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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 13, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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a new reward in a new plea for information in the unsolved killing of the bay area attorney. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. here's a nice shot of the bay bridge. that is nice and we pull back to reveal more of the bay at the oakland estuary. that is a beautiful spot. we live in a very nice spot and thank you for joining us on this thursday morning, july 13. i am pam cook. >> good morning. i am dave clark. let's talk with steve paulson. >> it is pretty nice in my neck of the woods. >> is pretty hot in my neck of the woods and i get a sunburn if i stay out there too long. we have a fog bank that is continuing to ramp up.
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near the coast we cannot get out of it and in the 60s. santa cruz checking in at 70 and they are generally warmer but there are too many low clouds going on. open starting off with low clouds and 57 degrees with mostly sunny today. berkeley, oakland and alameda anywhere from dixie 8 to 74 which is what we will have -- 68 to 74 which is what we have today. warming up inland but not so much near the coast. it will be a quick warm-up for saturday through monday and monday does look cooler. the problem is we will cool offer one or two days and then it comes back again which is the trend inland. low clouds and fog filling in yesterday with a repeat performance at santa cruz with 50s and low 60s. we are cooling off, 49 in graton and sebastopol. glen allen at 50, bodega bay at 50 and there are some cool readings but not much of a
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delta breeze. getting close for tahoe in truckee heading in that direction. each day it gets closer. today the fog will retreat, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s for some. it is 5:02 am. did i see six miles an hour at the altamont pass?>> it is pretty slow. we talk about the fog denied the picture to put up that was inspired by you. this is a picture of the san francisco airport. as we look at the fog in the hills find the airport we do not see a lot of fog, and as steve said, it looks like the fog will not be as prevalent as it was yesterday. the sfo without a lot of planes taking off right now but there you go. this will lead us into the rest of the commute. 580 is very slow but so is 205. we have speeds that are very
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low on i-205 and down at eight miles an hour with very slow traffic. if you are driving in this area you know what you're dealing with. once you get to livermore it gets a lot very -- a lot better with no major issues. traffic is affected briefly by the minor accident at the dublin interchange on the shoulder but not a big deal. looking at interstate 880 in oakland both crowded but not stop and go in each direction. it is 5:03 am. firefighters have control of the major overnight fire in the city of lafayette. >> the flames destroyed a building that was housing several businesses including the chamber of commerce office. christien kafton is out there and you said firefighters arrived to find the building already engulfed in flames.>> reporter: it was very intense when the firefighters first arrived in still a lot of activity.
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the fire started before midnight in the fire crews are still dumping water on the fire in it is still an active effort to make sure they don't have any flareups. here is video of what the fire looked like earlier, very intense. this is in the lafayette commercial district with restaurants and businesses nearby and this fire is in the commercial building. no word on how the fire started but the crews had to act quickly to get it under control. it is in fact a commercial building and next to the area with a restaurant, accounting firm and chamber of commerce. firefighters said they could see the fire from five miles away as the crews responded from as far away as pittsburg. the fire went to three alarms and in other words when the crews first arrived they knew would be a major fire and generally and majorly bumped it to a three-alarm fire and they wanted to keep this fire contained because there was
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vegetation and other buildings in the area. they managed to do that and they worked on evacuations to make sure the fires did not jump to the nearby buildings. there was an apartment building nearby and you can see this is a very active effort. fire crews are saying they still do not know exactly how the fire started.>> at this point it is too early to tell if there is any sort of cause to the fire but we know something happen but it may actually be days before we are able to even get in to start to figure out exactly what happened. >> reporter: as you can tell, at this point the building is in a complete loss and the damage is estimated at $1.1 million. the residents have been allowed to come back into their homes and one final note, the building may look familiar. this was the scene where a large tree came down during the rainy
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season last year and firefighters tell me it does not appear to be connected in one way or another. it is just a tragic coincidence that the tree came down and crushed some of the cars in the parking lot and now one month later a devastating fire that took out the building. >> i remember that. before you go, steve was asking's civically where you are so that the people that are familiar with the area would know. is it near the diablo foods?>> reporter: right. we are on lafayette circle, and we will do a swing for you so you can see this area. these are the landmarks to give you a sense of exactly where we are in lafayette but it is in the heart of the lafayette commercial district. there are restaurants all through this area and we are at the lafayette circle which gives you a sense of where we are. it certainly will impact those people that live in this area. >> certainly, right in town. thank you. it is 5:06 am
