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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 5, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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witnesses saying he tried to light a short wick. >> he had a family and it could change his whole life. >> he wanted to prevent things like this from happening. this young man want to live with this the rest of his life. reporter: police captain says a special firework task force on patrol last night made six arrests and seized two barrels of illegal fireworks in newark. some warm mortars similar to the one that causes 18-year-old victim his fingers.
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police say a suspect bought cigarettes and pulled out a gun. a tech was pistol whipped and shot in the back. they are devastated by what happened. he leaves behind his wife of 25 years and his three adult children. a judge ruled a that couple wrongfully accused of a hoax can claim a lawsuit. they suffered emotional
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distress when police accused them of staging their kidnapping. the suspect was eventually accused of breaking into their home and assaulting her. he is facing a prison term. the attorney said quote they are thrilled they are not immune under the law. there is no response from the city of vallejo. a casino tour bus sent a dozen people to the hospital after 12:30 this afternoon. the highway patrol said the bus was traveling back from the casino in sonoma. it rear ended two vehicles at the toll plaza.
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>> an exconvict fatally shot a police officer in the bronx. the city's police commissioner is calling it an unprovoked attack. >> shots fired. >> a new york police officer was shot execution style wednesday. the officer is 48. she was sitting in a mobile command unit when the gunman opened fire. >> i don't know anything else that could be more unprovoked. >> they radioed for assistance. he drew a revolver. he was fatally shot by officers. a 12-year veteran of the police officer was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. >> i ask to keep our officer
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and her family in your thoughts. >> it was similar to the ambush in 2014 where two officers were shot at point blank range by a man vowing to kill police officers. they expressed outrage. >> this violence can't stand. we need the public's help. we need the media's help and the folks on the street corner. we always need your help to watch our backs as we watch yours. >> there is no indication the shooter knew the officer. in new york, fox news. has to be evacuated completely in 90 seconds. that's with half the eggs.
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>> expert reacts to new video at san francisco international airport. president trump is back in europe as the united nations hosts an emergency meeting. >> what he has done twice in his first year that some never do. it is warming up out there, less fog. temperatures creeping up. the rest of the holiday week, we have nice weather to talk about.
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u.n. security council held a meeting for threats from north korea after the country launched a ballistic missile yesterday. all of this comes as president trump lands in europe. >> the united nations is holding an open door emergency meeting to discuss threats from north korea. >> time is short. action is required. the world is on notice. >> the 15-member security council maintaining global peace and security is under increasing pressure to react to the communist nation's testing of an intercontinental missile. the second trip ahead of friday's start of the g20 summit. they are sure to discuss the
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latest missile launch. >> we cannot be faced with the prospect of a missile being fueled up knowing it could have a nuclear war head. >> the president was asked about the i tinnary and a face to face with russian president putin. >> he should leave the russian probe behind him. >> congressional leaders on break running against the clock to agree on a reform health care bill ahead of their next recess in august. >> the plan republicans put forward is not better than the system in place today. >> the president will talk about how they can become more
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energy independent. authorities supporting parents for a baby that has a rare genetic disease. britain's foreign secretary refuses transfer to a hospital in vatican city. a kayak flipped and a man fell in the water in south lake tahoe in the keys. the 41-year-old man was with his wife when it flipped over. he was not wearing a life jacket. he was taken to a hospital and later died. >> he was swimming. he was overcome by the cold. the biggest thing is people are
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not wearing flowitation devices. he wouldn't have drowned. that is tragic. >> william weaver is from sacramento. a member of a soccer team almost drowned yesterday in lake tahoe. the 20-year-old was pulled out of the water and was resuscitated. he was air lifted to a reno medical center. the earthquakes went to their a filliate. they updated his condition and offered prayers. an interesting side bar to the lake tahoe thing, you see how narrow the beach was. >> and the lake level is up 6 feet. >> there is 1/3 or at much as
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80 percent less beach area. you had a quarter million people in lake tahoe. there are slivers of beach. >> how cold is the water? >> 54, maybe 58 at the surface. it is interesting. the winter that won't end. the highest the lake has been. high pressure is building in. it will not be a big, big heat up but it will warm up and act like you would expect in july months. you can see the imagery showing chicago and dallas and denver.
