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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 6, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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but i know this is a live picture of the airport, and you can see -- i'm going to figure out that song. we hope you like this shot as we begin this brand-new day on this thursday morning as we welcome you back on mornings on 2 on this thursday, july 6. i am dave ward. >> good morning. i am pam cook. it looks pretty clear over the airport and the city. >> some patchy fog along the coast and bay. i him informed -- i am informed it is the specials, a nice way to start the morning. it is reggae music. that song syncs up perfectly with the airport. that is patchy fog hanging out near the coast and bay with temperatures inland warming up nicely to the mid-90s.
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livermore 86 yesterday and back up to 95, san francisco warming a little bit and a little bit of a bump in the numbers compared to yesterday at 64. low clouds on portions of the coastline and we had showers popping up yesterday with isolated showers in the bay area. the shower threat has moved out of town leaving us with this typical summertime pattern with temperatures in the the upper 40s in novato and concord check in at 60. the live camera looking toward the bay bridge you can see the calm conditions on the water without much wind. not much chop yet but that could change by the afternoon with the onshore wind increasing. it will get warmer today, warm to hot on friday with temperatures trending down through the weekend. the plan in the short-term, this morning temperatures at 55 to 62 degrees and mostly sunny. we will expand the range to 95 and 96 degrees at the hottest
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locations inland, 85 at san jose and santa rosa is 90. temperatures zooming up tomorrow and we will talk about that in a few minutes. south has an update on the roadways and is everyone back to work? >> i think a lot of people still have the entire week off but not everyone, but there is a significant number and we will see if 530 -- 5:30 am how the bridge looks and yesterday was crowded. let's take a look at solano county where the traffic in vacaville pretty good driving into fairfield and out to the carquinez bridge. northbound 680 there is a dirt spill affecting a little bit of the commute on the on ramp. not a huge delay but still want to let you know it's they are. traffic will be okay driving through. we have a injury accident in san francisco northbound 280 at
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the 101 interchange. it is right here. it is so light it is not really affecting traffic that we will let you know what is going on coming up on that area so be careful. looking at interstate 80 westbound from the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze, a 16 minute drive in the bay bridge is light. it is 4:33 am. a man said he was robbed and beaten in his home in lafayette and said the attackers were two men he met while trying to sell his van on craigslist. amber lee has more about the possible dangers involved with buying and selling things online. >> reporter: these ladies are talking about installing surveillance cameras on their home after learning the neighbor was beaten and robbed in his home on moraga boulevard
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in lafayette. he says the attackers were two many met while trying to sell his van on craigslist. >> i cannot think of a time when something like this happened. >> reporter: the victim agreed to meet the two men at the convenience store parking lot and was going to throw in speakers and a as part of the deal to sell the van so he got into the car for short ride back to the home to show them the extra items. one man walked up to his home with him and his and his the victim opened the garage the man pulled a gun. >> he said he was going to kill me and he hit me in the head with a gun. >> reporter: the victim said the men stole two necklaces, watch and his cell phone. after the men left he asked the neighbor to call 911 and he was treated for head injuries at the hospital. >> might son saw the victim holding his head coming out in the next day he had an injury on his head. >> reporter: it was a white
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four-door volkswagen for sod -- passad that the suspects were driving and all transactions should be done in public areas were other people around, don't meet them alone and never bring them to your home. >> you have no clue who is on the other side of that internet connection or what their wants are associated with this. >> reporter: some have said they tried to buy or sell online but stopped after the interaction was questionable with potential buyers in this robbery is a reminder to be careful. >> it scared me. i tell the kids to lock the doors all the time. >> reporter: they are hoping this surveillance video of the suspect vehicle and other information leading to the arrest. the victim does not plan on conducting business with strangers anymore. amber lee ktvu fox 2 news. >>
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i hate crime investigation underway in berkeley after dozens of cars vandalized with hateful speech during the overnight hours on june 27 in the south berkeley neighborhood near the cal campus. the berkeley police said they've seen 35 incidents including 17 cars with slashed tires. some of the messages contain anarchist symbols and others you vanity against "white people and the cops." >> it is unfortunate this vandalism is occurring but i am not surprised given the environment you see around berkeley because it is militant and antisocial behavior that is becoming accepted. >> the police believe these vandalism cases are connected and anyone with information is asked to call the police. it is 4:36 am. a small group of people gathered in oakland showing support for the group of men facing very serious charges in
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the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. >> the friends held a max harris round saying he is unfairly portrayed as a villain and harris was the ghost ship warehouse creative director that work the door the night of the deadly fire were 36 people died and is facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter from the 36 people that died in the warehouse fire last december.>> a lot of his friends and local artists and musicians wanted to make a drum circle to let him know we are thinking about him while he is in custody and that we believe in his innocence and want to support him. >> derick almena the founder of the ghost ship warehouse is also facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in both men will be in court on friday. a group of people forced