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a grass fire just outside of petaluma was fully contained late last night in started on the private ranch and sky fox flew over this 25 acres that were burned, and the flames were battled on the ground and from the air and you can see the smoke from san rafael and novato. no injuries were reported in the cause of the fire is under investigation. in view county firefighters are making progress in the wall fire with evacuations and road closures lifted. this started east of oroville with over 6000 acres burned and 41 homes along with more than 100 structures burned. the fire is now 70% contained. the federal court ordering the open city leaders to explain how they will get the police department back on track after the recent police sex scandal. the judge is asking for the list of changes and who is
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responsible for overseeing the changes, and the deadline for the changes to be made. he ordered the city to give details of why the charges of jasmine abuslin of sexual contact -- conduct by the officers were not thoroughly investigated and the judge said the police department needs a culture change and they have until december 15 to report on how they will accomplish that. there is a $100,000 reward offered for the information leading to the killer of the prom -- prominent bay area lawyer that was shot and killed outside of his home. the family friends of james gilliland have announced that increased reward and he had just come home from church choir practice when he was shot and killed. yesterday the pastor from the church in berkeley, and he read a statement from the family. >> we believe that someone listening or watching could help solve this crime. please, please step forward.
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>> gilleland was a partner in the san francisco law firm of kilpatrick, townsend and stockton and there is no motive in the killing so far. the police are looking for the armed robber that walked into the walgreens pharmacy and stole opioid drugs and the surveillance cameras showing images of the suspect who was wearing a surgical mask to cover his face and he entered the walgreens on san ramon valley boulevard at 8 am yesterday morning placing a gun and the pharmacy counter and handed the employee a note demanding a drug used to treat opioid addiction and pain. he left with over $300 worth of the drug. it is 5:09 am. the 19-year-old man suspected in the san jose homicide was arrested after he was trying to cross over into mexico, and daniel is accused of shooting and killing the woman on july 3 and the victim was 20-
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year-old myla dang from monterey county and homicide detectives say they knew each other but they have not given us any other details and the san jose police are heading to the southern edge of san diego to get custody of him and bring him back to santa clara county. a bay area tennis coach doing court today in at accused and normandie santos burgos is facing 62 charges of sexual molestation and his bail is now over $20 million. at this point the charges stem from the 16-year-old victim who they say he abused over two years. the high school -- the tennis coach is been accused of sexually assaulting minors in the past but never convicted. the police are looking for
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other possible victims. the students are back in the dorm rooms at ucla after a bomb threat last night. the police say the bomb threat was called in shortly after 10 pm. the students were told to stay at the stocker -- soccer stadium and two hours later the all clear was given and they were allowed back into the dorms. the sonoma county health department reopened the monte rio beach and say the water is safe and they had closed the beach on the lower russian river last week after water samples showed e. coli and coliform exceeding that safe water guidelines but they have determined that it is safer swimming and the reopening comes just in time for the next heat wave which is expected this weekend. it is 5:11 am. scanning your face to board the flight in new technology at some of the u.s. airports raising privacy concerns
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already. president trump in france with the news conference later today and we will have the details coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:14 am. it has been a rough week for the white house after wrestling with the headlines about the president and his
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link to russia but leaving it behind today. the president is in paris and dealing with terror and caroline shively reports from washington from the white house battling and a welcome chance to change the subject. >> reporter: the president speaks life from france today focusing on security. but all dc wants to talk about his russia. president trump arrived in paris early this morning and holding a joint news conference with the french president later today and facing the press corps eager for answers about the donald trump jr meeting with the kremlin connected lawyer during the campaign and the white house is pushing back. >> they drip a lot of things that don't appear to have much ado about anything. >> reporter: the president saying he does not fall to sign for meeting with the lawyer regarding dark on clinton. he told evangelists pat robertson that russian president vladimir putin may wish clinton was in the white house. >> the military would be
