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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 4, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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day night while working behind the counter at this valero gas station in antioch. >> i don't believe he's gone. he left me here. he left me here alone. he didn't tell me he was leaving me. >> reporter: he leaves behind three children. two of them are in college. for the past five years he worked nine-hour days to support them. >> he's a hard working guy. every day he would wake up, go to work, come back and a sit down and watch tv or something, or ask how my day was. he would say, i hope you're not tired. and i didn't do anything all day. i would say, you're the one that's working all day. >> he would call me his baby girl. i was his only daughter. he always called me his baby girl and his angel. i miss hearing his voice. i still don't feel like it's real. i feel like i'm going to go home and he is going to be sitting on the couch. >> reporter: it all started at
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8:30 monday night. sources say a man walked in, got some grerkts and then brandished a semiautomatic pistol. there was a struggle during which the suspect pistol- whipped him and shot him twice in the back. an officer who happened to be nearby came across the zone and shot the. he then fled. >> i'm trying to find him somewhere in the neighborhood nearby. >> reporter: although the suspect escaped, he later died of his injuries. the victim's family says is he often scared them with little popping fireworks on the 4th of july. they say this holiday will never be the same. >> he destroyed our life. why? why? >> reporter: now, the family has set up a gofundme page. we put the link up on our home page,, near the top. click on web links. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> henry, do we know anything at all about the suspect?
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>> reporter: nothing yet. antioch police have been quite tight-lipped about this case but we understand from sources that this man was found dead about 9:00 this morning. so details are still unclear but as far as who he was, that's still unclear. and henry, did he come into the gas station? was he alone? >> reporter: we understand he was alone when he came and tried to rob the victim, yes. >> henry lee, reporting tonight in antioch. in san jose police are investigating the deadly shooting of a 20-year-old woman near san jose state university. police were called when neighbors heard loud bangs coming from inside a home. officers found a woman who had been shot at least once. >> when officers went into the home they looked in one of the bedrooms and located an adult female suffering from at least one gunshot wound. that female was pronounced deceased at the scene.
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>> police are not releasing her name until relatives are notified. they say it appears that the victim and the suspect knew each other. a san pablo mother who lost her two young boys in a deadly crash in concord says she wants justice for her children. on friday night she and her boys were driving home from a movie when police say a driver with a suspended license crashed into the family's suv, killing two of her boys. they were just five and 10 years old. reyes was also hurt and her baby boy remains at oakland children's hospital. yesterday the grieving mother talked to the media and add message for the other driver. >> the way i feel right now, i wish i had parished, along with my children, so i could be with them. but i have to be strong and i have to be here for my baby who is in critical condition, and i have to be here to give him support so that i can get justice for his brothers.
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>> the man accused of the hit- and-run has been i dent fide. he fled the scene but was arrested on saturday at a hospital. ktvu has learned that the suspect was just released from jail a couple of days before that deadly crash. last wednesday a judge reduced bail from $100,000 to $10,000 on charges of making terrorist threats in pleasanton. he bailed out on thursday. the crash in concord happened the next day. heightened security and final preparations this 4th of july, all leading up to tonight's big fireworks show in san francisco. ktvu's rob malcolm learned how officials are preparing for the fireworks show with potential fog. >> reporter: the san francisco waterfront bustling with activity this 4th of july and excitement as plenty of people are getting ready for the show. >> reporter: since we are fought real familiar we figured we could come down in this area and see what we can see.
