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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  June 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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injuries. however, firefighters are struggling with the terrain and the heat as they battle that fire. police in san jose are investigating a deadly shooting tonight. they say a woman called police saying she had been shot. when officers arrived on the scene they also found a man what had been shot to death right in the middle of the street. >> all of this happened just before 9:00 this morning in san jose. ktvu's ann rubin is there. she has more now on what happened. anne. >> reporter: authorities now believe this was an attempted murder-suicide, that the man shot the woman before turning the gun on himself. neighbors on creston lane in san jose heard would they thought were fireworks. this woman who asked not to be identified went outside for a look. that's when she saw an a injured woman running and screaming and a man suffering from a gunshot lying in the street. >> they come to my yard and i see the body in the street. i say to my son to call 911,
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and i go to them. >> reporter: she and other neighbors stayed with him until police arrived. >> maybe one minute more, die. >> reporter: the injured woman called 911 reporting the man in the street had tried to kill her before turning the gun on himself. >> at this point we have reason to believe that he shot the female victim and then shot himself, committed suicide. >> police aren't saying what the relationship was between the two, only that they were, quote, known to each other. authorities also aren't saying what led up to the shooting in the street but they say the woman was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. >> we have no reason to believe there is any outstanding suspects at all. so the community doesn't have to be at fare of someone beg out on the loose. >> reporter: neighbors say the man appeared to be in his 20s
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but no official word on his identity. the woman is in the hospital and is expected to recover. frank. >> ann rubin in the south bay, thank you. new details involving a sacramento county sheriff's deputy shot in the face last night with his own gun. we are also learning about the suspect's connection to the bay area. 25-year-old deputy alex ludwig was severely wounded and is recovering after surgery on his jaw. the deputy was working overtime at a light rail station when he approached 27-year-old nick span. investigators say span attacked the deputy, grabbed his service weapon and fired two shots. he ran out of the station and into a nearby hotel. >> he was on the second floor in an outdoor hallway of the motel. there's an al cove that he was -- there's an alcove that he was tucked inside when the robot first saw him.
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they kept an eye on him the whole time. our tactical teams came in and took him into custody without incident. >> span is facing attempted murder charges and is due in court friday. we have learned he has an extensive criminal history, including being charged in a 2008 double homicide in santa clara county. ktvu's cristina rendon is working on that part of the story and will have it for us tonight on the 6:00 news. bart says they have finished installing working surveillance cameras in all of their train cars. the $1.4 million project was launched last year after it was revealed that bart cameras did not record a deadly shooting on a train at the west oakland station. it turn out two-thirds of the cameras on the trains were decoys. >> i think it will be very
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beneficial. i think it would make people feel more safe. >> it puts me at ease. it is a little annoying that it took so long but happy that it happened. >> bart says the cameras are not being monitored on a real- time basis. they are recording video that can be reviewed later. bart says if you are the victim of a crime take note of the car number that you are on. that will help bart police retrieve the video. in the nation's capitol today president trump met with victims of crimes carried out by up document immigrants. the president also spoke about two bills up for a vote tomorrow. fox news reports the house is expected to vote on kate's law which would impose mandatory prison sentences on criminal aliens who reenter the united states after deportation. kate steinle's alleged killer was deported five times before steinle was shot and killed in san francisco. the house is also set to vote
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on stripping funding from some sanctuary cities. president trump announced the effort is working along very well and suggested there could be a, quote, big surprise coming, although the white house would not elaborate. >> this comes after mitch measure connell postponed a vote on the plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. fox news reporter joel waldman has the details now from washington. >> president trump, the man who wrote the art of the deal, with a somewhat cautious prediction about the future of the gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> i think we're going to get very close and i think we are going to get it over the line. we have given ourselves a little bit more time to make it perfect. >> reporter: republican leadership now asking for a reworked bill by this friday after a pre-4th of july vote was postponed because vin tray- party dissension -- because of
