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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 26, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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successfully touched down in the pacific ocean to be reused later for future launches. human remains found in a warehouse the possible connection to a missing uber driver. all eyes on capitol hill with big decisions on the travel ban and the healthcare bill. former 49er quarterback jeff garcia talks to us about his role in the professional flag football league. we hope you're not leaving the bay area will be great to this weekend the sweltering heat is over thank goodness we have clouds in the sky we are in for much more comfortable weather this week.>> i requested last week off in
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january and i was watching you guys live thinking how hot were the temperatures triple digits in livermore so i was glad to have a beach getaway. >> you are used to that right? >> yes i am but it is miserable still. i was thinking about changes to the summer travel season getting through security at the airport is going to get a little bit more arduous a little bit longer i wondered if you guys had to go to la would you fly or drive?>> i just went in the fall and we flew we had a good deal so we said let's do this. we got to the airport early. >> you know that i have small kids i might fly because eight hours in the car.>> you can pack books food all of that. >> we will talk more about these summer travel restrictions but first we have a disturbing discovery made in the east bay that might be a break that
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police made to solving missing persons case. >> hayward police were called to a warehouse where workers have found what appeared to be human remains. >> we go live to hayward for the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: business back to usual at this warehouse trucks can be seen coming and going after a grisly find over the weekend the man who described himself as the owner gave us a statement that says on saturday remains were found in our warehouse by police. one person of interest bob tang was a long time employee. workers at the warehouse say there was a strong smell over the weekend and began to investigate and then they called police on saturday when they discovered plastic bags containing human remains. they suspect the remains to be a
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former driver for uber. they will use dna testing to figure out if they do belong to him. he disappeared in may after visiting a friend the man who identified himself as the owner of the warehouse confirmed that tang worked here. >> it is possibly a significant break we are looking for a missing person and we don't know of any other missing people that are tied to mr. tanga. >> police have been trying to track down tamed to talk to him to a -- about the disappearance. investigators believe he fled the country and is in cambodia. at this point there is no timeline on how long it will take to confirm the identity. we are looking to speak with alameda county investigators and san francisco investigators hoping to learn new information about the investigation that
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would be revealed over the course of the day.>> thank you christian. a police officer injured breaking up a fight in the westfield mall. a number of people captured the fight on video which is what you see here police rushed to the mall last night after a number of fights broke out. videos on twitter show how chaotic the situation was. it is not clear what started the fight police officers can be seen racing up the escalators. the mall was closed and a number of people were detained. one juvenile was arrested. a plan to build tunnels to carry water from the delta to southern california could overcome its next hurdle governor brown came up with a plan for the tunnels the proposal needs approval from two federal agencies to move forward. the fish and wildlife service and the national marine
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fisheries service are expected to announce their decision soon. the project would help struggling native fish in the sacramento river and would give farmers a reliable water supply. opponents say the tunnel make more threats to the fish. it was hot to last week and steve paulson headed out to check of the temperatures it was warm but it was better than what happened to this meteorologist in ireland. >> avoid those hotspots this morning. >> his coanchors were laughing but he came back wrestling with the umbrella. has that ever happened to you? >> nothing like that here. think goodness. nothing like that although there was gusting near 40 miles per hour earlier so we had some good gusting last thursday.
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today, all temperatures are in the 70s even livermore and concord. a low cloud deck it has lifted way up above 3500 feet for some already burning off down toward santa cruz. they are already in the sun but temperatures went from really hot cooling off today and tomorrow and then we warm up inland. plenty of low clouds with drizzle around santa rosa a couple of reports this morning here is that system headed toward yreka lifting the fog bank. 60s last week at this time brentwood was 80 degrees now 67 not much warmer than anybody else. san jose 65 we are in for a color pattern west of oakland and travis 28 gusting near 33.
