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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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bridge approximate across the bay. we're covered in a little bit of gray at the moment. oakland 58. low 50s san francisco, santa rosa at 50. livermore 55 and san jose at 59. as we get into afternoon, expect mostly clear skies around the bay area and inland, expect right here along the coastline, half moon day to be partly cloudy to mostly cloudy, it looks like a little cloud cover this morning up at the santa cruz area as well. for the afternoon we will call for partly cloudy skies at the coast, mostly clear elsewhere and the on shore breeze is still with us, but it will dwindle. fairfeel reporting 16 miles per hour. it has come down since this morning, here is a look at the highs for today. 67 pacifica, upper 60s san francisco, low 70s to low 80s around the bay, and low 90s for some of our warmer locations. 93 antioch to north bay: 91 santa rosa and the south bay
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location, 90 expected morgan hill. temperatures continuing to climb. saturday, sunday but if you don't like the heat i have a cool down in the extended forecast. i will line that up for you in just a little bit the time now is 6:01. we want to check the highways with sal. >> good morning, sal. >> right now traffic is doing very well in some areas, it is slow approaching the bay bridge as it normally would be, but we do have some good news, if you are coming to the bay bridge, and that would be that traffic is just a little better and if you look, this is my indicator here, look at that ramp, it is a ramp from coming in from 880, the ramp i like to use when that i am suppose today use something else here. this ramp looks pretty good coming in on down. if you are driving into san francisco and you are using fast track and you use that ramp you will be waiting for very little. if you are driving in car pool lane, the same thing goes, looking in and out of downtown oakland. we even have a smallish back up on highway 4. this is not very typical, but we will take it a little bit of slow ago approaching the pass grade and that's about it.
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we're having a nice friday here as you drive-thru as we switch to south bay we do have slow traffic on northbound 101 from near the capitol expressway, getting up into san jose. easy alternate routes, 85 or 280 are better than 101. at 6:02 back to desk. new this morning a fire forced the evacuation of several homes in a berkeley neighborhood, that fire started in an alleyway right near the berkeley rose garden and north of the california pus. that's where christian is at, where evacuees are being allowed back home. christian. >> reporter: yeah, those evacuees now allowed back home. we can give you a new look here from a new perspective. we were uphill and showing you fire fighters fighting downhill. they're fighting from both directions. this is the structure this burned. this was a garage and storage unit. so fortunately not a home, but it went up at about 4:20 this morning. they described arriving on scene and seeing it fully involved, major fire they
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called for two alarms just because the whole area here is so tightly packed and the streets in this area are so winding and narrow, they knew they were going to mount, need to mount an aggressive attack on this fire quickly to make sure it was under control. they did evacuate homes on the 1300 block of arch, those evacuations now are over, but again, out of an abundance of caution, they want today i sack rate those homes because there was a potential for this fire to spread. one firefighter said if this had been say 2:00 in the afternoon, on a windy day, we could have been looking at a much, much different fire scene. they do say though, when they arrived this was a difficult fire to fight. >> knowing that this high structure, a lot of e motions here, it is kind of fire season. so, a little extra care for the response structure. >> and again, those narrow streets, the fact that
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buildings are close, that there a lot of structure, a lotover edgevegetation, factors they needed to put that together, and all reason yes they took this fire very serious are you went to two alarms. coming back you can see a sense of just how hot this fire was. this is a car that is parked across the street from this structure: you can see the whole sides of the car brown, burned, the plastic melted so certainly, a very, very hot fire that burned aggressively. fire fighters at this time, still in the area, we spin around, you can see those firefighter are on a neighboring garage, trying to get another look at the fire. at this time, we can still see that there is a little bit of fire moldering, firefighter certainly on scene trying to make sure there are no hot spots that flare up. it appears they're in a mop up mode trying to make sure it
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doesn't rekindle and doesn't spread. >> thank you, christian. for that update. we're also waiting now, for an update this morning from qualify, regarding the detwiler fire. we do expect to hear new damage numbers: it grew about 500 acres yesterday, over the night to 70, 596. containment remains at just 10%. 50 home versus been destroyed, at least along with another 49 buildings, more than 3700 fire fighting personnel are there, including strike teams from the bay area. time is now 6:05. developing news from greece where a big earthquake has killed at least two people and more than 500 have been hurt. that magnitude 6.5 quake hit the greek islands and the turkish coast. it was sented around 7 miles northeast of the greek island of coves. several buildings collapsed in the old town area of the island the main port was damaged. the two people who died were in a bar that partially collapsed. they were tourists from turkey
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and sweden. hundredsover tourists fled hotel rooms, they slept outside after that big earthquake, fearing aftershocks or that the building might even collapse. >> nearby in turkey, the quake flood the lower levels of seaside hotels and rest rans, and several aftershould be were felt overnight. time is 6:06. back her at home, happening today a hearing in san francisco for the man accused of shooting and killing kate state prisonley two years ago. this part of the the -- sfinley. he's an undocumented immigrant charged with shooting her as she walked her father along the san francisco water front. lopez sanchez says he found the gun that was reported stolen from the car of an agent is with did bureau of land management. >> in the east bay, police are look for a teen wanted approximate connection with a homicide in pittsburgh. police say that larry car el kneel junior shot a man on wednesday.
