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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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looking at the airplane. this is what we know. this is a cirrus sr22. it can be a four or five seat aircraft. it's famous for its parachute system designed to save the passengers and aircraft this this case, it's deployed. it's not clear if it deployed in the air or popped out because of the impact. there was no fair which would suggest one of two things, it disability hit hard enough to rupture the fuel tanks. or two, it may have been out of fuel. though a ruptured tank empty would have a fuel smell which some people did smell out there. two of the survivors were helicoptered to a hospital. one was taken by ambulance. the faa can investigate for violations of safety standards and ntsb safety board team will investigate the cause for -- for the cause of this once they arrive at the scene. like all plane crashes, they're
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presumed to be potential crime scenes largely to keep people, including the media, from disturbing the evidence. a neighbor that we spoke to actually heard the crash. >> we heard this big explosion. and we thought, oh, people are playing with fireworks again. but then two mints later we heard fire engines and we got scared something had caught on fire. so they kept coming and coming. >> the plane was facing the opposite direction he was taking off. so it sounds like he turned around -- there was a problem and turned around and was heading back to the airport because he was a thousand feet from the airport. >> reporter: that's the sad part of this. the pilot was very, very close to the runway but simply don't have the speed or -- didn't have the speed to make it back. that's what the ntsb is checking to find out what happened.
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my colleague will have more for the 10:00 news. >> do we know anything about the people on board? one person was killed, three injured. do we know anything about the conditions of those injured? >> reporter: we know nothing about the conditions of those that are injured but that's because i've been here at the scene. my colleague has been checking into that. so later on in a later newscast, we'll have whatever information that's available. >> talking to those people who heard the crash but didn't see it, did they say anything about hearing any engine noise prior to the crash? because as you suggested, a possibility of running out of fuel, that means the engine would have quit and been silent before the crash. >> reporter: i don't think we've talked to enough people. what they remember is hearing a crash, and that would be a very loud noise. something that heavy, by most standards is light, but it's a lot of weight hitting the ground
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at one tile. that's one of the things the ntsb along with the sheriff's department and faa will be going next door and saying did you see or hear anything? and looking for security cameras because there are houses around here and there are security cameras. we may see more, but all that investigation has to be done. >> tom, thank you stay with ktvu for developing coverage on this story. we're working to bring you updates on air and online. new at 6:00, canadian transport officials released a report on the canada air flight that came close to disaster last friday when it lined up to land on a taxi way. the canadian report found the air canada flight crew asked the sfo tower about lights that weren't supposed to be on the runway and asked them to confirm their landing clearance. they found the air canada plane was 100 feet above another plane as it pulled up during its go
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around. >> where is this guy going? he's on the taxi way. >> there were four jets full of passengers on that taxi way waiting to take off when it happened. if the air canada jet landed on the taxi way, it could have caused a major disaster. the u.s. transportation safety board hasn't yet issued a report on this close call. new details now on a three alarm fire that destroyed three downtown businesses. among the businesses, the chamber of commerce and a pop lair restaurant where investigators -- pop lair restaurant where investigators say it may have started. the complex is a total loss. >> reporter: it is a total loss. we were here a few minutes ago when the fire truck came and doused a hot spot of what remains of the building. firefighters say it's not safe to go in and democrat a cause but they have an -- and
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determine a cause but have an idea where it started. the fire broke out before midnight in the heart of lafayette. within moments with giant flames and embers flying everywhere, it was clear to firefighters they wouldn't be attacking the infore know. it was soon -- attacking the fire. it was soon clear no business could be saved. among the casualties, the chamber of commerce, the pop lair italian restaurant, a cpa office, and sal lon. the fire appeared it started in a radiant. the determination of what the fire may take -- of started the fire may take time. >> there are parts of the building that may fall down. we need to bring in additional resources to safetily conduct the investigation.