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's by far my favorite holiday of the year. my birthday is christmas day so my favorite holiday is 4th of july. >> reporter: crews have been busy wiring explosives and packing shells onto two barges that will be floating at awe squatic park and pier 39. 5,000 effects will be lit during the 25-minute show. all of it will be synchronized to patriotic music. thinking about the fog, organizers plan to set off the fireworks from different elevations and altitudes. >> changing up some of the patterns and colors, things of that nature, but it's a good raucous 25 minutes of fireworks and color and explosions and happiness. >> reporter: there should be something for everyone. >> we didn't though much about what was going on. we heard there were fireworks down here, and we thought we would come see them from the pier. >> i don't know if we've actually been to a big city to see fireworks before. we're from west virginia so i'm kind of excited to see that
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show, too, over the water. >> reporter: from wherever you are, you should have a great view of the show. some people today were already wearing colors proudly. >> lilly wanted to celebrate the 4th of july by dressing up as wonder woman. she loves the red white and blue. she is going to meet as many people as possible to spread as much joy and celebrate america. >> reporter: rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. the annual 4th of july parade in danville kicked off this morning in bright, sunny skies. it's one of the largest independence day celebrations in the bay area. big crowds turned out and a lot of american flags. it is a hometown tradition for many that is beloved by generations. >> that's what families do. they come out early, and it's a full day, and we just cherish this community, and we cherish, ace said, our country, and that's very important to us, so it's a family time. >> it is estimated that more
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than 40,000 people from across the valley were in danville for the parade. >> they're also expecting a good fireworks show in berkeley, fog or no fog. >> we have a little bit of fog now but it's going to clear up. i can feel it. i need to put my sunscreen on. hopefully we won't have too much fog. if we do get a little bit of fog, so what. they look beautiful in the fog. >> organizers were ready for the crowds preparing for a full day of music, food, and family fun on this 4th of july. many families are traveling to lakes and beaches this summer. authorities are reminding people about water safety. dozens are celebrating today's holiday at san francisco's ocean beach where there are no traditional lifeguards. ktvu's cristina rendon has this story. >> it's a great place to be. the ocean is awe. some run around, spend time enjoying nature. >> reporter: ocean beach provides a picturesque playground for children and adults celebrating independence
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day. while most people are off for the holiday beach patrols are on duty informing visitors about ocean risks like rip currents and sneaker waves. >> i think it is a concern just in general. it is nice that the patrol is here. you are seeing the beach patrol watching out for folks, which is nice. >> reporter: the ball ties that family waded in the water. >> we always stay behind them, so we are closer to them, and i think it's safe. >> reporter: others kept a safe distance from the waves playing frisbee on the sand. >> the waves, they don't look that powerful, but especially when they come back they feel like they're pulling at you, staff stand your ground. >> i know that the waves can get rough a couple times. i know if i go in i don't want to go too far out bick can get build in. >> reporter: there have been rescues at ocean beach in recent years. some people have drowned.
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people have been swept out to zane three feet of water, proving the powerful current can be deceiving. >> i normally don't get in the water, and we only let the dog go up to her paws, not go swimming in it, not here with the riptide. >> reporter: statistics show 37 rescues at san francisco beaches last year. as a reminder if you are caught in a rip current you are advised to swim parallel to the shore, and then in towards the beach. well, let's stalk more about the weather with our chief meteorologist. what do you think? >> what do you do on the 4th of july? >> what are you doing? >> no, you know, it is going to be a good night. the fog is coming in. jackets required. i'm talking mainly about the san francisco display. i've heard numbers, quarter million people perhaps in and out of the city in the next few hours to watch the display. so it's jackets, maybe a little hat or something. this is a picture from jack
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london square. you see the flags blowing in. a significant west wind ushering that fog in. in berkeley you are going to have clouds for the fireworks. you are going to have clouds anywhere around the bay and around san francisco, except san he say, and then north up into napa. marin county fair, i think you get away with it. temperatures today like they were yesterday, but it is going to cool off quick. look at that fog. the thing i want to point out is, and i pointed it out last night, too, look how deep it is. they're going to load the fireworks at the base of these things so they can change the he will swlaismghts they do that you get this cool kind of -- it just flares the color, so it's going to be a beautiful night for fireworks. the drag is, and i know you don't want to be in the cold, it is going to be chilly. take a jacket, even gloves, some kind of a knit hat or something in the city, even in oakland, even in alameda, and be ready for that. but otherwise it is going to be
