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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 28, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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city employee hurt on the job. the rescue efforts after an atv crash in a remote dirt road in the east bay. . >> and ramping up security on bart. the final piece in a $1.4 million safety campaign. >> the news at noon starts right now. >> good afternoon. >> we start with the developing story in the south bay where san jose police are investigating a deadly shooting. there are two victims. one died at the scene. police are responding to a report of a person shot in the 1,000 block of creston lane. they found a man shot who died at the scene. a short time later a woman was found inside a home suffering a gun shot wound. she was rushed to the hospital and is being treated for her injuries. ann is at the scene.
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in the east bay there are reports of an atv crash. chp dublin responded around 10:30. officials with alameda county fire say they believe a water department employee was injured when his atv rolled while he was doing weed control. we are still waiting for confirmation on his condition. this afternoon bart said its finished installing working surveillance cameras on its training. it's a year long projected prompted by the revelation two thirds of train cameras were fake. alex is live with more on how the cameras are going to help keep people safe. >> reporter: the cameras will be an important crime fighting tool. maintenance crews have been busy installing these worning cameras on all bart train cars. earlier this morning here at the concord shop we watched as a worker set up the final
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surveillance camera. completing the year long project. they are now recording video on all 669 train cars. that video can be helpful in solving crimes and the commander of the department's investigations decision said the cameras send a strong message to would be criminals. >> when you get on the train and you are thinking about committing a crime or you are going to commit a crime you will be videoed. we will get your image and your image on a platform in the station. so, very hopeful it'll keep the system safer. >> >> reporter: last year they admitted two thirds of what looked like cameras on trains were actually not working. the disclosure about those decoy cameras came during the investigation into a deadly shooting that happened on board a train near the west oakland station in january of 2016.
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it happened in front of what appeared to be a camera but investigators revealed there was no video of the crime from on board the train because camera was not working. in response bart took this action spending $1.4 million to install the new cameras. many riders we talk to say this is reassuring news. >> i would say it's a benefit overall because you get a chance to possibly, let's say something happens and you need video evidence. the police don't know what happened. then i think we will be beneficial. i don't think the cams ares will zoom in on phones. >> it puts me at ease. it's a little annoying that it took so long. happy that it happened. i just hope that now it works. that they are all up and running. >> reporter: before this installation project got started bart was using fake
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cameras, a housing unit with a blinking red light. now that there are working cameras on board all trains bart said that if you are the victim of a crime take note of the car number that you are on. that number is located right above the doors at the end of each car and that will help them get surveillance video. . >> nice to have the real deal in place. thank you for that report. back now to that developing story in the south bay where san jose police are investigating a deadly shooting. >> we are live at the scene with more. >> reporter: there is a large police presence out here. authorities investigating what they believe was an attempted murder suicide.
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it all started just before nine with reports of a shooting. a woman called to say she had been shot. san jose police arrived to find a man shot in the middle of the street and he was pronounced dead at the scene. the woman was found inside a nearby residence. she had also been shot and had nonlife threatening injuries. she was taken to the hospital. she told police that she had been shot by the man who then killed himself. authorities aren't sure exactly what the relationship is between the two, only that they are known to eacho. they also aren't saying if the people lived on this street or just happened to be here. the shooting took place in the street. the woman was then able to run to a nearby house where she called for help. authorities say they are currently going door to door talking to witnesses, gathering evidence but they don't believe that there is any cause for concern among neighbors here, that will would be no
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outstanding shooter still because they believe that the man who is dead in the street was the one with the gun and the one responsible for both the shootings that happened here this morning. we will try to have more for you coming up later but for now live in san jose. ktvu fox 2news. >> okay. thank you. happening now in washington dc the president set to meet with victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants. it's to try to get kate's law passed. it was created after the death of a woman in san francisco. she was shot and killed two years ago while walking with her father. the suspect was arrested, he is an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times. the new law would impose mandatory sentences on criminal immigrants who re-enter the united states after being
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deported. of the $183 billion budget approved by the governor about 74 billion will go toward education. the state's per pupil spending is about $11,000 a student. the new budget also boosts the payment for those who treat low income medical patients and those who areself him employed or single parentsonning less than $22,000 a year will qualify for a tax break. democrats say this is a large budget because the state is growing. republicans argue that the budget is bloated though it does come with an 8 million- dollar rainy day fund. >> we have ten million more california residents. who the recognize the services that the state is responsible for providing it makes sense that as our population grows, so also our spending plan must grow as well. >> we had a lot of input.
