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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 5, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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with very monday -- we have monday and tuesday, and a lot of people are off. >> some of us. apparently not steve and sal. >> they get a chance to sleep and rest this week. our forecast today in the short term, lots of clouds and fog. you may have saw the fog over san francisco from the fireworks show. we have some showers and thunderstorms to our south. you see it moving in from the north to the south and if you look closer here, there's lightning strikes associated with this one cell. so most of this energy should remain offshore, but close enough we have to keep an eye closer to monterey bay. a thunderstorm closer to there, it's something we'll be watching. but with that moisture moving in from the south, it feels muggy out there. so it feels kind of warm. temperatures right now are in the 50s out toward walnut creek and livermore. san francisco, 53. santa rosa, 52. san francisco, clouds and drizze . maybe
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some wet roadways and temperatures in the 50s and by 12:00, still patchy fog. through the afternoon skies, mid 60s. we have the clouds this morning, gradually clearing back near the coastline. and a few high clouds and it will feel muggy. temperatures later on today ranging from the 60s all the way to the 80s and that's all reflected in your forecast for today. lots of overcast for this morning. this afternoon, skies becoming partly sunny and temperatures not a big change from yesterday. we'll warm things back up in your 5-day forecast especially inland. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. but alex is standing by. he has an update on the roadways. alex did you see the fireworks? >> just heard them. i think like most of us who work the morning shift. falling asleep to the soothing sound of fireworks going off nearby. that's usually how i spend my 4th of july. i get to watch them on trngs -- i get to
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watch them on tv when i come to work and that's good to me. here's your salida commute. things looking good on interstate 80 coming down from fairfield through vallejo. that's a nice ride. no problems. highway 24, let me show you a live look here because you have a good ride westbound on 24 coming through lafayette. we aren't seeing slowing in that area yet as you leave the walnut creek area. in the south bay, here you go, this is interstate 280 coming through san jose and traffic moving along nicely early on this wednesday morning following the 4th of july holiday. 4:32 is the time. pam, back over to you. >> thank you, alex. an east bay family is in mourning after a worker was shot and killed -- henry lee talked to the victim's wife and children and says that they still can't believe how much their lives have changed in
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a couple of days. >> i can't believe it. i can't believe it. >>reporter: sarah is grief stricken over the loss of her husband of 25 years. 57-year-old mohammed was shot dead monday night while working behind the counter at this velaro gas station. >> i don't believe he's gone. he left me here. >> [foreign language] >> he lefe here alone. he didn't tell me he was leaving me. >> he leaves find three children, two are in college. for the past five years, he worked nine-hour days to support them. >> he's a hard working guy. everyday he would go to work and come back and sit down and watch tv or something and ask how my day was. >> i miss his smile. i miss when he would call me his baby girl. i was his only daughter and he would
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always call me his baby girl and his angel and i miss hearing his voice, and i still don't feel like it's real. i feel like i'm going to go home and he's going to be on the couch. >> it started 8:30 monday morning. sources says a man walked in, got cigarettes and brandished a pistol at atarie and there was a suspect where the -- an officer who happened to be nearby came across the scene and shot the suspect. he then fled. >> they say that the suspect was also shot in the chest. i tried to find him in the neighborhood. >> although the suspect escaped, he later died of his injuries. atarie said he often scared -- they say this holiday will never be the same. >> he didn't deserve this. he didn't. >> [indiscernible]. [ crying ] >> why? >> the family has set up a
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go fund me page to help pay for burial expenses and you can find the link at ktvu. time is 4:35. a member of the san jose earthquake soccer team is in critical, but stable condition after he almost drowned yesterday at lake tahoe. silva was pulled out of the water and after being resuscitated was rushed to a lake tahoe hospital and -- last season -- in a statement, the quakes updated his condition and offered prayers to his friends, and family. president trump is planning to make another trip to europe. he arrives in poland where he's expected to receive a friendly welcome. he's -- the president will also be meeting with the leaders of
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poland and croatia and he'll be attending the international g-20 summit where he had a high profile meeting scheduled with russian leader putin. time is 4:36. today the u.n. security council will hold a meeting as other nations talk about how to respond to north korea's latest missile test. we have more on the possible options for the trump administration. >>reporter: the united states, japan and south korea are calling for action if are the u.n. security council today, but there's no certainty that anything at this point will dissuade north korea for -- this video appears to show the launch. a north korean milestone firing off a ballistic missing. as jung un looks -- it's a fear
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that this missile could reach part of the united states carrying a nuclear war head. this has triggered an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council later today. >> where are the russians and chinese. they're going to have addition gnat sanctions on north korea or do they want more talk and we have to do this alone. >> on twitter, trump suggested that china can do more, but does it have the -- the u.s. military response wants to show force. a joint exercise with south korea firing missiles on their own. >> they probably are no options for the united states. we can try to shoot down missiles before they're launched. >> president trump is meeting with germany. that will include a one-on-one
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meeting with russian president vladimir putin. the subject of north korea is certain to come up. doug -- states have -- now, in the wake of president trump's claims that wide spread voter fraud lost him the 2016 election popular vote, the commission wants publicly available state level data in order to quote, fully analyze vulnerables and issues related to voter registration and voting. several states have recoiled the idea of parting with such sensitive and voter information, some of which which runs a privacy law and others say they'll provide information that's public under state law. time is 4:38. tesla making big plans for the fall. in september, they plan to unveil a long range
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all electric semi truck. it will hold heavy [indiscernible] across the country. and tesla claims their trucks will compete with diesel trucks. no word on how often they'll have to stop to recharge their batteries. a party in north carolina appear to be over, but the responding officers had other plans. police in asheville responded to a complaint about pay giant slip and slide. apparently it was blocking traffic. take a look. when officers showed up, they decided to have some fun. give it a go. one officer used an inner tube and the other used a trash bag. they decided to join in on the fun. time is 4:39. still ahead, no more long lines at concerts or sports events. ticket master launching a new system. and you don't even -- they don't want to scan your phone.
