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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  June 30, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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this morning. it was a seizure so big it exceeded all of the fireworks collected in 2016.>> this is just firecrackers. >> the thunder bond -- thunder bomb was confiscated on friday. a search warrant for weapons in san leandro turned up 3260 pounds of the explosive. an arrest was made. >> the majority of these are aerials, rocket propelled and they explode. every year we see serious injuries and fatalities as a result of these types of fireworks. >> hours after the san leandro bus, police were working in illegal fireworks rated a home on the 20,000 block. authorities found a homemade lab with chemicals and powder were someone was making their own illegal fireworks. a minor was arrested.
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>> it is not comment, but it serious business. they confiscated the fireworks and they were brought to an undisclosed location so they can be handed over to the fire marshal. >> with this dry weather in fourth of july coming up on the heavy rains there's an extreme fire and safety hazard. >> we were told that these fireworks likely came from out- of-state and the estimated street value for all of these busts were between three to $50,000. >> how did they find them? where they tipped off? >> they did their own undercover work. they think that these fireworks were being sold on craigslist. it's easy to look up one of those ads and put in a request to meet that person for those fireworks for sale to be made. they do a bus to that kind of work online. >> thank you, christina.
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happening now the holiday getaway as well underway for many bay area drivers. you're looking at our live traffic map. you can see red and orange out there. those are the areas where it is slow going. i want to show you a live look at interstate 80. university avenue is at the top of your screen. right now it's not bad for a friday night at this time of night. i want to show you a live picture at the san mateo bridge. it looks like both directions, the cars on your right are heading toward san mateo. most people are trying to get a jump on their holiday getaway and left early. we spoke with the chp to talk about extra enforcement on the highways this weekend. >> this is a super holiday weekend. we have a four day holiday. we have extra officers and checkpoints throughout the state. we are looking for people who might be speeding.
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>> the chp's enforcement is called operation firecracker. it started at 6:00 tonight and it runs until tuesday. a terrifying scene inside of a hospital in new york as a doctor who once worked there went on a shooting rampage killing a female doctor and then himself. six other people were wounded in the shooting and authorities say that several of those victims are doctors fighting for their lives. we are learning more about the gunmen and a potential motive for the attack. here's more.>> reporter: this certainly was a frightening scene. police have identified the gunmen as henry bello, a doctor who worked at the bronx lebanon hospital. he resigned two years ago after being accused of sexual harassment. >> reporter: they say he went into the hospital in the bronx this afternoon wearing a lab coat and armed with an assault
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rifle. he shot and killed a female doctor and seriously injured five people a six victim was shot in the leg and suffered minor injuries. bello then doused himself with an excel are in and tried to set himself on fire. the sprinkler system apparently put out the fire. he then shot and killed himself. it was a tense scene outside the hospital too his family members a weighted word that their loved ones were safe. >> she was in the emergency room. i left her there, but when i came back, i saw all of the police officers here. i don't know if she's okay or not. i'm trying to find out that >> reporter: bello was targeted -- targeting his ex-colleagues. one former colleague says that bello said he had been a problematic of ploy calling him aggressive and he had threatened doctors in the past. tonight the mayor addressed the tragedy. >> thank god this was not an
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act of terrorism. it was an isolated incident.  it -- it appears to be a work place matter but that makes it no less tragic or tolerable. >> bello was arrested in 2004 on a charge of sexually abusing a 23-year-old woman. he was arrested again in 2009 on a charge of unlawful surveillance. he was trying to look up their skirts with the mirror. the death toll could've been much higher if not for the doctors and nurses who rushed to help the injured. many of those doctors perform triage on the victims putting their own lives at risk. >> heather holmes.>> the trump administration confirmed today another component of us crackdown on illegal immigration. isis planning to go after parents and relatives who brought children into the country illegally. it's being called a search
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initiative it is causing concern among immigrant families here in the bay area. >> as a trump administration rolls out a new travel ban there's new concerns that immigrant families are planning to arrest parents and relatives who they suspect have smuggled their children into the u.s. who they suspect have smuggled their children into the u.s. this has some immigrant advocates nervous. >> i think policies like this instead of improving the situation locally, they are hurting it especially when it comes to policing. a lot of families don't want to call police. >> she worked with vulnerable communities. she obtained her citizenship last year. while her path was easier, she understands the choice some families would make an eight would like to see compassion. >> some families are in desperate need. not because it's easy for them. a lot of them have faced a lot
