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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  July 4, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the 4th of july. and how about that weather over the bay? fog or no fog, the party will rock on. three, two, one, begin! >> dinner is served, 4th of july style. you will never believe how many hot dogs the bay area's joey chestnut devoured. we've got the numbers next on "the four on 2". pomp and celebration, thousands marking the country's birthday across the bay area. welcome to "the four on 2". i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm heather holmes. thank you for joining us on this independence day. the day has been filled with barbecues and parades. one of the largest was held in danville. the 2017 parade attracted a big crowd with many families coming together to have some fun. >> that's what families do.
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they come out early. it is a full day. we cherish this community and we cherish our country. it is very important to us. so it is a family time. >> an estimated more than 40,000 people from all across the valley were at the parade this morning in danville. well, many people hitting california beaches this holiday. first responders reminding everyone out there to make water safety a priority. >> one very popular spot, san francisco's ocean beach. but it is not designated as a place to switch. therefore, they don't have lifeguards on duty. cristina rendon joins us. >> reporter: there are no lifeguards here at ocean beach but the golden gate national park service does have beach patrols. you can see one right over there along the edge of the sand. they are reminding people to be aware of the dangerous rip currents on northern california beaches. >> it's a great place to be. the ocean is awesome.
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run around, spend time enjoying nature. >> reporter: ocean beach provides a picturesque playground for children and adults celebrating independence day. beach patrols are on duty. >> i think it is a concern in general. it is nice that the patrol is out here. you are seeing the beach patrol out here quite a bit, watching out for forks which is nice. >> reporter: the ball ties that family waded in the water. >> we always stay behind them. >> we just came out here to have a good time. >> reporter: jonathan and his friends kept a safe distance from the waves, playing frisbee on the sand. >> the waves don't look that powerful, but especially when they come back, they feel like they're pulling at you, so you have to stand your ground. >> i know if i do go in, i don't want to get too far out
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because i can get pulled out. >> reporter: some people have drowned in recent years. this is not a swimmer's beach. people have been swept out to zane three feet of water, proving the powerful current can be deceiving. >> i normally don't get in the water. we only let the dog get in up to her paws. >> reporter: there were 37 rescues at san francisco beaches last year alone, and just as a reminder, if you are ever caught in a rip current, you are advised to swim parallel to the shore, and then in toward the beach. >> always good advice, being here for this long, we all know the dangers of ocean beach, but still, people so tempted to get in that water. let's take it over to bill. i saw some jackets out there. that marine layer working in.
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>> definitely keeping it cool out there. ocean beach is probably one of the most dangerous beaches in the world for riptides because not only because of the outgoing tides of the golden gate bridge and the sand bars and the rip currents, but the fact that you have almost a million people in close proximity to it. it's 4th of july. the weather is cooperating. it's exactly like what we thought. foggy at the coast. 63 degrees. the weather as we go through the evening hours will do this. the fog will fill in, as it did last night. last night we talked about it. what we saw last night is what you are going to see tonight at 9:30, 10:00. inland at alameda and the different fairs, you are going
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to be fine. the fog is going to stay restricted to the barks right at the golden gate bridge, 9:30, 10:00 hour. and then overnight the fog will move back in. so there is a live camera shot in oakland right now. you can see the festival going on at jack london square. you see the wind. pretty breezy out there. it is jackets tonight if you are going out to fireworks displays almost anywhere around the bay or certainly in crissy field. in the livermore valley, a different story. the forecast, mid-60s in some of tin land spots, but around the bait's upper 50s. a nice fireworks night. it's exactly what you expect in july in the bay area. there's the fog right now. you can see it setting up, just working its way all the way to ocean beach. christine was just out there live. a pretty good fair works
