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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 18, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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bart system. we will tell you about the numbers and how bart's police chief is responding. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, july 18. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your tuesday weather . steve paulson knows everything. >> i don't know about that, but i hope so. still have some upper 90s and if you 100 yesterday all the many at the coast and bay started that temperature drop. today, even those well inland will city -- will see a big drop. 48 in napa. a nice break from the heat! i would agree with that. there is another observation, 52. i see 48 in calistoga and glen allen. bodega bay, 47.
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it is cold and foggy there. 48 in hillsburg. kelseyville is sleeping and. that's okay. low clouds are making a charge and went. there is a strong onshore wind and it looks like it's beginning to fill in toward santa cruz. 50s or 60s for the temperatures. low 50s in woodside and pacifica. hillsborough, 52. 52, atherton. wind at 26 with gusts 230. the table is set for cooler and the sacramento valley as this system inches closer to us. that opens the door to mother nature's air-conditioning. 6:01 am. sal, is traffic something you want to get to? there is slow traffic. it's getting slower all over the place and people are getting all over the road.
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the commute is not very slow considering what time of the morning it is. interstate 80 westbound, only taking 20 minutes to dry between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. as every minute wears on, we are getting more cars joining us at the bay bridge. the metering light seven on for a half-hour. this is a 15-20 minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. i'm still optimistic about this commute because you can see the 880 wrap looks good. you can get in, especially if you are using fast track. this is a look at the san mateo bridge. that traffic is slow. steve has been talking about the low clouds and the fog and you can definitely see that. i will watch san francisco airport which tends to be affected by this weather later in the morning. this is a look at the san mateo and dumbarton bridge. you do not see a lot of red here. we see red on 880 south and a crash westbound 580 near
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foothill that has been cleared. you may see some slow traffic there. let's go back to the desk. san francisco police will start 24 hour patrols of twin peaks, one of the most popular and scenic tourist spots in san francisco, after a man was shot and killed sunday morning. the victim was a long time and well-liked member of san francisco's film industry. leigh martinez is at twin peaks right now. you spoke to a friend of that shooting victim? >> reporter: that's right. a commercial was shooting up here at twin peaks this morning and the production manager said the victim was his mentor, a good friend for several years who would not have fought back in a robbery. he says this particular location, despite the weather, it said the weather does not deter criminals appear. even last year, despite the wind and a thick fog and the cool temperatures, even his car was broken into last year and
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his camera equipment was stolen. shortly before 8 am on sunday, police said a jogger heard a gunshot and ran to help. police on patrol nearby arrived within minutes but it was too late. the victim is 71-year-old, at french. he was shot near his car. the motive is likely robbery. his camera was missing. friends say he was likely taking photos for his work as a location manager, scouting sites for commercials friends and colleagues describe him as a mentor and friendly person who would not have fought back against a robber and they say that film crews are burglarized often on twin peaks. >> i think that everybody is stopped up here. this is a hard place to be. the bad guys have lookouts all over this place. i think they pray on anybody who comes up. >> reporter: investigator say suspects are a couple, a man between the ages of 20 and 25.
