s it had to be a courageous in-your-face display. >> it was brutal. there is a lot of resistance. people were not accepting. the pioneers had a hard road, a really hard road. and now, we are here. hats off. they had to persevere and go through a lot of struggle and pain and challenge. >> reporter: observers may think of bikes on dykes but look be on the bikes, the noise and the leather. the look deeper
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>> the first time i wrote in part, the first time i rode with dykes on bikes, tears stream down my face. it's beyond pride. your exploding with a sense of togetherness and there's of sense of freedom. we represent love the community and that's a great way to start the parade. >> on monday the supreme court ruled that a band was allowed to use the name slant even though the government trademark office says it was a negative term and they would not allow it. today the dykes on bikes organization said that they are going to file a lawsuit asking that their name dykes on bikes be illegal local because it was also turned down for the same reasons. it's very likely they will be able to logo that trademark and have it the way they wanted. reporting live from dolores park, ktvu fox2 news. we will be back at 6:00 with
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more information on what going on this weekend. here's a look at some of the big pride events going on. the installation of the pink triangle will start at 7:00 tomorrow morning. the parade starts sunday morning at 10:30 on market street. did everything you need to know about this year's pride celebration at . new at 5:00, police have confiscated over 2700 pounds of fireworks days before the fourth of july. police have been investigating illegal use of possession of fireworks. two people have been identified for distributing illegal fireworks but have not yet been arrested. of fireworks are illegal in santa clara county. a big drop off in temperatures for today with more fog. we will let you know if the cooling trend will continue in the upcoming week.
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struck a young woman falsely were death on a hiking trail in san francisco. many are asking how could something like this happened? six in california roads. the state is expecting more than $5 million from a new gas tax. how will it be spent? you think getting into college would be the hard part. for some incoming freshman, finding a place to live maybe even more difficult.
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of any color... have to wonder... is it still paint? aura interior from benjamin moo®e . only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores. california's new gas tax is expected to take effect this november and will add $0.12 to the price of a gallon of gas. officials are trying to decide which projects will get a cut of that money.
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some lawmakers want money spent on improving sidewalks and creating new bike lanes to hopefully encourage more people to walk rather than drive. officials are calling for education as well. >> you are kids to learn to bike safely. is not enough to build a bike lane. you want to get them out there biking. >> opponents of the gas tax say they plan to launch a ballot measure to try to appeal. there's a housing shortage after accepting a larger freshman class then anticipated. that's left hundreds of students trying to find off campus housing. new at 5:00, the housing crunch is apparently worse than ever. >> reporter: there are about 1400 students on the waitlist for housing.
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the school thinks they will be able to find dorm space for about 140 of those. they're telling everybody else to start looking for other options off campus. >> before she transfers, whitney has clothing to pack in classes to pick. she wasn't expecting an email from the school saying she's one of 1400 students who could not be guaranteed on campus housing. >> i was thinking i'd get something but i didn't get anything at all. i don't know where i'm going to live. i can commute from stockton. >> there's a bumper crop of freshman. >> last year we had 3200 students. this year we have 4000. right now we have 5050 signed up for orientation.>> there are only 4000 on campus beds.
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>> the housing crisis is something we need to address. it's something at the top of our list and we will be looking at in the coming months. >> reporter: over the last 10 years san jose state has added four dorms but they're not plans for nor. students say it's worrisome. especially considering apartment costs in silicon valley. >> that is a factor for me. i would want to live on campus and know that i would be fine here and nothing would happen. >> i would only be able to -- willing to do it from a community college.>> whitney wishes she had known sooner. she has two months to figure out what you can afford and whether she will be able to find roommates. >> is very stressed -- frustrating. i don't know what i'll do now. we are looking for apartments and i've never had my own apartment. i don't know what to do. >> san jose state usually
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requires incoming freshman who live outside a 38 mile radius to live on campus. they say for now that requirement will be raised. >> finally, were out of the triple digit temperatures at least for today. >> the fog is cooling everyone off here in the bay area. even if you felt the effects with that cooler on shore breeze. a double-digit cool off across portions of the bay area. yesterday, livermore, 106. temperatures are back into the lower 90s for this afternoon. the cooling trend really kicked in. a bit more robust than expected. the fog is working its way back into the bay. just up above of thick cloud deck. there's that fog bank all ready
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working its way back into the bay. no major heat in our forecast this weekend. we are taking a look at the satellite. you can see the fog on the coast side. a pretty good offshore breeze as well. solid overcast in the coastline right now. let's check in on some current numbers out there. san jose, 90. san francisco, 64. the pride parade this weekend in san francisco starting out tomorrow morning with clouds. low to mid-60s. as we take this into sunday for the parade, some clouds by midmorning and the clouds will break up during the parade route. partly sunny skies and temperatures around 64 degrees. this area of high pressure has been in charge of our weather for about one week producing record heat and excessive heat warnings. it is beginning to back off. tomorrow will be cooler.
