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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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killing two of her children. two boys ages 5 and 10 were killed in that crash and their baby brother remains in critical condition tonight. hello again, everyone. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. that suspect, lemuel wilson was charged with two counts of murder in connection to the crash last friday night in concord. wilson had a suspended license and two previous dui convictions. court documents show wilson had bailed out of jail the day before the crash on charges related to a violent dispute at the stone ridge mall. the boy's mother was injured in the crash and tonight she reacted to the news that murder charges had been filed. >> he bailed out on thursday and then on friday he murdered my babies. and i think that something needs to change. i don't think people who show so little regard for their own life as well as for other people's lives should be able to get bail
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on anything. >> aida reyes took her three children to see a movie last friday night. they were on their way home to san pablo when the crash happened. her 3-month-old baby barely survived and is in the hospital tonight in critical condition. a violent robbery in lafayette has police warning people now of the potential dangers of buying and selling items online. in this case a craigslist sale ended with a man being beaten in his own home. amber lee live in the newsroom after she spoke to the victim. >> the victim tells me he sold items online many times and he's never had a problem until now. >> i'm going to get cameras. >> reporter: these ladies are talking about installing surveillance cameras on their homes after learning a neighbor was beaten and robbed in this home on moraga boulevard in lafayette. the victim says his attackers were two men he met while trying to sell his van on craigslist.
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>> i can't think of a time when something like that's happened. >> reporter: the victim told me that he agreed to meet the two men at this convenience store parking lot. he says he was going to throw in some speakers and a cabinet as part of the deal to sell the van. so he got in to the men's car for the short ride to his home so he could show them the extra items. one of the men walked up to the home with him. as soon as the 28-year-old victim opened the garage, the man pulled out a gun. >> he told me he's going to kill me. and then he hits me in the head. i think they wanted to kill me, i just got lucky. >> reporter: the victim says the men stole two necklaces, a watch and his cell phone. after the men got away, he asked the neighbor to call 911. he was taken to the hospital and treated for head injuries. >> my son saw theict have that day, holding his head, blood coming out. the next day i saw him, he had a huge goose egg on his head. >> reporter: police shared with us the surveillance video.
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a white four-door volkswagon passat. >> those people need to be in jail. >> reporter: police say online transactions should be done in public places such as police stations where there's cameras and other people around. also, don't meet strangers alone, and never bring them to your home. >> you have no clue as to who's really on the other side of the internet connection or what their desires or wants are associated with this. >> police hope the surveillance video of the suspect vehicle and other information will lead to an arrest. as for the victim, he says he doesn't plan on conducting business this way with strangers anymore. >> was he able to give police a description of the attackers? >> yes, he did give them a description and he gave them the description of the vehicle and it matched up with what police found in surveillance video from neighbors. >> amber lee in the newsroom tonight. thank you. in san jose police arrested a woman today who they say shot and wounded a man in the parking lot of a costco store. it happened about 12:30 at the
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store on almaden boulevard. the victim worked at the store and had just finished his shift. they found him suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg. the woman was arrested and investigators say she knew the victim. we were told that the suspect is his ex-wife. but police have not yet confirmed that. today the united nations called an emergency meeting with the security council after north korea successfully lost an intercontinental ballistic missile. president trump had harsh words for north korea's ally, china. fox news chief correspondent reports now. >> reporter: president trump sounded an optimistic note about rallying world support against north korea. in public pronouncements, north korea's closest neighbor, china, appeared to be saying the right thing. >> china opposes the launch of missiles by north korea in violation of the u.n. security council resolutions.