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5 but, 11 inches, 170 pounds. the woman is about 18. the the -- the getaway vehicle is described as a late-model dark gray honda accord with rear end damage. there are video surveillance cameras but they are pointed at the communications tower. investigators want cameras to be focused on the parking lot where the shooting took place and they want signage indicating the presence of cameras. there has been police patrols appear frequently but they usually start at 10 am and go until 3 am. because of this latest homicide, police are stepping up patrols to 24 hours, seven days a week. cal fire reports crews have stopped the progress of a fire burning in lake county. the murphy fire started about 2:30 pm yesterday, three miles
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south of lower lake. the fire is 75% contained and highway 29 is back open after being shut down for hours. the latest report from cal fire says about 40 acres have burned . it does not sound like a lot but for a community that's been devastated by major fires for the last two years, any smoke and flames are scary. >> 2015 and 2016 was devastating to us. so, a lot of ptsd going on with my community. >> it's heartbreaking because i see all my friends and the anxiety they go through. the fear. it's hard. >> a local pizza parlor try to calm nerves by inviting people to use the restaurant as a base. people could stay close to home and get the latest information about the fire and feel the support of neighbors. the fire chief said that feeling of community helps the department respond quickly to
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reports of fire. the water fire burning and mariposa county is 5% contained. the detweiler fire started sunday afternoon around 40 miles east of modesto near lake mclaury. people have been ordered to evacuate the area with hundreds of people forced out of their homes. so far, no injuries are reported. cal fire said one building has been destroyed and another is damaged. lanes are being filled by heavy brush and tall grass that has tried out during the recent hot weather. north of us and mendocino county, cal fire crews are battling the gray fire. is started sunday. crews believe it was started by a truck that caught fire as it was pulling a trail -- trailer. the flames spread to a nearby hillside hillside. 900 acres have burned so far. it is 30% contained. we are expecting an update on this and the next couple of hours. evacuations continue and traffic is being controlled on highway 101. so far no structures have been damaged and no injuries have
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been reported. there are traffic restrictions on highway 101. expect a delay if you use that highway. a fire burning near the mountain winery and saratoga is now 75% contained. fire crews say they vin years are a good fire break out there. the fire started late yesterday afternoon off mount eden road. this video is from skyfox which was out there shortly after the fire started. the mountain winery often hosts concerts but the area where those concerts are held is not in danger this morning. the fire has burned 10 acres. the flames of 40% contained. no structures are threatened. the crews hope to have that fire fully contained by either tonight or tomorrow. state-bred here with us at ktvu fox 2 news for continuing coverage of this fire season. we will have the latest information on air and also at and on your smart
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phone. also happening today, the bart board will hear details of how the system's police chief plans to respond to a the ticket increase in crime on the public transit system. alex savidge is live -- live at they want to creek station. you are talking about more violent sex crimes being reported. >> reporter: yes. the recent surge in that type of crime on for the bart system across the system. the police chief responding this morning and saying that part of his plan is to fast track the hiring of about 40 new officers to create a more visible police presence both at the stations and onboard the trains as well. during the first half of this year, there have been seven rapes reported on bart property. that is the same number reported for all of 2015 and 2016 combined. those crimes took place at various stations, mainly in the east bay.
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there have also been 28 sexual assaults reported on the bart system so far this year. that is the same number that we had during all of last year. bart officials say this recent surge in sex crimes should be put in some context considering that more than 15 million passengers rode the system during that time period. still, the police chief is troubled by the numbers and determined to make changes. >> one sexual assault is too many and any community, in any transit district. so we are constantly looking at ways that we can mitigate that. >> reporter: another strategy to combat crime on the bart system is surveillance cameras. last month, bart announced all of its trains now are equipped with working cameras. no more decoys. those cameras, however, are not monitored in real time. investigators can review the video after the fact if there is a crime that happens on board one of the trains.
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later this morning, the topics of crime on the bart system and also the potential hiring of those 40 new officers will be part of the discussion during a bart board of directors meeting that gets underway at 10:30 am in oakland. still ahead, in a battle against climate change, a real game changer. coming up, more about the vote by state lawmakers, a bipartisan vote on and train and how this will affect businesses. more republican opposition to the senate health care bill. effectively killing its chances of passage. i'm kelly wright in new york. the details are coming up.