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the low cloud deck and the wind is onshore so that means 50, 60, 70s even the inland areas cool down into tomorrow also clear like out to vacaville. it does look warmer nobody will be upset as things cool off by sunday. a rather benign pattern after the heat last week. >> thank you. if transportation officials have their way chp could be stepping up enforcement of carpool lanes. allie rasmus live in berkeley to explain what they want to see happen when it comes to cracking down. >> reporter: we are live from the news van on interstate 88 westbound right now you can see the gopro shot. we are looking at the carpool lane we are approaching the macarthur maze at some point we will have to get off the freeway but, the camera is fixed
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to the side of the truck but we are watching the carpool lane because the story we are reporting on the bay area and transportation commission says the carpooling is not working properly traffic is not moving as smoothly as it should be. the rule for this lane on 80 westbound is three or more people per vehicle during commute hours it is supposed to make sure traffic moves smoothly but transportation officials say that the lanes are not moving smoothly and the traffic is not moving smoothly most of the time a big problem are the carpool people driving in the hov lane when they are not supposed to. solo drivers can use it legally if you have a clean air vehicle a hybrid or all electric call -- car. the clean air decal program is set to expire in 2019. there is a bill in the state to
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change this but the bill is supposed to be opposed in less the state gets extra funds to pay for stepped-up enforcement. the extra funds are supposed to come from increasing the cost to purchase one of the carpool lane stickers so it is a bit of a conflict of entrance -- interest. so they are trying to get people to drive cleaner vehicles while making sure traffic moves smoothly. here is what they had to say. >> we promote clean air and clean air vehicles. but, another specific good is the adequate performance of the carpool lane. and sometimes these goals are in contention with one another. >> back on the roads you can see we made it off the freeway
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now we are headed toward the maze toward the bay bridge toll plaza. not sure if you can see the carpool lanes. they are moving pretty smoothly right now at this point we are toward the end of the morning commute but traffic in the carpool lanes should be going at least 45 miles per hour or faster at least 90% of the time. the area carpool lanes do not make the grade they are only functioning at that level half of the time that is why they say that something needs to change they need to cut down on the number of people using the clean air program or they need to crack down on the people driving in the carpool lane. >> have you seen a lot of cheaters this morning? >> so far we have not seen any. unfortunately i think we got on the road a little bit too late i think the commute ended at
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10:00 am at this point we are past the thick of the morning commute so traffic has been moving smoothly we have had a lot of electric vehicles in the carpool lane they are allowed to drive in the carpool lane anytime during commute hours. i have not seen any cheaters so far. but it is a problem a lot of people have complained about. for years they have been complaining going and talking to people this morning they said they have seen the cheaters weaving in and out trying to get ahead but we have not seen any of it yet this morning which is a good thing. >> okay, thank you. people cheat in the carpool lane when things are really busy when they kind of have to. i was going into the city on the weekend it was jampacked and then the carpool lanes were open but the police were on the other side.
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>> $491 to cheat. >> i have a story. when i come in the morning westbound 80 past berkeley you know the stretch by the fast lane there is the extra lane but it is diamond for the last 200 yards. so i jump in am i breaking the law? because i can see the ending. >> i doubt you would get fined. >> but you could. that is the thing. >> you could but usually they pace you. >> i wonder if you have cheated or thought about cheating let's look at the poll results to our question of the day have you ever tried to cheat the carpool lane? 30% say yes 5% say yes and i got caught most of you say no, i never carpool cheat. most say it is not worth it.
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someone said my husband used to do it and backed up thousands of dollars in tickets. >> how about only passing slow pokes >> one viewer says they should ticket everyone not in compliance. >> i wish they had unlimited resources so they could do that. thank you for using our hashtag to respond. coming up a major victory for president trump after the travel ban is allowed to go into effect. what this means for people trying to travel to the united states.
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a victory for the trump administration the supreme court announced it will allow parts of the presidential ninety-day travel ban to go into effect the ban applies to
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travelers from six muslim countries. iran, libya, somalia, sudan -- snowman and yemen. president trump said last week the ban would take affect 72 hours after being cleared by the court. the president has argued the ban was needed to allow for an internal review of screening procedures for visa applicants from those countries. the supreme court will hear an appeal from the owner of a colorado bakery who refused to make a wedding cake for a same- sex couple. jack phillips the owner of masterpiece cake shops pulled a couple he would not make their wedding cake because of his religious beliefs. the couple filed a complaint and colorado ruled against phillips he petitioned the supreme court claiming the ruling violates freedom of speech. the case will be heard in the fall. some republicans expressed doubt about a deal to overhaul the health care program. lawmakers are waiting for you
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were part from the congressional budget office. five senators have opposed the plan to erase much of former president obama's health law. more than enough to kill the proposal. one concern is the plan to cut medicaid funding.>> they say they are going to fix healthcare there is no way the republican bill brings down premiums. i have been in medicine 20 years premiums have never gone down they will not go down. >> president trump insists republicans are not far from a deal and last-minute changes are coming to win votes to help us digest all this we welcome our political analyst on the phone. >> a lot is happening today let's start with the travel ban is the issue really the scope of presidential power?>> yes, absolutely. it is a question as to what a
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president in this part of the discussion can control without the agreement of congress or the courts. >> are you surprised the justices granted the request that the lower court ruling stay? while the case moves forward? >> many people felt if it got to the supreme court they would attempt to take the politics out as much as they do and look at it on its merit what we are hearing about the merit as to the implications of the travel ban. >> the last time this happened you were looking at protest video of people showing up at airports holding up signs. do you think any political unrest will influence the administration one way or the other?
