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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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investigation.>> joel waldman is in washington with more on all of this.>>reporter: with this critical healthcare vote taking place tomorrow, the president is not giving up, despite the russia controversy swirling around the white house.>> obamacare's lies have caused nothing but pain.>>reporter: president donald trump met with victims of obamacare to put a rush on republicans to repeal and replace the affordable care act, before this week's vote.>> republicans have not done their job and ending the obamacare nightmare. they have a chance to hopefully, fix what has been so badly broken. >>reporter: the president son- in-law jared kushner gave up her message. >> let me be very clear, i did not collude with russia. nor do i know if anyone else in the campaign who did
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so.>>reporter: he reiterated what he said to investigators behind closed doors as well as an and 11 page statement. he claimed he had four contacts with russians before the campaign and transition but none were improper. about the incomplete clearance, he says it was a mistake made by a staff assistant who submitted the form prematurely.>> donald trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign, that is why he one -- won. suggesting otherwise, ridicules those who voted for him. >>reporter: democrats are firing hard calling for his security clearance to be denied. the dnc says kushner's failures to accurately report his contacts with russia would get most federal employees who father in laws are not the president strip of security clearances and shown the door.>> ignorance is no excuse at that level of government.>>reporter: it's not over for him, tomorrow he
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testifies before a closed door house panel. his brother-in-law, donald trump jr. testifies wednesday before the senate intelligence committee.>> what was the democratic reaction to what jared kushner said?>>reporter: first of all, they want his security clearance relinquished and even in this news conference today, where he spoke publicly but did not take questions, he said it was a clerical error initially. the democrats are not having it. they don't buy it or believe him. they do not want him to have that high level of clearance, with access to classified information. >> when it comes to healthcare, resident jump turned up the heat -- president donald trump turned up the heat will that impact tomorrow? >>reporter: rand paul came out
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and was asked. he said he didn't even know what they were voting on. he said, i don't know what on god's green earth we are even voting about. they are voting about debating on potentially repealing and replacing or just repealing, even at the 11th hour a lot of lawmakers, let alone the media aren't exactly clear about what they are specifically going to vote on tomorrow. it's scary if you think about it.>> what was the reaction from republicans to president donald trump when he tweeted there will be repercussions, far greater than any of them understand if they don't repeal and replace obamacare?>> i think a lot of them took it in stride. this is meant is no disrespect to the president of the united states, it's the feeling among lawmakers at this point, sometimes those tweet are just seen as white noise. the president wants to gets
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this done -- get this done. we heard him repeatedly talking about repealing and replacing obamacare. they were baby -- barely able to do it in the house. we don't know exactly what they are voting on tomorrow. the other curveball, senator mccain continues to recover in arizona. he had surgery and sadly, it's a malignant brain tumor. there is talk about getting him onto an rv, if he's not allowed to fly and to drive him back here to vote tomorrow. even though that vote is still unclear. >> that was joel waldman. thank you. joining us now is james taylor. jared kushner made a rare statement following his meeting with investigators. were you surprised and what stood out?>> i was surprised.
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i think he's trying to get in front of this and speak clearly about these issues as he understands them. he's trying to leave room and separate himself from some of the more salacious aspects. he is trying to distance himself. he came out and said he had nothing to do with it. he did what we expected. >> will this become a he said, she said? >> unless we find other evidence or a smoking gun, absolutely. the way in which this june 9 meeting of last year went down, it was the more important meeting about adoptions and there were secret people. >> jared kushner says i know nothing, i was only there for 10 minutes. >> this has hurt the presidents
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ability to govern the country and put out a positive agenda. donald trump has not -- he is my -- his presentation has been let's make america great again. you need to do that affirmatively, not dismantling the obama agenda. he that's exactly what he's been doing. each president always shows respect to the prior president. donald trump tells us every day about his animus towards barack obama. it goes back to the celebration in washington when barack obama humiliated trump. >> the senate is bracing for a showdown over healthcare. about is expected tomorrow. the plan is unclear.
