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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 29, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the presidents immigration crackdown finds a foothold as the house of representatives has his two controversial bills and a limited traveled and takes effect. >> key parts of president trump's immigration policy are moving forward. >> at airports nationwide new restrictions are in place for travelers from six muslim majority nations. in congress the house passed case law named after kate steinle. the house also passed the new sanctuary for criminals act which would withhold grant money from sanctuary cities. >> we have live team coverage on these issues. >> first we will be at city hall looking at the legislation
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for sanctuary cities. >> reporter: local leaders say they are disappointed with the passage of this bill. the bill cuts grants from the justice department and homeland security and the concern is a lot of money and he could endanger lives. with a vote of 228 295 the house of representatives made it tougher for so-called sanctuary cities like san jose to protect undocumented increments -- immigrants. >> i am not surprised. we will do what we have been doing. >> reporter: the bill would let the federal government strip money that have policies preventing cooperation with federal immigration officials. opponents say the bill asked local jurisdictions to retain without due process of violating the constitution using local resources to carry out the look work of local
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agents. >> we will police the same way we have for decades. >> reporter: it is not clear what federal dollars could be withheld. san jose will not lose significant funding santa clara county could. >> where it will be significant is of the they decide to withhold money for things like flood protection. the production of natural disasters. fema money. >> reporter: santa clara county republicans call it set common sense. >> dangerous criminals threaten all of us whether you are an immigrant or born here. it is important that police have every tool in the toolbox to get these folks would cause us harm out of our community. >> reporter: immigration rights groups said the law would hurt 180,000 undocumented immigrants in santa clara county by furthering fear and diminishing trust. >> my family and myself are worried about what is happening
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with the country. to take away resources from sanctuary cities is one more step toward uncertainty. >> reporter: legal experts say the bill faces a tough challenge in the senate since many lawmakers protest cuts and law enforcement funding. if it becomes law it will face legal challenges. now to case law. -- kate's law . police arrested a man who had been deported five times. >> reporter: he had a long felony record. it was almost two years a gay to the day kate steinle was strolling along this year with her dad when she was shot setting off ripple effects that are being felt. >> on my first day in office i am also going to ask congress
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to pass kate's law. named for kate steinle. >> reporter: it was a campaign centerpiece. harsher mandatory prison terms for people that are deported they come back to the united states illegally. >> this man who has been arrested for the crime could have been deported by the federal government. >> reporter: the san francisco police commissioner teaches immigration law and runs clinics for the undocumented. >> we don't have clients who are coming here to commit crimes. that is not why people come to the united states. >> reporter: he said they come to be with family or work or flea violence. data shows crimes among immigrants to be low. >> most immigrants who come here do not commit crimes at the rate that average u.s. citizen's do. >> reporter: the issue before congress is emotional.
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>> it was premeditated and planned. >> reporter: focused on public safety and the pain of some families. >> i hope no one else has to sit here and tell how horrible it is. >> reporter: 24 democrats crossed over to vote yes including the representative in the stanley's district. lawmakers can work to better protect our community from criminals hurting people he said. the bill is not perfect. other democrats were harsh in their assessment. >> these are not masses yearning to be free of families attempted to come here for a better life. these are bad people. we call them criminals. >> reporter: critics say the bill is as much about curbing immigration as it is about keeping people safe. >> it is really about putting people in jail who cross the border without permission.