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the hottest locations are comfortable in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. we will continue to cool things off into sunday and monday. one thing i'm watching is an increase in high clouds. thunderstorms were popping up and that forecast model is not producing that chance. fog in the morning and then high clouds moving in from the south. it could be unstable air and it could be muggie out there. for right now, just clouds and will be watching that radar tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow night. sunday morning, clouds once again. santa rosa, 80. we can take a nice breath and enjoy these temperatures and not talk about major heat. oakland, 72. a few low 90s near antioch. here we go, san francisco, mid- 60s. beaches, 60s. looking ahead at your five day
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forecast, this was a nice forecast to type up. 70s and 80s for a good portion of the bay area. >> i live in oakland and we talk about all of these temperatures over 100 degrees. in oakland, it's been great the past couple of days. >> you have an ocean in the bay and a hill they get all sorts of temperature patterns out there. >> security concerns made a change -- mean a change for the san francisco marathon. what it means for the runners and people trying to get around the bay area.
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the remnants of tropical storm cindy are being felt in parts of the country even though the storm has mostly passed. here is a white stretch of the golf course that's cleaning up and assessing damage. >> reporter: cindy made landfall in louisiana as a tropical storm before being downgraded. it is now heading north that there battering the gulf coast for days. the high winds and heavy rain cause severe flooding in some coastal areas. that water is not going down anytime soon. >> the effects of this are going to linger. we are expecting heavy rain over the next two days. >> reporter: folks across the region are starting to assess damage to their homes and
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businesses. one of the hardest hit areas, central and southern alabama. the national weather service says that at least one tornado hit thursday night packing winds as strong is 120 miles per hour and damaging several buildings and injuring at least four people >> i saw all the debris going around and all i could do was pray. i couldn't get out of my car.>> reporter: the storm is producing heavy rain around the mississippi valley. most residents and locals -- the danger has passed. many are trying to enjoy themselves and make the best out of a bad situation>> i'm getting my work out for the day pulling her down the road in a raft. it's pretty awesome. >>, in here and have fun and do crazy stuff.>> reporter: the storm is moving to the north these impacting kentucky, tennessee and west virginia where flash flood watches are now in effect. that is the latest from the --
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from dallas. fox news. not to a sarasota family with a water rescue of a different kind. cindy and her family were into wallaby county this week when she saw a bird stuck in the water. the family jumped into action. she extended the paddle to help it out of the water. the bird stayed perched on that paddle for a while. it was given a notch before it safely flew away. a woman searching for her dog after thieves broke into her apartment and stole it. her teacup yorkshire terrier named so we was a christmas gift from her grandmother. she said zoe was stolen yesterday from her apartment on daisy street. when she got home from school, her front door and window were both open and so we was not in her crate. jewelry, an ipad and a camera were also taken. one of the highlights of
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the marin fair is about to begin. it's almost time for the world's ugliest dog contest. here's a look at last year's winner. this year 14 canines are in the running to be the top dog. the winner and it's owner take a $1500. they also get a trip to new york city. the contest gets underway at the fairgrounds in petaluma and about a half an hour. our very own brian sobel is one of the judges of the ugliest dog contest. >> some of those dogs are seriously hideous. we're learning more about a local team who fell to her death from a cliff in san francisco. we have more information about the spot where she fell. bill cosby's plan speaking tour is coming up. we're at sonoma raceway.
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coming up, we will give you the big headlines here on your racing weekend.