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of violence back home. >> the trump policies have changed from the obama administration which allowed refugees fleeing violence to seek sanctuary through sponsors in the u.s. fleeing violence to seek sanctuary through sponsors in the u.s. this man says that immigration enforcement is needed. >> during the obama administration we had uncontrolled immigration which is dangerous. the trump administration is now enforcing existing laws and seeking additional laws like case law. i think that's a good idea. >> how the new plan be enforced? >> it is a difficult balance. so far illegal immigration has dropped significantly. just based on the notion that laws are being enforced and he should continue in that path. >> many families are nervous and some advocates we spoke with our advising these families out to go underground and hide, but stand up and
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fight these hard-hitting policies. ktvu fox2 news . president trump offered a new suggestion today for the struggling healthcare bill. he tweeted this morning that if republicans cannot agree on the current bill, they should repeal and then replace at a later date. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said healthcare remains challenging but we're going to stick with that path. some senators have signed onto the presidents idea. >> every republican in the u.s. senate except for one has voted for repeal in the past. let's do that first. every can't do them together let's do as much repeal as we can and that we will consular work period and work, play separate. >> republicans in the past have rejected the notion of repealing the affordable -- repealing before replacing because of the turmoil to insurance markets and the political damage it could
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cause. >> round two and a war of words between president trump and two anchors on the cable news show. the latest on the back-and- forth despite calls from both sides of the aisle for them to stop. >> we are tracking a holiday weekend forecast. we will tell you what's going to happen as we move toward the weekend in the fourth of july. >> new allegations of sex and drugs inside oakland police headquarters. the shocking details on the latest scandal. >> it was very disheartening to hear about another sex case developing here. >>
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one person died this afternoon in this horrible crash in fremont and another was taken to the hospital. it involved two cars and it happen at 3:25 on osgood road. a man and one car died at the scene. the woman and the other car was conscious and breathing when she was taken to the hospital. osgood road between sheldon court and blanco road was closed in both directions. we're learning about a new scandal within the oakland police department. this one involves allegations of sex and drugs inside police headquarters. we're live in the newsroom with more on all of this. >> an investigation is underway into allegations that an officer had sex while off duty at police headquarters. an old stash of drugs was found
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nearby. these and related cases, as the department is dealing with other scandals. >> police officer is accused of having sex with a woman in a basement of a downtown building. the woman apparently came forward after she had a disagreement with the officer who joined opd in 2014. the woman scorned, when officers act outside of bounds they are giving their career to someone else to control. >> as the same part of the basement was being cleaned in june, a large stash of illegal drugs was found in a locked cabinet. the drugs may have been there for more than one decade left behind by a former officer who was a lieutenant in internal affairs. the drugs were in their original sealed packaging with the contents accounted for. as possible the drugs could've been used for a training
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exercise. >> that's troubling. we don't know how long there were there or how they were being used. they were loose. when you have loose evidence, that means you have potential for abuse. >> civil rights attorneys help secure a settlement over alleged oakland police brutality. the department is under federal oversight. >> i think it is time to target the individuals in the police department and in the city who are most responsible for these endless delays and hold him in contempt. >> a judge has ordered officials to appear in court in two weeks to discuss why the department fell short in investigating the unrelated scandal involving a former sex worker who is the daughter of an oakland police dispatcher. this new case won't help matters. >> it's disheartening to hear another sex case has developed here. it's immoral for officers who were supposed to uphold the law
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and they take advantage of the situation and use the grounds of the department for the wrong sexual activities. >> the police chief sent a message to all employees saying anyone who engages in misconduct will be held accountable. i also want to be clear about my expectations. we are in the business of regulating other people's conduct so why expect us to regulate our own conduct on and off duty. this new chief has inherited a lot since you joined the department earlier this year. the responsibility falls on her and she is expected to attend the hearing on july 10. >> a separate -- a judge replied and said judicial recalls over a single decision threaten our independent judiciary and set a dangerous president. he's the judge who presided over the brock turner case. in his response the judge