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let's keep an eye on that the next 24 hours. there is fog along the coast. warmer each day heading into the weekend. not crazy hot but upper mid-90s by friday, saturday in the inland valleys. winds are going the right way. it precludes heat advisory. here is a lovely shot. you can see the fog working its way in. last night was 1800 feet. by tonight it will be out to here and shoot across the bay. i love this shot. i can almost imagine what it looked like. this is how california looked a thousand years ago except for
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the wild oat which wasn't introduced. maintaining that habitat and that shot highlights that. we are all californians. we are proud to be here. this is what it looked like 200, 500 years ago. minus the power lines. the high is not coming over the top of us. it is coming from the desert southwest which sets us up for foggy, cool beach and hot inland. right now our inland valleys in the 90s, this will give you an idea of the forecast, mid-90s in the warmest spots. in the bay it is nice. good air quality. not as high as it could be but
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high. in brentwood, livermore you will find 90s tomorrow and warmer still on thursday, friday. there is the fog forecast and the temperature forecast. they will be restricted to the valley. there is the coastal fog, 54 degrees. a fog in oakland as well. as you look at the temperature forecast, 80 in novado. a steady as she goes pattern. we will be tracking fires. the upper 90s as you know we will get brush fires the next couple days. >> hope they don't get bad. >> thank you. they go to work every day knowing they may have to run into a burning building.
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we talked to a rookie oakland firefighter who has had to do that twice in his first 9 months on the job. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances.
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some firefighters can go their entire career without rescuing someone from a burning building. a rookie has already rescued two people including a 2-year- old. >> he has been on the job 9
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months. introducing this oakland firefighter who said he couldn't do it alone. >> anthony is a proud member of fire station 23. >> i want to be the person there to help them and make a difference. >> he was on the call at this apartment complex at monticello and congress avenue. >> we attempted to resuscitate the patient and assisted with transport. >> a rookie with the fire department, he has experience. he was a firefighter in salinas and a paramedic before that. the experience kicked in. >> someone was screaming my baby is in there. >> he went inside the home looking for the child room by room. >> the visibility was poor. we had to crawl around the
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room. we ended up finding the baby lying between the bed and the wall. >> he made his way out where the team took over. >> he handed to to me. like ooh i am holding a dead baby. >> thanks to the quick work and an intervention of a higher being the 2-year-old survived. >> the baby started breathing, pulse was back after cpr. >> we brought the crew back to the house for the first time since that day. >> a lot of emotion. >> they don't like the title of hero. that's what they are to people. >> we effected a rescue, which we have been trained to do. like i said i am fortunate the baby had a positive outcome. >> the 2-year-old made a full
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recovery. they are thankful to all involved keeping their child alive. >> emotions boil over in a san francisco courtroom. disturbing now audio is released. a trial of two people shot and killed at the jewelry mart. the sentence to be reduced. hopefully the pilot is okay. >> flight 214 crash landing at sfo. what the video shows in the minutes after the crash and what he thinks we can learn from this.
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newly released video is being questioned about the evacuation of flight 214 that crash landed at sfo four years ago. ktvu's tom baker has an analysis and what experts had to say about it. >> the accident would have been avoidable if the cockpit did what they were suppose to. >>
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approaching too low, hit the seawall at 11:27 and 48 seconds. the plane careened along the runway for 25 seconds. it came into full view 50 seconds after impact. smoke is visible. the year side is clear of smoke or flame. the first evacuees are coming out of the rear. the emergency chute is a minute and a half later. 4 minutes and 15 seconds the plane comes to rest. people are seen 8 minutes later when the fire trucks advance on
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the aircraft. here is the problem according to a retired captain. >> a full air plane in 90 seconds with half the exits closed. hopefully the pilot is okay. flight attendants are taught to initiate an evacuation. what if the pilots are knocked out? >> some of the passengers sitting in emergency exit rows may have slowed the process down. >> people asked to sit by exits can you open the door or the window? they all nod and say yes, we can. they should give them a quiz. how do you open up that door? that exit? you have to assess if there is a fire out of the window over
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the wing you don't want to go that way. >> the other disturbing issue, many evacuated remained close to the aircraft when they should have been led away. they should not have been there. ktvu. >> explain why this could have been much worse and why it took 4 years to release that video. >> it was probably tied up. people may not have known it existed. this is a complicated legal matter. a lot of stuff is tied up. there is a likelihood of that. maybe not specifically. it could have been worse because the last 2000 feet it
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was not under the control of the pilots. they were lucky. had it gone down the center of the runway it could have crashed into lights in the bay and wrecked that airplane tearing it apart killing more. a union official says 5 out of 40 ups drivers have gone back to work. the teamsters local says many are still fearful and some are working with counselors. a san francisco courtroom as chilling new audio of a deadly shooting at the jewelry mart was played in court. 27-year-old barry white is
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facing 16 felony counts. two store clerks were left dead. the closing arguments were this afternoon. new audio was so disturbing many family members left the building. >> taking a break outside of a san francisco courtroom. a graphic video of a killing was played with chilling audio. >> i feel the knife on her throat. i was shocked and heard the bullet. >> it was at a jewelry store where the two were brutally shot and stabbed by barry white. >> i want to stare him down.