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intra-party dissension. the postponement coming after a growing number of republican senators expressed opposition to the bill in its current form. the gop can only afford to lose two votes. despite issues within the party mitch mcconnell taking aim at democrats. >> it's unfortunate that our democratic colleagues refuse to work with us in a serious way to comprehensively address obamacare's failures. >> reporter: democrats believe the bill helps the rich while hurting the poor as protesters voice their discontent. >> healthcare is a right! >> let's abandon cuts to medicaid and discuss what the american people are really concerned about. premiums, deductibles, the cost and a quality of healthcare. >> reporter: when asked about medicaid cuts in the gop plan, president trump responded, this will be great for everybody. in washington, joel waldman,
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fox news. >> dozens of people gathered in san francisco today to show their opposition to the senate healthcare bill. the group held a nan time rally outside the federal building at 7th and mission. organizers say they're very pleased the republican party's latest effort to repeal and replace obama care is now on hold and facing an uncertain future. >> we are thrilled to see that the organizing, all the advocacy around the country is working, and that several senators are seeing that this would destroy their communities, that this would hurt the people who vote for them, and are saying we can't vote for this in good conscience. >> there have been similar protests against the republican healthcare bill in cities across the country today. u.s. embassies and consul lats are waiting for instructions on how to handle the u.s. travel ban that was partly reinstated by the u.s. supreme court this week. the administration has given itself until tomorrow to implement the been on six majority muslim countries. the state department says refugees who have been vetted,
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approved, and a scheduled to fly to the united states through july 6th will be allowed in. for others, applications will reportedly still be processed until new guidance is complete. some immigration groups plan to send attorneys to airports in case there are problems. meantime u.s. customs and border protection says it plans to start building prototypes for donald trump, president donald trump's proposed wall with mexico in san diego later this summer. four to eight companies will get contracts to create trial models for the wall. companies will have 30 days to complete the prototypes. later this hour, homeland security orders a new crackdown at airports in the u.s. and around the world. we will have a full report coming up at 5:45. also ahead, the bay area county pledging to help hundreds of former convicts find jobs. in 30 minutes, a major hang-up in that goal that was first set last year. and up next tonight, safe and sane fireworks now on sale
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in some bay area cities. what you need to know if you want to buy them. and a little warmer inland today. we got up into the low 90s in spots. a a bit warmer. that's the trend as we head towards the weekend.
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we are now less than a week to go before the 4th of july. just this afternoon the bay area's first safe and sane fireworks stands opened for business. ktvu's henry lee live in dublin with what you need to know. henry. >> reporter: we have been out here at this dublin stand since a little bit after noon. that's the earliest that the stand could open. we don't see a lot of people, no long lines but we expect
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business to pick up before the 4th of july. it is almost that time of year ago gain. for -- time of year ago gain. -- time of year again. pacifica, san bruno, gilroy, and union city have safe and sane fireworks. >> we have everything from what a two-year-old might like to watch, quiet, we have the $500 box, which is usual al block party kind of box. >> reporter: rosemary is helping to sell fireworks. proceeds benefit dublin high. >> nothing that launches. nothing that explodes. these are all considered safe and sane. so, yes, if you touch them, they will burn you, but nothing that could cause fires. >> reporter: there are 13 fireworks stands in dublin
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alone. many are clustered around downtown. the city also provides designated areas where people can set them off on the 4th of july. >> as long as you use these responsibly and under adult supervision, it's not a problem. >> reporter: any kids here? >> it's all us older kids. >> i like it. it's safe for the kids. >> reporter: what kind of fireworks did you get? >> the orchids, contradicts, and others. >> reporter: what gets you excited about these fireworks? >> the colors. >> reporter: as we come back out here live i wanted to show you this big boy. it costs $500. there's something for everybody. although these are kid safe, you do have to be at least 18. so children, if you are watching, make sure you bring
