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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 30, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. it's friday. june 30th. last day of june. >> yes. >> i'm pam cook. >> it's your day. it's a friday. let's talk about friday weather. steve is right here. >> feels cooler to me a bit. there is a drizzle out there. >> i was going to say i ran into that. >> it's appearing on this friday morning and there is good westerly breeze for many as well. yesterday was probably -- if it wasn't the warmest yesterday it'll be close toted. bigger fog bank and lifted a little bit. we are dealing with -- the usual night morning fog and we can put a drizzle behind it. some are cool. you have gusts to 30 out to travis. that's stronger than yesterday. low clouds will make a push here today. the ridge is building in. it'll give 90a.60s and 70s by the bay. any drizzle for you on the
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way in? >> little bit. i had to use the wipers. i had them replaced recently and i was happy with myself. >> and you were thinking i won't use these until october. >> you know. this is the bay area. i'm not surprised by seeing a little bit of drizzle or that ridge of high pressure. let's take a look at the commute. traffic will be slow. if you drive before the 205 interchange. you will see some slow traffic here. it's not long. it is a very short delay. hopefully that will not persist. i think today will be a little bit of a different davydenko mute wise because it's the day before the holiday weekend and you will see that things may be a little lighter. all bets are off if something happens like a major accident of course and that's why we are here watching it for you. this is a look at interstate
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880 in oakland. photograph nick both directions moving along well. if you are getting to the bay bridge toll plaza this morning traffic is going to be light. getting in to san francisco. let's go back to the desk. topping our news this morning just hours after the president's travel ban went in to the effect the administration announced a change. the united states is adding fiances to the list of family members who will be allowed to enter the country. the roll out of the latest travel ban seems smoother than in the past but there is still some confusion. >> reporter: family members waited for passengers arriving at sfo thursday. some are relieved, hugging them as they came through the gate. >> i'm just happy she is here. >> reporter: this man's mother- in-law arrived safely. >> she had to stop for 17 hours and i was worried she cannot make it onto flight. >> reporter: she came from morocco not a country on the travel ban list. still they were concerned by
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the order. a mall group with big signs protested the ban. >> come out to sfo speaker national and put your bodies and your voice on the line to not just protest but to stop this. that's why i'm here because i want to stop this muslim ban. >> reporter: a coalition of legal aid andself rights attorneys was on hand. >> to offer legal help to anyone who may be delayed, detained or harassed as a result of what we are calling muslim ban 3.0. >> reporter: the ban puts a 90 day restriction on visitors and a 120 day ban on refugees from six countries. syria, iran, yemen, sudan, somlia and libya. people must prove a relationship with someone in the united states. the trump administration said they will allow immediate family and sons in laws, daughters in law and stepchildren but bans grandparents, children, aunts, uncles, one woman's mother was relieved immigration officers
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seemed morin formed about the process, a big change from her last visit. >> she was held up there for quite a while. questioning. she has a green card and legal and everything. this time we had no problem. >> i think the vetting with pretty extensive. they shouldn't be concerned about people when you have someone coming hover that they are here for a good reason. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2news. lawmakers in washington still debating what's called the no sanctuar your criminals act. it would block federal grants from the justice department and homeland security to cities that won't cooperate with federal immigration authorities. san jose mayor said that even if it does become law san jose wouldn't loose a lot of funding. >> i expect we will continue to do what we are doing. that doesn't mean we will inform ice or talking to ice about whatever the police are
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doing. it doesn't mean we will cooperate with ice or do ice's work for them. >> the mayor said that san jose doesn't depend a lot on federal funding for public safety. that bill goes to the senate for a vote. the house also passed kate's law. the legislation is named after a 32-year-old who was shot and killed while walking with her water on a pier. police arrested a man in the united states illegally. juan lopez sanchez claims that the stolen gun went off accidentally. he is still awaiting trial. the law would impose mandatory minimum sentences on criminal immigrants who re-enter after being deported. >> so, most immigrants who come here don't commit crimes at the rate that average united states citizens do. >> these are not huddled masses, yearing to be free or families attempting to come here for a better life.