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i want him to feel something like he needs to know he did something wrong. >> code 3. >> this is the police radio call from july 12, 2013. he thought he was short changed over a necklace. he waited 20 minutes. [ crying ] >> the defense doesn't dispute the fact that white is responsible for the attack. he suffer a brain injury leaving him with ptsd. they say the charges should be down graded to manslaughter. that injury was a scalp wound and that his actions are
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calculating. >> we have a black male firing shots at us. >> he fired at officers. he is facing 16 felonies including murder and attempted murder. no matter the outcome it will not heal the wounds and bring my sister back. >> i feel that they need to give him 1st degree murder or it isn't justice. 10 arrests were made after several fights block out over the 4th of july holiday. one of those fights was captured in the carnival area of the fairgrounds. most of the suspects taken into custody are teenage boys.
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it is still unclear how it was started. muni says in the future there will be more room to park buses. the agent says it is working to figure out the problem now. >> we are working to develop plans and maintenance on smart buses we are bringing into the new system. >> the agency is looking at upgrading facilities to add more room. a republican law maker has joined the race for governor of california. he is hoping to appeal to moderate voters who are upset with the gas tax and vehicle
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license fee. he lost his bid for reelection in the assembly. on the democratic side, gavin nussom and state treasure, john chung. >> 100 animals spooked by fireworks are at the shelter. the well known car company that will stop making cars with a combustable engine. all cars will be electric. you know what i could go for right now?
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volvo is the first car maker phasing out combustable engine cars. they will be electricor hybrid. 5 fully electric cars will be launched between 2019 and 2021. the reason is because this is what people are asking for. experts say the competitors are trying to keep up with the new technology. >> what we are seeing is a transition through technology
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with hybrid technology. it isn't the end of combustion engines yet. >> other makers will likely follow. audi and mercedes are already rolling out hybrid cars. tesla closed down 7 percent to $327 a share. annalists say they hope to reach 20,000 cars by december. they predicted 40,000 model 3s would roll off per month. the travel ban has been partially lifted for
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electronics. the u.s. lifted the ban for dubai and concerns about electronic devices. airlines that don't meet the security requirement face restriction. >> the streets team program paid people a stipend for clothing and food. the downtown streets team will be up and running by the end of the month. street teams operate in san francisco, san jose and 5 other bay area cities. more than one 100 pets dropped off at a shelter. the number will keep growing. they were spooked by fireworks. the effort to reunite them with
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owners. tracking a warm up at the coast. we will see what happens for the forecast.
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firework. legal and illegal fireworks filled the sky. it was a scary night for cat
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and dogs. 100 animals have been dropped off since friday. the agency says many are scared by fireworks displays. >> they are trying to return pets to their owners. even though the fireworks are over, the number of lost pets is expected to grow. [ barking ] >> july 5th is one of the busiest day. dogs are being scanned for chips. good samaritans are turning in animals. >> it was late july 3rd. >> another wandering in downtown. >> so sweet. we went to neighbors if someone was visiting. we don't know where he came
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from. >> this chihuahua is from the south bay. >> in san jose regional medical center. >> she stopped to see if the dog was chipped. they have taken in 150 animals since friday, mostly dogs spooked by fireworks. >> they take off running and can travel outside of their city limits. if they get out they stick close to home. cats don't travel far. >> the most responsible owners can lose a pet. they are here to help the animals find their way home. >> pretty quiet. i am sure he misses home. >> i hope he has a fall family. >> if you lost a pet you need
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to act quickly. >> a similar story in many cities. good samaritans turning in dogs who are frightened. dozens of kennels are filled with runaway dogs. the shelter expects to be at exapt by attica attica pasty. >> the kern county is dubbed the killer kern as there are powerful currents. 50 trained eyes will watch the river. >> the current is too strong?