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a beautiful night. i will show you the fog right now. you can see where it is. it is all across san francisco now. it is shooting out into the bay. so by tonight, 9:45 fireworks, we're going to have fog all the way right along this edge. so everywhere in here is going to be cool, and everywhere in here is going to be firing the fireworks off, not at higher elevations, at lower elevations. every year, same date. marin county is going to have a good one. should be fog-free there. when i come back we will talk specific temperatures. this isn't your only day off. a few more days coming back, plus the weekend. we will see you back here. some people are enjoying the holiday on the u.s.s. hornet in alameda. that would not be the u.s.s. hornet, but activities began at 2:00. they will run until 10:00 tonight. kids can enjoy a fun zone and a tour of the ship. visitors can also enjoy various fireworks displays this evening
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from the flight deck. if you don't know where the hornet, it's right there in alameda dokdz there. tickets are free for active military personnel. also, thousands of people lined the streets of downtown fremont today for a 4th of july parade this morning. festivities included a patriotic collection of floats, marching bands, and vintage cars. the theme this year was we are one. still ahead tonight on this 4th of july, a handful of cities around the bay area are allowing people to soft safe and sane fireworks, but there are some restrictions. how the city of dublin is helping residents stay safe and use their own fireworks at local parks. north korea claims to have conducted its first successful test of a long-range missile that it says can reach anywhere in the world. how the u.s. is responding tonight.
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park managers in sacramento county have once again banned alcohol for july 4th on a stretch of the american river. this year the ban started july 1st in hopes of keeping things safe over the holiday weekend. an alcohol ban was also in place last weekend because of a rafting gone wild event. park officials say both open and closed alcoholic beverages are prohibited. and visitors to lake tahoe are feeling the pinch of a very full lake. winter rain lifted the lake level by about six feet from last year's 4th of july. that means much less beach to catch the sun today and the fireworks tonight. officials estimate a quarter of a million people will be visiting the lake during a holiday weekend. at pope beach, some people reported wait times for a parking spot up of to an hour.
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some visitors are taking advantage of unusual weather conditions and skiing today. squaw valley is still running several lifts. the skiers and snowboarders can take advantage of these rare july conditions. >> i'm here to enjoy the skiing this morning and head out on the boat on lake tahoe this afternoon. not sure when the next time is i will be able to do all that in one day. >> having some fun, 80 degrees in the snow in our bathing suit. >> soak up the sun, pretty good show. >> squaw valley was the only ski resort operating today with lifts open until 2:00 today. this is only the fourth time in history that squaw has been open in july. several police departments will be using shot spotter technology tonight to locate people firing guns to celebrate the 4th. officials say they will monitor in two key neighborhoods where they get the most 911 calls regarding gunshots. the system can triangulate
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gunfire within 30 seconds. each year police departments are bombarded with 911 calls for damaged property due to celebratory gunfire. >> people get injured, property damage, vehicles get hit. so we really discourage it. >> police say using a gun for celebratory gunfire is a negligent discharge of a firearm. it could be punishable by up to three years in prison. firefighters continue to battle wildfires in several western states now. there are 29 fires across the west. the largest is the brian head fire in utah. it has burned more than 66,000 acres and destroyed 13 homes. it is now 70% contained. a wildfire in arizona has burned 46,000 acres. it is now 45% contained and some evacuees are being allowed to return home. here in california wildfires are burning in fresno and los angeles counties as well as in
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mariposa county. >> my kids went out to go and play and they said, mom, we smell smoke. >> crews are also battling fires in nevada, new mexico, and colorado, where the governor there has declared a disaster emergency allowing the national guard to help if needed. a mother in south daytona, florida is facing serious charges for leaving her five- year-old boy inside a hot car. a good samaritan called police and said the boy was crying hysterically in the front see. here's video of the rescue and reaction from police. >> reporter: we're getting our first look at the dramatic body cam video from police officers rescuing this five-year-old boy from the back of sweltering car. here is what south daytona beach captured on video, opening the car door and letting the five-year-old out of the hot vehicle. all the while police say his
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mom was casually strolling is around a dollar general store for 28 long minutes. that was caught on store surveillance video. the police chief says he couldn't believe what she said when they slapped the cuffs on her and locked her in their cruiser. >> the whole thing is annoying. on the way out to the branch jail, she told my officer, she said, can you turn up the air conditioning? is it's hot back here. >> reporter: thankfully the boy was not injured. the department of family services is investigating. we understand that the mother is being charged with neglect. most bay area cities have banned all fireworks. some communities not only permit them, though, but allow people to use them. >> reporter: we're at one of four designated fireworks zones in the city of dublin.