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along a responsible adult. reporting live in dublin, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> henry, what happens if you are caught lighting illegal fireworks? >> reporter: it depends on where you are. if you are in a city that bans all fireworks could you potentially face a fine or a citation. >> henry lee reporting live in dublin, thank you. there are other cities in the bay area that allow the use and sale of safe and sane fireworks including cloverdale, sebastopol, petaluma, pacifica, san bruno, and gilroy. if you are looking to watch a city sponsored show or for a list of events this 4th of july holiday weekend log on to you will find an in-depth list of activities. look for the local news section. back now to the wildfires burning around the statement one of the biggest is in riverside county. the so-called man manzanita
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fire is 40% contained. crews continue to battle the flames from the air and on the ground. a single car crash is being blamed for starting that fire. in san luis obispo county the hill fire has destroyed three structures. tmz is reporting one of those buildings belongs to the star of "big bang theory." no word yet on would caused that fire. we want to go over to bill now for a check of the weather. another nice mild day around the bay area. very comfortable compared to how it was yesterday. >> a tad warmer, but not much. it was 89, 90 degrees in some of those inland bay valleys so it was definitely a tad warmer. the fog burned off a bit earlier today. a nice day, as julie points out. as we head to the next couple of days this gradual increase in temperatures will continue. so there you go. and it's nice.
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remember a week ago, we were deep in it. we had extreme heat warnings. what we have offshore now is a system that's really going track to the north of us, essentially, and just keep us in a dry pattern. but it is going to -- the high pressure is gradually building in. as it does, temperatures will begin to get back to -- today upper 80s, low 90s. tomorrow we could see some low 90s. you will see in the five-day forecast a little warmer than that. there is the fog right along the coast. and that fog is pretty thick down there. it's been hanging in tight in pacifica and in san francisco. so these areas -- in daly city, you know the deal. tough out there all day long. if you are in the edgemart district or the sharpe park district, you're wearing jackets. if you are in livermore, you are probably in t-shirts and
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flip-flops. classic bay area weather. if you look down to southern california we're tracking the winds down there for that fire. they're starting to cool off with a little bit more of an onshore flow, which is nice. current temperatures, 82 in fairfield, 85 in concord, 78 in livermore. concord got up to 89 degrees today unofficially, so that's good. there's a beautiful shot of the fog, the marine layer. there it is. it's a little lower than it was yesterday. that's how you know it's getting warmer. i didn't show this shot yesterday but the fog was up. more cooling. now it's being pinched down. that's evidence of a high pressure. the high pressure, it's not a big high pressure like last week but it's enough it's patting it down, and we're seeing inland temperatures begin to warm. that's what we saw today, that's what we will see tomorrow. that's the bay area weather story the next couple of days. just a nice little warm-up.
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san francisco more of the same song and dance which is clouds in the morning, partly cloudy in the afternoon, still 60 degrees at lunchtime, and then mid-60s, a little warmer than what we saw today. mid 60s in mostly to partly sunny on your bay area thursday. a face looking day tomorrow. a little warmer. more warming as we head into the holiday weekend. see you back here with the long- range forecast. the superior court judge has sided with the city of san francisco in its battle with the state over shoreline rights. proposition b empowered voters to set height limits on new buildings along the waterfront. today a judge issued a tentative ruling rejecting the state land commission's contention that state law trumps that measure. the case could go to a higher court now. city voters have approved height limits for two waterfront development projects since proposition b passed. still ahead tonight looking back at the summer of love and one of its inspirational
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artists. >> a lot of people know my art but don't know who did it. >> coming up, we will introduce to you a man named stanley and show you what he has been up to since that incredible summer of 1967. a cold case reopened. the renewed efforts to solve the case of a bay area woman who went missing nearly 30 years ago. plus, details on a new lawsuit filed against an east bay school. the controversial campaign video that started it all. that's coming up tonight at 6:00.
