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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  June 26, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it could caused delays westbound as well. not a bad commute in vacaville, fairfield in vallejo getting down to the carquinez bridge. on the east shore freeway traffic is okay from the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze. a few lanes is slow with the bay bridge toll plaza but for the most part it is looking good . it is 4:30 am. workers made a discovery at the warehouse and found what appears to be human remains. christien kafton is at the hayward police department, and they received the first call from the workers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the hayward police are the first investigate the incident and working collaboratively with the san francisco police after remains were discovered over the weekend. both agencies are working together. the san francisco coroner's office will need to use dna
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testing to identify the remains found in the hayward warehouse. workers call the police on saturday when they discovered plastic bags appearing to contain body parts and they could be those of piseth chhay who was a driver for uber and disappeared on mother's day after telling friends he was going to help 48-year-old bob tang. the police say that bob tang's connection to the warehouse but they are not saying what the link is. the police in san francisco have tried to talk with bob tang but have not been able to locate him, and they fear he may have fled the country. there is no timeline on how long it will take to confirm the identity of the remains. we will try to talk with the hayward police to find out their side of the investigation and to try to talk with san francisco authorities to get a sense on where this investigation stands.>> are there any comments from the family of the missing person?
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>> reporter: is so far not yet. i know that we have spoken to the window of piseth chhay in the past . -- the widow of piseth chhay in the past . certainly she was holding out hope that he would still be out there but if this turns out to be the case, and it this is connected, it is certainly terrible news for everyone involved. >> i am sure. thank you. it is 4:32 am. the death toll is 157 and continues to rise after the royal tanker truck in pakistan exploded. the people at the nearby mosque actually ran toward the truck to see if they could recover any of the fuel on the truck. the death toll is at least 157 with many patients being treated for severe burns. six people are getting
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columbia and 31 missing after the ferry boat sank yesterday on the reservoir with 160 aboard. reportedly the ferryboat was overcrowded and it was rocking back and forth before it sank. the cause is still under investigation. the president of columbia said that 122 people were either rescued or made their way to shore. in central columbia 13 people died in the explosion of an illegal coal mine and it happened on friday. they believe it was triggered by the accumulation of methane gas. the remaining bodies were recovered yesterday and authorities said the minds had no operating permit or adequate safety equipment. the british government said the number of high-rises that failed the fire safety test is now at 60. inspectors are testing the exteriors of 600 buildings
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across the country in the wake of the high-rise fire that killed 79 people. the flammable exterior led to the quick spread of the flames and they want to prevent another tragedy from happening. over the weekend 4000 people from at least four at risk buildings have been ordered to evacuate.>> there are issues, whether the fire doors closing properly or the structure being properly built, and other changes being made. >> authorities considering filing manslaughter charges in that deadly fire. jury selection begins in the fraud trial of the former pharmaceutical company ceo that raised the price of the life- saving drug by 5000%. martin's pirelli was arrested in 2015 -- martin pirelli charged and accused of cheating investors out of more than 11
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million dollars in the ponzi scheme and if convicted he could get up to 20 years in prison. the fremont police have arrested a teenager in connection with a home invasion and robbery earlier this month on peregrine way. the woman pulled into her garage, two people try to take her car keys. her 74-year-old husband was beaten by one of the suspects. a day later the victims said the same suspects came back but they managed to scare them off. the neighbors called the police saying they had spotted the suspects in the area again, and three people were taken into custody, a 15-year-old boy, a 14-year-old girl and a 10-year- old girl. the girls were released in the boy he was booked into juvenile all on charges of robbery, elder abuse and possession of a stolen vehicle. the tip from the alert firefighter led to the recovery
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in $5000 in stolen high-end outdoor clothing and products. the fire fired her spotted -- firefighters spotted several people over the weekend with brand-new camping gear that did not appear to belong to them. the police detained three people and they called the owner of the tent store that had been burglarized and he identified the greer. they rested john thompson of santa cruz on charges that include felony possession of stolen property. roofing work could be to blame and the fire in belmont. the smoke was seen coming from the roof of the gym above the boys locker room on saturday. about 50 people were in the gym for the adult basketball league playoff game and they were evacuated safely. crews were able to put the fire out quickly. the main portion of the gym was not affected but the damage is estimated at $100,000. a woman in oakland is
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reunited with her dog after it was stolen during the home break-in. destiny webster was reunited with her dog and a stranger found her wandering on east ninth street. she said that her dog was stolen from her apartment and when she came home from school the dog was not in her crate. jewelry, her ipad and camera were also missing. she said that getting zoe back is magic. city workers holding a rally to ask for better pay and benefits, and the union workers are in negotiations with the city and workers say they paid 12% of the salary toward healthcare, city managers only pay 5%. they are demanding a cost-of- living increase. the rally starts at new -- noon at the watsonville city plaza. a teenager fail 25 feet from the amusement park ride
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over the weekend. >> did you see that? the 14-year-old girl was not seriously hurt and reportedly is in stable condition. she was riding on the sky ride gondola at the six flags great escape and she started screaming for help. you can see the ride was stopped and she was dangling over the ground. before the park officials could get to her, the crowd came together below, promising to catch her, and they did. >> knowing she was all right because of me and my daughter made it worth it. >> god put us at the right place at the right time, and we were able to do something good by saving a child's life. >> the man said he hurt his chest. >> i am sure, she fell pretty far. >> park officials said the ride is in good working condition
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but that it will stay closed until there is a full investigation. it is 4:38 am. the popular san francisco mall is lockdown as the police were called in to sweep the building. we have more about this. fans of harry potter flooding the universal studios for a special summer surprise, the changes happening at the wizardly world of harry potter for the musicians. we can see the traffic is moving along pretty well on 24 westbound toward the tunnel and we will take more about your morning commute when we come back. mother nature is waiving her magic wand. we went from heat to cool and breezy as well. an update on your monday forecast coming up.