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look at his photo the identified victim was shot several times and was later pronounced dead at the hospital. if you have any information about this you are asked to call pittsburgh police. time is 6:07. oj simpson, one of the nation's most famous inmates will soon be a former in mate. yesterday, simpson convicted a parole board to grant his parole. he said he now plans to live in florida after he gets out of prison. now he will stay at the lovelock correctional center in nevada until he's released until that plan is developed and approved. depending on what the support system is, in the case of either a returning resident or in the case of resident family, the acceptance rate as long as there's a valid planned supervision, it is high. >> the chairwoman of the parole board said simpson was considered low risk for being a repeat offender. joel has more now from
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carson city nevada. >> i have done my time. i would just like to get back to my family and friends. >> and soon oj simpson will be able to do just that. >> the one-time football great, arguably most famous for the 1995 acquital in los angeles murder trial of his ex-wife, nicole brown simpson, and her friend ron goldman, able to convince nevada parole board thursday hysons a threat after serving nine years of a 33 sentence for armed robbery in las vegas back in 2007. >> i didn't pull a gun on anybody. i never has. nobody has ever accused me of pulling any weapon on them. >> he mention his several several times and his daughter testified on his behalf. >> we just want him to come home so we can move forward for us. >> simpson tell it is parole board he would like to return to his family in florida, some of the parole terps don't
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associate with convicted felons, no weapons and make regular checks in with the parole officer. >> all conditions a 70-year-old says he's okay with. >> i will be no problem, you know, and i think i kept my word. >> oj simpson's parole expires in 2022. one parole board member said if he breaks any laws over the next five years, he will end up right back in prison. san francisco police are investigating a deadly stabbing, a man was stabbed last night about 7:00 near octavio and lily. now, police town him in the sidewalk. he was pronounced dead at the scene. it is early in the information. we don't have any other information right now, but we will bring that to you as soon as we get it. >> time is 6:09. a berkeley middle school teacher and activist has been charged with her role in a protest that turned vie len in sacramento last year: 47-year-old evette was arrested on tuesday. yesterday, she was charged with rioting and assault with intent
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to commit bodily harm. the charges stem from a fight at the state capitol in june last year, and involve white nationalist and counter protesters. three other people were also arrested. a change by uc berkeley administrator who is now say they will allow conservative commentator, ben shapiro to speak on campus. at first they denyed it request to allow him, a former brightpart editor to speak on campus on september 14. now, cool administrators say that finding a venue to accommodate him on that date will not be a problem, as long as the college republican group works with uc officials. the spokesman say it is school wants to show it is commit today free speech. all right. our time is 6:10 the san francisco planning commission juans a ban on new medical marijuana dispensaries until next year's rules for the sale of recreational marijuana are firmly in place. yesterday's moratorium came after the supervisor from
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district 11 which ainclude it is district proposed a permanent ban on new dispensaries in disroom. however, the commissioner said supporting a cap for one district could affect surrounding areas. >> now, on monday, san francisco's board of supervisors will hear the recommendation for the city- wide moratorium and they will vote on district 11's proposal. right now it is 11 minutes after 6:00, community concerns about oakland's fans on immigration and coming up in minutes the city's police chief talks about the department's relationships with ice agents. later, testing explosives on planes, what the department of homeland security is doing to make life safer. fer. . we have a williaming ten in store for your bay area weekend. i will a look at the numbers expect for your weekend coming up.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. there are reports this morning that the legal team sin vest gaiting the professional and political backgrounds of the investigators hired by special council robert mueller. now, according to associated press, the president 50s lawyers are looking for conflictsover interest to discredit the investigation or even build a case to fire mueller. who's in charge of investigating possible russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election. >> a federal judge is refusing
