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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  June 29, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> department of state? using the supreme court for their political purposes a narrowing the definition to the barest of narrowest of definitions they could use. >> immigration crackdown. to take a kates law named for san francisco woman who died at the hands of an illegal immigrant, allegedly. >> we call them criminals. >> the legislation before us would not have prevented that tragedy. >> still the legislation passed. >> bipartisan backlash. the president max a journalist on twitter and draws condemnation from both sides of the political aisle. >> we are trying to improve the stability -- the debate. this doesn't help. >> the 4 on 2 starts now. >> on this boat, the bill was passed without objection.
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partyline vote, the house passed two immigration bills that president trump had pushed for including kates law. x named after a 32-year-old woman shot and killed in san francisco. the legislation is a key priority of president trump and part in it immigration agenda. we have more in the developing story. more in the bill and what critics are saying right now.>> reporter: kate was walking arm and arm with her father 114 wish you were shot and killed allegedly by an undocumented immigrant. her family has been seeking justice and stronger immigration laws. kates law would impose mandatory minimum sentences and criminal immigrants to reenter the u.s. after being deported. he was arrested in the shooting two years ago. is still awaiting trial. verse of the bill say he should
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never have been in the u.s. since had already been deported five times. critics a study by the cato institute says the law would not have prevented her death.>> in recent years, border patrol caught him every time he attempted to cross. he was only in the city because the u.s. justice department failed to do its job. >> in the time of letting the worst criminals back in our country over and over and over again must stop. the process begins again today. >> reporter: kates law has been entered is before and failed to get enough votes to pass last year. this afternoon, president trump expressed hope that this time would be different. he tweeted houses past kates law, hopefully, senate will follow. the bill will need 60 votes. eight democrats have to sign on to send it to the president.
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house of representatives also approved the second bill targeting sanctuary cities that what included many here in california. >> it is beyond my comprehension why officials want to enforce the laws of the nation as i am would actively discourage or prevent law enforcement agencies from upholding the laws of the united states. why they would set public funds aside to pay for the legal representation of illegal aliens who are also lawbreakers. >> then no sanctuary act would strip cities of funding if they interfere with federal immigration laws by for bidding law enforcement to cooperate with federal authorities. >> we are following breaking news. it is coming from the south bay. the system east san jose. live pictures from sky fox of a charred area.
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a large area that is being consumed by fire that broke out not too long ago. this is east of san jose. 40 acres we are told were burned. they are getting a handle on it from at least the perspective of these live pictures. this is being called the ranch fire on mount hamilton. >> we are only seeing smoke. that road, although traveled, would be dangerous. probably acted as a good break. looks like they have this under control. 50% containment. a little east of san jose. mount hamilton. everything is pretty tender out there. more coming up later in the show. a more restrictive version of the president travel ban takes affect just about an hour from now.@does not expected to bring the protest that happened back in january. the u.s. supreme court held parts of the order including
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the six majority countries. people who cannot prove a close relationship with a person, business, or school must wait 90 days to enter. by that sfo with more on the ban. you are hearing about planned protest. >> reporter: that is right. members of the group refuse fascism say they will come to the airport to the international terminal where we are standing on the lower level. they will picket starting at 5:00. we will keeping an eye on out. look at the video. ahead of the planned action, attorneys from several rights groups made in the lower-level terminal where passengers entered customs and exited the airport. residents of six muslim majority nations, syria, sudan, somalia, libya, iran, and yemen , are now barred from entering the u.s. for 90 days. grandparents, fiancis, the
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people already in the united states will not be allowed in. refugees can't enter for 120 days. only people with a bona fide connection parents, children, siblings, will gain entry. the executive order is discriminatory and causing confusion.>> details about what is considered a close family relationship, how this will impact. fiancis, grandparents, but when new visas will be issued is still up in the air. we have a lot of clients coming in the office concerned about reconnecting with their families. concerned about traveling. canceling summer plans because of this. >> reporter: we talked to one woman who arrived from iran earlier. she's here to visit her daughter. she has a green card. she complained about problems with immigration. today she breezed through customs and breathed a sigh of
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relief. the protest planned at 5:00. we will update you coming up in the next hour. let's talk more about this revised travel ban. it's a pleasure to have you. this is less encompassing than the original executive order. do you think this will hold up? >> what they did today was to implement the supreme court's order from earlier this week. a carved out a big exception to the order because they said anybody who is a bona fide relationship with people in the united states could still come in but supreme court gave examples but didn't define. what we have today is the government has given definition. we have more information.