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where the final deals were made, no. that was made by the democratic leaders and the governor. the new budget takes effect on saturday. the senate majority leader said he will keep working with republicans still on the fence about the senate bill to repeal and replace the accordable care act. there isn't enough support to pass it before the 4th of july holiday. 50 of the 52 have to support it for the bill to move forward. right now there are seven hold outs. some senators say the bill doesn't go far enough. others worry about how cuts to medicaid would affect people in their states. at 12:30 the latest on the debate from washington and allie is live at a rally here in the bay area by opponents. the new bill. san francisco police are opening up about the tactics used to stop a man running around with a knife. officers were called early yesterday morning about a man homing a knife and screaming.
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the 50-year-old made his way to the parking lot of the mission police station. officers brought in the crisis intervention team to try to deescalate the situation. they tried to talk to him, use bean bags, both didn't work. officers then decided to shoot him with a foam baton round with a rubber tip. >> what it does is allow our officers to create that distaps and not have to come into close contact of the subject while still being able to use a force option. >> this was the same weapon used last july to bring a four hour standoff to an tend. the suspect was taken to the hospital. up against the clock. the health risks of working the graveyard shift. >> and a live look at san francisco bay. a little bit of sun. mark will have that full forecast. >> also a popular lake now off limits. the health concerns.
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. people in venezuela are on mia alert after a helicopter was used in an an attack. a pilot took the helicopter as part of a protest. he fired shots and dropped grenades on the supreme court
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building in the country. nobody was hurt. the country's controversial president is calling a terror attack. there have been protests there daily for the past three months. investigators looking in to the high end software behind the cyber attack that hit computers across the world including here in the united states. greg has the story in london. >> reporter: computers all across the world locked up by a massive cyber attack. malicious software hitting russia and ukraine the hardest. radiation monitoring at the closed chernoblyl also affected prompting a switch to a manual operation. merk and the parent company of kraft among those impacted in the united states. >> this is one of the worst and most widespread outbreaks we have seen. >> reporter: it was a new type
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of malware but it's unclear who was responsible. >> could be a criminal organization. it could be a hackivist, a nation state. >> reporter: nato said its looking to include the cyber world as a military domain alongside, land, air and sea. the secretary general said a cyber attack can trigger the collective defensive clause. >> we are strengthening defenses but also helping allies to strengthen their defenses. >> reporter: this on the heels of other high profile attacks. hack s targeted the british parliament and one hit computers all over the world. in london. ktvu fox 2news. weather today nice and comfortable. i think we will start to tick up just a bit. >> just a few degrees. we were talking about 105 and 108. a completely different story.
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in fact a bit on the cool side. drizzle near the coast and near the bay. look at this solid fog bank up and down the coastline. from around the cape to the bay area and southern california. fogged in on the beaches there down toward orange county. as we check in on the current observations. the current numbers for the noon hour and the warmest locations in the 70s toward walnut creek and concord. on track to reach the 80s this afternoon. santa rosa 68. look at san francisco. definitely need a sweater and jacket here. the temperatures only in the 50s. 56. pretty good on shore wind as well with a fairfield gusting. that's a cool wind direction. out of the southwest. 23 miles an hour. the delta breeze we call that and as we back the map side here closer to sfo gusting to 24. this will strengthen a bit as we head in to the afternoon hours. our live camera looking out toward the oakland estuary and
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the plan for today. we have this. areas of fopping and the beaches mainly in the upper 50s. close to 60 degrees. around the bay lower 70s. unland neighborhood around 83. possibly 85 for the warmest locations inland. today a cool to mild weather pattern. heard about temperatures up a few degrees over the next few days. not so much for today. we have that on shore breeze but as this high builds in a warming trend as we wrap up the workweek and temperatures inland close to 90 degrees around the bay. mid to upper 70s. maybe low 80s and the coast in the 60s. we are not talking about heat advisories or triple digit temperatures but still warming up a bit for thursday and friday. into the weekend no major changes out there. here is the forecast model showing you still some of the fog this afternoon. near parts of the shoreline and around the bay probably partly cloudy. partial clearing inland. more sun and temperatures there around 82, 84, possibly 85 out toward antioch and brentwood.