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defended his decision to sentence the swimmer to only six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on campus. he said that recall should be reserved for judges who have a pattern of bias or misconduct. >> controversy after city officials announced fines against volunteer groups to feed the homeless. we were there is one of those groups did outreach in protest. >> fueled by faith church volunteers conduct what they call a granola bar protest at st. james park. a couple dozen people handed out granola bars, water and other food items to the homeless there. the pastor is the organizer. >> it is our inherent right as churches and people of faith to continue to practice our constitutional rights and to ensure the people here get fed>> reporter: beneficiaries include this 81-year-old
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property manager who lost his job and has been homeless ever since. he said these food drops are a godsend. >> they make a big difference. yes. when your income is not so much. >> reporter: a survey in santa clara county shows a 13% increase in homelessness since 2015. san jose city officials have warned to upper -- charitable groups about the free food giveaways. >> organized distribution of food can create litter and blight. there are health and food safety codes around that as well. >> reporter: there are eight city kitchens feeding the homeless every day and three of them are less than a mile away from the part. the ordinance was passed back in 2005 which prohibits distribution of food without a permit. critics say this is [ null ]- for-tat the goes back far longer than 2005 >> i started feeding in 1974.
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there were a lot of homeless in the park. >> reporter: this volunteer says that every few years city officials decide it's time to clear out the homeless. the ordinances justification, but not a good reason. >> the city wants a project st. james park with a different image. >> reporter: they confirm that complaints from neighbors have increased. >> our job is to address the concerns and desires of all people. >> what is san jose becoming? >> he says that he and his flock are willing to run afoul of the law risking citations. >> ktvu fox2 news. doctors in the south bay are warning parents of toddlers not to leave windows open during the warm weather. doctors at santa clara valley medical center say they have treated for toddlers who fell
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from second or third story windows. three of those kids were treated and released but one of them suffered serious injuries. doctors say some parents think a window screen provides from -- protection but that's not always true. >> the screens are there but they won't keep a kid in the house. they're just meant to keep bugs out of the house. and so the child will fall out of the window as they're leaning on the screen. is the most common scenario. >> kids under five are the most likely to fall from windows. they recommend installing windows stops and guards. they also say don't put furniture near windows because that allows children to climb up through here we are. it's the fourth of july in summertime. it warmed up a little bit. it was about the same today as yesterday. it has been warm this entire
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week. just a subtle forecast all week. that's how it goes tomorrow too and into the weekend. just subtle changes which is fine. a nice looking weather pattern. is not something we will be lamenting. there's the fog along the coast right now. temperatures are working their way into the 80s. in some ways it's a little bit cooler than it was yesterday at this time. it is 1 degree warmer in hayward. 10 degrees warmer in santa rosa. winds out of the west. the weekend is going to be steady as she goes. what you had today is what you get tomorrow. is snowing to get too hot. there is a fog forecast for tomorrow morning.
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it's like this morning. those are 70s and the reds are 90s. no big changes. that your bay area saturday forecast. as we go forward, i will talk more about sunday, monday, tuesday and into the holidays. >> a new clue in the disappearance of a bay area man that's been missing for more than a one. >> i feel that is positive that research.>> the efforts today to try to find him as his family holds on to hope. one of the biggest western team rivals. we have the saga coming up later on in sports. struck an incredible outpouring of support for the family of a man who drowned after saving his young daughter in the delta.
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we're following breaking news there has been a massive train derailment. these pictures coming in in the past area -- hour from plainfield, illinois. the train cars look to be tankers often use for hazardous materials. it does appear some of them were leaking. it is not know what caused the train to go off of the tracks or whether there are injuries. at this point, there are no
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known injuries. were working to get more information and we will bring it to you. volunteers spent today searching a beach looking for clues in the disappearance of a 22-year-old man who vanished more than a month ago. the search effort was launched after one of the man's cards turned up on a beach yesterday. >> family friend spread out across the beach raking over sand and searching for clues that might lead them to a young man missing for more than a month. richard moss of moss beach. >> i feel that it is positive research. having closure is the best for everybody. a lot of people are emotionally involved>> reporter: friends have seen security video of him and his car at this mcdonald's on the morning of may 25. they say they have seen video taken minutes later of moss driving through the double slide tunnel on his way to work. >> it is him alone in his car traveling south. everything looks normal.