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>> reporter: but the president this morning made it clear he believes china has been saying one thing and doing another. on twitter, pointing fingers at beijing, saying, quote, trade between china and north korea grew almost 40% in the first quarter. so much for china working with us, but we had to give it a try. at the united states security council today, the white house was seeking a fierce condemnation of north korea's test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. russia's foreign minister warned against broadening the agenda of the meeting. >> it cannot and should not be used as a smoke screen to change the regime in north korea. >> reporter: north korea will be a prime topic in president trump's first face to face with russian president vladimir putin at the g20 summit in germany. the president has advocated a more constructive relationship with russia, but he acknowledges russia's destabilizing behavior in ukraine and syria has made improving relations difficult. of course hanging over president
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trump's interaction with putin will be the cloud of the investigation in to russian meddling in the election campaign. president trump also spoke with egyptian president about north korea, stressing the importance for all countries to fully implement u.n. security council resolutions against north korea, not host any north korean guest workers and not provide any economic or military assistance to pyongyang. in warsaw, poland, john roberts, fox news. san francisco's 9th circuit court of appeals ruled today that immigrant children who cross the border without their parents have the right to a court hearing. tens of thousands of unaccompanied children needing violence have entered the u.s. in recent years. federal officials place most of the children with relatives in the u.s. but some are held for months. the 9th circuit found two laws passed by congress do not cancel the children's right to a detention hearing. tonight the san francisco police commission reiterated its commitment to upholding the
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city's sanctuary city policy. the commission clarified language in its policy stating that officers are not to report a person was immigration status to federal authorities unless they're wanted on a criminal warrant. last week the board of supervisors agreed to pay a $190,000 settlement to an undocumented immigrant who reported his car stolen back in 2015 and was then turned in to immigration officials by police. california took a step toward becoming a sanctuary state today with a bill moving forward in the assembly judiciary committee along party lines. the measure would limit the involvement of local law enforcement in federal deportation cases. sheriff and police unions oppose the measure along with republican lawmakers. the next step will be a vote in the appropriations committee. if it passes there, it then heads to a final vote in the assembly. the state senate has already passed the bill. now to the illegal fireworks show that lit up the bay area
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skies last night and led to hundreds of complaints. now many residents say they're fed up. ktvu's azenith smith live in san jose where people are demanding more enforcement in the future. >> the city of san jose spent $50,000 this year on a public awareness campaign that included signage like this one. some residents say it didn't work and there are failures all over town. >> reporter: this video captures a series of explosions over downtown san jose last night, taken from jeff lavine's home camera. he calls the illegal fireworks baghdad by the bay. >> the power of the mortars that were blown in the air were probably 10 times greater than anything we've ever seen. >> reporter: he has years of video showing off sparklers. this year he says it's gotten out of control. >> they don't deploy the
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resources. people have provided tips of people illegally selling and i don't think anything has happened other than the one big bust the san jose police department had. >> reporter: the city has vowed to crackdown, passing ordinances, posting signs, and creating stiffer penalties. >> some parts of the city, we heard it was maybe a little better. in some parts of the city we heard it was really bad. >> reporter: a city spokeswoman said the city received 900 complaints through its online reporting system in the last two weeks. 500 of them were from last night alone. >> it is a really difficult issue and we have a limited number of enforcement personnel, 180 square mile city. it's a very big city. >> too bad. we have rights as citizens. >> reporter: suzanne wishes law enforcement would focus on major hotspots like this one on bonita and east san antonio street. evidence of fireworks, debris left behind in a big pile.
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>> when there's a fireworks show, they need to cite everyone there watching them. it's an illegal activity. if the police can't cite the person setting off the fireworks without seeing it, then they need to cite everybody. >> some say if the city doesn't have the manpower to fight the firepower in the sky, more resources should be brought in. >> and a city spokesperson says there were small fires last night and one fire works-related injury. they're encouraging residents to bring unused left over fireworks to fire stations so they can be properly disposed, no questions asked. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. slashed tires, graffiti, and messages of hate. >> and ancient artifacts smuggled out of iraq. the big fine against hobby lobby for a shipment of tablets and bricks from the middle east.
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>> it's heating up out there. we're going to see some upper 90s. i'll have it lined up for you after the break. ♪ what should i watch? show me sports.
