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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  July 18, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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the democrats are going to come to us and say how do we fix it, or how do we come up with a new plan. preparing for pot sales. >> i think this simplifies us and makes us ready for january 1st when adult use of cannabis becomes legal. >> the new city office created by san francisco to welcome the marijuana industry. and it costs how much to buy a house here in the bay area? the median price of a home in california just hit a new high. "the four on 2" starts now. san francisco gets ready to welcome recreational pot and creates a new office of cannabis to handle everything from permits to complaints. this comes as state lawmakers look to protect kids from pot. welcome to the four on two. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. with less than six months to go before the recreational sale of marijuana begins, cities are looking to set up a regulatory framework. >> tara moriarty with more.
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>> reporter: one marijuana expert we spoke to here in the bay area told us that since recreational marijuana became legal in colorado, about 300 dispensaries have popped up in denver alone. san francisco certainly doesn't have the square footage that denver has but it's bracing for pot business, and lots of it. you have heard of the gold rush of 1849. now san francisco is bracing for what is being called the green rush of 2018. >> we have kind of had to be underground for quite some time. >> reporter: no longer in the shadows, medical marijuana dispensaries light a spark on mission street, preparing to sell pot to recreational users come january 1st. >> my personal opinion is things are going to probably be bigger than we anticipate. >> reporter: it was officially approved today by city leaders. >> what this does is set up a one-stop shop so that we have a
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centralized place to regulate this, to make sure that we do this safely. >> reporter: in the past several departments including fire, public health, and building inspection oversaw the medical marijuana industry. while those agencies will remain involved in the permit process, it will consist of three workers and a $700,000 budget. >> the cost of running the office is recovered by the fees assessed on people selling, growing, or the whole marijuana industry that basically supports its own regulation. >> reporter: there are currently 30 medical dispensaries in the city. all are expected to apply for a permit by november which prepares them for the state permit january 1st. no one knows how many more would-be cannabis sellers will apply, but if you look at the numbers in colorado last year there were 700 storefronts that sold marijuana, and that's more than triple the number of
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starbucks. in the newsroom, tara moriarty, back to you. >> tara, if the office of cannabis, is it only responsible for permits, or will it be dealing with any other issues regarding those facilities? >> good question. they are also going to be punishing violators and offer advice to city leaders because there are still a lot of questions about how late will these cannabis stores be allowed to stay open, will there be a cap on how many can be open, and will they be taxed. this is new territory but they can certainly use denver for a model of what has worked and what has not. >> it's not just san francisco. every city in california has to face this issue. >> a lot to work out between now and the new year. state lawmakers in sacramento are also preparing for legal pot sales. this morning they gathered for a marijuana safety conference at the state capitol. they are considering several restrictions involving legal pot including one that would
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prevent retailers from marketing marijuana to children. it would prohibit packaging pot products in colorful designs that could be attractive to teenagers and kids, and there are other proposals as well. >> we want to be cautious and a careful in how we approach it and what we do. the voters passed it. there's a lot more work to do besides the proposition. and that is really the big thing, is to ensure public safety. >> last month governor brown approved several new laws that create highway safety guidelines for pot. they include a state law that marijuana must be carried in a sealed, unopened container or locked in the trunk, just like alcohol. now to capitol hill in washington. we just learned in the last hour president trump add previously undisclosed meeting with russian president vladimir putin during the g20 summit in germany. the two leaders reportedly spent an hour speaking with just putin's translator and no one else. this has just been revealed. meantime, senate majority
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leader mitch mcconnell just announced, he says the senate will vote early next week to try to move ahead on a straight- up repeal of barack obama's healthcare law. president trump today said he is disappointed the gop was in the able to secure enough votes to repeal and replace obamacare. he says now it is time to let the healthcare system die. >> we'll just let obamacare file. we're not going to own it. i'm not going to own it. i can tell you the republicans are not going to own it. we'll let obamacare fail, then the democrats are going to come to us and say how do we fix it, or how do we come up with a new plan. >> this comes after two more republican senators came out today saying they could not support the bill. reporter joel waldman has more from washington. >> we must repeal job killing obamacare. >> reporter: president trump yesterday afternoon only hours after the gop-backed healthcare bill collapsed in the senate. now one of the trump