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>> reporter: there have been no signs of moss or his car until thursday when someone walking along montero beach saw a aaa auto card like this one have buried in the sand. it had the name richard moss on it and that is why they are looking for more loser today. friends say life is going well for mohsen no apparent reason to go away. >> he was a skateboarder and he worked as a skateboarder -- and he worked as an electrician here. no debts or anything to run from. he was on time to go to work in all of the indicators are consistent with him being at work that day. >> all we can do is search.>> reporter: the sheriff department has search by air and on foot but no luck. deputies plan to fly today but visibility was too poor. friends wonder if he drove off highway one and over the steep cliffs. >> a lot of ravines and 20 foot
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vegetation in there. almost an accessible. the 200 foot cliffs and the waters are not particularly friendly either. >> the family is considering renting a but was sonar equipment on it to see if they can the tech the shape of a car. ktvu fox2 news ktvu fox2 news at 6:30 starts next with the war of words on twitter between trump and to host of a cable network show. >> up next, the latest in the back-and-forth despite calls from both sides of the aisle for all of them to stop. the minimum wage employees are about to get a raise. details on a new law taking effect in san francisco. we will take you to the bay area city with the hottest housing market in the city. stay with us. ktvu fox2 news at 6:30 is next.
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alameda county law enforcement has ceased thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks and arrested people -- two people into separate bus. over 3000 pounds of explosives were found in san leandro. hayward police found a stash in
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a garage. a homemade lab were a minor was making illegal fireworks. the street value is estimated to be between 30 and $50,000. >> a former doctor in the bronx went on a shooting rampage inside a hospital this afternoon killing a female doctor and wounding six others. he then shot and killed himself. the 45-year-old was forced to resign two years ago after he was accused of sexual harassment. a former colleague says he was a problematic employee and he had harassed other doctors in the past. a u.s. policy targeting parents who paid of children smuggled into the u.s. is causing concern among immigrant families. border patrol agents have used information to track down relatives in at least a dozen cases nationwide. the trump administration had all ready started to crackdown on unaccompanied minors saying they were not immune from
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deportation. you are watching ktvu fox2 news at 6:30. the twitter fight between the president and to host of msnbc morning joe show shows no signs of easing up. >> today they claimed they have proof the white house said it could make a national inquirer story about the relationship go away if they apologized. we are live in washington were many are calling for a more respectful tone. >> reporter: that's right. it was escalating between trump and his cable news critics. there are bipartisan please for the president to stop. >> trump welcoming south korea's new president to the white house to discuss trade or what he calls the menace known as north korea. >> the era of strategic patients with the north korean regime has failed.>> reporter: trump avoiding questions which would've likely focus on his
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scathing tweets about the hosts of msnbc morning joe. the commander in chief tweeted calling to show fake news. today the anchors of morning joe questioning the presidents mental state. >> he appears to have a fragile impetuous, childlike legal -- ego we have seen over and over again. >> reporter: well republicans plea the president not to take a debate. >> i want to put a sticker on his computer that's as if it feels good, don't do it. the best way to fight back is passed legislation. >> reporter: president trump is saying of republican senators can't work it out, they should repeal obamacare and replace it later. others agree a plan b might be needed. >> we been trying to do two things at once and not making progress. >> reporter: trump's first fourth of july is expected to
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be more low-key. the obama's held a concert however, the president will be spending the day at the white house after a weekend trip of golf. starting tomorrow, the minimum wage in san francisco goes up to $40 per hour. increases were approved in 2014 to help low-wage workers. today the mayor got a tour from a local manufacturer. the owner of golden bear outerwear says that the new law will give six workers an increase in their hourly rate. >> living in a city like san francisco has become so expensive. that increase the minimum wage was really one of many ways but a very solid way to help with incoming of quality and a lot of the workers have been struggling to afford the expensive city. >> the mayor says it is important to build more affordable housing. the minimum wage goes up again