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you're legends if you collect this or if you were part of the scene. and it is just an honor to see them. >> the summer of love had a lot of stars. some vanished way too soon in a lifestyle of alcohol, drugs, and craziness. >> but there are survivors of that artistic explosion. tom vacar looks at one of the lesser known but no less important contributors, a man who was true al mouse. >> reporter: at the italian street festival last weekend in san rafael, remarkable as the chalk art was my attention turned to a somewhat smallish man. >> a lot of people know my art but don't know who did it. >> reporter: we all know there's mickey mouse but when it comes to the summer of love there's only one mouse, and his name is stanley. he grew up in detroit and had a
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father who was a disney animator on snow white. his first fame came with his monster-driven hot rods. >> growing up in detroit he drew a lot of cars. i was a big fan of mad magazine. it was a big food in the early 60. >> reporter: with his remarkable hieroglyphics type signature, he became famous, airbrushing his design upon thousands upon thousands of sweatshirts. but san francisco beckoned at just the perfect time. a few years before the summer of love. >> something drew me out here, and i came out, and they were doing posters, and i said, i can do that. and so i just jumped in and did all the posters for the dance halls. >> reporter: in partnership with artist alton kelly his
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original paintings are among the most sought after pieces of '60 art. his art has graced everything from classic albums to eric clapton's rolls royce to fine art galleries. >> i think the reason why i got here is i've been a compulsive drawer. i drew my way through grade school and high school, through art school, and never stopped drawing. >> reporter: his san francisco headquarters was a former firehouse that he got for $100 a month. there, parties and dances abounded and his art exploded onto the international scene. it was dedicated to peace and most definitely anti-vietnam war. then came 1967, the summer of love. ♪ if you're going to san francisco ♪ >> what they call the summer of love, but it was just an influx
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of a million people that invaded our scene, and i guess a lot of good things came out of it, but it also killed a good scene. >> reporter: people here were amazed and delighted. >> i'm honored to meet him. >> you're legends if you collect this or if you were part of the scene. it's an honor to see him. i love his artwork. it's very creative, very different, very '60ish. >> reporter: a humble man for sure. an art legend, absolutely. >> it surprises me every time bick just feel like i'm just a normal person trying to make a living. >> reporter: and some history to boot. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> boy, that takes me back. >> i know. >> i'm a little older than you, so i remember a little better than you. >> hearing the songs, the music. coming up, the mishandling of sex assault cases at palo
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alto high school. we are learning that more than a dozen additional complaints have been failed with the school district since our original story last month. the latest on the investigation and policy changes coming up in a live report after the break. also ahead, a close look at an alameda county program called the re-entry hiring initiative. it was supposed to help hundreds of former inmates get jobs. so why have only six been hired nearly a year after the goal was set?
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breaking news on the east coast where a six-alarm fire is burning in boston in an apartment building that is under construction. you are looking at live pictures from the scene. you can see the smoke from that building. for those who know the boston area it is burning on dorchester avenue. firefighters have been climbing ladders to try to douse the flames. officials say the wood-framed six-floor structure has 83 units. there is concern now that the structure could collapse. the building was scheduled to be completed within the next month and tenants were supposed to start moving in on july 15th. that is according to the boston fire department. again, live pictures out of boston tonight of an apartment building fire. it was under construction. so far there is no word on what started this fire but officials say workers were testing out equipment right before the fire started. crews are expected to be on the scene throughout the night.