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>> not the administration but you wonder about individuals on the supreme court being removed from the politics of it. remember this van has the allowance for people to come in from countries if they have a bona fide connection with an american university because they're coming in to be students or for a business enterprise because they have a job waiting for them. this is a halfway thing that might kind of take care of some of the concerns about people trying to get into the country legitimately. >> president trump released a statement that says my number one responsibility as commander in chief is to keep the american people safe this ruling allows me to use an important tool to protect the nation's homeland. on the heels of this discussion we were having about potential
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terror attacks do you think the american public would get behind this action? >> i think so. if they can establish a proper carveout for legitimate needs for people coming to the country for the right reasons and still have some way to properly use and that it -- or extreme that the people who are not well documented that might be a compromise people can live with. >> one last question do you think justice kennedy with this large chatter will he announced his retirement? >> that is a great question. a lot of speculation in washington dc. he is going to be turning 81 he is the second longest serving justice now or second oldest i should say on the bench.
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and the longest serving justice we wonder if he wants to spend some time with his grandchildren and family. >> people have debated if president trump having a victory celebration today but if justice kennedy resigned it would be another victory for the trump administration. >> absolutely. i was going to say he has gone both ways so it would give president trump another opportunity. >> thank you for calling him we appreciate it. coming up first electronics now the tsa wants to look at your books. the security screening procedures being tested out and the privacy concerns. and a teenager stuck 25 feet in the air at an amusement park we will show you the heroic efforts to get her to safety. i lost my sight
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when i was 14 years old. so i really navigate the world by touch. when dove asked me to try out this body wash...
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i was excited that it was foam. it was so light and soft... not sticky. it's light. it's different. it's foam. wecage-free and we care about amazing taste. because at best foods, we're on the side of food. one of the weekend's
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largest pride celebrations was in san francisco with hundreds of thousands of people lining the streets. music costumes dancing hundreds of groups marching in quitting several who protested trump policies some say the tone of the parade was for protecting equality. >> it seemed like more of a protest but with our current administration we are back to the protesting. we have really got to struggle to keep our rights. >> about 260 groups this year took part in the parade which is average but the pride president says most of the groups were bigger than normal. our coverage continues online at just go to our website to see a photo gallery and video of the pride
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events. an investigation in new york after a teenager felt only five feet over the weekend from an amusement park ride over the weekend. you can see the fall and the successful catch the girl was not seriously injured this happened as she was riding the sky ride gondola with her brother when he screamed for help the ride was stopped and she dangled above the ground before officials got to her a crowd gathered below to catch her. she let go and they caught her.>> i know she is all right. >> god put us in the right place at the right time. we were able to do something good. >> officials inspected the ride and they say it is in good working order still. if you plan to fly this summer get ready for changes at airport securities. more on the changes that are
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being phased in slowly. >> a lot of carry-on bags are far too cluttered and the tsa says it is tough to spot potentially dangerous items so they will be having people pull items out in the near future. what that could mean is you might have to put laptops tablets food and books into separate beings as you pass through checkpoints the tsa has been testing the new procedures around the country including lax , phoenix and las vegas sfo is not taking part in the program passenger carry-on bags can be soulful at times even x-ray machines are having trouble to see what is inside. a lot of travelers say that they are not looking forward to having to unpack the carry-on bags.>> i travel a lot for business but it is a total
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pain. i love when i get free check and i can just go through. >> they need a better machine already they are invading your privacy patching you down. sometimes it is a little uncomfortable but to take everything out that his over- the-top. >> we already have to go through steps to pass through security checkpoints taking off shoes throwing water bottles but some travelers feel this may be going too far evening the aclu has stepped in to raise privacy concerns especially when it comes to the sensitivity of reading materials. they do not like the idea of agents at security checkpoints thumbing through someone's books or magazines. this is only happening at a handful of airports across the country right now. but the pilot program is potentially going to be phased in slowly from sfo alex savidge
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ktvu fox 2 news. >> that is just one more thing to add to the pile of when you do a short trip should i fly or drive? >> just trying to be safe. >> i choose to take my time and money and do the car trip. >> i agree but it will just be a little tougher. >> 17 years ago i could walk up to the gate. >> everything has changed but if we tracked the short flights from oakland to la i bet it is doable just cram in the car. coming up from the harwood road to the baseball diamond the softball game organized by members of the warriors. and now what is next for selena gomez?