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>> that's pretty difficult. a close family definition, son- in-law, stepdaughter urm. a grandfather, and, uncle rex you are out? that seems crazy. >> yes. the supreme court came up with this is a compromise on monday so they could get to majority to move it along. they gave examples but not a definition. the state department points to legislation from 50 years ago which i believe was used for different purpose. the reality is if it were to be challenged, any court to look at it, they are only talking about until the fall, they are very likely to not second-guess the state department. as she said, the mother-in-law comes in, but not the brother- in-law. the stepsister at the sister-in-
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law? i think that as we're we will be until the supreme court can weigh in again.>> do you foresee legal challenges to this implementation? >> the more likely side is the refugee side. on the refugee side, the issue would be what would be a bona fide relationship. the groups that have been sponsoring refugees want to say they qualify as a bona fide group. right now the's orders say no. what i read is about 40% to apply don't have connections to the united states. don't have family members. the most likely challenge would be for those people to say they want to bring the person in, we should be included as having a bona fide relationship. >> this will go on for 90 days. with the supreme court keeping an eye on this and see how that works or well that have weight
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on a decision they will make in october? >> informally they will keep in it on it. goes to good faith of the government. if it gives the government real carte blanche they want to feel it will be done fairly. if one of these groups wants to make a challenge, the most likely way would be to bring it to the supreme court and say the new regulations don't fit what you ordered earlier this week. supreme court could take it up. my guess is they will defer to the government and it is unlikely we will see changes until the fall. >> david levine. that travel ban taking effect in just about an hour. still ahead. president trump taking to twitter and causing a controversy. live report from washington on what does being called offensive tweets against the media. hate crimes never
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reported. we will talk more about this study just released showing how many victims are shying away from sharing their stories. in weather, a nice day. typical june weather. we're talking about a warming trend as we head into friday. getting a good idea of how the fourth of july could shape up.
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welcome back. --
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the new federal report says the majority of hate crimes are never reported to police. a quarter million hate crimes happen annually between 2004 and 2015. fewer than half ended up going to authorities. found another way to handle the incident. some said they didn't feel it was important to go to police. joining us not to talk more about this. is the director of the center for study of hate and extremism at cal state. thank you for joining is. you surprised by these findings ? >> now, because they are consistent with what the bureau of justice statistics has been producing of the last decade where we has seen the majority of hate crimes and reported to police. that is troubling. particularly in this report while it shows racial are still the most common and that's consistent with fbi data, these are different samples. the fbi takes data from police
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departments up actually reported crimes. this survey goes to over 100,000 households and asks if they were victimized by crimes. it's a different type of cohort that we are looking at. what it tells us is the fbi data is dwarfed by the quarter million hate crimes the victims said they had experienced. >> what is the approach? what's the response? >> that's a great question. i spoke with the study's author. at the doj summit. i think we need better training for law enforcement particularly in data collection. in california, we have research showing hate crimes and 2016 were up 14% compared with 6% or 25 that the larger cities in the united states. california had an increase last year.
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we know we are decent number, trained police, get involved with community groups and have continued infrastructure so both private advocacy groups and public authorities can work together to get victims that might be hesitant to report. the problem is when we are banning muslim people tonight as we heard on your broadcast, that doesn't help victims to report to authorities. >> you have jeff sessions responding to this report and saying he has directed all federal prosecutors to make violent crime prosecution atop priority. he said quote you can be sure this includes hate crimes. we will demand in expect results. what do you make of his comment and is that's encouraging? >>'s comments at the summit i was at work encouraging. but a looks at hate crimes more narrowly than we do. these affected communities.
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if you're going to prosecute them, you have to have victim reports and you have to clear it by arrest. hate crimes are harder to clear by arrest. i am sure he will prosecute when they come in work we have to widen the fun also victims feel comfortable. that is something we will work with the department of justice.>> certainly startling results from that report. thank you so much for talking with us. new tonight. superintendent of palo alto school district is stepping down in the weight of a sex assault scheduled -- scandal. he will finish the next school year and retire when the for your contract ends. his departure comes on the heels of 18 athlete convicted of a six crime was still in class. multiple sex assault cases.