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we are working to get more information again on this breaking news coming out of boston of this apartment fire that was under construction. when we do get more information we will let you know. now to a story that 2 investigates first broke on may 10th regarding sexual assault cases at palo alto high school and the school district's investigation and policy changes. since that first report there have now been 19 new complaints filed with the district. and just about 30 minutes ago the superintendent updated school board members with the latest on the investigation as they continue making revisions to critical policies. ktvu's jesse gary is the one who first broke this story. a lot of developments since that first report, jesse. >> reporter: frank, that's right. that special meeting where the superintendent was updating the board, that meeting was extended. it was intoafd toned at 5:00. it is just starting to wrap up now because these are such weighty and complex issues. this is a continuation of
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efforts by the board to better respond to complaints of alleged sexual assault. if we can let's take a look at video. they're particularly looking to clarify languages in policies covering sexual discrimination and the uniform complaint procedures. the district is taking these steps as part of its resolution agreement with the department of education office of civil rights. just three months ago the ocr closed a four-month investigation and found that the pau serks failed to -- that the agency failed to take steps in incidents dating back to 2013. a an athlete was convicted of having oral sex with a 14-year- old girl in a school bathroom.
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since then there have been revelations of a sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl. many parents say they distrust officials to take the necessary steps to produce change and keep their kids safe. >> once a child has come forward and let a staff member know, anybody know that they've been assaulted, so many things should have fallen into place that didn't. and it will make the trust of these children so difficult. it will make it very difficult for the children to trust. >> reporter: board members have entrusted an attorney with rewriting policy so they're in compliance with the ocr but she says the district is working with a complex set of rules and regulations, laws that she is trying to take and make more clear adding, more often than not families or students who file a complaint are not looking for a formal process,
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they just want the offensive behavior to stop. coming up in the next hour we will talk about filing a complaint. the district has a new tool in that. we will discuss it coming up at 6:30. for now, live in palo alto, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. >> you kind of touched object this but it is such a complex issue for the parents of a child that has been sexually assaulted, what specifically is it that those parents want to see happen? >> reporter: well, they want to see change, frankly, frank. they want to make sure that if a complaint comes forward there is appropriate action taken. there is so many laws and rules and nuances. there were actually inside talking about the definition of inappropriate. that's one of the things they have to specifically spell out in the new policies to make sure they're in compliance with the ocr. that's how fine a needle they are threading when it comes to all of the policies involved in the district. that is why it is taking so long and why there's so much
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confusion. a lot of these policies conflicted, so they have to go through and look at with it a fine-tooth comb and rewait them, make sure they're in compliance. that's the first step for the attorney, and then the second step is to make it clear and easy and teachable. remember, july 1st, i'm sorry, august 1st, they're going to have to start having training sessions with district staff, teachers, et cetera. if this is all so confusing, how do you teach it to somebody some so the first order of business is to make sure they're in compliance. after that they want to come up with something that is clear enough that they can teach it to the staffers, teachers, principles within the district. >> they're hoping to have this done by august 1st? >> reporter: well, you know, they have to get it done by august 1st, because that is when the training begins. so the superintendent is pushing full steam ahead. there was talk about hopefully
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the last board meeting. it will not be. they could not get to everything associated with this today because there is so much. so they just wanted to put it out on the table and a have board members have a chance to talk about it and express their views, then they are going to come back again. they have not said when the next meeting is but they're going to come back, probably in another week, and try to delve more into this. to your point, frank, there is a new form that you will be able to fill out as a parent or student when it comes to reporting cases of sexual assault in the district that just went live today, about a half-hour ago. we will talk about that at 6:30, frank. >> a lot of work ahead. jesse gary in palo alto, thank you. a judge set bail at $6.5 million for a santa cruz neurosurgeon accused of sexual abuse of children. he was arrested at his home as part of an investigation into a child sex abuse ring. the 57-year-old doctor is facing 11 felony charms of