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administration's and republicans' major promises, repealing and replacing obamacare is in jeopardy after two more gop senators announced they would not support the bill, the news breaking just as president trump was having dinner with gop leadership looking for a way forward. >> this is something that has to be done. this is kind of a no-fail moment that you have to be able to resolve all these issues. >> reporter: senators mike lee of utah and jerry moran of kansas joining others in opposition of the bill, the president expressing his discontent on twitter. we were let down by all of the democrats and a few republicans. we will return. mcconnell in defeat addressing members on the senate floor this morning calling for an immediate plan b. >> this doesn't have to be the end of the story. passing and repealing legislation will allow us to accomplish what we need to do on behalf of our people. >> reporter: house speaker paul
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ryan fearful what the failure could mean. >> we passed our simultaneous bill. i'm worried that obamacare will stand and the law will continue to collapse and people will get hurt. >> reporter: senate schumer tweeting this second failure is proof positive the gop bill sun workable. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. >> okay, so let's talk more about this healthcare bill collapse with california republican and author. tom this is something that republicans have been promising voters for year. >> can't sugar-coat it. i blame congress. they should have gotten together on november 8th and found out where they agreed. what i think they should do now is abandon omnibus legislation to fix things. start fixing things that are
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broken right in front of their eyes. there shouldn't be a tax on new medical devices. they should encourage that. it's no smarter than taxing bicycles, like they want to do in oregon. they should allow insurance companies to provide a greater array of insurance policies that will bring down prices and allow other people to get those policies. >> boy, sort of sounding like a democrat. isn't this what democrats have been saying? we want to work with you on fixing the current system but we don't want you to repeal and replace, we want to fix what's broken? >> no democrat -- very few democrats agree on repealing the medical device. very few think that insurance companies should be allowed to give more stripped down policies. that's just common sense. i don't need pregnancy insurance, and at my age, i'm not going to disclose my age four, we don't need that. so there are some bills, and those, ted cruz has some of those ideas, they should do that and fix it. when you have a broken pipe in your house you don't wait for
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all the pipes to break to do comprehensive pipe repair. you fix them. >> let's talk about how this collapse sort of happened. you had two senators last night drafting their statements on the fact that they were going to oppose this. the white house says president trump was unaware of this new opposition, if you will. what does that say about president trump and his relationship within his own party? >> well, i think it says more about mitch mcconnell not having control of his caucus. that's why i have urged the president in the manner in which i'm capable of doing to make a national effort to say to people, look, here is where we are, whatever intentions there were for obamacare, here is the fact of the matter today and i think he should grab the bully pulpit and do a national tour. >> some were saying he should have been doing that already. and, in fact, this week focusing on american-made products which i think most people applaud him in those
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efforts. timing seemed a little off when he should have been, in some critics' minds, focused on getting this bill passed. >> he should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, even if i can't say it. and this has been delayed too long. but he should go out there. look, that's what i propose the next president do in my book, "the divided era." i did it again in my last op- ed. that's why they're in this pickle. they need to change. let's shift focus and talk about russia and this previously undisclosed meeting between president trump and vladimir putin right there on the sidelines in germany. >> i'm not against that sort of thing. off-air i was talking to you about when reagan had a walk in the woods with gorbachev, and that led to a breakthrough.
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that's probably why obama leaned over and said, "i'll have more flexibility after i'm reelected, or after the election." he just didn't realize he was being heard. sometimes that can lead to breakthroughs. we need to see a policy change. since the election he has been frosty at times with russia and not other times, but there hasn't been a, quote, reset, nothing as large as what the democrats attempted when hillary first became secretary of state. we will have to wait and see. >> yeah, but you also have this cloud of russia criticism, speculation that comes amidst the meeting. >> show me a policy change, then i'll focus more on it. >> tom, thank you so much. ken. coming up, the latest as san francisco police search for a couple accused of gunning down a well-known san francisco man in the popular twin peaks area. fire investigators here in the south bay have two
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investigations. first what caused a fire in the saratoga foothills yesterday. second, who was operating a drone that caused danger during the fire file. we will have an update on both of those straight ahead. and i'm rosemary orozco live at the oakland coliseum where the a's are warming up for their game. also happens to be the 18th annual root beer float day. i will have more on this event plus a look at your weather coming up.