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we have a couple of families here setting off fireworks. they have been here half an hour. what they are doing is perfectly legal because the fireworks they have are both safe and sane. this parking lot in dublin may be a far cry from the fireworks extravaganzas in san francisco and other big cities, but don't tell that to this eight-year- old. this father and son drove from livermore, where all fireworks are illegal to dublin. it's where so-called safe and sane fireworks are not only legal to buy but legal to set off in specific city approved spots. >> i took the opportunity today to bring him with me and show him what the fireworks do and how to be safe about it. >> reporter: he says his son couldn't wait for this moment. >> he's been thinking about this all night, all morning. so we finally got to do it. he was all excited. i think that's the main take-
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away for me. >> i think it was awe. some i mean, i loved it, especially the sparklers, and all of them. it was awesome. super awesome. >> reporter: dublin is one of only 12 bay area towns that allow do-it-yourselfers to fire up fireworks in designated areas. >> i know that safety is a high priority. fire danger during 4th of july season. >> reporter: while some families were setting off fireworks, owners buying them from roadside stands. this stand hopes to raise $40,000 from fireworks sales, money that is earmarked for the high school band. >> if somebody were to set off firecrackers in the hills, it could start a fire. that's the only thing that i'm
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concerned about. >> got to do it safely. you've got to have the right equipment. >> reporter: alameda county fire will have extra crews out just in case. police will also be on the lookout for illegal fireworks. frank and julie. >> that little kid was so passionate. rob, in dublin, even though fireworks are legal, you're only allowed to set them off in those four designated areas? >> reporter: well, those are designated areas that the city has provided. you can do it in your backyard. there's a whole laundry list of stipulations where you cannot set off fireworks in dublin in apartments, near schools, et cetera. but this was set up sought would be clear and people would have a place to go. >> ah, okay. rob roth in dublin, thank you. still ahead tonight, president trump is getting ready for his trip to europe. the expectations surrounding his upcoming meeting with
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russian president vladimir putin. a new discussion following north korea's latest missile test. i will have the details coming up.
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visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances. now to late developments following north korea's test- firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile. we are just getting new video of a joint missile drill not far from the border with north korea. the pentagon says it is in response to the north's, quote,
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destabilizing and unlawful actions. fox news has global reaction to the rising tensions. >> reporter: north korea taking a big step forward with its missile program on monday night, the pentagon confirming the north carried out its first successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. now russia and china are stepping in with a proposal. north korea would freeze its weapons program in exchange for an end to joint military drills with the u.s. >> we agreed based on russia's step-by-step plan, at the same time freezing the nuclear capabilities of north korea. >> reporter: but that offer isn't sitting well with lawmakers on capitol hill what say president trump needs to take an even harder stance. >> the greater the capacity, the more danger american
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interests are, and obviously the continental u.s. eventually. so it's a huge problem. >> reporter: the test is another sign of kim jong-un's efforts to develop a missile capable of hitting the u.s. but experts say the test is geared towards keeping kim in power, not carrying out a threat against the united states or any of its allies. >> this is not something we want to see happen. >> reporter: russia and china are also pushing the united states to remove the anti- ballistic missile system from south korea which the military says needs to guard against threats from the north. president trump will head to poland tomorrow before joining other world leaders at the g20 summit in hamburg, germany. they are already seeing protests in hamburg. the white house says a meeting between president trump and vladimir putin has been bumped
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up to an official meeting. sew far the white house isn't saying much about the agenda. critics, though, will be watching to see if his meeting will touch on russian interference during the presidential election. >> i hope it does and not just that they have a good laugh about it. russia all but admitted that they were involved. observers also expect european leaders will ask president trump to reconsider his decision to pull the united states out of the paris climate accord. ,coming up, an early morning house fire breaks out indanville, forcing a family to run out into the streets overnight wearing only their bathrobes. what alerted them to the fast moving flames. and fireworks can be a real trigger for veterans suffering from ptsd. how those fireworks can bring them right back to the horror of the battlefield.