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display, except cool. so bring jackets. when we come back we will get into the numbers but this is nothing. you guys knew this already. it is going to be a jacket night in san francisco for the big one. everybody else, shirt sleeves and maybe a hoodie. >> well done. all right, bill. >> meantime preparations are continuing through the day up until the last moment before that fireworks extravaganza tonight in san francisco. >> ktvu caught up with people at pier 39 and learned how people are prepping for the fireworks show and all the potential fog. >> reporter: the san francisco water front bustling with activity this 4th of july and excitement as plenty of people are getting ready for the show. >> since we are not real familiar with the area we figured we would come down and try to see what we can see. >> it's my favorite holiday of the year. >> reporter: crowds won't be
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disappointed. crews have been busy packing shells on two barges at pier 39. 5,000 effects will be lit and all of it will be synchronized to patriotic music. thinking the about the fog, organizers plan to set off the fireworks from different elevations and altitudes. >> changing up some of the patterns and colors and things of that nature, but it is a good raucous 25 minutes of fireworks and color and explosions and happiness. >> we didn't know much about what was going on. we heard there were fireworks down here. thought we would come see them from the pier. >> i don't know if we've actually been to a big city to see fireworks. we're from west virginia. >> reporter: from wherever you are, you should have a great view of the light show, and some people today already were
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wearing colors proudly. >> lilly wanted to celebrate the 4th of july by dressing up as wonder woman. she loves her red, white, and blue. she is going to meet as many people as possible to spread as much joy and celebrate america. >> reporter: rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. >> a ton of 4th of july events across the bay area. some have taken place. others still to come tonight. they're expecting big crowds in berkeley at the marina, fog or no fog. >> we have a little fog now but it is going to clear up. i can feel it. i need to go put my sunscreen on. if we do get a little bit of fog so what. they look beautiful in the fog anyway. >> they sure do. organizers were ready for the crowds to start coming in as early as this morning for a day full of music, a whole lot of food and family fun on this, the 4th of july. several parades have taken
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place earlier today with more underway right now. in fremont, hundreds gathered to enjoy the festivities that included rare vintage cars touring the streets. >> and how about alameda. cowboys on horseback kicking off the parade on the island town. families lining central avenue to enjoy music, food, and a beverage or two. >> in redwood city tin dependence day parade kicked off at 10:00 this morning. marching bands, floats, veterans and other groups took over downtown. in a couple of hours there will be live music followed by fireworks. that's expected to happen around 9:30. >> those aren't the only 4th of july celebrations going on all around the bay area. for a complete list, head on over to our website, he didn't deserve this.
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he didn't. >> a gas station employee tries to fight off a robber and loses his life. we're live in antioch where the man's family is reacting to that deadly encounter. if the expansion plans for this reservoir are full if i had, 10 years from now i would have to stand up in scuba gear. having a little fun with the men in blue. one of the many parades today, this one in fremont. happy 4th of july, everyone. heather and i will be right back. stay with us.
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a family is grieving this holiday after a robber targeted a gas station in antioch. >> an employee tried to step in and was killed. sources tell us an officer shot the suspect who later died. our crime reporter, henry lease, spoke to the victim's family. he joins us live in antioch with the latest. henry. >> reporter: frank and heather, this employee was the soul breadwinner for his family. now they're heartbroken that he was shot dead while working behind the counter here. they say they don't even have enough money to pay for a proper burial. >> i can't believe it. i can't believe it. >> reporter: she is grief stricken over the loss of her husband of 25 years. the 57-year-old was shot dedmon day night while working behind the counter at this gas station
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in antioch. >> i don't believe that he's gone. he left me here. he left me here alone. he didn't tell me he was leaving me. >> reporter: he leaves behind three children. two of them are in college. for the past five years he worked nape-hour days to support them. >> he's a hard working guy. every day he would wake up, go to work, come back and watch tv or something or ask how my day was. he would go i hope you're not tired, and i didn't do anything all day. i'm like, you're the one would is work all day. >> i miss his smile. when he would call me his baby girl, i was his only daughter and he always called me his baby girl and his angel. i miss hearing his voice. i still don't feel like it's real. i feel like i'm going to go home and he is going to be sitting on the couch. >> reporter: sources say a man walked in, got some cigarettes,