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the school board has met several times since then to evaluate max mcgee performance but the results are sealed. >> the parents of any spare high school student have ray smith a $25,000 they say will fund a lawsuit against a san ramon unified school district. the action comes after eight campaign video of the office of school president. parents of the winner said their son was bullied by administrators because of a campaign video that depicted torture and the use of firearms. the student said it was a parody of a spy movie. school administrators said san ramon stripped him of his position as president of the junior class. the parents want to sue the district for what they call a violation of his free-speech rights. let's check in widmark. we are monitoring the fire in east san jose. can we talk about conditions there? >> winds gusting 10 to 15 miles
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per hour. not extreme fire danger. this is the result of the heat we had last week. it dried out graphically. we are seeing fires spark up. increase fire danger. we don't have warnings in place. on the satellite, we have fog keeping things cool to the coastline. here we come in closely showing you the fog near the coast. over the bay, clear skies. san francisco, 60. some 80s toward concord, walnut creek. here's looking toward sfo. tomorrow morning, areas of fog. 56. for san francisco, partly sunny, 60. tomorrow will be warmer than today.
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minor changes to the overall weather pattern as we head into the weekend. showing you some of the fog at 6 am near the coast. clearing back to the shoreline. temperatures from the 60s coast side. upper 80s to lower 90s. little warmer for tomorrow. or changes headed by the weekend. for the july forecast coming up. lawyers for the families of victims from the ghost ship warehouse fire were 36 people died and made a new claim an amended filing of that lawsuit alleging fire department employee entered the warehouse two months before the deadly fire. the worker alleges they expect -- observed exposed wire and said they told tenants to fix it. it alleges those agencies failed in their duty to shut down the crowded warehouse and
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its illegal parties. a hot air balloon made an unscheduled landing in the middle of santa rosa. landed round 9:45. witnesses say there were two or three people on board. no one was hurt. the balloon operator was trying to find an open spot to land and trying to avoid trees and power lines nearby. >> it must've been a fast landing. probably trying to avoid the high-voltage lines. it is unusual. i have been to the festival in windsor. the high derek holland aren't new to me. thing in the middle of downtown is a little different. >> santa rosa police tell us they were aware of its coming down but they didn't respond to the scene. the truck arrived quickly to wrap up the balloon and cart. a woman under arrest
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accused of killing someone she knew in a hit and run the. investigation that has this 23- year-old woman accused of murder.
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more breaking news. it involves another fire. crews tackling a fire, a brush fire, off pacific coast highway in malibu.
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it is threatening structures. this two alarm fire reported an hour ago in medium to heavy brush. you can see on your screen there. helicopters dousing the area. the latest update from fire officials is to acres have burned. not a lot of acreage at this point. as you can see from the pictures, the flames moving uphill. we will continue to monitor this. crews a little closer to home, east of san jose, also battling a brush fire. we are told 50 acres have burned there. that fire is 50% contained. we will monitor the situation in malibu and bring you updates as we get them. for the first time in two years, a homicide being investigated after a woman in her car into a childhood friend that ultimately killed her. what we're learning about the two women.
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>> reporter: the two women both 23 years old were childhood friends from san jose. police say after a night out together it turned deadly. police announce the rest of this woman, 23-year-old, they say she was arrested for murder and felony hit and run. investigators say she was driving a car early tuesday morning with several people inside including her friend when the two women got into an argument and it stopped at an intersection. that is where police say it but don't show the rosa intentionally ran the car into her child hood friend. >> we believe they were out the night before together and at some point while they were driving, an altercation started in the vehicle which led to the two of them getting out to the vehicle. at some point after the altercation in the street, the suspect got back into the
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vehicle. it was at that point she had the victim. >> the 23-year-old victim was taken to the hospital where despite medical treatment, she died several hours later. her name has not been released. the suspect was arrested saying that thought she was going to visit her friend and was unaware she had died. she explained held in the jail without bail. she is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. police say alcohol may have been involved. they're trying to look at what the fight was about. we spoke with a friend who said they can't understand how this happened. funding scholarships for undocumented immigrants. stay with us. we will tell you what marks occur. and his wife are doing to try
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to help those in need.