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to $15 per hour this time next year. tractor is been an outpouring of support for a family of a san francisco man who died saving his daughter last weekend. a gofundme page has raise thousands of dollars for the family and an anonymous donor has given them a unique and generous offer.>> reporter: the 40-year-old love to take his family to the sacramento river delta. tragedy struck when his kayak carrying him and his five-year- old daughter flipped over. he save sophia who was pulled to safety but he did not make it. >> i miss everything about him. he always made us happy. he kept our family together. >> [music]>> reporter: maria said her dad left the scene. it was a carpenter by trade,
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family breadwinner, and generous to all around him. >> i've never seen him on the streets passed by someone and not give the money. >> reporter: the generosity is coming back 1000 full. the community has donated more than $36,000 to their gofundme account. >> with more, his wife said that someone saw the family story on the 4 on 2 and decided to donate a burial site for her husband. >> the grave is out the holy cross cemetery close to the home so maria will see her dad whenever she wants to>> this gray visit our military section were veterans are buried. although he was in a veteran, everyone thought this was appropriate that this hero is going to be buried with euros. >> is not like he did it because he knew my dad. he did it because he felt like my dad was a narrow.
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>> reporter: the man happened to be at the cemetery transferred the plot to the family when he ran into them. >> i told him i was on the honor roll and i had good grades and he told me he was a student sponsor and he said he wanted to put me and my sister in a private school. >> it's been a devastating time for the family and there is much uncertainty in the problem. the mom will have to try and figure out a way to provide for her children. out of the bad, maria says that something good is happened to her father. >> he gets to be buried with heroes from the army. i think that the anonymous person will be buried there with my dad. there will be two of them. i am happy because he gets to be with a person who donated from his heart.>> reporter:
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ktvu fox2 news . coming up, a fiery playing crash on a busy freeway in southern california. what we are learning about the moments before the plane went down. >> flames were all around us. at first i thought it was a big rig that hit us. a tuberculosis morning at a bay area gym and precautions being made to make sure members are safe.
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>> a mayday call from a plane crash that left two people critically injured. it happened this morning near john wayne airport in santa ana. a pilot tried to land a small plane on the busy 405 freeway after he lost an engine. the cessna crash landed on the freeway just short of the runway. three cars were hit by parts from the plane. no one was killed.>> we saw flames all around us. i thought at first it was a big rig that had hit us. we try to regain control of the vehicle.>> the two people on board the plane, a 62-year-old pilot and a 55-year-old passenger were taken to the hospital. traffic was backed up for hours. commercial flights a john wayne airport were diverted for half an hour to extract of alejo jim
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is letting members know they might be exposed to tuberculosis. the health department is notifying a number of people who belong to the 24 hour fitness on sonoma and alejo. a person who tested positive was a member of the gym. the county wants to make sure the people in the gym at the same time as that person are notified. >> apparently he came in late in the afternoon or in the evening around 11:00. from what i understand, he knew that he had it but he still came in.>> the bacterial disease can be contracted through prolonged close contract with an infected person. they say it is now safe to visit that jim. a bay area city is set to have the hottest housing market in the country. >> how the city is using this as an opportunity to improve its reputation. we have some weekend
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forecast ready to go.
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a city in solano county has become the hottest housing market in the nation. potential buyers or is it -- zeroing in where home prices are more attracted the many
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places. >> reporter: the survey shows that vallejo has been and remains the number one hottest real estate market in the united states. caldwell banker realtor is also the president of the solano association of realtors. >> it is a prices. the weather and the great community. people are realizing it now. they see that we have very -- ferry service to the city which is a big attraction. >> the ferry will get you around a lot of the traffic and it makes it a manageable commute. >> this economist is what's really the san francisco-based national real estate price trucking company. >> is one of the last affordable places by bay area standards. you can still get a house for about half the price of a lot of the other markets like san francisco and oakland. it is desirable from that perspective. >> reporter: unlike other towns, it is reasonably close to the city.