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what do you think we should expect?>> it's so strange. i don't understand what mitch mcconnell is doing. four different versions in of the 11th hour. in terms of legislatively getting things done, this is not the way to do it. >> i'm curious, with donald trump treating, -- tweeting, he treats that the repercussions will be greater. >> he had a 37% approval rating and has no political power to threaten anybody in terms of influencing members of congress. the republicans have an agenda and donald trump has his agenda. then you have the democrats that don't really have an agenda.>> does that make it more independent?>> independent
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senators know that the president is not the leader of government, he's the first month 100 equal senators. he must persuade them that there interests need to converge. to threaten like he did in his meeting, he said you better vote for my healthcare, you have to do this. you don't use a bully pulpit to do that.>> it certainly never boring.>> thank you. stay with us for continuing coverage as we bring updates on tomorrow's scheduled health care about. we will have them both on-air and online. developing news from fremont, deadly car crash is closed niles canyon road in both directions from i-682 mission boulevard. we were at the scene this afternoon. very little information is been released. drivers are being asked to avoid highway 6 80 at all
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costs. the last time it was shut down it created a traffic nightmare. this is a look at our live drivetime traffic map. you can see the red, that's where it is extremely slow. several spots are seeing major backups. people driving from the south bay or peninsula eastward should take interstate 880 two highway 238 to interstate highway 580. police arrested a woman after drunk driving crash that killed one person saturday night on el camino riel near lambert aloe -- avenue. one car crashed into a parked car causing it to go into the street. another driver then hit that car. two passengers in the first car were injured, one died at the hospital. the other is expected to be okay. police say they arrested vera
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ship woman on dui related charges. she's the driver of the car with the three people inside. police investigate a series of car break-ins and livermore and brentwood. a group broken 252 cars in a single night. authorities believe it started at the hampton inn in brentwood friday morning, 17 cars were broken into. the suspects also broken 234 cars and 30 minutes in a neighborhood in livermore. residents believe the break-ins were planned to coincide with the noisy 4:00 a.m. garbage pickup. surveillance video shows suspects in the area at 420 a.m.. >> we barely had time to get them fixed.>> the shop is busy. our whole neighborhood was vandalized. they are the only ones that can
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fix it. >> officer say san ramon may have also been targeted, it's unclear if they are connected to those in livermore in brentwood. bartz new fleet of the future is on track for a late september release. tom vacar was there to ride the rails on the new cars that will replace the 40-year-old current fleet.>>reporter: at noon, the media got a chance to do what's only weeks away for writers, the chance to experience bart's new fleet. we rode to the new warm springs station and back. the cars were fresh with the new train smell are quieter and smart smooth -- more smooth. they go 70 miles per hour, that's faster than the current fleet. after year of testing, these highest of all high-tech trains
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are still on shakedown test rides.>> we have made 3000 modifications since they've arrived. a lot of it is software. these aren't huge. >>reporter: most modifications are made by the manufacturer on- site. the unique check is not compatible with the tracks that the site has east. a veteran operator said they are better than when they showed up a year ago. >> it was a pretty car that did not move and now it's a pretty car that runs in automatic and smoothly.>> all of the operators, regardless of how long they have been employed, everyone has to learn.>>reporter: you will notice the new cars have fewer seats. they have polls in the center and more straps, they can get more people on each car.
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capacity is huge during the commute. to put it another way, there is plenty of room for a lot more stand these. the growth projections require seating and bike space be limited, but not eliminated. for those who are concerned about security, there are cameras on each car, six on each car. the start date of late september is not set in stone, what is set in stone is that they won't run until all the glitches are resolved. tom baker ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, new hope for the family of young girl declared brain dead after ton surgery -- tonsil surgery. the medical expert watched a video and says she still alive. concerns about arsene --
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our son. your forecast for tomorrow and beyond is things heat up.
