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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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rob? >> reporter: frank and julia, still an active investigation here at the chp headquarters. i spoke to that victim this afternoon and he says he's very lucky to be alive after that bullet shattered his window. but he learned a valuable lesson: never engage with another driver on a busy freeway. >> struck the door. >> there's no question he was trying to take my life. looking at the way the gunshot hit in the car, he was aiming at me and he was aiming inside the vehicle. >> reporter: joe c. didn't want to reveal his last name but shared this video of the shattered glass on the backseat of his toyota pri us after -- prius after he was shot at saturday night just after # p.m. >> i look in my -- 9:00 p.m. >> i look in my rear-view mirror and i see a guy driving erratically swerving through traffic. he pulls up alongside of me, cuts me off, and slams on his
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brakes to the point where i had to skid to a stop. >> reporter: joe then tries to follow the driver. >> he actually pulls over to the right shoulder. i rolled down my window and i said, "you almost hit me. what's wrong, man? ." >> reporter: and then the unthinkable happens. >> i look back at traffic and a split second later, bang! glass shatters and i know i'm being shot at. >> reporter: the suspect sped off using the shoulder and the chp is now trying to track him down. >> the only identifying information we have is from the victim himself which identifies a white mercedes- benz cla250 with paper plates with a white male adult -- this is what the victim is saying -- late 20s to early 30s, with shorts and dirty blond hair. >> reporter: there have been several shootings along california freeways, leaving several killed. contra costa county, the
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majority of them. the state has issued a number of cameras in pittsburg. >> the cameras in pittsburg have been terrific actually. >> reporter: but 242 where joe was targeted, cameras only monitor traffic flow. >> somebody must have been around this area. 242 is a highly traveled area. it's saturday night at 9:15! there's a car that's moving in and out of traffic at a high rated speed identified by one person. a lot of information. but happened to have paper plates. so if anyone saw this, please contact us. >> reporter: they recommend making a quick assessment, knowing your surroundings and leaving the rest to police. >> maybe it was provoked with the actions of each driver. but it's a problem if one happens. when one happens, we have to make it a point to get out there and prevent this and stop this kind of thing from happening. >> reporter: and back here live, joe tells me his training as a 911 dispatcher actually helped him give police give a detailed
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description. but as you heard from the chp without a detailed license plate, they can't have much to go on in terms of this investigation. that's why they're relying on witnesses. we're here at the chp offices in martinez. rob malcolm, cbs2 news. >> rob, such a reminder that you never know these days who play be carrying a weapon -- who may be carrying a weapon. >> reporter: that's right. we heard from that chp officer. when you're out on the roads and you engage with another driver in a heated dispute, not everyone on the roads is your best friend. fairly obvious in this story, frank. >> yeah, just not worth it. let it go. all right. rob malcolm in martinez tonight at the chp headquarters. thank you. investigators are hoping surveillance video can help identify several people who broke in to more than 50 cars in a single night. police say it started at the hampton inn when a lexus was stolen. that stolen car was then seen in a livermore neighborhood
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where the suspects broke into 34 cars in 30 minutes. surveillance video shows the suspects in the area at 4:20 sunday morning. and neighbors woke to broken glass. >> we barely had time this morning to get them fixed. yeah, so we were shocked, too, because i guess our whole neighborhood got vandalized. it's the only shop in the area that can fix it. today is the only day we can get our cars fixed. >> there are also reports of four more car break ins in san ramon. but it's unclear if those are connected to the ones in livermore and brentwood. in the south bay, police say a woman has been arrested after an alleged drunk driving crash killed one person. it happened about 10:30 saturday night on el camino reequal in palo alto. police say a car with three people inside crashed into a parked car, causing it to go into the middle of the street. another driver then hit that car. two passengers in the first car were injured. one of them died at the hospital. police arrested 53-year-old
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vera shipelman in palo alto on dui charges. she was the driver in the car containing three people. the other driver was not hurt. now to fremont where a deadly car crash today has closed miles canyon road in both directions. sky fox was over the scene about 12:30 after it happened. one car flipped over and was on the side of the road. another car went down a ravine. authorities haven't told us what caused the crash. authorities have closed miles canyon from 680 to mission boulevard. so be prepared for backups, especially on northbound 680 during the evening commute. now to washington, d.c., where the president's son-in- law jared kushner answered questions today from senate investigators as part of the russian probe. >> this comes as the president pushes gop senators come together to repeal obamacare. fox news reporter joe waldnen is in washington, d.c., today with the results. joel? >> reporter: with this