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that is generally the only crime that those individuals have committed. >> reporter: on kate's law a response from them for this goes city attorney said rather than a piecemeal approach it is time for bipartisan immigration reform that is humane realistic and comprehensive. besides him the only other california democrat to vote for case law was jackie spear from the peninsula. now to the scale back version of president trump's travel ban. the band cleared by the supreme court on monday. was stripped of some provisions that caused chaos in january. a new legal challenge has been filed tonight. we are live at simple cisco airport were demonstrators and immigration attorneys met arriving flights. >> reporter: some of the
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attorneys said they have been here since this morning and there was confusion about who would be banned. late today the trump administration changed its mind about fiancis. now allowing them to have visas and taking them off the banned list. family members waited for passengers arriving. somewhat relieved. hugging them as they came through the gates. >> i am happy she is here. >> reporter: his mother-in-law arrived safely. she came from morocco. not on the travel ban list. there was concern. a small group with big signs protested the presidents travel ban. >> i am here to ask people to come out and put your bodies and your voice on the line. not just protest but to stop
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this. i am here because i want to stop this muslim ban. >> we are all affected. >> reporter: a coalition of legal aid and civil rights attorneys were on hand. to offer assistance to anyone who may be delayed or detained or harassed as a result of what we are calling a muslim ban. >> we have had a lot of questions about what does it mean. there is been no guidance from the government about how they would interpret the courts ruling. >> reporter: the modified band puts a 90 day ban on visitors and 120 day ban on refugees. to get a visa people must prove a bona fide relationship with someone in the u.s.. the trump administration said they will allow immediate family and sons-in-law's daughters-in-law and stepchildren. but band grandparents children aunts uncles. some passengers said thursday was calmer than the comment --
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before. immigration officers seemed informed about the process. a big change from the last visit. >> she was there for quite a while. she is a green card holder and legal. this time we had no problem. >> i think the vetting they do is extensive. they should not be concerned. >> reporter: signs posted with a hotline if anyone has questions. i spoke with people who said they support the travel ban but they did not want to go on camera. there has been a challenge by the state of hawaii and a judge has ordered the department of justice to respond by monday. a federal judge has blocked a new california law that bans the possession of gun magazines that holds more than 10
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bullets. the law was one of a number of gun control measures approved by voters last year and was set to go into effect on saturday. the district court judge in san diego said the band violated the second amendment and amounted to the government taking people's property without compensation. the sale of the high-capacity magazines was banned by the state in 2000. it is legal to possess them and most california cities. we are tracking weather. the holiday weekend is on top of us. we will let you know what you can expect. a tourist at the golden gate snaps a photo of a boat hitting a whale. that is prompting a warning for anyone on the water. we investigate chronic abuse of home sharing sites. the extreme case that caught the attention of city officials. in the twist that had our investigators asking who is really cashing in?
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the humpback whales need the golden gate bridge has been delighting tourists and locals. there is evidence of dangers. marine mammal experts are warning boaters to keep their distance after a tourist from florida captured a photo of a boat colliding with a whale. >> reporter: crowds are
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gathering to catch a glimpse of a spectacular sight. humpback whales breaching by the golden gate. >> they have been here for the last week and a half. >> reporter: this photo was taken by a tourist on the bridge wednesday showing a boat hitting a whale. he said it appeared the boat got to close in an attempt to take a photo. >> that is like you are hitting a human being. it is god's creation. this is their land. >> i was very upset. >> reporter: there have been two incidents in the past 10 days of boats driving into wales. >> if you injure them or them and cause them to come up in another location they may be resurfacing directly in the path of an oncoming large ship.
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>> reporter: that could be deadly. they are documenting evidence with long-range cameras seeking a thrill next to a whale. >> they earn our respect. >> the captain is careless and should not be a captain. >> reporter: the agency said the goal is not to put someone in jail. they want to increase awareness about keeping a safe distance from the whales. about 300 feet or the length of a football field. they will meet with no enforcement tomorrow about the issue. the evening commute turned deadly in the north bay where a crash killed a man and critically injured a woman. it involved four vehicles and happened on eastbound highway 37. the highway patrol said three
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cars were stopped because of heavy traffic. a driver of a truck did not see the traffic and slammed into the cars going 55 miles per hour. the chain reaction crash killed the driver of the first car. and sent the woman in the passenger seat to the hospital with critical injuries. police in campbell are examining the city's first homicide in two years. they arrested this woman after she allegedly ran her car into a childhood friend. the incident happened around 7:15 tuesday morning. authorities found the victim and the road and she died a few hours later. people in the area were stunned. >> it is very surprising. we have lived here for over 22 years. it has been a safe neighborhood. >> police say alcohol may have been a factor.
