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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  June 23, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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now for today's top stories. police release more details today about last week's fatal shooting at a ups facility. investigators showed photos of the weapons jimmy lam used to kill three coworkers and then himself. police say they recovered a back in machine pistol reported stolen in utah and a semi automatic pistol stolen in napa. officers said only there 10 was used and 20 rounds were fired. pride week and is underway in san francisco for the 17th annual trans march is taking place. thousands are out and dolores park ahead of the event which is expected to run until 2 am. people say they hope it will give people a voice in the workplace. all of this is leading up to the big pride parade on sunday. a republican senator has come out against the gop bill
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to dismantle obamacare. republicans can only afford to know votes in order for the bill to pass. senator dean said it would take away healthcare for millions of americans. republican leaders have promised to vote on the bill before the senate leaves for the break on the fourth of july holiday from you are watching ktvu fox2 news at 6:30. president trump repeated his mocking support for nancy pelosi. he told us in an interview the president said he believes his party is benefiting from her continued leadership. >> the house democratic cost this -- caucus shows no signs of waning after she defended her leadership yesterday following four straight democratic losses and special elections. >> i'm a master legislator. i am a strategic politically
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astute leader. my leadership is recognized by many around the country. >> reporter: some democrats so yesterday's remarks his mug and self-serving. one member telling foxy did herself no favors. others argue this is nothing new for her. >> she has been through this before. it's not her first rodeo. just like paul ryan had to deal with the house freedom contest, they're going to be divisions. >> reporter: kathleen rice, seth moulton and tim ryan and nine other democrats discussed new leadership central to pelosi's fate is whether her fundraising skills are outweighed by how she is uniting republicans for >> i hope she doesn't step down. i think that would be a very sad day for republicans if she steps down. i would be very disappointed if she did. i would like to keep her right where she is because our record is extraordinary against her. >> reporter: a lack of a clear
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agenda for the party and a lack of bench strength. pelosi is 77 and one possible replacement is 78. another is 76. arguably the most popular democrat senator bernie sanders is 75 and is pulling the party far to the left>> the democratic brand is pretty bad. i think the trump brand is pretty bad. that's why so many people are giving up>> another possible replacement is joe crowley. >> while those three may be a diverse bunch, they may not appeal to the one group the democrats most need, white midwest working people that deserted the party for donald trump. fox news. the golden gate bridge district has decided to close the northbound lanes of the bridge for the upcoming san francisco marathon because of concerns over security. the board voted today unanimous was -- unanimously and is the
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first time they've close the entire north side. the marathon is set for july 23 and is expected to draw 15,000 runners. the northbound lanes will be shut down between 6 am and 9 am in the morning. >> is just something special in this arena and we have to keep track of. when we decide it may impact but were doing on her property, we have to do what's right for the better public.>> the bridge district is concerned about distracted drivers in the closure means there will be a solid barrier between carson runners. >> keep that in mind if you're heading to the city. is going to be a busy weekend around the bay area. here's our we can watch. >> reporter: it's the first weekend of summer and here's
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what's happening around the bay. in san francisco a person of color and excitement will take over the civic center at the 47th annual san francisco pride celebration. 300 exhibits and venues will provide a weekend of concerts, djs, and the parade is on sunday morning. head to the presidio for a commemoration of early american culture. the presidio is a family- friendly event celebrating the founding of the presidio, the birthplace of san francisco. in the east bay, check out a block party that includes dishes from favorite eateries and be a from top worries on saturday. in the south bay, get grooving at the fountain blue festival going on at plaza in san jose. her head to the music festival taking place at shoreline amphitheater in mountain view. in the northbay, philip on food, right in front of the marin fair going on at the sonoma marin fairground and petaluma. enjoy summer of love in downtown san rafael this weekend italian street painting
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is dedicating to showing the fine art of supporting quality art based programs for underserved students. new developments and contra costa search for a new district attorney as a former da faces felony charges. struck a veteran police officer accused of having sex with a 15- year-old cadet. the new scandal plaguing the lapd. search warrants are currently being served it kings residence and on his vehicle and on his locker and on his phone.