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to reverse a decision to halt the exec kif order on sanctuary cities. the president's attorneys ask the u.s. district court judge to reconsider his ruling in april, that blocked the exec tiff order. judge says that order punishing jurisdictions that violate federal immigration laws overstepped the presidential, the president's constitutional authority. that police are not trying to deport them. they met with the latino task force, trying the calm fears that they're cooperating with federal immigration authorities, just this week, the oakland city council terminated an agreement with immigration and customs enforcement that allowed police to participate with ice task forces. but the police chief says the message hasn't reached those who need to hear it. >> we have a message and want
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to make sure your community knows we do not enforce immigration law. we are not at all a part of deportation and we want our latino community not to be fearful of us. >> minority communities, communities of color have not always had a good relationship with oakland police department. >> but, we're hopeful that the new chief brings new energy and a new vision. >> the chief says fear offer prevents immigrants from reporting crime and interacting with police. oakland has been sanctuary city since 1996 banning police are turning over undocumented immigrants to federal authorities unless they have committed a crime. >> there the time is 6:16. from afteran can robotics team who went missing after taking part in international robotics competition in washington. the sixteens representing the nation of -- disappeared as the competition was ending on tuesday. police say two of the teens were seen crossing over into
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canada. all of them are between the ages of 16 and 18. >> the police don't think they're in danger. the organizes are of the competition say it looks like they left on their own. their bags were gone. their keys were left behind. right now at 6:17. we will check back for a lock at traffic. any problems, sal. >> nothing major, but we do have some slow traffic, pam and dave, on toll plaza commute, first of all we will start there, and you can see the traffic is going to be backed up, and it is not terrible, but it is nevertheless getting into san francisco before you make it on to the bridge, getting into the city. we're look allot interstate 880, that has not filled in: it has been a nice drive coming through and no major issue, highway 4 i'm happy to say it is slightly traveled except for a little bitover slow traffic this morning on the willow bridge. that's unusual but we will take it. this say look at 280 and san
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jose. the same thing goes. so hopefully it will stay nice and quiet, and i have a feeling it won't but at least this hour it is doing well. 6:18. let's bring in rosemary. >> the warm upcoming our way and time for your weekend temperatures coming up slightly today. the hottest day will be saturday, sunday and then we will cool it off as we get into the work on monday. >> a view here at the oaklandest ware the low clouds have managed to come back across the bay this morning but you can see a lot of sunshine out there as well. for your afternoon today, mostly sunny away from the coastlines, partly cloudy skies right along the coast. >> temperatures are climbing into the low 90s for inland cities today, and saturday, sunday, mid to upper 90s expected. 60s at the coast, as the on shore breeze remaining very localized. so again, the next few days will be warmer and then as we get into monday, we will cool it off with temperatures coming down once again. more on that in extended forecast. let's talk about what to expect for your friday. we have the low clouds expected
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for most of the day if not the entire day, around pacifica and half moon day. partly cloudy to mostly clear into the monterreya and mostly sunny for bay and 58 in oakland right now, 53 in san francisco, and to the north bay, 54 in nevada, the inner east bay, 64 in brentwood. we have low 50s in menlo park. san mateo at upper 50s now that the sun is up and shining, it will begin to rebound. low 80s in soon rafeal and 91 the afternoon high expected in santa rosa. toward the coast, very comfortable, upper 60s in forecast, and 70 by the water in almeda, mid 70s in heyward go inland, the a warm one and 95 for brentwood today, south bay locations, 87 -- and upper
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80s for gillroy and 74 looking good at santa cruz for the afternoon there. 81 in redwood city, 68 in san francisco, and low 60s if you are going see the giant play a little later this evening. be prepared. it will be a little bit breezy as well. we are going to continue to see this warm up, saturday, sun, notice along coast and around the bay, still mild to warm, it is our inland communities that will really begin to heat it up, nearing the century mark, as we get into your weekend and we cool it back down. upper 80s low 90s in forecast by monday and tuesday. so, something for everyone. >> okay. >> is that okay? >> it is kind of what we have to deal with, right, during the summer. you can move around the bay area to get a different weather pattern. >> go west, warm, go east. >> yes. >> you like it. >> mild stay in between. >> stay right in between. >> thank you, rosemary. >> you have got it. >> the time is 6:20, digging up