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she has been charged with murder and felony hit-and-run. san jose firefighters raced to the scene of a brush fire that burned close to homes and other buildings. the fire was reported at about four clock this afternoon. the flames moved dangerously close to buildings. crews say a firebreak help them keep the fire from advancing and damaging property. no word on what sparked it. further east firefighters have contained three small fires along a road on mount hamilton. it burned 85 acres. investigators are looking into the cause but it appears those fires may have been sparked by a passing car. temperatures today are about the same as yesterday or warmer. here is where we were today in
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santa rosa. tomorrow it will be the warmest day of the week with mid-90s. livermore will go to 90 degrees. there is fog along the coast. it is in the east bay. fog tomorrow morning. it will be hanging around until noontime and then it burns off. temperatures right now or in the 50s. you can see the fog on the golden gate bridge. this is friday morning.
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tomorrow will be a lot like today. the days have been very similar with minor increases in temperature. a very nice day tomorrow. slightly warmer. i will have your holiday weekend forecast coming up. the superintendent of the palo alto school district is stepping down after a sexual assault scandal. dr. max mcgee made the announcement today. he will finish the next school year and step down in 11 months when his contract ends. his departure comes on the heels of an investigation that revealed a teenage athlete convicted of a sex crime was still in class. that triggered outrage from parents. we learned the district failed to launch required title ix investigations in several sexual assault cases. the school board has met several times since then to draft new protocols.
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it is good to be in the presence of it. >> the trophy is on a bay area tour celebrating the warriors big win . there will be other chances to take photos with the trophy at several locations including the warriors team stores in walnut creek and san francisco. with free agency approaching golden state wants to keep its winning formula and mark will talk about that one on one with draymond green later in sports. the lore of easy money from short-term rentals. we investigate the story of a bay area man being a serial abuser of air b&b. president trump attacks a television host on twitter and that backlash is immediate. >> i don't see that as an appropriate comment. >> i have daughters. i find it offensive.
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republican senators are scrambling to try to revise the healthcare bill by a self- imposed deadline tomorrow. some changes include retaining a tax increase on investments to provide greater insurance subsidies to bring in moderate votes. party leaders agreed to add $45 billion to fight opioid abuse. conservatives want to allow insurers to offer their policies as long as they offer plans with a more generous coverage requirements from obamacare. one republican senator described the situation as a stalemate. president trump's tweets threaten to eclipses agenda. critics say he crossed the line this time and caused a backlash among republicans in commerce -- congress. >> reporter: most people we spoke with say the president's
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tweets are inappropriate except for one drum supporter. and even that supporters said he should probably tweet last. at the department of energy president trump was touting developing america's energy resources. >> we are here today to usher in a new american energy policy. >> reporter: when he tweeted earlier in the day it overshadowed his agenda. i heard poorly rated morning joe speak badly of me. don't want anymore. how come low iq nika along with psycho joe came to mar-a-largo three nights in a row around new year's eve and insisted on joining me. she was bleeding badly from a facelift. i said no. >> i have three daughters. i find it extremely offensive. i don't think that any man whatever his position in life should speak of women in such a way. >> reporter: one trump supporter said she saw nothing wrong with it.
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>> i am not offended at all. get over it. that is what i say to people. appreciate that we finally have a president that cares and he is not politically correct all the time. >> reporter: the white house press secretary defends the president saying mr. trump center's tweets because of the msnbc anchors cars attacks against him. >> i think he is a narcissist it is possible he is mentally ill. >> he has been clear when he gets attacked he will hit back. >> we were taught as kids two wrongs don't make a right. he is mean hearted. >> reporter: members of the presidents party are critical. >> i don't see that as an appropriate comment. what we are trying to do is improve the tone and stability of the debates. this does not help. >> we were not surprised.