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breaking news out of chatsworth, which is east of los angeles. this massive fire. excuse me, it's north of los angeles. these are live pictures from our sister station, kttv. you can see this two-story apartment building fully engulfed. we've been watching this for 15 minutes and the fire has gotten much worse. >> fire crews are tweeting that ammo is going off inside the garage there. we are working to get more information but as we watch this, this is just raging out
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of control in the city of chatsworth, which is north of los angeles. it appears to be an apartment but firefighters on the ground are surrounding it, trying to pour water on this building but it is not doing much good. it is just raging out of control, as you watch it here live. >> it has actually spread to one of the other apartments. we will keep an eye on this and work to get more information. >> we just learned that two condos have been destroyed in this fire, so is it appears to be a row of condos. you can see that firefighters have surrounded it. you can see all the black smoke pouring off this fire in the city of chatsworth in southern california. back now to our 4th of july coverage. if you are planning on seeing fireworks at the alameda county fair, you are about to run out of time. fair officials are planning to close the gates at 6:00. no new tickets will be sold and
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no re-entry will be allowed. it's all in an a effort to cut down on last-minute crowds. the fireworks show starts at 9:30 tonight. there will be extra security on hand. and there is no shortage of other events around the basement the marin county fair is going out with a bang. it is the final day of the five- day fair. the fireworks are expected to begin about 9:30. the company putting on the show has put on fireworks at the olympics and more. for combat veterans it can often trigger ptsd. >> we talked to a few california veterans on how they deal with the noise. >> reporter: 4th of july fireworks are a hallmark of celebrating freedom, but for some who risked their lives defending that freedom, fireworks can bring them right back to the horrors of the battlefield. >> my anxiety and my depression and trying to get away from the
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noise. >> reporter: richard lives in a complex built exclusively for military veterans. he says when he and many of his neighbors hear the explosions of fireworks, it triggers their posttraumatic stress disorder, or ptsd. >> i kind of like to turn the tv subpoena and shut the windows. >> reporter: there are cases of ptsd here, some worse than others, but a fireworks show nearby could trigger quite a few people. >> sitting on your couch and all of a sudden there's this loud explosion outside. those are the ones that are triggering the memories that are putting you back into your deployment time. >> reporter: james is the commander of the west sacramento veterans of foreign wars chapter. he says some vets avoid big fireworks shows, but even inside their homes they can't avoid hearing fireworks in their neighborhood. >> you're setting off an explosive next to a guy that was getting blown up for a year. >> reporter: do you think
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veterans realize that you are going through what you're going through? >> i really don't. >> reporter: both of these vets say they don't expect fireworks shows to stop, but they say if you're lighting off fireworks in your neighborhood, get to know your neighbors. one of them could be a veteran reliving the war from his living room. >> fireworks can also cause great stress and anxiety for pets. shelter workers say this is the worst holiday for pets. they say the unexpected loud sounds and britt lights can scare them. some shelters estimate hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats across the country will be frightened and run away tonight. >> i think it is very safe to say the things about fireworks that we love, flashing light, loud noises, the spectacle of that, are not things animals like. >> to help protect your pets from the 4th of july anxiety, keep them inside. most dogs will be happy to hide out in their crates until the