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a judge in ohio has declared a second mistrial in the case of a white university of cincinnati police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black driver. the shot was caught on the officers body camera. the jury was deadlocked in the trial. he shot a 43-year-old man in the head after pulling him over for a missing front license plate in july 2015. tensing testified he was afraid he was going to be killed but the prosecutor said the evidence contradicted that story. the victims family is demanding a third trial. >> a veteran police officer is accused of having sex with a 15- year-old police cadet. he called his actions
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despicable. kaine is a 10 year veteran who was responsible for checking on police cars and other items. the 15-year-old girl and other cadets are suspected of taking cruisers out for joy rights leading to a pursuit and crash last week. investigators uncovered explicit messages between the girl and officer. >> search words are being served at kings residence on his vehicle on his locker and on his phone and on other social media. >> four cadets were arrested for stealing police vehicles. the cadet program has been suspended. >> county supervisors are planning a meeting in august of will allow residents to question the finalists for the position of interim da. they hope to fill the position
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by mid-september. mark peterson resigned just before pleading no contest to one count of felony perjury in connection with an investigation into misappropriation of campaign funds. supervisors say they think the public should have a chance to directly question the job candidates rather than filter them through board members. struck a parking crackdown in silicon valley. >> if i had a way out of this, i would take it. >> up next, a problem for people who can only afford to live in their rvs it. the cooldown has arrived. more fog developing around the coast in the bay. coming up, your forecast for the weekend.
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we want to bring you breaking news. major delays systemwide due to an equipment problem in the two. you're looking at a tweet from bart. crews are making repairs. there is no estimated time when the service will return to normal. when we get an update, we will bring in -- it to you. problems for people living in rvs. the cost of housing in silicon valley can be so expensive but some say their rvs and cars are their only option. moving day is fast approaching. >> when i have that he -- i
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used to tv for about one hour. >> his living space is cramped. he has all the creature comforts of home but his home is on wheels. he has lived in this 34 rv parks in palo alto. >> i don't recommend anybody to live in one of these on the streets. i do it because i don't have anywhere to go. >> his rv as part of an armada of similar vehicles lining the far right southbound lane of el camino riel. from university to sarah the kings highway is home to the mobile masses. the wheels of change are turning. >> over the past month in particular we have seen a rise in the vehicles parked along the street and we've got calls from folks. >> reporter: the city manager says in response to complaints the city will in two weeks begin enforcing its parking ordinance. vehicles will have to move
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every three days>> it's on the table but a last resort. that is absolutely our last so. >> reporter: the change will come and steps. first and informational flyer and then at 72 toll warning and lastly towing the vehicle. the ordinance as a vehicle must be moved at least one half mile away but it doesn't say for how long. a driver could get in, circle the block for a half-mile and come right back and park in the same spot. he or she must prove that the vehicle was moved. critics question the timing of the crackdown and say>> if it really comes down to it, people will learn how to play leapfrog. >> reporter: other say more help is needed from welfare agencies.>> you might need some help with the mail now and again. maybe a pair of socks or some kind of a small thing that
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helps get you through the end of the month. >> reporter: for the 50+ residents living on wheels they have two weeks before the city enforces the law and makes them prove their homes a really mobile>> if i had a way out of the style of living, i would take it. it's hard to believe this weekend is the beginning of summer given the temperatures we felt briefly. 108, 106 and finally back down. >> is not just a little bit of a drop off, it's a big drop off. more cooling as we head into the weekend for saturday and sunday. yesterday we had 106 livermore. concorde, 105. those temperatures are down quite a bit. they are down 14 degrees in concord. some pretty impressive numbers there. here is a live camera, a look at the real thing. the fog pushing into san
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francisco bay. the clouds are moving at a rapid place and making a rapid move over san francisco bay. it will head out to the east bay as well. there's mount tam out there in the distance. there's a fog bank and as that maria goes out of the deep end, that will be a source of more cooling as we head into the weekend. you can see the fog on the satellite. there's the covers nether karst -- there is the coverage near the coast. we have 80 toward livermore. san jose, 76. oakland, 68. the low clouds we showed you is beginning to deepen and that will help transport the cooler marine air inlets.