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only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores. we're learning more information about the death of a 17-year-old girl who fell more than 300 feet off of a cliff it lands end in san francisco. emergency responders tell us that she was in an area that was restricted to the public
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but a popular spot among park visitors. friends say she was hiking with two other girls and one of the highest spots and they had laid out a blanket to rest. that's when she slipped and fell. she was in an area restricted to the public at the time she fell. >> reporter: friends say tori was an adventurous spirit. she was set to be a senior next year. last night at 6:30 she into girlfriends for hiking it lands and when she actually the -- accidentally slipped and plunged over 300 feet to her death>> it kills me to think of a young girl falling over there>> reporter: it was faster for the lifeguards to get her by jet ski rather than the fire department rescue ropes team. she suffered massive head trauma and was in the water for at least 10 minutes and died in the ambulance. >> it is horrible. i can imagine what that would be like. >> reporter: a friend drop
5:32 pm
flowers off for her today. the teen had been at the labyrinth which boasts a breathtaking view of the golden gate bridge. it is an area of restricted to the public. >> in fact, a 26-year-old seattle woman plunged to her death in the same spot in october 2014. there are danger signs posted but she is an experienced hiker and goes through at her own risk for >> with all of the rain we have had, there's grass the covers the edge. i can see how it would be easy to slip right over. i get nervous over there>> reporter: we have seen several people go in and out even though this area is restricted. as you can see, it's easy to get by this fence. >> more parents need to instill in the kids that there were reason for laws and guidelines. if there's offense there, don't cross it. >> reporter: critics say the sinus is in bold enough and there should be fencing to alert people to the sheer drop.
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toxicology reports are not available that can show it there were drugs or alcohol in her system. her classmates say she was weak, real, and loved by all. ktvu fox2 news . police in brentwood say a homeowner was acting in self- defense when he shot and killed two men attempting to rob him. surveillance video shows the two alleged robbers walking up the driveway late wednesday night. the thieves confronted the resident in his garage where there's a large safe. they ordered him to open the safe not knowing there was a loaded gun inside. a neighbor says the resident grabbed the gun and shot both men. the two men killed are men in their 30s from antioch and their names have not been released all northbound lanes of the golden gate bridge will be closed for the san francisco marathon due to
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security reasons. the marathon is set for july 23. it's expected to draw about 15,000 runners. the northbound lanes will be shut between 6 am and 9 am. the change comes after recent terror attacks overseas>> it is just something special in this arena that we have to keep track of when we decide it may impact but were doing on our property, we have to do what's right for the public. >> the bridge district is concerned about distracted drivers. without the closure, there would have been no barrier between cars and the runners nascar, one of the biggest event in northern california. they only come here once a year and today the drivers were out practicing.>> including dale earnhardt junior. scott reese's at the sonoma raceway where the famous driver was given a unique gift.
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>> reporter: it's interesting. we've had a similar storyline for the past three seasons. one of the phases of the nascar circuit will raise her for the final time. last year was tony stewart. two years ago jeff gordon. this time around, dale earnhardt junior. gordon always had a soft spot for sonoma because he was a bay area guy and grew up watching races here. earnhardt junior, he once went on record saying he wanted to blow this place up with dynamite. deal junior is not a big fan of the road courses. fans are buried -- very big fans of 88. everywhere you walked around the campus, 88 was everywhere. his merchandise was flying off the shelves faster than any other driver. that's to be expected given his popularity and this is his swansong. he said the track will run slower this year than last year. he ran well.
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he finished with the fourth fastest practice lap of the day. he struggled early in his career hence the comment about blowing this place up. recently he's performed better here. three years ago he finished in the top five and he identified that as his greatest memory at the . >> we finished third here about four years ago. we just started winning races again as a team. we were celebrating those races with a lot of energy. we would all fly back home and they would come over to the house whether it was midnight at 4:00 in the morning. we were having a team party if we won the race. everybody was off on monday. everybody showed up pretty much the next morning at the house and i think we partied harder for that third placed in for any win that year. we were so proud of ourselves.>> reporter: a world tour means gifts and earnhardt
5:37 pm
junior received not only a magnum of sonoma's finest bubbly for his efforts but check this out, three puppies. these are training puppies that are going to be groomed to train and work with special needs children here in the bay area. a very cool gift. he and his wife are big fans of puppies and dogs. the puppies are saying here but they will come back and visit and see the raceway as well. that sets the scene for a terrific weekend. a storybook of dale junior is in the running on sunday. as for me, i have to decide which of these bad boys are going to take home with me. which one would look the coolest and give me the most maneuverability on i-80 heading home. what you think, guys? right here we've got earnhardt's car being walked over to its parking spot. >> i dare you to go hop in. >> i've gone to that race several times and i always tell people even if they're not race
5:38 pm
fans, it's fun to go at least once. the access. when you're sitting in the grandstands your about 10 feet from the pits. you can also go into the paddock area.>> reporter: the access is phenomenal. our cameraman can turn you around and this is how close the grandstand is the pit row. the access jumps out at you. the thing that jumped out at me for the first time, i had never been to a nascar race in person until a few years ago when i came to this very event. the noise. it is so loud. it is cool. you can feel the energy and it really puts you into the race, so to speak. even if you're not a big racing fan, it's a really cool event. >> people always say you should wear earplugs. >> i have them in my pocket. [laughter] coming up next,
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the oakland raiders have the highest paid player in the league. what derek carr said today when he was asked what he's going to do with all of that money.