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sexually assaulting two boys and a girl all under the age of 14. he has pleaded not guilty. the cases led to the arrest of two nurses what face child sex charges. prosecutors called him a public danger who recruits women to help find child victims. san francisco police are looking for two men who robbed a man at gunpoint while he was lying in his own bed. it happened yesterday afternoon on ellsworth street. investigators say the two suspects broke into a house and spotted the 42-year-old man in bed. they pointed a gun at him and demanded that he hand over his belongings. they then ransacked his home and took off with a rifle, a cell phone, a computer and a necklace. fortunately the victim was not hurt. an alameda county initiative to hire people who have been released from jail or prison has fallen far short of its goals. that's frustrating for the former inmates who are now looking for jobs. rob roth joins us now after he
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spoke with a former prisoner who is looking for work. >> reporter: alameda county calls it the re-entry hiring initiative. the goal is to provide 1400 county jobs to people who were formerly incarcerated. it was passed last year but now a year later only five have gotten full-time jobs and the other has been hired part-time. marcus served seven months in jail for armed robbery. he was released last year. >> i got kids to feed. i can feed them. crime just happens. >> reporter: since his release he says he's been unable to find a job. he says he's sure he knows the reason why. >> they see my robbery. they're like, nah, he's going to steal something, he's not going to work. but i honestly work. it's just hard to find a job. >> reporter: he is among dozens protesting out of frustration in front of the alameda county
5:38 pm
administration building. they say the small handful of hires is not enough. >> five jobs plus a sixth temporary one is not enough. it's unacceptable. we know they could hire more people. >> we're all disappoint that we don't have more jobs. >> reporter: supervisor keith carson is the author of the initiative. >> working with the government is a slow and challenging process. we have to go through civil service issues. we had to go through working with each of our departments. >> they could have been trying to get people hired. they could have been helping people pass the civil service test. they could have been doing all they can do to get people hired. those are not substantial reasons why they have not hired more people. >> reporter: why the number 1400? that's the number of inmates relossed into alameda county last year. officials say the problem is not that many entry-level jobs opened one the county but they're working to bring in employers from the private sector to help in the effort. >> now that we are coalescing with the private sector, other governmental agencies which
5:39 pm
broadens the number, i think that we will be able to move much quicker. >> i just hope they take their word and do what they said they're going to do and hire us so i can get a job so i won't end up back in jail. >> the county says there were a lot of growing pains but they're confident the number of hires will be bettary year from now. julie. >> are there any services or anything they can do in the meantime? >> reporter: there are resources that work with people coming out of jails and prisons, job training, and there's education programs. but they move slow, and a lot of them haven't been all that effective in placing the jobs. so the county was hoping since they're a big employer, that they could be the ones that actually create the jobs and work within the county, but it is proving to be a lot harder than they originally thought it was going to be. >> slow process. rob roth in the newsroom, thank
5:40 pm
you. coming up here, new tsa screening rules announced this afternoon and how they will affect flights worldwide.
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a new bike sharing service launched in san francisco today but the city has put the brakes on funding the program's expansion at least for now. >> that's because the city's mom and pop bike rental shops
5:43 pm
were upset over the pricing model for the splashy forward go bikes. >> reporter: we took a test ride of the ford go bike with ceo jay walder. he has paired up with the transportation agency rolling out 8,000 bikes on city streets. >> the reality is that i think the things we can do that increase biking in general help our cities, help our region, and help all of us. >> reporter: the program rollout hit a snag last week when companies worried that motivate was trying to steal their business with the competitive pricing model. >> there was a question about a product called the go pass that would have allowed for longer trips. we have taken that o. it is not being offered. it's not on the kiosk, it's not on oural. we don't want this to be a conflict. >> the last couple of weeks were not marked by a lot of warm if you saidiness.