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and then brandished a semiautomatic pistol. there was a struggle in which the suspect pistol-whipped him and shot him twice in the back. an officer who happened to be nearby came around and shot the suspect. he then fled. ktvu has learned that although the suspect escaped, he later died of his injuries. his family says this holiday will never be the same. >> he didn't deserve this. >> he destroyed our life. why? why? >> reporter: the family has set up a gofundme page to help pay for burial expenses. you can find it at at the top, click on web links. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> tough story. >> just heartbreaking. thanks, henry. a new report from the california department of
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justice is showing a spike in reported hate crimes. 2016, 11.2% more hate crimes reported than 2015. more than half of those involved bias based on race, ethnicity, or national or i will gifnlt african-americans were the most commonly targeted. jewish people were the most commonly targeted religious group. berkeley professor jack glazer is a crime expert and says the data only shows part of the total picture. >> if you look at the national crime victimization survey lucy 10 to 20 times as many hate crimes reported as what you see reported to the police. so the phenomenon is much larger than the policing data is going to reveal. alameda had the most at 59,
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santa clara 40, san francisco had 36. napa county had the least with just one reported hate crime. the full report is posted at our website, future correctional officers in santa clara county are being trained to focus on honesty and integrity. 68 cadets started their training this week. they are part of the first class of cadets to be trained on a new use of force policy, and the first to be issued body- worn cameras. the training comes a month after three deputies were convicted of killing inmate michael tyree. >> this academy class is going to be immersed with new technology which embody a caretaker and guardian spirit. >> i know the approach that people need to take. i understand their needs. i understand they are also human and we have to treat them with dignity and respect.
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>> recruits will also spend an eight-hour day in jail at the end of the academy. the role reversal experience is meant to help them gain more empathy and understanding for the inmates. the academy could fill half of the 103 vacancies. contra costa county water district is working to fill a local reservoir. >> reporter: this reservoir, not even 20 years old, was expanded five years ago. as reservoirs go it's relatively small but serves the quickly growing bay area east basement. >> one of the key benefits would be water supply rely ability, specifically for dry years. >> reporter: turned proposal the dam face would be raised by 55 feet.
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in terms of infrastructure not a lot would be lost. the marina office obviously would be underwater, sought would be taken away, or a new one would be built at the new level. on the other side, the floating docks, they simply float up to whatever new level needs to be achieved. the capacity would go from its current 160,000 acre feet to 275,000 acre feet. that's enough water to cover the entire 13-acre at&t ballpark site with a column of water four miles high. with rapid population growth the district has partnered with other agencies to finance the $800 million price. the good news, state proposition one passed in 2014 could foot half the cost. it has ample money to fund many project. >> we're in a public review period right now. we will have a series of public meetings that people can attend, even going down to loss
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banos. we encourage people to learn more about the project and to provide any comments. >> we are out of a drought now, but we were in one for quite some time. and the weather historically in california goes through these periods. i have lived here most of my life, and i have seen them come and go. but to save more water, to have more storage, i think it is a good idea. >> reporter: but mr. young says feels there should be many more allowed activities including jet skis and power boats. others say it is simply an essential backstop against future droughts. >> that's what is so good about it. whenever there's a backstop, you are going to have enough reservoir water. >> reporter: it will take five years to clear the permit hurdles and another five years to build the project for full use in about a decade. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. reaction continues to pour in after north korea's latest missile test including a new
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proposal from both china and russia. details coming up right after the break. remember our special night?