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san francisco 62. santa rosa 80. more neighborhoods coming up for you with san jose, 79 and half moon bay 61. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast and temperatures warming up a bit into thursday and friday. in fact by friday warmest locations approaching the mid- 90s. little cooler by saturday and then they go back up a few degrees by the second half of the weekend by sunday mainly in the low to mid09's out there. looking good as we head into your weekend. >> okay. thank you. a popular lake in oakland is closed until further notice because of a toxic bloom creating a hazard for families. >> lee martinez reports on the health risk at the lake. >> reporter: the algae is back again and it's adding to the list of things you cannot do in this park now because of the toxic aldae. you can no longer swim there because it can be harmful to your health. since it's a freshwater the algae is a natural thing but
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it's bacteria can turn toxic in the water. if you ingest it'll cause nausea and vomiting and it can kill a dog. the lake was closed much much last summer because of the same problem. locals say last summer it covered the whole lake and smelled horrible. they hoped this summer would be different. >> i was surprised to see the signs when i came out the other day. just last week i saw people swimming there were lifeguards. >> reporter: you can't swim here but you are allowed to fish. a warning said if you plan to eat the fish throw away the guts and clean with tap or bottomed water. this is the second lake that's closed this year because of a toxic bloom. same thing affected that lake last year as well. if you are looking for a place to swim you need to check the park's website first to see if it's safe. my personal favorite is in
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livermore. in oakland. seasonal flu vaccine could be in the form of a band-aid instead of a needle soon. a patch would have dissolvable needles that puncture the top layer of the skin instead of the way of the traditional needle. people who tried it say there is no pain. the yetors believe the release of the patch would lead more people to get vaccines. >> our vision is that some day we hope in the near future people will be able to go to the store, pick up patches and bring them home and put them on and it'll be much more accessible for people to get the vaccine. >> the researchers were also developing the patches for other vaccines including measles and polio. they are heading to another round of trials. working overnight can prevent your body from being able to repair itself. people who work the graveyard shift get rid of five times less disease causing chemicals. this can damage your dna
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because if the sleep hormone melatonin doesn't function properly that can result in increased risk of cancer. the who classified night work and shift work as a cancer causing agent. the new app compared to t ind er but for motherst. has nothing to do with dating but is helping mothers meet friends and set up play dates for their children.
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. the market bounces back from yesterday's losses. blue apron has lowered the expected price range much it's ipo. it's set to take place tomorrow. it is cutting the range to between ten dollars and $11 a share. it's prior estimate was between 15 and $17 a share. the move amid growing concerns about the possible impact of amazon's deal to buy whole foods. 30million shares expected to be sold during their ipo. google said it's trying to solve it's own housing crisis. they are negotiating with a modular home start up to build 300 small, possibly stackable housing unit that employees could use for short term housing. those employees like many others in silicon valley are having a hard time finding affordable housing the modular
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homes could be that solution. >> especially for younger people. i think that high d ensity close, walkable community product is something that's attractive. >> housing analysts say there have been major strides in building the homes. they say it's more efficient and less costly than traditional housing. a planned housing development at the site of the former naval air station is facing a major set back. after years of planning the developer said that the project is in financial default. it said the problem is due mainly to he rising construction costs. they wanted to build on a 60- acre site. the developer has proposed some changes. they include putting up much of the housing faster than planned dedicating 70 units to teachers and employees of the school district. the new plan has to be approved by the city council.