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the warmest locations tomorrow will be upper 80s are close to 90 degrees. as this area of high pressure which has been in charge of or weather for nearly one week will back off in most areas will have cooling. a drop off in the numbers for sunday and into monday of next week. we have a pretty good on shore breeze and no heat advisories or heat warnings and the bay area forecast. tomorrow morning, fog out there. a big batch of high clouds. last sunday we had the same pattern out there and a few showers and thunderstorms were triggered across portions of the bay area. this forecast model is not paid -- painting that picture but it's something to be watching. on sunday the clouds in the morning will go back to the coastline. a typical summertime pattern. forecast highs for tomorrow, 80s in santa rosa. clear lake, 94. lower 90s, brentwood in livermore.
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oakland, 72. we will check-in about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. san francisco, 65. if you're heading to the coast, bring a sweater. temperatures continue to cool off into early next week. we had one extreme last week and had to suffer through the heat and now the fog will rescue us.>> nice weather for the pride fair. >> san francisco in the upper 80s and 90 degrees. >> the warriors introduced her newest member to the media today. we will have the scoop on jordan bell coming up.
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is cool seeing derek carr today and imagining what he's thinking going from $900,000 a year to $25 million a year. >> you know what comes with all that money, right quick >> major expectation. maybe the raiders can finish above 500 and maybe make the playoffs story. they are expected to make a strong run to the super bowl with that man in the center
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right there. he's ready to lead them. he's a guy who seems up to the challenge. he had a gray statistical year last year before he broke his leg. he's got a knack for saying the right thing at all times. he was asked of course the inevitable, what are you going to do with all that money. another good answer. >> it was surreal at first. that's like monopoly. that's weird. as i began to see it and how we can place it in certain areas, and i began to see what kind of impact i can make, that's when it hit me. i didn't want to talk about that but i've been down to haiti. i have seen some of those struggles that they have and the kids there. i cry thinking about it. just knowing we could make a difference and help, those are
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the kind of things that the money makes me, oh my gosh. >> if you know anything about derek carr, he is for real and i'm sure that money will be well spent in the meantime, just a feeling but it seems like everything is in place for the warriors to make another draft night deal. they fought for $3.5 million from chicago, the right to get jordan bell the young man on the right. that's the general manager bob myers. he is very athletic. he was the pac-12 defensive player of the year. one of the guys he looks up to was trayvine green. you can bet he will be ready to pick his brain very soon with the warrior uniform on. >> i can learn a lot from him. especially at this stage right now the way he's playing, if i keep watching him and pick his brain. i've got my locker next to him so that's good for me.
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if i practice every day i'll try to get something out of him. >> he will be a challenge for you. [laughter]>> after i was driving home he said i need his number. i need to talk to him. his t mom and away. you're going to love playing with him. to be honest, with tremont it's about respect. >> is going to be a fun season. it will be a great weekend. up on sonoma the 350 is ready to go. it'll be a special event this year because dale earnhardt junior will be retiring from racing soon. it will be his last race in sonoma. one of his going away presence was a bottle of wine from the sonoma wine country and puppy dogs. service dogs that will be donated in his name. he gets to name them.
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>> we finished third here about four years ago. and we just started winning races again as a team. and we were celebrating those races with a lot of energy. we would all fly back home and they were come over to the house. everybody would show up pretty much the next morning at the house and i think we bartered -- parties harder that day than for any other win. we were so proud of ourselves. >> the dodger mets game. look at the man holding the baby. very interested in getting that foul ball. his wife is furious with him. she takes the baby away like, what are you thinking about? do you realize i got a ball here?>> i would've done the same thing. >> i think most moms would.
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previously on the big bang theory: guess who i found at lax. my baby sister priya. it's really nice to see you again, leonard. yeah, it's good to see you, too. here you go. thanks. you slept with my sister?! yeah. this is a terrible betrayal of my trust. would it help if i told you that i offered her my heart, and she kind of stomped on it? how hard did she stomp? very hard. okay, i'm good. (giggles) what's so funny? about the noises people make during sex. i do sometimes get a bit carried away, don't i? (chuckles) it's cute. you sound a little like a drunken monkey. ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh!


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