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it is 4:41 am. welcome back to mornings on 2. a car crashed into the motel swimming pool and southern california at the vagabond in. the driver lost control of the car, crashed into the wall and plunged into the swimming pool. there were several children in the water but suffered only minor injuries. the witnesses said the driver was in the pool for quite some time before being rescued, taken to the hospital in critical condition. they are investigating the crash and did not rule out dui. the chp arrested a motorcyclist that is a suspect in several incidents of reckless driving and vandalism in the east bay. the helicopter monitor the area on eastbound highway 24 between orinda and interstate 680.
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they spotted the rider that was speeding and breaking side view mirrors several times last week and identified as 29-year-old eric winston pool jr. a has been arrested. if you received damage from someone on a green motorcycle, the chp wants to hear from you. the number of citations written for cheating in carpool lanes has doubled in the last seven years and is many as 30% in the diamond lane do not qualified to be there. last year they issued 64,000 tickets for hob lane cheating and that can cost the driver nearly $500. there's a push to get the officers to stop the cheat and one would be to double the cost of the stickers that allow those with clean air cars to be
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in the carpool lane and that could be spent on reinforcement. is everybody behaving on the roads? >> good morning. i am following a high-speed chase, unfortunately. the vehicles are going very fast. i will show you where it is on i 80 westbound into fairfield. the speeds were clocked at nearly 105 miles an hour. if you are just getting onto the freeway in this area, i would advise against this. there is a large law enforcement presence where they are chasing someone that is maxing out the vehicle. hour coming up on the freeway and they have set up a spike strip on the carquinez bridge. eastbound i-80 at redwood we have crash that is unrelated. eastbound you could see activity at the time. please give yourself extra time
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and stay away from the freeway if you can for the next few minutes and vallejo. here is a look at the carquinez bridge and the maccarthur maze. it looks okay and also looks okay on the bay bridge. over the altamont pass we do have slowing on 205 and 580 but that is normal. it is 4:45 am. we have a rather robust fog bank coming inland with the low cloud deck, and the breezes have cranked up big time. first we thought we would show you this funnel cloud with this wedding picture in wisconsin outside of green bay. look straight back. you probably have not had your coffee yet, but look way back there. there you go. you can see that funnel cloud. >> that is a memorable picture. how is your marriage? storm clouds are brewing. >> [ laughter ] >> we are in a cooling trend in
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today into tomorrow, breezy and windy at times with the wind gusting up to 40 in travis. there is a warm up inland toward the end of the week but nothing compared to last week. 29 gusting, that is in travis, due west in napa at 14 with the seabreeze in place. we probably maxed out yesterday but i still think we have plenty to work with today with more 50s and 60s. a mix for everybody with that spinning in the app here. that is helping -- atmosphere. that is helping to increase the fog bank in the system, and pushing it to the east. look for cloudy skies this morning with water temperatures coming way up to 54 to 58. i think they will go down today and tomorrow but remember the san francisco buoy was 51 10 days ago. that hot pattern kicked in and
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it went way up. 50s on the temperatures, stamford 56, woodside 55, 57 in hillsborough. 40s in the mountains, and 90s in the desert. this system going through today and tomorrow bringing us the coolest days of the week. 50s, 60s and 70s coast and bay, inland 70s with some 80s. these are slightly below the seasonal average. after wednesday inland temperatures mainly warming up and above average but not 102, upper 80s and lower 90s. it is 4:47 am. there is a celebration at the university studio park honoring harry potter and it begins today.>> [ music playing ] >> i was just there and we were talking about the light show
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taking over the hogwarts castle. this marks the 20th anniversary of the first harry potter book. jk rawlings, harry potter and the philosopher's stone released june 26, 1997. this spectacular light show will continue to the summer at the parks in orlando, japan and hollywood. >> it is incredible. transformer mac -- "transformer" pulling off the big box office win.>> [ video playing ] >> i feel like i hold my breath during these movies. the top movie with an estimated $43 million in sales but ranking is the lowest opening ever for the franchise. the movie stars mark wahlberg and anthony hopkins and the fifth in the transformer series . wonder woman adding $25
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million and "wonder woman" has over $650 million in ticket sales. "cars 3" dropping the 25 million in box office receipts. cars on the big screen but also zooming around the racetrack in sonoma county, the crash that ended the race under caution. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too?