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dolly, coming tup unanswered question about a world famous artist years afterhe died. the most impressive location yesterday google street view lands on the international space station. things are heating up for the wta.mer. time to play. when the us open series hits stanford for the bank of the west classic, join the celebration of summer. where the action off the court,
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♪cheeseburger in paradise, heaven on earth. >> it is national junk food day. >> oh. >> yeah. >> so we will have songs about food. >> wow. >> i condition know it was national junk food day. >> wow. >> i thought it was national something day. >> it is. jimmy buffet and cheeseburger in paradise for hank who came in ton twitter page. if you want a song, if there's a song you want to hear, let me know and i will play your requests. every friday morning we have a theme, # ktvu. on twitter, instragram. >> songs about food. >> okay. >> i didn't know. >> that's going be challenging. >> all right. >> well, you can now explore space, using google street view. >> oh yeah. >> mapping tool can now give you 360-degree views, of international space station. we're in there now. >> the space view images are also interactive which means that when you explore, around the space station, messages
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will pop up, describing what you see. >> the space station has five bedrooms, it is as big as a house inside, and google says it took months of problem- solving and collaboration to collect all of these fabulous images. time is 62:25. the fbi also warning parents to think real hard before you buy internet connected toys for your kids the fbi says these kinds of toys contain sensors and microphones and cameras and other information storage components that could record and collect conversations that take place very close to the toy, risking privacy as well as safety. it could also lead to child identity fraud. >> so the only thing we're asking people to do is review where the information is being stored, the company should tell you that, and see if there's a third party that's involved, just so you know where the information is being stored. >> that information, the fbi says pans you should examine the toy company, user agreement
6:26 am
about privacy before you boy that toy, they also say if the toy is not being used, turn it off. >> in spain, officials are trying to determine whether suffer realist painter, salvador fathered a child. his remains were exhumed last night as part of the paternity test: he died in 1989 at the age of 84. a 61-year-old -- has claimed that she was conceived through an affair between her mother and dolly. her mother worked as a maid for the art exist woman want a share of his estate. >> >> time is 6:26. a possible break in an east bay arson investigation coming up a suspect caught on camera, we will tell you what police had to say about this surveillance video. video. . >> police here in san jose are searching for a woman who they say stabbed a man inside a home in the willow glenn neighborhood early this morning, we will tell you what neighbors are saying about this attack coming up. handballer 1: you know what i could go for?
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scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van!
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handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van! >> welcome. welcome -- welcome to morns on 2. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. it is almost 6:30. >> we want to update you on that fire that is still burning in mariposa county: not much
6:30 am
containment there yet at this time, it did grow by about 500 acres from yesterday. we're waiting for an update though the morning, more home versus been deindustried. thousands of people have still evacuated, and homes are still threatened. here are the latest number, 70596 acheversus burned since sunday. it is only 10% contained in morning. qualify says at this time, at least 50 home versus been destroyed, and 49 other builds and shacks have also been destroyed. evacuation orders are in effect for mariposa and culterville. it is still too early to know how ere how fire start. firefighter aren't the only people helping. is silicon valley red cross sent four two person teams, they're providing food, shelter, clogging and emotional support. >> the gratitude of being able to provide some assistance whether it is psychological,
6:31 am
lending an ear, the hand shake, the hug, very rewarding for us. >> red cross says their volunteers will stay on duty, near the fire for the next three weeks helping the evacuee. >> all right. 6:31. let's check in with rosemary on what, do you know, i don't know if you are keeping an eye on the weather in that direction. is it very windy? i know it is suppose today get windy and hot. >> it looks like it will continue to climb temperature wise, so hot and dry, and that wind surely doesn't of course, help out. >> right. >> the firefighters there: here at home, we are heating it up as well. especially for our inland communities, we're not going lose the sea breeze completely, and that will keep it very comfortable along the coast mine and inside the bay. the inland cities though, going to about 95, even close to 100 degrees by the weekend. 50 right now in santa rosa, low 50s in san francisco. upper 50s in oakland and livermore and san jose at 59