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decimated if hillary had won in the issue is that is why putin does not like about me. >> reporter: trump jr. said no information about clayton came out of the meeting but it has sparked interest on the ongoing investigation of the connection between russia and the trump campaign giving ammunition to the democrats. >> when he said he had no collusion whatsoever or involvement to the russian agents, these emails said the meeting took place with high- level officials. >> reporter: the senate topic with christopher wray on wednesday and christopher wray said he would resist any undue pressure from the white house on russia. >> no ways asked me at any point during this process and i did not offer one. >> reporter: christopher wray said he does not believe that robert mueller investigation into russia is a witchhunt directly contradicting the president, caroline shively fox
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news from washington. the man that president trump nominated to be the fbi director does not see eye to eye with the president on some issues and christopher wray spent hours answering questions at the senate confirmation hearing and said he is still upset about the sudden firing of form fbi director james comey. he said he does not consider special counselor robert mueller russian investigation a witchhunt as the president called it. senator dianne feinstein question christopher wray about his involvement in national security during the bush administration when they authorized waterboarding for interrogation technique. >> my view is that torture is wrong, unacceptable and illegal, and i think ineffective. >> christopher wray went on to say he has no recollection of reviewing or approving the use of torture. it is 5:17 am. let's check in with's out
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for a check on the traffic -- with sal for a check on the traffic. >> we had the cable car bellringing competition today in san francisco and i am judging. >> i love going to that competition. >> some of these guys and gals that are cable car operators have really honed the craft. it is fun to watch them. that is today in san francisco at the union square. let's take a look at the gilroy commute and driving from gilroy to morgan hill and into san jose, not a bad commute. there's not a lot of slow traffic driving northbound 101 into san jose. it is not look bad. the south bay commute is off to a very good start without a lot of slow traffic in the area. here's a live look at the interstate 280 and traffic moving well. for the people that move up
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early, looking good. here is westbound 24 and traffic looking pretty good. he continues to be a nice- looking drive through lafayette and continues all the way up to the tunnel. when you get to the bay bridge there is more slow traffic showing up and around 5:30 am the metering lights will come on which is when we will see more back up onto the span. it is 5:19 am. i believe you have done this before with the bellringing and is there someone that generally wins? is there a ringer? >> that is very good. we do have some favorites, those that have won before but we have some good up-and-coming bellringer's as well. if you are inland and well inland it is hot, and it will not cool off. the coast in bay or wishing it was warmer.
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we will see a 40 degrees spread and it does not look like much will be changing today. the fog is making a bigger push up toward sonoma county and napa county. this happened on tuesday but not that much yesterday. the nap airport shows cloudy in fog moving up highway 29. also into the city which is barely cracking 64 and we will say 65 again today because of the fog. mostly sunny, breezy and 65 in the city which is below average at 67. not much changing and it looks like starting tomorrow and into saturday inland areas warming up but the coast not warming up that much because of that dome of high-pressure with and no offshore flow. you are the projected highs, santa rosa 92 in san jose 89 on saturday. livermore 96 in a few areas that will get close to 100. it looks like last saturday and sunday with monday looking cooler. the fog up to petaluma and napa
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moving up the coast. it filled in yesterday late in santa cruz will see the same thing today and down toward monterey. 50s and 60s on the temperatures, brentwood 62, mountain view 60 and the same at palo alto. san rafael at 61 and 60s for some but 55 at the concord pavilion and vallejo 53, 55 at livermore. oakland is a cool 52, and west southwest at 20 and travis not crazy but the wind is there. 55 in monterey, ukiah is well. thunderstorm activity at tahoe in truckee, so watch out for the thunder storms as they get closer each day and they will make it by the weekend. cloud cover coming in from the south and some of that will latch on as the high fields in sending it in our direction but not until the weekend. until then we have fog and sunshine. in the fog it is a cool pattern