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>> reporter: there were loud booms as a propane tank exploded. east bay mud had to increase the water pressure. some eight to 12,000 gallons of water was sprayed for minute. the damage pegged at at least one money dollars. >> it's a big impact to us. >> i'm sure that the board is going to come together. i'll sure the city and chamber will come together and come up with some sort of temporary solution to find a home for the chamber. >> i can't believe this happened. i just got a phone call and text messages. it's a shame. >> reporter: fire officials say it might be a while before they go in. in fact, at least 24 hours before they can do so. after they find the cause, this building known to many people in
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lafayette will have to be leveled. >> that was a raging fire i saw it on my way home last night. a bay area man charged with jumping the white house fence this year has pleaded guilty in the case. on march 1, '00, secret service agents found jonathan tran walking on the white house grounds. he told the agents he was friend of the president and was found with two conditions of pepper spray. tran is expected to be sentenced in september. president trump and the first lady are in paris where they designed above the eiffel tower. >> lauren tells us president trump dressed the controversy involves his son. she's live in washington with more. >> reporter: while president trump and the french president attempts to repair their relationship after a rocky started a mites they don't see eye to eye on a number of issues but they are committed to
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working together. >> also confront unfair trade practices. >> reporter: president trump and his french counter part announcing france and the united states will partner to promote free trade and combat global terrorism. >> we face new threats from north korea, iran and syria, and the governments that finance and support them. >> reporter: president trump commemorating the hundredth anniversary of the u.s. entering world war i on his third foreign trip. >> france is the oldest ally. a lot of people don't know that. >> reporter: despite the strong history between the two nations, both leaders remain far apart on climate change, especially president trump's decision to with draw from the paris accord. >> we knew what all disagreements are. we expressed them on a number of occasions, but i think it's important we can continue to
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talk about it. >> reporter: the question on everyone's mind at home is about the meeting between president trump's son and a russian attorney during the 2016 cam pain. >> i think from a practical standpoint, most people would have taken that meeting. it's called opposition research. >> reporter: notably, the president did leave the door open on the possibility ever of the u.s. -- of the u.s. rejoining the paris accord saying something could happen and it would be wonderful but if it doesn't, that's okay, too. the first vote is set for next week in the senate on the republicans newly revised healthcare bill. two key senators, rand pull and susan collins say they oppose the bill released today. they can only afford to lose two votes and pass it. changes include more money to fight opioid abuse and help states with rising insurance costs. it would maintain taxes on upper
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income americans. the bill would phase out the medicate expansion adopted under obamacare care. >> it improves on the previous version in a number of ways all while retaining the goals of providing stability and improving affordability. >> from what we're seeing, the new republican trump care bill is every bit as mean as the old one. >> mitch mcconnell met with republican holdouts including nevada senator dean heller who opposed the early bill. it sweatens the pot for alaska, home of another module ratted senator u with about $2 billion in targeted aid. coming up, a series of construction fires fueling worries about arson in oklahoma. . >> i have to prepare and prevent the possibility that oakland
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development is being targeted. >> we are tracking that heat we talked about the last couple of days. it's warm u it's summer, but it gets hotter towards the weekend. >> a critical vote on a controversial marijuana dispensary in san francisco. why people are opposed. >> we want to show a live look at the thursday evening commute. here's the traffic heading towards the toll plaza where it's heavy at this hour. >> it's interstate 80 in oakland. slow going there in both directions.
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san francisco's planning commission meeting tonight to vote on a proposal to open a mairp dispensary in the city's sunset district. it's been met with opposition for months. >> neighborhood groups worried about effects on community showed up to voice their opposition ahead of the vote. christina is live at city hall with the story. >> reporter: there are well over 100 people waiting to speak at public comment. you can see how far the line stretches at city hall. many of these people don't want to see a medical maine shop pop up in their neighborhood but -- medical marijuana shop pop up here. about two-dozen people proposed
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a medical marijuana dispensary in the sunset district. members of the chinese community are hoping a push will sway the commission to vote against establishing a dispensary on this street. it will be run by dr. floyd and his wife gene quan. he own a can nis club in castro. they feel it will attract crime and pose risk to children. >> we know there's a lot of kids there. a lot of senior citizens there. i don't think this is fitting in the neighborhood. >> reporter: owe fountains are bays -- opponents are basing their opinions on fear and stigma. some seen the positive benefit of medical marijuana. >> my grandmother deals with chronic pain and lung cancer. >> reporter: in a letter to the
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planning department, they state aamong other things they'll have strict security protocols. they claim to have substantial support from those in sunset and across the city. the spokesman for the dispensary won't comment until a vote is cast in evening. either way, whether this is an approval or denial, either side can appeal the decision to the board of supports. >> chris tina, there's a line wait r for people to speak so i take it a vote won't happen until that's finished. >> reporter: it's hard to hear you but i think what you're saying is it's going to be a long night and that's correct. there are 18 gripes that signed up to speak -- 18 groups that signed up to speak. the line started at 1:00 this afternoon it's been growing by the hour. it's likely into the night where we have public comment and a