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these are bad people and we call them criminals. >> only two democratic house members from cam cal voted for the law. meantime a lawyer for a man from el salvador in the united states illegally said he will be awarded $190,000 in a settlement with the city. he worked owl a settlement with the city attorney's office but the board of supervisors still has to approve it. he sued the city in january for violating it's sanctuary law saying he went to the police in december of 2015 after authorities called and said that his stolen car had been found. instead of helping him he said that hewas detained and immigration agents were called. he was jailed for two months has been fighting deportation. the justice department said that san jose police improperly accounted for half a million
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dollars in federal funds. the inspector general's report for three fiscal years ending in 2015 did not accuse the department of fraud but it was criticized for its handling of money including the type of accounts it used as well as failing to spend more than 1 million it received for aiding federal investigators. san jose police also came in for scrutiny over a 34,000- dollar contract for window blinds awarded to a company owned by a city employee's spouse. the city said it glee was the conclusions and is working to resolve them. the department of justice said that it would close the case once the city showed evidence of improvement. it took a few days loppinger than expected but last night the council approved a new two year budget. the council planned to vote on the budget monday night but that special hearing was disrupted by protests. some demonstrators handcuffed themselves to the gate that separates the audience from
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city councilmembers. last night's hearing was also loud but the council ended up approving abudget. this budget goes from 2017 to 2019. the start of oakland's fiscal year is tomorrow. that budget increases spending for some areas including homeless services, the police department and also fighting illegal dumping. the superintendent of the palo alto school district is stepping down in the wake of a sex assault scandal. now max mcgee announced it on the district's website. he will finish the next school year and then step down in 11 months when his contract ends. his leaving comes on the heels of an investigation revealing a teen athlete convicted of a sex crime was still in class triggering outrage. we learned to the district failed to launch required title 9 investigations in multiple sex assault cases. the school board has met
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several times to draft new protocols. still ahead another attack on bart. it was captured by bart's new million dollar surveillance system. we will tell you what we found out when we looked for that video. >> the president attacked a television host on twitter and the backlash has been immediate. >> good morning. we do see that traffic is off to a very nice start today. could be an unusual day because some people may be already trying to get away for the weekend and others just going to work. >> we started june off on the cool side and we are ending it on the cool side. i know the middle part was hot but there is local drizzle already this morning. when it's time to move to underwear
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. welcome back. >> time is 4:12. tweets by the president have dominated much of the white house agenda over the past 24 hours. critics say the president crossed the line this time. here is even a backlash by some republicans in congress. what many are calling cyber bullying. >> reporter: at the department of energy the press was touting developing energy resources. >> we are here to bring in a new american energy policy. >> reporter: what peetweeted earlier in the day was over shadowing his agenda. he wrote i heard poorly rated morning joe speaks badly of me. don't watch anymore.