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with 60s and 70s, but inland we have 80s, and you keep going inland you will find 90s to mid 90s. it looks like a change on friday, warmer inland not the coast for the weekend and cooler for everyone on monday. it is 5:22 am. in the bay area and named one of the top value added colleges and coming up the east bay college that made the list.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, the time is 5:24 am. a preliminary audit of levi's stadium accusing 49ers of owing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars but the 49ers and the santa clara officials dispute part of the audit commissioned by the city. the draft claims the 49ers must reimburse santa clara for the amount of time the city workers spent handling the games and events at the levi's stadium. the bay area news group reports the 49ers said the preliminary audit is erroneous and filled with half-truth. the city's staffers say that the 49ers reimburse them for the time for the stadium event but the santa clara leaders say the 49ers owe them money for the police security, firefighters and parking related expenses. the plan for the raiders move from oakland to las vegas will cost the team hundreds of millions of dollars in relocation fees but the value is expected to really go up. espn reports the raiders will
5:26 am
pay $385 million in relocation fees over 10 years. compared to the rams and chargers each paying 645 million to move to la, it sounds like a bargain. relocation fees are based on value of the team new market but forbes magazine says the raiders value jumped almost 50% and now $2.1 billion mainly due to the move to las vegas. we have video from the first full-scale test run of the hyperloop. that is the elon musk really rapid traffic -- transit system that will run 700 miles an hour using magnetic levitation. the hyperloop team conducted a test that lasted only five seconds. the prototype only went 70 miles an hour but the team says
5:27 am
everything went just as planned and they are calling this a huge success. they are already working on the next test where they plan on running the hyperloop at 250 miles an hour. a group of high school girls from afghanistan will be allowed to come into the u.s. to compete in the student robotics competition after all. the visas were turned down twice but the white house said yesterday that the decision was reversed after president trump intervened. that means the girls will be allowed to attend the international competition next week in dc. the white house did not say why the girls were denied entry in the past and afghanistan is not one of those six countries included in the president trump travel ban. it is 5:27 am. middle income affordable housing may soon be coming to san francisco and we will tell you who may qualify. we have a new video of this deadly bar fight that is making headlines around the world.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2 on this thursday morning, july 13, and i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. it is 5:30 am. do we have any relief for our friends? >> no, but maybe monday.
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our produce expert toby yesterday that his daughter is been trying to get to chicago and there was a five hour delay. we will take a look at and see. we had those cells that went through chicago and that is why they had a delay. here we go with this loop, and you can see why. it looks a little bit better today but that severe weather has been going on for them. we have a very quiet weather pattern for this time of year, either fog, cooler hot in the same today. the fog is making a push over sonoma county and into napa county. oakland at 57 and going up to 74. the city of oakland has not changed much at all. inland temperatures for some continue to be pretty hot. the fog is making a move but not solid but pulling off of the santa cruz coast.
5:32 am
50s on the temperatures for most with a few 60s. 60 at redwood city in los altos, 57 at woodside and 51 in hillsborough with pacifica a full 51. not enough of a delta breeze to make a difference and sierra, and tahoe with thunderstorm activity moving from the south to the north. for us 60s, 70s 80s and 90s. it is 5:32 am. this is our goal time in the bay bridge is generally the area of focus. >> that's right. and we will say this is the i told you so shot as this is already crowded. there is traffic and starting in solano county 80 westbound driving through vacaville, vacaville traffic is mostly good driving down through fairfield and into vallejo. there is crowding but not a stop and go. 37 has stop-and-go traffic west toward marin. the richmond bridge commute looking good driving across from
5:33 am
the richmond area over to san rafael. the morning commute on the east shore freeway still only 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze. here is our money shot as steve would say, backed off and up at the bay bridge turning the metering lights on and now at 10 to 15 minute delay before getting onto the bridge. it is 5:33 am former activists and one with ties to santa cruz has died in north syria while fighting isis and 24-year-old robert grodt lot alongside the people's defense unit which is a kurdish force opposing the u.s. and explains why he went to syria to help the white pg. -- ypg. >> my reason for joining the ypg was to help the kurdish struggle in syria and elsewhere and to do my best to help to create a
5:34 am
more secure world. >> it is still unclear how he died but the kurdish spiders said happened last week on the outskirts -- kurdish fighters said it happened last week on the outskirts of the city of morocco, and he was also in the wall street movement in new york. we are learning more about the wall street -- man killed in hayward and sheriff's investigators fall in love and the family friend say they are waiting for justice. >> i did not get to tell him i loved him and how proud of him i was and i'm living my worst nightmare. i'm trying to stay strong and hope this does not happen to anyone else. >> reporter: robert romero said his son was at the threshold of adult hood, a fun-loving skateboarder that called the tennyson park his happy place. he played the drums at the oakland coliseum and attending the oakland a's games with his
5:35 am