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the average worker is apparently making good money. a report from the federal government shows local workers earn 53% more than workers across the country. bay area workers also earn more and all the major job categories and we have more managers, financial experts and office workers here than average. there are far fewer health care workers, teachers and repair and maintenance workers than most other places. a any study show that having a smart phone nearby can cause you to loose focus. researchers tested three groups of people to see how much information they retained. two of the groups tested had their phones nearby. one where they could see them and the other where the phone was hidden. a third frap was tested with their phones out of sight in a different room. not surprisingly that third group did the best. what did surprise the researchers was most people, in all three said they felt their
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phones location had no impact on how well they did. some law enforcement officials are urging parents to delete snap chat that lets people follow your every move. the new snap map shows your exact location. it can earn show if you are on a plane or in a car without you giving out that information. it's sparking a lot of conversation because it could put children at risk to predators. police remind parents to teach their children to be selective of those who follow them on social media. an app make itself easier for moms to connect is gaining in popularity. it's called peanut. it's the t ind er for mom friends. you just enter how. children you have and their ages. instead of swiping left and right for a date on peanut you swipe up to wave at another mom and once you connect the moms can start talking. the free app links to your calendar and helps you schedule coffee and play dates. many say it's good for talking to other moms about issues like
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teething. trying to repeal and preplace the affordable care act. how they are trying to pass the bill despite that bump in the road. >> the best and worst days to hit the road if you plan to travel for the 4th of july. oh hey! it's me mom, catching some side eye. first rule of motherhood. someone's always judging.
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. all yes, is live in front of the federal building in san francisco. the rally is underway behind you. >> reporter: yes. the number of people attending has grown. just in the last 15 minutes it all started. i would statement there is probably about150 close to 200 people. this group is organize by bay resistance. it's a coalition of progressive groups protesting the policies and actions of the trump administration. they are out here to talk about the issue and they have several speakers right on the issue of health care. there are other rallies like this happening today in other parts of the country. all of this organized some response to republican efforts to repeal the affordable care act. otherwise known as obama care. you can see a few signs talking about that and supporting that. a vote opponent the republican health care bill to repeal obama care was delayed yesterday because of a lack of support for the bill. that bill is not dead and there
12:31 pm
are reports washington right now that senate leaders working out a compromise with the dozen or so republican senators who said they couldn't support the bill to introduce a newcombe problemmed bill. a new version could come up for a vote as early as july 10 pght. the initial bill was unpopular because it would have kicked people off medicare. 22million are estimated -- would have lost insurance over the next decade. >> we are thrilled to see that the organizing around the country is working and that several senators seeing that this would destroy their communities, that this would hurt the people who vote for them and are saying we can't vote for this. we know that the delay is just more time for us to keep up the resistance. >> reporter: no democratic senators supported the republican health care plan.
12:32 pm
in fact california senators spoke out strongly against it in the media conference call yesterday. still the groups here in this rally said it's important for them to make their voices heard on this issue even if california's senators already agree with them when it comes to opposing the senate republican health care plan. again at 7th and mission for this group in front of the federal building they will hear from speakers talking on the issue of -- the health care. the crowd supports the affordable care act and they don't want any changes to it. especially when it comes to medicaid. back to you. >> all right. there in san francisco. thank you. the president and republican leadership are back at it trying to agree on a bill. as allie said it hit a roadblock. joel is in washington with the story. >> we have members committed to getting the yes and they realize the stakes of not getting the yes. failure isn't an option.