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welcome back. house republicans unveiled their budget proposal for the next fiscal year which includes controversial tax and spending cuts. the $4 trillion plan overhauls the tax code, repeals part of the law reforming wall street regulations while slashing more than $200 billion from the federal programs such as food stamps. the spending plan covers fiscal year 2018 which begins in october. supporters say the u.s. would go from a half trillion dollars debt next year to $9 billion budget surplus in 2027. critics of the proposal would hurt the poor to finance tax cuts for the rich. a decision has come down by a judge after three groups filed a lawsuit to find out who
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has been at president trump's mar-a-lago resort in florida during his seven visits so far this year. a judge ruled in their favor citing the freedom of information act and the requested information has to be released by september 8. the group also wants to know who's been visiting at the white house and at trump tower in new york. the department of homeland security says it has no logs for trump tower. also the white house is exempt from the freedom of information act until five years after the president leaves office. today, horse advocates are pushing back against congress after he moved the could lead to more horses being slaughtered for meat. four years, congress has prohibited slaughter operations by banning funding for horse meat inspectors. last week, the appropriations committee voted against extending that prohibition. today, advocates are hoping the committee maintains a legal bear that prohibits the killing of wild horses. those who want to end the ban
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say an inspection program would result in a more humane processing of the animal. let's get you to where you need to go. sal is back. you are watching the toll plaza and everything else. we are also looking at highway 24 and 680. things are beginning to get more crowded although it is not stop and go on 24. there is some stop and go traffic on highway 4 through the pittsburg and bay point area . nothing out of the ordinary if you drive that every day. you will see that traffic on 680 is more crowded. when you get to 24 it's crowded but it's not going to be slowing down below the speed limit. you will see points where things are beginning to get crowded. at the toll plaza you will slow below the speed limit. it is backed up for a 15 minute delay before you make it onto the span. the san mateo bridge, the same thing. things are beginning to turn but it looks okay as you get
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out to the peninsula. on highway 101, there is congestion at 101 and 92 in san mateo. not too much. in general, the peninsula traffic looks good on 101 and 280. i want to mention the south bay commute is off to a nice start. we do not have a lot of congestion on any of the freeways heading up to sunnyvale or cupertino. we have a big fog bank out there. that is finally going to equal a cooler pattern even for those well inland. i will say even cooler for lake county even though you do not get the fog or low clouds. you really get that this time of year. you need a cold front but that is a tall order this time of the year. for the rest of the bay, it is a big fog bank and it will make a huge impact today.
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55 in crockett. i bet the fog is making its way toward crockett and venetia. concord pavilion, 54. 53 in pittsburg and elsewhere. temperatures dropping down to 81. livermore, 64. 82 at the sonoma county airport. santa rosa and 10 will be around 79. that fog is really making a huge impact and its billing and almost everywhere on the coast. water temperatures are still cold. 51, 53, 54 and 55. once you get a system coming in, that wraps up the fog. 50s for almost everyone. a few 60s but a lot of 50s. 51 in scotts valley.
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on the coast and in the santa cruz mountains, low 50s. mid to upper 50s around campbell and santa clara. 12 degrees cooler, 10 degrees cooler, that would be concord and napa airport compared to 24 hours ago. if you are outside, it feels cooler. 26 with gusts 230 and travis. 53 in ukiah. any travel plans in southern california, fog on the coast, i think palm springs is okay. that monsoon has been going crazy around phoenix and tucson. not much of it reaches the desert of southern california. this system coming in will push this out of the area. 60s through 90s but most locations in linden will be in the 70s and 80s right now. there is a roaring breeze and walnut creek. it will be much cooler there. 67 in alameda. 81 in san jose. 70s on the coast.
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a lot of 50s and 60s with 70s on the peninsula. cooler today and it stays there for a bit. >> how would you advise people -- >> if you on the coast and they, it's cold this morning. layers. inland, it's not that bad. >> i am happy to throw on a layer, i think. at this point. thank you. 6:20 am. still ahead, a california family takes legal action over what a hospital would not do. coming up, the lawsuit over a patient's final wish and california that -- right-to-die law. more high school students are coming home with impressive report cards but there are also signs they may not be learning more in class.