6:32 am
the low clouds have move add cross the bay the east bay shore waking up with cloud cover and for the afternoon, today, mostly sunny, away from coast lynn, we will remain with the mostly to partly cloudy skies, daily city, area, and the on shore breeze, stilt with united states put again, it is dying down. reporting 15 miles per hour as we know that's not really enough to keep that cool pacific area moving into our inland communitys and because of that, temperatures are warming up, 93 in antioch today, 91 expected in santa rosa: low 70s to low 80s around the bay, 68 san francisco, and upper 60s for pacifica. temperatures will continue to climb, again as we get into your bay area weekend but we begin a cool down by monday. i will have a look at the extended forecast coming up in just a moment at 6:32. you will want to check on the highway for sal. good morning. >> good morning, rosemary: we do have traffic that is a little bit slow if you are trying to get into san francisco. it is not completely light although, i don't see this as being anything out of the
6:33 am
ordinary. you will have a 15 to 20 minute delay, at the bay bridge toll plaza but the ramps from 880 still looking good and if you are driveing into san francisco, on the bridge it does look good as well. you can see a live picture of the bay bridge span, it is a nice drive on the span getting into san francisco. this is a look at the san mateo bridge. that's beginning to come down on westbound 92, as you head out to the high-rise. there's some stop and go traffic on the pa span heading over to foster city. on highway 4 we have a little bigger slow down looking more normal through pittsburgh, part of bay point and concord, but 680 is clear, and if you are driving on 280 in san jose, 101 or 85, it is mostly good with slow downs and there's 280, it looks good from downtown up to the west valley. 6:33. let's go back to desk. >> new in san jose, police there searching for a woman who they think is to be -- stabbed a man several times early this
6:34 am
morning in a house in the willow glenn neighborhood. ktvu alex is join us now with more on the man's condition and what we know about the investigation. alex. >> reporter: well, dave, good morning to you. we know man was rush today hospital and according to investigators he's expected to survive his injuries. san jose police say he was stabbed by a woman inside a house here on redbird drive in san jose's willow glenn neighborhood. you can see that police have wrapped up the investigation here at the scene, the street is now back open to the public. let me show you some video from earlier. this happened about 2:00 this morning, they showed up at the house and found a man suffer prosecuting stab wounds: police searched this neighborhood for a woman who was believed to have been behind this attack. officers never found her. investigators at this time have not revealed the relaceship between man and the woman, or what the motive may have been for this stabbing, but certainly, neighbors are surprised to hear what
6:35 am
happened. >> very concerned but when i heard k-9 i didn't want to go outside, you know. that's about it. that's all i heard. i just hope everybody is okay. >> police have not identified the victim in this case. we don't know if he lives here at this house: but again, he was sent to hospital, but he's expected to survive those stab wounds that he suffered. and again, the woman who is believe today have been behind this attack, police searched the neighborhood for her, for a number of hours, according to neighbors but she does remain at large this morning. we will send it back to you. all right, alex, thank you. time is 6:35. meantime police in freemont want your help. they juan to identify a car useed in area anson. police were called to a home about 7:00 on sunday morning. the resident told them a man set fire to an american flag hanging in front of the home. surveillance caught the
6:36 am
suspects car driving by. missay it is a light colored possibly silver honda civic, with dark tinted rear win des. lock at this. if you have any information, call frequentmont police. almeda county sheriff's deputies have identified a father who was shot and killed near heyward as she was pushing his baby in a stroller. as henry lee reports they venn creased patrols in area. >> reporter: a growing memorial of candles and messages marked it spot where 29-year-old daniel was gunned down. he was shot dead as he took his three month old for a walk at about 3:00 on wednesday. he died at the scene, and investigators say there's more than one assailant. >> when we arrived to our surprise and dismay we found the three month old baby in stroller. >> the baby was not hurt, and he's now with relatives. >> detectives believe deltora was targeted but have not
6:37 am
uncovered a motive. a day later they maintained a visible presence in neighborhood in unincorporated heyward. they say at the need the public's help especially with an innocent baby boy caught up in the violence and now without a father. >> this child, will not know exactly what happened that day but that child will grow up knowing that they were present when their father was killed. >> family members meanwhile requested privacy to grieve. relatives placed in sign at the memorial, it reads in part rest in peace uncle dment i love you with all of my heart, even though you made dumb decisions. a friend of the victim told ktvu that he had just finished serving time. i have learned that he had a long wrap sheet that including two convictions for rape. many neighbors agree that no matter what his background, he did not deserve to be shot debt dead in front of his son. >> i am heart broken. i didn't realize at first that he had a child until afterwards when i found out, i was just like oh my goodness. >> they hope to channel community out reach of the