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and pg&e customers may see another rake hike. this time, it will have to do with when you are home. and as you head out the door this morning, maybe back to work after the holiday yesterday, you're going to find a pretty good looking commute. most places around the bay area, however, we do have an issue that just popped up in the dublin area. we'll give you details when we come back. in weather, solid overcast this morning for your july 5th with mostly cloudy skies out there. look what's happening to our south. we have green and thunderstorms closer to point of conception. we'll let you know if we have shower or thunderstorm threat here in the bay area coming up. do you really use head & shoulders?
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♪ the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:42. an international team of sciente
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ing the slopes of an italian volcano to test robots. italy -- england, italy and germany along with their robot called robet. it's 3 feet tall and rolls on four wheels and the researchers are saying how well it gets around on that uneven slope of a volcano, but they plan to have robex study seismology from the moon or mars. >> the scientist experienced or tested 14 or 16 missions. some [indiscernible] experience, and they have deployed a network to -- and they have realized that it's really [indiscernible]. >> i love to hear him talk. the benefit of using mount etna as a testing ground is scientist are learning new things about the most activity volcano in europe. pg&e is considering a
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change in the way it charges people for electricity. >> instead of paying a flat rate, customers will be ask to pay different prices during different times of the day. according to the chronicle, the goal is to encourage people to shift the way they use electricity by charging them more during peak hours. they're due to vote on this pilot program next month. if approved, pg&e will select 2,000 people and test out this rate structure. across the country, public school districts are working how they handle unpaid lunch debt. parents complain about children being -- this year, new mexico is the first state to outlaw so-called lunch shaming. and in may, the california senate unanimously approved a bill that prevent schools from denying lunch to a student
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if a parent or guardian hadn't paid. they're adopting -- our time is 4:45. the vatican is responding to a press report that focuses on reported problems at its children's hospital. marianne raford have details. >>reporter: they tried to identify and solve the problems. they referred to a report by the associated press finding deficients like over crowding. they say the facilities have been working to improve itself even before the report. >> no hospital is perfect. there's always problems but i believe some of the things reported are unfounded while some of the problems that have been raised, there was an attempt and there's serious effort to resolve them. >> overall the report claims the so-called pope's hospital was more focused
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on profits than patients. it's based on interviewed with current and former ' em employees and she -- adding the environment has changed since she took over two years ago. >> i can say that today, there's a more sarin climate. i invite everyone to talk whenever they have a problem instead of keeping everything inside and it sends up exploding. >> a separate report commissioned by the vatican over a three-month period came to a similar conclusion about the problems. a three-day probe says the hospital was best in class. marianne, fox #50uz. ticket master plans to make it's why to -- the company -- after you buy the ticket, the information is there in your cell phone. when you approach the stadium or arena, your phone will make a sound. inaudible to most people,
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but scanners and venues confirm your information which speeds up your entry into the building. experts says benefits of this includes cost, convenience and fraud prevention. >> wow. okay. time is 4:47. you know the a-man. >> i do. >> we missed each other at the fair. >> yeah, we were at the marine county fair. had a nice time on sunday, it was. >> oh, my gosh. >> one of those days. it was a great fair. we had a nice time riding the ferris wheel and all of that and getting on the rides. too bad, it's all over and done with. let's talk about traffic. the situation around the bay area is mostly good for most folks, but we're tracking one problem that will -- as we put the maps up here, i'll show you where that is. it's westbound 580 before you get to the junction with 680.