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>> reporter: jeff gabriel with common sense that works on issues such as cyber bullying said the presidents behaviors is a poor example. >> he is a role model for our kids and does not act like one. he acts more like a bully. >> the media needs to focus on more of what he is doing not what he is saying. >> reporter: the expert with common sense said parents and educators should talk to children about the presidents tweets to let them know this type of behavior is not okay. >> did anybody you spoke to today critical of the response to talk about how small president trump's hands are? >> they did not. even the trump supporter did not address that. but she said she feels that a lot of people especially the media are picking on the president and we should not be focusing on his tweets.
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california senator dianne feinstein added to the criticism. >> i am appalled. this is the president of the united states. you don't do things like that. you don't attack women. >> a new fox poll said most voters are skeptical about how useful the presidents tweets are. 71% of voters said the presidents tweets are hurting his agenda while 17% said the tweets are helpful. the poll was conducted sunday through tuesday evening before the most recent thread of controversial tweets. a rough landing for a hot air balloon in one country. a renter accused of illegally hosting more than a dozen air b&b properties. we listen to acquisitions of extortion and more.
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we investigate extreme cases of home sharing abuse. >> there is little incentive for him to stop. >> some victims are cashing in on a loophole.
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>> san francisco city officials say it is a constant fight. >> it is affecting the entire rental market. >> reporter: the concern about people abusing air b&b and creating illegal hotels is nothing new. we are finding evidence of systemic abuse with phony listings and accusation of extortions. san francisco city officials say the platforms hosting the must do more to stop them. >> it has a beautiful garden. >> reporter: he is a local landlord. he is one of tens of thousands of cisco property owners trying to make an honest living. in 2016 he rented out his property. an online search supposed the man is an entrepreneur and
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philanthropist. he seemed like an everyday tenet. >> it was a one-year lease. >> reporter: he got a call from the properties next to store neighbor. >> i counted 38 people left with huge bags. into four bands. >> has he ever lived here? no. >> reporter: people lived there neighbors said. they just were not steve. it is a violation of the short- term rental laws that states the host must be the permanent resident. >> he is booked 20 out of 30 days. he is making a lot of money. >> reporter: at a different
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property. >> the owner is an elderly lady who had to go through bypass surgery. >> reporter: the property manager had steve as a tenant as well. >> you have to see this. it is so corny. >> we demanded clearly in writing that he stopped. >> reporter: the home sharing profile became a pricey problem. in an effort to preserve san francisco housing and february 2015 the city inundated short- term rental laws to regulate platforms like air b&b home away. essentially to prevent many hotels from taking over. there were rules for the hosts and steep penalties for violations. >> he said he would not move
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out unless there was a settlement agreement in place. >> he would not stop unless he was given free rent. he was trying to hold us hostage. >> reporter: he has been linked to a dozen rental properties around san francisco getting to city records. we went looking for him. and finally found him on social media. he denied he did anything wrong and said the owners gave him permission. >> i am offended that he would flout the city laws so blatantly. >> reporter: companies like air b&b of forest to take down fraudulent posts. critics wonder why did it take a legal battle to get to this point and are there methods working to solve the problem. >> it has been difficult. it has been difficult to get through. >> reporter: the land owner is
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getting cited by the city. air b&b took a wall to take that down. we reached out to air b&b to ask what they are doing to help solve the problem. i have been trying to set up an interview with you for a few weeks. they ultimately declined to speak on camera sending us a statement saying they removed more than 1300 problematic listings. they are working with the city on enforcement. >> it is hard to tell. they do not share data with us to demonstrate the number of listings that have been taken down. >> reporter: this is the director of the city's office of short-term rentals. there is a sizable but unknown number of people taking advantage of this loophole. >> whether you do it legally or illegally. >> reporter: months after he got steve out of the property he did not want to be part of
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the story. a change of heart that raised red flags. we called air b&b. they confirmed they took down all of the posts but they had an active one on carolina street. the host was now daniel and he was not in compliance with short-term rental laws. >> you said you were offended? is this not similar. >> i was not familiar with the loop rules. >> reporter: you seemed informed when we did the interview. >> he was in violation because he was a multiple houses. >> reporter: the law did not say -- change. the city officials say it is a game like cat and mouse. they are reviewing this case and air b&b said the man is
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permanently banned and they are working to provide more data to the city. >> do companies like air b&b have any legal liability and all of this cracks --? >> the agreement was that the platforms can face liability. >> where is that man now? >> reporter: san francisco is unique because the bay area has a bad housing crisis. that is why we have the laws. every city may have different laws. in san francisco the laws were more specific. possibly he could be doing it in other cities but it is technically legal. in seven cisco if you are going to share your home you have to be the permanent resident. the fact that he did not live there was one of the main
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violations. he told me he was not in san francisco but we are not sure where he is. if you have a tip for us. email us at or call us. blue apron meets wall street and flat lines. how investors reacted to an ipo from the popular meal kit service. i am tracking the holiday weekend forecast. things are getting ready to warm up. a controversial budget vote in oakland. it had to be rescheduled after protests earlier this week.