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so much feedback on the question of the day. when it comes to carpool cheaters do you jump in the carpool lane and have you been caught? 31% say i have done and gotten away. 5% say yes and they have got caught. >> looking at 64% it is rare to see such a big number but 64% say that i never carpool cheat. >> i never cheap because i am frugal and the thought of getting fined forget it. so this one speaks to your. kevin tweets the carpool lane at the richmond toll plaza creates a bottleneck to get on the bridge and i love this one.
9:32 am
i am guilty it is gambling without having to drive to reno.>> larry says the same thing never until i was caught. >> sophia says it is not worth it. my husband used to do it and backed up thousands of dollars in tickets. >> thank you for talking to us on twitter and facebook now for more on the other headlines let's go to dave clark. here are some of the top stories tonight east bay parents will take a stand against breaking up a school district after another group of parents submitted a petition to spin off northgate high school along with three elementary schools and a middle school. the county has until the end of august to approve or reject and then they will send the recommendation to the state board of education. parents who oppose the plan say mount diablo needs at the northgate schools in order to remain economically and
9:33 am
culturally diverse. they will ask the board to reject plans to separate northgate from the school district. a former program director for the boys and girls club is due to enter a plea deal today on charges of child endangerment. the 22-year-old benjamin durkee was arrested in april after being accused of posting photos of a six-year-old girl from his afterschool program in a chat room where child pornography is shared investigators also said he posted her name phone number and address. , security tracked the man to his internet ip address. an investigation underway into two hate crimes against muslims in davis and sacramental. on saturday a koran filled with bacon was burned and left hanging on a fence at a sacramento mosque. and friday night pages were ripped from a koran and thrown outside of the islamic center
9:34 am
of davis they were picked up by worshipers during ramadan. this is the second time this year the davis center has been targeted. those are some of your morning headlines. back to you guys. chp arrested a motorcyclist suspected of several incidents of reckless driving and vandalism. highway 24 check out this video. this is where the motorcyclist had been speeding breaking mirrors. the 29-year-old from antioch was later arrested. if your car was damaged by someone on a green motorcycle last week chp wants to hear from you. making it easy for people to transfer cash to each other could be looking at in- store purchases venmo is testing out a debit card that would let users spend money
9:35 am
without having to wait for a transfer from a bank account. that would set it apart from other bank cards that they plan to charge a fee for the double card. facebook is going hollywood the site is in talks with several studios about creating scripted tv programming aimed at 13 to 34-year-olds. in some cases facebook is offering $3 million per episode. vogel for the launch is late this summer. be miller a singer and songwriter who recently opened for selena gomez and performed at the mtv film and movie festival. >> tonight she will take the stage in san francisco. >> [ music ] >> joining us live in studio is
9:36 am
b miller. is there something about the music industry that may be surprised to? you are still young relative to the industry. >> i guess i never expected that , that people in some way i expected people to look at me like i am an adult. am 18 but in some ways i expect to be treated equally budded shocks me because a lot of times it is weird being younger than everybody but, it is interesting i have to grow up quickly when i am in the environment of people in their 30s they expect me to be on that level which sometimes is hard. i feel like sometimes i just want to be 18 years old make mistakes and say stupid things but i always have to be grown up and mature. >> do you have performers that
9:37 am
you look up to? maybe people giving you advice? >> people ask me this question but it is not like we go around giving advice. i guess i take advice from watching people sometimes. and i just watch how they carry themselves as artists and with their music and their performances. >> you just kind of have to make it up. >> that is what i am doing. i'm not a rock star but i am making it up. >> you are getting there. >> let's talk about your work chapter 1 was blue your current chapter right now is red what do these colors mean for you as someone with this? >> whenever we signed the release i don't think people consume albums so we set how
9:38 am
can we release these to get people to listen to these without forcing it? we decided to release them in chapters. when of time to decide which songs to release i grouped them together based on which colors i see when i listen to the songs. every song that has a similar message or has certain feelings they are the same colors so it happened chapter 1 blue was more sad and chapter 2 red is more angry but power to move on with your life. and then we have chapter 3 yellow which is happier songs but the lyrics are similar so i see similar colors. >> how big was x-factor?>> i was only 13 so i don't remember everything but i think the x-
9:39 am
factor over prepared me because i didn't get to pick my songs or my outfits how i would perform i didn't really get to have a decision in that. i am very outspoken and very opinionated independent and strong-willed it was very hard for me to sit and watch so it over prepared me. so it was more difficult to do that. >> where does your independence come from? >> my mom raised me to be strong and independent and not take a bad word from anybody. >> you mentioned sometimes you want to be a normal 18-year-old do you ever find time to do that? >> yes, i recently went to prom. i started doing homeschooling when i moved to la but i grew up in new jersey sometimes i do normal kid stuff.