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critical health care vote tomorrow, the president himself is not giving up. and that's despite this russia controversy continuing to swirl around the white house. >> obamacare's lies have caused nothing but pain. >> reporter: president trump meeting with so-called victims of obamacare to put pressure on republicans to repeal and replace the affordable care act ahead of this week's procedural vote. >> so far senate republicans have not done their job in ending the obamacare nightmare. they now have a chance, however, to hopefully, hopefully fix what has been so badly broken. >> reporter: meantime, the president's son-in-law jared kushner delivering a firm message of his own. >> let me be very clear. i did not colewd with russia nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. >> reporter: kushner reiterating what he told investigators behind closed doors and in this statement beforehand. claiming he had four contacts
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russians during the campaign in transition but nonwere improper nor impactful. and about that incomplete security clearance? he says it was a mistake made by staff assistant who submitted the form prematurely. >> donald trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign. and that is why he won. suggesting otherwise ridicules those who voted for him. >> reporter: democrats meanwhile firing back hard, pushing for kushner's security clearance to be denied. while saying his failures to admit his russian contacts would give employees shown the door. >> ignorance is not an excuse at that high a level of development! >> reporter: and it's not over for jared kushner. tomorrow he'll be before a house intelligence committee meeting. that is a closed door meeting. meanwhile on washington, there
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are a growing number of lawmakers who are asking the question what are we voting on tomorrow when it comes to that health care bill. frank and julie? >> joel, just curious. jared kushner made that rare public statement today. what has been the reaction to that on capitol hill? >> reporter: well, very partisan. you know, along party lines. essentially republicans saying, look, he got out there. the president saying he was very proud of his son-in-law that he came out so boldly and said that neither he nor any member of the campaign team colluded with russia. and then you have democrats saying, look, do not give this guy a security clearance. he wasn't fort coming on his original -- fort coming on his -- forthcoming on his original clearance. so it really went along partisan lines. a lot of people believe if you're republican, he's telling the truth. if you're a democrat, that he
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isn't. >> all right, joel waldman in d.c. tonight. thank you! >> and insisting he did not collude with russia, so where does the white house go from here? we're joined by james taylor. we know robert mueller is behind the scenes. how does this play out now? >> that's a good question. i'm waiting for the other shoe to drop with mueller. he's been completely silent at this point. i'm afraid for the trump administration that we'll all wake up with this big alert that it's finally come down if it does come down. but i do see more of an inclination for something to happen. >> you get the sense that robert mueller will find something? >> started with bill clinton, sticking around and sticking around until the blue dress popped up after he walked away with the case and then linda brought the dress back into it and it brought the case back in. i think what many are afraid of is that mueller is just fishing for something that may be there that may not be the
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original focus. >> reporter: what about the attorney general jeff sessions? we know donald trump tweeted about him today. would you be surprised if we see jeff sessions resign? >> i would not. i think that's the last political move he has, to send the trump administration in confusion to step down as a.g. if he did, that would be chaotic in the president finding a new attorney general. >> reporter: rudy giuliani spotted on a flight to washington, d.c., today. >> this isn't the first time it's been hinted at rudy. it recently died in the news cycle and now we hear giuliani's name circulated again. i think it's a way to slight jeff sessions to say, this is who i really wanted. there's a new york thing going on here in the trump administration. anyone who understands new york politics doesn't understand trump and giuliani and all of this is about. >> former san francisco mayor willy brown wrote something in
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his column. quote, no what ther think about donald trump's policies, he has beaten democrats on every angle. stock market is up, unemployment is down, and trump has gotten nearly every nominee he wanted. >> i mean, groundbreaking is what he's talking about. i think willy brown and bill clinton are the best politicians in history. but he's open statement in this instance. the idea that he's suggesting that trump was free. he actually wins over the democrats because he doesn't come up with an alternative health care plan. it's just not a winning argument. so for me, it appears that, you know, willy brown is clear that donald trump is performing better than democrats imagined. democrats need to get off the trump trip and focus more on the american people. they're trying to come out now. >> we did just see chuck schumer -- >> that's the problem with the democrats! it's messaging but it's also personality! you have got to find -- >> then who comes out? >> -- a standard barrier to
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carry the democratic mental and to move it more towards bernie sanders because that's what they said today. we'll go with economic populism. but at the same time, you know, they don't want to embrace -- >> do you have any suggestions on who that should be? >> well, coma harris is a san francisco favorite but i i don't think she plays well outside of san francisco. but someone young. galvin newson, someone who can carry the mental of the new old/new deal message. the democrats need to get back to the history and get away from obamacare and bill clinton centuryism. and the affordable care act is nothing but a republican plan. it was romney care and then obama care and now trump care. and trump says he doesn't own it but he owns it because he campaigned against it for a year and a half, because he made it part of his campaign and the republicans in general. >> tomorrow it'll all be about