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>> i think the last 5 years of low water, people get overconfident. i have been on the mccloud and the pit, they are running aggressively. kids if you grew up in the area you have a certain swimming hole. you are 16 now you go and the volume or the cubic feet per second is often 20, 50, 40 percent higher. it is a bad mix. the water is cold too. you are dealing with the hypothermia issue. it only takes 15 minutes. some of the hubs will be busy, dallas, denver, i missed
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atlanta. they will have flight delays. nothing massive. fog along the coast will try to reform. it came flying in there. tomorrow it will be back. it will not be as intrusive. temperatures will be warmer. you can see the shot from the last hour, the difference coming over twin peeks. the golden gate bridge is here. i love that shot. i guess that is mt. backa. you see the coast live. it burns off quickly. 90s show up in the valleys,
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even upper 90s. here is the fog forecast for the morning. it is not as aggressive as the morning. i am not selling you anything that is that drastic. except not as much in the bay. the inland valleys will notice the most change. for the rest of us it is almost steady as she goes. a little cloud cover, a little fog. 66 degrees for thursday in san francisco. 94 in vacaville. 93 in fairfield. 90 walnut creek. good air quality. i hope you have relatives in town and can enjoy beautiful weather. one of the coolest things you can do is go out and go to the
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headlands and to the bridge and watch the whales. >> i was going to ask you. >> not when the water is choppy. >> are there that many out there? >> i would say there was 15 when i was out there. there were some inside the bay. this was saturday. >> where are they going up or down? >> that is interesting. i don't know. they seem to be feeding on something in the incoming tide. if you rode your bike on the span you could see whales. >> are they migrating toward alaska? >> the grays toward alaska and the hump back i'm not sure. nba champions warriors have
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another star. a 1-year $5.2 million deal. he is expected to play a pivotal role on the bench. tonight giants pitcher moves closer to returning to the team. he is scheduled to start in san jose for the giants. they are playing playing ranch o kook cucamonga. graffiti and dozens of incidents being investigated as a hate crime. ♪
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police. berkeley police are investigating graffiti and dozens of incidents labels hate crimes. >> police upped the number of incidents to 35 on and around hill side avenue and prospect including 17 cars with slashed
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tires. >> 30 plus in a 6 to 12-hour period is significant. >> one of the victims didn't want to appear on camera. >> it is unfortunate it is occurring. i'm not surprised with the environment you see in berkeley with antisocial behavior becoming accepted. >> they believe it is connected to the same person or persons. some say it is associated with this symbol. >> it is a level of discontent with one or two or more folks. the incidences have risen.
5:58 pm
>> sororities and fraternities believe it to be unnerving. >> you never know who you will run into. so far it has been property vandalism. i don't know. >> the owner of this cart tagged with the f word asking why he hasn't had his car painted. >> i will leave it. it is unlikely for it to be tagged again. s. >> investigators would appreciate a call if you have information. hoping to retake the city of mosul. only a small percentage of those in need of care are getting it. others are trapped in a square mile of territory that is controlled by the islamic
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state. >> we know there are a few hundred remaining in mosul. their fate will be much like the previous isis fighters. >> basic infrastructure has been heavily damaged by the fighting. the united nations estimate it will cost a billion dollars to make repairs. the united states firing back after north korea successfully tested a ballistic missile. >> north korea just made the world a more dangerous place. we will use a full range to defend ourselves. >> the united states is ready to take military action against north korea. >> the missile launch could
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reach alaska. lauren, the u.n. security council held an open meeting. >> that's right. it was an open door emergency meeting following another missile launch. >> time is short. action is required. the world is on notice. >> the 15-member security council in charge of global peace and security under increasing pressure of an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> it is the substance behind the rhetoric. >> the g20 summit heads up friday. a war head never seen befo


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