12:33 pm
>> reporter: some senators still optimistic that a gop backed health care reform bill can pass. despite senate majority leader's failure so for to get to that sweet spot of 50 republican votes. one key senator sitting on the sidelines is rand paul. he believe that the gop measure can become reality but needs conservative tweaking. >> i think we need to pare back. we are trying to say we will do to much. let's repeal the worst parts of obama care. >> reporter: the legislative deal remains elusive despite huddling with all 52 republican senators tuesday. today the chief executive blasting reports that he doesn't understand the basic elements of the plan, saying some of the fake news media likes to say that i'm not engaged in health care. wrong. irknow it well and want united states to the united states. democrats say even though the vote is on hold the fight is
12:34 pm
not dead. >> we know that he will try to use a slush fund to buy off republicans, cut back room deals to try to get this thing done. >> reporter: one of the world's wealthiest men mocking the gop backed plan calling the relief for the rich act saying gives to many tax breaks to the wealthy. a sacramento deputy is recovering after being shot in the face last night. the deputy was on the platform of a light-rail station where he and another man were talking. that talk escalated into a fight. the man then shot the deputy and ran out of the station. a sheriff's helicopter followed him until he ran inside a nearby hotel. deputies sent in a robot to find him. >> he was on the second floor in a hallway of the motel. there is a little alcove he was inside. kind of in a fetal position when the robot first saw him. the robot was able to give
12:35 pm
directions through a microphone. they kept watching him the whole time. the tactical teams came in and arrested him. >> reporter: the sheriff's office hasn't released name of the suspect but only will sate say the deputy had been with them for four years. relatives of a missing san francisco man say that false reports about him are causing them great pain at a time when they are already worried about what happened to him. he disappeared on mother's day after saying that he was going to help a friend bob tang. last saturday human remains were found in a warehouse where tang worked. it could take weeks to identity the remains. the cousin said rumors tied to his disappearance are false. >> gam manying part of it is not true. police have confirmed it's not true. owing money isn't true. >> she said that the two families were friends and frequently vacationed together and now she is turning to
12:36 pm
tang's family for help. he left the country. the oakland police want to build a stronger relationship with the community and that includes hiring police cadets. they are have grant money to pay their salaries but oakland police say that they are having a hard time finding people who want to be cadets. the deputy chief said that the program is designed to give people who may not consider working in law enforcement a chance to see the job from the inside as well as help change the current perception of the police department. >> i think it's human nature to say why would i want to be a part of an organization that is seen in this way? the flip side is i want people to know there is a lot of work going on internally. >> i have always been interested in helping people. i think this is like a unique way to help people. >> the deputy chief said she started her career as a police explorer and rose through the ranks of the department. the candidates must live in oakland or attend oakland schools. most have to be between 18 and
12:37 pm
20. the newest courthouse will open next month but it's already at the center of controversy. the judge for the county said almost all of the arrangements will be held the new courthouse in dublin. up until they have been held in several courts. the public defender joined us on the nine and said the new plan creates a hardship for people arrested and held in the northern part of the county. he is now asking that change be reversed. san francisco police are investigating a crash between a muni bus and a delivery truck that sent nine people to the hospital. this happened just before 5:30 last night. you can see the two vehicles hit each other on the drivers side. seven people on the 24 including the driver and two people on the deliver are you truck were hurt. all injuries aren't considered life threatening. it's unclear who was at fault. san francisco supervisors voted yesterday to ban
12:38 pm
employers asking about salary history. the measure is part of an effort to close the wage gap between men and women. women are paid 16-cents lesson the dollar than men in the city. the law applies to all employers in san francisco including city contractors and subcontractors. the 4th of july holiday is less than a week away and that means fireworks. the commission put out a demonstration video to show the dangers of fireworks. organizers recreated a number of situations lighting fireworks. four people died and some 11,000 were hurt by fireworks last year. police in newark say they seized 378 pounds of illegal fireworks on case lyingst. started from complaints by the public. a sergeant said that officers tracked the fireworks and arrested a 21-year-old.
12:39 pm
people are making their plans for a very long 4th of july holiday weekend. 37.5million will get in a vehicle and travel more than 50 miles away from home for the holiday. with the 4th on a tuesday some folks are able to take a four or five-day weekend to avoid some of the traffic. it's suggested you leave on thursday or saturday. that would keep you out of the friday traffic that is expected. also they say plan on a rough drive getting home on tuesday night. >> we are here for the rest of the summer. >> we are. seth curry taking a swing at another sport. up next the tournament is he taking part in this summer that kicks off here. >> another live look outside. the bay bridge. san francisco bay. it's all there. up next mark tells us about a warm up knocking on the door.