6:38 am
death into a big break in the case. anyone with information is asked to come forward. reporting live from the substation, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 new. >> >> the california supreme court ruled the state can take away unruly children from parents even if they do everything in their power to control their kids. the case involves a los angeles mother who tried to discipline her teen daughter but the girl was vie len, kept getting into trouble and returning away from home. the court ruled that despite mother's efforts she was unable to keep her daughter from harm, and unheld an earlier court decision which said the state had the right to remove the girl from her mother's custody. police at stanford university say they have identified a person of interest in a rape investigation on campus. >> students and staff were sent an e-mail alert after the attack was reported. the victim says she was raped by a man she knew at about 1:30 on wednesday morning. campus police are not releasing his name but say the 53-year- old man sexually assaulted it woman inside a student resident
6:39 am
on the west site side of campus. the school's department of public sayty sin vest gaiting and they hope to make an arrest soon. your time now is 6:39. fans of the alternative metal ban lincoln park mourning the death of chester bennington. he reportedly committed suicide yesterday. , themz first reported that he hanged himself in his los angeles home. his band mate, mike, tweeted shocked and heart broken. but it is true. >> lincoln park forked back in 1996, they had six number one albums, some say this is erie timing for his death. he was close friends with fellow rock star, chris cornell of sound garden who took his own life in may and yesterday, would have been his 53rd birthday. i think artists are sensitive people, and a lot of times they have a darker side that we, the public and their
6:40 am
fans don't get to see. he did have problems with drugs and alcohol and he once said he considered suicide because of painful memories of child abuse. lincoln park did have a show scheduleed in october. we have no word yet on whether that tour will be canceled. 6:40 is the time right now. coming up a surge in crime as bart parking lots, we have talked about this and in 15 minutes we will show you what happen today some cars parked at several east bay locations. s. . >> we tested it on a real airplane, on the grown, pressurizeed and to say the least it destroyed it airplane. >> new information an how the government is keeping planes safe. coming up in mince more on the explosives they're testing. ting. >> also, anyone who uses muni should know changes are coming that weekend. there's a new fleet of cars that is put to the test. t. >> good morning we do have a
6:41 am
nice looking commute for the most part, it is lighter than usual out there. and if you are driving on the san mateo bridge, things are move ago long pretty well, off to the peninsula.
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6:43 am
checking on the stock market this morning it has been a wild week. we've had a lot of corporate earnings affecting things. sheer a live look at the dow jones, it is down 75 points as you can see, 21,536, the nasdaq
6:44 am
and sp 500 taking the look they're off to a similar schism start as well. all down about 5 -- let me see about a quarter of a percentage across the board there. we will keep an eye on stocks throughout the morning. this weekend, muni will start testing the new fleet of light rail cars undergrown. the testing will happen between the west portal and montgomery street stations that is correct means there will be no regular light rail service in the tunnel. instead, muni will run bus between the two stays, it will take place every saturday and sunday for a month. until now they have been testing the new rail cars in yards and on the streets. this is first time they will be tested under ground. >> air travelers you can take lap tops on planes, flying to the u.s. trust the middle east. the department of homeland security lifted a ban imposed in march, as a response to a possible threat involving explosives that could be hidden in electronic devices. the federal officials say that ban was lifted because airports
6:45 am
in ten muslim majority companies affected by the ban have increased their security. homeland security secretary john kelly say it is u.s. tested explosive lap tops on planes before that ban went into effect. >> our reporter katherine tell us about the intelligence that led to those tests. speaking of the security conference, homelands security secretary john kelly confirmed that they tested a prototype lap top computer bomb before rowling out new -- >> we tested it on a real airplane, on ground, pressureized and it destroyed. >> describing the death, of restrictions on lap top computers into the u.s. by march kelly said it hit a crisis point.