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there have been fires at homeless encampment's around the bay area and it happened again. two smart broke out just this morning. henry lee is in the newsroom.>>reporter: oakland police arrested a suspect in one of the fires, it turns out they got the wrong guy. >> they are requesting assistance. >>reporter: this is a photo from firefighters showing flames. the fire broke out at a
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homeless camp and west oakland saturday night.>> it will be a homeless encampment on fire. >>reporter: it was just a block away from this one in may. both happened underneath interstate 880. this is what's left. the flames destroyed a traffic signal at the corner. a public works crew was busy with repairs forcing other signals to go off-line. oakland police arrested a 33- year-old man for starting at, he had nothing to do with it. there was another fire monday morning at a homeless camp on martin luther king and west grand. it was the result of cooking. some use stoves to cook their food. >> there were some explosions and it exploded. it was raining ashes. i had to move my
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car.>>reporter: he works at a nearby oil changers.>> what i have is in this tent. that's all i have. i would not want to come back and see my tent burnt down. >>reporter: officials say there have been 60 fires at homeless camps since january. most were accidental. the city has a management team including public works, police and fire that monitor the largest camps. they determine whether they need to be cleaned or closed.>> encampments is not a safe place to live on any level, whether it's fire or traffic, it's not safe. that's why we have to manage these better.>> we are incredibly concerned. there has been an uptick. is the 1023 grow, the fires go. >>reporter: the crew that i saw
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today will be back to clean up today's fire tomorrow. city council approved more public works crew's for faster responses. henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. there is progress on the fire near yosemite. the detwiler fire is 50% contained, flame scorched 76,000 acres and 63 homes were lost. more evacuation orders were lifted over the weekend. cal fire said humidity at night is helping the crews to battle flames. they are bracing for another heat wave with triple digit temperatures later in the week. they say it could be two more weeks before the fire is fully contained. near gilroy firefighters have stopped the spread of a brush fire that broke out yesterday afternoon. flames scorched 150 acre southwest of gilroy near castro
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valley road in santa clara county. no structures were threatened and there are no reports of injuries. let's bring in art chief meteorologist bill meyer. it's summertime and everything is dry, there are a lot of fuels as we have been seeing. it's going to get hot. temperatures will increase at the end of the week. we dropped off today. there is a correlation between the big fire and it being controlled. we will get an opportunity for these fires to get -- firefighters to get purchase. today, was not that warm. it will warm up as we go into the bay area weekend heat up. we will see 98 or 99 up there. i would not call it a heat
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wave. it will heat back up. we have time this week for firefighters to get some purchase. the deeper marine layer is the reason, it's a 2000 feet. if you looked at the coast, you didn't see it really well defined, it stretches out and cap goes away. and it's just all over the place. current temperatures, look how much cooler they are. 20 degrees cooler and concorde, that is significant. not so much around san francisco airport it's 4 degrees warmer in mountain view. when the marine layer gets that thick it's cooling the fire zones of northern california. that is very important. we will get a couple days of this. the fire danger is still high. on the other side of this, we are seeing air-quality alerts
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in the valley, because of the air-quality and the smoke from the detwiler fire. it settles down at night and in the morning. tomorrow, like today, another break for firefighters. we start to climb back out of the cool down. we will talk about the timing when i see you next.>> thank you. new details on a human trafficking investigation out of texas. the criminal charges filed after 10 immigrants were found dead inside the back of a sweltering truck. the push by lawmakers to prohibit certain marijuana branded merchandise.
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the family of justine damond, a woman shot and killed by minneapolis police has hired a high profile a turn it. bob bennett represented the family of orlando castille who was shot last year by police. bennett won $3 million settlement. justine damond was shot killed last saturday by a minneapolis police officer as she approached is squad car. she was 40 years old. officer mohamed noor has not explained why he pulled the trigger. his partner said they heard a loud noise just before the gun fired. in san antonio, 10
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mexican citizens are dead after being found in the back of a boiling hot tractor-trailer, it was being used in a human trafficking ring. casey siegal tells us the driver of the truck went in front of a judge today.>>reporter: prayer rallies and vigils throughout the san antonio area, after 10 people died from being transported in the back of a boiling hot, tractor-trailer, victims of human smuggling. police arrested the driver of that truck, james mathew bradley, jr.. he made his first appearance in court monday after being charged with illegally transporting immigrants for financial gain and could eventually face the death penalty.>> there were a number of vehicles a came in and picked up a lot of the folks that were in that trailer. they did survive the trip. we are looking at human
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trafficking crime. >>reporter: officials are talking to some of those survivors, they say there could've been as many as 100 immigrants in the trailer at one point. they were taking turns breathing through a single error whole and pounding on the walls to get the drivers attention. some texas lawmakers say this is a perfect example of why sanctuary cities like san antonio need to be shut down. others say, the overworked immigration system is to blame.>> all of those people were stuck in the back of that trailer. this is not happenstance, this was organized. >> people are so desperate for a better life that they are willing to take the risk. >>reporter: police found the owner of the truck who claims he sold it to a man in mexico last may and bradley was supposed to be dropping it off this weekend. that's latest from dallas casey siegal fox news. still to come a girl declared brain dead is now showing signs of life, according to her family.