5:44 pm
>> reporter: because of the conflict the transportation authority board chaired by supervisor aaron peskin voted to put the brakes on 255,000 for research for future sites. >> i'm hopeful they will speak and enter into an agreement. once i see it, and it is all in writing, we will release the $255,000. >> reporter: that should happen within a month. meanwhile motivate crews are busy installing the bake pads. an annual membership which includes an unlimited amount of 45-minute rides, $150. >> we've set up a program called bike share for all so that for $5 a year, low-income residents of this region can take advantage unlimited rides. >> reporter: in order to unlock a bake all you have to do is go to the ford go bike location
5:45 pm
and swipe. the road may have started off a bit rocky but motivate said it's sure that from here on out everyone will after smooth ride. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. new information about the ransom ware computer attack. how investigators say the latest attack compares to a similar one that happened last month. and we're back here with the forecast after the break. the long range. we'll look into the holiday weekend which is just around the corner. it is warming up, just so you know.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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now to new information on the global ransom ware computer attack. investigators say this appears to be a different type of malware than the one used last month. ukraine and russia were the hardest hit. hackers scramble data then demand cash to restore it. there were also attacks in europe and the united states. fed ex says one of its subsidiaries, tnt express, was significantly slowed by the malware. new screening rules for flights coming into the united states from 280 different locations. reporter ellison barber has the details and how it could affect how you return from your next trip overseas. >> reporter: those long security lines could get longer at airports overseas, the tsa unveiling a new set of
5:49 pm
protocols for screening for flights coming into the u.s. from 280 locations in 105 countries including increased screening of passengers and luggage set to take effect within 120 days. >> with this announcement we send a clear message that inaction is not an option. >> reporter: the announcement follows new threats related to explosions hidden in electronic devices. officials say if the airports don't comply their passengers could be stopped from carrying laptops and other electronics in passenger cabins. that ban is already in place at 10 airports in the mideast and north africa but if the new screening rules are adopted, the ban could be lifted. >> we will work with our partners to ensure these measures are fully implemented. again, today is just the starting point. >> reporter: the announcement comes just days after the supreme court allowed parts of the president's travel ban to go into effect and some overseas travelers are now worried the new screening,
5:50 pm
combined with confusion about the travel ban, could keep them from getting to their destination. >> it's a very onerous process. it's a process that takes a lot of time. >> reporter: the tsa is working on using new technology including ct scans at some airports hoping to increase efficiency and get passengers through security more quickly. in washington, ellison bar a bear, fox news. let's get a check of our weather. back over to bill for a look at going into a long holiday weekend with the 4th of july. >> it's kind of in a weird spot. the holliday is on a tuesday. >> tuesday. >> this weekend is kind of a holiday weekend, but next weekend is, too. where's the sweet spot? probably this weekend makes more sense, but for others, i imagine the next weekend could be a holliday weekend as well. so here's the deal. the next week or so we will give you the forecast. these are the highs from today. temperatures did warm up a few degrees today. not a lot. it's been subtle.
5:51 pm
but just a wonderful relief from last week, because if you just take your weather memory back, gosh, 122 hours ago, you're looking at 105, 106 in some of these inland valleys. much cooler. the spare the air and distant memory, a nice mild pattern i would call this that's going to stick around. it's just warming up. when you get 93 or 95 in concord or livermore, that's not too hot for this time of year. it's very warm but it's not 105, 106. there's the fog offshore. the fog has been pretty much a constant player as it will be the next few days. it will do what it did this morning where it comes in a little bit and then recedes and leaves some warmer highs. 85 in concord, 76 in walnut creek. that's six degrees warmer in concord, nine degrees warmer in novato. pretty big warm-up.
5:52 pm
i mentioned earlier the marine layer is being compressed. great shot. the most beautiful city in the world right there. so is daly city. a perfect shot there. that fog coming in under sutro tower is being compressed. if i showed that you picture tomorrow and the fog was up over tomorrow -- it won't be -- but then you know it is going to cool down. you can almost just look at the fog depth. you can make assertions about what the weather is doing 40, 50 miles inland. the warming trend tomorrow and friday, temperatures on the weekend kind of stablize. fog forecast for tomorrow morning looks like this morning. temperature forecast for tomorrow a lot like today but a little bit warmer. and then 92 in vac could aville. 90 in fairfield. not bad air quality. no spare the air days or anything like that, which is nice. we haven't had an abundance of
5:53 pm
those this year which is nice. we will look for temperatures to cool down sunday into monday which is fine because 4th of july, you don't want to be in a heatwave, and it doesn't look like we will be so the fire danger won't be off the charts. >> that's perfect for people to enjoy the holliday. bill, thank you. the sonoma marin area rapid transit gets ready to roll. >> reporter: 10 years in the planning, five years in construction. at last smart train is about to begin service tomorrow, and it's free. and in minutes, new at 6:00, details on a new lawsuit filed against an east bay school by the parents of the student body president. the controversial campaign video that started it all. plus, a cold case reopened. the new efforts to solve the case of the bay area woman who went missing nearly 30 years ago. that is coming up at 6:00.