father and at the age of 19 he had just moved into his own apartment and running a legal medical marijuana business and he says they had their differences. >> i did not like him smoking weed so we bumped heads and i did not want him selling it. >> reporter: he was shot and killed saturday night outside of his new apartment. >> i saw him a half hour before all this happened your >> reporter: they suspect he was targeted, perhaps out of jealousy because he was a go- getter and he was the person they turn to when they needed help. >> he was someone you could talk to. he was easy to open up to and talked about things. stroke -- >> reporter: investigators are reviewing the surveillance video of neighbors looking at a range of possible motives. >> the marijuana angle is one and we are looking into his life to see anyone that was really angry at him.>> reporter: friends say they are filling the void that emmanuel left by
5:36 am
riding -- riding words and other messages at the skate park. >> you took my son. there is an empty hole in my heart that i will have to live with forever.>> it is 5:36 am. the family of two are more in san francisco that earned $138,000 or more or less may soon qualify for the affordable housing under the new plan by the city. the affordable housing proposal by the board of supervisors and geared toward helping families in the middle income area that want to buy a house. the board of supervisors will have to review and approve any changes at the next meeting for the policy to be finalized. the battle over parking is heating up in the south bay and the problem is so bad that city leaders are considering required permits to park along
5:37 am
certain streets in milpitas. many people are upset even though would be free of charge because those that the pines neighborhood say the parking situation is so out of hand that the driveways are blocked and people are parking in red zones and on the crosswalks. >> it is horrible and frustrating. you cannot come home from work and park your car on the street because it is so packed with all of these cars down at this apartment complex.>> the new housing development of 7000 units being built nearby promising the problem will only get worse. the mayor hopes to have a plan in place by the holiday in order to help solve the parking problem. it is 5:37 am. the first of its kind treatment for childhood cancers has cleared a major hurdle and the advisory committee for the fda unanimously recommended the approval for the therapy that uses the patient's own revved
5:38 am
up immune cells to fight the cancer and 83% of the patient went into remission during the trials and one doctor called the treatment the most exciting thing i've seen in my lifetime. the drug may soon be available as early as september and made by novartis. the treatment is expected to cost up to a half million dollars. the coalition of civil rights groups suing the state of california charging the medi- cal plan as a second rate health care plan and 35 million californians covered under medi- cal are predominantly latino and force to deal with the system that has been burdened with financial problems and bureaucratic red tape. the suit is aimed at forcing the state to increase reimbursement rates and providing better care to the recipients. the vote on the governor jerry brown climate change bill will not take place today as originally planned and it will
5:39 am
strengthen the air-quality rules and extend the cap on the tray program through 2030 but some say that the state housing crisis should be dealt with first and the vote on the climate change bill is expected on monday. the time administration -- trump administration latest proposal to tighten air security and they want the u.s. citizens porting international flights to submit a face scant and the department of homeland security has started testing the technology at six u.s. airports and some calling it a invasion of privacy saying it could allow some agencies to collect digital face prince to track -- face prints to track u.s. citizens wherever they go. we have reached the limit of 50,000 u.s. refugees but some additional refugees will still be allowed to enter the country. the state department said they have reached the limit yesterday but more refugees may come in if they can prove a close bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the
5:40 am
u.s. that includes a parent, child or spouse, but grandparents and grandchildren along with aunts and uncles do not qualify. the federal judge in san francisco yesterday said he is inclined to turn down the request to reinstate the president trump executive order on sanctuary cities. the order would cut federal funding to the cities they do not cooperate with federal immigration officials and the same judge, william orrick, blocking the order in april and said that it infringed on the spending authority of congress. judge agreed to review the ruling based on the argument by the attorney general jeff scission -- jeff sessions and the judge is expected to release a written ruling. >> inspectors in contra costa county showing algae founded the discovery bay. the sample from june 29
5:41 am
tested positive for the blue- green algae and exposure can cause serious illnesses and typically causes rashes, skin and eye irritation along with an allergic reaction. advisory signs will be posted in the affected areas. a new scientific report including a timeline for the rising sea levels and for possible flooding in the san francisco bay and that communities like east palo alto, alameda and san mateo could see chronic flooding by the year 2060. the study was conducted by the union of concerned scientists and the first to put a specific date on when the areas that go around the bay could see chronic flooding. the scientist that put this study together say this is already time to get ready.>> we are making decisions today about where to put the new housing complexes, where to develop transportation systems, how to accommodate the growing population in the bay area.