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that helps proactively manage... ...both abdominal pain and diarrhea at the same time. so you stay ahead of your symptoms. viberzi can cause new or worsening abdominal pain. do not take viberzi if you have no gallbladder, have pancreas or severe liver problems, problems with alcohol abuse, long-lasting or severe constipation, or a bowel or gallbladder blockage. pancreatitis may occur and can lead to hospitalization and death. if you are taking viberzi,... should not take medicines that cause constipation. the most common side effects of viberzi... ...include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. stay ahead of ibs-d with viberzi. world leaders are reacting strongly to north korea test- firing another missile, one that it claims can hit anywhere in the world. the claim was initially met with skepticism but within the last hour secretary of state rex tillerson confirmed it was indeed an -- it was, indeed, an
4:24 pm
intercontinental ballistic missile. >> reporter: the pentagon confirmed the north carried out its first successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. now russia and china are stepping in with a proposal. north korea would freeze its program in ex change for an agreement with the two. it is pointed out that this latest missile could potentially reach alaska or hawaii. the test is another sign of kim
4:25 pm
jong-un's intention to develop a missile capable of hitting the northwest. >> this is not something we want to see happen. >> reporter: russia and china are pushing the united states to remove the anti-ballistic missile system from south korea. >> the pentagon has thrown a cloak of secrecy over assessment of the united states' nuclear weapons operations. things like the operations pass/fail grade had previously been publicly available. change appears to go beyond the standard practice of withholding detailed information on inspections. the pentagon says the reason for the change is to prevent
4:26 pm
adversaries from learning too much about u.s. nuclear weapons. north korea's missile program is expected to come up later this week when president trump joins other world leaders at the g20 summit in hamburg, germany. president trump has a meeting scheduled with vladimir putin. the white house won't say much about the agenda. the president's critics will watch to see if russian involvement in the u.s. presidential election is addressed. >> i hope it does and not just that they have a good laugh about it. russia all but admitted this they were involved. >> president trump will also likely be asked to reconsider his decision to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate change agreement. no doubt everyone out enjoying the pomp and circumstance of the 4th of july, but not everyone is
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celebrating. after the break, we're going to learn how to keep your furry friend safe during all the fireworks. plus with big crowds expected to gather for fireworks, officials are beefing up security. the actions being taken when "the four on 2" returns.
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some of the nation's most spectacular fireworks will be lighting up the new york
4:30 pm
skyline hours away now. along with that are spectacular security measures as well. fox news reporter laura ingle has more on what new york police are doing to keep everyone safe. >> reporter: thousands of fireworks loving revelers will be filling the streets and sidewalks all up and down new york's east river tonight to see that spectacular show in the sky. as their eyes are gazing upwards the nypd's eyes will be everywhere else, looking and making sure that this event stays safe. new york's finest are constantly adjusting. this year the nypd will assign several thousand officers at check point sites equipped with radiation detectors for big bag searches. people will also notice large trucks blocking streets. >> we will be using over 100 blocker vehicles and almost 20 sand trucks. counterterrorism offices will be working. they will have radiation detection devices on their
4:31 pm
person, explosive detecting canines will be deployed. >> reporter: the nypd started using these trucks after last year's bastille day massacre when 86 people were killed by a terrorist driven truck in nice, france, when it rammed into a crowd viewing fireworks. >> all of our specialized commands will be out in force even though there are no specific threats we're dealing with. i want to tell all new yorkers to be ready for this and see this as a good thing. lucy well armed police officers with long guns. you will see the dogs. >> reporter: vehicle related attacks have been a priority for other cities as well. in washington, d.c. large fences have been placed around the national hall. in boston, police there will be deploying a tethered drone for the first time to keep an eye
4:32 pm
on things. police remind us all, if you see something, say something. in new york, lawyer rang gals, fox news -- laura ingle, fox news. back here, officials are planning to close the gates into the fairgrounds in an hour and a half. after 6:00, no new tickets, and no re-entry will be allowed. this is all in an effort to cut down on the last-minute fireworks crowd. the show starts at 9:30. fair officials say in 2014 when they brought back the fireworks show there were nearly 60,000 spectators. police have been concerned about the large crowds and the possible threat of violence. there will be extra security on hand tonight. and don't forget about the marin county fair. it is the final day of the five- day fair. events include the great american petting zoo and pig races. at 9:30 there will be a big fireworks show.