9:40 am
>> how was it? >> it was totally normal because those are kids that i know from kindergarten so sometimes i find time to do normal stuff. >> have you performed in san francisco? >> yes i have i love san francisco it is my second favorite city in the world.>> we are thrilled to have you. we have all the ticket information you need on for her show look for it in the web links section on we also have it for you on our mobile app. thank you so much for joining us today we will be right back. breyers natural vanilla. milk and fresh cream, and only sustainably farmed vanilla.
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members of the warriors are trying out a different sport a charity softball game was saturday at the coliseum. >> all the makings of a true sporting event. red carpet, media and just the right mix of pregame humility. and bravado. >> i'm going to win the home run derby. i told everybody that. >> i don't really trust him right now. it is a lot of talk. when the stars took the field the spectrum of skill sets became quickly apparent. barnes backed up his prediction
9:44 am
winning the home run derby. andre it would all of shows a nice swing by headed to the one place kevin durant would make a play.>> mvp. >> worst baserunning of the day, right here. dispute of the day, kevin durant and green discussing the merits of a position switch after the draymond green error. don't tear in acl moment of the day. the raiders running back rounding third. best home run trot ian clark channeling his inner gymnast. finally, the catch of the day. mcgee with the catch. when all was said and done team draymond green beat team jeff vail in a slugfest but much more important than the results the post game trash talk. >> anybody you need to critique?
9:45 am
>> draymond green overall i'm glad we have him on the other court. >> i was excited to see how he would play but he was fine when it was crunch time he couldn't hit the homerun. >> not a baseball clinic but it put on a good show for the fans and promoted the foundation promoting healthy and active lifestyles by encouraging everyone to drink plenty of water. i'm guessing these guys will do just that from oakland coliseum scott reese ktvu fox 2 news sports. during the charity softball game kevin durant moore -- morry had with the cupcake on top referring to kevin durant's departure from oklahoma city. a number of former teammates took aim at kevin durant with the cupcake insisting he was acting soft.
9:46 am
saturday the oakland a's were all about the rookies after yesterday's victory over the white sox fans are talking. the oakland a's trailed 2-1 going into the eighth inning and then chris davis hits it to left and franklin scores in the ninth inning the oakland a's were up and that is when robertson goes deep. there -- the next batter hits another solo home run. the a's go on to win 5-3. >> same story for the giant losing 8-2. the giants are battling the phillies for the worst record in baseball despite the giant losing fans are turning out with sellouts. the giants were only allowed to score one run in five innings the giants only scored two runs the entire game. in nascar kevin harvick
9:47 am
ended a losing streak by dominating the road course at sonoma raceway. this was the 36th win of his nascar cup career but he was winless in 20 races since fall there were several crashes during the race yesterday but our vic ledford 24 laps and took the checkered flag. stay with us, more is coming up on "mornings on 2". at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price.