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police have arrested a man after they said he tried to rob two people. he allegedly tried to steal car keys from two people at a hotel. the first victim was a hotel employee and the second was a woman in the parking lot. police say he dropped the woman's car keys and ran away after she screamed. investigators say he may have been under the influence of drugs. the oakland city council is hearing powerful public comment about its proposed budget for
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the new fiscal year. you may recall protesters upset about funding for the police department shut down the last city council meeting on the budget. on tuesday night the council had to adjourn after protesters chained themselves to a gate in the council chambers. a decision is expected tonight since the council is required to approve a budget before the fiscal year starts on saturday. the proposed budget sets aside $274 million for the police department. that represents a 5% increase from the previous fiscal year. it allocates $185 million for homeless services and affordable housing which represents a 50% increase. traders moved money out of tech stocks which sent the market the lower investors are putting their bets on banks expecting another interest rate hike. the dow dropped 167 points. nasdaq lost 90 and the s&p was down 20. shares of a blue apron fell flat on its first day of
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trading on the new york stock exchange. it sold 30 million shares at $10 per share. the stock went as high as $11 but ended the day back at 10. traders seemed concerned about competition possibly from amazon after its purchase of whole foods. controversy over contamination. why a group is claiming fraud ever attempts to clean up a former naval shipyard. a hot air balloon making an unscheduled landing in a bear area plaza. we will have a complete bay area forecast. it will take us through the holiday weekend.
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no one was hurt when a hot air balloon landed in downtown santa rosa. witnesses saw the balloon touchdown. witnesses say there were three people on board including the operator. the pilot was able to find an open spot to land a boarding nearby trees. an environmental group is claiming fraud at a naval
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shipyard in san francisco. you still have radioactive lab on-site to study ships that survived atomic bomb tests. the environmental group said since 2006 the toxins soil has not been properly cleaned up and they accused the company of doing the cleaning of filing false documents. >> soil that was radioactive was pulled out of the ground and put into hunters point. 20 times the health level that the navy said. >> the environmentalists don't want the city to put up houses there because it is dangerous. the engineering company accused of submitting the false documents has denied all allegations. hundreds of people previewed the bay area's new public transit system. the smart train is offering free rides as it begins test runs. smart stands for and the trains run nearly 50 miles between the sonoma county airport and downtown san rafael.
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the federal government has to give final approval. that could happen as soon as next month. the first weekend in july is almost here and there are plenty of ways to celebrate. >> reporter: the holiday weekend is near and here is what is happening. in san francisco get your groove on at a free jazz fest. the 2017 fillmore jazz festival is saturday and sunday. or go to golden gate park for the 18th annual oyster festival. in the east bay it is a 5k run.