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it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. new at 11:00, hobby lobby is in hot water, accused of owning artifacts out of iraq. they're ordered to return 5,000 clay tablets that were marked
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tile samples. a civil complaint filed today said the company began to assembly a collection of biblical artifacts in 2009 and the company agreed to buy the tabts for $1.6 million, despite warnings the tablets could have been stolen. prosecutors say the owners of hobby lobby are evangelical christians who have long had an interest in artifacts dating back to biblical times. police say an ex-convict who voiced anger at law enforcement officers in the past shot and killed a police officer early this morning at point blank range in the bronx. officer miosotis familia was the mother of three children. investigators say she was shot execution style as she was sitting inside a mobile command unit in what police are calling an unprovoked attack. her partner immediately radioed for help. >> my partner is shot! my partner is shot!
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>> a sergeant and police officer in uniform encountered a male suspect running on morris avenue. as they confronted him, he drew a revolver. >> authorities identified the gunman as alexander bonds. he recently served time in prison for robbery. last fall he posted a video on facebook accusing his former prison guards of killing and raping inmates. new video has surfaced of the crash of oceana flight 214 and it's raising questions about how quickly the plane was evacuated. the plane crashed while landing at sfo four years ago tomorrow. an airport control tower camera recorded this video. it shows the jet approaching the runway from the south then becoming enveloped in clouds of white and black smoke. it took 8 minutes to complete the evacuation. one retired airline captain watch the tape. he thinks it's possible some passengers sitting in emergency exit rows may have slowed down the evacuation of the jet which
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took 8 minutes. >> the people who are asked when they sit by the emergency exits, can you open the door? can you open the window, the emergency exit? and they all nod and say yes, we can. they should give them a little quiz. how do you open up that door? that window, that exit? >> investigators say it took at least 30 seconds after a fire broke out in the plane's cabin before the evacuation began. three people died and 49 more suffered serious injuries. federal investigators later blamed the crash on pilot error. now to berkeley where police are investigating dozens of incidents of spray painted graffiti and slashed tires that all happened in one neighborhood near the cal campus. rob roth tells us the case is being investigated as a hate crime. >> reporter: in one south berkeley neighborhood not far from the cal campus, a wave of graffiti on cars and gates. police have upped the number of
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incidents to 35 on and around hillside avenue and prospect street. that includes 17 cars with slashed tires. >> 30-plus in a six to 12-hour period is significant. >> reporter: police say it all happened overnight on june 27th. one of the victims, the owner of this jeep, did not want to appear on camera. >> it's unfortunate these types of vandalism are occurring but i must admit i'm not surprised, given the environment that you see around berkeley with kind of militantly anti-social behavior becoming accepted. >> reporter: police believe all the vandalism is connected to the same person or persons. other messages contain the anarchist symbol, others said f white people and f the cops. >> it shows there's a certain level of discontent, at least with one or two or more folks and these instances have risen to the level of a hate crime. >> reporter: the area where it
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happened is near the cal football stadium and includes homes and student housing including sororities and fraternities. some neighbors say it's unnerving. >> it makes me nervous. you worry about going out at night. are these people violent? so far it's been property vandalism but i don't know. >> reporter: we asked the owner of this car tagged with the f word why he hasn't had his car painted like most of his neighbors. >> i'm going to leave it there for a while. >> why? >> it's unlikely to get tagged again. >> reporter: police are asking the public for help, if anyone saw anything or has any video, investigators would appreciate a call. in berkeley, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 11:00, governor jerry brown is set to launch a global climate action summit tomorrow in san francisco. the new york times reports the governor will make the announcement by video conference at a festival in hamburg, germany. president trump is now headed to germany for the g20 summit
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friday. governor brown is expected to counter president trump's promise to withdraw from the paris climate accord. the san francisco summit is set for september 2018. we had a nice day today. temperatures about where they were yesterday. some places were just a little cooler. some places were a little warmer. these are the highs from today. highs tomorrow, a little bit warmer around the bay. probably a good four or five degrees warmer inland. so the warming is beginning and it will continue really in to the weekend but it's not going to be a heat wave by any stretch of the imagination. cool coast, mild to warm bay, warm to very warm or hot inland if you will. sacramento could find triple digits in their future. i think vacaville could too. most of our inland states, upper 90s by the time we get to friday and saturday. fog around the coast. marine layer not that deep. shallow. that's why we're seeing the increase in temperatures. current temperatures are running about where they were last night. a little bit warmer inland because of the narrow marine
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layer. winds are blowing. sfo is blowing 20 miles per hour. check up in the north bay, a little cool up there. fog, 54 degrees. lower lakes, up to 65 degrees. that's because the fog is not there. bay bridge, foggy as you would expect. tomorrow, thursday, friday and saturday, the high pressure builds out of the southwest. out of the four corners area over here. as it does it pushes the heat up the valley and in to the inland bay areas. actually in to the big valley and we're going to have this kind of push of cool moist air and so we're going to stay really pretty nice, mild to warm to very warm. but in the inland valleys it's going to get hot because that heat is going to come up over the hill and sit in there. modesto, stockton, fresno, sacramento, davis. and right on the edges of our valleys. but tomorrow, here we go. warmer than today, especially inland but a few degrees warmer around the bay. mid 70s in san mateo and the 5-day forecast. hope you had a nice holiday.