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welcome back. state lawmakers voted to extend california's cap-and- trade program until 2030. both the state senate and the assembly passed it with bipartisan support. the cap-and-trade requires companies to buy permits in order to release greenhouse gas emissions. governor brown is praising republicans who crossed party lines in support of the legislation. >> that took all the green
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courage that he honed indirect to be able to say to the people, it isn't all bad and there is a good bill here that republicans and democrats can vote on. >> republican lawmakers have been slow to support the legislation, worried that costs could go higher for the middle class. environmentalists say the deal is too soft on i'll -- oil companies. in washington, it's back to the drawing board for u.s. senate republicans hoping to reform healthcare. this comes after proposed replacement for the affordable healthcare act did not get enough support. as kelly wright reports, this new plan could call for the repeal without a replacement in place. remake a few more senators have come out against the bill, essentially ending any hope of the better care reconciliation act becoming law. senators mike lee and jerry moran both say they cannot support the revised legislation . their opposition means four
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gop senators are planning to vote no. it's a crushing blow to the party after campaigning on the issue for years. president trump tweeted late monday night "republicans should just repeal feeling obamacare now and work on a new healthcare plan that will start from a clean state. dems will join in." senator john mccain also concedes the effort will need democratic support. saying in a statement that congress must "hold hearings, receive input from members of both parting. " republicans have been strongly criticized for writing the bill behind closed doors without any democratic help. among those critics minority leader chuck schumer he tweeted that the second pillar of trumpcare is proof positive that the core of this bill is unworkable. he then urges republicans to start from scratch and try again. majority leader mitch mcconnell is now suggesting they will try that clean repeal of obama care
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without any legislation to take its place. it's not clear when a repeal vote would take place. the senate, last week, delay the start of its august recess in hopes of finally passing a republican health plan. kelly wright, fox news. more high school students are earning a's but standardized test scores are dropping. recent findings show that 47% of high school students are graduating with an average up from 38.9 in 1998. the average act scores are dropping which could mean the students aren't actually learning more. researchers say it's a sign of great inflation, especially noticeable in private schools. san francisco's hopes to clear the air over recreational marijuana. coming up, what city leaders are working on today and the impact on the industry.
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remake a plan to create dedicated bus only lanes along geary boulevard throughout san francisco is meeting resistance. business owners and some residents are concerned. we do have our share of difficulties out there and slow traffic when it comes to the commute. we looking at a live picture of the macarthur maze. the bay bridge is backing up to the maze and we have other problems in the east bay. no problems if you like cool weather. there is a big fog bank and an onshore breeze that will send temperatures down.
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good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, july 18. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. let's check in with the steve for a look at the weather today and the rest of the week. >> cooler. for most. >> and through the weekend? >> forecast models bumped up inland temperatures and the next run, they dropped to the low end. we will see. they can change on a dime. the next couple of days look to be quiet as there is a lot of fog forming. brad schafer, in sausalito, thick fog on the bay and 52
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degrees. your cool weather report is music to my ears. thank you. i think it's music to a lot of people's years. 60s and a lot of 50s. 52 in oakland. vallejo, 54. livermore, 53. the fog is charging inland and the onshore breeze will take it into santa cruz proper. it's getting closer. 53 for the water temperature and bodega bay. these are called. 50s for temperatures. 40s to the north. in the south, low 50s. scotts valley, mid-50s. the temperature drop is significant. double digits for some. napa airport and concord and livermore. gusts at 30 and travis. the delta breeze has kicked in. we do not need to worry about that monsoon.
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some of that may sneak into southern california but the majority is being pushed out by a system coming in which is allowing befall to ramp up. 50s, 60s and 70s by the water. 80s for most inland. we do have a problem in dublin that has grown. 580 at foothill -- we told you about this around 5:30 am. a big rig and a volkswagen got into a crash. everything seemed fine. they determine they had to close the right lane. 15 minutes ago, the issued a sig-alert and are now waiting for caltrans they will not be out there for another 60 minutes. they need to close that right lane. whatever's in the truck needs to be cleaned up and that is causing a traffic jam. it's grown in the last 10 or 15 minutes since they decided to close that lane. that means they will put cones out and not flares. this is bad news. what's happening as a result, people are using other roads to get around this. look at 84.