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the oakland waterfront has dance battle competitions. you can check that out on saturday. in the north bay friday is opening day at the marin county fair that runs through july 4. start your holiday early at the independence day celebration in montrial. it starts on saturday with a firehouse barbecue. that will continue on saturday. take in a spectacular fireworks display over bodega bay. that is sunday at 9:30 in the south bay. the oakland a's are at home. the giants are on the road. temperatures may be a degree warmer today.
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the polar opposite of what we had last week with the heat advisories. highs tomorrow would be another 4 degrees on top of these. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. this area has some severe thunderstorm warnings.
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there is the fog now. it is already in. it will be where it was this morning. temperatures are impacted. oakland is shrouded in fog. there was some breaks but not much. here is the high pressure ridge. the temperatures are average for this time of year. it is what you expect. it has not been a normal year up until now. with all the rain and the heat last week. now we have a more normal pattern. saturday cools off a little bit. sunday a little warmer. none of this is a severe heat.
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air quality is fine. fire danger is high. the weather will be a lot like today. when you go out to the avenues this time of year and you have been in land people cannot believe you have been in the sunshine. >> it got cool around auckland tonight. >> there is a does right now. there will be plenty of fog tomorrow morning. a new travel ban and a last- minute change in rules. that is coming up. the oakland a's looking to get a win against the astros.
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the oakland a's are glad to be leaving houston. >> we are not going to have october baseball. >> the oakland a's are younger.
10:55 pm
everybody looking forward to the future. in the meantime enjoy the ride. best ride today. when they got on the plane leaving a place where they have lost 11 out of 12 to the astros. the eighth had an early lead. first of two home runs for him. another guy who is an all-star second baseman. an rbi double. the oakland a's gave up five runs. that is out. the oakland a's are back home over the weekend.
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keep the golden state warriors in the news anyway anyhow. this figures to be a wild ride for them in the off-season. everybody is trying to keep up with the nba championship. i had a chance to sit down with draymond green about his chip on the shoulder. like where he was drafted and finishing runner-up in the defensive player of the year awards. what will you do now that everything has been riding your way? >> i want to win multiple championships. why not five? why not chase bigger things. the feeling is so great. the fear of never experiencing it again is scary. i have the faith and trust that we will be just fine.
10:57 pm
i think the more you play with each other the more familiar you are. that leads to getting better. that has to scare some nba folks. talking about all those championships. nba counterparts are doing the best they can to keep up. chris paul is a houston rocket. the bearded one was talking about the big deal. they know who they are trying to keep up with. >> it is a long way to go. the bottom line is you see golden state play and you say we don't want to play for second. we are trying to get up there and be a legitimate contender. strange off-season for the raiders. the fans are pumped up about the prospects of this year. a little bummed about the vegas news. here is the silver lining.
10:58 pm
this guy marchand lynch is taking this comeback seriously. it looks like he is in excellent shape. this is him at crum memorial beach in alameda working out. he looks like he is in good shape. we have come to the point in the evening where we must check this out. great defense. it is is 28 home run of the year. no. up and over the wall. he robbed him of the home run. what were you doing when you are 43? he came along way to make a beautiful catch. and josh reddick. he played right field for the oakland a's. he understands what happened today.
10:59 pm
that would be getting robbed by matt joyce who plays right field for the oakland a's. that robbed him of a home run. another great catch at centerfield. check out the replay. look at the degree of difficulty. hanging onto the baseball. that may pale in comparison to this. they almost collide. look at how close. the dodgers continue to win and they beat there rivals. frayed nerves and protests at the airport as a modified version of president trump's
11:00 pm
travel ban goes into effect. after weeks of legal challenges and rulings from the supreme court a modified version of the presidents travel ban went into effect about six hours ago for people from six muslim majority countries. >> the state department is providing clarification on who can and who cannot enter the u.s. from those countries. we are live at the airport to explain. >> reporter: at the international terminal arrivals area there have been new signs at the entry points with hotlines for people who have questions about the travel ban. some people pay is going smoothly. there was a laminate change when the administration decided to add fiancis onto the list. a lot of confusion


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