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4-hour patrols are underway at a popular tourist spot after a man was shot and killed. >> reporter: there's always been a police presence here at twin peaks but the patrol shifts start at 10:00 a.m. and go until 3:00 a.m. locals say there has been an uptick in crime, mostly in break-ins and robberies. police are going to be staying up here around the clock indefinitely. 71-year-old ed french lived a mile from the top. his friends say he was likely taking photos for his work scouting sites for commercials on sunday morning when he was attacked for his camera. shortly before 8:00 a.m. sunday police say a jogger heard a gunshot and ran to help. police on patrol nearby arrived within minutes but it was too late. french was shot near his parked car. the motive was likely robbery. his camera was missing. friends and colleagues describe french as a mentor and friendly
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person who would not have fought back. >> he was a great friend of all of ours. he was a steward and a mentor and really lovely guy. very personal. always had a great smile on his face, great sense of humor even in the face of sometimes great adversity, some of the challenges we face to move a big crew around the city can be a little daunting, and he always had a way of doing it with grace and style. >> reporter: investigators say the suspects are a couple. the man was between the ages of 20 and 25, 5' 11", 170 pounds with shoulder-length dreadlocks. the woman is about 18 years old. the getaway vehicle is a late model dark gray honda accord with rear-end damage. police say there are video surveillance cameras but they didn't capture the killers. >> the city as a whole, we need to look at a lot of areas that
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need cameras to help us deter people from acting in these manners. >> reporter: for now police have bumped up patrols 24 hours a day, seven days a week on top of twin peaks. investigators say they would like to have cameras up here pointing at the parking lot where the shooting took place. in san francisco, lee martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. we are learning new details about the death of a man whose body was found inside a shopping mall. he was found dead last august inside a stairwell of the westville shopping center. the medical examiner released a report that says he was found partially clothed, lying on the floor with his legs leading up the stairs. a rope was tied to a rail, and it was also around his head, and the rope was in his mouth as well. investigators believe he was dragged, suggesting that somebody else was present. the cause of death has not been determined. police initially classified
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this as a homicide but later changed it to a suspicious death. a police chief says he is taking steps to fight crime amid concerns. rojas says he has set up a special robbery enforcement team focused on crime hot spots. the chief says he plans to hire 40 new officers to create a greater police presence on bart trains and at stations. at the same time he is also sending out a message to everyone who rides bart. >> i do believe that crime overall in bart is relatively low when you consider we cover four counties, soon to be five counties. if we were compared to a city in america with the number of riders that ride bart every single day we would probably be one of the safest cities in america. >> the police chief's appearance before the board fumes the release of a new crime report showing rapes and
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other sexual crimes at bart have increased during the first six months of this year. there's also a growing debate over how much information about crime bart should be releasing to the public. a massive wildfire ravaging the area west of yosemite national park has now forced the evacuation of the entire town of mariposa, and governor brown has just declared a state of emergency. we want to take you live now to the firefight. cal fire says that the the -- cal fire says the fire has tripled in size. at last check this fire was only 5% contained. authorities say the huge flames are threatening hundreds of homes. as you take a look you can see why, the flames ravaging the area. today also officials issued evacuation orders for mariposa
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and several other nearby areas. so far no one has been injured. >> check the road conditions because i understand there are some road closures in the area. we will keep you posted on that fire throughout the evening. flames weren't the only thing firefighters had to battle yesterday in the saratoga foothills. a drone forced a firefighting helicopter to land before it was confiscated. >> this is something that firefighters have been warning about for weeks. maureen naylor is live at the headquarters in los gatos. >> reporter: heather and ken, drones have become a big problem for firefighters all over the bay area. i want to show you a photo just released. they say this unregistered drone belonged to a hobbyist. that person could face charges after firefighters say they had to temp rarely ground a helicopter because of the drone
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flying in the firefight. investigators say this is the first time they have ever confiscated a drone that was hernding fire operations. i also want to show you new footage we captured. we saw fire crews up on a steep charred hillside where the fire burned up to the mount eden vineyard. that's in the saratoga foothills. fire crews with santa clara county and cal fire launched an aerial fight but one of the helicopters faced that dangerous situation when that drone was spotted around 7:30 last night. >> we had air support as one of the helicopters was coming in we spotted a drone over the area. a midair collision with a drone can be catastrophic. it can crash that helicopter, kill pilots, kill people on the ground as well. we watched the drone land and we were able to confiscate the drone. >> reporter: now, that fire
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update we got this afternoon we were told that the fire has been held to 10 acres and is still 50% contained but by all accounts it's in mop-up mode. at the mountain winery, which is one ridge over, preparations are underway for tonight's lyle lovett concert. that will go on as scheduled. investigators here have several investigations underway. first, what was the cause. second, they're looking into who was the operator of that drone and if they could face charges. finally, they are also looking into an erroneous aa letter santa clara county message telling residents to shelter in place. it was instead supposed to warn residents about staying off the road. so they are going to look into that. back to you. >> maureen naylor, thank you very much. >> remember, ken, we just had the cal fire spokesperson on talking about their whole
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campaign. if you fly, we can't. that is essential what happened. >> one little toy like that, one small device can shut down the whole operation. >> you're a pilot. you know how dangerous they can be. luckily for those firefighting crews temperatures cooled off today. >> let's head out to meteorologist rosemary orozco out at the coliseum. >> reporter: i've got my ricky henderson jersey on, and root beer floats in store as the a's take on the rays once again, giving awe view of a gorgeous day out here as the a's begin to warm up. we've got some great weather in store. as we get into the evening hours, it's not going to be bad. let's take a looing at some of the numbers outside right now in areas over oakland. 68 degrees. santa rosa 80. san francisco in the low 60s. can't forget about our giants playing there. a cool, breezy night at the ballpark there. livermore 80 degrees, and san jose checking in at 74.