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trump administration is working to check up a series of important agenda items from
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immigration reform to the repealing and replacing obamacare and tax reform. you would never know if you checked out the presidents twitter feed today. joining us live in the nation's capital. the president was busy today.>> reporter: you may only get 140 characters on twitter, but for president trump that was more than enough to strip a controversy. he fired off a pair of crude tweets taking aim at msnbc host mika brzezinski who had been critical of the president. i heard poorly rated joe speaks badly of me. how come you iq crazy mika brzezinski came to mar-a-lago three nights in a row around new year's eve and insisted on joining me. she was bleeding badly from a facelift. i said no. mika brzezinski responded with this tweet poking fun at what has been a sensitive subject for the president.
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the war of words gaining traction with more than a handful of criticism falling on the presidents shoulders. nebraska senator getting in on the twitter train. these just stop. this isn't normal and its any the dignity of your office. >> i am appalled. this is the president of the united states. you don't do things like that.>> reporter: the white house reacting with us. i don't think you can expect someone to be personally attack day after day, minute by minute and sit back. they knew what they were getting.>> reporter: overshadowing immigration votes. >> what we're trying to do is improve the town and civility of the debate. this doesn't help do that.>> reporter: the first lady whose mission is to stop cyberbullying said through spokesman that when her husband gets attacked, he will punch back 10 times
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harder. >> with us have an effect on the new healthcare reform bill? or tried to push it through and this won't sit to pretty with the other senators. so>> reporter: they have been trying to put it together by tomorrow. one of the senators who has had a problem with that who the president was supposed to be working with, susan collins, she tweeted she is disappointed. it must stop and we must have more civility and respect. it isn't putting the president and the good graces of the senators he needs. >> it's not unusual for a president to have a tiff but not in a public forum. >> let's talk about this more. first of all, your response to this. to this child is behavior. >> i know name-calling served
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the president well during the campaign and it is compelling for him to go back to that. i think you saw from the republican leadership, that it doesn't make anybody look good. >> can we talk about the relationship between the president and journalists. historically speaking, why is this troubling? >> it's an adversarial relationship. the president wants reporters to say things that well support what he -- things that will support what he is trying to do. if you go back to jefferson who was about freedom of the press and he turned it down when he became president. it's a naturally adversarial relationship, but it has never been like this. .even during nixon's administration. >> where do we go from here?
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the tweaks -- tweets we're showing viewers, attacking a female journalist, where do we go from here?>> it is clear that president trump for whatever reason is able to operate by different set of rules than previous presidents and candidates. i think it is a mistake for media to get caught up in name- calling because the president is operating and what has been known as the bully pulpit and his leaning hard on that fully part of it. i think what journalists have to do -- his straightforward in the coverage. keep things relatively simple. i don't think calling the presidents names and making fun of his small hands benefits anybody. >> mika brzezinski response ,
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when you look at this, this is questioning the president manhood, if you well. at least to me, this is just as childish. >> you are sinking to his level here. the media has to recognize that the president has gotten a lot of mileage out of name-calling. that doesn't mean that everyone else can get away with it or tried to get away with it. the best response would be to be just as evenhanded as possible and straightforward as possible. keep it so people can understand it. people want substance. they want to lineup like someone who looks like a strong leader. this name-calling has made trump look strong to some.>> good advice. thank you for taking the time to talk to us. there was word from the white house that president trump will meet with his
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russian counterpart next week. the meeting set to take place during the group of 20 economic summit in hamburg, germany. the face to face comes amid mounting tensions amongst russians interference in the election. and when investigations continue whether they influence the election for -- outcome. >> mark zuckerberg and his wife are contributing to charities. you made the announcement on his facebook page saying it's important to welcome and start hard-working young people from every nation. this is the couples second round of funding to the charity. they will provide for your scholarships to students in the bay area. plant here -- planned parenthood plans to shut down locations tomorrow. health centers that are closing our enrichment, pittsburgh, and vacaville. richmond has another clinic.