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5:56 pm
the north bay smart train starts rolling tomorrow with passengers able to climb on board for free test runs. >> today the media had a chance to sample the free service. tom vacar was among those who went along for the ride. >> reporter: initially smart train will run the nearly 50 miles from santa rosa's sonoma county airport to the downtown san rafael transit center. this new additional commute capacity will become ever more
5:57 pm
critical to the growing north bay and its one already jammed freeway. >> it is a commute nightmare. you are stuck with highway 101 which is a parking lot during morning, during the evening, and during weekends. we can get you there in half the time. >> reporter: it will also provide tourists new access to marin's sonoma county. the trains have a snack bar with beer and wine in the evenings, free wi-fi, and bike racks. at peek speed the train will hit 79 miles per hour. smart replaced a river bridge that took 15 minutes to raise and lower for a used one that they bought in texas that can psych came in just over one minute. nonetheless for counties that have not had regular passenger rail service in 60 years, rail crossing safety as well as illegal gate running is a big concern. >> of course we are cautioning drivers never to stop on the tracks, telling people never walk on the tracks, but the
5:58 pm
number one rule is always to be alert and aware. >> it is a crime to drive around railroad gates that are down. the vehicle code the not allow that to happen. and we really work closely with our agencies to help get that message across through safety messaging and prevention efforts. >> reporter: the smart train has a tiny force. it is backed up by the chp, two county sheriff's departments and six local police departments. with that in mind these sleek, low emission diesels have the latest in stopping technology which proved itself several times during the testing phase. >> quite impressed with the stopping ability of this train. >> we have actually used it, and we've been able to stop for different situations that could have been disastrous, but we avidded it because the train did stop in time. >> reporter: smart train's public passenger service starts tomorrow morning. and it looks like for almost all of the first month it is going to be free. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news.
5:59 pm
a sacramento sheriff's deputy shot in the face with his own gun by a suspect with ties to the bay area. tonight new information about the moments leading up to that shooting. plus, the suspect's criminal past. ktvu has learned the suspect had been charged in a double homicide in the south bay and then those charges were dropped. we have also learned he had just gotten out of jail in sacramento related to another case earlier this month. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the deputy who was shot is now out of surgery in stable condition. the deputy was even able to call out for help after he was shot. authorities say the 25-year-old deputy was shot with his own gun about 6:00 last night after a confrontation at the watt avenue light rail station near interstate 80 in sacramento.
6:00 pm
today fellow officers are describing the deputy as a good guy and a family man. >> he takes good care of his wife and has great values. he goes to church on the weekend. we're so thankful that alex is okay. >> the suspect, a 27-year-old, was arrested at a nearby hotel where he was hiding. new details now on the suspect from cristina rendon who in the south bay. you have learned he had a lengthy criminal past. >> reporter: we did frank and julie, both here and in sacramento county. we have learned he is from san jose and moved to the sacramento area several years ago before his involvement in yesterday's shooting, or his alleged involvement in yesterday's shooting. and we spoke to a relative who tells us she is shocked by the accusation. he is facing an attempted murder charge for allegedly attacking a sacramento county sheriff's deputy, grabbing the deputy's gun and shooting the deputy in the face. it happen


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