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as we get into the overnight hours, we are looking at temperatures beginning to cool. i think right about game time mostly sunny skies here at oakland coliseum. 63 degrees and a west wind to 10 miles per hour with temperatures continuing to cool back into the upper 50s by the end of the game. coming out to join us, make sure you bring an extra layer because it will begin to cool off. overnight lows expected for tomorrow a lot like where we started this morning. inside the bay mostly cloudy along the coast and temperatures in the 50s. 52 to start your morning, mid- 50s in oakland. for our inner east bay, 84 expected in antioch and the afternoon highs for tomorrow looking and feeling just as good as today. 66 expected for pacifica, upper 60s in san francisco. around the bay, low 70s to low 80s. go inland, it's a warm one, 91 degrees. 87 in santa rosa, but aus gaze mentioned a moment ago, temperatures have come way down the last couple of days. we're going to sort of remain
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right about here as we get through the rest of the business week. we will begin to warm up as we get into the extended forecast which includes your bay area weekend. i will have more on that in just a little bit. and when we come back more on the root beer float day. >> run down there and take a little bp with those guys, see how you do. >> reporter: should i? maybe. >> had to think about it. thanks, rosemary. the high cost of calling california home. coming up next we're going to tell you the median price, just the median price of a home. it just hit a new all-time high. a real estate expert joins us live to talk about this new staggering number and the consequences. stay with us. "the four on 2" continues in just a moment.
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the price of a median home in the state is now half a million dollars. that is double the national average. nowhere is the housing crisis more apparent than san francisco where a newly constructed two-bedroom, two- bath home with a view, $3.85 million. how about this. a studio, no bedroom, a studio in the sunset, the outer sunset, more than a million dollars. joining me now is real estate expert from sotheby's realty. anybody what is looking for a house now has to be thinking,
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this is ridiculous. >> everybody that is looking for a house now has enough money to buy a house. buyers are a lot more sophisticated today. they know what they can afford. they know where to look. >> we're talking half a million dollars in california as the median. it is much higher than that in the bay area. >> it's almost double in the bay area. because we don't have a lot of space to go, we're seeing -- >> it's a limited supply. >> you can only go up in san francisco. in l.a. or sacramento, the house prices are more close to the median. >> so what is your advice to people? because i know in silicon valley you're looking at like a 1950s era home with no upgrades on a small lot that's going for a million bucks. >> that's correct. >> maybe 1,000, 1200 square feet. what is your advice for somebody who is trying to get
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in on the housing market? just give up on silicon valley, start looking on the fringes? >> my best advice is learn how to compromise. we're seeing huge prices in areas where there's everything. micro markets based around transportation. for convenience sake, people are willing to pay more than top dollar. be willing to look outside of your primary area, and you will find a deal someplace. >> okay. and i just read, it's on sfgate today, one of the hot spots that you get more bang for your buck is the peninsula, redwood city, belmont, burlingame. some of these places where there are older homes that were built back in the '40s and '50s that have not been updated but you're close to transportation and the city. >> right. those types of homes are very -- the 1950s homes, 1960's
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homes that are not updated, they're comfortable to people in their 40s and 50s because of simplicity. so what was avant-garde for us growing up is comfortable now. what's the word i'm looking for. very -- >> good to have. >> good to have. preferable to us. >> let me ask you, we've got time for one more question, are we in danger of a bubble bursting hear? if i'm going to go out and sink a whole bunch of money into a house, a big fat down payment, do i have to be concerned that maybe we're peaking? >> my experience with this part of the market is that we are starting to peak. we're seeing price reductions, more and more coming onto the market. a lot of times it doesn't sell because the sellers aren't realizing what they expect. but i would say at this time, just hold steady, you know,
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we're going to be able to get you into a house pretty soon. >> thank you for joining us. snow appreciate it. >> heather. all right. it is perhaps the sweetest thing i have seen today. a fawn in trouble in the waters off long island, and another animal, this dog comes to its rescue. the story of this hero pooch coming up next. told you it was sweet. also coming up in just a moment, a newspaper investigation uncovers very surprising and unsettling information when it comes to the number of fire inspections in oakland. we will sit down with those two journalists to talk about their findings and why such a low percentage of buildings are actually given a second look. that is coming up next right here on "the four on 2".