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health care again. a again to be seen plan. so we'll continue the conversation. >> it'll be fun! >> thank you, james. >> yes. ♪ [ music ] coming up here, advocates demand health for people with mental illness behind bars. what one group says is the solution. >> and the disturbing case of a stockton teenager accused of live streaming a car accident that killed her sister. >> and here we are tracking temperatures. they've cooled down a bit. that's helping firefighters but they come back up towards the end of the week. >> and the next generation of bart cars on display today. when the new $2.6 billion fleet of the future will be ready for the bay area commute.
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leaders in alameda county heard from activists today who said money being spent on jail should be spent on people with mental health problems instead. in a county meeting today, advocates argued that many people with mental illness are ending up on the streets after their release from jail. they say the county should have used the $54 million they received to expand the sarita jail on community based programs instead. >> it's hard to say whether or not it'll actually increase or improve the level of health care inside the jail. and we know that if we focus on prevention, it'll be less money for the county and it'll all be better for the entire community. >> the alameda county sheriff's department says it needed the funding to build extra space for treatment programs and administrative offices. but advocates still hope the county will give more money to mental health programs by next
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year. stockton teenager is under arrest tonight facing dui and vehicular manslaughter charges following a deadly crash she may have streamed live on social media. investigators say 18-year-old abduliah anarchies was driving her 14-year-old sister and her sister's friend last friday when she crashed near las bandos that killed her sister. this video on instagram appears to show the crash before and after. this should serve as a reminder of the dangers of driving under the influence and distracted driving. >> i think when people have been drinking and have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs or a combination of the two, they may do things they wouldn't normally do, you know? like maybe getting on that phone when they know better. >> reporter: investigators say another 14-year-old who was in the car suffered major trauma to her leg. it won't be long before bart commuters start riding in
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new state of the art cars. as early as next month. a test run was made today for one of the new cars that is replacing the nearly 40-year- old fleet. >> reporter: at noon today, the media got a chance to do what's just weeks away from riders, the chance to experience bart's new fleet of the future. we rode south from south hayward station to fremont's new warm springs station and back. the five cars fresh with that new fresh train smell are smoother riding than the current aging fleet. they have a top speed of 70 miles per hour, 10 miles per hour faster than the current fleet. but after a year of testing, these highest of all high-tech trains are still on shakedown test rides. >> we've actually made about 3,000 modifications on the cars since they arrived here. now, a lot of that is software. little tweaks and so on. these are not -- none of these are really huge things. >> reporter: most of the modifications are being made by the manufacturer right on site in the bay area because
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bart's unique track width is not compatible with the many tracks of the manufacturing site back east. but according to a veteran operator, they're way better than when the first car showed up more than a year ago. >> that was actually a pretty car that didn't move to a pretty car that now runs an automatic very smoothly. >> reporter: all the operators no matter if they're a 3-year operator or 25-year operator, everyone can't believe how much information they need to learn. >> reporter: one of the things you'll notice is the new cars have way fewer seats. but they have poles in the center and they have a lot more straps which means they can get a whole lot more people on each car. and capacity is huge when it comes to commutes. >> or to put it in another way, there's just plenty of room on these trains for a lot more standees. >> reporter: they require seating and bike space be limited but not eliminated. for those concerned about security, there are cameras,
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six of them, on each and every car. >> reporter: the new proposed passenger start date of late september while likely is not set in stone. what is set in stone? the cars won't run until all the major glitches are resolved fully. tim bacart, fox 2 news. temperatures have come down significantly since the weekend. it was up there, especially inland on saturday with the hottest day. sunday, a cooloff a little. and today, significant cooling, up to 20 degrees in places like concord. today, cooler still. and wednesday, it hovers still. what i'm showing you is a break from the bad air quality, bad fire danger, and perhaps the smoke they've been seeing in the central valley with the air quality alerts that have been going on the last three or four days because of the fires. and that's the reason we're getting such good wind flow right now is you have this deep, deep marine layer. the fog out there. there it is now. 2,000 feet deep.