6:47 pm
that means the buyers and renters are flocking to the former navy town in they are raising purchase of rental prices well ahead of the national average increases. considered this, 1000 square- foot three-bedroom on what the fireplace and two-car garage in good shape. the asking price for this home is just $359,000. what the final price will be depends on the number of offers the seller gets>> you will see 5 to 10 offers on the property. yes. and over asking probably by 4% or 5%. >> this 2600 square foot four bedroom with 2.5 bath in a more upscale hana ranch is listed for $500,000. for-sale signs are few and far between, and that is a problem. >> the inventory is about one month and two weeks.
6:48 pm
limited inventory as prison the price is up. >> reporter: many sellers move out of state will many buyers come from san francisco and san jose. houses sell faster in vallejo than they do in san jose, among the fastest market in the nation. vallejo does have issues with crime and drugs, but the town is looking at a rapid influx of folks who won't tolerate that. ktvu fox2 news . a holiday weekend is coming up on us pretty quick. it's going to be nice out there. it's cool at the coast because of the fog. the fog and the clouds will reestablish themselves in the morning. we were pretty much right where we were yesterday. temperatures are at the point where we see low 90s in the in
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the day valets. you can push this into tomorrow and sunday. it's all going to be very similar in terms of temperatures. not a big change. like i said, this week is been the most similar that we have seen day after day and a long time. it's been unique in the way it's been setting up. with that said, get ready for more of the same. temperatures right now, 80, fairfield. 79, of alejo. there are the clouds. the high pressure center is not superstrong, but some -- strong enough to keep that system to the north. we are splitting hairs. a little cooler on saturday and a little warmer on sunday. mild on tuesday.
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>> in the mountains they are skiing. they still have enough snow that they will ski this weekend. in the morning, it was pretty good. 92 and clear lake. 90 in vacaville. this is so similar to what we had today. it was neat. a good plan for a good pattern for this just because a lasting we need is the heat going into this run here. it's always baffled me that estate defined by earthquakes, fire and water has fireworks. i love fire walks in -- fireworks and i love watching them but when you have as much
6:51 pm
drivers as we have, we have fireworks. it is so important to be careful. it is dry out there. it is so dry and the grass is about that high and it's very dangerous. the weather pattern should be more helpful. >> sports is next. we will be right back.
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what do you think? are the warriors going to keep him or do you think you will go somewhere else? the mac is going to be a wild week. we have another big trade, paul george. the indiana pacers no longer. he has been traded to the oklahoma city thunder. a huge trade. we don't know who yet but we will find out and have the details later. in the meantime, a lot of concern about andri. we will see at 9 pm our time. the free-agent free-for-all begins in earnest. he will meet with the san antonio spurs in los angeles tonight. seven teams are reportedly interested in his services. he has no meetings schedule yet
6:55 pm
with the golden state warriors. business is booming in the nba when you can sell jerseys for six figures and up. steph curry, this is his highlight from game three. his jersey that he is wearing right here wins for $135,000. he scored 26 points in that game. that is a came were kd had the big three in the warriors one. -- and the warriors one mac. it is fun and games as a basket in the glory of their championship. klay thompson is over in china having a ball. >> like i said, he's having fun. i think that's an illegal maneuver right there.
6:56 pm
he is representing his shoe company over there. when you are a champion, it's all fun and games and well deserved after a long season. the san francisco giants are not this bad. over the past four games, they are starting to break out of it. tonight in pittsburgh, it starts from the first batter of the game. he loses it over the right center. the giants are off to a quick 1- 0 start. they retook the lead. a shot to left center field. the giants taking the lead. i'm pretty sure that's going to be taking the lead for good as they break this thing open in the sixth inning. -- six mac inning -- >> and
6:57 pm
there you go. is time to check this video out. have a look at this catch. more and more people are running into the walls out there. he's taking a hit away from brian goodman. a beautiful play. here's a little something for you, frank. a couple of your buddies, this is a morning -- warming up for their photo shoot. >> wow, there you go. a couple of frank sommerville's euros. >> if i had just a part of their skill -->> what they do a what i try to do but not very well. >> anyway, it would be nice to have the team back. >> thank you for joining us tonight. have a great weekend.
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