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continuing coverage now on a report that hundreds of oakland buildings have never had fire inspections even though city workers flagged them as possible fire dangers. fire crews wrote up 879 buildings for fire code problems according to a newspaper report. joining me now are the reporters behind the investigation. first of all, how were these buildings flagged, to begin with? do you know? >> well, firefighters on their daily duties, they don't just put out fires. they go out, they look at
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buildings, they inspect buildings. they go for medical calls. if they see buildings with life safety issues they flag those and send a referral to the civilian inspectors to come back and check this place. we found that eight out of the 10 buildings that they did that for were never inspected afterwards. >> and this is all getting a lot of attention because the ghost ship warehouse fire. so was that building flagged prior to the fire? >> the ghost ship building was never on the inspection roles so it had never been inspected. the genesis of this was a building where four were killed in march which we found months before that fire, a fire captain had identified it as having problems. that call for help went unheeded. in 2015 a firefighter marked
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the building as having serious -- >> safety issues. >> yeah, and marked a referral box. that referral box didn't go anywhere. it was never actually followed up on. so from that we looked at all the buildings that were referred, and that's where we discovered that some number of buildings that were flagged for inspection never were inspected. >> the fire department foes there's over 800 buildings that need to be checked out, and a lot have never been checked out. why not? >> that's a good question? a couple reasons. they said short staffing. they have said that a computer system had a glitch where you marked the referral box, yet no one is alerted. it's just a dead-end. the experts we talked to, this is a top priority of stuff they should be checking out. this isn't like your new building with state-of-the-art fire systems. this is the stuff they found issues in, flagged it, and
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needed further inspection, and they weren't done. >> does the city of oakland compare with other cities in how they do their job? seems like if other cities are doing things the same way we would have a lot of people killed in fires. >> the city of oakland has some of the oldest housing stock in america. we also have the hills, which are prone to wildfires. >> sure. >> so the geography of oakland is very unique, even within the bay area. >> so where do we go from here? what has your report led to? are there going to be any changes, any action taken from this? >> well, there's already been talk by the city to add more inspectors. that's been a very slow process. the ghost ship happened in december. we're already now in late july. very few inspectors have been hired. so there's talk of potentially bringing on private companies
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to fill gap until they can triple the inspectors, and there's also talk of getting on to computer software that the city uses in other places, like the building inspectors, so they can communicate better, but none of that has happened yet so a lot of people are still scratching their heads out this far with nothing being done. >> gentlemen, interesting reporting, bringing a lot to light. hopefully the city council will try to address this problem sooner than later so that something like the ghost ship doesn't happening a a gain. appreciate your time. heather. new information is emerging about the minneapolis police officer who shot and killed a woman after she called police for help. the officer reportedly fired his gun from the passenger seat of a squad car killing the 40- year-old, justine damond of australia. the officer and his partner
4:40 pm
were responding to a call reporting a possible assault near her house. sheets was in her pajamas talking to the officer when we're told the officer fired his weapon through the car door. police say the officers had not turned on their body cameras and that the dash cam did not capture the incident. >> i don't know why the body cameras weren't turned object. that's one of the questions i share with the world, why don't we have body camera footage. >> the minnesota star tribune reports that officer noor had three complaints against him in the personnel file in two years. one of those complaints is headed to court after a woman alleged false imprisonment and assault and battery. we're going to go outside and see how the weather forecast is looking with rosemary orozco. she is live at the oakland coliseum. she's down there taking batting practice. we'll be back in a minute.