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out of their homes along the flooding on the san jose coyote creek are filing legal claims with 120 families evacuated when the water level rose quickly cannot return home. they say the santa clara valley water district and the city of san jose and santa clara are responsible and they are holding a news conference at 11 am this morning to talk about what they have done to get help so far and what else they would like to see done. the attorney general of california and new mexico are suing the trump administration and the lawsuit is over the delay of the new rules to reduce the methane lakes on federal land, the latest legal action the attorneys have taken against the administration over the environmental issues. they say these new rules would ensure cleaner air that are delayed and the department of the interior had opposition from energy companies in several states. the former golf course in the north bay is creating concerns about fire and other
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dangers and the people that live in petaluma said that what had been the center cree -- centerpiece of the subdivision is a weed infested eyesore. we report on this growing frustration. >> it is a hate deal. this is an eyesore. this is not what we paid for. >> reporter: the residents keep the shades down to hide the view they cherish, the 18 hole golf course this neighbor had his neighborhood designed around in these golf cart paths lead nowhere and the grass was knee-high. >> the owner was getting fined every day this was not taking care of and mode for the purpose of fire safety -- mowed for the purpose of fire safety. >> reporter: the current owner said they were losing too much money, not enough golfers and rising expenses>> they need a
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clubhouse to be profitable and that would be a big draw. >> reporter: the clubhouse could've been a destination but it never opened and the course was modified and became less desirable. the success was handicapped from the start it appears. >> there are a lot of retirees out here which is the single purpose they came out here for is to play golf. other folks that moved and bought here planned on retiring in 10 years on the golf course. >> reporter: 300 houses surveyed and they pay a few hundred dollars a month and would they pay more to restore the golf course, building homes, vineyard and winery are possibilities but the county jurisdiction, city limits and the petaluma original zoning specified it had to stay a golf course until 2039. >> everything on both sides is pretty much dead. >> reporter: homeowners are worried about the property values in many homes hovering at $1 million and while there
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is a homeowners association no one at city hall appears to be driving the cause forward. >> it is an extension of the backyard and your living space, and now it is weeds and dead grass. >> we hope this golf course will be sold to someone that makes it better. i think the community definitely is on board. >> reporter: in the meantime it is watered sparingly but the weeds are thriving among the gophers and the rats. >> we never had rats before and that is universal with everyone i talked with that said they are out of control. >> reporter: some homeowners admit they are on the verge of selling before the situation gets worse. the adobe creek golf course was open for almost three years and the local developers that own it on another golf operation in town and that one is apparently doing fine. ktvu fox 2 news. >> we tried to get a statement from the owner of the golf course but we are still waiting. it is 4:41 am.
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several western states are battling various wildfires and we will have the latest on the cause behind outbreak. it is an emotional day in the san francisco courtroom with the terrifying surveillance video of the double murder shown in court.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 4:44 am. tesla is responding to employees about sexual harassment and company executives recently held a meeting in which a number of women came forward to complain about being mistreated by male managers and colleagues. one woman called part of the tesla three month factory a
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predator zone for harassment. tesla says they have a no tolerance policy for such behavior and is addressing the concerns. it is 4:45 am. another high profile problem for united airlines who will compensate a woman that was forced to hold her 27-month- old son on her lap during the entire flight because the flight crew gave the seat to another passenger. the family was flying last week from houston to boston and the mother paid almost $1000 each for the two plane tickets because children over the age of two are required to have their own seat but united airlines gave the seat of the child to the standby passenger, and the mother was forced to hold her child that was not buckled in in her lap the entire three hour flight. united airlines said the child's boarding pass was not properly scanned and the child was not logged into the ticketing system. crews and western states
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are battling a number of wildfires and telling people to evacuate. we have the details with marianne rafferty.>> reporter: the wildfires burning in california, nevada, utah and colorado with above-average temperatures and high humidity fueling the flames, and the fire in breckenridge over the national forest near denver is not the biggest or most active but it is forcing hundreds of homeowners to evacuate and officials are telling others in the area to be ready to pack up and go. >> a lot of the residents are familiar with the drill and sadly are experiencing it for real. >> reporter: the crews are tackling flames from above sending in tankers and helicopters to drop water. some of the areas are inaccessible and we are not putting firefighters in harm's way. >> reporter: in northern nevada the fire covering over 20,000
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acres had several areas under pre-evacuation orders with the largest fire in southern utah. it is almost contained but the smaller fires continue to pop up, more than two dozen. officials believe some of these fires were sparked by lightning but it is not the case near flagstaff and the police are looking for man accused of setting as many as eight fires. in california the crews are making substantial progress against the fire in the county but not stopping the need for evacuation warnings. marianne rafferty, fox news from los angeles. we check back in with sal for a look at the commute and you said it feels like a lot of people are still may be on vacation the entire week. >> we will see some slowdowns but not as many or as deep like we did the week before. it is vacation season and july could be a bit light which is
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what we are hoping. here is a look at 580 near the altamont pass and 205 with stop- and-go traffic already. people are going to work and you can see the traffic will be okay by the time you reach livermore and dublin along with the rest of the east bay commute. so far it looks okay as we take a look at interstate 880 in oakland, a nice-looking drive. at the bay bridge we have a bit of a backup but very light. the traffic is like getting into san francisco and northbound 280 at 101 still clearing up the accident in san francisco but that is not causing a major delay right now. let's check on the weather. this is mark tamayo. we could be approaching 100 degrees by tomorrow and not a fan of the, unfortunately temperatures will be warming backup as we head toward today, tomorrow and some relief over the weekend.