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the medical expert who said he's examined a number of videos and things she is alive. also, a heartbreaking end.
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it's been three years since doctors in oakland declared
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jahi mcmath was brain dead. the 13-year-old was undergoing throat surgery and there were complications. she was put on life support. she is at the center of a debate about what constitutes brain death. ariana gomez is the details -- has the details that she has shown signs of life. >>reporter: jahi mcmath's family moved her to new jersey in 2014 that there she's been ever since. they have taken dozens of videos that appear to show her responding to commands to move her hands and feet. a retired professor of pediatrics at ucla has examined 49 videos and is submitted a report on his findings and alameda county, where the girls family is suing the hospital. dr. alan shewmom agrees that when she was first declared brain dead she fit the standard
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of brain death, now he says in his opinion she no longer does. he cites several examples in the videos when she responds to commands to move her thumbs, middle fingers and other body parts. he said there is no way to explain it by chance. we spoke with the medical expert earlier and he explained why the videos could call into question the version of brain death. >> that would call into question, is she in a coma. she may not meet the brain death criteria and you have a dilemma. what if you have a little bit of brain activity, not enough for a meaningful existence but are you alive? it does pose difficult questions that you cannot answer with law. it's beyond medicine and into philosophy.>>reporter: the doctor admits she is severely disabled. he concludes she is not brain-
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dead. he said jahi mcmath is a living, severely disabled young lady who fulfills neither the standard diagnostic guidelines for brain death nor california's statutory definition of death. in the past, the doctor has been known to challenge the accepted criteria used to determine brain death. his conclusions have been challenged by many physicians in his field.>> thank you. the parents of charlie gard, and l baby and england are ending their legal battle to send them to the united states for medical treatment. his father says too much time is gone by and court battles have taken up the time. charlie was born with the disease that leads to weak muscles and organ dysfunction. his father says he won't see his first birthday, that's less than two weeks away. >> our son is an absolute warrior. we could not be more proud.
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we will miss him terribly. his heart and soul may be gone, his spirit will live on through eternity. he will make a difference in people's lives for years to come. >> doctors where he is being cared for had said the experimental treatment would not work and would just cause more suffering. crews have started cleaning debris at the altar waverley project a parent downtown oakland near broadway and grand. anderson construction notified neighbors they plan to rebuild the mixed-use apartment complex. the company has hired contractors in the project will be finished in early 2019. the atf finished the investigation but is not released findings and said whether or not the fire was arson. the company is hired more security. police identified the man who they arrested for firing shots at tenant 10 --
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santana row. evan taylor ford fired a gun from inside a townhome near olson drive. the swat team responded after getting calls. they found no victims.>> we were able to determine there was a bullet that passed through from one unit to another. we evacuated several units and we made contact with the one where we believed the shots came from.>> ford was arrested for shooting at an inhabited house and illegally possession of a gun. police are unsure if he is a resident or if the shooting was intentional. alameda leaders are struggling with improving services for the mentally ill. many mentally ill often end up behind bars. rob roth tells us the county is considering other solutions that they hope will cost less and offer better treatment. >>reporter: too many people with mental health problems are ending up in santa rita jail
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instead of getting treatment that they need. that was the opinion of those who spoke at a supervisors committee meeting on mental health and public safety.>> jail is not to be the mayor house -- warehouse.>>reporter: he serves on the mental health tax force. >> putting them in jail will not assist. they need a respite or crisis stimulation center. >>reporter: he said they are released with nowhere to go and end up on the streets adding to the growing problems of ominous the cabinet. some argue the expansion money would have been better spent on community-based programs.>> it's hard to say whether it will improve healthcare. we know if we focus on prevention it will be less
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money for the county and better for the community.>>reporter: the sheriff's department said it needed the space for treatment. having more satellite seniors dose centers would help the police.>> they will hear voices and it causes them to commit crimes while they are not in their right mind. the problem is there is not enough solution. >>reporter: they hope that next year the county will spend more money on community-based mental health programs and send fewer mental health patients to jail. rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, dozens are dead after an explosion in pakistan. details on the suicide bombing that targeted police. some call it an olympic
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failure. the outrage over a race, if you will, between michael phelps and the great white shark.
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two dozen people are dead after a suicide bomb attack targeted police in pakistan. suicide bomber on a motorcycle targeted officers who were guarding a demolition site.