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that is taking a lot of traffic. after that, 680, people are getting on 680 and heading south through pleasanton. 880 is also slow. that is a normal slowdown. 92 is beginning to slow onto the san mateo bridge. on highway 4, it slow through pittsburg and bay point. that is a normal slowdown heading from concord to one of creek. the bay bridge, 15-20 minute delay. all within the realm of normal traffic for this time of the morning. let's go back to the desk. a plan in san francisco to create dedicated bus lanes along the 38 geary route may be approved later today. >> allie rasmus is live in the richmond district which would be impacted by the plan and some of the business owners are not happy. >> reporter: the concern is what what happened to a lot of the parking and neighborhoods. we are in the richmond district at 19th avenue. you can see a lot of cars are parked up and down the street.
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next to a lot of small businesses. a lot of pedestrians as well. the concern is what does this mean for businesses if you take away parking for these dedicated bus only lanes and also concerns about how fast people will be able to get on the bus line that goes up and down through the city. they plan to create these dedicated lanes -- the idea behind it is to speed up travel times on the 38. it's one of the most popular bus routes in the city. it carries 52,000 people every year. the plan to create those lanes would cost $300 million. it would create those lanes all along geary boulevard for market up to 34th avenue. it would add traffic lights, sidewalk extensions and other safety improvements for pedestrians. businesses and some residents are uneasy. they are worried about the impact to parking and the impact of long-term construction. >> we have heard customers already complain. and residents
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come in and ask us to join or sign a position to not have a bus only lane here. remake a group called san franciscans for central transit filed a lawsuit against the plan earlier this year. that lawsuit is making its way through the court system. in the meantime, we interviewed that man, and others like him say some have created a petition to stop the plans for this dedicated bus only lane through the richmond district on geary boulevard. in the meantime, san francisco transportation agency could vote on the plan as early as later today. 6:35 am. today, san francisco city leaders are looking to create a cannabis office to prepare for the anticipated explosion in sale of recreational marijuana. a budget and finance subcommittee of the board of
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supervisors will hold a hearing at 10:30 am. the full board considers the issue this afternoon. the mayor, $10.1 billion budget plan, calls for $700,000 for the cannabis office. a vote is expected today and california will likely begin issuing licenses for the sale of recreational marijuana in january. a family of a terminally ill cancer patient is suing ucsf claiming the hospital refused to help her and her life. her name is judy dale. she was in the final stage of colorectal cancer and wanted to die on her own terms last summer. the lawsuit claims ucsf misled her into believing the hospital would help her. her family says when judy decided she was ready to die, hospital workers denied her request for the drugs she needed. she searched for another doctor to help her but she did not survive the 15 day waiting period required by state law.
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>> two days before she would have been able to avail herself, she died a painful, horrible death that the daughters had to witness. she had to die anyway, exactly the way she did not want to. >> ucsf is being accused of elder abuse, misrepresentation and negligence. when we asked ucsf for a response, they did send a statement saying "ucsf medical center allows its doctors and other clinical employees to support patients wishing to end their life under the act. they also respect clinicians writes not to participate." in san francisco federal court the leader of an antiabortion group was found in contempt of court. the man, his organization, and two attorneys were ordered to pay at least $137,000. the antiabortion group posted online in 2015, they secretly taped videos of abortion provider meetings.