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. . flag football going pro. former nfl stars came together to kick off a new league called the american flag football league. him he hope to attract more former player who still want to compete as well as those who want to be players. >> reporter: are you ready for football? flag football. its going pro. the first game of the american flag football league at san jose. >> i saw great stuff with kids
12:43 pm
and i thought wow. this game so exciting and fun to watch. played by grade school kids. played by great players. back on the gridiron, to, michael vick and chad ocho cinco among those putting the star power. >> my playing days over but i cannot get hit or tackled. that's cool. >> i was never able to share the field with them before. i ran the other side of the ball. play agriculture long side to. it's pretty cool. >> reporter: the first game pitting team ow ens against team vick. no pads though. the competitive nature is still there. >> you are still playing a professional sport with professional athletes. the demand on your body is there. the reaction. all of that is going it to be required. it's not just a walk in the park. it's flag football but city football. >> reporter: so is using high tech equipment including
12:44 pm
magnetic flags. to determine where the flag was pulled. >> reporter: it's more of a game of passing, and explosive plays,. >> reporter: jeff garcia providing comment. former 49 coach. >> to play. [inaudible]. >> reporter: those who enjoy the game the most the fans, including michael vick fan who showed up at nine in the morning to get his jersey signed and a picture. >> it's nostargic. chad ocho cinco. the opportunity to see them play is just to much to miss. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2news. the owner plans to have eight teams compete next yearf. are you wondering who won that game. it was team vick. the final score of 64-41. can't believe a lot of people are be log forward to the 4th of july.
12:45 pm
we are concerned about the weather. >> yeah. >> i know you hate that question. >> that's always the one that you have to figure out the day of. it seems like every year. someone said when i was starting to forecast in the bay area. it's never a slam dunk forecast through the fog. it's never like -- off shore wind will wipe out the marine layer. be watching out for that. it looks like it won't be hot. that's the one early sign we are seeing. temperatures in the cool to mild side. here is the satellite showing you this. fog, a good portion of the california coastline up and down the coast. we will check in on some of the current numbers across the state. you can see palm springs. that was the reality next week at the 12:00 hour. not the case here. truckee a nice 73 degrees. sacramento 76 and monterey 61 degrees. we will come in closer show you the overcast near the coast and still a solid blanket over the bay. we have overcast over san
12:46 pm
francisco and oakland and haywood. 70s toward livermore. san francisco, definitely need the coat and sweater. the temperatures in the 50s to maybe reach 60 or 61. here showing you the winds. clearly the on her wind. fairfield gusting to 23 miles an hour. more reports for you. sfo. out of the west at 14. gusting to 24 and a calm wind in san jose. here is the plan for today. overcast. san jose, the clouds have lifted with -- bit of haze out there. still looking good. low 70s. inland neighborhoods. warmest locations may approach the mid80s. that's just about it. we have a good on shore wind in place. the on shore wind coming out of the north northwest. that cools them out. for thursday, friday, we will warm up the numbers a bit. inland neighbors, around the bay 70s to lower 08's on the beaches, not warming up to
12:47 pm
much. areas of the fog. could have partial clearing for the afternoon hours. still partly cloudy. around the bay. inland more sun. temperatures on the more comfortable side late their afternoon. as far as winds, ten to 20 miles an hour that. will impact temperatures this afternoon. forecast highs in your neighborhood. santa rosa. 80, 61 degrees. that's downtown. san jose upper 70s. half moon bay 61. here is a work ahead. temperatures warm up a bit into thursday and friday. slightly cooler by saturday. we will warm it back up into sunday. then you are talking about -- the holiday travel forecast for 4th of july. looking long range. looks like a little cooler on tuesday. no imagine ear heat in the bay area. >> the highs last week are a thing of the past. visiting the white house.