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hope you got the rest of the time off and in to the weekend. and the weather is cooperating beautifully. fog returns to the coast tomorrow. >> that weekend looks great. >> it should be good. a wildlife center in lake tahoe is caring for an injured bear cub found abandoned in the woods on the fourth of july. the female black bear cub was discovered in the state park in south lake tahoe. she's about four months old and weighs about 15 pounds. rescuers say she had two lacerations on her leg when she was found. >> she was barely walking. the rangers that called us from bliss state park said she was labored breathing and they were very, very concerned about it. >> those rangers waited for two hours to see if the mother would return for the cub. she didn't. so they called the wildlife care center. the cub will be monitored and if she's deemed healthy, be released back in to the wild in about six months. still to come here, another
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pickup for the golden state warriors. he goes by the name swaggy p.
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madison bumgarner, we're getting to see him out pitching again. >> good for the fans down in san jose. he actually kind of started his professional career. but i don't think they'd admit it or anything, but there's got to be at least a little concern. this was a serious shoulder injury that madison bumgarner sustained a couple months ago and he comes back today, not his first outing. i'm sure they'd say they were looking for him to get a certain amount of pitches in but he gave up nine runs and nine hits to the rancho cucamonga quakes. dj peters is a young man who will not forget this night for a long time no matter what happens to his career. he takes madison bumgarner over the wall. twice, in fact. mad bum did get four innings of work, 76 pitches. but as i say, nine runs and hopefully better stuff to come for him. meanwhile, the guy who took his place in the rotation these months while he's been gone
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continues to do pretty well. that would be ty getting the start. that's him in detroit city tonight. he had some defense behind him. jay wong is playing some ball. rbi single as well. that's just a beautiful play as you look at the replay. he was flawless down there at 3rd. got the reflexes and the arm for sure. they play the hot corner and providing the bat tonight. biggest hit of the game for the giants, it's hunter pence in to the wide open spaces and right center field by the time that thing stops rolling, two runs are in. pence has got himself a triple. 5-0 lead. shaky bullpen. they do wind up saving the victory for ty block, 5-4 your final. that's the as. the lone all star representative, yonder alonso, sporting the jersey he'll wear next week in miami for the all star game, and the as going to work right here with an rbi double from bruce maxwell.
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and he's got himself two bases. the as with a little power display and they wind up winning with the long ball again and jacob right there with the long ball. the as wind up winning. that fan needs a fan. it's starting to heat up. 7-4. the as have won a couple games in a row. meantime, the warriors, it's a little bit of a surprise signing as they continue to fill out their roster and looking pretty good with the addition of nick young. he does come with, well, we'll call it a little bit of baggage. nothing particularly serious. but he's been known as a flake. his nickname is swaggy p. he says it came to him in a dream. and god told him to start calling himself that. he averaged 13 points a game. give them some firepower off the bench. we've got time to say another warrior, klay thompson,
11:27 pm
might be time for him to come home from china. remember last week when that happened to him as he was exhibiting to the folks out there how to dunk. that didn't go so well. and then a little arm wrestling match that he was upset. we don't have time to show anymore. he shot an air ball on a 3-point shot when he was showing how to shoot. ♪
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