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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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saturday at the oakland a's game it was all about the rookies. it was sonny gray who days fans are talking about after the win over the white sox. the a's were trailing but tidied up, 2-2. chris davis gets a solid hit to the left and the a's were up 3-2, and taking david robertson with the deep solo home run. matt joyce connects on chris back and another solo home run. days take it, 5-3. way to go, oakland a's. the giants lost, 51 losses in battling the phillies for the worst record in baseball. despite the giants losing the fans are still turning out.
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that was the 524 consecutive sellout. only allowing the giants to score one run in five innings, the giants scored only two runs in the entire game. tim tebow is moving on out. the new york mets promoted the former heisman trophy winner to the single letter a ball. batting .322 for the columbia fireflies and not tearing up the level but the met say that indications are positive that he is looking good and they want to give tim tebow a shot with better pitching. tim tebow should be in the lineup when they play tomorrow night. and nascar racing kevin harvick ended his long losing streak by dominating the sonoma raceway. the former nascar champion as been windless in 20 races -- winless and 20 races but he led
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for 24 laps, and the ford vehicles finished first, second and third in the race. u.s. olympic committee is holding open tryouts for the national sports team with over 100 people showing up at the texas tryouts over the weekend. the athletes went through tests to show how high they can jump, how far they can jump, and how fast they can run. the test range from those confident they have what it takes to be olympians and others just wanted to try it out for the experience. >> i realize it is a super longshot but i would regret not trying out.>> i will definitely make it. i am ultra athlete and fully anticipate being in the olympics.>> u.s. olympic committee is looking for possible members of the rugby, cycling, bobsled and skeleton
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teams for the next two winter olympics and as well for the summer games coming up. they will go through the same test as other olympic hopefuls. one man and one woman will be invited to take part in the national team camps. it is 4:55 am. stuck in the middle of the rushing river and the efforts to rescue the man that was washed downstream. the popular park san francisco playground closed due to vandals and it will cost about $1 million to fix. traffic moving along pretty well on the bridges, and here is a look at the golden gate bridge with traffic moving well. the fog bank maxing itself out yesterday but still low clouds, but mainly the breezes and cooler temperatures playing into your monday forecast.
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human remains found in hayward can answer questions about a missing person's case and san francisco's, details coming up. major decisions to be on the way from the supreme court including the possible retirement and we will talk about the big changes that could be on the way as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2.
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good morning and thank you for waking up with us on this monday morning, june 26. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. the majority will be happy about the weather. last week we had the longest stretch since 1877 for sacramento. low clouds breezy and windy, very hot with palm springs sitting 122 for three times this month which is very hot. we started our cooldown last friday and it kicked in sunday and continuing through tomorrow before we rebound on the temperatures. this system is bringing in breaks in the low clouds but
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the breeze is the big factor, 29 in gusting up to 40 and travis. the delta breeze picking up, 50s and 60s. livermore 58, half moon bay 57, everybody is pretty close. we had this spinning enhancing our cloud deck with mostly cloudy. this high pressure will bow back in but not like last week. 50s, 60s, 70s with a few 80s inland. do we have that high-speed chase in vallejo? >> that's right, it came to an end and the driver is in custody. there is a felony stop in progress and they closed the lanes and had their guns drawn, now it is all on the shoulder. the vallejo police are searching the freeway to make sure nothing was thrown out of the vehicle. speeds reached 110 miles an hour. it was an acura sedan.
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let's take a look it westbound 580 as you head out 205. you can see the traffic will be busy as you drive through. it is stop and go with no major issues driving into that area. you can see the traffic will be affected in the south bay. northbound 101 approaching the capital expressway there was a crash with slow traffic. if you're driving northbound 101, again, coming up on the blossom hill road exit. there was a problem with the car and the big rig got into an accident with minor injuries. going to 880 northbound and southbound, traffic moving pretty well. looking at the bay bridge, some lanes are slow approaching the toll plaza. it is 5:00. the police in hayward and


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