6:46 am
>> and it is failed because the plane was not at flying altitude and was pressureized. they confirmed the transportation along with the fbi built two based on highly classified information they used such a small amount of -- no airport screening could screen it. they stead intelligence was surprising even for him. >> i haven't been around explosions all of my life. the device, as was dribbed to me, had an amount of explosive on it that i did not believe could destroy an airplane in flight. >> kelly useed it spoutersal to describe how they're working on lap top bomb capability. >> ideally they would lick to knock down a u.s. airplane on the way to united states. that's the stang lee cup, world series if you will. >> they said the new policy requiring them to adopt stricter screening in order to avoid an electronics ban is not a compromise between convenience and security. in aspen, colorado katherine,
6:47 am
fox news. the time is 6:47. let's check in with gasia to see what's coming up. >> did you zero in on mark downs the clearance stickers when you shop? many of us love a bargain, and now there are reports the federal trade commission is looking into amazon practices that may include bumping up a regular price to make today's selling price look like a better deal than it really is. more on the complaint that has amazon under a microscope, also so many factors go into finding the perfect secure. if job secure city a concern, consider one of the job identifyed in a new study of jones with unemployment rates get this below 1%. we will also tell you which field versus a highest unplace of employment rates and i am happy to report that journalist is on neither list.
6:48 am
we're somewhere in between. >> we're good. >> it is national junk food day. >> we're playing songs about food. >> what's your favorite junk food. >> what's your guilty pleasure. >> are you going to get salt and vinegar potato chips and a wild cherry pepsi. >> i can't believe i admit that had. >> stop it. you are making me excited. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you. >> she doesn't look like he she eats anything bad ever though. >> sal, what's your -- >> i happen to know she does but i like -- you know what? i do like the salt and vinegar, that's gasia for win. >> yeah. >> is that your favorite. >> that's one of my favorites. we don't buy them because i would eat them all. >> we both said the same thing. we don't keep certain things in house because it would be -- >> exactly. >> good morning everyone. >> let's talk about whatever you're grabbing on the road you can get to go and right now, traffic looks pretty good.
6:49 am
you might want to either shuttle out soon or you might decide you want to stick around because it is only 22 minute drive between the bridge and mcarthur maze and when you get to bay bridge there's a back up it is about a 15 to 20 minute delay, but unless something happens i have a feeling that back up won't be around too much longer. we did have traffic on highway 4, a little bit lighter than usual early. it is beginning to kind of ramp up there but it is still not a terrible commute right now, and looking at northbound 101 in san jose a little slowing approaching the 280 interchange, however, 85, 280 will okay. 87 slowing a little bit and you can see a live pictureover 280 here. so there's some slow traffic, but it is seeming to be just a touch lighter than usual. how about weekend weather? let's go to rosemary. >> we are going heat it up, sal. we have temperatures soring to near 100 degrees for some of the hotter locations as we get into saturday and sunday. just slightly warmer and again, be prepared, we will gear up for a hot one inland, and some
6:50 am
of the hotter spots going to 9 a, and thankfully for people who don't like the heat, it is not going to last too long. we begin to cool it down on monday. but for your forecast today, tomorrow and on sunday, mid to upper 90s expected for the inland city, a lot of 70s to low mid 80s around the bay, and at the coast, 60s expected right around pacifica and half moon day, santa cruz will be williamer for your book en: temperatures right now 53 in san francisco, 52 half moon day, upper 50s for the shore. inland, 55234 livermore, 64 in brentwood, south bay, 59 san jose. a few more more numbers and lafayette in the low 50s. 55 for you, and afternoon highs for today, upper 60s foe coast, and 70s for salsalito and upper 80s for low volt inlisten, areas like santa rosa and soon helena, how about the east bay. 73 today, upper 80s at walnut
6:51 am
creek and low 90s for pittsburgh: 95 in brentwood. south bay location, low 80s for san jose, and 74 santa cruz and along the peninsula for the afternoon today, 82 palo alto. 68 in the city of san francisco, and low to mid 60s at half moon day, pacifica, daily city, the patchy drizzle a possibility. going to see the giants play later today: take it on the padres at 7:15 game time, he 50s in forecast with a west breeze at 20 miles per hour, a mix of sun and clouds expected for you there. a little cool and breezy, there's a look at the extenned forecast, temperatures continuing to climb as we get into your bay area saturday as well as sunday, and that is it. bringing it back down by monday, with temperatures back into the low 90s for our warmer locations. pam. all right. >> thank you, rosemary. 6:51 the time: questions this morning about a nfl stadium and a busy airport coming up next, the potential fire risk following a deadly incident in