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festivities are over. new at 5:00, police in stockton say they've arrested a woman suspected of setting fire to her ex-boyfriend's home. it happened about 6:20 monday night in stockton's lakeview district. officers say a 33-year-old broke out windows from the home, poured gas over the outside, and set on fire. police say she then drove her car through a kitchen wall into the home hitting her ex- boyfriend. investigators say fortunately he wasn't seriously injured. she is in custody on charges. danville officials are investigating the cause of an early morning house fire that does not appear to be related to fireworks. the fire started just before 12:30 this morning near san ramon creek and interstate 680. firefighters say one of the residents woke up to the sound of the smoke alarm and the smell of smoke. all four people and two pets inside that home were able to escape before the flames raced
5:37 pm
through garage and then spread to the attic. >> the damage inside the house is mostly water and a smoke at this time. a lot of the stuff was salvaged. crews did a good job of covering up items. >> the residents there left their house wearing only their bathrobes. firefighters say parts of the home not touched by flames were damaged by smoke and water. the highway patrol is still looking for the driver of a truck who hit and killed a motorcycle rider in san pablo yesterday. the chp says a yellow semi with a white trailer made an unsafe lane change and hit 35-year-old nicholas tyrone brown of fairfield. police in san pablo do have cameras along i-80 but we have learned that none of them captured an a image of the truck because most of the cameras are aimed at traffic going in the opposite direction. the state does have plans to install more cameras with
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license plate readers and shot spotter detectors along i-80 and highway 4, all of this in the wake of dozens of shootings along those freeways over the past year. the installation could begin as early as next month. coming up, is homelessness on the decline in the north bay? what a new report is saying and why it is not all good news. and president trump paying tribute to american service men and women. the special event held to honor those would fought for our country. y.
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president trump paid tribute to american service men and women at an event this afternoon. the tradition goes back to the carter administration. members of all branches of the u.s. military gathered on the south lawn of the white house. many of them got a chance to meet the president and the first lady after the president spoke to the crowd. >> each of you here today represents that rare combination of patriotism, virtue, and courage that our citizens have always, and i mean always, admired, and that our enemies have always feared. at this moment your brothers and sisters in arms are posted around the globe, fighting our enemies and standing watch to protect our nation. >> the evening will wrap up with fireworks tonight.
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congress is enjoying its 4th of july recess but that doesn't mean the business of politics has stopped. u.s. senators from indy an a that with part of the time honored tradition today of appearing at independence day picnics. >> we've already been at the table. i've been to meetings already. i won't be part of program that takes healthcare away from hoosiers. >> republicans say they hope to have a working version of the bill to repeal and replace obamacare next week when they return to capitol hill. now to marin county where the latest study on homelessness shows the number of people without a permanent place to live has actually dropped 14% over the past two years. but it is not all good news according to the marin independent journal. the number of people who have been homeless for a year or more or who have been homeless four times tin last three years has grown nearly 40%. nearly three-quarters of the chronically homeless say they
5:43 pm
have a psychiatric or emotional condition. more than half also reported abusing drugs or alcohol. the federal government requires counties to conduct a homeless census every two years. still ahead, expansion plans for a reservoir in the east bay. we've got that forecast. jackets tonight for fireworks in the east bay. i will tell you what you can expect for the coming week and the weekend.