4:33 pm
the company putting on the pyrotechnics has produced shows at the olympics and golden gate bridge. the san jose rotary club will hold a fireworks show at discovery meadow. they say they have some of the best weather to watch fireworks. >> it's the largest in the bay area, next to san francisco, and you can't really see san francisco sometimes because it's foggy. so i say it's the largest in the bay area that you can see. >> there you go. there are fireworks shows tonight at san jose municipal stadium, and also at lake almaden as well. sacramento police will be i don't saying a monitoring
4:34 pm
system to detect shots fired. the system can tell where the gun fair is coming from within 30 seconds. every year police receive a lot of 911 calls regarding damaged property due to that celebratory gunfire. >> people get injured, property damaged, vehicles hit. we really discourage it. >> police say using a gun for celebratory gunfire is a negligent discharge of a fair arrest. it could be either a misdemeanor or a felony. the concern is not just about the fire hazards or injury. for members of our military that have served oversea, any sudden explosion can offer trigger memories of combat. >> reporter: 4th of july fireworks arrest hallmark of celebrating freedom. but for some who risked their lives defending that freedom, fireworks can bring them right
4:35 pm
back to the horrors of the battlefield. >> my anxiety and my depression, trying to get away from the noise. >> reporter: richard lives in a complex built exclusively for military veterans. he says when he and a many of his neighbors hear the explosions of fireworks it triggers their posttraumatic stress disorder, or ptsd. >> i turn the tv up, shut the windows. >> reporter: there are cases of ptsd here, some worse than others, but a fireworks show nearby could trigger quite a few people. >> sitting on your couch, and all of a sudden there's a loud explosion outside, those are the ones that are triggering the memories. >> reporter: james is the commander of the west sacramento veterans of foreign wars association. they say some of the veterans avoid the fireworks show but
4:36 pm
they can't avoid hearing fireworks inside their home. >> reporter: do you think people realize what veterans lake you are going through? >> i really don't. >> reporter: both of these vets say they don't expect fireworks shows to stop, but they say if you're lighting fireworks near your home, get to know your neighbors. one of them could be a veteran, reliving the war from the living room. >> fireworks can also have a big impact on your pet. shelter workers say this is the worst holiday for the furry friends. they say the unexpected loud sounds can scare them. some shelters say hundreds of dogs will be frightened tonight and may even run away. >> i think it's safe to say that the things we like about the fireworks are not things animals like. >> to help protect your pets
4:37 pm
from the 4th of july anxiety, keep them indoors. most will be happy to hide out in their crates until the festivities are all over. there they go. all of those competitive eaters trying to devour as many hot dogs as they can there on coney island. san jose's own joey chestnut captured the mustard belt and a set a record. how many hot dogs and buns did he eat in 10 minutes? it's a lot. we've got the numbers. >> a lot. >> we're going to talk about would the fireworks weather will be like. we'll get the forecast in there for the long range.
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welcome back. sacramento county officials are hoping to prevent acts and drowning by banning alcohol on the american river for the second week in a row. >> last weekend an alcohol ban was put in place because of a rafting gone wild incident. officials say both open and closed alcoholic beverages are now prohibited. lake tahoe will feel just a little more crowded today because it's the 4th, but officials estimate a quarter million people will be around the lake over the holiday
4:41 pm
weekend. but the big problem is the beaches. they're about a 10th of the regular size because of all the wet winter and all the water up there. it's increased the lake level by six feet from this time last year. at pope beach on the south shore, some people reported wait times just to get a parking spot up to an hour. >> yeah, but once ear up there so much fun. >> it's heaven. take a look at this. some people taking advantage of our unusual weather conditions. and skiing today. squaw valley is still running several lifts and trails today so that skiers and snowboarders can take advantage of the rare july conditions. >> i enjoyed the skiing up here this morning and i'm headed to the boat this afternoon. not sure when the next time is that i will be able to do all that in one day. >> having some fun, 80 degrees in the snow in our bathing suit. >> only in california.
4:42 pm
squaw valley was the only resort that had lifts open. they closed at 2:00. resort managers say this was only the fourth time in its history that they've been on the part pin july. >> and they might stay open a little bit longer. they've still got quite a bit of snow. it wouldn't be independence day without the hot dog-eating contest. >> it got its start 101 years ago. this year san jose's joey chestnut set another record. he was going for his 10th win in 11 years. he devoured 72 hot dogs and buns un10 minutes. that breaks down to a hot dog every eight seconds. that sets a new record for chesnut what's previous best was a mere 70.