6:38 am
the group accused planned parenthood employees of illegally selling fetal tissue for profit. a judge ruled that the group violated his order by posting additional videos. in a related case, the man appeared in court yesterday but did not enter a plea on criminal charges of violating anti-eavesdropping laws. a san jose man, saul garcia, is remembered as a hero. he died while rescuing his two young children and four others in a swimming hole in morgan hill. that swimming hole is that a former rock quarry, fed by coyote creek. deputy say the children were playing in the water when they got into trouble. that's when saul garcia jumped into the water, trying to save them. >> also, he was fully clothed. he jumped in to save his son with shoes on, with jeans on, that makes it that much more difficult to not only rescue someone but rescue yourself. >> authorities point out with
6:39 am
all the rain we had last winter, a lot of water flows through that area. the santa clara county sheriff's office is reminding everyone to use extreme caution when you swim this summer picture attorney general jeff session says he will issuing a directive this week aimed at increasing police seizures of cash and property. asset forfeiture is a practice that allowed -- allows authorities to take funds from individuals with respect to crimes. his comments came yesterday during a speech with district attorneys from across the country. he said he would like to see an increase in prosecutions for gun crimes and he said the opioid epidemic is partly the result of doctors prescribing too many painkillers. >> we've never, ever seen anything like this. we have drug epidemics in the early 80s and crack came along in the late 80s and early 90s. but we've never seen anything like these deaths. that exceeds automobile accidents. it exceeds the deaths of people
6:40 am
during the height of the aids epidemic. in this nation, friendly, it is prescribing and consuming too many painkillers. we need to do better about that. >> jeff sessions also said the justice department will place a bigger emphasis on dismantling violent gangs. the california supreme court says the state medical board can search prescription drug records without a search warrant or a subpoena. the state's highest court ruled that the board did not violate patient privacy rights when officials searched a statewide database while investigating a southern california doctor who was put on probation for complaints that include writing excessive prescriptions. the state court justice world that recording the medical board to present evidence to a judge as part of her preliminary investigation would be too time-consuming and would also slow down the investigation. 6:40 am.
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we are talking about an alarming increase in sexual assaults on bart. coming up, what bart's new police chief is planning to do about the problem. next, a bay area job market is going strong but new numbers show many people can't keep up with the rental housing market. blue apron's stock is on ice as a major player cooks up a rival meal kit service. we have a problem on the san mateo bridge and that is a truck accident. it may be hard to see but you can see it is blocking a lane and there's also another car blocking the two left lanes. emergency crews are just pulling up on the scene. we will tell you what's happening when we come back. mother nature is serving up in epicurean delight. it's called fog and cool. it's on the menu today. we will talk about those cooler temperatures coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we want to check in on the stock market. here's a live look at the dell. you can see it's off 55 points. a big week for earnings reports. some of that is putting pressure on stocks this morning. nasdaq is down as well. hanging on to the 6300 level.
6:45 am
we will keep an eye on those earnings and the stock market this money. a new york judge world the federal officials asked google too much information. the labor department has asked the tech giant for information about more than 25,000 of its workers in connection with a gender bias case. the government is looking into whether google pays women less than it pays men. the judge said the investigators request was too broad and intrusive. google has been ordered to -- to turnover data for 8000 workers including their contact information. in the bay area, the gap between wage increases in housing costs keep growing. a new report by the silicon valley institute says the cost of renting a house went up by 9% in san francisco, santa clara and san mateo county over the past five years. salaries only went up about 2.8% in that same period. economists blame the quote -- growing up in the slow pace of home construction and the high cost of housing. it looks like major u.s.