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and it looks like it's stuck at the coast. but in about an hour or two, it's going to start motoring inland. and that'll effect moisture cooler air into the fire zones. and into our area. we'll have a day tomorrow a lot like today. and for the firefighters around the debtwiler fire, they'll have another opportunity to get a further leg up on it on that fire. there's a low pressure system silting here. that's what allows the cooling we experienced today. allows the fog to place. this is responsible for that. that's when you see that. you see that low, you'll get this. when you get this, you'll get cooler. tomorrow like today, a bit warmer on wednesday. and we'll see significantly -- well, not significantly but more warming on the weekend. when we come back, we'll talk about the long range. the death toll goes up in human trafficking. what investigators are saying about the horrible ordeal these victims went through in the back of a tractor trailer in sweltering texas heat. >> steph curry is in china
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meeting fans and hosting basketball clinics. mark will tell us who he's with and more on what they're doing there coming up later in sports. >> and hundreds of cafeteria workers on facebook make a major announcement. the big step they've taken in earning a livable wage.
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♪ keeping up.
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it takes hard work, tight budgets and a little support. and pg&e is ready to do our part. our care program can save you 20% or more on your monthly bill. it just takes a few minutes to apply and you'll see the savings on your next bill. when having a little extra can mean a lot ...turn to care. go to and enroll today. a total of ten people have now died in san antonio, texas, afterbeing found in the back of a sweltering tractor trailer truck used for human trafficking. as fox news reporter casey
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steagle tells us, the driver of that truck truck appeared in court today. >> reporter: prayers, rallies action and vigils held throughout the san antonio area on sunday after at least ten people died from being transported in the back of a boiling hot tractor trailer, victims of human smuggling. police immediately arrested the driver of that truck, 60- year-old james matthew bradley, jr. he made his first court appears on monday after being formally charged with illegally transporting immigrants for financial gain and could eventually face the death penalty. >> there were a number of vehicles that came in and picked up a lot of the folks that were in that trailer that survived the trip. we're looking at human trafficking crime here. >> reporter: officials are now talking to some of those survivors who say there could have been as many as 100 immigrants in the trailer at one point.
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they were taking turns breathing through a single air hole and pounding on the walls to get the driver's attention. some texas lawmakers say this case is a perfect example of why sanctuary cities like san antonio need to be shut down while others say the overworked immigration system is to blame. >> all those people stuffed in the back of that trailer truck. this is not by happenstance. this is organized. >> reporter: people are so december -- >> people are so desperate for a better life, a different life, that they're willing to take the risk. >> reporter: the driver said bradley was supposed to be dropping it off last weekend. that's the latest from dallas, casey stegall, fox news. over 500 cafeteria workers at facebook have joined a union and are pushing for higher pay. they're the latest group of service workers in silicon valley to unionize. they say they're struggling to
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make ends meet, dealing with the high cost of living here in the bay area. >> and all of these folks are struggling to survive here. and this path forward of unionizing and providing for their families is how they're able to inch toward the middle class. >> reporter: they hope to follow the lead of shuttle bus drivers of facebook who recently unionized and won higher pay as a result. >> reporter: ktvu's fox 2 fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. who's behind the recent homeless fires and what they're doing to prevent more from breaking out. >> a new push by state lawmakers to prohibit certain marijuana branded merchandise. >> and getting ready for self- driving cars what. cal trance is doing to prepare words for a-- cal trans is doing to prepare for those vehicles. fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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the chp is looking for the driver of a white mercedes who allegedly shot at another driver near the 284 interchange. the victim's car window shattered and the bullet missed him in inches. cameras have been installed in pittsburg. but where this


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