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multimillion dollar man
5:42 pm
derek carr spoke up since he and the readers agreed to his new contract. he and the gm held a news conference this morning at the teams headquarters in alameda. carr has agreed to a deal that will pay him $125 million over five years with 70 million of that guaranteed. carr says the money will make a big difference in a lot of people's lives and not just his . >> the exciting thing for me moneywise is that this money will help a lot of people. i am very thankful to have it. is going to help people not only in this country but in a lot of countries around the world. that's what's exciting to me.>> carr says he wants to keep the details private. he will be the highest-paid player in the league. higher than tom prayed -- tom brady, and aaron rodgers on the green bay packers.
5:43 pm
struck the cosby spoke first and says he's planning a speaking tour to warn young people about sexual assault allegations. here's more on the story and what legal experts are now saying. >> reporter: the stunning plans were revealed by a spokesperson for bill cosby and his wife camille on a morning tv show in alabama>> mr. cosby wants to get back to work and we are now planning a townhall. >> reporter: the subject of those town halls is accusations of sexual assault>> it can affect any young person. especially athletes of today. they need to know what they're facing when they're hanging out at a party or doing certain things they shouldn't be doing. and it also affects>> this is why people need to be educated on a brush against the shoulder or anything at this point can be considered sexual. it's a good thing to be educated about the law.[indiscernible -- poor audio] i see nothing but downsides.
5:44 pm
he's a criminal defense attorney. >> i are sure you, this is not coming from his advice. this is an open matter. this matter will be retried as the da said. any public statements the defendant makes could come back to haunt them. >> reporter: is not clear exactly what cosby would talk about or how or if he would describe his experience as an acute sex offender. a person we spoke to report -- poured cold water on him fixing his image. >> i don't know who told bill cosby that he one and that he's getting bad advice or that he's getting bad information. he did not win. he's guilty in the court of public opinion and we don't know if he's innocent or guilty. it is yet to be determined.>> what you say about the speaking tour?>> sit down and shut up
5:45 pm
and don't come out of your house. for many, is the only place they can call home. but tonight they're being told i have to leave. a parking crackdown leaves many with no place to stay. cooler air is moving into the bay area. coming up, i will let you know what that cooler forecast will continue into the weekend.
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a parking crackdown is coming to a stretch of el camino riau. a line of rvs can be seen on the westbound side of the street from university drive to sarah street. some say that area is the only place they can call home because of how expensive housing is in that area. moving day is fast approaching.>> i have a tv here. i use it for about one hour. >> reporter: his living space is cramped. he has all the creature comforts of home but his is a home on wheels. for the past four wheels he's lived in this 34 -- 30 foot rv. >> i don't recommend anyone live in one of these on the streets.>> why are you doing it? >> i don't have anywhere to go.>> reporter: his rv is part of an armada of similar vehicles lining the southbound lane of el camino riel. from university to sarah the kings highway is home to the
5:49 pm
mobile masses. the wheels of change are turning>> over the past month we have seen a rise in the vehicles parked along the street. we've gotten calls from folks as a what's going on. >> reporter: the city manager says into -- in response to complaints they will begin enforcing the parking ordinance vehicles will have to move every three days>> it's a last resort. that's our last hope. >> zach perrone but the police department says the change will come in steps. first the flyer and then a total warning and then towing the vehicle. the ordinance says a vehicle must be moved at least one half mile away but it doesn't say for how long. conceivably a driver could get in and circle a block and come right back and park in the same spot. the only mandate is that he or she can prove the vehicle was
5:50 pm
proved. really, if it comes down to it people need to learn how to play leapfrog. >> there saying more help is needed. the opportunity services center is one place offering a to the homeless. >> they might need some help with the meal now in again or a pair of socks or just help bridge that gap till the end of the month. >> they have half a month before the city enforces the law and makes them prove their homes really are mobile. >> if i had a way out, i would take it. ktvu fox2 news. finally out of the triple digit temperatures. i was at the fair yesterday in alameda county and it was blazing. >> there weren't as many people there as it normally would be. >> they say normally 20,000 but they will see more people this
5:51 pm
