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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  July 6, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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hear from the mother. mornings on 2 starts now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 on this thursday, july 6, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. look at this gorgeous moon. >> i was telling these guys if i could have pulled over to take a picture because it was gorgeous. there it is. >> how do you do that? >> i am masterful with the computer. we could just stare at this camera for the next hour. it is a beautiful morning, nice framing with the moon. i was checking in, july 8 is the full moon, and you can see on the satellite as we come off that beautiful camera to show you patchy low fogs hanging
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along the coastline in the few showers popping up yesterday and grazing portions of the bay area early wednesday afternoon. taking a look at the current numbers, san francisco 53, santa rosa 50. and once again here's a beautiful view of the moon looking toward the bay bridge. still patchy clouds and you can see the low clouds in the distance but the cloud deck is at the coast and portions of the bay. for today we have patchy fog with temperatures starting out in the 50s, lower 60s. today will be warmer which is the headline, especially inland. temperatures today, tomorrow and the weekend will show some hot numbers with inland reaching close to 100 and we are thinking today 94 to 96 degrees toward antioch. san francisco upper 60s with
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patchy clouds. today temperatures bouncing from that yesterday. we will talk about your weekend outlook coming up. sal has an update on the roadways. good morning. traffic is doing very well around the bay area as we look at the roadwork on 205 near 580. they are picking it up and traffic has not been that bad this early. if you want to get a jumpstart on your morning commute, now is a good time. there are no major issues driving through the altamont pass or at livermore, dublin or hayward. a nice-looking drive on interstate 880 and driving by the coliseum. the bay bridge traffic is light. it is 4:02 am. heartbroken mother speaks out about the hit-and-run driver that is accused in the deadly crash that killed two of her children. last night i either reyes --
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iada reyes was surrounded by her family at the children's hospital. she just came from the funeral home right now. >> [ crying ] >> she had to pick out caskets for her kids. >> on friday aida reyes took her children to see "despicable me 3" and the driver slammed into the family dodge durango on the ramp off of highway 4 killing her two young sons that were 5 and 10. the three month old is still in critical condition. the suspect in the hit-and-
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run crash lemuel wilson jr. is in jail and held on a $2 million bond charged with two counts of murder, to dui related counts and one charge of leaving the scene of the accident. henry lee said the deadly crash occurred days after wilson allegedly threatened to kill people at a mall in pleasanton. >> reporter: ktvu obtained court documents showing days before the crash in concord, lemuel wilson jr. was arrested by the pleasanton police after threatening to use a gun to kill nordstrom employees during a dispute at the stoneridge mall. when he was searched they found an unspent bullet, a credit card embossing machine and hundreds of credit cards with different numbers on them. wilson cream -- pleaded not guilty and his bail was released at $10,000 and he posted bail one day before the crash that killed the two boys and injured
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the mother. we have learned that the three month old son injured in the crash was breathing on his own but suffered several seizures. the baby is in critical condition at the hospital.>> reporter: wilson has two previous dui convictions and his license was his rented, and his hail has been set at $2 million. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the san francisco ninth circuit court of appeals rules that immigrant children that crossed the border without their parents are entitled to a hearing. tens of thousands of children fleeing the violence in -- and entering the u.s. in recent years and most of those children have been placed with relatives but some have been held for months. the ninth circuit found that two laws that have been passed by congress do not cancel the right to the children to the detention hearing. the san francisco police in
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a new and updated policy and the new policy makes it clear that the san francisco police are not allowed to ask about a person's immigration status and bands the police from cooperating with authorities except for state or federal law requires it. the following changes filed the decision by the board of supervisors to approve the $190,000 lawsuit settlement filed by the undocumented and rent who was turned over to immigration officials after reporting his car stolen. california is a step closer to becoming a sanctuary state and the legislation passed along the party lines in the assembly judiciary committee yesterday. the measure would limit the involvement of local law enforcement throughout california in several deportation cases and further lawmakers argue the legislation makes it more difficult to do their job. >> this bill is a matter of
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trying to make a medical statement but doing so in a very dangerous way. this is a way that will peril the safety of the communities.>> the next step will be a vote in the appropriations committee and it will head to the vinyl file -- final vote in the assembly. the san jose police arrested a woman accused of shooting a man in the costco parking lot yesterday around 12:30 pm outside of the costco on almaden boulevard. the shooting victim worked at the costco and had just finished his shift. he had a gunshot one to the lake and the suspected shooter knew the victim and reportedly the suspect is his ex-wife. the police have not confirmed that. we have new information about the woman shot and killed monday afternoon near the san jose state university. they now have identified the victim, 20-year-old myla dying.