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then hammam low iq and psycho joe came around three nights in a row and insisted on joining me. she was bleeding from a face lift. i said no. >> i have three daughters. yes, i do find it extremely offensive. i don't think that any man -- whatever his position is in life should ever speak of women in such a way. >> reporter: one trump supporter said she sees nothing wrong with his tweets. >> i'm not offended at all. get over it. that's what i say to people. get over it and appreciate it. we finally have a president that cares and that he is not politic alli correct all the time. >> reporter: the white house press secretary defends the president saying that mr. trump sent them because of the anchors hard attacks against him. >> i think he is such a -- it's possible that he is mentally ill in a way. >> i think he has been clear
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that he will hit back. >> we were taught that two wrongs don't make a right. i don't know they buy that. he is just mean. >> reporter: members of the president's own party are also critical. from susan collins. this has to stop. we all have a job. three branches of government and media. we don't have to get along but we must show respect. >> i don't see that as an appropriate comment. i think -- what we are trying to disimprove the tone of the debates. this obviously doesn't help. >> unfortunately we weren't surprised. >> reporter: jeff gabreille with common sense, a nonprofit that works on issues like cyber bullying said that the president's behavior sets a poor example. >> he is a role model for kids. he doesn't act like one and with today's actions and with his tweeters he acts more like a bully in chief than a commander in chief. >> the media needs to focus on what he is doing, not what he is saying. >> reporter: the expert with common sense said educators and
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parents should talk to children about the tweets to let them know this type of behavior is not okay. in san francisco. amber lee. fox 2news. local lawmakers have also come out against the president's tweets. one of the loudest is diane feinstein. >> i'm appalled. this is the president of the united states. you don't do things like that. you donta tack women. >> a fox news pomp indicates many americans think that the president's tweeting is doing more harm than good. 71% of people in the survey said his tweeters are hurting his agenda and the office of the president. just 17% said those are helpful. the pomp was done from last sunday through tuesday evening so it was before the latest thread of controversial tweets. let's check in with sal. get you moving on a friday morning. everybody behaving for you?
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>> yes. i'm looking here at the commute. it doesn't look bad if you are driving -- let's say out to places in the south bay or if you are driving on northbound 101. let's start with gilroy. it looks good from gilroy to san jose. it continues to be a nice looking drive all the way up into san jose with no major issues. the traffic continues to look good. all the way up into the main part of the south bay. as you drive into los altos and los gatos. i'm not sure if we will have the regular strength commute. a lot of times on friday its light ernie way and today. there you go, northbound 208 up to highway 17. it's not bad. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza its right. we hope it'll stay nice and light. about that drizzle. i encountered on the way in. let's talk to steve about that. >> i saw the same.
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yes. i think so did pam and dave. if you are commuting in around oakland, alameda. parts of the coast, you may encounter some yourself. over to berkeley maybe. low clouds. it seems to be based on just looking that a little more extensive fog bank today than yesterday. it's a good push on it. feels in better than what you are seeing there. doesn't approximate i can it up. 50s on the temperatures. low 50s for a few. others are mainly in the mid50s. there is that westerly breeze and a wind is turned up out to the delta. stronger than yesterday. bodega bay's water temperature has come crashing down from 56 to 50. that's a big drop. san francisco from 58 to 53. half moon bay and that monterey buyoy. you loose that ridge of high pressure. you get acies temperature in.
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you get that up welling and it cools off. 58 sacramento, 51 monterey. 86 in -- it's only like 104, that's beautiful down there. palm springs 79, las vegas 85. low clouds, drizzle will give way to sun. the ridge is there but not anything holding a candle to like we had last week. if you are well inland you can still get 90s but 60s, 70s. in between. concord, buchanan is hotter than anyone. about five over livermore. about ten over san jose. plan accordingly. not much change here. little cooler early next week into the 4th. >> okay. a good chance we will be able to see fireworks over the bay? >> i have no idea right now. to faraway. five-days out. >> yeah. it can change. >> my guess is fog. i think it'll be higher. i think we will be okay.
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>> sometimes we don't know until that fireworks show starts. >> thank you. access to the internet in remote areas around the world. coming up next we will tell you which tech giant is trying to make that happen.
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. it's 4:21. our team put a spotlight on extreme cases of home sharing abuse. it's making the bay area's housing crisis even worse.