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earlier this month we told you about the american flag football league a professional flag football league providing a platform for athletes to continue their careers. >> the inaugural game will be play tomorrow night in san jose featuring michael vick and terrell owens. >> providing the color commentary is a familiar face former 49er quarterback jeff garcia joining us a live from the studio -- stadium.>> good morning. >> my first question why aren't you on the field taking the snaps? why do you have a microphone doing commentary?>> it is not a choice believe me i want to be on the field i will showcase that today in practice. they might have to put me on the field tomorrow.>> a lot of people remember when you played with the 49ers and are still big fans when you come to the bay area to people stop you and say we love you thank you for
9:51 am
what you did? >> there is definitely recognition and i appreciate all of that. i had some great years in san francisco with the 49ers and going to san jose state growing up in the area there are always those people that still want me back in some way. i have tried to get back on the coaching side but, at the end of the day i have a family. i am enjoying being a father and i am coaching my kids and their activity. the bay area is very special to my heart. a place that i love to come back to.>> lets talk about fight football it is supposed to be safer and faster of what we see in the nfl. is the competitiveness still at that high level? >> there will definitely be a high competitive atmosphere and environment. the intensity will be high.
9:52 am
obviously, you are missing the contact people love the contact that is why the game is so popular amongst the united states and the world. this will give guys the opportunity to showcase their abilities who might still be able to play just looking for an opportunity to get back to the league. it will definitely be talent out here. >> what is your take on we are seeing more and more children doing flag football not necessarily pop warner. do you think it should be eliminated in the country? >> i don't think it should be eliminated. maybe the younger ages the starting age should be raised. let's not start at seven or eight years old with helmets and shoulder pads they are too young to really control the gear they are wearing let alone see what is happening on the field.
9:53 am
flag football is a great introduction a lot of parents are pushing their kids toward that. my kids have started in flag football but i believe that prior to getting into high school if somebody is passionate about the game and wants to play contact football they need to be introduced to that by sixth grade or so you don't want to go to high school never being hit. >> i was going to say flag football has a lot of what people love. it has passing receivers running routes the long pass there was no one brushing the quibec but you have to be quick. explain how it might be good enough for a lot of players. >> it introduces new concepts and you start to learn the game whether it is running to run routes or a quarterback learning to see the defense making decisions. and the timing it is all about timing. you also get trick plays the reverse the double pass all of
9:54 am
those things that make football fun it is a great way for kids to start and get them excited about the game and eventually they can make the transition but it is a great way to start to introduce the game to get the concepts. the angles on defense understanding how to track down the offense a player pull the flag and be aggressive there are a lot of things that translate into real football. >> last week warren sapp said he needs help he can remember going to certain homes and things i'm curious checking in on your health after your years in canada and the nfl how are you feeling?>> you know, i am fortunate i feel pretty good i am also going through concussion protocol and i will be tested. we will tap into my memory. i think i have a selective memory more than anything but it is something not really anything to laugh about there
9:55 am
are a lot of guys struggling dealing with situations that are painful and also very costly in what their future holds so it is important that the nfl supports the guys that battled for them throughout the years to create the game it is today to really get behind this and support them and help them to hopefully have a better life than what they currently have going on.>> jeff garcia a joy and an honor thank you so much.>> come join us tomorrow night tuesday night it is going to be a lot of fun. >> we have all the information you need to join jeff garcia and others on the flag football league inaugural game including how to get tickets to the game it is waiting for you at look for it under the mornings on 2 tab. >> have you ever wanted to try out for the olympics but didn't know how to get started?
9:56 am
the us olympic committee gave some people in texas there chance holding open tryouts for the first time ever. they were put to test to show how high and how far they could jump and how fast they could run. >> it is a super long shot but i would regret if i didn't try. >> i will definitely make it. i am an all-star athlete. i anticipate to be in the olympics. >> the usoc is looking for members for the rugby cycling bobsled and skeleton teams. >> bobsledding would be really exciting. the musical hamilton is being used to raise money for immigrant rights. >> we hold these truths that all men are created equal. >> they posted the video to instagram having fun rappings a song from hamilton they teamed
9:57 am
up with the creator from hamilton for this contest. they want people to donate $10 to a coalition called we get the job done a chance to win two vip tickets on the opening night of hamilton in los angeles. >> steph curry seems to be having fun this off-season. thank you so much for joining us today we will have much more coming up today at noon. have a great monday.
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>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show!" >> wendy: how you doin? it's the hot topics show. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: whoo! [ applause ] thanks for watching our show. and say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. [ applause ] how you doin? okay. let's get started. it's time for -- >> hot topics!


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