time. >> when you're and he liked it is just a strange you. >> temperatures near 100 degrees. even the overnight temperatures made it tough to sleep out there. we cool things off today here in the bay area. temperatures are down a good five to 10 degrees across most areas especially inland. highs from this afternoon and most of the highest locations, 90s in livermore and antioch. san francisco, 66. last sunday san francisco had a record high of 88. a big drop off the numbers even in the city. on the satellite we have the fog hanging out in parts of the shoreline. right now there's our fog pushing back into the bay. a pretty good onshore breeze. the marine layer is deepening a little bit. that will make a cool down in the bay area. temperatures are comfortable
5:52 pm
out toward walnut creek in livermore. san jose, 78. oakland, 70. santa rosa in the upper 70s. you see the temperature change from 5:00 today until 5:00 yesterday. the temperatures are coming down out toward concorde and fairfield as well. a noticeable drop off the numbers. the transamerica pyramid and overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning starting out your day in the 50s and the 60s. our skycast is showing that. into the afternoon hours cloudy skies and 62 and we will scale back on the clouds by mid afternoon. this area of high pressure has been in charge of or weather but it begins to back off. 60s to right around 90 degrees and no more heat advisories or heat warnings for this weekend. temperatures continue to stairstep down into sunday and
5:53 pm
monday of next week. we had the fog out there and you will see high clouds moving in from the south. no showers or thunderstorms predicted but we have to keep it on the radar tomorrow afternoon. we have a pattern move in where there were lightning strikes out there. it's something to be watching for late in the day saturday and saturday night and then on sunday, the same deal. temperatures for tomorrow, the warmest locations in 90 degrees out toward net -- out toward antioch. your five day forecast, temperatures we get relief from the heat and we can take a break as we cool off into sunday, monday and tuesday and then a minor bump on the numbers. great news.>> guys, just open the window >> mark, thank you.
5:54 pm
reaction to north korea after an american was held their -- that was held there for more than a year ended up dying. korea now saying there the victim. >>
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
hundreds of people who live in a group of high-rise towers were evacuated today because of fire safety concerns. 800 families were told to leave
5:57 pm
five public housing buildings. inspections found they have insulation similar to that used on the tower that burned last week killing at least 79 people. housing officials are testing panels on hundreds of buildings around great britain. police also said the insulation tiles on the high-rise that burned failed safety test. they are reviewing every company that was involved in a recent renovation on the building and as possible those companies could face manslaughter charges in the case. north korea offered a response to the death of otto warmbier wire leaders say they are the biggest victim of the students death. tensions remain high between the u.s. and north korea>> otto warmbier was laid to rest on thursday after spending 18 months in a north korean prison. he died six days after returning to the u.s. in a vegetative state. north korea is the nine-day tortured or mistreated warm
5:58 pm
barrier calling themselves the victims of a smear campaign by the u.s. his death prompting action on a new bill that will outlaw tourist travel to korea.>> people are enticed into coming to north korea and we've got to put an into that. >> the north continue six military provocations testing another rocket engine the pentagon says could be part of an icbm program designed to hit the continental u.s. the test comes days after a strategic meeting focused on the north korean threat. the trump administration pushing back saying the president isn't doing enough to get the chinese to pressure the north. >> it's a work in progress it will take time. >> china is showing signs of frustration as well reiterating they've done everything they can to help rain in north korea and now the u.s. needs to step up and do its part. >> when the world says it hopes
5:59 pm
china can do even more, i don't know what do even more refers to. meanwhile, south korea testfired the mid range missile on friday. south korean military saying him was quote dominate the north for diplomacy to work. ktvu fox2 news . ktvu fox2 news at 6:00 starts now>> pride weekend officially underway in san francisco. tonight the citywide celebration uniting tens of thousands of people. >> it's one community coming together to celebrate lgbtq.>> it's an annual tradition that seems to get bigger and bigger every year.>> pride weekend includes several events including a transgender march. the installation of the pink trial on twin peaks and of course sunday's big pride parade. we have live team coverage
6:00 pm
tracking the conditions for the celebration. let's go to tom who shot dolores park with a march will begin in about an hour.>> reporter: it's all ready begun in the since they're having the parties now. the march will begin in about an hour. there are literally thousands and thousands of people here all celebrating transgender. i've noticed something, you've got a look for it, but there's serious security around here. the san francisco police and other agencies want to make sure that none of what happens this weekend will be the subject of any kinds of attacks or anything like that. thousands of people come to dolores park to celebrate and support transgender. it was a taboo subject. >> it may be the largest trends -- transgender pride


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