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in some cases even the victims are using loopholes to cash in. >> san francisco's city officials say that it's a constant fight and as we investigate we learned they say its affecting the entire rental market. >> it's got a beautiful garden and i just liked it. >> reporter: daniel is a local landlord. >> from san francisco. >> reporter: he said he is one of tens of thousands of property owners trying to make a living. in 2016 he rented out his property on carolina street to man. a quick online search by us showed that he is a businessman, and author. kahn said that the man seemed like an every day tenant. >> just a one year lease. >> reporter: soon after he got a call from the neighbor to the property reporting strange things. >> i counted 38 people left with human bags and four different vans. >> reporter: and strange things
4:23 am
he didn't see ; does he live here in have you seen him? >> no. i have never seen him and what the eight or nine months. >> reporter: not once. >> not once. no. >> reporter: people live there. neighbors say. they just weren't the man who rented which is a violation of the law that state the host must be the property's permanent resident. >> don't stand there. he had it on air b and b. he was getting a thousand dollars a night for it. he booked 20 out of 30 days for sure. he is making a pot of money. >> reporter: across town at a different property on avalon. > >> the owner isedderly. she just had to go through surgery. >> reporter: the prosecute manager had the same man as a tenant and similar issues with fraudulent posts. >> see these pictures. it's like so corny we demanded
4:24 am
in writing to him that he stop. >> reporter: his home sharing profile became a pricey problem for the two men. in an effort to save san francisco housing in february 2015 the city put in short term rental laws to regulate air b and b and other sites there. are rules for the hosts and steep penalties for violations. nearly a half a grand each day the fraudulent posts remained up. issues not to the tenant but to the person registered to the property, the owner. >> he said he wouldn't move out unless there was a settlement agreement in place. >> he wouldn't stop unless he was given free rent. he is basically trying to hold us hostage. >> reporter: he has been lynchinged to more than a dozen rental properties around san francisco according to city records. the city has taken action
4:25 am
against ten of them. we went looking for him. and finally found him on social media. he denied he did anything wrong and said that the owners gave him permission. >> i'm kind of offended that he would flout the city laws so openly. >> reporter: after a settlement companies like air b and b are forced to take down fraudulent posts. critics still wonder why did it take a legal battle to get to this point and are the methods working to solve the problem. what kind of response do you get from air b and b? >> its been difficult. its been difficult to get through to them. >> reporter: the land owner is getting cited and air b and b still took a while to take that down. >> they did. >> reporter: we reached out to the website to ask what they are doing to help solve the problem. i have been trying to get an interview for a few weeks now just sort of radio silence.
4:26 am
>> weird. >> reporter: they declined to speak on camera spending a statement and saying they removed more than 1300 problem listings and they are working with the city on enforcement. is it work something. >> it's hard to tell. they tonight share data with us to demonstrate the number of listings that have been taken down. >> reporter: kevin guy is the director of short term rent ams. he stayed there is a sizable though unknown number of people taking advantage of this home sharing loophole. >> it's lucrative if it's legal or illegal. >> reporter: just ask daniel. months after he got the man out of his property on carolina street he suddenly didn't want to be part of the story. a change of heart that raised red flags so we called air b and b. they confirmed that they took down all of the posts for the home but they still have an active one for the vote, only the host was now daniel and he was not in compliance with
4:27 am
short term rental laws so they cited him. you said you were offended by someone like him flouting the law. is this citation not similar to what he is doing? >> i wouldn't know about that. i was not familiar with the rules when the city told me i stopped. >> reporter: you seemed informed when we did the interview? >> steve weigh its in violation because he was in multiple homes. >> reporter: the san francisco law didn't change. it was still the same that day we interviewed. are you going to pay the fine? >> yeah. of course. >> reporter: we will talk more about that later. could there be a baby crisis in the united states? the new concerns about the nation's birth rate and the economy. >> and if you are going to hit the road soon you see that traffic is moving along well out there. this is 280 in san jose. nice looking drive up to highway 17. >> and a nice looking fog bank out there with local drizzle on this friday as we head in to
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it's earned in every wash, and re-earned every day. tide, america's #1 detergent . ♪ [ music ] . pam you can't just bounce to the music. either -- you have to sing --. >> i don't know what the song is. it's nice. it's a nice tune to start the day. sam smith song. >> we think. no. no. >> no. that's okay. i do know this is a beautiful bay area live shot. steve who is this? who is this? >> i will say it's crosby stills nash. >> i will take it. it's a beautiful friday morning. we thank you for joining us


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