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somebody -- myla dang. somebody called saying they heard loud noises and they found her lying on the for -- floor with the least one gunshot wound. they said she knew her killer but they have not identified the suspect and no arrests have been made. the deadly shooting at the ups facility in san francisco continues to take a toll on the workers that witnessed it. jimmy lam shot and killed three ups drivers and wounded two others before killing himself june 14. only five of the 40 ups drivers that saw the shooting of come back to work and some of those drivers are working with trauma counselors. it is 4:08 am. today marks four years since the ozzie on a flight to 14 and more questions raised
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about how quickly the plane was evacuated. the plane is shown approaching the runway to low before it hit the seawall and you can see the seawall, and emergency shoots from the plane were deployed and the first evacuees appear to come out of the rear of the plane one minute 29 seconds after the crash and video shows people still getting off the plane eight minutes later. we spoke with the retired airline captain who says that the evacuation was too slow. >> it has to be evacuated completely in 90 seconds. that is with half of the exits closed. >> he thinks it is possible that some of the passengers in the emergency exit rows may have slowed the process because they did not know where they were going or what they were doing. he also says it is disturbing that people stay close to the
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plane when they should've been led away in case there was an explosion. it is for 10 am. the gray wolves are making a comeback in california and we will see the new pups in the pack as they try to take a foothold after an absence for a century. president trump meeting with his polish counterpart today and difficult diplomacy laws ahead. i am doug luzader from washington and we have more coming up. we are off to a nice start this morning on this early thursday morning commute and san francisco looks good approaching the i-80 split we are tracking a warming trend and i will let you know when the neighborhoods will approach 100.
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president trump lashing out at the state news media as he prepares for the g20 summit in germany. the high-stakes meeting with russian vladimir putin. back -->> doug luzader has more on the trip. >> reporter: no surprise that the president will face european skeptics but his trip begins in poland where he in the polling president share similar worldviews. >> reporter: a friendly
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handshake and a warm welcome in poland as the president meets with the polish president, and easy warm-up act for the delegate days of diplomacy ahead. he was asked about his relationship with the media and the growing crisis with north korea after the missile launch. >> it is a shame they are behaving this way and they are behaving in a very, very dangerous manner and something will have to be done about it. >> reporter: the reception germany will not be as warm and the anti-global as well as asian -- anti-globalization activists already out a head of the g20 summit. his meeting on the sidelines tomorrow with russian president vladimir putin will likely dominate the headlines. >> it is obviously a controversial meeting and the press has their hair on fire here in the u.s. about his meeting with vladimir putin. i think the meeting will go
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well and i think he could care less if it upsets the europeans. >> reporter: the list of possible issues appears to grow each day, north korea, planning for the post isis era in sera, and will president trump bring up the russian meddling into the election last year. >> my big question is why did obama do nothing about it from august through november, he did nothing about it, and it was not because he choked. >> reporter: later today the president delivers a major beach in poland and the fundamental question of the time is whether the west will survive. doug luzader fox news. we just want to take you live to poland right now because we have a live video and the president was just speaking and they are now paying tribute and poland and you can see the first lady, and
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as we have been saying, a very busy day with important meetings as he prepares for the g 20 and it will be very interesting. the first meeting with russian president vladimir putin and we just wanted to take you live poland to show you what is happening and we will continued to look in this morning. the new york city police say the ex-convict that voiced anger at law enforcement officers in the past fatally shot a police officer yesterday morning in the bronx. the officer was killed as she sat in the mobile command unit and what the police are calling and unprovoked attack. the gun man was killed by other police officers and the head of the new york city police union joined many others in expressing outrage over the killing of the officer. >> this type of violence against police officers cannot stand. we need your help, the help from the media, the folks on the street corner, we need
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everyone's help to watch our backs as we watch yours. >> alexander bonds was identified as the gun man who recently served time in prison for robbery and last fall he posted a video accusing his former prison guards of killing and raping inmates. it is 4:17 am the louisiana congressman steve scalise who was shot at the baseball game was readmitted at the hospital in dc, one of four shot and wounded during the practice game during the annual congressional baseball game. he was shot in the hip and suffered injuries to his bones, blood vessels and internal organs and they are worried about infection. right now it is 4:17 am. look to his back. sal, did you have a good holiday weekend? >> yes but i could've kept going. this time of the year it is
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easy just to rolloff. there is a little thing about paying bills that i do appreciate. >> welcome back. good morning everyone. we are looking at the gilroy commute and northbound 101. we have to get back to work and gilroy to san jose not looking bad. the commutes are nice and light. right now looking good into the main part of san jose with no major issues on any of the major south bay freeway's. here is 280 and it looks good up highway 17. at the bay bridge the westbound traffic moving nicely as you drive into san francisco. the commute is like so far. it is 4:18 am. good morning. nice day setting up for today and warming up inland to the mid-90s so get ready.