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nba finals mvp kevin durant has agreed to a $9 million pay cut to stay with the warriors. he has accepted a two-year $53 million contract. he reportedly agreed to that deal to help the warriors owner stay turned salary cap. he made it clear he wants to build a dynasty. concerned about future water shortages, the contra costa water district has released a draft environmental impact report on a massive expansion of a reservoir near brentwood. tom vacar went to the reservoir which is a favorite fishing spot on the 4th, to get more information. >> reporter: the reservoir, not even 20 years old yet, was expanded five years ago. as reservoirs go it is relatively small but serves the quickly growing bay area east
5:47 pm
bay. >> one of the key benefits of that project would be water supply rely ability, specifically for dry and critically dry years. >> reporter: under the proposal the face would be raised by 55 feet. in terms of infrastructure not a lot would be lost. now, the marina office over here obviously would be underwater sought would be taken away or a new one would be built at the new level. on the other side the floating docks, well, they simply float up to whatever new level needs to be achieved. the capacity would go from 160,000 acre feet to 275,000 acre feet. that's enough water to cover the entire 13-acre at&t ballpark site with a column of water four miles high. with rapid population growth the district has partnered with other agencies to finance the $800 million price. the good news, state proposition 1 passed in 2014 could foot half the cost.
5:48 pm
it has ample money to fund many increased water storage project. >> we're in a public review period. we will have a series of public meet that is people can attend around the bay area, even going down to loss banos. we encourage people to learn more about the project and provide any comments. >> we're out of a drought now, but we were in one for quite some time. and the weather historically in california goes through these periods. i have lived here most of my life. and i have seen them come and go. but to save more water, to have more storage, i think it is a good idea. >> reporter: but mr. young says feels there should be many more allowed activities, including jet skis and power boats. others say it's simply an essential backstop against future droughts. >> whenever there's a backstop, then you are going to have reservoir water to cover the problems we've had over the years. >> reporter: it will take five years to clear the permit
5:49 pm
hurdles and another five years to build the project for full year in about a decade. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> let's get a check of the weather from our meteorologist in the weather center. bill, it is looking like a nice day. but we have the usual fog. >> the usual fog that will require the usual jacket. just layer up. would we had last night is what we have tonight. it actually makes it easy, because you were around last night, probably near your house or near where you're going to be going to fireworks. and what you saw last night, at 9:30 tonight it will be about the same. so that means jackets around the city. in marin county, i think will you get fog-free there. the fog is going to be spilling over the hill there. so these are the temperatures from today, these highs were about where they were yesterday. maybe a little cooler in some places at 87 in antioch and 92
5:50 pm
in fairfield. tomorrow will be like this, too. this pattern, it's really a flat line. there's the fog. look how deep it is. that tells you when they light these fireworks off they're going to be hitting the base of this cloud bank, and then they're going to flare out. we talked about, gosh, who did the fireworks story last night? i was trying to remember the reporter. >> amber did it in the city. >> amber was talking about last night, and she said they were shooting the fireworks -- they have the ability to shoot under the clouds. so you're going to get a really nice flare from that with the fog there. it is just going to be chilly. look at all the fog there in san francisco. you can see the fog is basically set up. it is going to be into berkeley. what will happen is these areas here, will you be all right. you are not going to have fog for your fireworks. but right around here and a little bit into the marin
5:51 pm
county area, the marin county fair. that's just how it is going to be. that's july 4th weather in san francisco, and it is not a surprise. current temperatures, 83 in livermore. that's a little cooler than this time last night. fairfield is a little warmer. there is a bit of wind out there. 15 at novato. 23 miles per hour sustained at fairfield. sfo west at 24. so it's a little bit breezy. that's bringing 18 cool, moist breeze. there is the fog for tomorrow morning. that's a big push. so most of this fog is going to fill in after the fireworks, obviously, after midnight. but it is going to be a big dose, then there's your temperature footprint for tomorrow. as you look outside see temperatures 79 in sonoma, 78 in vallejo, these forecast highs almost right where they were yesterday and almost right where they were the day before. and that's fine. as you look at the coast it is going to be cool in pacifica