4:43 pm
>> joey chestnut! >> it doesn't look good. >> who would after 72 hot dogs. he took his 10th mustard belt home and $10 thine prize money. >> i can't eat three, let alone 72. >> i get it that he's a competitive eater, but i was looking up, and someone looked at the nutritional tally for what he eight. 20,000 calories, 1,296 grams of fat, 720 grams of protein, 2,160 milligrams of cholesterol, and 56,000 milligrams of sodium. >> sew can't eat salt for another year. >> he quits his day job. is this how he does his deal? how much money did he pull
4:44 pm
down? >> 10 grand. >> so six, seven of these a year, you're living binge new hampshire. >> when i was in new york working there for a tv station i covered it for two years in a row. the first year, i couldn't watch it. it just made me queasy. >> did you talk to joey? >> i did. great guy. >> what's? >> uh-huh, fun. talked to me about the training that goes into it. >> how do they train? >> well, you starve yourself, you eat a lot, you starve yourself, eat a lot. >> hope he's got a good medical policy. >> that's an old one. that goes back to state fairs 100 years ago. here are the highs from today. a beautiful day. so much like yesterday. the only difference is that it's tuesday. it's basically the same day. clouds, fog at the coast, temperatures in the 70s. inland, a couple of 90s. tomorrow's temperatures will be
4:45 pm
about the same, maybe a little cooler. just doing this because it's a big day across the country, fair works. kind of a drag for our friends up in the northern mississippi valley and central mississippi valley where they're dealing with a lot of cloud cover and even some severe weather in this area. also down by lubbock and then out here in the virginias and out towards raleigh. just some inclement weather, more than usual. for us the fog a player in the forecast as it always is on july 4th. the fog on shore and it gets inland. we're going to see cool fireworks display weather. if you are in san francisco, jacket weather most search. there's the current temperatures. they're running a little warmer than yesterday. i will be back and show you tomorrow they're running a little cooler.
4:46 pm
very subtle changes. this pattern is a a fortuitous -- this pattern is a fortuitous one for firefighters. it's nice that we're getting a pattern like that. that's tomorrow's fog footprint. hope you have the day off. i bit do. fog tomorrow morning. there's the temperature footprint. that looks like today. that looks like yesterday, and the day before. very subtle changes. there's the deal. as you move inland you will see temperatures in the micro climates. where there were 105s a week ago, now it's upper 80s. not a bad plan at all a. the forecast highs, this is about
4:47 pm
what you would expect. about where they were today. no big changes tomorrow. what's tomorrow, wednesday? yeah, wednesday. lucy in the five-day, we'll get ourselves in the low 90s as we head into the weekend. the five-day forecast, here it comes. hope you're having a good day. if you're at the coast, take a jacket. if you're going to crissy field, take a jacket. also, if you're going to crissy field, you're brave, in my mind. i'm funny about crowds but it is going to be busy in the city come the next three hours. >> it's a nice walk down there. but they will probably have a couple hundred thousand. >> leave the car home for sure is. i think they're looking at almost a quarter million people, is what i heard. >> that is a lot of people. >> julie joins us with a look at some of the stories we're work on for the ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. a lot of folks going out to have fun but trying to keep it safe, too. >> that's right, frank. a handful of cities around the
4:48 pm
bay area are allowing people to set off safe and sane fair works, but there are some restrictions. how the city of dublin is helping residents stay safe and use their own fireworks at several local parks. >> a robbery in the east bay with tragic consequences. >> an anti-okay family is mourning the loss of a husband and father after he was shot during a robbery at a gas station. the latest on what happened and what we're learning about the victim. >> all right, julie, thanks. next on "the four on 2", a new art installation is set to open in the nation's capital. see how the artist used current events as a inspiration. you know what i could go for right now?