6:46 am
companies are increasing their 401(k) benefits. the vanguard group finds the average company contribution last year rose to 4.7% of employee salaries. that's up almost 1% from the year before. the wall street journal says the reason for the increase is an effort to keep good employees from leaving. we have more information on amazon's plans to complete with blue apron. amazon filed a trademark slogan, we do the prep, you be the chef. the company plans to get into the meal kit business and economist say amazon's bit into that area will slice into the revenues of blue apron which at one point yesterday saw its shares plummet about 10%. the meal kit industry, a $2.2 billion market. >> really. 6:46 am. let's see what's coming up in the next hour of mornings on 2. when i join you, one
6:47 am
newspaper is calling it an american nightmare. the police shooting death every woman from australia that happened over the weekend in minneapolis. how the incident is being received and reported in her home country and the latest on the investigation into what happened. a massive miss get a release in california. it does not sound like a good idea but we will explain why it could help fight this read of a deadly virus. and the company releasing this mosquito say people should not worry about any ill effects. these stories and more when i see you in a couple minutes. a dog has been returned to a dallas cowboy's wide receiver after it was stolen and held for ransom. >> lucky whitehead was in florida last week. his puppy pit bull was stolen from his home in texas. he said he got phone calls demanding $10,000 for the return of his dog. earlier this morning, he posted this short video of his dog on
6:48 am
a snapchat saying the dog is home and it safe. we are not sure how the dog got back. but it is back. >> that looked like an interesting way to hold the dog. >> that's what you call, showing it off. >> okay. 6:48 am. let's check in with sal. we have a problem on the san mateo bridge. it sounded like it was going to be more severe but, fortunately, no injuries. let's look at that, westbound 92. there was a big rig and suv who got into a crash. i'm not sure where the suv went. they said they were moving everything to the shoulder. i do see some slow traffic approaching chp and the tow truck on the side. at least all the lanes are open and things are moving well. they canceled the fire department from coming out. no one was injured. let's move along and look at some of these other commutes.
6:49 am
you can see the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for a 25-30 minute delay with no major problems once you get onto the span. westbound 580 at foothill in san ramon -- a truck that spilled something after a crash. the right lane is closed. you now have a big backup from livermore to dublin. if that is your commute on 580, you are in for some slow traffic. 680 is slow southbound through pleasanton. in the south bay, 85 and 101 and 280 are getting slower on your way up to cupertino, sunnyvale and mountain view. it's all about cooler temperatures for just about everybody. sometimes, this time of year if you are in lake county, it can be tough. and most locations do cool off today. a much bigger fog bank that continues to make a push. it's lifting and going over the coastal hills and it's filling and rapidly for almost everyone on the coast. there is an onshore breeze. when it starts to make it into the higher elevations, that is a good time. it's cool out there. 58 degrees with a cool breeze
6:50 am
in martinez. thank you, jenny for that. i believe it. a cool summer breeze. little feet, let it roll with that fog bank. 52 in brentwood. that's down 10 or 15 degrees compared to a day ago. 52 in moraga. 53, livermore. temperatures on their way down. sonoma county airport, 82. i think santa rosa in town will be 79. 88 and livermore. that is my forecast high. this has been a very warm month for many inland. 85 in san jose, down to 81 today. you can see the low clouds. there's nothing and nothing and then there something. that wind is picking up from the delta. i think it has filled in and
6:51 am
around santa cruz. i know it's making it over into the santa cruz mountains. 51 in bodega bay for the water temperature. half moon bay, 54. they have maintained that cool brady -- cool redding. 50s for the temperatures for almost everyone. there are many 40s. calistoga, i heard from karen up in calistoga, she said this is nice. i will take this. glen allen, 49. bodega bay, 48. the same for hillsburg and sevastopol. that is a cool temperature difference from 20 -- 24 hours ago. everyone is down. 26 with gusts 230. the delta breeze is alive and well, kicking up its heels west and northwest and even out to livermore. 37 in turkey. 53, ukiah. the system coming in from the north is bumping the high out of here and that is opening up mother nature's air-conditioner. 60s, 70s and 80s for most.
6:52 am
vacaville, still in the 90s. 60s, 70s for many. a good breeze for some and more 80s than 90s. upper 70s and lower 80s and mid 80s and the santa clara valley. 50s and 60s on the coast. 70s on the peninsula. it looks like a pattern that will stick around for a few days. >> that sounds good. 6:52 am. two bay area counties are going after oil companies. coming up, details of the lawsuits and we will tell you who could be held responsible for rising sea levels. new information about that close call at sfo. we will tell you was happening this week as investigators search for answers.