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planned parenthood of california ceo tells us the closures are due to low rates of reimbursement for services for patients. >> i can say it with a heavy heart, they have done it in the best interest of serving the most patients they can particularly other areas that have -- patients would have to travel farther if they closed. >> the organization said they are closing 10 more facilities in for other states. hard to believe, but the iphone is turning 10 today. coming up after the break, we will talk to attack expert about the milestone on the tech device that many of us can't live without. in weather, we have fog in the coast.
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some warming in the short term forecast is you head into friday. bigger changes to the fourth of july.
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to a lot of people, iphones are a staple. they have only been around for 10 years. apples first iphone hit the store exactly 10 years ago today. joining us now as our a tech
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expert. >> today is a great day on june 29, back in 2007, the iphone was put in stores and we could get our hands on these devices. what is interesting is when the iphone was released, the mac had a small market share. apple was considered the ipod maker. entering the phone market was considered silly. there were other smart phone devices. blackberry ruled them -- ruled the market. when apple came in, it disrupted stuff. >> it has gone through changes since the first one. it's good to have a computer in your hand and a phone, but maybe it's the camera that has change the world.>> reporter: the iphone itself has disrupted
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almost every market that we can think of from cameras. least have ipods be carried around and that is gone. we have this one device that can do it all. it is the birth of social media , iphone doesn't get a lot of credit for this. imagine doing your updates on any desktop and not having a phone to to that end. back before the iphone came out, that was so tedious. browsers a goal. if you remember texting? >> those little flip phones. talk about the pressure on apple. they have to reinvent themselves to their stockholders . they have to make it bigger and better iphone. that is a lot of pressure.>> reporter: since jobs passing,
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tim cook has been under a lot of pressure. one thing nobody thinks about his apple was never an innovator. they took existing technology and made something spectacular. that is what we are expecting with the anniversary edition that comes out later this year. existing technology we are seeing from samsung and lg, so you might see wireless charging. all glass. so you can charge by setting it on your desk. there will be entire screens where you can press the screen anywhere and it reads your fingerprint to unlock. as facial recognition. all of these technologies exist in different -- different as -- different devices. >> that is coming up in the next couple months. good stuff. were a tech expert. thanks so much.
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>> pythons have changed my life. @lawmaker wanting to make electric cars cheaper. california already offers rebates for purchasing a hybrid vehicle. a new bill sweetens the deal. a proposal to establish a three billion-dollar fund to support electric vehicle sales with tigger rebates. a calls for more programs for low-income buyers and more charging stations. it offers discounts at dealerships which could eliminate the need for buyers to file for tax rebates. >> if they see the discount up front right away, they aren't as hesitant to look at it and drive it and see if they can get into one. >> zero emission vehicles accounted for less than 2% of the 2 million cars sold last year in california. the governor said his goal is draft 1.5 million cars on the road. 2025.
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>> today the plan to give the public a view of the smart train. the mayor is on the smart train and he said the inaugural was a long time coming.>> we haven't had trains. i am 25 and we haven't had a train here since i was little. i saw a few trains growing up. and then they stopped. >> 150 people hopped on board today. >> it is fun because i had a good time. >> reporter: do you like trains? >> yes. >> reporter: take that first right. >> that wasn't the mayor.
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the smart train is waiting for the green light from the federal government to start commuter service. we are told they could happen next month. it peaked at the weather. with a holiday coming up. >> it is rapidly approaching. 5-day forecast is close enough for me. fog near the coast. typical june weather pattern. last week, we were feeling triple-digit heat. not today. hayes out there. a bit of warming out there. not a major warming trend. temperatures up a good for to 8 degrees from today's highs. there is the fog bank hanging out at the coastline. we will come in close and show you the fog out toward half moon bay. portions of san francisco as well. we have clear skies out toward oakland and hayward.
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current numbers. san francisco, 60. 82, livermore. santa rosa in the upper 70s. speaking of the fog, here's a live camera looking toward the bay. no major changes for tomorrow morning. starting out in the 50s. low 50s toward santa rosa. the area of high pressure will build in more for the friday. source of some warming for tomorrow. into the weekend, very minor changes. 30 degrees spread tomorrow for your friday. cool coast and warm inland. over the weekend, temperatures cool off saturday. up a little on sunday. cooling-off as we head toward fourth of july. for the july on tuesday should not be too hot in the bay area.