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it will be borderline uncomfortable over the next few days and especially tomorrow but today we have fog hanging out near portions of the coast with showers popping up over the sierra yesterday and if you popping up in the bay area and we've been talking about that possibility all morning and it portions of the east bay. temperatures right now 50 in santa rosa, san francisco 53, san jose upper 50s and concord checking in as the warm spot at 60. clouds and warm to hot for this friday. the weekend we will have minor cooling but still hot numbers working their way inland on the weekend. good morning to you in san francisco, 56 with patchy fog and by lunchtime partly sunny and 64. by 3:00 mostly sunny skies and 69 degrees in san francisco, 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. this area of high pressure
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built in and that continues to be the source of the heat into the weekend. temperatures up a good for teeth degrees over yesterday -- 42 -- 4 to 8 degrees over yesterday. temperatures not warming up too much and we are on the cool side but look at these bright colors. the yellows are in the 70s, the oranges are the 80s and the red is the 90s. this is 95 to 96 degrees, concord 94, oakland in 70s, san francisco 69. san jose 85, san mateo 79, half moon bay 64. your five-day forecast showing temperatures heating up and if
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i am slightly off it could be 100 degrees tomorrow but you get the idea, up quite a bit for friday. remaining hot inland and into the weekend, especially saturday before we gradually cool off. thanks to the bay area microclimates, you could be shivering at the coast. >> that map looks pretty until you realize it is pretty hot.>> those bright colors coming back in. it is 4:21 am. more than 100 and most taken to the east bay animal shelter and the reason is the firework displays. glass, tires, graffiti and messages of hate, the vandalism in one bay area neighborhood.
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the wolf pack has grown by at least three new members and biologists were able to capture the female wolves last week and they fit the mom with a tracking collar before releasing her and here are the pictures. the trail cameras captured the images of the pack that includes three pups and the mail is from the oregon -- male is from the oregon road pack and arrived in 2011. dozens of runaway pets that ended up at the contra costa
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animal shelter hope to be reunited with their owners and many were scared by the fourth of july fireworks. as ktvu reports, since friday over 100 animals have been found or dropped off. >> reporter: july 5 is one of the busiest days that the contra costa animal services in martinez. the dogs are being scanned for the chips and good samaritans are dropping off pets in hopes of reuniting them with their rightful owners and this pooch was found in pittsburg >> he was found roaming in our yard late july 3 and fireworks were going off in the neighborhood. >> reporter: another wandering around in downtown martinez. >> we guess he got out from a party or maybe someone was visiting with him and no one seems to recognize him. >> reporter: this chihuahua mix is from the south bay. >> she was running around in my
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work parking lot at the san jose regional medical center. >> reporter: she stopped to check if the dog had a chip and this is mission unite tables and they are passing out neon signs and they've taken in 150 animals since friday and mostly dogs that were spooked by the fireworks.>> they can sometimes travel outside of the city limits and cats have a tendency to stick close to home within a five house radius. >> reporter: stephanie says that even the most responsible owners can lose a pet but they are here to help the animals find a way back home. >> it was pretty quiet for the most part. i'm sure he misses his home. >> i hope he has a family and someone to care for him, love him. >> reporter: if you lost your pet and believe it could be here come and claim it quickly. most of these animals will be eligible for adoption in 4 to 10 days.
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ktvu fox 2 news. >> we hope they all get home. it is 4:27 am. friends of one man charged in the deadly ghost ship fire are gathering to show their support and we have the details coming up. a scary story of trying to sell of van on craigslist and ending up in the hospital. there's a new essence
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. [ music playing ] >> that is a bob marley song. >> you got me on this one. >> who knows with ken lawrence.
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but i know this is a live picture of the airport, and you can see -- i'm going to figure out that song. we hope you like this shot as we begin this brand-new day on this thursday morning as we welcome you back on mornings on 2 on this thursday, july 6. i am dave ward. >> good morning. i am pam cook. it looks pretty clear over the airport and the city. >> some patchy fog along the coast and bay. i him informed -- i am informed it is the specials, a nice way to start the morning. it is reggae music. that song syncs up perfectly with the airport. that is patchy fog hanging out near the coast and bay with temperatures inland warming up nicely to the mid-90s.


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