5:42 am
we hope the infrastructure we are putting into place today is going to last.>> the nonprofit group of scientists found the bay area airports and also low income housing development near the edge of the bay will be really vulnerable. turning to a story that is making international headlines, there is new video showing the beginning moments of a bar fight last friday that killed an american college student that was visiting greece. there is a large group of people running after and grabbing the 22-year-old bakari henderson and pushing him to the ground. we stopped the video before the group started kicking him and punching him to death. they said that henderson, according to his friends, were minding his own business but the serbians were looking for a fight. it is 5:42 am. disneyland, the happiest place on earth, it is not cheap
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but you knew that and many thought the price increases would hurt the attendance but coming up at 6 clock, how much time the people are spending in line and the most popular ride coming up. [ crickets chirping ]
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:45 am. cal state making it on the list of the top value added colleges and money magazine compiled the list by looking at graduation rates, postgraduate earnings and loan repayments. the money magazine recently placed the university at number 156 out of 700 colleges on the list of best colleges for the money. the list is ranking colleges based on educational quality, affordability and alumni success . a new study from the national insurance crime bureau detailing the top 10 most stolen cars in the u.s. last year.
5:46 am
number one is the 1997 honda accord. the 1980 -- 1998 honda civic came in second followed by the 2006 for pickup and the chevrolet pickup. the 2000 jeep cherokee and grand cherokee rounded out the top 10 and trailing the 2008 chevy impala and the 2015 toyota corolla. if you love pizza, pay attention. >> everybody loves pizza. >> starting today you can get 50% off all pete's orders when you order by way of pizza or on their mobile app. you do not have to join the membership and just go to pizza or the mobile app and click on the offer to get your half off on the pipe. all orders placed on the online
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ordering system or for takeout delivery. the iconic deli in san jose is closing its doors after 67 years in business, and they have announced the restaurant will be shutting down after three clock this saturday and they say they have no option after being sued for violation of the american disabilities act and that was the time deli and it also affected 29 other businesses in the bay area. they say the money needed to fix the problems is too much to stay in business at the historic location. >> they have to change the law because it is hurting me and hurting other people as well. >> he says he is thankful for the support and loyalty of his customers but he plans on purchasing a food truck to run his business remotely. in your citizens have until the end of next month to save money at the americas national parks and raising the price of the lifetime senior past by 700%
5:48 am
beginning august 28. going up from $10 and now $80 for those over the age of 62. the federal budget rules require the national park service to charge senior citizens the same price as adults for a lifetime pass. it is 5:48 am. let's check back in with sal. >> we have slow traffic on 580 which is routine. if you are driving into the tracy, 205 and 580 commute obviously is very busy every day, and this morning it appears to be just as busy. we are in the middle of summer, and seven miles an hour on 205, by the time you get to 580 it is a little better at 21 miles an hour. from livermore to dublin it is a little bit better but some slowing at the dublin interchange and 238. interstate 880 in oakland shows
5:49 am
traffic moving along pretty well. driving on the bay bridge approach we have been telling you the metering light came on 20 minutes ago, and there is a 20 minute delay at the toll plaza. it is 5:49 am. are we following the may weather mcgregor hyperbole height? >> i have not wanted to say anything but i will probably pay for that. >> me as well. >> thank you. i have to admit that we have a bigger fog bank already and it is starting to fill in more so over the bay and mainly of the coast with that great making a strong and making a strong surge of through parts of sonoma county, marin county and napa. it could make it up to calistoga and heading up highway 29 and if that's the case, let me know because that is what it looks like. that will lead to some nice temperatures and some locations
5:50 am