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a storied exhibit of tubes will make its debut thursday at the national building museum in washington, d.c. reporter steve rapoport takes a closer look. >> reporter: a new interactive art installation dubbed "the hive" is taking over the great hall of the national building museum in washington, d.c. standing more than 60 feet tall, it is part of the annual summer block party series. >> we wanted to go high. we wanted to make something that had some monumentality. it's the tallest structure that's ever been done within the museum. >> reporter: the tubes range in size and are painted silver and magenta. >> inside the tubes are a very contemporary color which
4:52 pm
connects to things like the women's march where the magenta color flooded through the capital, and it was just so inspiring to see everyone coming together in this democracy and having a voice. >> reporter: inside the soaring exhibit visitors can interact with acoustic elements such as chimes and small drums. we're kind of playing within that context of the idea of community, bringing people into the museum to have conversations, but also connecting to this historic building and this historic context. >> reporter: steve rapoport, fox news. okay, how about those warriors, celebrating once again after securing the core of its roster. kevin durant, you may have heard, staying with the team after taking a pay country. he has agreed to a two-year, $53 million deal. that is 9 million less than the max he could have signed to stay with the warriors.
4:53 pm
>> it's all relative, but just for fun, it brings us to our question of the day. would you take a pay cut to keep your winning team together? yes or no? here's a look at the results. three-quarters of the people would responded say they would take a pay cut to keep the team together. weigh in on twitter, facebook, and our home page at well, there you go. "the four on 2" is coming right back a. ♪
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iraqi forces in mosul are claiming a big victory against isis fighters. they reclaimed the city's main hospital yesterday. it used to be the city's best medical facility. isis snipers had been shooting from the hospital rooftop to try to keep iraqi troops away. it's taken more than 30 days to reclaim this hospital and almost nine months to reclaim the city. in the bay area we are used to big tech news out of the silicon valley. however, a company in oklahoma has created a fully automated docking station for drones. >> the innovation has a particular meaning to business here in the area. >> if you have flown a drone you know the battery lasts about 20 minutes. the big ones they use commercially about 40 minutes. that used to be the biggest
4:57 pm
challenge in expanding drone use commercially until x-works came up with a way to charge and change batteries in very remote areas without a single person having to be there. most of us are used to seeing these. hobby drones. but in the commercial world, they're higher tech. but still with a challenge. >> i'm watching the battery at all times. >> that's where x-works and the fully automated docking station comes in. >> these things can work all day long as long as you have an "artist." >> a person can inspect 30 to 40 oil well sites a day using
4:58 pm
the "artist." >> they're capable of flying way more than four miles out, but now the biggest challenge is federal regulations which don't let you fly a drone out of a pilot's sight, but a waiver from the faa will allow the device completely unmanned. x-works will start a beta program in august. they will inspect 10 well sites within a pilot's sight until they get approval. it could save an oil company a million dollars a year per 1,000 well sites, which he says could go a long way to help a staple oklahoma industry stay afloat. i don't know how you had the heart to kill someone so innocent.
4:59 pm
he did nothing to you. >> he was a father and a husband andy was killed during a daring robbery at a gas station. the new information we're learning and the emotional plea from his family. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. an anti-okay family is mourning the loss of that husband and father tonight. the man worked as a gas station clerk but was shot and killed during a robbery last night. sources tell ktvu that police later shot and killed the suspect. henry lee has new information in antioctober. >> reporter: this gas station clerk was the sole breadwinner for his family. now they are heartbroken that he was shot dead while working behind the counter here. they say they don't even have enough money to pay for a proper burial. >> i can't believe it. i can't believe it. >> reporter: she is grief string over the loss of her husband of 25 years. the 57-year-old was shot dedmon
5:00 pm
day night while working behind the counter at this valero gas station in antioch. >> i don't believe he's gone. he left me here. he left me here alone. he didn't tell me he was leaving me. >> reporter: he leaves behind three children. two of them are in college. for the past five years he worked nine-hour days to support them. >> he's a hard working guy. every day he would wake up, go to work, come back and a sit down and watch tv or something, or ask how my day was. he would say, i hope you're not tired. and i didn't do anything all day. i would say, you're the one that's working all day. >> he would call me his baby girl. i was his only daughter. he always called me his baby girl and his angel. i miss hearing his voice. i still don't feel like it's real. i feel like i'm going to go home and he is going to be sitting on the couch. >> reporter: it all started at


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