5:52 pm
and half moon bay. jack needed for sure. there's the five-day forecast. that's the beauty of the fire works. in the old days they would send them up. now they have the ability to launch them under the cloud deck. i can only remember a couple of fireworks where you couldn't see them. >> we have the cameras out, the rooftop cameras looking across the bay. >> we'll get there. >> wait until you hear how many hot dogs joey chestnut ate. >> i already know. it's incredible. >> he defended his in new york. he is from san jose. he was competing at the nathan's famous hot dog-eating contest. joey chestnut, there he is, he ate 72 hot dogs and buns in 10
5:53 pm
minutes. >> joey chestnut unofficially at 71. that would be a record here. >> they just threw him another one, 72 unofficially, which would be a record. >> it's nathan's, the hot dog- eating contest. 72 hot dogs. he isn't the only star. matt stoney took third place. he is a former nathan's champion who also lives in the south bay. that is just remarkable. >> it sure is. can you imagine? i can't even imagine. >> 72 hot dogs. >> they train. they like starve themselves. >> 72. >> in 10 minutes. i can't even imagine eating 72 in two days. >> or moofnlt bill is sitting over there shaking his head. coming up, thanking those what serve our country and keep us safe. up next tonight, the call for help to send care packages to soldiers who are deployed around the world.
5:54 pm
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marine corps veteran mike mendoza lived through a harrowing recovery process. he credits the fund and now he is paying back by running in
5:57 pm
iron man competitions. >> i decided i wanted to raise money for the fund that assisted me, that i want to raise money for those guys because it's a way for me to give back. >> the semper fi fund provides financial assistance and lifetime support to post-9/11 wounded, critically ill members of the armed forces. a call for help from a nonprofit in arizona who deploys working dogs around the world. the organization hopes the public will help as a thank you for those who keep us safe. >> reporter: letter after letter, each a thank from you a soldier line the walls of the organization called packages from home. for 13 years they have sent out thousands of care and hygiene
5:58 pm
packages put together here in the valley and sent to soldiers around the world. >> we pack up a little piece of the united states of america for them. >> reporter: sarah perry and others are devoted to the cause sending boxes filled with snacks and fun items to not just soldiers but also animals. >> it's not the military's fault but everyone has a budget and the handlers end up having to pay for a lot of the items for these soldier dogs who are sniffing out land mines and keeping our troops say. >> reporter: but they need help. we're now at 200,000 troops and 3,000 working dogs, this as donations are down and a shelves are bare. >> the summertime sals our slowest donation season. we love when folks give at the holidays. that sustains us most of the year. as a you can see on our shelves we're dwindling. >> reporter: their website constantly updates with the specific items they need but monetary donations are also needed. >> it was $7.20 to send a care package when we first started in 2004.
5:59 pm
and now it's $17.35 to send a single package. >> reporter: a package that makes a difference, puts a smile on a soldier's face. what better way to say thank you on the day that we celebrate our freedom. >> it's independence day. who keeps us free? it's our troops. we need to support them because they're making this wonderful place we live in possible for us. from the west coast to the east coast, americans celebrating independence day in a big way. happy 4th of july. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. today marks the country's 241st birthday all across the country and right here in the bay area. the festivities are well underway. >> the parade in danville was a big success with thousands in attendance under blue skies. it is one of the largest celebration in the bay area. >> and it's a hometown tradition for many.
6:00 pm
that is be loved by generations -- that is beloved by generations. >> we cherish this community and we cherish our country. that's very important to us. so it's a family time. >> it is estimated that more than 40,000 people attended the parade today. now to san francisco where organizers are putting the finishing touches on tonight's big show in the city. crowds have been showing up all day. pyrotechnic crews have been busy wiring explosives and packing shells onto two barms. >> 5,000 effects will be lit during the 25-minute show, all synchronized to patriotic music. in an effort to outsmart the fog you should have a great view of the show. >> we didn't know what was going on. we heard there were fireworks down here and thought we would come see them from the pier. >> i don't know if


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