still warm to hot. 59 in san jose to start in any cloud cover getting out quickly with the sunshine and a high of 82 which is where we should be on the high side for this time of the year. warmer in the south bay. almaden valley, evergreen and east san jose are warm. 60s to 90s with temperatures again stuck. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. cool to mild to hot. some want it to warm up and others wanted cooling down and if you like it hot though inland. it will continue to warm up and it looks warmer away from the coast and cooler for all on monday. low clouds are fog with that surge in petaluma in novato, and flying up and napa and in that low cloud deck. it holds off on the santa cruz coast but coming back in and we see it again. santa cruz yesterday only 70
5:51 am
and they are one of the warmest on the coast because most are stuck in the low 60s. san jose 59, santa rosa cooler at 52, 51 in novato and san rafael. gilroy at 50. low to mid 50s in the santa cruz mountains, santa clara at 54. west southwest 40 at -- west southwest 20 at travis. 55 in monterey. in the sierra, tallinn truckee, thunder storms getting closer and they will filter in over the next few days with today the last day we are okay. keep an eye on the sky in the mountains. cloud cover coming up with that tropical stuff, moving in over the weekend south and east but we will watch this. a bigger fog bank today as we see the moisture circulating. when that high bills back in it will start spinning in our direction. 60s and 70s on the coast and bay, 80s for some and 90s for
5:52 am
others, and it is a subtle changes day-to-day without much change friday but warmer over the weekend inland. the coast will still deal with a lot of fog. >> the coast will not be clear but that is about right for summer. verizon says the customers personal information for millions of customers was mistakenly released online and what millions of verizon customers are told to do now coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:55 am. the security problem has exposed the personal information of 6 million verizon customers, phone numbers, names and pin codes were mistakenly put online. verizon calls this human error and blaming the misconfigured security setting on the cloud server. cybersecurity experts say that verizon customers should change their pin codes as a precaution. google appears to be off the hook for the big tax bill in france. the french government said google owes $1.3 billion in taxes for advertising that was sold to the clients between 2005-2010. the french court reversed the decision saying that google subsidiary based in ireland was exempt. google and other tech companies
5:56 am
are criticized for trying to avoid taxes around the world. the joke by peyton manning at the espy awards did not go over well with the warrior star kevin durant.>> and our gymnastics team was so dominant that kevin durant told me he wants to play for them next year. [ laughter ]>> look at his face. he is not amused. that was in reference to the kevin durant joining the warriors last season and he had been hounded for months over his decision to leave russell westbrook and the thunder and later a took the twitter posting and emoji showing the motion of not being amused. it is 5:56 am. that u.s. men's national soccer team escaped with a three-to -- 3-2 win over martinique in the gold cup yesterday. >> and what a reaction, and it is in.
5:57 am
>> the u.s. scored first, and we took a 2-0 lead in the 64th minute and martinique tied the game before the u.s. strikes again. >> he takes it and he scores. [ cheers ] >> way to go usa as they move on to the gold cup finale and playing nicaragua on saturday in cleveland. we are coming up at the 6:00 and we show you more about the fire and you could see the flames for miles in the overnight fire erupted in the east bay chamber of commerce. we are on the scene and we we will tell you what happened at the same spot earlier in the year. i don't want to talk about it because it will be very bad, and i would be very angry about it, and a lot of people would be very upset.>> republicans rolling out a new health care plan today and we will tell you what president
5:58 am
trump has to say about making a deal.
5:59 am
at least nine businesses
6:00 am
are destroyed after the fire crews to the downtown lafayette office building and the weather conditions overnight actually help the firefighters keep the blaze contained. getting the oakland police department back on track following the scandal and what the judge is doing to make sure it does not happen again. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for waking up with us. if you are just joining us, a mild day but hot inland on this thursday, july 13, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. good morning. we are talking about the pizza we love but we still have to talk about steve paulson who knows more about the weather. >> we have fog and there you go. for others you want to send it farther east. the south and north having a bigger


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