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you can see the temperature changing was santa rosa at 82 and today 90, san francisco from 64 to 69, livermore mid 90s and san jose up a good 9 degrees over 76 for yesterday. low clouds hanging out and showers to the east at the sierra and we have some pop-up showers yesterday. mostly dry conditions and humid as well. that was a little bit different out there yesterday. san jose 59, novato 46 concord at 60 and san francisco 53. here is the oakland cameras showing patchy clouds floating around near the coast and portions of the bay. in the forecast this morning and in san francisco temperatures in the 50s and partly sunny skies by lunchtime. we should have more sunshine in the afternoon and 69 degrees by 3:00 today. responsible for warming up a good portion of the west for
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this high into the weekend and the biggest drawback will be the increase in the fire danger. the fire danger is elevated with this warming pattern. tomorrow i think will be the hottest day of this week. the weekend is still going to be pretty hot but these are the expected highs for tomorrow on the coast and inland in the upper 90s flirting with 100 degrees. we have the microclimate for today with the beaches so bundle up in the readings only in the 60s. these bright colors represent the microclimate and looks like it is a big change in the overall weather pattern. upper 90s to at least mid 90s inland and that is reflected in the numbers as we fly around the bay. vacaville 96, santa rosa 90, san rafael 86 in richmond in the 70s in oakland mid 70s. inland mid 90s with livermore at 95 in brentwood 96.
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san jose 80s, gilroy 95 in san francisco forecasted high of 69. the beaches mainly in the low 60s today but take the coat to go surfing. temperatures will warm up nicely friday but it could be a bit hot inland and 100 degrees before we save off a few degrees by sunday and is early as next week. >> i wanted comfortable when i go surfing. >> a thick coat or wetsuit, or take your coat even if you go to watch.>> people think it will be beautiful and warm and they get out there and turn around after five minutes because it is too cold. >> you do not lay out of the sun in your bathing suit. it is 4:51 am. things looking up for the locket rocks and the third time is a charm for the spacex rocket and how this could help communications around the world.
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♪ [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. welcome back to mornings on 2. spacex finally launched its latest mission. it was a beauty and the falcon 9 rocket successfully launched yesterday from the kennedy space center in florida. earlier this week two launch attempts were scrubbed at the
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last second. the rocket carried a large communication satellite to parts of the caribbean, europe and africa into orbit. it was the 10th the launch for spacex this year and the third in 12 days. early reports show the crowd season ending along the coast and was above average and the crowd season ended last friday and the san francisco chronicle reports over 21 million pounds of crab with nearly $67 million caught which is the largest catch by weight and value in the last four years according the state fish and wildlife officials. last year was disastrous for crab fishermen due to the long closures caused by the presence of the toxic the moa gas. -- demoic acid. the new art installation coming to the san francisco and
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the goal is to connect strangers around the world and it is "portal" featuring a shipping container filled with cameras and microphones. the people that go into the container can talk with people with 20 other portals all over the world. the countries taking part include honduras, write, afghanistan and mexico -- a rap -- iraq, afghanistan and mexico. heading to santa cruz and we will have the details for the homeless program. the asiana flight 214 four years ago and raising new questions about the evacuation of the plane and we speak to an aviation expert about what should have been done. traffic ramping up a little bit but no major issues right
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now. we have more on your morning commute straight ahead. patchy fog and tracking this warming trend, coming up we will let you know if your neighborhood will approach 100. i love you, couch.
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pictures of poland in the middle of your screen, president trump before the g20 summit meeting in germany. he just ended his major speech in poland and now going into the crowd to shake hands and audience. we have more details from poland and president trump. serious charges have been filed against the suspected drunk driver in concord in the crash that killed two little boys and you will hear from the mother of the boys as morning on to continues -- mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2 . thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 as we look over the oakland estuary and you can see the bay bridge in the distance. as you look out your window, you might even see it shining through your window and i love that big beautiful moon.>> that is just for you, pam. >> i love the moon and it is
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not quite full yet but will be this weekend. thank you for joining us on this thursday, july 6, and i am pam cook >> i am dave clark, and steve paulson has the day off so we have mark tamayo go here -- here to get you going. >> you will notice changes, especially inland. we start off with where we were yesterday, and in santa rosa 82 yesterday and warming to 90, san francisco up 5 degrees, livermore mid 90s and san jose instead of mid 70s we are looking at mid 80s for the afternoon. fog hanging out on the coast line with clouds pushing back into the bay right now. temperatures outside the door getting updated for your 5 am, san jose 59, san francisco 53 with santa rosa at 50.


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