12:48 pm
a tradition for sports chance. a petition to stop the warriors from visiting with trump. the warriors have gone to the white house before when the president was in office but more than 51,000 have signed a petition asking the team not to go to the white house this year once they get the invite. last week the head coach said the team should consider going saying could have some benefits. about 12 professional teams visit the white house. every year. >> seth curry will be on the golf course. he will play on the tours. the classic will be played in haywood. his involvement is in cooperation with it helping raise money for the warriors community foundation. the strong golf game, very well documented and even talked about the possibility of going proafter his career. the stressful midnight. the giants beat the rock yips 4- 3 in what was one of the best wins of the year.
12:49 pm
>> on the ground in the base hit. here comes hernandez. here is the throw home. this game is over. >> brush your teeth and go to spread. denard span knocked in the winning win. teammates chased him out to the out field, mobbed him and celebrated one of the few victims. the giants came behind to win the marathon game. the giants won the longer 17 inning game earlier this year against cincinnati. the giants are hoping to sweep the rockies today. the day is gunning underway. >> ryan heeley was -- he hit his first career grand slam. the 18th home run of the season. the a's ahead. houston rallied back in the bottom of the 9th when a three run home run from george springer. it wasn't enough. the a's have won four in a row.
12:50 pm
it's launch day for a new bike sharing program. one that can benefit people across the bay area. up next the inside look at how it'll work.
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12:52 pm
. if you hope to avoid bay area traffic jams and burn energy there is a new option. >> a new bike share system was
12:53 pm
launched with the ford go bike spanning san francisco, oakland, san jose, berkeley and emoryville. you can rent a street bike for a day or sign up for a year membership. they said san francisco is a bike friendly city and locals are looking for new way tosca mute. >> they are special for san francisco. there is an internal hub which will help with things like rain and mud, but the shifting is actually unlimited. instead of having one, two or three gears there is a range so if you want to group the hill you can. >> 3500 bikes will be available this summer and sal took a ride on one of them and explains how the program works. >> reporter: hundreds of new bikes arriving in san francisco being pulled off the truck and put on the streets as part a new bike sharing program. ford the car company has teamed up with a bike sharing company to increase the chance you will use bikes as a commute option even if you don't own one. need to get to worn? you can use one of these blue
12:54 pm
bikes to get there for a small fee. >> we found out that bike share is hugely popular and there is a demand for it across the area in the bay area and especially in san francisco, berkeley, oakland emoryville and san jose where we will expand it over the next two years. >> reporter: the pilot program started with 700 bikes and is now expanding to 7,000. the bikes will be available in more than 500 spots in san francisco, oakland, berkeley, emoryville and san jose. >> the number one thing we heard is there weren't enough bikesoer stations. the expansion is about providing access to all of san francisco and bringing ride share to the east bay. also expanding in san jose to make it a ride and regional program. >> reporter: it get the bike you can use the ford go bike app on your phone or your clipper card. the bike sharing company said the bikes have been designed with comfort and e arks serks of use in mind. >> everything on this bike has made so that anyone can ride
12:55 pm
the bike. it's made for all heights. >> reporter: the bikes are easy to ride. you can wear any type of clothing and they are also easy to stop and get off and on. bike riding can three dollars a trip. they have made adjustments to avoid going in on san francisco's bike rental market. >> bike share is about helping people make short trips. from point a to point b. from home to work to school. connect local its and visitors to neighborhoods. bike rentals do a good job of servicing longer trips and doing trips like guided tours like the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: the company has a bike train to get the back to the service center. its modeled after similar programs in new york city and washington dc. in san francisco. alameda county hoped to
12:56 pm
hire formerly jailed people but only hired six. >> the plan held -- speaking of rallies let's look at the stocks. united states stocks poised for their best day in two months. the dow jones a lot green. 150. the nasdaq up 90 points. low income teenagers being encouraged to be engineers. 71 are taking part in a week long summer cam. they are in teams and build everything from rowbots to bridges. it has more and more signing up every year. >> since i could get any item, legos i would -- build them, houses, bridges, it was just like -- the starting point. >> the camp introduces high schools to the college experience. they learn, eat and sleep on campus to give them a taste of that university life.
12:57 pm
>> i love camps. i recollect going back to basketball camp. >> i wish they had camp for us. the kids have all the fun. good for you. i did a camp. >> enjoy your afternoon.
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