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the chp is reporting a multi car crash. there's a possibility someone may be hurt. they're trying to get things cleared out of the way. traffic is starting to back up ever so slightly in that area. westbound 580 at 680, there's a crash this morning. now let me show you the bay bridge toll plaza. that's a good looking ride this morning. not too busy as of yet. now is a good time to make your way into the city. and finally the golden gage britt, the zipper trucks, they're out and about and they're going to start switching those lanes around to accommodate the southbound traffic along 101 across the golden gate. so far to good there early at 4:48 in the morning here on a wednesday. mark is here with your forecast, cloudy, cool and drizzle. sounds like summer in the bay area. >> typical summertime weather. have you jumped on rides at the fair? >> we did do the farris wheel. the big tall,
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ferris wheel. once you get to the top, i didn't realize it was going to be that high. you know what i mean. you don't realize how high you're going to get and you get to the top and you start hanging on tighter. >> the weather feels differently up there. >> absolutely. i remember my sister would take me to the marine county fair when i was little. we would always go on the zipper. as far as the forecast, you heard about the clouds and drizzle and showers. this is interesting. we have some green showing up on the radar. and a little bit of a lightning strike activity. we'll be watching out for this especially closer to monterey bay. a chance of isolated thunderstorms there. whenever it gets this close to the bay area, it's something we have to keep an eye on especially close to san jose and offshore. it feels muggy out there because we have moisture moving in from the south. so with that, we have that humid feel out there. you probably felt that change last night and
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it's happening this morning. temperatures right now are in the 50s to right around 60 degrees. pretty mild in san jose. livermore, 56. concord, 57. and santa rosa, 52 degrees. we have the clouds this morning. cool to mild out there. it will be a warmer thursday and the main headline this weekend, it will be hot inland. temperatures easily back up into the mid 90s with the hottest locations of the bay area later on today. a live camera looking toward oakland. still solid overcast out there and temperatures this afternoon, ranging from 60 coast side and the warmest locations is mid to upper 80s. eventually inland neighborhoods will warmup as this area of high pressure will build in. this is a source of heat coming in. 60s for the coast. around the bay, 70. inland neighborhoods mainly in 0 0s. we'll have to keep an eye on the radar as the shower activity -- at least it gets closer to the bay area, but at least
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they'll be clouds out there, gradually clearing back near the coastline and temperatures this afternoon, ranging from the green, 60s, upper 80s -- mid to upper 80s toward antioch and brentwood. san francisco, 65. oakland, 70. san jose checking in at 79 and half moon bay 61 degrees. here's a look ahead. your 5-day forecast and temperatures, they're trending up especially inland. it will get hot. we're thinking 95 to 96 degrees. at least the bay area will not be warming up, but a heads up if you're going for a run this morning or outdoor workout, it will feel different out there with the moisture coming from the south. it feels muggy out there. >> okay. >> you might be sweating more. it's more tropical. >> maybe you need to go surfing or something. >> maybe. >> you could try the surfing route. and i'll fully endorse that. >> you will, all right. >> your sister sounds like my brother. did you like the zipper? >> no. >> neither did i. my
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brother put me on that, it would be fun. >> i still give her a hard time about that. she's always going to be my older sister. i said why did you take me on that ride. >> don't listen to him. thank you, mark. 4:52 is the time. cullen kaepernick has an interesting offseason. we're going to show you what he's doing in south africa and tell you why people are talking about this video. lilly.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:55. kaepernick traveled to africa. s talking about the 4th of july and liberty. his video starts with a quote read by actor danny glover made by frederick douglas. >> what have i - those that i represent to do with your national independence. >> >> the kaepernick's caption reads how can we celebrate independence that robbed our ancestors of there's. i went home to define my independence. he traced his roots to ghana in africa. he said he found a lot of love there. the tour to france involved in a contra
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controversial. it looked like a bicyclist elbowed a rider. the riders were sprinting toward the finish line when the officials says that peter elbowed mark into that barrier. he fell and broke his shoulder bone. it was an exciting day for the a's fans as -- the score was tight throughout the game. the white sox took the lead from the a's in the 5th inning. the a's came right back with this home run from yander and the a's led 6-5. in the 9th inning, the white sox tied it 6-6. in the bottom of the night, plan do not hit his homer of the season. he got a pie in the face for that. and a's won 7-6. the giants lost 5-3 to the tigers in destroyed. the giant were down 3-1. brandon crawford hit a 2-1 run homer and tied the game
4:57 am
3-3. that's all the giants would do. later in the 7th, the tigers came back just enough to hit that long drive knocking in two runs and the tigers won. madison bum gardener headed to the south bay due to pitch one of two rehab starts with the san jose giants. bum gardener suffered a left shoulder injury earlier this season. he's familiar with the san jose giants. he made five start was that team back in 2009 before making his major league debut that season. the team will play the rancho cucamonga quakes. and bumgarner is -- players are taking less money in order to join the nba champion warriors. 6'9" forward, caspy agreed to a one-year deal with the warriors. he played with the sacramento kings.
4:58 am
he's known for his three-point shots and why -- he will sign an nba minimum salary of $2 million for a chance to win a championship. he joins several players including durant who is also taking some less money to be on the warriors. >> yeah. time is 4:58. despite warnings, waters -- bay area firefighters were busy through the night and into the morning. coming up at 5:00, we'll show you where fires burned dangerously close to homes. and a woman tried to return something bout a receipt. now, police are looking for her. we'll show you what happened at the top of the hour. we're keeping an eye on your commute this morning. for the most part, things looking good. the ride into san francisco is a nice one, but we're tracking one issue coming through the livermore area. we'll explain that. we're tracking lots of clouds and showers to the south of the bay area. look at that green showing
4:59 am
up there. coming up, we'll show you as we have any showers as we head into your wednesday afternoon. ♪when you've got...♪
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♪...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ good morning, the 4th of july celebration may have ended last night, but many were still celebrating early this morning. the illegal overnight fire


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