4:49 pm
here we go as we head toward tomorrow morning. 6 am, fog near the coast. partly cloudy here. more sunshine inland. 4:00 and the brighter colors reflect warmer temperatures. reds are in the 90s. for the friday afternoon, clearlake 95. oakland, 71. lots of neighborhoods in the east bay close to 90 degrees toward livermore. san jose, 80. san francisco, mid-60s with partly cloudy skies for the afternoon hours. 5-day forecast. hottest location tomorrow low 90s. into the weekend, cooler for saturday. bump up slightly for sunday. steady drop-off in the numbers by tuesday. >> we are watching at least two fires in san jose. temperatures not as hot as they were last week.
4:50 pm
the conditions for the small fires, because it is dry. >> we had so much brush with the winter rains. things are drive. the fires are popping up easily. the aren't saying the strong offshore winds that could increase the size of these fires. hopefully, it remains a small. >> one was at one point in threatening structures. we will have more on that. still ahead. a small kitten was trapped inside a wall of a jail. the rescue made in southern california to get that little guy out.
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a kitten was trapped in a wall in santa barbara county where jail is being built. >> thanks to the tenacity of construction workers, it has been rescued. it looks like the kitten may have a new home also.'s >> reporter: this little guy was at it again wednesday afternoon trying to break out of the jail. >> we heard this crying coming out of the wall.>> reporter: the meowing was around 6 am when daniel had just coming to work at the construction site of the new county jail just outside of santa maria.>> there was a kitten stuck here. he was tangled.>> reporter: so he and his construction buddy jumped into kitty disaster mode. >> -- >> reporter: they decided to let him be for a couple hours and then came back to give it a second shot.>> we were able to
4:54 pm
pull him out. >> reporter: the kitten is in good health and it looks like he will become a mainstay at the jail. he has even gotten if you nicknames. >> the guys were calling him smoke. because they wanted to name him felix the cat.>> reporter: the little guy plans to be the new jail mascot when the jail opens in 2019. >> vacancy a little kitty in the booking area when they are getting fingerprinted. >> reporter: it is safe to say his made a new friend. >> i was thinking of giving him a little treat. >> reporter: that's a good ending. still ahead, a top adviser gets a leave of absence in the vatican. charges he faces.
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pope francis gives one of the top advisors a leave of absence so he can return to australia and face sexually abuse charges. >> with this could mean for the catholic church. >> i am looking forward to having my day in court. >> reporter: one of the most powerful leaders faces sexually
4:58 pm
abuse charges in australia. he said they are totally false. summoning him on multiple charges of historical sexually offensive is and they say he is not receiving special treatment.>> they have been the same charges that would be applied in a range of sex offences when we investigate them. truck is the highest-ranking vatican official to face these charges. many believe this case could be a blow to pope francis who has suffered setbacks in his attempt to clear up this matter. >> pope francis has said zero tolerance. at the same time, there have been cases where he has been accused of taking not strung up action. >> reporter: the clergy are keeping their faith as they believe the holy father will see the church through this
4:59 pm
matter. >> i think the holy father is determined to do justice because sensitivity. we always put ourselves in the hand of the holy father who took the matter to heart. he will know the truth. we trust him.>> reporter: he is scheduled to appear in court. protesters are gathering at airports around the country around the hour including sfo as the revised travel ban goes into effect. >> and at cracking down on illegal immigration. both with major implications in the bay area. good evening, everyone. >> happening now. the restrictive version of the travel ban is taking effect. on monday, the supreme court upheld parts of the order.
5:00 pm
people who already have thesis will be allowed into the u.s. new applicants will have to prove a close relationship with a person, business, or school in the united states to be allowed to enter. the original travel ban cost protests across the country. >> jessica, how are things at sfo? >> reporter: we are waiting for a protest from a group refused fascism to begin. we are walking around looking for them. there are people waiting for passengers to deplane and go through customs. you can see a woman holding flowers getting ready to meet one of her loved ones. i talked to a gentleman who was with the group. he tells me the implementation of this partial travel ban is a wake-up call for those on the courts to fix things. it's important for folks to come out and fight. others have, to try and


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