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vote could come late tonight. now to concorde where a man is you should arrest accused -- under arrest accused of molesting a girl at a laundromat. she was there with her grandmother on tuesday. 60-year-old jose chavez molested the girl without anyone noticing. when she found out she called 911. homeowners are being reminded about space after a fire destroyed a home. we spoke with firefighters about what to do to protect your property. >> reporter: for some life is starting to return to normal in the fit hills -- foothills where fires swept through. they launched attack from the air and ground but one home burned. dave wasn't home but his teenage son was and didn't real as how
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close the fire was until he walk outside. >> he could see the neighbor's house on four and the hill on fire. when we talked out to check the house out in the front yard is when he noticed our yard was on fire. >> reporter: the yellow hillsides are tracked with dry, brittle fuel which is why it's crucial to clear 100 feet around your home. >> you can see this stuff how dry this got. >> reporter: firefighters showed us which homes were best swatted. swatted -- sit waited. >> this stuff will burn easily. it's close to the house. this stuff will burn. ? they stopped it from getting to the trees which would have been a problem because it would have burned the house. >> reporter: seeing flames so
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closure, he plans to change his yard. >> it will be different. rocks. cut the trees back more. i thought this was a good area at the bottom of the hill. but it's not. >> reporter: firefighters thursday monitored hot spots but declared the fire 100% contained. >> the home is just a home. it's really nothing. the family, that's everything. it doesn't matter as long as everybody and may neighbors were safe, that's the big thing. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is under investigation. and seasonally fire says arson investigators are -- and san jose fire says arson investigators are looking into it. high temperatures today a lot like yesterday. and it will get warmer as the air sinks. it's not a major heatup, but it will be hot in the inland bay valleys. advisory for the east bay hills and santa cruz mountains on
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saturday and sunday. not for san francisco, san jose or oakland. tomorrow, a lot like today. about the same, maybe a few degrees warmer. as we go into saturday and sunday, we peak. that will be with temperatures in the inland valleys, 99, 100 degrees. that's where we're going. nothing crazy unusual here. fog along the coast. it's pulled back a little, but the fog will be back tomorrow as you know. current temperatures like last night, there's the fog. pick it out here getting squished through the gap you can barely see it. one of the things i talked about was environmental clues about what's happening with the weather. the fog is not up high, it's not drifting. it's hugging the hill. it's coming over. that's because the high pressure is building in. models are correct, high pressure will build in and it should be a warmer day tomorrow.
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when i come back, we'll talk about slightly warmer weather tomorrow. and saturday and sunday, that fog is really going to be pinched down and that's when you see the triple digit heat. frustration from business owners about a growing homeless encampment in the east bay. >> i have rats in my building. >> up next, why city leaders say the solution is not simple. >> seth took time to talk about championship repeat. we'll have details later in sports. >> details for a missing man last seen driving to work. the discovery made in the area he was last seen. geand chicken sandwich with your choice of sweet or spicy barbeque sauce. you crave it, we serve it. crave van!
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crave van! here, try my new barbeque bacon cheeseburger and chicken sandwich with your choice of sweet or spicy barbeque sauce. you crave it, we serve it. crave van! sfrugs growing for oakland business -- frustration is growing over a homeless en campment. it's on wood street in west oakland between 24th and 26th streets. ktvu rob roth asked city leaders what they planned to do about it. >> it's like a flea market. >> reporter: as this encampment grows along 26th in west oakland, so does frustration of business owners working nearby. >> i'm supposed to be running a business here. my employees or myself shouldn't have to put up with this. >> reporter: this is a paragraph a business owner sent us of the
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street taken last week. >> i have rats in my building. i never have rats in my building. >> reporter: the city cleaned up the trash but they suspect it will pile up again. >> another two to three weeks it will be to the point they have to come out and pick up again. >> reporter: it's brought in port apot ties and barricades to keep it from encroaching on the street. >> it's better people have a place to go to the bathroom and trying to make it safer from a traffic perspective. but the fact there's a homeless enkafrptment by these businesses -- encampment by these businesses isn't better and we understand that. >> reporter: lee smith is a war veteran who fell on hard times ten-years ago. he knows garbage is a problem for the neighborhood. >> they just dump it over there in one pile and they get it. we have to watch out for people who just want to dump stuff.
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>> reporter: the city says this area has become an illegal dumping site for outsiders. the city haired an additional cleaning crew and pickups are more frequent. a big part of the problem is soaring rents. low income housing is becoming harder to find. oakland is doubling its budget to $1856 million this year -- are there 185 million this year. >> there is a light at the end of the tunnel. we need to do a better job managing the encampments. news at 6:30 starts next with tough questions for oakland's mayor after a fire of an apartment building under construction. >> we have to get to the bottom of what caused this fire and whether it was intentionally set or accidentally set. >> what she's doing to keep it from happening again.
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>> plus, scary moments on a south bay highway after a delivery driver passes out behind the wheel. how a passenger likely saved lives. >> a long ride for a good cause. we catch up with a bay area teenager as he rides his bike to the mexican board. ♪ what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die!
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now to today's top stories. a small plane crashed about 1000 yards from the sonoma airport. you see the parachute deployed on the sr22. two survivors were taken to the hospital by ambient -- helicopters and one by ambulance. we do not know their conditions. the faa and the ntsb are trying to figure out what caused the small pain -- plane to go down. the building was home to the chamber of commerce. a restaurant, and have to -- a dozen other russians. they're not determined how the building is a total loss. president trump is in france to mark


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