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i have done this before. have you? >> yes, i have but it's been awhile. >> volunteers serving up sweet treats. it is root beer float day. >> this event has raised half a million dollars since it started back in 2003. have you already had your root beer float today? >> reporter: not yet, but i guarantee i will have at least one. you're right, a half million dollars. it goes back into the community for education and sports and other types of ventures.
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we have dave clark out here, rob roth as well. and alex savidge is also going to be joining us. come on down, get your scoop. it is going to be a great time. meanwhile it's going to be a gorgeous day for a ball game. outside right now you can see the a's warming up, doing their batting practice. yeah, they're looking pretty good. they're actually going to be helping to serve some ice cream, at least for a short amount of time before the game gets started. so again you still have time to come on out and support. it is going to be a good one. let's take a look at the weather because it is also going to be a good one. temperatures really cooled off today and it feels pretty good no matter where you are. low 60s in san francisco. we talked about the giants also playing tonight. so if you are going to be going in that direction, nice and breezy. low 60s expected about game time, so bring your jacket. as we take a look inland a warm
4:45 pm
day in brentwood, 93, but way better than above 100 degrees like we had over the weekend. here is your proof that temperatures really fell. down by 15 degrees in concord as well as livermore compared to 24 hours ago. as we get into the overnight hours temperatures will be very similar to what we had this morning. a lot of 50s out there. mostly cloudy along the coastline. partly cloudy for the east bayshore and mostly clear getting out the door for the rest of us. how about those afternoon highs? temperatures are going to feel a whole lot like today. we're going to hold steady for a few days. 85 in novato for the an tomorrow. as we go to the east bay low 70s expected in oakland. upper 80s for some of our warmer locations. 89 degrees in livermore. the south bay, 81 the high for san jose. as we take a peek at the peninsula, 68 degrees in san francisco. here is a view of your extended forecast with your bay area
4:46 pm
weekend always in view. temperatures are going to be quite nice. we do get into a little bit of a warm-up as we get into the weekend but not bad, and nothing compared to like what we had. now, before i let you go i'm going to take shawn with me, and we're going to take a walk into the coliseum and a show you as they begin to warm up. the root beer float day kicks off right about now. they are expecting to serve thousands and thousands. let's see if we can go inside. there are going to be all sorts of media types serving including us here from ktvu. we've got the a's wives to your left, raiderettes, sheriff's department, fire department. i'm going to come back in half an hour and we'll talk more. in the meantime i will sent back to you guys. >> always a great crowd and a great cause. >> i thought she was going to set off the fire alarms when
4:47 pm
she walked through that door. >> i guess they make an exception for rosemary. >> i guess. so good for her. fox 2 news at 5:00 is coming up next, including an update on that fierce firefight near yosemite. >> tonight the governor has declared an emergency. we're getting new video of the fire that is burning out of control. >> plus, alyana, more about those construction site fires in the east bay. >> a word of warning from the owner of the emeryville construction project that's been torched by arsonists not once but twice. the security measures he is forced to take and his predictions that there will likely be more fires between now and when he builds. coming up next on "the four on 2" dogs aren't just man's best friend. we will show you why this one heroic dog saved a drowning deer.