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26 people are dead and 54 others are wounded. eight police officers are among the dead. the taliban is claimed the responsibility. the crisis over the most contested holy site in jerusalem escalates. connor powell tells us this is just days after a deadly shooting at the israeli embassy in jordan.>>reporter: clashes between palestinians and israelis security continues following a sharp escalation monday in the crisis over the most contested area in jerusalem, known as the temple mount. it's known to muslims as the al- aqsa mosque compound, the third holiest site in islam. and arab gunmen shot killing two israeli police officers. prompting officials to put gates and metal detectors at the site. protests and clashes have followed, palestinians are vowing to resist .
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>> we will fight against this apartheid movement. >>reporter: this morning, shooting at the israeli embassy left to jordanian's dead complicating efforts to end the standoff. president donald trump's envoy jason greenblatt is en route to jerusalem, hoping to convince both sides to come back to the bargaining table.>> we welcome all sides to continue their status quo.>>reporter: americas role is being applauded by both israelis and palestinians. both say they need an honest broker to make progress.>> we see them as brokers, even the palestinians. >>reporter: the authority will suspend security cooperation with israel until the gates and mile-per-hour detectors are removed from the mosque. connor powell ktvu fox 2 news.
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olympic swimmer michael phelps race the great white shark for the discoveries popular shark week programming, it was man versus nature or more like man versus technology. he raced a computer-generated great white shark and a 100 meter race off of south africa. scientists collected data about the swim speed of sharks. the shark won i two seconds. the highly promoted show left some angry and they called it a scam. they felt misled that it was a fake shark. a recall involving baked beans. bush is pulling 28 ounce canned of brown sugar hickory baked beans, country style and original baked beans. they are stamped with the best buy date of june 2019. the recall is because of concerns about the seams on the cans. anyone who has purchased an
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item should throw it away in contact consumer relations. web md announced it will be sold to private equity firm kkr, the deal comes several months after they announced they wanted to consider a deal with web md. it caused the stock to surge closing at $63 a share. firefighters get the message of appreciation.>> it's our job, it's nice when people notice that you are out there trying to help.>> the heartfelt voicemail from a woman whose home who was saved has gone viral.>> it was significantly cooler today, 20 degrees in some places. temperatures will be on the rise again the long-range forecast after the break.
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palo alto celebrated its latest efforts to be a leader in clean renewable energy. thin build solar panels on top of two public garages. the city also celebrated the installation of new electric vehicle charging stations that will be powered by the renewable energy generated on- site. all of this brings palo alto closer to achieving its goal of getting 4% of its power from
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solar generated by the city.>> it's really important that we have visible signs, that we are fighting i'm a change. other communities can look at it and the state can also look at it. it's up to us the way the country goes -- to show the way it will go.>> more is coming next week. a woman is on was nearly destroyed reached out to mullen county firefighters with a phone call to think them for their service. the chief decided to post it and it went viral. today, tara moriarty spoke to some of the crew members who fought the fire and the woman behind the call.>>reporter: lois miller nearly lost everything in the wildfire, 6000 acre fire that ripped
5:49 pm
through coralville like a tornado -- coralville -- miller street was spared thanks to the fire department.>> i'm sorry. i'm emotional. they saved the houses on our street. we would like to think them.>>reporter: she left a voicemail for marin county fire crews.>> they thought that fire to the front door. >> it was a heartfelt message. i thought it was great to pass it along.>>reporter: he posted it on social media and 40,000 people knew. >> it's very touching. we don't want to be recognized, it is our job. it's nice when people notice that you are out there trying
5:50 pm
to help. >>reporter: the team was called on july 7, they thought flames for six days straight. leaving a lasting impression on miller street. >> thank you so much for sending those troops.>>reporter: to ticks firefighters spoke to miller. >> i'm going to cry. i don't know how to thank you. >> it's nice to be appreciated. we impacted her. that's why we are here.>> this thank you is broader than us. this is a thank you to all of california's firefighters. let's bring in bill, that was a very nice call. a lot of times, people think it but they don't think to call and tell that person.>> they do put their lives on the line to
5:51 pm
protect us and it's so nice to get the call.>> i think it would too. it's amazing what those firefighters do. it's one thing to save a house, if your life is in danger, -- >> they are working so hard right now, it seems like fire season has started earlier. >> it is. the detweiler fire is huge. temperatures have trended down. that is the big news for us, it's 20 degrees cooler. also, for the fires in the hills, as a dropped off they got some purchase on containing the fire. it will stay mild tuesday and wednesday. that also equates to there. as we are mild, so are they. instead of being 88, it's not
5:52 pm
100. towards the end of the week it will compress and things will warm up. i wanted to show you this, this is a 2000 feet deep marine liar. -- layer. it's barely a marine layer. we are typically right around here. when it stretches out that extra few hundred feet and in this case, 800 feet, it creates a cooler environment. here is the reason that is stretched out, a low-pressure center since all that cool moist air into the fire zones and our way. it's 82 in fairfield.