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this portion of ktvu news, sponsored by your northern california lexus dealer. >> the time is 6:55 am. look at this. a van exploded right there. this happened yesterday, after clipping a parked truck on the highway in eastern china. the van was carrying paint and other flammable materials in the rear. that fueled the big flames. both drivers managed to survive the crash, despite -- both of the vehicles were damaged, as you can imagine. that is incredible.
6:56 am
it is 6:55 am. >> federal investigators say that an air canada jet that almost landed on the taxiway at sfo earlier this month came a lot closer to other jets than anyone thought. >> the air canada jet mistakenly land -- lined up on the taxiway instead of the runway where the airplanes were lined up getting ready to take off. investigators now say that the air canada airplane was just 29 feet above the nearest waiting airplane when the air traffic controller told the pilot to go around. the pilot did so immediately. the national transportation safety board says that it has interviewed the airplanes captain and will talk to the copilot later today. investigators plan to finish questioning air traffic controllers by tomorrow. the time is 6:56 am. a baby boy from san jose is back with his family thanks to
6:57 am
the help of a good samaritan. the little boy was found in san jose after an amber alert was issued. the suspect is accused of stealing the car that the boy was in. the boy's father went back inside the house. the suspect was apparently not aware that a little boy was in the car until he arrived in san jose. he tried to convince a couple to take the boy, and that is when a construction worker grabbed the child out of the car and waited for help to arrive. >> i am glad that he came to us and that, even though my husband told me to not touch the baby -- that my maternal instinct kicked in and i was like, no, that is a baby. >> what a story. the suspect was taken into custody. he is facing charges that include theft, child endangerment, kidnapping, and possession of stolen property. the time is 6:57 am.
6:58 am
the city of sunnyvale is getting an all-inclusive playground designed for children with disabilities and the thanks goes to a teenager who wanted to make a difference. last september 17-year-old esther lucas created a petition as part of a girl scout project to build an inclusive place space like magical bridge in palo alto. the park includes swings for kids and wheelchairs. it also includes a laser harp that plays music with imaginary strings. last week the idea was approved by the mayor and city council. >> i really just thought that it was a really longshot and when it did happen, i thought that i was dreaming. i was really surprised. >> i cannot wait for the day when we do not think of it as unique to have an all-inclusive feature at all of our parks. >> the city council permitted $1.8 million into building the playground as part of a planned renovation at the ferris oaks park. the magical bridge foundation is raising $2.4 million for
6:59 am
that park as well. the time is 6:58 am. big oil companies are being sued by bay area counties and a city near the mexican border. it is because of the issue of rising sea levels. 37 oil, gas, and coal companies are being sued on behalf of marin and san mateo counties and the city of imperial beach in san diego. companies like chevron and exxon mobil are accused of knowing for years that using fossil fuels increases fuel, global warming, the melting of icecaps and higher sea levels. the lawsuit claims that these companies hear that information and try to discredit scientific studies. marin county says that 12,000 homes valued at $16 billion are at risk because of rising sea levels. so far there is no comment by several energy companies. san francisco police began 24 hours of patrols after a shooting turned deadly of a robbery suspect at a popular tourist destination. a recent uptick in violent
7:00 am
sex crimes on the bart system. we will tell you more about the troubling numbers and how the police chief is planning to respond. mornings on 2 continues. expect this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> it is definitely a little bit cool outside him is tuesday morning. it is july 18. >> it is very noticeable. i am dave clark. let's talk about your weather. steve colson is in his office. >> it is cooler. you are right. no doubt about it. i think that the temperatures almost everywhere drop today and even well inland, some will take a dip as there is a strong onshore breeze. for some of you, you are multitasking and you are listening but not watching. you can look out over the estu


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