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san francisco transit leaders have just approved the first phase of a plan to expand the bus-only lanes on geary boulevard. there are already lanes on some downtown streets but the plan will ex expand the lanes with the goal to speed up travel time. however, the plan has raised concerns about traffic and parking. >> it is going to mess up the whole traffic here for years probably, and it is going to
4:51 pm
kill the parking. this is the only area where you have a little bit of parking. >> when people hear transit first, sometimes they hear transit only, and that's not the case. we want to make sure we're making transportation options that are attractive for all modes. we want to make sure that if you have to drive you can find parking. but we also want to make it attractive for people to take transit when they can. >> now, the first phase of the construction of these new bus- only lanes is expected to begin next year. the project is expected to take about two years. san jose airport is now adding service from another airline. officials announced the return of frontier airlines starting this fall. the carrier discontinued service to the south bay back in 2010 but new ownership and financial reorganization paved the way for its return. frontier will service austin, denver, san antonio and las
4:52 pm
vegas for $29 each way. the head of the city's economic development committee says adding another low fare flyer benefits the region. >> it's taking us a lot of time to build up the traffic that we lost during the dot-com bust. and so we are delighted that we're actually just over what we used to do back in the 2010 time frame. 2008, we were actually around the same level of traffic. >> the denver -- the denver and las vegas routes start in the fall. this is so cute. dog on long island quickly became a celebrity after it was caught on camera saving a drowning deer. >> storm is trying to save this baby deer. >> reporter: man's best friend came to the rescue of a drowning baby deer off the shores of long island. take a look at the incredible moment the dog named storm
4:53 pm
bounded into the water. >> and i get closer, and eight realize it looks like a small deer, and he's trying to get to it. >> reporter: the pooch, while on a walk with his owner, jumped into the long island sound, swam toward the fawn, grabbed it by the neck and doggy paddled back to shore. >> he's about 100 feet out, and he's getting closer and closer. i don't really know what he is going to do. i see him going like this, then i see the head of the deer going under a few times. he just reaches his neck out, his head, and he clamps on to the baby deer's neck, and just like a lifeguard would go like this to a person -- >> once on dryland, storm used his paw to nudge the deer to make sure the critter was alive. >> good job, boy. she's okay. she's okay, buddy. >> the dog's owner says the deer ran back into the water. he notified a log animal rescue who rushed to the scene and rescued the animal for a second
4:54 pm
and final time. he says he's not surprised by his pal's heroic actions. >> he's been a great, gentle dog since we got him, always caring and nurturing. it didn't surprise me. but i didn't know he was going to bring her back. >> the fawn is said to be in stable condition. the animal will be released to its natural habitat once fully recovered. >> great story. >> president trump once called it the worst deal ever. now the trump administration has certified twice that iran is in compliance with the nuclear deal. we will have details after the break.
4:55 pm
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president trump has agreed to recertify the iran nuclear deal but says he is doing it reluctantly and that iran was not living up to the spirit of the agreement. >> rich edson is at the state department with more. >> reporter: he spent months vowing to tear it up. now president trump's administration has certified for the second time that iran is complying with the nuclear agreement, though in certifying that rex tillerson says iran is failing to comply with the spirit of the agreement. >>'s supposed to contribute to regional and international peace. we believe that some of the actions that the iranian government has been involved
4:58 pm
with has undermind that. >> reporter: there's been aggressive criticism of iran for hostility towards israel, providing weapons to militants and detention of foreigners. iran responded. >> despite presumptions that the u.s. would move towards wisdom we are observing that congress has brought up more than 20 bills against iran. >> reporter: senators in both parties want more sanctions against iran for its support of terrorism. hours after certifying that iran is complying the state department announced it is sanctioning 18 people and entities. >> the white house is certifying it. at the same time hours later saying they're going to put new sanctions in place. by certifying you have loosened up sanctions that were previously in place. it makes no sense. the president is terribly inconsistent on this one. >> reporter: congress requires the administration certify every 90 days whether iran is complying with the nuclear
4:59 pm
agreement. rich ed son, fox news. late breaking news from capitol hill tonight. senate republicans have scheduled a vote to repeal obamacare, place previously undisclosed meeting revealed between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. good evening. i'm alyana gomez in for julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a vote is planned early next week on a straight-up repeal of obamacare. more now from fox news reporter lauren blanchard who is in washington, d.c. >> we finally get a chance to repeal and replace. they don't take advantage of it, so that's disappointing. >> reporter: president trump praising most republicans as loyal and hard working, but in the end it was not just the democrats who foiled the president's plans but a handful
5:00 pm
of members from his own party. a frustrated president trump now suggesting that time has come to let obamacare die on its own. >> we're not going to own it. i'm not going to own it. >> reporter: gop senators mike lee and jerry moran delivering the final blow to the revised senate bill bringing the total republican "no" votes to four after announcing they would be joining fellow republicans rand paul and susan collins by voting in opposition of the bill. >> it wasn't a decision that was made just on the spur of the moment or just last evening. i have had conversations with healthcare providers with patients. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell quick to introduce his backup plan, a full repeal-only vote. that proposal, however, already facing stiff opposition. leaders from both parties are now looking to a third option, working together, as reality sits in that they cannot pass a bill without bipartisan support. >> it is time to move


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