5:53 pm
20 degrees cooler in concorde, 9 degrees cooler and livermore. 14 degrees cooler in fairfield, 10 degrees cooler in sacramento, temperatures came down for everybody. forecast tomorrow morning, it stays in this pattern, it's advantageous to the firefighters. we have temperatures in the 90's that are red. that's tomorrow and wednesday looks like this too. as you look at the bay area microclimate, there are 70s around the bay and mostly 70s over the hill. tomorrow, mid-80s to upper 80s. we really stretch it to 91 towards modesto. 84 in pittsburg , santa clara valley 80. wednesday is a lot like today
5:54 pm
and thursday it starts to ratchet up. the firefighting efforts become difficult. we do have a break right now. the box office it wonder woman has become the highest grossing film so far this summer, making 398 nine dollars from theaters across america. they are in second place for all of 2017 behind "beauty and the beast". good news for wonder woman fans, warner bros. announced a sequel at comic con this weekend. how much do you think she was paid? >> no idea. >> she was paid $300,000.>> she will make more on the next one. >> i hope so. a teenager on the run following the crash that killed
5:55 pm
her sister. she may have been live streaming on social media. coming up, preparing for self driving cars, what caltrans is doing to get roads ready for autonomous vehicles. the latest in the case of a woman fatally shot by police after she called 911 for help.
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summer things are heating up on the wta time to play when the us open series hits stanford... for the bank of the west classic, join the celebration of summer. where the action off the court, is just as hot as the action on it. july 31st through august 6th join us monday, july 31st for net generation kids' day. the ultimate family tennis experience!
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don't miss the wta action while it's in stanford. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. a teenager from stockton is under arrest facing dui and vehicular manslaughter charges
5:58 pm
following a crash she may have streamed live on social media. investigators say 18-year-old abdulah sanchez was driving her 14-year-old sister and her sister's 14-year-old friend on friday when she crashed, killing her sister. video live streamed on instagram appears to show the woman before, during, and after the crash. investigators have not confirmed the video is linked to the crash. but law enforcement officials say the incident serves as a tragic reminder about the dangers of both drunk driving and distracted driving. >> i think when people have been drinking and they've under the influence of alcohol or drugs or the combination of the two, they may do things they wouldn't normally do, you know? like maybe getting on that phone when they know better. >> reporter: investigators say another 14-year-old in the car suffered major trauma to her leg. the san francisco public health department is taking steps to study how safe injection sites work in other cities around the world.
5:59 pm
a department representative and a san francisco police commander will be visiting a site in vancouver, canada, next month. these are pictures from that organization's website. safe injection sites help prevent people from using dirty needles and provide immediate help if someone overdoses. the city's safe injection site task force has its next meeting in august. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. a driver opened fire on another car on a freeway in the east bay. what we're leprechauning from the victim and what happened just moments before the shots rang out. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the patrol is searching for the driver of a white mercedes who shot at another driver in concord in a suspected case of road rage. >> the bullet missed the victim by just inches. rob malcolm is at the chp headquarters tonight.
6:00 pm
rob? >> reporter: frank and julia, still an active investigation here at the chp headquarters. i spoke to that victim this afternoon and he says he's very lucky to be alive after that bullet shattered his window. but he learned a valuable lesson: never engage with another driver on a busy freeway. >> struck the door. >> there's no question he was trying to take my life. looking at the way the gunshot hit in the car, he was aiming at me and he was aiming inside the vehicle. >> reporter: joe c. didn't want to reveal his last name but shared this video of the shattered glass on the backseat of his toyota pri us after -- prius after he was shot at saturday night just after # p.m. >> i look in my -- 9:00 p.m. >> i look in my rear-view mirror and i see a guy driving erratically swerving through traffic. he pulls up alongside of me, cuts me off, and slams on his


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