6:52 am
london. also, a kayaker attacked by a shark, and then he walked out of water without a scratch. we will show you what happened off the coast of southern california when we return. ♪ what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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things are heating up on the wta time to play when the us open series hits stanford... for the bank of the west classic, join the celebration of summer. where the action off the court, is just as hot as the action on it. july 31st through august 6th
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>> dave. >> i'm with you. >> booker t and the mgs. >> absolutely. and this song was requested by a couple of people. i didn't put them up on the screen. i want to that's correct tom in berkeley for requesting the sign and lila from san jose. the theme is songs that are about food or have food in the title. send me a song. hashtag it on twitter, facebook or instagram. >> wow. booker t and the mgs. love it. all right. they're nervous around santa barbara beaches. two aggressive shark attacks. >> yeah. shark warning signs have been posted and swimming is banned until at least tomorrow. one of the people attacked says he is lucky to be alive after a shark came out of nowhere while he was kayaking. >> yikes. >> it bit his kayak, knocked
6:56 am
him into the water. he managed to get back into the kayak and he paddled to a nearby boat. >> it grabbed on. i didn't see it coming or anything. just bit on the side of the kayak like that. it drove me sideways two or three feet, flipped me over. without thinking, i ended up on the bottom of the kayak, which was out of the water. >> the bite mark on the kayak is about 16 inches. authorities are trying to determine whether the shark was a great white. now, hours earlier park rangers say an 8-foot great white bit a paddle board, knocking a man into the water. he was not hurt.
6:57 am
all right. the time is 6:57. police in sacramento investigating after a package containing a disturbing message was sent to an islamic group. now, it arrived last month at the office of the sacramento valley of islamic relations. it had a sealed food container inside. it also had hateful and menacing messages written on the pages. police determined it was sent by a woman in houston, texas. investigators so far have not classified this as a hate crime. >> we are looking into it as
6:58 am
hate-related activity. there is no crime committed. >> definitely hateful. we will let the authorities deem it a crime or not. but we have seen -- this is part of a rash incidents. there were three in june and part of a larger uptick of hateful incidents. >> that came after two mosques were vandalized. those were classified as hate crimes. a youth soccer league in daly city is scrambling to replace equipment that was stolen before the season begins next month. someone broke into a mobile storage unit on the property of west moore high school and stole items from the soccer organization. they stole paint used to mark the soccer field, soccer balls, a generator, a goal post and other equipment. the loss is estimated at between $3,000 to $5,000.
6:59 am
>> pretty devastating really. if they stole -- some of that material was actually for practice. >> now, community members have donated money, trying to replace the stolen items. daly city police are investigating. but so far they haven't made any arrests or recovered any of the stolen equipment. well, the police are investigating several crimes in east bay bart station parking lots. during a 24-hour period on wednesday, 7 cars were burglarized and two were stolen from bart stations in oakland. a car was stolen at the south hayward station. another one was stolen from the bay fair station in san leandro. officials have tips for you if you use the bart parking lots. >> if you have any type of valuables, fast track, loose change, car chargers, things like that are easily taken from
7:00 am
the vehicle, secure them or take them with you. >> considering there are 50,000 parking spaces in bart lots, the robberies and burglaries represent just a small percentage of people that drive to bart. dozens of homes destroyed as a fire burning near yosemite continues to grow this morning. the new damage numbers we just got into the news room regarding the detwiler fire. an assault on the street of richmond. we will tell you why bart and richmond police are investigating and who witnessed the assault. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00. here we are friday morning, july 21st. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. steve is off today but rosemary has your weather for the weekend and everything else. >> happy friday. warmer weather in time for your weekend in the bay area. hopefully this is good news for you. if it is not, it won't last too


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